“It’s Time!!!!” Cliven Bundy Arrested As FBI Closes In On Malheur Holdouts… Standoff Ends

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    bundy ranch cowboys

    Update: All four individuals have now surrendered; there was a minor incident involving the surrender of David Fry. The Washington Post reports:

    On Thursday morning, three of the four people surrendered without much incident, but on a telephone call from inside the refuge broadcast to more than 31,000 listeners on YouTube, a man identified as David Fry insisted that he would not come out “unless my grievances are heard.”


    At the ranch, meanwhile, had been reports that the occupiers would surrender at 8 a.m. here, but that time came and went with no sign of movement at the refuge. By 10 a.m., the livestream solely focused on an extended argument and negotiation involving Fry.

    Fry at one point claimed “I am not coming out,” but was eventually convinced to do so:

    – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    The Feds are now everywhere surrounding the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. It appears that the final, and potentially tragic, act of the standoff is underway.

    Things are coming a head for the four final holdouts inside the building has hosted an occupation against federal land claims for now more than a month.

    Hopefully things will remain peaceful. But there is every chance that sparks could fly instead.


    Cliven Bundy, father Ammon and Ryan Bundy who were arrested for their role in leading the Oregon standoff, was en route to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge along with Nevada State Assembly member Michele Fiore to negotiate the peaceful surrender of the four left inside – who agreed to walkout and surrender with Bundy and Fiore there.

    Cliven Bundy also called for patriots and militia to join him over the last several hours, issuing a statement on Facebook:

    Picture 15

    But now, Cliven Bundy was arrested at the Portland airport just hours ago on conspiracy and weapons charges, making the resolution of the situation uncertain:

    Nevada state Assembly member Michele Fiore, a Republican supportive of the protesters, identified herself over the broadcast as she talked with the occupiers via telephone. She said she was in Portland waiting for an FBI escort to Malheur, roughly 300 miles (480 km) to the southeast, in order to help broker a peaceful resolution to the standoff.


    [Bundy attorney Mike Arnold stated] “I’m sort of in frustrated disbelief right now that there’s someone in the federal government right now who thought it was a good idea to arrest Cliven Bundy while (Nevada State Rep.) Michele Fiore was negotiating for the stand down at the refuge.”

    “If Cliven Bundy can get arrested peacefully without force or violence, then the four remaining at the refuge can feel confident they can walk out unharmed,” [Arnold] said.


    Meanwhile, it appears that the FBI and other affiliated agencies have strategized their own resolution to the situation, and are moving in agents up to the point of the barriers, positioning snipers and readying crowd control resources.

    Unofficially, a martial law atmosphere has descended upon the Eastern Oregon area.

    via Reuters:

    Federal agents on Wednesday closed in on the last four anti-government militants still holed up at a national wildlife refuge in Oregon after a 40-day armed occupation …


    The FBI said the latest confrontation began after one of the protesters was seen riding an all-terrain vehicle […] outside the barricades previously set up by the self-styled militia members at the refuge.

    FBI agents attempted to approach the driver, and he sped away back to the compound, after which federal agents “moved to contain the remaining occupiers by placing agents at barricades both immediately ahead of and behind” their encampment, the FBI said.


    The militants said FBI agents had moved to within 50 yards (45 meters) of the occupiers’ position in the compound, and one reported seeing FBI snipers on a nearby hillside with high-beam vehicle lights trained on the compound.

    “If they tear gas us, it’s the same as firing on us,” said one of the occupiers, who identified herself as Sandy Anderson. “Don’t come in. Don’t do it.” […] “We’re not leaving without our weapons.”

    The Feds are portraying their actions as a peaceful, but necessary means to force the situation to a conclusion.

    In reality, it is an skittish move that could make someone jumpy or trigger happy, and federal agents proved prone to violence in apprehended LaVoy Finicum and the others traveling with him.

    By arresting Bundy, the FBI may have been trying to avert further conflict with the people, but may have conversely set themselves up for a Waco/Ruby Ride finale.

    None of this provocative behavior is in the interests of patriots protesting federal land grabs. For their part, the incendiary video statement by Sean Anderson – who called for people to shoot FBI and law enforcement and who is still holed up inside – did not encourage a straightforward surrender:

    According to Reuters:

    Until Wednesday, FBI and police had largely kept their distance from the buildings occupied by the militants….

    “However, we reached a point where it became necessary to take action” to ensure everyone’s safety, Greg Bretzing, special agent in charge of the FBI in Oregon, said in a statement.

    For now Sean Anderson, Sandy Anderson, David Fry and Jeff Banta are the four who remain inside Malheur.

    They have claimed they would surrender peacefully on Thursday, but that was before Cliven Bundy’s arrest.

    Numerous supporters have come to the scene outside of road blocks and staging by federal and state law enforcement agencies. The stage is set for a bloody conclusion; let’s pray that this is not what happens. This reporter has been tweeting out updates from the area as they happen:

    7:02 p.m  An individual identifying as Burns mayor Craig LaFollette is talking over the phone with the occupants. He says they are sending a “specialist” negotiator out to the standoff.

    Read more:

     “Something Terrible Is Brewing”: Psyop/False Flag to Label Patriots As ‘Domestic Terrorists’

    Explosive Interview: I Just Got Off The Phone With Ryan Bundy And You Won’t Believe What He Told Me!

    Some Call for Reinforcements After Oregon Leaders Arrested: “If They Stop You From Getting Here, Kill Them!”

    Do You Qualify as a Domestic Terrorist?

    Harry Reid Calls Cliven Bundy Supporters “Domestic Terrorists”


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      1. No matter how you feel about these Yahoos, We have to fight this. They are using a old conspiracy law from the 1800’s to charge them. This law has rarely been used since the end of the civil war because it is unconstitutional and had for the most part been replaced by other laws.. Now after all these years they are basically saying that you cannot oppose the FEDS due to this law. Which of course is BS. The original intent was to empower Military officers and judges.
        The military part has been discarded due to posse comitatus and the Judge part is what is common judicial procedure today. Yet, they are saying that this law applies to ALL LEO which it does not.
        SO we must fight them legally or this law will become common place and as everyone knows the FEDS look at something as simply as saying no as an act of violence.

        • Major sell off in Europe. Gold rises 46pts and over 1242. Silver up. Dollar 95 and change.

          • Look how much trouble the scum feds are having with one group. Imagine if hundreds of these situations were happening at once.

            • “positioning snipers”

              Where is Lon Horiuchi?

              • Lon Horiuchi


                Lon Tomohisa Horiuchi is an American FBI HRT sniper who was involved in controversial deployments during the 1992 Ruby Ridge standoff and 1993 Waco Siege.


                  ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=616S8t9tek4

                  • HE CAME OUT!!

              • He lives in Virginia. I posted his home address a while back.

                • Arch,
                  was he the sniper that shot the Mom that was holding her baby! shot her in the head!

            • sure would be nice

              nice to see them running around like ..well like idiots

            • well, judging by the furnished video it seems that these guys have had plenty to eat over the last month, especially donuts from the look of that fat faced pea brain. Just shows how even a fat, stupid, moron can get his 15 minutes of fame these days. They should make a new video of him after 30 days of eating jail food, bet he’ll drop a ton of fat, mostly from his head. If they’re going to make this lard ass the face of any kind of freedom movement then they’d better surrender before the cheeseburgers and fries run out.

