Still Not Over: Two Electors Launch Effort To “Flip the Electoral College” And Block Trump’s Win

by | Nov 14, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 89 comments

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    OK, theoretically, everything will go according to plan, and Donald Trump will be the next president.

    But technically, the (s)election hasn’t really taken place yet.

    Presidential electors of the mystified electoral college must still actually vote for the president, and there isn’t anything to keep them from ‘voting their conscience’ and choosing someone other than Donald Trump.

    Moreover, it appears that there is an active effort to flip the electoral college to deny Trump the presidency, and toss the White House to either Hillary or a GOP loyalist.

    The #NeverTrump crowd and plenty of bitter Hillary supporters are still hoping for a coup, though even they admit it is a long shot – completely unprecedented and anything but likely.

    According to the Blaze:

    Donald Trump may have won the electoral votes necessary to win the White House, but he he’s likely going to lose the popular vote to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. And now two electors have launched a last-minute effort to convince their colleagues to abandon the president-elect.

    “This is a long shot. It’s a hail Mary,” Bret Chiafolo, a Washington state elector who previously pledged not to vote for Clinton, told Politico Monday. “However, I do see situations where — when we’ve already had two or three [Republican] electors state publicly they didn’t want to vote for Trump. How many of them have real issues with Donald Trump in private?”

    Chiafolo along with Colorado elector Micheal Baca have launched what they call a “moral electors” movement in hopes of convincing 37 of their Republican colleagues to deny Trump their votes. Should they succeed in their radical effort, the presidential decision would be thrown to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.


    The Electoral College consists of 538 members who are expected to convene in their respective state capitals on Dec. 19 to formally vote for the next president… Baca said he hopes the move launches a serious national discussion about abolishing the Electoral College, which would require either a constitutional amendment or legislation in several states.

    The speculation is that if this maneuver were to be successful, the GOP-led Congress could be persuaded not to choose Hillary, but to write-in a selection for a party loyalist – like Mitt Romney or John Kasich… maybe even a Bush.

    Of course, there have also been reports that Team Hillary has been hard at work attempting to persuade electors to switch their votes in the hope, however desperate, that they can still flip the election and take the White House:

    On December 19, the Electors of the Electoral College will cast their ballots. If they all vote the way their states voted, Donald Trump will win. However, they can vote for Hillary Clinton if they choose. Even in states where that is not allowed, their vote would still be counted, they would simply pay a small fine – which we can be sure Clinton supporters will be glad to pay!

    We are calling on the Electors to ignore their states’ votes and cast their ballots for Secretary Clinton. Why? Mr. Trump is unfit to serve.

    The larger issue here is that the system is badly broken, the people are harshly divided along demographic and political lines, and the future is gambling on extreme versions of itself – larger than life candidates, and bizarre back-door maneuvers in attempt to hack the system and bend it in one direction or another.

    Trump has taken his place on the stage in a thunderous revolt of the people, but his legacy will be tested out the gates by the heavy pressures of Washington lobbyists, intrigue on the part of political insiders and the cults of opposition that are springing up in response to his controversial journey to the White House.

    The entire political establishment have been knocked off their perch, though their hold on power has not necessarily been loosened.

    A whole new era is born, and it remains to be seen how it will play out.

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      1. This is not going to happen. Can we stop with the Fear Porn?

        The loony left is drooling into their granola on this, too much legal pot destroys their ability to think rationally.

        The bottom line is, the left has no idea what they are asking for, the electors aren’t stupid enough to throw the election out and become dictators. We’ll hang them and the street protestors the next day, and they know it.

        • Smokey,
          AGREED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Somebody please tell the fat lady to start singing.

        • Perfect analysis. Massive trash take out if this fear porn occurs.

        • I put nothing past anyone. I’m gonna wait till its over.

          When the electors finalize the process let’s see which revolution we’re going to wake up to.

          • People think the goof ball anti-Trump protests are bad?
            THUGS Throwing bottles, burning cars, etc. and these PAID “spontaneous” “protesters” are Shipped in via bus, by Soros.
            btw: (Soros is INCITING RIOTS. WHY NO ARREST?)

