It’s Not Over Yet: “They Are Probably Still Trying To Steal The Election” | Calls For Electoral College To Ignore Will Of People

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Headline News | 183 comments

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    As of 6:30PM Central Time the Associated Press is reporting that Trump has won Arizona. This would make it impossible for Hillary Clinton to qualify for the Presidency with pledged Electoral College votes, as Donald Trump has exceeded the 270 votes needed to win.

    Note: The Arizona results have not yet been certified. As AP analyst Michael McDonald notes, “just because the media calls something does not mean that that’s actually the outcome of the election.”

    Note: Elements of the Democrat Party have not given up. There is a concerted effort, as reported below, to convince Republican-pledged Electoral College Electors to switch their votes to Hillary Clinton. With 20 electoral college votes still up for grabs it is conceivable that Hillary would need to “flip” just 21 of Trump’s 290 pledged votes to take the Presidency. The #NeverTrump movement may come back into play on December 19th, when the Electoral College votes.


    You didn’t think she’d go down without a fight did you?

    The Clinton campaign is clawing it’s way to what they hope may land Hillary in the White House. Though Clinton officially conceded the race to Trump on Wednesday morning, a concession is not legally binding. During the 2000 election Al Gore conceded to George Bush on the night of the election, only to begin court proceedings a few short hours later to contest the results and initiate recounts.

    According to Jim Stone, the race between Trump and Clinton may not be over just yet:


    They may be trying to steal Arizona and Michigan, and then use special powers to flip 9 electoral votes away from Trump. THERE IS A REASON WHY THEY HAVE REFUSED TO MAKE THEIR TOTALS OFFICIAL. THIS IS NOT OVER YET

    Trump won Arizona. Why has it not been made official? Trump won Michigan. Why has it not been made official? They are calling the counts “unofficial,” WHY?

    Election officials in Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and New Hampshire are still counting votes. The vote differentials while the counts conclude are so close that Clinton could potentially inch out a win with early voting ballots and provisional ballots. The small difference in votes in most of these states could trigger recounts. And given what we know about the Clinton campaign, we suspect that any recount would bring with it the real possibility of “uncounted votes” being discovered in back closets, much like we saw in Florida during the 2000 election debacle.

    Newsweek confirms that Clinton still has a chance:

    AP analyst Michael McDonald says he is skeptical that Trump won Wisconsin, as the AP projected. If that state flips for Clinton and she wins the other toss-up states, she and Trump could be in a tie at 269 votes each.

    “Maybe Clinton actually wins Wisconsin,” McDonald says. “Look, just because the media calls something does not mean that that’s actually the outcome of the election.”

    In that event that neither candidate hits the 270 electoral vote threshold, the vote for President would be passed on to the Repoublican controlled House of Representatives and the vote for Vice President would be put before the Senate, also controlled by Republicans.

    One might say this is a no-brainer, except we have two words: #NEVERTRUMP.

    The NeverTrump movement, started by conservatives and championed publicly and privately by sitting U.S. Congressional leaders, could potentially steal the win right out from under Donald Trump.

    Though unlikely, it remains a distinct possibility.

    And never to go without a Plan B, as John Podesta hinted on election night, Clinton has a second option, which involves targeting the electoral college directly. has already filed a petition that includes 361,000 signatures as of this writing asking members of red States’ Electoral College to turn on the will of the people of their state and cast a vote for Hillary instead of Trump. The situation would not be unprecedented, as there have been 157 “faithless electors” since the inception of the College in 1787.  None of those faithless votes ever resulted in a significant shift in the election. Electors are bound by most states to cast the vote for their pledged party and failure to do so comes with fines and, in some cases, jail time.

    What it boils down to is that Hillary could conceivably flip 10 Electors to her side, however unlikely of a scenario that is:

    Petition Excerpt:

    On December 19, the Electors of the Electoral College will cast their ballots. If they all vote the way their states voted, Donald Trump will win. However, they can vote for Hillary Clinton if they choose. Even in states where that is not allowed, their vote would still be counted, they would simply pay a small fine – which we can be sure Clinton supporters will be glad to pay!

    We are calling on the Electors to ignore their states’ votes and cast their ballots for Secretary Clinton. Why?

    Mr. Trump is unfit to serve. His scapegoating of so many Americans, and his impulsivity, bullying, lying, admitted history of sexual assault, and utter lack of experience make him a danger to the Republic.

    Secretary Clinton WON THE POPULAR VOTE and should be President.

    Hillary won the popular vote. The only reason Trump “won” is because of the Electoral College.

    But the Electoral College can actually give the White House to either candidate. So why not use this most undemocratic of our institutions to ensure a democratic result?

    We can fully expect Hillary Clinton to push, even if she does so from behind the scenes.

    We expect that within hours or days the push from the liberal media will be widespread and the thousands of protesters taking over major cities across America will be calling for recounts, faithless electoral votes and revolution.

    It’s definitely not over until the electoral votes are cast on December 19.