              • I’d like to see a video of you begging for your life.

                • Hey cigar store injun,

                  I’ll bet you’re a big fat sorry fuck like the video fatass, head on out to Oregon and see if you can send him some food while he’s in the pokey,{ that’s injun for jail}.

                  • Cornpone, take your trolling ass somewhere else. I’ll take the Indian over a troll anytime.

                  • Jubalation,
                    GET off this site WE don’t like YOUR kind here!!! HOW DO YOU LIKE that dumbass? take your fed ass somewhere else!

                    • Take it easy there ” chief”, don’t drink that white mans firewater or you’ll get put on a reservation.

                  • Cornpone Creepy,
                    You have what reason to add more hatred to the site?

                    • Rebecca,
                      DO you notice that the suspect trolls seem to ALWAYS be on the site,maybe like they are MONITORING it !!! HMMMMMM? like we don’t know !

                    • Yeah ” Apache”. We’re monitoring YOU because we’re scared shitless of old geezers who collect social security. They can really be dangerous when they put their dentures in and make stupid keyboard threats. Let me tell you that here at the ” center”, we’re all scared of what you might do when you run out of depends.

                    • Oh Red Becky, and look who showed up. Go to hell witch.

                    • Hey apache 65,

                      Yeah, I’m sure YOU’RE so important waiting by the mailbox for your government check that ” they” need to keep tabs on you every day. I’ll bet a tough guy like you needs his food pre chewed for himself.

                    • John Boy,
                      I am NOT on government check BUT you being a schill would already know that AND If you want to come over and PLAY feel free! i would be HAPPY to use you for practice!
                      Have a nice day ASSHOLE!!!

                    • Hey ” apache’,

                      Sorry, you’re not getting your first government check until NEXT month, right? At least that’s what you said earlier, if that isn’t also another lie. And you talk so BIG for an old man, don’t you? I like how you wait a few days and check for the ” coast to be clear” before you gather up the stones to reply to me. Your taking chicken shit lessons from sixpack I see, hardly surprising grandpa. Use THAT for target practice, lol!

              • Wow! Just yesterday everybody was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off about North Korea exploding an EMP over the US. Well, what a difference a day makes! North Korean EMP? Forgetaboudit! Today the big rancor is over some cowboy yokels with more guns then brains! Tomorrow we’ll all have a new topic to drool over, live for doom porn!

                • Anon, not all of us. I finished painting my bedroom. Looking much improved.

                  • Painted your cunt Becky? Nothing new about that for an old welfare hag like you.

              • JTC is a new troll.

                • BraveH.
                  YUP they hurt my feelings!!! with that said just because ANYONE on this site says they are this OR that DOES NOT mean it is correct! so I think NOW with the ability to monitor AND record most ALL electronic coms. they will be building a folder for each person and try to use it as a means of justifying there actions against you ie. he said this and he said that , JUST like they used Finicums words to justify that they needed to kill him!

                  • Apache54
                    everything said on this or any other site is recorded for posterity. That’s pretty well known. They don’t have to do anything special to record it, already recorded for posterity. Best not get too stupid online. Finicum ‘ s words had to be taken seriously by law enforcement. So do Philo’s insane rants and cyberstalking, by the way. And not even Mac can destroy the digital record of any of it.
                    Good luck to you.

            • Exactly… This has gone way beyond the original issue and methodology, although questionable in nature, and has crossed into the zone of tyranny.

              No more free Waco’s is what several Oath keepers and militia have said, but what will they do as Mr. Finicum lay dead, ambushed and shot 9 times while unarmed. So far the response has been absolutely zero.

              This government has already labeled all of us Domestic Terrorists while cozying up tot eh real terrorists. How much longer? What will it take?

            • America. You have to fight to get your country back.
              Not in small groups but in tens of thousands.
              Let the greedy ones know you will not stand for their corrupt ways.
              Let Israel know you are not their lap dog.

          • PO’d Patriot,

            I saw on Drudge Report that stock futures are down hundreds.

            • European markets are down 2-3% today. The Dow dropped almost 100 yesterday and will probably lose more than that today.

              The BDI was at 290 yesterday and has not risen a single time since before Christmas. It has been on a downward trend for over two years.

              • At the opening bell, the Dow dropped about 250 points.

        • These guys are not yahoos, they are fighting for their homes and way of life.

          • Thank you for saying that first

            wait until all these ranchers say fuckit..than,wheres the beef? and I do mean meat

            all of us red blooded american nationals love our Steak and Beer

            guess we will have to eat the GMO shit the feds want to kill us with once these guys are eradicated off OUR(We the peoples land) property

            fuckin feds dont own shit !

            • Trolls are out in force today,,
              Definitely the psy side of this, you can bet the feds have their dirty little fingers all over this crap,,

              • oh you know it KFarmer

              • Big time!

          • Sure they are. They made many, many, many mistakes making every patriot look bad. Of all the places they occupied they unfortunately they choose a piece of property that actually WAS federal property from the get go. Then they Damaged it, trashed it and talked a lot of shit that they werent willing to actually do. Yes, yahoos.

            Im all for the cause. I have my own ranch and had to give up the fed leases due the the expense and regulation. The main reason nothing ever gets done about this is that most ranchers would rather put their land up and get paid for conservation from the state or FED rather than actually ranch or farm it.

            • the Fed government is only allowed to own the 10 SQ miles of DC.. thats IT!

              so no thats not their property..NONE OF IT IS..its OURS

            • Bullshit. Who PAYS for the land the FED “owns”?? WE, the TAXPAYERS DO. NOT the FED. It is high time to disband the alphabet agencies. Give freedom and power BACK to WE the PEOPLE!

              • The Feds sell all of the mining/ timber /land leases /oil /mineral mining and other money making rights on our land and WE THE PEOPLE do not get a cent of the proceeds from the land. The feds steal and keep all the money. IT IS OUR MONEY AND NOT THEIRS. WAKE UP AMERICANS.

                • Choctaw!
                  AMEN my RED brother! I am 1/4 choctaw 1/4 cherokee, and won’t say what the rest is!

                  • Don’t forget 100 per cent douchebag!

            • Go away ..You spill garbage here…

          • ” …….. they are fighting for their homes and way of life.”

            And they are losing.

            As anyone else will loose if they try the same thing, no one has ever actually won a confrontation with the government and no one will.

            If you can’t win in Court, you can’t win.

          • First: Watch a bunch of guys actually fed psy-op themselves. It is the FBI’s dream come true…


            One of my fav’s:



            Here is a fact that everyone needs to remember. When you pull a stunt like this, stick your finger into the nose of the government, break its laws, whether just, or unjust… you have just put yourself into a State of War with your government. Once you have done that, there is no room for crying and moaning about how bad the government is treating you. Once you put yourself in a State of War, you are either prepared to charge it through to whatever conclusion prevails, be captured, or give up and become a prisoner of war. Or be dead. It doesn’t matter how righteous your cause is. Once you put yourself in a State of War, you better be prepared for the consequences… of war. It doesn’t matter if you think it is fair, or not. It didn’t matter when the colonists put themselves in a State of War with their government. All that fairness went out of the window. It didn’t matter when the South seceded from the union. They put themselves in a State of War, and all that fairness went out the window. Is it right? No. But then again, isn’t that just one of many reasons why you put yourself in a State of War with the government? You better accept the consequences of your actions BEFORE you put yourself in a State of War with your government. Not cry about the consequences later. And it might be a good idea to have all your ducks in a row before you plan your State of War with the government… and your people understand that.