            If the Leftist Try to Steal this Election. It will be WAR on American soil.
            Wait until the Southern Boys, HeartLand Americans, and others that voted Trump REFUSE to allow Any illegal shenanigans. If Trump is denied office. There will be all out civil war. House to house fighting. Patriot Snipers at every other intersection. And a pile of those violent Black Lives Matter Police Killers stacked up like cord wood.

            Trump won the Election. Obama-Hillary-NWO-UN COMMUNIST don’t have to like it. But MUST accept it as fact. Otherwise a bloody American civil war.

            Clinton would start Nuclear WW III. That will NOT be Allowed by the Americans that put Trump in office. The Voters want Peace with Russia. Not war. Trump will make peace. It is only sane option.

            The Leftist might be Advised to Rethink their Skullduggery.
            If President Trump Issues a Call to Arms. MILLIONS of heavily Armed and some VERY well/HIGHLY Trained ARMED Americans would be by his side within 24 hours.

            Many on this site would answer the call of President Trump, the elected President.

            I do NOT advocate any of these scenarios.
            Violence is not what anyone but leftist radicals want. Communist ALWAYS use violence. Read history. Violence and genocide are tools of communist.
            Again I personally do not advocate this but It is OBVIOUS that this happens if the Leftist NWO UN Communist WARHAWKS make a move outlined in this article.

            Mr. Trump is the elected and Lawful President of the United States of America.
            Anti American war hawk NWO UN Communist LOST the election.

            • no one lies the blame where it truly is: HRC is the author and finisher of this madness and chaos. She got out there and riled the ‘kiddies’ up offering candy and goodies galore if they’d just vote for [her] – then when she lost fairly – the children were all poo-pooed that their didies were wet and their sugar tit was taken away. The so-called institutions of ‘higher learning’ are now insane asylums!

          • You got that right! I don’t put anything past these left wing Devils. Anything they can do to take the victory away from us they will try…Trust me the left wing Devils will be sorry.

          • Very wise Boyo.

            Remember, neither Trump nor Hillary will be inaugurated as the next POTUS.

        • IF they try that, they CAN be charged with TREASON, and TREASON is still punishable by HANGING !!!

          • Actually, no. Treason is one of the VERY FEW crimes that have the exact elements of the offense SPECIFICALLY spelled out in the Constitution. This is due entirely to the fact that the Founding Fathers had fresh memories of people being killed in horrific ways by unsubstantiated accusations of treason–which in Merry Olde England was ANYTHING the king said it was and effectively left tyrants in power and the people in terror. This is why it’s spelled out in the Constitution and emphatically states nothing ELSE can be considered treason. It’s very serious and the framers wanted an exact law on the most subjective of all offenses to make sure that no one would be charged capriciously.

        • Trump won 306 electoral votes. It would take 37 people to flip their votes. There’s never been more than a couple “flippers” in past electoral college votes. Also, such a move would mean a massive constitutional crisis leading to I don’t know what – civil war, military coup!

          • If we can’t manage the US via a ballot box, it may soon be time to move to the ammo box.

            As ugly as this sounds, this has worked in countries like Mexico. At one time, Mexico had 15 political parties and the incumbent party had no interest in talking or working with them. They then explained “we have guns!” The response was, well why didn’t you say so in the first place… pull up a chair.

        • I agree and even if every single elector changed their vote it is meaningless because Congress must certify the election on Jan. 6 and the Republicans control both the House and Senate.

        • Smokey Says == ‘Smart man’

        • Want to avoid a civil war??……then they need to round up soros and friends with special forces IMMEDIATELY!!!..dead or alive

          • It sounds like time to target soros and end this game he is playing.

        • Total Freaking BS!

        • I’m a Brit and don’t know your Electoral College system… is it a secret ballot by the Electors? If so, who does the counting? If Trump was voted down, would we know which Electors flipped their vote?

