It’s About To Get Ugly: Protests Erupt Across The U.S. Over Vaccine Mandates

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    It was only a matter of time before those who want the freedom to choose what goes in their bodies get pushed a little too far.  Protests are popping up all over the United States and things could get really ugly really quickly.

    The ruling class and its corporations don’t care about protests. They’ll do what they want anyway. Protesting is begging the master for a little bit more freedom. However, hitting these mega-corporations where it hurts, right in the pocketbooks, is what will change history. These corporations are obviously a piece of the system that has shown itself to be anything but a “free” one so its demise won’t likely be met with too many tears unless you’re a tyrant or enjoy being enslaved.

    PROTESTING IS NOT an Act of Freedom IT IS AN APPEAL TO AUTHORITY You Aren't Fighting for Your Rights You're Slaves Begging for Longer Chains wwwwwMURICATODAAcoMA | Meme on ME.ME

    On Monday, hundreds of demonstrators held signs aloft that read, “Terminate the mandate,” “Freedom not force” and “No jabs for jobs,” as they convened at Southwest Airlines’ headquarters in Dallas to protest against the mandate. Attendees also chanted “My body, my choice” as they lined the highway outside the airline facility. Some carried US flags, while another waved a flag adorned with an eagle superimposed on the stars and stripes, according to a report by RT.

    Southwest Airlines set a deadline for staff to be vaccinated against COVID for the first week of October under a federal mandate as a company holding contracts with the US government. The airline canceled thousands of flights last week amid rumors of staff calling in sick to protest against the vaccine mandate, with Southwest saying the cancelations were due to air traffic control issues and disruptive weather.

    Southwest Airlines Cancellations Continue: Pilot Union Denies It’s The “Vax” Mandate

    It isn’t just Southwest. Parents in California are protesting the vaccine mandate as well. Although, rather than protest, these parents should remove their children from the indoctrination camps and not worry about it. Boeing workers have also staged protests against these mandates.

    More and more, we will see people protest. And again, while protesting doesn’t work because the master doesn’t care if the slave protests, what will work is coming together outside this totalitarian system and refusing to be their slave anymore.

    Every single company or business that fires even one employee for refusing to take these shots is going to face at least some kind of backlash. We can help. We can choose where to spend our money. Any company that forces its employees to take a shot in order to work, won’t get any of our money. We need to come together and help those who are willing to lose their jobs and livelihoods to avoid getting injected with the garbage that’s in those syringes.

    It’s time to do the moral thing, as opposed to the legal thing. It’s time to stand together and continue to refuse. It’s time to take back our power from the government and let them know they no longer have any over those who continue to defy them.


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      1. I protest to show others that they are not alone in their thinking. There is strength in numbers. And there will come a time when we will physically rise up.


      3. It will be a good day when enough patriots decide these evil tyrants just need to die.

        • Correct. Need to organize the people capable of getting rid of these vile sub-human pieces of shit. We the people need to deliver to the corporate whores, media whores, gubbmint whores some of their own medicine (shoved down their fuggin throats). This is an attack by domestic and foreign enemies. Time for a purge. A pb purge.

      4. Its been far to long that the tree of liberty has been watered by the blood of Patriots and tyrants….and lets finish the quote by Jefferson in the letter he wrote to John Adams son….may the Lord God forbid an uprising does not go over 20 years.

        now lets be truthful…the I do not see it happening for most are to damn afraid to lose what little they have left…they are no different then the frog in the pot of boiling water…they are being slowly cooked to death.

        As for me I am a Christian American Patriot
        I love my GOD, I love my family, I love my country, I love my freedom and I love my guns…and I fight for what i believe in, in that order….for freedom ain’t free….I serve the Lord God and not myself for if I serve myself, than I am serving my own politically motivated wants…

        I served in the US Army and swore an oath to defend but yet we need the Lord to lead the charge otherwise we will suffer defeat….this nation used to be a God fearing nation….today we have forsaken God and God is now showing us who is boss….There is much more to be said…but at this point I feel as Daniel said to the son of Nebuchadnezzar, The Writing is on the wall….We have been weighed, and now we are being judged and next comes the fall and death of the US unless we retun to fearing the Lord God Almighty.

      5. It’s amazing that the American people are now rising over the issues of parental rights and owning your own body. It’s high time that the billionaires planning the Great Reset in alliance with the radical Dems, realize that a people who have known democracy will not willingly give it up.
        Nor will we willingly continue to allow the likes of Soros and Zuckerberg to buy our elections . Please take a look at this and spread the word.

      6. The only way out is a general strike. But don’t hold your breath—Americans are ravenous consumers and live for comfort and convenience. Getting the American people to opt out of the current system will be next to impossible. Americans love routine and sameness, and sacrificing these things will be too traumatic for 99.9% of them.

      7. “IT’S ABOUT TO GET UGLY.”
        No the cuck it isn’t.
        There will be an uptick in the volume of vociferous LARPing, nothing more.

      8. People will only rise up when they have nothing else to lose. That point is coming quickly. The main weapon to be used will obviously be food. Starving people will agree to anything, guns are to keep the starving that didn’t prepare from killing you for your food.

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