Italian Supervolcano Is Reaching “Critical Stage” According to Scientists – 360,000 People Could Be Affected

by | May 15, 2017 | Headline News | 27 comments

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    Italy has long been a notorious hot spot for seismic activity. That nation’s history is littered with destructive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that have killed thousands of people. In fact, just last year a 6.2 earthquake managed to kill 120 people in central Italy.

    However, those previous incidents could pale in comparison to the destructive capacity of Campi Flegrei; a massive supervolcano that lies just outside of Naples. Researchers in Italy are currently trying to determine if recent activity around the site could be warning us of an impending disaster.

    The volcano has been restless for 67 years, with two-year periods of unrest in the 1950s, 1970s and 1980s causing small, local earthquakes and ground uplift.

    Similar unrest occurred over 500 years ago, when it took a century to build up to an eruption in 1538.

    Using a new model, the researchers investigated whether Campi Flegrei may again be preparing to erupt.

    They found that the unrest since the 1950s has been causing a build-up of energy in the crust and making the volcano more vulnerable to eruption.

    Until recently the scientific community wasn’t very alarmed by those incidents. Now the researchers who are studying Campi Flegrei understand that what happened in the 1950s, 1970s, and the 1980s, were all connected. Those incidents suggest that pressure has been building under the supervolcano for decades.

    Dr Kilburn said: ‘By studying how the ground is cracking and moving at Campi Flegrei, we think it may be approaching a critical stage where further unrest will increase the possibility of an eruption, and it’s imperative that the authorities are prepared for this.

    ‘We don’t know when or if this long-term unrest will lead to an eruption, but Campi Flegrei is following a trend we’ve seen when testing our model on other volcanoes, including Rabaul in Papua New Guinea, El Hierro in the Canary Islands, and Soufriere Hills on Montserrat in the Caribbean.

    ‘We are getting closer to forecasting eruptions at volcanoes that have been quiet for generations by using detailed physical models to understand how the preceding unrest develops.’

    Even a minor eruption could cause serious problems for air traffic in the area, similar to what happened in 2011 after a volcanic eruption in Iceland caused 900 flights to be canceled in Europe. More recently, a volcanic eruption in Alaska also disrupted commercial flights.

    However, a large eruption in Campi Flegrei would do a lot more than delay a few flights. The supervolcano is only a few miles away from Naples, a city that is home to over 1 million people. Experts believe that as many as 360,000 people could be immediately affected by this kind of disaster.

    To give you an idea of what that would be like, several years ago The National Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology in Italy produced an animated video, which shows what a worst case scenario would look like if Campi Flegrei erupted over Naples.

    Those animated plumes you see would have a temperature range between 200 and 660 degrees Fahrenheit. God knows how many people would be killed or displaced. A volcanic disaster of that scale would be unlike anything seen in Italy since the destruction of Pompeii. Let’s hope that the only thing in store for Naples, is a few diverted flights.


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      1. I was in Naples in 88, Too many people crammed together but friendly. Hope it doesn’t destroy the place.

        • Quick throw some virgin antifa girls into the pit! Oh wait, there is no such thing cause antifa girls are sluts.

          • That’s why they are sluts…so they don’t become sacrificial lambs. But throw them in anyway!

            • What would the volcano gods do, spit em back out? I agree, feed them in until the volcano goes out..

        • Wow, that brings back memories…. I was in Naples November, 1980. Being crazy, I went for a night swim @ the harbor. There appeared to be some smuggling action going on so I cut the swim short and headed back to Hotel Vesuvius. The election coverage was on the TV in the lobby. Interesting chat with the lone person watching (an Italian man). He wanted to see Jimmy Carter reelected, ‘continuity of government in the US superpower…’. I assured him that we had had enough of the Peanut Farmer.

          Anyway, Naples was a fun, interesting place. And the food!! So good!


          • Well, according to Edgar Cayce, “It” (apocalypse) will begin with some breaking up of some conditions in the south sea (where Antarctica is located) and directly across from that– the Mediterranean… so lets see what happens next…

        • I’ve been to Naples a few times myself. beautiful country.

          Did Boy Scout summer camp there and the nude beach next door to the Scout beach was … and added benefit as a teenager. LOL.

          Hope those people stay safe.

      2. “Views Read By ‘1’ People”

        I feel so lonely.

