It’s Happening: They Are Shutting Down “Fake News” Websites to Punish Alt Media Hillary Opponents

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Entertainment, Headline News | 51 comments

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    This election proved the power of the Internet, and of the people who used their voices to the fullest.

    But now, they will pay for it.

    Will it mean the end of free speech?

    Clearly, the deep state was not defeated overnight, but a loose network of hackers, researchers, alternative media outlets and long-term constituents of the “vast rightwing conspiracy” did manage to overpower the establishment’s choice of Hillary for president – and managed to embarrass the mainstream media while they were at it.

    Even if they won’t get everything they wanted under President-elect Trump, they proved that a number of leading websites, and quite a few underground blogs, aren’t just promoting fringe views, but have become influential and often damning, even to the most high profile players. The Internet, and in particular, the alternative media, counterbalanced the mainstream effectively in 2016, and defeated their narrative.

    And now, those who control the corporate-dominated flow of information want to end that competition.

    As SHTF just reported:

    What this year’s Presidential election has proven is that alternative media is a force to be reckoned with, and the establishment is scared shitless.

    But they won’t let it happen again.

    […] Today’s actions by Google and Facebook provide further evidence that the establishment media and Deep State politicians are preparing a digital lock down on any and all information that has not been approved by an as of yet unknown Truth Panel.

    A Facebook spokesman said it will explicitly ban sites that traffic in fake news from using the Facebook Audience Network… Google said it plans to prevent Google ads from being placed “on pages that misrepresent, misstate, or conceal information [as well as] sites that distribute false news.”

    Though this effort may be subtle, there is every reason to think it will be brutal for free speech. It could prove to be the last laugh for Hillary Clinton, who blames her media opponents, Wikileaks hackers and even the failure of her own friends and presstitutes in the media for destroying her campaign with piles of Clinton family dirt.

    Major outlets are now circulating a list of websites that have been deemed to be “fake news” and worthy of censorship that was compiled by… you guessed it… a random community college assistant professor trolling websites they’d like to have removed because they disagree with it.

    As The Daily Sheeple reported, these sites comprise of many of the biggest alternative news sites on the Internet:

    Like clockwork, floating around on the Internet now is a list of these “fake” sites authored by Melissa Zimdars, assistant professor of Media and Communications at Merrimack College.

    She has deemed all of these sites as “false, misleading, clickbait-y, and/or satirical ‘news’ sources”.

    Just to name a few examples, The Daily Sheeple, The Free Thought Project, Infowars, Breitbart, Lew Rockwell, Before Its News, Intellihub and even were flagged as “fake news” sites that should be blocked, removed and/or censored.

    As many online account holders know, there are many subtle ways of suppressing or blocking accounts, including demonitization that takes away an author’s incentive. That is what Google is attempting right now by denying ad sense revenue to sites they disapprove of, while they are still the masters of quietly de-listing sites in the algorithm so that fewer people will find their links – and those being targeted may never know what happened.

    Meanwhile, the State Department just refused to recognized reporters from RT at a press conference. Spokesman John Kirby got testy over a question about Syria hospital bombings and retorted: “I’m not going to put Russia Today on the same level with the rest of you who are representing independent media outlets.”

    A major blowback is underway by the corporate, establishment media in retribution for their embarrassing failure in stage-managing a cakewalk election for Hillary Clinton.  CNN’s parent company Time Warner (recently bought out by AT&T) was in the top ten of Hillary’s donor list, along with most of the largest Wall Street banks, Google’s parent company Alphabet, Inc. and Microsoft. It is no surprise to see many of these players acting in accordance to de-list dissenters.

    Considering that Donald Trump has also teamed up with Facebook board member Peter Thiel to sue critical journalists, and have proposed new legislation to make defamation laws stronger, his administration may not prove much better, despite the strong backing for his campaign by the “alt right.”

    Will these next few years be the most difficult yet for online free speech? There certainly seems to be a lot of pressure coming down from above.

    Read more:

    Digital Lock Down: Google and Facebook Take Aim At ‘Fake News’ Websites: “The Establishment Is Scared Sh*tless”

    List of “Fake” News Sites for Google to Target Released; Every Alt Site You Know (Including The Daily Sheeple) Is On It

    Make No Mistake: “Everyone Who Is Warning About Clinton Is A Target and They Are Marked”


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      1. I’ve been feeling better the last couple of weeks. No, really!

        • ted, you should be blocked, removed and/or censored..