    Also See: We Finally Know Why Hillary Disappeared On Election Night: “She Was Crying Inconsolably… It Was Hard To Understand What She Was Saying”


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      1. Well hell…wtf???

        • what WILL happen is CIVIL WAR, IF the democrappers try this!!

          • Yep. The snowflake riots of the past few days will pale in comparison to the deplorable riots if this happens.

            • Not including NH and adding AZ and MI to Trump’s count, Trump 308 and Hitlery 228. Surely they wouldn’t be that stupid. Surely.

              • They’re stupid enough to think they can attempt something like this and we’ll just roll over and let them get away with it.

                Don’t push us too far, lobbies, you’re close to it now. Back off and smell the reality.

                • Don’t think there will be any rolling over. The only rolling going on will be rolling some socialist bodies out of the way to get to the rest of ’em.

                  • Trump won, bitches. Get over it, stop your whining and rioting, go find a job, ’cause you’re gonna need it.

                  • Wrong, Hillary already Conceded the Election to Trump and congratulated him. The Author is smoking sumthin. Maybe the Author is a Democrat? hmmmmm….

                    • We have no idea what she did behind closed doors during those long hours. And she. EVER congratulated him, or extended a hand of bipartisanship . Do NOT TRUST THIS ESTABLISHMENT.

                    • Zeus, you make a valid point about the hildebitch conceding the election, but Mac is the author and I don’t think he’s Democrat.

                    • Just because a Clinton says something doesn’t mean they meant it, believe it or that it’s the truth. It must be remembered that the Clintons will do anything, legal or not, to get, maintain or increase power. It doesn’t matter who gets crushed in the process, simply collateral damage.

                    • Actually the author is correct. This is part of the plan for complete civil unrest, martial law implemented, Obama stays in office, then launches air strikes in syria starting ww3. The alphabet agencies have put their resources in place. Odds are about 10%, and may increase if the ptb can get the momentum going. Paging, soros, blm, move on, huffpo, etc.

                  • Redneck101, spot on. The commies better back off if they want to live.

                • If they don’t, they are going to smell no reality, but a lot of gunpowder.

                  • Wow you paranoid people sure help add fuel to the fire regarding these kinds of comments. Trump supporters are the dangerous ones with this talk of guns smelling gun powder etc, etc. Lightenup people. This country was founded on principals such as peacefull demonstrations. The animals who got nuts were not identified as related to any faction. No one has a clue who they were. The police made that very clear. Maybe from your comments about guns and blowing dems away would make some wonder if it was Trump supporters trying to make protestors look bad. Let’s not promote that kind of thinking.

                • right on had it with libs I meant head up their collective arses


                • How can racist and supremacist call anyone communist. Supremacist always claim they are religious al the while Satan is awaiting their arrival

              • Who is behind this movement? Start naming those behind this. People are much braver when their identity is not known.

                • This wasjust a story the news reported regarding that scenario. No one has really put forth the actual process .By the way, Clintons know as most average in the know people like myself for example know, this faithless scenario would then have to be approved by the House. The house is controlled by which party? Right Repubs, so it would be rejected and go back to Trump. The DNC knows not to waste time and just move on….

              • The Dems will never support a recount. It would expose their massive Dem voter fraud. I still believe that Trump won the popular vote also. Time will tell. Here in CA, there had to be thousands of illegals voting.

                • Of course Mr. Trump won the popular vote as well.
                  If the “red/blue” map is believed — 3/4 of the States voted in favor of Mr. Trump.
                  How is “popular” being defined?!

              • Surely? Don’t be sure – there are NO limits!

              • Count is 238 . I think the use of the words “the people have spoken” can be used more in favor of Clinton in as much as she has won the popular vote or otherwise known as one person one vote. Granted by using the electoral college, popular vote means nothing. Think about that, the people voted for Hillary by over 1.5 million votes more than prez elect Trump nation wide. Isn’t that more directly in line with the words “the people have spoken”!?! Demographics change as do people over time. The electoral college is archaic and has now chosen the wrong candidate three times in my life. Hubert Humphrey, Al Gore and now Hillary. Dem or Repub, this has to be addressed and Trump in no way has won any mandate as some of his people admit including him when saying he Will be using Obamas advice on health care. Makes me feel Trump is open to fair and balanced decisions.

            • Hillary gave up! When you do that you gave up all rights to contest the vote.

              • Legally, a concession is not binding. It should be, it’s the people’s election, but Hillary could wake up tomorrow and decide to contest it.

                • A concession is, indeed, binding

                  • Algore conceded in 2000 and then took it back to start the legal contest to overturn FL.


                  • The actual body count, like in numbers of “paid actors or paid professional rioters, which is precisely what the majority are), only number “up to 200” in any given riot – and only ONE has been called a riot (and it was nothing at all, just a smashed windshield and spray paint on a building.

                    Hillary is powerless to influence any part of the election process at this point, and I’m sure she’s conceded to (at least) that much. (Especially after seeing just how much her ass is NOT wanted as our POTUS).

