It IS Happening Here: “Permanent Gun Confiscation” Ordered After Veteran Sought ‘Voluntary’ Treatment for Insomnia

by | Jan 2, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 380 comments

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    For those who have always believed that it can’t happen here, think again, because it IS happening, and things are only going to get worse as data surveillance becomes a way of life.

    Gun confiscation at the hands of medical records sharing is now officially a reality, with serious consequences for the individuals involved.

    Now, under ObamaCare, the United States is on pace to swiftly become a snitch society that would make East Germany and Soviet Russia blush.

    One former Navy man and 30-year police force veteran is suing the relevant authorities in New York after four of his legally registered firearms were confiscated as a result of his seeking voluntary treatment for insomnia.

    Despite the fact that he has no criminal record, was diagnosed with only “mild depression” and his record explicitly noted that there was no concern for violence, the man was listed as a “mental defective.” And thanks to New York’s “SAFE Act” for Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013, his weapons were seized by the local sheriff’s office after his records were shared and New York State Police made repeated requests for confiscation, as American Thinker reported:

    According to the suit, the hospital diagnosed the plaintiff as “mildly depressed,” and his clinical evaluation stated, “Patient has no thoughts of hurting himself. Patient has no thoughts of hurting others. Patient is not having suicidal thoughts. Patient is not having homicidal thoughts…” and “there is no evidence of any psychotic processes, mania, or OCD symptoms. Insight, judgment, and impulse control are good.”  The suit further alleges that a psychiatrist told the plaintiff, “I don’t know why you were referred here. You don’t belong here.”

    Nonetheless, the suit contends that five days after being discharged from the hospital, the local sheriff’s department showed up at Montgomery’s door and seized his four registered handguns, including his former duty sidearm, after the sheriff had been subjected to “repeated pressure” by the New York State Police, who claimed that Montgomery had been declared mentally defective and had been involuntarily committed to a mental institution.

    Montgomery alleges that the hospital violated his privacy by transmitting his medical information to the State Police without his consent or knowledge.  Montgomery subsequently requested a hearing to have his handgun ownership permit reinstated, but the sheriff’s department allegedly terminated his permit without a hearing.

    The plaintiff, Donald Montgomery, filed a lawsuit against numerous parties connected to the incident, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Vincent DeMarco, Sheriff of Suffolk County, and Joseph D’Amico, Superintendent of the New York State Police,  alleging violations of several of his Constitutional amendments, including violations of the safeguards for the right to bear arms, for privacy, against unwarranted search and seizure, for due process and for equal protection under the law.

    “This lawsuit alleges the creation, implementation, marketing, and use of a reporting system for medical professionals to transmit personal health information to the State pursuant to NY Mental Hygiene Law § 9.46, enacted January 15, 2013 as part of the “New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act” violates the civil liberties of the Plaintiff and all other persons similarly situated, including his/their rights under the Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. The State has amassed the confidential, personal health information of tens of thousands of people into a database shared by various State agencies… [which] includes, but is not limited to, any mental health diagnosis of a patient… “

    At the heart of this issue here is not only how “mental health” designations are now being used to restrict gun rights, but how the medical profession is now breaking the doctor-patient privilege to become an informant against the patient, and reporting them to an expansive government and law enforcement database. This is taking place without the knowledge of the patient, or even the right to find out what is written in the record, and, further, it is happening without any criminal act or wrongdoing taking place or even being suspected.

    The lawsuit alleges that prior to New York’s SAFE Act, which was passed under rushed “emergency” legislation rules:

    “the statutory standard for a break in the confidential doctor-patient relationship leading to a report to a law enforcement officer was ‘a likelihood of serious harm to self or others,’ meaning ‘a substantial risk of physical har[m] to self as manifested by threats of or attempts at suicide or serious bodily harm or other conduct demonstrating that he is dangerous to himself or a substantial risk of physical harm to other persons…”

    None of this had been alleged against Montgomery, yet he and tens of thousands of others in a similar designation were reported to law enforcement and government databases, constituting a major breach of the doctor-patient relationship and a drastic change in policy both in the state of New York, and more broadly throughout the United States.