        • The Media is the control mechanism for the masses.
          Control the media:
          -You control the message.
          -You control the FALES NARRATIVE.
          -You Control the LIE.
          -You tell the Lie over and over. Again and again….. tell the Lie.
          -Tell the Lie across ALL the Media outlets.
          -All Media outlets controlled by handful of corporations. And Government.
          -All the Media Reports or DOES NOT Report what Department of Defense tells them.
          Otherwise FCC pulls their license.
          ***ALL Radio and TV Stations have equipment installed that allow government to take over or KILL thier broadcast at ANYTIME the government desires.
          ————————————-YOU are in an electronic control grid.
          THE MEDIA and government are ONE and the Same.
          The first thing they do is BRAINWASH your children in their “schools”.
          AFTER they are give vaccines with cancer viruses and other things that SLOW cognitive function. Flu shot anyone?
          They Flouride the water to make you docile.
          Flouride tooth paste so you stay asleep and docile.

          Hillary-Obama wants you clueless-complacent-compliant.
          These scumbags will not just go away because of an election.

          *The roads are having sensors installed. Your cars snitch you out just like cell phones.
          *Thier is RFID chip in your key fob that is tracing you on road and into the shops.
          *Businesses have cameras tied DIRECTLY to Police/Feds.
          Facial recognition tracks you by these cameras.
          Like a FOOL you give them your phone number when asked. Like zombies.
          *Banks now require RFID chips in atm/credit cards to track you via road sensors- sensors on light poles-sensors in the metal boxes that are at the entrances to your neighbor hood.
          **PIZZA DELIVERY PLACES ALL work with Police. To track you down
          **All utilities work with Police.
          **All your emails are recorded.
          **All your browser searches are recorded and indexed. Threat accessed.
          **ALL your comments posted are recorded. Then you wonder why you didn’t get that job. Even though you are qualified.
          Welcome to the NWO control grid.
          Like your change?
          Like your new Amerikka?

          How do you like your Microsoft Windows 10 surveilence sytem?
          Apple is no better. Especially iPhone.

          Unawareness is the controllers Ace in the hole.

          Are you awake yet? Wake up to the control and Trace machinery around you.
          Also get rid of that Cable TV box. New ones have proximity sensors-mics-hard drives to record your activities.

          Humans are in a fight for their survival.
          The controllers want you dumbed down-controlled-then just DEAD.
          DOn’t worry. The Robots will soon take over the menial tasks.
          You are obsolete.
          The Elite will use those robots to exterminate you.

          My Posts Are not Often Allowed to See Daylight. The They’s Require you to be asleep and clueless.”

          Wake up little kittens. Time for school. You MUST become educated and AWAKE.
          Wash that sleep from your eyes. Up and at’em.

          YOU live in a BIG controlled LIE.

      2. After these sites are silenced what am I supposed to read? The National Enquirer?

      3. First, I think.

        • There needs to be an immediate response to this by big private money funding for alternative platforms that will potentially take on google and facebook. That seems impossible, but if 60 million Americans just voted for Trump, I think that opposing tech platforms to Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter should go into development immediately if they haven’t already, and they should be embraced by the folks with brains. Obviously there would be support.

          • Google and Facebook should start with shutting their own sites down.

            • Google = CIA
              FaceBook = CIA
              Cisco = BackDoored by NSA with CISCO co-operation
              Microsoft = Partner of US Government
              General Motors = SERVANT of US Government. Your new cars/tires are chipped.
              Lenova = Laptops compromised by Chinese Government

              Get educated at:

              Microchip-Induced Tumors in Laboratory Rodents and Dogs: A Review of the Literature 1990–2006
              by Katherine Albrecht, Ed.D.
              Released November 19, 2007

              Find info on :Intellistreets
              ht tp://

              Find info and articles about robots by: Elon Musk

              President Trump has appointed people into positions of power that are true enemies of Freedom. How could he do that to us?

              Published: November 19, 2016

              w w w

              The everyday man must have countermeasures to this human control technology.
              We need digestible understandable information and counter measures.

              Please Write some articles Concerning this Topic and Topics listed above by:
              Wake Up Wind Walker says:
              Comment ID: 3634745

          • We need to have a different “internet” — some technology that these bad guys can’t interfere with. We also need to tie up our mainstream propaganda outlets in the courts for fraud.

            Trup should have full-time press-pool from the alternative media and completely ignore the mainstream.