        __ no man is an island (or a volcano, either)

        __ If this erupts, it will hurt a lot of people, Europe is in enough turmoil
        from all those invaders. Imagine how insane they’ll act if this happens.
        I feel bad for Europe as it is. I can’t imagine how terrible it would be.


        • I agree, it would be a horrible loss of basically decent people. Why couldn’t it be LA NYC or Wash DC?

      3. That thing could cook a lot of pizza.

        • Or new land mass for stupid governments to fight over

      4. I was in Washington state( I lived 32 miles away from Seattle) in May 18, 1980 when St. Helen’s blew. There were no big cities nearby, but it really made a mess of the area and a good part of the state. I had almost 12mm of ash in my yard and I was 100 or so miles away. Plus all the follow on eruptions that occur keep the mess going.
        My wife and I started prepping somewhat seriously at that point. We were depending on family, but soon realized not everyone could crash at Aunt MaryAnn’s, she probably had two years of food stashed
        away, animals, and a large garden, but it would be rude to not work on taking care of ourselves and possibly her if it came down to that.
        I can’t imagine what Naples would be like after an explosive eruption happens so close to a city of a million people.
        I wonder if people there prepare for natural disasters?
        Somehow I doubt it. Socialists.

        • Yes, remember it well… Was living in the Spokane,CdA area May 18, 1980. Watched in awe and wonder as that enormous dark, orange tinged cloud advanced towards us. For several days it was like living on the moon or Mars, everything gray. Finally rained after a few days.

          I mentioned to my Dad, ‘It’s like the Apocalypse’.

          He said, ‘Dress rehersal’.

        • When Mt Pinatubo in the Phillipines blew in 91, I was on a Marine Corps West Pac, which is a deployment in a Naval Task Force.

          We were sent there for relief efforts, which included shoveling ash off all the collapsing bldgs. Pinatubo is approx. 15 miles from Subic and the ash was still 3ft deep. OMG that shit is HEAVY.

      5. 26 second video shows a genuine “supervolcano” that is roughly 400 MILES in diameter. This video is heavily censored so maybe you can see it maybe not but it is quite interesting.

        • This video would be better if the guy would suck on his teeth some more. Or perhaps eat a bug juicy burger while smack his lips on sucking on his fingers.

      6. Rellik, socialists are the exact opposite of preppers. Even if they were willing to prep, they’re too poor because of way too much in taxes being deducted from their checks. It would be hugely catastrophic.

        • Don’t know about the socialists, but we the communists are not prepping inside our little cabin with bullets, beans, bullions and barbed wire, we’re prepping the organization of the world revolutionary party. When SHTF will strike, you perhaps will survive with your family inside your cabin among a vaste array of devastation, we, in the mean time, will seize the political power.

      7. Pity this volcano is not situated just outside Washington!

      8. I’ve an idea!!! Empty the area of native Italians, resettle all the illegal migrants …….. set oven/volcano to 1300-2200 degrees Fahrenheit….. wait for explosion….

      9. I read somewhere the same unit of Roman soldiers that tore down the temple . We’re resting at Pompeii when Vesuvius went off. Probably the sons and grandsons of the actual soldiers?

      10. Google St. Janarius

      11. Sucks to be in Italy if this blows. Italian volcanos are notoriously violent.

        Italy passed a law making it illegal to predict earthquakes or volcanos because a scientist got it wrong once.

        To prep for this, I was thinking of booking a vacation house on a lake, near a range and get some R&R with the family in. I love prepping for disasters on the other side of the planet.

      12. PTPO, it sounds like the right place to send the snowflakes.

      13. Hopefully the ash cloud heads straight to the middle east.

      14. On the internet, there has been a good case for an event prophesied in Revelations 12 to occur on September 23, 2017. This is when the stars and planets would be in alignment as they were in 3 B.C. when Christ was born. The problem is that a number of prophesied in Revelations would have to occur before 9/23/17. A major eruption of this supervolcano and a distubance at CERN would account for a lot of the events. If this is true, then it should make for an interesting summer in Europe. There have been so many wrong interpretations of Revelations, that it is hard to be sure. For myself, the closest that I intend to get to Naples beore 9/23/17 is neapolitan ice cream.

      15. It would disrupt the ngo boats paid by soros who bring the rapefugees to Italy to enter the test of europe. the ah cloud following wins, would go eat from there spreading to cover turkey, and stopping rapefugees there as well.

        Devine intervention.

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