                    Everything I’ve said (admittedly) could go South if The Democrats are truly going to attempt to “move fast overnight with some f”ed up bs story of an error in the polls due to solar flare causing “unseen until now” errors …which changes everything folks and Hillary is truly our new POTUS.

                    That would go over like a fart in church with “We The People.”

                    Dayam. We’d be at both civil war AND Revolutionary War simultaneously. How is everyone at multi-tasking out there? 🙂

                    As reported, it is highly unlikely (and would ultimately fail miserably, for them). It would end Democrats and Republicans as many ppl would be dead just because they insisted on keeping their heads up their asses about who is going to be POTUS.

                    I say if they are THAT stupid then I’ve no problem with culling them no differently than they wish to cull my ass from the earth. And man when I say “fed up” I know every ONE of you are saying “amen to that much” for sure.

                    Fed Up and Fully Prepared to FUBAR Their Asses

                    • Trump is the potus. What will potus and republican majority do to alleviate our problems. I hope everybody will be happy when they get rid of the aca-21million people without health insurance. Privitize social security.Defund medicare and medicade. Planned parenthood defunded. SAFETY NET DISMANTLED.I hope you folks are ready for that.

                    • check it out, as soon as the racist agitator mooslim anti-white anti AMERICAN gets out of the rainbow house and lets a re

                      al AMERICAN take over as president, all the coddling of these stupid misguided misled wrongly indoctrinated crybaby racist communist loving ungrateful ingrates will cease. Then let the arrests begin i guarantee after a night in the clink with a cell mate named meat or big birtha , these crybabies will give up and go back to living in their fair everybody gets a trophy fantasy world . Until soros comes calling with a chack for a cause offer , then these douchebags will riot for that soros invented cause

            • Snowflakes burn a few stores, deplorables burn continents

              • May I quote that Nailbanger?

                • Hey, i dont own it so knock yersel out bud

            • Does ANYONE really DOUBT that Democrat FRAUD is LIKELY the ONLY reason it APPEARS that Hillary won a PLURALITY of the POPULAR vote? It’s TIME for LIBERAL-PROGRESSIVES to accept REALITY!

              • That was one reason why there is an electoral college, otherwise it would be mob rule, well, its sorta mob rule anyway but you know,

                • Only when the Democrats lose.

              • They will try anything they were trying to pull a rabbit out of the hat on election night and it couldn’t be done

            • Bring it on Redneck.

              • Oh don’t worry “one love”, when redneck brings it on you’ll melt like the little snow flake you are.

          • lock and load!!

            • Yes, sir!! Lock & load, rock n’ roll!!

          • Yup, i can just start pulling the trigger, almost everyone here is a dumocrap

            • Nailbanger.

              I know this sounds like wasting ammo. Please fire a few shots and make them run first. Love to get that on video.

          • And all those who signed the petition will end up swinging from light poles.

            If they are going to play hardball, they’d best be prepared for the consequences. This is not a game.

            Sick of the liberal BS.

            • Amen!… brother..

          • Clinton isn’t going to flip crapola, When it is all said and done, with the wins in PA, Wisc, and Michigan and add AZ, Alaska, etc, Trump wins with 306 Electoral Votes, Hillary ended up with only.. 232. So mathematically it is Impossible to flip any election. Clinton won the popular vote by about 210,000 but if we account for 25 Million Votes as questionable Fraud like dead people voting, voting machines flipping Votes, Clinton also lost the popular vote.

            So this is another article based on Ignorance and Fear, and No Facts. Hillary for Prison. Then Firing Squad for Treason. I would like to volunteer my rifle skills for the firing squad position.

            • Zeus: Good thinking! Yeah, we’ll need many Rifle Squads or you’ll need shoulder pads for sure.

          • They will get their revolution if this happens. But the people will come with guns instead of signs. Lets get it on. War is the only answer to set this country back on the right track. If they want war , then i say by all , give it to them.

            • War is what will happen! If not by us it’ll be by Russia! That’s what these wanna be diaper heads and little crybabies don’t understand! They have been brainwashed by the left for so long that rational thinking went out the window a long time ago! Throw all their butts in jail! Give them all criminal records as would’ve been done to us if it were on the flip side! The system is rigged and broken. I went through state by state last night looking at the numbers. While looking at the numbers I also looked at the counties that voted for Trump compared to HITLERY. Over 3/4 of the nation is red! Less than 1/4 is blue. The areas that are blue are areas of massive amounts of illegal aliens. That’s where all of the dead rise from their graves to vote. Then looking at where the electoral votes are for HITLERY,99 percent of the state could be red but 40 electoral votes would be in 1 area! Google each state polling Numbers. Prime example California. Then you also see states at 44% reporting because of voter fraud raising HITLERYS numbers! The election is over,their votes shouldn’t count anymore because they already gave their victories away.

              • Amen and Amen….Semper Paratus

          • Not to worry! There are plenty of “We the People” ready to break out the hardware, take to the streets and purge America of ALL liberals. Pro-conservative anarchy suits me just fine. The only good liberal is a very dead liberal ! Any questions?