          Seems to me, if its secret ballot, many could be bribed or blackmailed to flip to Hillary and her camp would have the dirt on them to do that !

        • This is according to the BLAZE. Isnt that Glen Beck? The Blaze. lol Beck has went back to drinking a few years back. No doubt he has wet brain. He don’t like anyone or anything.
          He is a FLAKE just like his articles from the blaze.

          • You greatly diminish your mostly valid point by horrendous grammar….’has gone’ not ‘has went’….did you go to school?

        • This is from Glen Beck BLAZE.

        • Good ol’ trumpski can stay consistent and support ending election fraud by validating his putingenda with the recount.

      2. Smokey,agree,now,you stop the pot fear porn please!And no,personally don’t smoke but only have problems with the laws,not the pot!

        • Warchild Dammit!,

          I don’t smoke it and never have ( been in a room where it ws done, so might have had some minor effect is all) but the laws are really out of sync. when a man who tried to kill his wife gets 4 years and a small time pot smoker gets 10 years, then YUP laws are screwed up, and yes there are lots of medicinal positives for many things about hemp. which does not have thc, and so this country needs MANY things changed and take the money out of the illegal stuff and see what happens!!it would go away very quickly!

      3. Trump will be going forward as Puppident of the USA.
        He’s just another puppet face and nothing will change for the positive for us tiny USA citizens in the long run.

        Trump is merely yet another distraction.

        Please wake up people. The divide and conquer epidemic has, and will be increasing going forward.

        Trump is part of the bloodlines that have manipulated people everywhere for a long, long time.

        They are still doing it today.

        • I agree with u. An it still shocks me people think that their votes really matter. The evol ptb r gunna put whoever thay want in there.. looks like trump an the “republicants” r gunna take the blame for all Tha nonsense, just like in the past… the games they play, it’s just theatrics…just for show.

      4. They better have somewhere to run to !

      5. drag them into the streets and shoot them.

      6. I think it’s more likely to be a false flag cyber attack from N. Korea or Russia. If they think Trump is going to expose and prosecute them . They will do anything to survive. Just like us? The Jericho TV series. Come to life . Then the Walking dead come to life? The Tribulation come to life? They are out of options. Unless Trump is one of them? But he already has billions . You would think he wasn’t in it for the money…. But you can’t be too rich or too thin?

      7. Nope, not going to happen. Even the fascist left ThinkProgrss site just had an article on this electoral issue, saying it was a non-starter. And why would Obama AND Hilary both have come out the past few days an explicitly state the left lost, and get used to it.

        Yes, there may be two or three turncoats, but the electoral college is not going to put Romney, Bush, Hilary, or the protesters fav, Che Guevara, in (they probably think he is still live!)

      8. so what’s their point? Washington and Colorado went HC’s way anyhow. These two just trying to stir the pot further with their vow to refuse to cast their votes for Trump??? They’d be in deeper doo doo if they didn’t cast their electoral votes for her. Good grief!

      9. Civil war would be the result.

        And if they ever actually counted all the absentee ballots, ( I understand they don’t bother in most States if the number wouldn’t make a difference) and threw out the illegals that voted, Hillary would be down by multiple millions in the popular vote.

        • Hillary had Millions of Dead and Illegal Felons voting for her. That just the precincts that counted paper ballots . US Uneducated white blue collar workers *( CBS political pundit ) but I say Blue Collar Workers of ALL. Colors voted Trump ! Tired of the libtards lies high unemployment health care costs & deducted coverage’s Voted Trump IN.

          • If the Governor of Virginia hadn’t let all those 60,000 out of jail so they could vote for Hillary, and all the stuffed, illegal ballots they planted were taken off Hillery’s total, then she wouldn’t hold the popular vote anyway… Trump would be president and Killary would be in jail right now!! CNN was very bias making up lies and twisting the truth about Trump..

      10. Whatever. I doubt it.

        The main stream media has lost all credibility.

        Movies have been exposed as an attempt to degrade the morals of white Christians.