          • Robert Mercer, hedge fund billionaire funded Breitbart. He funded Trump’s campaign and installed Bannon and Conway in Trump’s campaign. As Cruz’s funder, he made Cruz kowtow to Trump.
            Freedom of the press died out with corporate control as they bought up or ran small newspapers out of business.
            Internet has opened it up again, but internet is also subject to control.
            Trump is severely biased against the First Amendment. Very Stalin, with his thin skin and rages and grudge holding and get even at any cost. He has declared against every aspect of the First Amendment, freedom of religion, speech, and press.
            Expect severe pressure against the First Amendment.
            Trump has also come out agreeing to gun control, but backed down later.
            Trump wants to expand NSA spying on citizens, furthering illegal search and seizure, our rights lost since Bush did not come back under Obama, and clearly not coming back under Trump. Stop and frisk was declared unconstitutional by a federal court, then not taken to the Supreme Court because of expense, knowing it was clearly illegal search and seizure. Trump wants Stop and Frisk.
            Trump unduly admires dictatorship, is a globalist businessman, and has married his favorite child into a different clan.
            There are groups fighting for our Constitutional rights, I have worked in this area for a couple decades. I hope some of you get inspired and start fighting for the First Amendment as well as the Second.
            The entire Bill of Rights is going down under continuous pressure from the D/R corporate machine, folks. Keep in mind that corporate structure is inconsistent with democracy, CEOs are dictators in their companies. For a paycheck you have to work, but also lose most of your freedoms. CEOs do not make good Presidents, too autocratic.
            Trump is President, we must work against his temperament to retain our First Amendment rights.

        • we USED to leave the people that post the word “first” in a ditch, naked, and bleeding….from an orifice…..what happened?

      4. First, I think. Therefore, I think I am first.

      5. About 2 days before the election, I suddenly could no longer reach from my AT&T connection along with a few other alt-right sites. Can reach them from my verizon connection though. F-AT&T

        Just Saying

        • maybe try a VPN?

      6. When they try to silence you, it’s time. If the sites I read go off line, it’s time. You gotta die some time. Die doing what must be done. Don’t read history, make history.

      7. That’s a terrific list.

        I’ll have to make a hard copy.

        I wonder how SHTF will stand up to this attack against Freedom of Speech?

        We could do more actual prepping info in articles. Then just pass on news in the comments section. The trouble is, judging by the laws in Europe where opinions are illegal and a person’s opinion can get them jail time, which comes right out of Communism 101, specifically Stalin’s decree that anti-cement ism is punishable under the law by one bullet to the back of the neck; and in Europe haul a cost denial is punishable by as much as ten years in prison.

        We know who is behind this attack on free speech. They are perps pretending persecution. They are always attempting to make their victims look bad, while presenting themselves in the most esteemed and respectable cloth. But no thinking person does not see through the false cloak of dignity, to the truly sordid truth they hide so adroitly.


        • B from CA, 95% of all media sources in the US; print, online, radio and TV; are owned and controlled by six corporations and the CEOs all belong to the tribe. Richard Salant of CBS News once said, “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” In a word, CENSORSHIP!

        • I wonder how SHTF will stand up to this attack against Freedom of Speech?

          They have a Public IP available if the domain name is deleted. Would be handy if they had another alternative like a mirror in TOR or in freenetproject.

      8. That’s a terrific list.

        I’ll have to make a hard copy.

        My thoughts exactly. Copy it and send it to everyone you know.

      9. Well is turned out the Lunatic Fringe wasn’t so lunatic and wasn’t just a fringe. They beat the established networks. I think what we are seeing is a knee jerk reaction. Ill bet the loss of revenue will make them revise their position.

      10. An informed citizenry does not need censorship. Many of those sites are click-baity but you know what?: the powers that be let fascist, radical Muslims publish the most heinous and evil content on social media and the web for over a decade (executions, head chopping, rape etc.). But now they are pissed at Breitbart etc.? They even admit the Muslim stuff is rancid and radicalizes dumb-ass Muslims to become jihadis.

        The solution to misinformation or bad news is debate, knowledge and a free media that can counter lies and manipulation. Not censorship or jailing journalists.

        • The mainstream media is owned by jews not radical muslims.

        • Breitbart is now controlled by Robert Mercer, hedge fund billionaire. He put Bannon and Conway into Trump’s campaign. He came out against Clinton because she backed a transactional tax on millions of computer controlled stock trades (where Mercer’s money came from).
          Mercer won. McCain wanted to investigate Mercer, so Mercer came out against McCain with big money. McCain held on.