            • Curtis

              Good post.

        • I will admit that my sympathies are 100 percent on the side of the Bundys and the Oregon ranchers – but, can anyone with half a brain in their heads try to make a credible argument to excuse the stupidity and almost unbelievable level of naivete of these well-intentioned folks to think that it was a good idea to try to ‘take on the awesome power’ of a clearly tyrannical and out of control Federal Government and have any hope for justice to prevail?

          Think about what these guys have managed to accomplish with their foolishness. They all be going to jail, and ZOG will make sure that they get sentences that are a long as possible. Meanwhile, their wives and children are now left without any male head of household and they are not going to be able to keep the ranches operating due to the loss of manpower. This will very likely result in those families losing their primary source of income, so how are they going to be able to feed themselves and support themselves financially? Any savings that they might have in the bank – you can bet that the hired vampire lawyers of a certain tribe will set their sights on and devour to the last dime, leaving the wives and children penniless. They’ll be pushed into a corner and have no other choice than to sell their ranches – and, guess who will wind up owning them?

          Answer: The very same tyrannical government who cleverly maneuvered them into their desperate situation.

          Oh, and you bet the farm on the fact that the smirking US Government will low ball them on the price offered to take the ranch off their hands.

          Conclusion: Future historians will cite what happened to the Bundy’s and to the Oregon ranchers as a perfect example of how NOT TO FIGHT tyranny.

          My advice to the Bundy’s and to the families of the Oregon ranchers? Talk to your militia supporters and friends and ask them if they would consider providing some manpower to help the women and children to keep their ranches operating so they can avoid being forced to sell them.

          • Tucker, I agree with everything you said. When this whole affair started, I said they picked the wrong time and wrong place for their battle and it will end badly. I’m only surprised Finicum was the only one killed. The rest of them I fear will die in federal prison. I hope Oathkeepers and all other militias have paid close enough attention to this and learned some valuable lessons from it. YOU HAVE TO PICK YOUR BATTLES WISELY IN ORDER TO HAVE ANY CHANCE OF BEING SUCCESSFUL. The right time and place will come soon enough, the way things are going now.

            • Braveheart, I may have misunderstood your post where the Oath Keepers are concerned. We are not a militia but an organization of military, former and present, LEO, fire fighters, etc who have sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Once taken, that oath does not have an expiration date other than your own expiration date.

              FROM THE OK WEBSITE: Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, police, and first responders, who pledge to fulfill the oath all military and police take to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” That oath, mandated by Article VI of the Constitution itself, is to the Constitution, not to the politicians, and Oath Keepers declare that they will not obey unconstitutional orders, such as orders to disarm the American people, to conduct warrantless searches, or to detain Americans as “enemy combatants” in violation of their ancient right to jury trial.

              Just wanted to make sure people are clear about the Oath Keepers. And, yes, I am one.

              True some people who are Oath Keepers do belong to militias but mostly we stay separate. Where Cliven Bundy is concerned, along with all the others involved in these disputes around the country, OK is keeping watch.

            • airman21

              Good post, You’re thinking.

            • yep.

        • if your cause doesn’t attract any yahoos, it’s not much of a cause.

        • Ed, we have to fight this, period, and forget about legality. We all know the federal attitude toward we the people. So, like Hillary said, ‘what difference at this point does it make?’ None of us wanted things to get to this point. The feds want a war and they’re biting off more than they can chew. MOLON LABE

          • The thing is that it CAN be fought legally thru the courts.
            The problem is that people wont fight it there either thru plea bargains or the stupidity of their lawyers.

            That is why we must set up some sort of defense against this.

            • Ed, it’s a wasted effort to fight in the courts. Unless you’re independently wealthy and have some real faith in the system, I wouldn’t try it. This system is broken beyond redemption. Just remember that judges, peosecutors, and defense lawyers are all OFFICERS OF THE COURT. It means the court’s interests come first and foremost and to hell with everything else. Think defense counsel will care about your interests? THINK AGAIN. I speak from experience. I once trusted a lawyer and I was burned royally, but that’s another story for another time. NEVER TRUST ANYONE WITH A LAW DEGREE, PERIOD.

              • BraveH,
                yup the courts are NOT always just and Lawyers are NOT all honest and or good people LOOK at HILLARY, she is a scumbag lawyer as well as a scumbag politician!

      2. Standoff is bad idea Feds will storm them and win. Bundy must not know that he has put himself in a defensive situation. He will lose. He needed to storm the gov so he could win on his terms. Smart people would not join him in this losing battle. I’ve said it before the attacker succeeds almost all the time. It’s almost impossible to defend against an attack because you don’t know exactly when they will storm the building you just know they are out there ready to. Don’t take part in this stuff you will get yourself killed and gain nothing. If your gonna do something get right with God and get a group together and strike with everything you got when it’s not Expected. Destroy them psychologically. if Isis has taught us anything it scares the gov that they can’t control when or where shit will happen. Unconventional warfare is the ticket for the weaker side. do the research on tactics and you will see what I’m saying is spot on. Unconventional warfare could grind on for years. Standoffs end in stand downs or death. Bundy wants to cause as much hardship as he can to get his demands met. It’s gonna take more than holing up in a federal building. He doesn’t have command structure or committed fighters. He’s finished. He needs to make up his mind if he’s prepared to die for this or not. Same goes for all so called patriots.

      3. Remember they killed finicum did he die for nothing or is bundy gonna make sure he didn’t die for nothing.

      4. Sheer numbers with overwhelming force in a blitzkreig style attack is another option. It would cause them to have to spend $ and get the resources up fast or fail. The biggest obstacle is getting a united patriot movement people say they will die if needed to achieve the goal but there will be cowards that will turn away and convince other to too so they are not alone. I’ve seen this so many times everyone is full of piss and vinegar but will cave in after a while. Tptb always uses divide and conquer tactics and it works like a charm. There is no brotherhood you will hear people say worry about yourself this is the wrong attitude. We the people are a collective and will win together or be divided and fail. This is not new it’s how it’s always been and will continue. Strength in overwhelming numbers and a leader who can organize and negotiate in the best interest of the collective. Hate him or not hitler was hugely successful at this. People wanna feel important to a cause that benefits them. But none of this will happen because the dividers are more successful. The average person is all about self to hell with everyone else.

        • Dude last year JP bought enough silver in a week or two to fill an entire fucking warehouse. Apparently you didn’t read that article. It was on Zerohedge as I recall and also Infowars.

          • Oh and it was also on this site, too.

            ht tp://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/report-jp-morgan-chase-prepares-for-crisis-by-stockpiling-silver-an-exceptionally-large-amount_04242015

      5. The lesson here is simple.

        You go against the government, you lose.

        No exceptions (for whites. Blacks, Muslims and illegals are not a considered subject to these laws).

        So either assimilate or prepare to be dead or in prison.

        • theres power in numbers.. our numbers arnt high enough to make that change happen

          but when it does happen these Fed Coats are going to shit

        • Anon,if you go against them using their own judicial system and playing the game their way, yes you’re guaranteed to lose. Who says you have to play the game THEIR way? The feds don’t have the numbers necessary to take on the entire population.

