“It’s Actually Quite Shocking” Top Silver CEO Explains How Huge Industry Changes Will Drive Prices To New Highs

by | Aug 15, 2017 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    There is a feeling of unease about central bank actions, various conflicts around the world, and an ever expanding involvement of governments in the private lives of their respective citizens. People are starting to understand that the propaganda party can’t go on for ever and that real crisis is just around the corner, if not already here.

    So how do you protect your assets from the inevitable financial, economic and monetary collapse to come?

    We simply need to look to history, which has shown that during tumultuous periods only precious metals have truly survived the test of time because they are portable, anonymous and capable of storing large amounts of wealth in a unit that can fit into your pocket. But with the recent bear market in gold and silver, and an unabashed attack on these assets by mainstream financial media pundits, some investors remain hesitant about adding them to their portfolios.

    The following interview from Future Money Trends with First Majestic Silver CEO Keith Neumeyer and analyst Steve St. Angelo of the SRSrocco Report should put to rest any questions you may have about where these assets, especially silver, will head next.

    In addition to supply-demand fundamentals and crisis investing that will lead to significantly higher prices in the future, there are some huge changes coming to the precious metals mining industry which will result in more efficient operations and increased profitability for the companies involved. Keith Neumeyer explains:

    This is something investors should be aware of… the entire mining sector is going through a complete change… We’re still using technology that’s 100 hundred years old in some of our mills… there’s not an industry in the world that is still using 100 year old technology…

    It’s actually quite shocking… There’re a lot of really exciting technologies that are coming into being in the mining sector that are going to turn it into a much more profitable and much more efficient business.

    Full report including fundamentals, analysis and silver forecast:


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      1. Yes, everyone needs to have silver AND GOLD. Paper money is worthless. At this point it is worth 4 cents per one Federal Reserve Note. If it goes down to two cents everything will cost double, down to one cent and prices double again. If the value goes below one cent, it will be as they say, not worth the paper it is printed on.

        Buy those things that sustain life without money, electricity, gas, running (tap) water, sewers, garbage disposal. It will be on you to provide food, heat, etc.

        Good luck


        • What is funny is that Bitcoin is even more worthless than paper money, but Bitcoin is valued at about $4000. BEST. PONZI. SCHEME. EVER.

        • The Silver CEO forgot to mention how the price of Silver is being manipulated artificially low to prop up the worthless US Dollar.. The current price ratio Silver to Gold is at 76 to 1 right now and should be at about 47 to 1 which means Silver should be at $27 an ounce right now. Ask the experts why it isnt?

          • Actually it should be between 9 to 1 and 16 to 1.
            9 to 1 is the ratio of what’s in the ground.
            16 to 1 is the historic average.

      2. Good luck trying to pay your bills with gold,silver and platinum last I checked my utility’s wouldn’t take metals my grocery store won’t take it gas stations don’t want it I can’t pay my mortgage with it who does take gold? Cash for gold stores, pawn shops, very few mom and pop gun shops, trade with other people who think there is value. When shit fully hits the fan the only metals that are worth anything is brass,lead and steel.

        • There will always be ignorant folks like Jtx that are clueless about the value of investments and preserving wealth. When SHTF I will be buying goods in Silver and Jtx will be having to rob stores with his brass and lead to eat. Who will store owners be happy to see come in their stores? Me with a pocket of Silver or Jtx trying to rob him to eat??

      3. If I had a dime everytime I’ve heard this or some other story about silver’s price going to the moon I’d be richer than some guy holding a wheel barrel full of silver after one of these fables coming true.

        • If you had a pre 65 Silver dime for every time you opened your uninformed flytrap, you would be a rich man.

      4. i aint listnin’ to a half hour to find out the answer to my question….if it’s going to be cheaper to harvest silver soon……why would it cost MORE?….seems to me they are going to add lots of supply cheaper, it drives down the cost….no?

        • This article is a stock market add in disguise…. buy more mining stocks…. and bitcoin too……. suckers.

          • Stocks are still just paper in you hand. If you don’t own it and have it in your hand, it’s not really yours.

        • I was thinking the same thing…must be Common Core math.

      5. Let me get this right. We’ve (humans) have been mining metals for thousands of years. Since the early 1900’s, we’ve been throwing our trash away in landfills and various other sites for rubbish. As the clock/calendar moves closer to today, we throw away more and more metals. You name it, from gold to iron and a walk through the periodic table as well. And are not those same discarded metals now in forms and concentrations greater than normally found in nature? Seems that purity, availability and all parameters needed to obtain metals are literally right in our backyards. In our infinite wisdom, practicality and highly vaunted intelligence; tell me please, why the hell do we need to fuss so about ripping yet more form the ground in a raw ore state? I recall dimly WW2 movies showing the great scrap drives. And not just here – on both the Allied and Axis sides of that conflict. If we can fight such a war, building in the greatest and direst rush armaments, why can we not apply that same logic to today? Like so much folks, we’re being played by corporate interests. Surely not pragmatic principles.

        • There are lots of places you can sell scrap metal, and several companies that harvest brass, copper, etc. when (say) an office building is demolished. However, you don’t get much unless you have tons of the stuff (and you have to separate it from the plastic et al yourself), so most people just toss it. And once it’s in a landfill, it’s mixed up with other garbage, so no one wants to go in and get it.

      6. Still don’t know why silver shot up to close to $50 in 2011 then back down to under $20 at a slower pace. I’ll be surprised if it moves past $18 anytime soon. On the blue plastic strip on $100 fed notes I notice they peel off in no time, must be a design flaw or other motive behind that.

        • I remember buying 100 ounces of silver in 1984 for $4.86 an ounce.

          • I remember in 2011 selling all my junk silver coins for $42 an ounce and laughed all the way out of the Jewelry store.. Now I am averaged in at $17.47 an Oz with an 8 ft tall stack of .999 fine and waiting for this sucker to pop again.

        • 2008 housing bubble crash sent people scrambling for storage of wealth once they were able to climb out of the hole. Look for over $70 with this next one. Trillions of worthless paper was printed between then and now and will cause this one to run up at least 40% higher than last time.

      7. Silver will have to reach at least $32/Troy Ounce before most will sit up and take notice. IF it ever does again…

      8. hard to afford gold on a very limited income. Have purchased a small amount of silver on a recent dip in price. Wish I could do more.

      9. 1. The premise is a bit antithetical. New efficient mining techniques, that lower cost, would in fact drive down the price of silver.

        2. The Fed, and Treasury currently manipulate the price of silver and gold to control the dollar. Unless they are somehow stopped, or lose control, the price of silver is going no where. Crazy global events, wars and revolutions all over the world no longer sway the price of gold and silver, so what can.

        3. The Chinese want autonomy from the US dollar. They are actively putting under their control suppliers of raw materials and markets. Their influence is expanding. Once they are ready they will drop the dollar as reserve currency for trade and oil. When that happens silver and gold in relation to the dollar will go wild. But I don’t think it happens until then. Watch China.

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