        TV sitcoms are grooming children to be sexually promiscuous. To have no respect for parents.

        Music is corrupting the minds of young people.

        Pornography is a J*w weapon.

        The Deep State, the Globalists, the Democrats and NeoCons are Communist J*ws.
        These are traitors. They want to do to us what they did to the Russian people. Even old ladies and cowards will rise up and kill them before we allow Communism to take over. This Purple War is the J*ws trying to start a Bloody Revolution. Don’t be fooled. They hate all nonJ*ws. Look at their Country. They practice the worst kind of racist discrimination against all nonJ*ws.

        Jerry Springer was a politician turned smut salesman.
        The whole bunch of amoral, hate filled anti-Christian powers that have attempted to genocide us are out in the open, except for the richest J*ws. But the power of Truth is edging in on them.


        • You, B from CA, have a very serious mental and psychological problem.

      11. Not going to happen…..period.

      12. If they tried that,the people that put their work boots on every morning WILL hit the street,when that happens shit will hit the fan.

      13. Well number one your quoting “THE BLAZE”….. Please… are they even still relevant! Glenn Beck is a freak and has major mental issues. Second, It will never happen congress still has to approve it! Agreed stop with the fear porn. Find something else to write about.

      14. Historically, there haven’t been that many “unfaithful” electors.
        As most electors are chosen by the party and are therefore “loyal”.
        Congress critters can object to a states count, but that typically is not very successful.
        Like it or not Trump will be the next President, assuming some idiot doesn’t kill him. I’m still keeping up with my prepping plans, but I’m redirecting more towards natural disasters as opposed to Democrat caused disasters( I already live in one of those!).
        Just got another pig yesterday, damn sow just wondered up to the gate and wanted food??? It has no fear of dogs and likes backscratches. I’m looking for a neighbor who lost a pet pig.
        I named it HPD(Nailbanger will appreciate that). When it gets to #250, it may have a name change to Kalua.
        Rural Hawaii is an interesting place. Food everywhere.

        • The other white meat!

      15. We are the Hitlery demonrats ??

        Are they not still hoping for Hitlery to pull something out of a hat like Barack the magic negro.

        • That should read

          Where are the Hitlery demonrats?

          • Now, it makes sense…

        • Barak and Killery are being uncharacteristically gracious now. Neither of them is the forgive and forget type. If Trump has 10 in his SS detail, he better hire 50 private guards, all with good hardware.

          • Keep your eyes on Chicago. Soros is busing in a large group of buses and has the mayor at the ready.

      16. Really, the Blaze? Let’s keep the Fear mongering going…
        I wouldn’t watch that crap if you paid me.

        Tomorrow will be another day you can still go an buy a firearm and ammo.

        • Beck really should have stayed on radio where we could not see his histrionics…

        • Soapdish, ‘The Blaze’ is just another MSM propaganda outlet. Glen Beck claims to be independent now, but he’s still an MSM shill.

      17. Sorry to change the subject but this is local news that is not making it out of this area.

        h ttp://

        A civilian with a carry permit killed a criminal that was beating a Lee County Florida Sheriff. The MSM is just keeping this story vague calling it an, “Officer Involved Shooting”. The officer did not shoot but according to an eyewitness on the local news the good samaritan ordered the criminal to stop and the officer told him, “Shoot him” as he was being pummeled by the criminal on top of him.

        • It made it to the national level.

        • Wow!!! Kool he helped save the officers life!!

      18. For a laugh, go to and check out the photo of the Trump aircraft.

      19. If the left tries this they will learn the meaning of “Katy bar the door”. When we abandon the belief in absolutes — such as telling the truth, being honest, and doing what is right — then Katy bar the door because there is no compass to guide us and our actions. So fights on!

      20. The election was a revolt against the political class and we won. If the results are thrown out the political class will find themselves on the losing side of a civil war and they know it.

      21. NVDreamer.
        I’ve notice since Hitlerly wore purple other news commentators are doing the same. The color purple is suppose to represent unity. What a scam, since the liberals have called Rep every name in the book.