          • Take on the entire population?

            Man, what idiotic talk this is.

            The entire population is going to be against you, and your numbers will be easily counted with a third grade inner city drop out’s math skills.

      6. this is classic divide and conquer

        and tons of sheep are playing along with the feds

        this is bigger than some cows and grazing rights .. but people only want to see what they want to see .. because seeing the real truth will scare the fuck out of them and they might have to feel uncomfortable about it ..still not do anything in mass, just bitch once or twice on some MSM news article and go back to their double cream and coffee

        there is so much lawlessness going on out there in the hinterlands of this country than most of us here could even stomach

        • Thought here:

          After listening to the live feed from the refuge this am:

          1. FBI there to end it. That’s their job, done deal as far as they are concerned.

          2. FBI slowly pealing off the layers:
          *spokes person Finicum killed
          *Bundys arrested
          *closest to Bundys arrested
          *abandonment by others in refuge.
          *arrest of C.Bundy to stop reinforcements

          3. The 4 left behind at refuge are off message & terrified
          AND IT SHOWS!

          This movement needs training to keep everyone calm and on message. The FBI could care less that you are flinging profanity at them and screaming demands.

          BUT those of us out here in America, who are on their side and want to make known their cause-

          NEED them to be on message and calm to be BELIEVEABLE! and EFFECTIVE!

          GOT to learn to be cool under fire. If you can’t, get out of the way.

          I am on their side~

          • And to pick battles carefully,,,

      7. Guess we will have to eat chicken.

        • nope, they will all be killed in a bird flu BS scare

        • I just bought 50 pounds of 29 cent chicken leg quarters. No more room in the freezer. I’m still waiting for beef and pork to match that kind of price drop. Save-A-Lot is on the second week of the chicken sale. A 10-pound bag will make a lot of chicken soup and maybe some chicken salad for sandwiches.

          29 cents may turn out to be a new regular price. They have had Banquet pot pies for 79 cents ever since they opened. When the other stores have a sale, the price on the pot pies is still $1 each. Pot pies are a cheap light meal, so I bought a few cases a while back.

          I may have to look for a used freezer, but then I’ll need a lot more solar power.

          It’s supposed to snow here tomorrow. I guess I should go buy some more bread and milk, but we already have plenty.

          • The one closest to us in Shelbyville TN is .39 lb.

            Looks like I’ll have to make a road trip soon.

            • do those chickens have antibiotics in the meat?

              • probably

              • Probably. ….we eat organic chicken.

            • Damn. Just looked it up. Store in pearl ms has for 0.19 per pound. Will be going tonight!

          • Be proud as u support GMO and bug agri…that .29 chicken is support for poison food! I would lice to buy but I do not because it is big agri poison! I find it shocking so many patriots support bug agri! Grow raised your own or buy local organic! That is resistance!

            • Most likely China chicken,,,,

              • Oh jeez that is scary.

              • huh, may be ur rite. i’ll stay home

                • Any chicken is better than no chicken Grandee,,,
                  Was just mentioning the china thing cause our illustrious leaders just repealed the part of the law about country of origin labels on food products and meats,
                  I think most of the foreign chicken that comes into the US is processed stuff, like for Micky Ds or KFC,,,
                  Pretty sure tyson etc all use US chicken, lord knows they grow a ton of it in Nebraska and such, could just be a good sale because of a glut in the supply, usually how it goes,

                  • Kula: 100% correct and another thing that pisses me off! The “COOL” country of origin labels are no longer “required.” But Everytime I buy expensive organic grass fed beef, lamb, or free-range chicken I am sure to tell the butcher that those labels matter.

                    Tell your store, if isn’t labeled, you won’t buy it.

                  • Kula,
                    well on Kauai the chickens run all over the place, not very large as they are of game bird heritage, but there are thousands of them running FREE!

                    • Apache 54
                      I now have quail living on my property, not 1000s but at least they are back. Took nearly 3 years of seeding quail food. Might be worth a try to naturalize chickens around the place.

      8. I smell a rat and its name is FBI. They arrested Bundy to keep FROM having a peaceful resolution to the situation. That when those guys walk out of the building, the FBI will open fire on them using any flimsy excuse they can think of….”he had his hands in the air. I thought he was going to shoot me.” Hogwash!

        • exactly,, they (FBI) had plenty of chances to arrest him in the past 2 years since the original stand off ..yet didnt

          but NOW that he is going to go to support these people ..the feds coats arrest him ..yeah some of us get it

        • exactly,, they (FBI) had plenty of chances to arrest him in the past 2 years since the original stand off ..yet didnt

          but NOW that he is going to go to support these people ..the feds coats arrest him ..yeah some of us get it

          • They are playing off the publics short memory, the bunkerville stand had a lot of support, the Or thing has been a clusterfrench from the start and a lot of people against, so what better way to tie it all down and tie it all together n one bif fat neat bundle,,,

      9. At this point it seems the FBI is looking to purge any and all key figures within the growing movement of revolt against federal tyranny and overreach. One has to wonder when they will begin to target the independent news outlets (such as Intellihub or this site) who are simply reporting on what is actually going on without worshiping the feds like the mainstream media is so happy to do.

        • They are through passive intrusion,
          Look at some recent new talent

      10. this is exactly what the previous article was talking about

        ht tp://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/something-terrible-is-brewing-psyopfalse-flag-to-label-patriots-as-domestic-terrorists_02102016#comments

      11. The odds are very high that the remaining people at the refuge center are going to Die.

        • So sad too. The live feed earlier made them sound terrified and despondent.

          I do support their cause, for it is our cause too.

      12. Why didn’t they shut down the border for all Americans? This is just for cheapo leases for themselves. Welfare Willies. There are plenty of ranchers who buy their own land. My uncle in Oregon raises cattle on his own land
        My neighbors in Texas raised cattle on their own land. These old Welfare Willies want you to rise up for decades of entitlements and cheap leases. Federal ownership is a court case they never brought in a 100 years because they profited from the system. They are scummy tenants, what landlord would not evict, you want your tenant holed up in a rental property armed to the teeth daring you to get them out? Would you want your tenant to put a gun to your head and demand no oversight or rent increases? If the feds have no ownership, then why did they sign leases instead of buying land?
        Nobody is going to starve because Welfare Willie has to move on. Welfare Willie has lived off taxpayers so long that he doesn’t know what else to do. LaVoy kept foster kids for $100k a year. He did not know any way but living out of taxpayers.
        This is a sample of what it is going to look like as all the entitlements babies lose the public tit. Armed standoffs.

        • LaVoy kept foster kids for $100k a year.

          and that today constitutes a death penalty?

          who else is raising that many kids that are not their own?

          are you?

          • yeah like WOW 100K ,, that aint shit! if you have ever raised any kids you would know that

            • sorry I ment that to be a response to Rebecca

              as if that guy got rich from fostering kids smdh..when in reality he was probably in the hole so deep …

            • Eots…
              i have raised children not my own and supported them without taxpayer help. Many in my family have taken in children informally without gubmint money. LaVoy got gubmint money at every turn. If he was black you would not have blinders on. It is easier for you to call names than put your thinking cap on. Yes, it is hard to admit that more white folks live off the gubmint tit than colored folks, and they frequently scam at a higher amount of money, being generally brighter and all. You want your taxes to go down, people to support themselves, but the big money is going to the 62. Finicum is small beans compared to them but he is big ass welfare next to my baby mama. Getting these folks off the tit will have more armed standoffs. Are you going to support EVERY Welfare Willie? Then vote Bernie Sanders in the general, cuz you are part of the problem.