          • Can’t comment as to the how…
            But neither Trump nor Hillary will be inaugurated as the next POTUS.

          • apache54, you are 100% correct. This country is on the verge of full scale civil war, promoted by both the Communists AND the Muslim Brotherhood.
            Lock and Load brothers !!

          • That’s what they’ve been pushing for since 2008

          • Yep! Beat me to it.Would turn real ugly, very quickly.

          • No doubt that Clinton will try to underhandedly steal the election. She has that motus operandi revealed throughout her life. She puts on a good con job front but her fake beauty is ONLY skin deep (that outer with so much makeup it reminds me of rotten wood whitewashed with paint to look good but still rotten.

        • If this is attempted, they will hang from lamp posts.

        • Looks like they definitely want a revolution and this would do it. I thought it was all over and then this, of course Hillary will bribe them. That will be the end of America. It will look like the twin towers after 9-11. Please go away Hillary.

          • If so, they’re expecting the snowflake revolts they’ve seen up till now. Improper cast of electoral votes triggers all out civil war and one side is way better armed than the other.


        • Trump Is the President Elected. The news Media outlets need to get behind him in a possitive role an help to heal the riots that are happening an funded by Soros. It is a disgrace to the media on how they are handling our New elected president. Show him the respect you have shown others elected to be President. Hillary lost Thank God we will not have a one world Goblelization of our country. Report on what the government an there corruption did on destroying America.

        • We are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of Nature has placed in our power… the battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. Patrick Henry

        • I can’t help but wonder how Elijah Berg and company would react if the situation were reversed and the same “arguments” were made by Trump supporters in order to steal the election for Trump? There’s a word for this, and the word is “treason”. If we elected the P.O.T.U.S. by popular vote, Presidential campaigns would concentrate on high population density areas, and the victorious candidate would literally ignore the needs of the less densely populated areas of the nation ..

      2. Not a chance

        • I wish I could agree… But we’re talking about the Clintons. I believe there is a chance, but it is minuscule. But a chance nonetheless.

          • The AP just called Arizona for Trump. Just now

            • Their timing was perfect! Lol. Thanks for the update.

              The concern here, as noted in the Newsweek article referenced, is that even though the media is calling it, it doesn’t mean officials are prepared to certify the results.

              I checked the AP report here and it appears to be a ‘call’ rather than official confirmation.

              But, as noted, Clinton’s chance here is very unlikely, so let’s hope the AP got it right.

              They’ll still push for Faithless Electoral college votes on December 19th, though they probably won’t get that either.

            • Good. Then it cannot be challenged nor “flipped” in a legal manner and they are “dead in the water.”

          • Wrong again. Clintons need to prepare for Prison.

      3. I think the world would flip if the slag got away with it.


        LOLOLOLLOLOLOLOL you will not like the results!!!!!!!

        • Just like the “snowflakes” are doing now? What? You gonna block traffic?

          My Guess is that the Trump supporters (i,e. scrotum lickers) will just hang-up and try again.

          • Mong. You are living proof that you just can’t fix stupid. Your words/actions show me just how much of a child you are. Grow up and do some maturing

          • Mosh, anyone who underestimates Trump supporters is making a fatal mistake.

        • They have no idea what a big steamy pile they would be stepping into.

          If they overthrow the ballot box…nothing is left but the cartridge box. And it will get used.

      5. They try it will make the protestors look like the children they are,perhaps this is the plan to engage martial law.Keep sharp and stacking,this could get even more fun before it is over.

        Trump not potus till sworn in on Jan. 20th,till then,we are all behind enemy lines,act and plan accordingly,you know,same as we have for years!

        • Spot on! Great restraint is required, until January 20th.

      6. I’m just wondering how she came from being 1.3 million voets behind (with less than 10% to go in each of the 3 states left to count) to passing Trump and coming out ahead by 200k votes. She was consistently falling further behind, then midnight hits and all the votes go directly to her and 0 for Trump???
        Are we really not supposed to notice these inconsistencies?

        • Left coast

      7. Locked and loaded waiting for this, if its war they want ITS WAR THEY SHALL HAVE!!!!!!!!!

        • And let it be known now, there will be NO PRISONERS taken.

      8. AP just called ARIZONA for TRUMP. That gives him 290 electoral college votes.

        • Arizona has 100% reporting and Trump leads by about 80,000 votes. No way they’re going to flip that.

      9. I’m all for civil war.

        Like they said on Drudge, People got to die.

        • Heavily agreed Anon. What these asshats don’t realize is the causalities will be very few on ours, extremely heavy on theirs….

          These monkeys shooting their guns sideways…. I would let them take the first shot just to see their reaction when the brass pops them in their eye!!! PRICELESS!

          • DMONIC

            There will be plenty of people who will find out they are NOT prepared for an engagement that involves exchange of gunfire. Most believe they will carry their 30 round mags in their cargo pants. Forget about head or eye protection and few band aids in their pockets for first aid. Very few know how to clear a jam or what to do if you have a misfire. Be lucky if they sighted the weapon in or kept it clean and oiled.