        • Sackcloth and ashes would be appropriate.

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      23. Areosmith sang the song DREAM ON! the two right now in the annuals of history are going down aonly the few who expressed to go against what was right!!!! It ain’t bout morals if it was they would vote who 80% of America wants. TRUMP!

      24. I tried but my post is still in limbo.

        There is a 7 part series on autoimmune diseases.

        It is on the Internet as

        betrayal series . com

        __ starts today, free for 24 hours only, changes to another subject
        __ this not the big Pharma 100 $ billion dollar annually bs

      25. While the chances of ‘faithless electors’ preventing Trump from being President are minimal to say ‘it can’t happen’ is total denial. There is NO LAW, NO PROCEDURE and NO METHOD in place to FORCE an elector to vote per the results of the election in their state. About half the states have a fine they could impose on a ‘faithless elector’…and it’s not a large fine. I am also certain the DNC/Soros etc would be happy to pick up the tab for such a fine if the person voted in their favor. The rest of the states have ZERO means of compelling an elector to vote as directed.

        So there is NO REASON to say it cannot happen just because it has not happened before. NEVER underestimate
        the power of money, blackmail and bribery.

        Trump IS NOT PRESIDENT and will NOT be president till he is inaugurated. And there is NO GUARANTEE that his inauguration will happen. Aside from the issue of honesty in the electoral college we still must contend with the remote but not unreal possibility that those in power may precipitate a crisis they could use to their advantage prior to January.


        Will the above happen? No one can predict. Is it likely? No. Is it possible? DEFINITELY.

        • A Dinosaur might crawl up your ass while sleeping. It is a possibility.

          But how many people loose sleep because they worry about Dinosaurs crawling up their ass? Just a handful.

          Glad I made it through the night.

      26. The Clinton and Bush crime families are running scared. They will do anything to avoid being caught. Look for Obama pardon’s for the lot.

      27. All of the marches, riots, etc by spoiled anti-Trump people should be called “tanTRUMPS”.

      28. I could see where trying to throw the vote in Hillary’s direction could result in massive loss of life. You may want to call it a blood bath.

      29. Bev Harris of Black Box Voting says that the Hillary campaign did steal votes but not enough to stop the Trump landslide. She says that the most likely reason the vote count was delayed so long in high-population areas was that the vote-fixers were waiting to see how many votes needed to be flipped to create a Clinton victory, but that the landslide was too large to overcome. Virginia, Washington state, Utah, Kansas, Nevada, and Indiana are refusing to produce their ballot images that could show whether vote-machine counts match the actual ballots.

        A warning to any law breaking violent Agitprops …

        Within the Republic of the United States lies the largest army the world has ever known—tens-of-millions of American hunters who are nearly all ex-military soldiers with combat experience, and are not only heavily armed, but would take to the streets of their nation in an instant if called upon to do so by President Trump to save their nation.

      30. We must then allow more respect for these dead white men, who left in place a mechanism to keep their class in power if the vote were ever extended to such foolishly thoughtless persons as non-landowners, non-slaveholders, non-males, and of course non-whites and Catholics.

      31. I guess the people will have to go into the streets and take over and set up a new government of the people, for the people, and by the people. We will put our own people in place. We will start totally over with people who will uphold the Constitution. That’s the only choice given the liberals do not want to follow the laws of the land.

      32. Remember sheeple: the EC put Bush in on his second term this way. Cary got the popular vote and the EC gave it to Bush. Turn about is fair play. Do not get me wrong, I do not like Clinton, I hate Tramp, sorry Trump, at least you knew where Clinton was coming form. Now Trump has taken a 180 on a lot of issues.

        • Given that you are living in such a laughable reality as the one you posted, I hope you have a safe space to go to. Play Doh awaits. Don’t hurt the therapy puppy.