              Welfare Willie isn’t on the border shutting it down because he hires illegals just like Donald Trump.

              • yeah yeah yeah,,I raised a shit load of brats that weren’t mine too, for free.

                so easy to talk shit

                • What else would you expect from a gov troll,,,
                  The posts and trying to fit in are overboard,, i smell a troll sitting in a fusion center somewhere

                  • See what I mean cuz,,,

                    • yup
                      I’m picking up what yer putting down man

                    • She just goes on and on……never ending. …..she’s done everything and knows everything. ….

                    • Kula, I have reached the same conclusion. Who are what is Red Becky? No idea. Her legend sucks. While she has been writing a book about my posts she forgot to keep hers coherent.

                • Eots
                  True, most old white men have never taken on the responsibility of someone else’s child. Because I did raise five children not my own, I got to see that face of Satan more than once on a white man’s face and heard Satan’s words come out of a white man’s mouth. You boys prefer genocide, right? 😉
                  Given the selfish nature of the beast, I am not surprised you cannot IMAGINE anyone who has helped a child in trouble. Xtians abound, Christians are few.

                  • more BS spew

                    and you know nothing about me .. or what I am

                    • Ditto,

                  • Red Becky, remember those pills you need to take when you are seeing visions? Now would be a good time to go take one.

                • EOTS: supposedly Red Becky has done everything and is a genius even though her little snowflake couldn’t read when he was in the seventh grade which is when mommie dearest realized the public school had failed to teach him to read.

              • what you just admitted to is illegal,,now the feds are on their way to bust up your non documented charity

                are you getting it yet?

                • you might not know how truthful your post is .. helping others raising kids with out proper licencing and adequate documents and back ground checks can and will end you up behind bars

                  Did CPS make their way through her home?
                  did they approve of her feeding these kids non GMO food?
                  does she have the licence to be a care giver?
                  did she have proper insurance to house care and cover the liability of those kids that were not her own?

                  Deep pile of shit she could have just opened up for herself with all that BS

                  • heck, if she worked those kids any , that alone is grounds for a legal battle

                    • Rebel, last week Red Becky said her son was in a gifted program but that she had to teach him how to read using phonetics. When he was in the seventh grade. What mother doesn’t realize her kid can’t read until they are in the seventh grade? And this lunatic claims she raised other people’s kids for free? Ya, right.

              • Oh I see Red Becky is back to telling her usual BS and lies. Fuck off cunt.

                • Philly you have such a loud, profane mouth for a newby. It aint bad enough that we have the government trying to control us, but we have a lady such as yourself, spewing shit, trying to intimidate sweet Becky. A Bully is a Bully by any other name. Speaking of Trolls!

                  • That’s the truth. All this woman does is swear like an uneducated louse. Hey philosopher, quit your whining about people you don’t agree with, you make yourself and the idiots who support you look like children throwing temper tantrums. No wonder the TPTB think they can do whatever they like, with idiots like her in the ranks they’re absolutely right, no brains but to show off how ignorant and uneducated you can be by calling names, take it to the playground where it, you, and your friends belong.

                    • Obviously I don’t give a shit. Don’t like what I say? Don’t fucking read it.

                  • All you manage to do is prove you’re a troll with nothing to do but follow people around like the psycho you are, you’re proving that Rebecca has class and you’re a low life scum with a foul mouth, Acid etch and you are peas in the same pod. You add nothing to the discussion but to haunt Rebecca like a dingleberry that won’t wash off, you need to grow up and act like an adult or flush yourself to the sewer where you obviously were educated.

                    • I am not a troll. But go ahead. Goebbels would be impressed how you stick to the party line.

                      Repeating a lie does not make a lie truth. It just shows that you are an idiot.

                    • I’m sorry but you are what you are, more people by the day are becoming tired of your infantile ranting. I’ll stand by everything I said about you because it’s the God’s truth.

                    • Newby
                      thank you

            • IMHO
              Someone who speaks ill of the dead has no class,
              Mr Finicum was a good man, i think he got suckered into a headfake

              • Kulafarmer
                idolizing fools is without class and can get others killed for similar stupidity. I wouldn’t need to bring up unfortunate truths about poor dead LaVoy if you would stop this inane blab about LaVoy being someone to emulate. Young people listen to silliness like yours and sometimes get killed trying to be an important hero. Old men have always fed boys hero nonsense and made them cannon fodder. Meanwhile you will still be sitting on the beautiful family farm in paradise running nonsense online while some kid throws his life away.
                I don’t care if you want to idolize LaVoy… you go out and do the same and get chopped. You won’t do it because you (I hope) have 10 more IQ points than LaVoy. If you had 20 more IQ points you would shut up and mourn his foolishness.

          • Rob, i need to look into it more but if i remember right they ran a program for youth in crises,, like a rehab of sorts that took kids who were on the verge of really screwing up their lives and they turned them around, i believe they took in quite a few every year too and were a certified program,,

          • Robin Sage,

            Come now, I’ve read some of your previous posts and know you’re an intelligent person. Lachoy administered his own death penalty. It’s a well known fact he was talking big about wanting a confrontation with the feds and didn’t care if he got killed. He got what he asked for, he acted like a complete idiot to get his fifteen minutes of fame. If he wanted to live, all he had to do was stop the truck, get out with hands up and surrender.

            But he didn’t do that, he acted like an asshole by at the very least making it look like he was going for his gun, something that even the truly brain dead have to admit is a bad idea when you’ve got several guns pointed at you all yelling for you to put your hands up. Somebody said if he was a black guy everybody here would have been laughing about how fooking stupid he was, and that’s true. Doesn’t matter what color he was, stupid is stupid, and he got what he asked for by being an idiot.

            Now the remainder are all looking and sounding like scared little children, what happened to all the tough sounding talk from a month ago? I’ll tell you what, it’s all real now, they’re looking at long jail terms and all the tough talk melted away like an ice cube on a hot sidewalk. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to stand up and protest against the government, that’s a right that they and everyone else is free to exercise. But when you cross over from freedom of speech to fooking idiocy, you lose that freedom and get yourself landed in jail, or killed if you really want to be an idiot. I’ve read a lot of comments about there’s some conspiracy against these fools but the truth is they brought this mess down on their own heads all by themselves. Did they really think they were just going to walk away and go home after an armed standoff? Like many here are so fond of saying, you can’t fix stupid.

          • Robin… who on earth called fostering children a death penalty offense besides you? If the nitwit had been home taking care of the children he was getting paid to care for instead of wagging his behind at the feds and threatening a to-the-death standoff… he’d still be getting his $100k.
            Don’t tell me you and everyone else on here talking smack doesn’t know LaVoy was acting the fool… not one of you went to Malheur to commit suicide by cop… or get tossed in jail, either. Now they told the feds they put bombs with trip wires in place.