            Even if you only defend your home you must understand without the proper gear, training and protection by body armor or bullet stopping material. You are at an extreme disadvantage in the event of hostilities.

            Just because the shit is hitting the fan a few blocks away doesn’t mean a few bullets are not going to come though your walls. It happens all the time.

            • Never mind that, most of them have never even had a punch thrown at their head, under controlled training conditions, at 50% power. What’s going to happen when it’s the real deal with real bullets? They’re going to freeze where they stand. Goes into my biggest pet peeve about gun ownership: we have way too many people who think having the gun is a substitute for real hand-to-hand training that prepares you to respond in worst case scenarios. They think they’ll just rise to the occasion and pull one out of their ass to save the day. The real world doesn’t work that way. The day always belongs to the guy who has the most practical training, is more physical at the point of attack, and is nastier at the point of attack.

              • PeterFrancisco

                You can’t always depend on a gun. But you will find more weapons in a the bed of a truck owned by a REDNECK.
                If you see him reach into the bed, he is not coming out empty handed.

                • No he not coming out empty handed. If he is reaching in the bed he will come out with a beer. Us rednecks keep our guns in the cab and on our person. We don’t put them in the bed to get rusty. now If your adversary is also armed you come out with two beers. Give him one and first chance you kick him in the nuts and whapp him upside the head with a tire iron.

                  • Old Guy

                    You may be right on that beer. BUT!

                    I have seen tire irons, clubs, Baseball bats, chain, pipe wrench, large combination wrench, pipe, 2×4, re-bar,
                    machete, ax handles and so forth appear from the Magic Box.

              • I know more people who have shot someone in a blind rage than well trained that got the drop on an attacker because of their training, training is excellent, dont get me wrong,,, but sheer dumb luck often rules

        • make no mistake, I am a Republican and I too am ready to clean out the pus that has built up in this once great Country, I served my country long ago and will defend her once more, I am tired of paying for the lively hood of all the takers and being spit on by other countries, I am tired of all this so called PC bull, I am tired of “I got a pen and a phone and I will do as I want”,
          I am tired of all these communists (aka Progressives) forcing me to spend my money on what they say instead of my own choosing. I say….. GO TRUMP AND GO AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

      10. Too fucking late, bitch…your lame concession speech was heard by all. now crawl away quietly.

      11. There is no way this happens. If it did happen I would officially quit trying to live a normal life and join in the revolution that would ultimately come with a decision like this. The cry-baby Demoncrats do NOT know how to riot. Imagine a few million well-armed, pissed-off conservatives sweeping the streets of America…..

        • Oh yeah!! Let those pussy ass little bitches leave their safe spaces and try it. They will feel the consequences of their anti-gun and dump Trump crying. They don’t believe in gun ownership? Well little honey’s defend yourselves with mean and hurtful words against a 38 or maybe 44 bullet. If that don’t work how about a baseball bat or good old 2 X 4 against your empty freaking skull asshole???

      12. Oh STFU already with this nonsense. She DOESN’T, and WOULDN’T have the electoral votes. STOP IT with this bogus fear porn. Damn, getting almost as bad as infowars for CHrists sake!

        • DMONIC….

          The Democrats have a history of using dirty tricks to try to steal elections.

          Put NOTHING past them. They are capable of ANYTHING because they have no morals. None.

          To them…all that matters is getting their way. They are like spoiled three year-olds.

          The following quote describes them well:

          “The liberal is continually angry, as only a self-important man can be, with his civilization, his culture, his country and his folks back home. His is an infantile world view. At the core of a liberal is the spoiled child — miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.”

          P.J. O’Rourke

      13. Whoever has the biggest pile of brass at their feet wins.

        • Things have not changed. Don’t get all warm and fuzzy. I’m sure plan ‘B’ is in the works. Watch out!

          • And C, aaaaaannnnd D, annnnnnnnd E, aaannnnnnnnd……

        • So, accuracy counts for naught?

          • Not when you got the lever on ‘rock-n-roll’.

            • Those of us backing you guys up who like slow n steady will fix the stragglers and floppers

        • Dont tease me like that

        • Not always…………..or the military wouldn’t use snipers

      14. We need to start taking these hoods down to the river and teach them how to swim with a rock tied around their neck.

      15. ht tp://

      16. Normally I would discount this but things have been for some time anything but normal. Throw in the Clinton’s who are the “Bonny & Clyde” of politics, Boss Tweed Obama overseeing the Injustice Department and one can rightfully become quite suspect with the Rule Of Law. Two significant counterbalances are the numbers of hard core Trump supporters and the President Elects potential legal muscle with $3.5 billion funding.

        Lets just say I’m a bit of a skeptic because so far its been too good to be true.

      17. Reloading and working overtime….some get me a beer huh.

      18. Yes, it could tie at 269 electoral votes each, if we want to believe in conspiracies, but then what? The election goes to the House of Representatives, and each state casts ONE vote for President. Check the map, it’s red, not blue.