      33. Chew on this one.
        Clinton steals the electoral vote. Trunpers go berserk,martial law imposed nation wide. Still no control.Final option is to preserve the nation at all costs.Shut down the power grid for 6 months,90% of the population are dead. NOW, Obama offers the country to relieve Europe of it’s muslim burden and welcomes all in the name of allah to the United Islamic States of America.

        Who says the emperor has no clothes.Why that’s just stealth technology at work!

        • It’s a scenario, but it’s not going to happen.

          • I put nothing past Obama.

      34. I wouldn’t doubt hillary becoming president, and there’s nothing anyone will do if she does. The government has infringed on our rights for decades and no ones done anything. Do you know why we can’t have a fully auto sbr p90 with AP ammo? Because no one does anything when their rights are trampled on.

      35. Hillary ‘won’ the popular vote because of the millions of illegal aliens who illegally voted for her.

      36. The people have spoken, so these two RINOs need to do some serious self-evaluation. They really don’t want to totally piss off millions of armed, patriotic Americans by going against their wishes. They really don’t!

      37. What’s to stop Republican loyalists from trying to recruit Clinton/Johnson/Stein electors? I hope they’re doing just that as we write these missives that no one will read!

      38. If that happens, which is highly unlikely, the protests we’ve seen from the crybaby powder-puffs will look like a Sunday School picnic when REAL Americans take up their arms and make sure that Trump takes his rightful place in history as President of the United States. There will be lots of blood in the streets.

      39. Popular vote doesn’t elect the president because this is still a republic. Its not a mob rule democracy. The electoral college allows the states with smaller populations to band together and have as much political clout as the large population places. Helllery knew she had to win the electorial college all along. the same rules that applied to her applied to Trump and all the other presidential cantidates. You cant change the rules because you lost.

      40. What you get in a banana republic is pay for play. The elite want to shift this from a limited republic to a banana republic, they can afford to buy anyone but the public.

      41. Isn’t it amazing how Dems think that if they can get a few million to sign a petition that they will get their way- overriding the votes of 60+ million ? Or if they can get a number of electors to try to vote their “morals” that they can get the outcome that they desire ? Nope, what the Dems do want is popular elections, where Dems push for illegal immigrants to be allowed to vote, and refugees & immigrants are allowed to flood the USA. At that point, they will have all future elections wrapped up. Don’t mind who is paying the bills.. It’ll be the house guests that will make up the rules.. At that point, everyone may as well quit working..

        Anyways, it’s absurd to think that 37 electoral voters should be able to override the votes of 60+ million that voted for Trump.. Or to change the rules of the game because you are a spoiled child that wants to make sure that he/she gets his/her way the next time around.. Not because Dems are the better party, or Dems have the better platform, but mainly because Dems write the rules to be in their favor…

        Elections have consequences.. Suck it up Dems..

      42. We should push our reps for mandates regarding the requirements to be able to vote.
        a) Voter ID.. Drivers licenses watermarked for those not allowed to vote, i.e. illegal immigrants, etc. Actually prefer to deport illegal immigrants that have already broken our laws coming here… Probably should be deported when they show up at any government office to begin with..
        b) Verified eligibility aka Birth certificate or naturalization papers. Verification required via registration at least 1 month prior to elections.
        c) Not on any form of public assistance, i.e. welfare, food stamps, housing assistance, EITC, etc. That means- you actually pay taxes, aka you have something in the pot.. House guests should not be able to dictate what’s for dinner.
        d) Incarceration and massive fines for any voter fraud; non-citizens get incarcerated followed up by deportation.

        At that point, only those that should be voting will; and Dems can suck it up…

      43. People of all colors ,working Americans that have had ENOUGH from the communists in power now have STOLEN FROM US !

      44. Jumping Jehoshaphat, these Liberals are really troubled, hey make a list of these people, for future info, because they are not for the American people like they say in their hypocritical rhetoric.

      45. A CURSE on their efforts to change how the Electoral College votes.
        A CURSE is pronounced and proclaimed on the efforts to destroy the integrity of the Electoral College and change the votes of the electorate!

      46. Just give the trumpski bullies what they want…all the money and power

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