        • Site your sources, otherwise stop spreading lies

          • Kulafarmer,
            Sources for what, exactly? I have not mentioned any obscure facts. You say cheapo federal leases are an entitlement and applaud. I say cheapo federal leases are welfare for ranchers who feel entitled to below market value rent. You say it is okay for ranchers to burn federal land but would you lease your beautiful land in Hawaii to a tenant who burned it and told you that you have to lease to him and his generations for a pittance? I don’t know what facts need citation. I don’t have a high opinion of these guys and this is not a Constitutional issue… nor is it adversely impacting everyone like the open border does. These skirmishes will increase as those on the gubmint tit lose their bennies… cuz the money is running out. I am calling 2nd Amendment violations unconstitutional. I call shutting the borders ourselves constitutional and the feds leaving it wide open treason. I call ranchers on the gubmint tit Welfare Willie. Unpopular, as you can see. Truth hurts sometimes.

            • Fuck you

              • Kulafarmer
                Fuck me???? I doubt you wield that weapon effectively, either. Men like you rape women when you can’t win on facts and logic. The only man who ever tried to assault me got his head cracked with a rock I picked up. I am not a rape victim like your girl Philo the bad ass veteran on a mental entitlement check. When her bad ass check disappears and she holes up in her sleaze apartment in liberalville threatening folks with her guns, you gonna call her a hero too? It will come to that with ALL these gubmint welfare folks. You ain’t seen nothing yet, Kulafarmer. Her EMP yap is nothing compared to the fact that THE MONEY IS GONE.
                Prep on folks, no story here.

                • Red Becky, wow you just don’t fucking get that throwing me under the bus is a waste of time. We all know you are getting SSI and live in some shitty Section 8 elders apartment in Seattle or Porland.

                  Fuck off and die you bitch. The biggest mouth and you are biggest welfare whore out there.

                  • Philo
                    you talk as nasty as a crack ho in detention.

              • shes missing the entire point of why this event even took place Kula ..

                The Feds want whats in the ground out there.. and the money for it when they sell it to another country wont fill our pockets ,, it fills the Elites pockets .. so they can come and steal her farm next with that money and support

                • I know,, same with what went down in Nv, its happening out here with a few emminent domain cases between the feds and state, but out here its supposedly to “preserve the natural environment”
                  I have connections in the know, and not at the gov or pat level but the enviro side, and its anything but above board,,,there is something fishy going on and only time will expose the truth, biggest problem is the misdirection and discord being sewn by those who dont want people to know,,, the biggest mission of the NSA is disruption,,, think about it, nobody has a face or locate and its real easy to assume any identity imagineable, so what better way to control the discussion than to insert BS…
                  Same way they discredited the anti war folks with nam, same with patriot movement, same with anything they want to control,
                  Im getting tired of this crap,

                  • I hear ya,, and yes this is the beginning of something coming at us big,, but when its finally revealed ..types like Rebecca wont admit or see it , and if they do they will spin it , or misdirect it as something else

                    this aint no new tactic to me

                • Eots
                  Nope. I know about the uranium leases to give uranium to Russia. These Boyz are not fighting against that. I have done nothing more than sign a few petitions against giving Russia our uranium. These mineral leases have always displaced cheap ranch leases. Nothing new there. Selling to Russia is new and to be fought. Welfare Willies are not the test case for uranium sales to Russia either. I invite you to join some of these real fights for our country. Seems most people do not care. I am not able to fight every battle, folks.There are people fighting for our country every day of the week. Mostly libruls. What the smell is up with that? You guys better start standing up to the plate and fight some real battles.

                  • Red Becky, your buddy Clinton sold that. Why are you complaining? You get a check each month welfare ho.

                    • Philo
                      Constitutionalists do not vote Clinton. White trash vote for welfare checks.

              • Jesus kula, show a little class. She disagrees with you and you come off like a grade school kid. If you can’t argue her on a factual basis then you’d be better off not engaging at all than taking the argument to a 5th grade level.

            • Rebecca, If you had a contract and the other party decided to unilaterally change the terms of that contract would that be OK with you? Say for instance your landlord said “by the act of paying your rent you are consenting to allow me to make all of your medical decisions henceforth for the remainder of your life” would you pay the rent? Would paying a third party to hold the funds in trust until the situation was resolved be considered a failure to pay? (the change was not medical decisions but I used that analogy to approximate the same seriousness that the Bundys felt when the BLM engaged in their fraud).

              OX (pronounced Oh Ex) Cattle Co. lost their grazing rights contract simply because they paid their BLM fees. After the Company was removed from the desert Diane Feinstein made an assload of money with her corrupt stud, Richard Blum. I lost property that I inherited due to this corruption.

              ht tp://carnegiejournal.com/2013/04/04/the-desert-protection-act-and-a-story-of-political-opportunism/ (close the space between the two t’s in http)

              As far as “burning” the land you might want to take a course or two in land management. Both the Bureau of Land Management and the Paiute Indians (along with other tribes in varying locales) have used fire to destroy noxious weeds and create firebreaks for years. The Hammonds inadvertently burnt approx. 120 acres of federal weeds while creating a firebreak that stopped an out of control fire set by the feds. How many feds went to prison for the Cerro Grande Fire?

              The reality is that every day more and more Americans are realizing that corruption, and perversion is endemic throughout all levels of American government. The PTB sees that the folks are waking up and the s**t is going to get real pretty soon.

              • POA: thank you for the excellent rebuttal to Red Becky. My patience with her has grown thin. I realized she was a liar and a fraud several weeks ago. The thing about the left is they think the government will screw us over and they can profit. They don’t think anything will happen to them.

                There is an old video on Utube, an interview of Yuri Bezmenov that was done by J. Edward Griffen. (Yes the same J. Edward Griffen that wrote the book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island”). That interview is a stunner. The left always has useful idiots like Red Becky who think that they will not get a boot stomped in their face. They believe they are the exception and will be a protected class. Thus is it always a shock when they finall wake up and realize that they were lied to and believed those lies and those useful idiots are the first to be starved, or locked up, or killed once the totalitarians are in power. In a totalitarian regime there is no protected class. You are either an elite or a slave. Red Becky and her friends have failed to learn from history.

              • POA
                First, I am sorry to hear that you lost inherited land, although I am not clear about the correlation and would like to hear more about it. I do not support government malfeasance. I do fight against malfeasance through the system at this time and if the time comes to fight outside the system I hope I am intelligent enough not to pull a Bundy. For all of you talking smack, not one believes they were anything but fools or you would had driven yourselves over there and joined in the arse wagging in front of the cameras. I sympathize with LaVoy’s family, he threw his life away like it was a joke, and they suffer for that. They will always feel grief over how little he valued them.

        • That fancy little urban farm you keep bragging about will be on the confiscation list soon too. Yeah you paid for it , but back in 1984 2 teenagers smoked pot in the garage and that now constitutes a felony. You owning that property aided those kids in smoking pot and now you are guilty of a felony. Your home and little farm are now the property of the federal authorities who will sell the property and keep the proceeds for themselves. Don’t like it’s? Boom , there is another felony for not accepting of the ass raping. Don’t like it? Now the Feds take your parents property because they raised a felon. Parents don’t like it? Tough shit , brand new felony for mom and dad.

          See where this ends up?

          Time to fix it now.

          • precisely

            the learning curve on this one is slow

          • Under Agenda 21 nobody can own land,,, why else would China build ghost cities, its to relocate people to,, and not their people,

            • Kulafarmer
              Who do you think is going to be relocated to those Chinese cities?
              I believe the Georgia Guidestones are the future as planned by tptb.