      19. Just like how gold would go up 150$ overnight, the country is in a mess and people would riot, besides they now have a nationalist president to blame the crash on along with Brexit.

      20. The electoral college is not bound by the vote of the people, they can vote for Hillary.

        • 26 states and Washington DC are bound by the votes in their state.

          Even if this scenario happened, the Supreme Court would throw it to the House of Representatives, where each state gets exactly one vote. Count the red states.

          • And those reps would be scared shitless or just plain stupid to vote against the way their state went

        • They do and they should probably have a foreign retreat planned, it might not be wise to go home again.

      21. If this would occur, it would be the tipping point that would trigger an Actual Revolution.

      22. They are going to try to pull a Franken. They will probably start finding entire paper ballot boxes that should have been counted but were not…of course they will all be Hillary votes. They are cheats and liars and MUST BE STOPPED.

      23. That would be the best way to start an armed revolution.

      24. The difference between the “snowflake protesters” and the “deplorables”? The “snowflakes” have signs..
        The “deplorables” are armed, and prepared to defend themselves..

      25. I see the possibility of the push, Obama wants the chance to declare Marshall law which gives him control. Who’s the bigger pearson in all of this? Do we want another civil war? The push comes there needs to be an investigation into the voter fraud! Pennsylvania first votes counter were absentee ballots, 99% Clinton <1% trump, but he ended up winning the state! Did she actually win the popular vote? Barely in a rigged election!

      26. Let’s see what happens. I can’t imagine that the people backing Clinton are going to keep backing her. They are History either way. They are just to arrogant to own it yet.


      27. I see on tonight’s news she was out for a stroll and stopped to do a photo op with a passerby how cute is that? I don’t believe in fear porn but then again I have been holding my breath as it has all gone to well so far. Today at the WH must have been something else, Obummer was way to polite and smiling for me. He just always looks like the cat that ate the canary.

        Hope the lid stays on for a while as DH is looking at maybe open heart, just depends on the tests they are to do on 12/8 he hasn’t been good for weeks and no matter how they change his meds, nothing seems to help.

        Things are quiet so I’m heading to the sofa and my Christmas knitting for the grand kids, gotta keep my mind busy and somehow get through this bump in the road.

        Nite all.

        • We are praying for you Mallardhen…?

        • Praying for God’s Grace to embrace you and DH.

          It is good that you allow yourself sofa time. Recharge your batteries as often as you can. 🙂

        • Who is DH?

          • Dear Husband

      28. Go sell cigars…

      29. yes.

        last night Bill O’Reilly on Fox: His talking points were Is There a civil war about to break out in The USA?

        I say possibly – yes –

      30. Yes, big trouble on the horizon.

        Yes, Publicly Obama and Clinton called for the peaceful transformation of power.

        But behind the scenes who knows? Who caused the trouble at Trump’s rallies.

        On the other hand, not being paranoid, mind you, his election could be the reason to start a civil war and introduce martial law and suspend the constitution.

        Keep mind, eyes and spirit open, may I suggest.

        We hope for the best in this matter, a very dangerous
        period we are in, at this time and cooler heads need to prevail.

      31. If they try this, there should be s 10 million man march on Washington. All 2nd Amendment voters, all packing weapons, all ready to remind this country of the Civil War. We are tired of the corruption and will cut it out with our own hands if required; don’t push us over the precipice.

      32. I hope they try this crap, THE WAR WILL BEGIN, be hunting liberals on 12/20/2016 instead of deer. Bring it you worthless freeloaders.

      33. Look at the election map… From SEA to Shining SEA is a Bastogne of red voters… All with ammo, guns and a pissed off attitude… IF the NWO and the Demorats want to try this … Go for it.. we will clean the gutters in America… We are united in America this time.. look at the result of the election… Nothing Meaner than a pissed off American with a gun and knowing they are in the right…. MOLON LABE

        • This would be much different than the Bundy & Finnicun deals. This would be a bonified legit cause. It would be galvazining. Even a large portion the LEOs and military and fed people would be on board. I also wish they would attempt to install hellery or O bummer would try and not leave. Those Georgia guidestones folks would get their population reduction. Then we should storm Area 51. That would be better than what will happen when this economic bubble pops.

        • I am still in shock that our man won! It will make the next 8 years a delight for me and my family, Then perhaps one of his sons can take over and extend the beauty of living in a country that has the most beautiful constitution ever put to paper and for it to remain the bed rock of the nation, With this possibility in mind, I say, No one wants to piss Trump off as the whole world already knows, He is not one to fool with, and with us having his back, be very careful what you pus suckers wish for.

      34. To all the veterans,active or retired,Happy Veterans Day!

        • All my Vets are gone now, but one active one.

          We have several framed flags with accompanying pictures from WW2 and Korea.

          Our active one had tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is state side at the moment.

          Youngest grandson set to go to Air Force after graduation in 2017.


      35. This liberal democrat has more fire power than all u combined and am prepared to arm an army of 10000 to show u republitards that u aint shit. Go back to your trailors and shut up. She won the popular vote as gore did. Only reason he got it is through the rigged system that was controled by the gerrymandering of districts by the republitards and through voter fraud of trump supporters. Prety interesting that all the election fraud charges are against trump supporters from the uneducated south.