      11. The Soros money will run out eventually, especially if he has to bankroll all the MSM news outlets and papers. Wikileaks showed America what the truth really is. Hillary or the MSM never once said what was released was not true, they just said that we should not be able to know about it. Incredibly enough saying that Russia is to blame for the truth being exposed, and this is worse than the bright light of truth it exposed.

        Everyone I know is switching channels and cancelling cable and papers. Goodbye MSM.

        • “The Soros money will run out eventually, especially if he has to bankroll all the MSM news outlets and papers.”

          Much of what you say is true but Soros isn’t running out of money. Soros is the front man in the media eye. Thats not accidental as the main players are nameless and faceless hiding in the shadows like rodents.

          • Exactly.

      12. Are you really surprised???????
        They lost and now they are striking back the only way they can. This is just the Battle. The WAR has just begun, and when the smoke clears we will see how will still be standing and I bet it AIN’T them!!!


        • Trump has come out against a free press, he pledges to take them down.

          • Trump had come out against the Lib/Socialist agenda press.

            uhhh yeah, wake up.

      13. Remind me to thank her for all the great new links I can add to my favorites.

      14. What happened to the article?

      15. First, Trump loves infowars and talks to Alex directly and I dont even need to mention Breitbart whom he also loves. These sites will not be going anywhere during Trumps Presidency.

        • Only so long as they agree with and kowtow to Trump. He is going after anyone who does not. Besides, Breitbart will be controlled by a hedge fund billionaire… Who pulled Bannon into Trump’s campaign… He put big money into Breitbart.
          Just like Koch brothers bought and controlled the tea party for their own ends.
          A free press is not dependent on Trump’s whims, it is constitutional. Saying your favorite sites are Trump’s Pravda already admits that they are subject to his whims. Free to lionize Trump, not free to disagree.

      16. Wonder what would happen if everyone cut their internet off? Think about how much money they would lose. We could take that money and start our own newspaper, and mail to subscribers. We need to show them they’re not going to bully free speech.

        • Well, in the future we wont have any money.

        • I need the internet at the moment, but am considering shutting it down after I move. It feeds the NSA and is shifting to censorship very quickly.
          The founding fathers did not believe government would keep our rights without pressure from citizens.

      17. Good Day Y’all:

        Check out for search engine, as a pro alt-right media alternative.

        Check out h ttps:// to give The Donald suggestions for a greater America.

        Stay frosty……BA.

      18. Thanks BadAmerican for that info. Guess I can keep my internet on.

      19. This election has proved that the main stream media has lost any credibility they once had. No one w/ half a brain takes anything they say seriously anymore. They are collapsing and desperate, but with all the levers of power w/ the Repubs, they are now lashing out in vein, digging their own graves. God fuckin riddins to all of them.!!!!!

      20. I am surprised Fox News isn’t on the list.

        • Fox is the managed opposition. Fox on its best day isn’t Drudge or Zero Hedge.

        • Fox News lost its news credentials years ago for publishing fake news. It chose to become Fox Entertainment to avoid being disconnected, because news licenses have strict guidelines.

      21. 12th yippee I’m awesome and why doesn’t someone startup some competition for Facebook, googleyass and twater?

      22. In two months Obama is supposed to leave office. He sure doesn’t seem like a lame duck. People are turning to the Internet for their news for a reason. The mainstream media aren’t doing the job. I’m hearing things on this website that aren’t covered by the media. Why is the US giving up control over the internet after we developed it? Why is Obama so interested about news on the internet when he only has two months left?

      23. How about not using fecesbook/using goog search engines/ect.Why do we need these fucks to visit the sites we want.How about we to best of ability not use these services/spy machines at all?!Seriously,really do not see the problem,and,they really for most part close down the net,does not mean you need to support/read/watch faux news,in fact,fight it /hack it/destroy it to best of ability.Th enet totally shuts down either some huge disaster or govt. move,either way we prep for both and well,will then truly be grateful for prepping!

        • Startpage is a search site. They do not track you.

      24. Everything that is taking place today is End Times! The coming global financial implosion which will be blamed on Trump even though Obozo did most of it, censorship, truth denial, fear mongering, false religions including those who say one many can forgive another man’s sin; all of it spinning down the drain of eternity. Believe are don’t believe it but it won’t change the outcome, the sound of the eternal clock continues and man is nothing more than “dust in the wind” (Thanks Kansas)!

      25. Coution! Permanently look at neocons i. e Zionists i.e. you know, under your bed.

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