              • Red Becky okay go take a pill. The Georgia Guidstones are a hoax. Go take off your tinfoil hat and lay down. You might have a stroke if you keep typing and spewing the same old shit.

          • Captain Crunch…
            apples and oranges
            i have been in New Mexico fighting to stop civil asset forfeiture in my state. We won. That little scenario would be in your state because you are online talking genocide (are you pullets being paid by the 62???? That is their schtick.) but have you fought your state legislators and governor over civil asset forfeiture.? That is unconstitutional. Keep ya Dickinson in ya pants. I say all the time that I advocate for the Constitution and rule by law. I was a paralegal, no one important, but I know the Constitution is important and worth fighting for. You boys are thin on the ground in the real fight for our Constitutional rights. Maybe cuz you think Welfare Willie and his armed demand for his entitlements is a test case.

            • How do we know Red Becky is lying? She keeps typing bullshit over and over and over again.

              How’s life living on SSI? What did you claim? Bad back? Addicted to oxy too I bet.

              • Philo,
                Being white trash does not excuse cyber bullying.

        • Its not cheap to have a cheap Fed grazing lease.
          Just because you lease 1000 acres dosent mean you can graze 1000 acres. They tell you when and where you can graze. When and where you can drive your cattle. They require you to install then tear down fencing to keep cattle off of areas they dont want grazed. You have to install water to all parts of the lease. Cattle cant eat without water.
          Then to make matters worse, everything you install immediately becomes federal property. It is cheaper to lease private property. SO dont go on about the welfare ranchers. Its just not true.

          • Ed
            Then tell them to get out in the real world and buy land like everyone else. Leasing from private entities is harder than leasing from the feds. The owner always has their nose up your butt. I want more than 5 acres, but I don’t have the bucks for it. Lease? A loser deal from the get go. Urban farm? Sorta, it is forest not farmland. It was the best I could manage while working in a city and a better shtf scenario than living in the suburbs. I just retired and am looking at selling and moving farther out. If I can sell while it is still possible, anyway. I will pay cash for my next place. That will limit the size of what I can buy because I will not be on the gubmint tit and I am not lifestyles of the rich and famous. I don’t have family land, either. Still, I am proud that I got 5 acres on my own. If this is it, so be it. I will gladly feed freedom fighters… rapists and Welfare Willies, not so much, they will get a rock on the head or lead in the arse.

            • you dont own that 5 acres..

              want to prove me wrong? stop paying the taxes on it and see who thinks they own it , and they will win and you will be out all your hard work and money ..not much different than what they are doing to all the ranchers out here

              they dont care if you get sick , or if someone steals your identity and robs you of any income or savings so you cant pay them .. its not about that at all its about they want what you took care of and nurtured and managed , they are just waiting for you to slip .. and whamo Feds in the face

            • Red Becky, one again you continue to show nothing but ignorance. I can take a drive and see more than one sign in my area with the following: “Bulding for Lease, please call,” “Land for lease will build to suit, please call.” Leasing private land isn’t hard at all. You just have to have money and some time of business to make it profitable.

              I don’t know anyone that retired at 60 unless the were bringing in an SSI check or they invested when they were young or worked at a company with stock options. But we all understand your type. You get SSI and welfare every month and now rage on about shit you don’t have a fucking clue about.

          • Ed, thank you for pointing that out. The thing that Red Becky hates is wealth and anyone that actually works for a living. This bitch is the product of enviro-wackos. Don’t ask me how she ended up here. I have no fucking idea.

        • Since when is leasing property or raising foster children welfare?

          If those aren’t two of the stupidest ‘talking points’ put forward by the left on this issue, I’d like to see them.

          The left won’t admit that their welfare society is a failure, but let some white people pay bloated market value for an acre of sagebrush that has no comparison to an acre of private grazing land leases and they start calling them ‘welfare bums’. Nice hypocritical stance, there.

          You drive on a public street, do you? You disgusting, worthless welfare scum. Should be shot down by the side of a road somewhere.

          The left is reaching a new low, even for them.

          • Smokey, nailed Red Becky to the floor. She doesn’t get it. She never will.

        • Red Becky talking about welfare when that is how you raised your little snowflake, isn’t it bitch?

      13. American citizens who bothered to finish high school just might be happy should this fiasco end like Waco.

      14. I’m calling on all my LEO brothers in Oregon to stand down and let them come out peaceful. Let Clyven go there is no need to hold him.

        You know as well as I do that just because there are laws on the book you have discretion and you don’t have to enforce them. There are time to enforce laws and time when it is better not to enforce them. This one of those times where it is better not to enforce them. Stop being a puppet for Obullshit, BLM and the DOJ. They don’t care about you!

        You can bet that if this was in Ferguson or Baltimore, and it was a bunch of those folks held up that there wouldn’t be any of this B.S. going on. Remember they told the LEOs to stand down there and in Baltimore. SO STAND DOWN NOW!!!!!!!

        Please we don’t want or need another Ruby Ridge or Waco.
        They have already said that they were coming out and surrendering. So let them do so. This like kicking an old dead dog. The more you kick it the more it stinks. So DAMN IT stop kicking it.



        • You got that right boss

        • Thank you

        • You need to head there with fellow leo in uniform to end this shit now

          The fucking fed pigs are forcing a confrontation and it isn’t going to turn out at all like they hope or pretend it will

        • Hope & pray ‘the cooler heads’ prevail.

        • Sgt. Dale, a voice of sanity and reason. Amen.

        • Yes, just everybody peace out.

          What ever happened to that old “What if they gave a war, and no one came?” schtict?

          Non-violence is the way forward, from both sides.

      15. The below is from what a very senior IL. state trooper, recently retired, sent me when I asked his opinion. I corrected one typo and added paragraph breaks – otherwise this is ipsissima verba. Not that “bad shoot” is replying to an earlier email, asking what that term meant:

        Bad shoot is a police term for unjustified. It was an execution in my opinion. He swerved to miss a roadblock set up around a corner is my understanding. One of their ridiculous attempts to justify the shooting is that he almost ran into an FBI agent. Reaching for his waistband is NOT justification by any stretch. They had the benefit of cover and superior firepower. Until you actually see the gun you cannot assume that is what he is reaching for and murder him. I almost took out an illegal immigrant who was traveling with some gangsters late night. He reached under his jacket when I told him to get out of the car and you could hear about six cops getting ready to light him up. After using verbal commands (yelling our lungs out to get his fu#@&*&) hands up he figured it out. Turns out he didn’t speak English and was nervous and reaching for a cigarette. That’s what cops do.

        It was amateur hour, of course he swerved into the agent since that is how they set up the roadblock. The idiot agent was standing right where the vehicle had to swerve to miss the roadblock. For that matter why a roadblock at all? There are strips that you can lay across the roadway that puncture the tires. Real cops have been using them for as long as I can remember. Cars and trucks can still drive on flat tires but that is cop 101, disable the car and then attempt the stop if necessary. How long did they think he would drive on flat tires in the snow? All they did is invite a confrontation and it turned out bad. That’s what happens when the FBI tries to play cop, they have no idea what they are doing.