        • i don’t live in a trailer….i WORKED all my life to enrich myself, and now i can do pretty much anything i WANT to do, within reason….YOUR people, on the other hand, are slaves to the system that you THINK “helps” you. the democRATS have done nothing but enrich THEMSELVES, at YOUR expense. they’ve done little to NOTHING for the lower-class/working-class. BTW, that “rigged system” WORKED for the demoncrats for a long time….until it DIDN’T…now you’re unhappy about it. trump keeps on proving he’s a smart guy, and can use the system to his advantage……..heard today that he is in FAVOR of nation-wide concealed-carry….sit down and shut up, you aint gonna do NUFFIN!

        • Your well arm 10000 will be dead in time minutes.

        • cliff

          Bring it.

        • Bring it on commie

        • Go for it ya boinker

        • cliff will be a one time poster, then, gone.
          He’s pissed at the 20 trillion $ taxed out of us producers and given to his takers, and he didn’t get enough of it.
          Probably holds the pistol sideways.

      36. The Democrats thought trump’s decision to hold back on accepting the results after the election was stupid and unamerican, guess what, the Democrats are the ones kicking sand after the election. You said it was foolish to refute the elections results, well man up and accept what you wanted Trump to accept. If you want to continue to tear this country apart to get your way, you are doing a good job. Hillary, you lost, accept it and let the country very come back together. You and President Obama can help heal this country, don’t continue to tear it apart. Let it go! Don’t cry over spilt milk or an election loss.

      37. God what a bunch of skunks.That Clinton stench just seems to go on and on.

      38. No way, now that Arizona has been called for Trump. I don’t remember anyone rioting after that idiot Oloser was elected TWICE. But they’re going to because Trump was elected?

      39. “cliff” Lol!! Time to get off the floor crying and go back to your mom’s house, to your safe room(in the basement). It will be OK!!

      40. i sense some hostility. If the table were turned in fact, would the republitards be performing random acts of senseless violence? Widespread rioting and burning our own cities? I think not.

      41. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”


      42. These libtards say that they believe in Democracy, but when it fails them, their answer is riots, and calls to override the will of the people.. Kind of a bigot, eh ? They call us violent, racists, deplorables, and every unkind word in the dictionary, yet it’s them that show signs of the very things that they call us.. Again, bigots..

        I hate to suggest it, but it seems that the millenials aren’t ready for the right to vote; perhaps the voting age should be raised to something like 29 or 30 because obviously, those that we see marching on TV or youtube aren’t ready to exercise the right to vote. They are way too immature.

        • I REALLY hate to write this, but I’ve seen first hand, radical libertards in their mid 50’s and 60’s. That voting age may need to be raised to age 35 or even age 40.

      43. We know who those Electors that cast the electorial college votes are. They are not stupid. They know that their punishment would be much worse than a small fine. If somehow a attempt was made to keep Trump from taking over. All He would need to say is follow me. And a army of very pissed off folks with itchy trigger fingers and stout ropes would be amassed. And those traitors would not do those kind of things no more times. They wouldn’t never do anything again. Their oxygen thieving parasite existence will be over.

      44. These blowhard commie “takers” have been put on notice! They failed to put down their, bongs, xboxs, and syringes long enough to go vote and it bit them in the ass. AMERICAN traditional values are what this country was founded on and needs in order to succeed and prosper. I personally have NO MERCY for their way of life and will NEVER surrender to their form of “democracy”. This is what happens when “EVERYONE gets a trophy”. Losers!

      45. The riots we are seeing are sponsored & funded by the evil George Soros & his nasty, filthy organizations & foundations. He also funds the BLM, Black Liars & Murderers, which was created from the “Hands Up” lie.

        Soros funded Obama twice & Hillary’s 2016 campaign. He wants to destroy America to make his One World evil dictatorship dream come true. Thank God Hillary didn’t win. America has spoken… we do not want to be a part of a Communist Global government.

      46. To all you Bit@ching Democrats. Let’s Face It.

        You Fucked Up!

        You let the deplorable’s and uneducated whites beat your ass in the election.

        • Roger that! These cupcakes will DESTROY America ONLY if we allow it. NOT ON OUR WATCH!…

      47. Happy Veterans day,
        Thank you to all you vets out there

      48. Did you hear Bev Harris (of interviewed by Alex Jones on Wednesday?

        She said that on Tues night, several states were holding up the results for hours, and there was NO reason why they couldn’t have provided the vote-counts much sooner. They were holding off, she said, because they were manipulating the votes–she specifically mentioned Detroit, and some city in New Hampshire, among others which I don’t remember now.

        The FACT is, whatever “popular vote count” they claim Hellery got is way too high. Trump had a landslide. How else could he have taken Michigan–of all places!–despite their cooking the numbers in Detroit?

        Btw, Bev Harris is a democrat.