        I’ll take any Chicago street cop any day to diffuse that situation peacefully without killing grandpa. But of course they are going to send these idiots in to investigate every police shooting but there will be no investigation of this incident, he was a white guy with a Bible and a gun!

        • BINGO!


        A certain talk show host is saying that cops are waking up and that the cabal is concerned that the cops will side with the people. yes, you cabalist rat bastards, it’ cathing up to you now.

        Texas cops will not be turning against the people. Nothing can convince them to do that. This whole thing after reading this article makes my Gad damnn stomock phucking sick to my ass. This is proving day by day, that these attacks on the people is being done on purpose. At some time the cabal has to start the war with the people. The muslim united nations of islam is behind the entire thing. Thats why the shites are against the sunis muslims. I see a revolutionary war and civil war coming up before the end of this year. Now they are gettin the north koreans ready to EMP the phuck out of us. Thats why when my bug out bag got water damaged i almost sh…t my pants. North Korea is a US colony controlled by the US cabal, to use as a proxy war to trigger the so called EMP event. PERIOD.

        The Bundy arrest is really bad and no telling what that may trigger. But this particular trigger event has me even mor concerned. And we are seeing the phuck over Donald Trump, talking crap about him not winning states when in fact he has won all those states. So i predict that they will pull the same crap telling the people that Trump has lost all states and is not in the primary paving the way for Hitlery to get in. This is a bad, bad sign. How will the American Trump voters react when it hits them head on, that no people, you are not getting to elect the president you want. ?


        Read this artilce and link. This is the real concern. The agency ass clown trolls have for the last 8 months trying everything to attack me, discredit me, calling me mentally deranged, and all sorts of name. These fools taught that they could come on this site and return it to normalcy bais bullsh….t. Well trolls, you failed miserabley. Go back to phucking cubicle and shut the phuck up.



        • hcks,

          Let’s have some honesty on your part here. The people you call ” trolls” are nothing more then posters who have been here for a while and have read all your BS claims about Niburu and Dave Hodges and Russian soldiers and Texas getting all the gold and all your crap about he world ending. What happened to your trusted compatriot ” USASECURITYGUARD”, you remember him, don’t you? He was one of your buddies that you told everyone here that we ” had” to listen to or we would all be sorry, remember?

          Yeah, he was the guy who told us that we HAD to move as far North as possible because the Southern hemisphere was going to be destroyed before 2016, remember? And the same time YOU were telling everyone they HAD to get to TEXAS soon because all the other states were going to be bankrupt and all Hell would brake loose. Yeah, it’s funny after that small fact was pointed out about you two that ” suddenly” we have NEVER heard from USASECURITYGAURD ever again? Yeah, just a ” coincidence” I’m sure, right? The truth is people with more then 2 brain cells have read your posts, couldn’t help but notice that your timelines and scenarios are ALWAYS changing, and NOTHING you ever claim is going to occur NEVER does! No, the only recourse you ever have to take is try and deflect the obvious facts about you by this sorry ass game of making people think that you of all people are actually the target of some nefarious group you call ” Agency Ass Clowns” who are out to ” get” you and discredit you.

          What a joke, I think you’re a troll with nothing for a life except live in your fantasy world with ” scientist Friend” and your other imaginary buddies you’ve conjured up to appear that you’re something more then the pathetic lying little troll you really are.

      17. Captain Crunch
        Sorry I failed to address your snark about my fancy little urban farm.
        You are right, I am proud of it. It is a big accomplishment for me. It is an even bigger accomplishment for me to feed myself from this dry and harsh location. None my neighbors grow even a flower bed. Worse, I am trying to push it and my skills to feed about 10 family members in a shtf scenario. If I manage that this summer I will be double down proud.
        I hope you are equally proud of your accomplishments. They are prolly much bigger than mine, many people on here talk about stuff so fancy I can’t even fathom paying for it all. I can admire their accomplishments without rancor.
        Tell me your accomplishments and I will cheer you on.

        • Hey you know what that is cool what you’re doing. Anything that can be done should be done to promote self sufficiency.

          All I’m pointing out is that no one is safe , not even if you paid ch for the land.

          Yeah hot and dry sucks but if you have the water it can work. Green houses must do pretty good down there too.

          Also , fuck the feds. They can all die slow cancer deaths

          • Captain Crunch,

            I have been fighting a long time. We frequently win in the courts when we do fight. IF WE HAVE THE CONSTITUTION on our side. As rich as the NRA is, they could have won every battle in court straight up 2nd Amendment. I quit being a member because they did not. They are just one more power broker.

            The lefties win a lot of battles through the ACLU and the Constitution. Why are conservatives not using the courts? In part because they are destroying the Constitution. Last place they want to be is in court arguing about
            constitutionality. I did think preppers were Constitutionalists, for the most part. I
            could be wrong.

            I believe self-sufficiency is the only way to win over a longer time frame, because the battle against fascist government is never over and minimal dependence on them is best. Not popular with a few screamers… oh well. They sure are not Constitutionalists because they can’t abide freedom of speech and want genocide for anyone who disagrees in any particular.
            Taxes are not a sign of government overreach in themselves. Abuse is. If I don’t pay property taxes, I will lose my property. Most places give you 2 years after tax sale to pay taxes. We have certain community services for that money. Again, we fought civil asset forfeiture here in New Mexico and won. Most of you reading this have not done the work to roll that back.
            You did not tell me your accomplishments so that I could celebrate with you, so I’ll just say YAY for you! I painted a wall today and finished the bedroom. Yay! Looks purdy.

            • Just more lies from Red Becky. A big fan of the ACLU. Of course. Thanks for proving my point, once again, that you are nothing more than a useful idiot and a welfare queen living off SSI.

              No one believes your BS anymore. But keep it up. You are delusional, that is obvious.

        • Red Becky, fuck off with your delusions about feeding anyone. Go watch some reruns of Oprah.

        • Red Becky: the only snarky backstabbing bitch here is you. Fuck you.

        • Your accomplishments are nothing but lies. I think you are nothing but a legend stalking people and getting paid to post bullshit. Go back to readin ee cummings witch. Maybe you will wake up licking cum off your face. I suspect you do that most days but never mind.

          Go back to slumming in your senior apartment in Portland. And eating shit food from the food bank. Enjoy. That is what 300-pound whales eat: garbage.

          • Philo
            have you ever discussed cyber bullying with your pastor? He can get you some Christian counseling.

      18. Thank God it is over and no one died. I pray now that we don’t have anything bad happen to these brave folks. God bless them for standing up for what they believed!

        • yes thank god, but as far as this being “over” I dont think so


        • Pleased to meet you warrior. Chill. There are many trolls about. It is an honor.

          • Yes, and you are the number 1 troll here filly.

      20. Good one Sarge, let those idotic cops learn a lesson. They give the badge a bad name…some laws must be enforced for a good reason, and i back alot of those damn good laws that must be enforce. But this particular type of stuff with cops and the cabalist pedofile, rapist, women trafficers, then they brought in Guilotines, 30,000 of them, legalizing its use in our country, then they are now trying to legalize firing squads, talking crap about that it saves the city money when in fact those laws and that type of equipment was shipped in for the jihadist muslims to use on Christians.

        Now Then it’s chi-coms, jihadist and other foreighn armies to take out the American people, then we have a problem.



      21. and we the peoples still have $19 Trillion fed notes in debt.

        • Yes. That is a thought, ain’t it?

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