        • Believe me when I say God’s hand was in this election. There were thousands of people who had been praying about this election. Freedom won for this nation. Let us not forget that was the top issue. Even if it was not spoken out loud.

      49. I understand that 14% of the Hillary votes were actually voted by illegals who were not U.S. citizens. Taking that into consideration, Hillary did not win the popular vote because those illegal votes should have been disqualified and should not have been counted.
        That means Trump actually won the popular vote. Arizona Dems actually harvested votes door-to-door in the communities where many illegal immigrants live. Many of those votes were from illegals who are not U.S. citizens and they had no right to vote in our U.S. election unless they were U.S. citizens. The Supreme Court ruled that is against the law. Dems knew it was against the law and they worked tirelessly to collect those votes from illegals and submit them before the Supreme Court ruling was finalized. Why is the news media not reporting this. If the recount includes illegal votes just to get Hillary into the White House instead of Trump who was declared the official winner, that is not acceptable to the majority of U.S. Citizens who actually voted for Trump. I honestly believe there will be an uprising of major proportions in America if that happens.

      50. How many delegates can she get by extortion or bribery? 38 required

        • If Soros funded it, which he would, the sky is the limit.

      51. I wish Bill and Hillary would “ride off into the sunset,
        NEVER to be heard from again!!!!
        This would be the best gift they could give the American

      52. A lot of anger here. Losing is no fun. I am glad Trump won!! I think those who voted for H. are people who only
        listen to one person and do not reason out things clearly. Do not know the history of this country. Do not check facts. I voted many times in the pass and my vote was not the winner. I was disappointed but, I did not cry, scream, break public property, start a fire or burn the flag, nor hit anyone because they did not vote my way. I moved on and accepted the person who won. I have to admit if H had won it would of taken me longer to come out of the disappointment. I would not let it ruin my life. I trust in a God who loves me and who I know has a better future for me that can not be compared to this world of sin. I look forward to that day. I pray that the hate will stop, but I know as long as we are in this world of sin it will not totally go away. I will be at peace with all people. Even those that may hate me. We can chose to do what is right or what is wrong. I pray we chose to do what is right for this country. We really voted to have this country remain free and stand for the constitution and bill of rights which I believe is the foundation of our nation. Let us come together in
        peace and accept who we really are a people who love freedom. We have defended it in blood sweat and tears. Remember and honor those who fought for it to remain Free.

      53. That is how Bush got his second trem

        • BUSH DID “NOT ASK” for the recount Gore did; you idiotic fool liberal ideologues can not accept your ace kicking cry baby pukes. If they managed to cheat it to 269 each THE OLD BAG STILL LOSES because the House decides who is potus;; you ignorant bast66rds will try anything to keep your DEATH GRIP ON AMERICA.

      54. LET’S ROLL;; dC OR BUST.

      55. Then they’d better look into the estimated 2-3 million ILLEGAL votes/voters before they crow too loud about ‘winning the popular vote’!

      56. This is the first time I have visited this site. After reading the comments, I now fully understand why Mr. Trump won the presidency; the fear, the ignorance, the loathing of traditional American values, and the hatred he tapped into is palpable. One of the lessons I learned when I served in Vietnam (Air Force, 1970) is that guys who like to threaten violence are usually cowards and/or bullies who hide behind their words. We used a term, “chicken hawks” to describe braggarts who talk of war and violence but have no idea what a shooting war is really like. Visiting this website showed my where contemporary “chicken hawks” have come to roost.

        • Jimmmy And after all your blather Trump is still the winner. We actually don’t care about your opinion. Not going to give you any free rent in my head. Think and do as you wish, Your the one who has to live with the results.

      57. Hillary won the popular vote only because of the amount people California & New York has in it Hillary also won them states electoral votes However in Hillary really didn’t get all of the peoples vote in California & New York The Central valley of california was all for Trump & same goes with New York but because Hillary won them states electoral vote it Looks like she won the popular vote & she really hasn’t.

      58. Hey Steven colbert of late night show go home to your dad john stewart and take Amy sumer with you cowards are all in the same place when they come looking for you. Buy the band is so much better then your childish act.get a life you will be off the air shortly.

      59. These MF’ers flip any vote and all hell would break out, HITLERY loss time to go home and rip off your Foreign Governments for MILLIONS of $ to your rip off charity that gives 6% to the people they help and the rest in the Clitons pockets.

      60. jdp…The transition team is under way, Clinton is not allowed to have classified info, Trump should become aware of this theft and counter to the Electoral college. Its always been the Electoral college wins not the popular vote,If it was reversed the Dems would say not so fast the Electoral college wins, period. If the some how get away with this theft the rep peoples will do something

      61. They could probably swing electors over with millions of dollars, thanks to funding by Soros. Whether it is 21 or 37 is not known yet If Killery wins the Electoral College vote, it isn’t over.
        That being said, only one Congressman needs to balk, and then there would be a Congressional vote, one per state, and thankfully, Republicans have the majority. If that doesn’t go well, yes, a bloody revolution, and all the people who defected would be knocked off first!

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