    And the trend is continuing under the guise of gun safety and ‘common sense’ background checks.

    Numerous passages in President Obama’s 23 executive orders concerning mental health and gun control issued in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting sound eerily similar to what happened to Montgomery in New York State, with the White House effectively tapping doctors to amass data on gun owners during patient visits:

    • “Address unnecessary legal barriers, particularly relating to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, that may prevent states from making information available to the background check system.”
    • “Improve incentives for states to share information with the background check system.”
    • “Direct the Attorney General to review categories of individuals prohibited from having a gun”
    • “Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes.”
    • “Release a letter to health care providers clarifying that no federal law prohibits them from reporting threats of violence to law enforcement authorities.”
    • “Release a letter to state health officials clarifying the scope of mental health services that Medicaid plans must cover.”
    • “Commit to finalizing mental health parity regulations.”

    It was recently reported that a ‘National Database Warehouse’ is underway to store and manage the massive quantities of information being collected under ObamaCare:

    The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is looking for vendors to run its “National Data Warehouse,” a database for “capturing, aggregating, and analyzing information” related to beneficiary and customer experiences with Medicare and the federal Obamacare marketplaces.

    Despite what may be the best intentions on the part of the government, these policies are being misused through the use of massive databases that contain sweeping information, and amount to a pre-crime Stasi culture that encourages secret reporting and an atmosphere based upon suspicion rather than evidence, at the expense of one’s rights without even committing a crime.

    And there have already been other abuses.

    Police confiscated firearms from a man named David Lewis, before later admitting they had taken them from the wrong man:

    “Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs said that late today he received a call from the New York State Police informing him that they had provided information on the wrong person when they notified his office of someone whose permit should be suspended because of the new mental health provisions in New York’s SAFE Act,” the release begins.

    “When you write a piece of legislation in a vacuum, without having hearings, without talking to people about how it’s going to implemented in the real world — without jeopardizing people’s rights, and putting an individual like this through a nightmarish experience, and infringe on their rights, you have to go back to the drawing board,” he said. “And I encourage the legislative leadership here and mostly our governor to take a step back and say ‘we didn’t get it right’ and let’s change this.”

    Ultimately, it will discourage people with legitimate needs from seeking medical treatment due to fears that their records will result in a police visit or an official classification that irreparably misrepresents their status or intentions.

    As the American Thinker noted:

    In the old Soviet and East German police states of the Cold War, police kept secret files on scores of common people. Information was fed to the police by thousands of clandestine sources – and a seemingly banal or routine interaction with nearly anyone could lead to a surprise “knock on the door” by authorities. During the late Soviet era, communist leadership moved away from the executions and purges of the Stalin years and began to increasingly rely upon medical professionals to diagnose “enemies of the state” as insane – thus, a routine trip to your doctor could lead to a visit from police.


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      1. This article: ht tp:// does mention the 6th court of appeals finds the whole mental thing unconstitutional,just another way to try and steal folks firearms and shows why private sales/make your own ect. important.As always,space in http to avoid the moderation game.On a side note,can we do away with moderation for folks with handles that have posted for a length of time,would be good as helps get info. to each other quicker,just a thought.

        • When medical personnel ask you. Do-You-Own-A-Gun?

          The answer is…..”NO”.

          My Doctor tried to pull that shit on me a few years ago while going to a visit for allergies. They asked if I was depressed, if I owned a gun. Each time they asked and it was more than once was…..”NO” !

          It’s none of their phucking business. 😛

          • Rodster, I agree totally. I stay away from doctors all I can. IF I go to a doctor for anything, he should keep his questions restricted to the purpose of my visit. I’ll answer any reasonable questions he has about my condition, ailment, etc. No problem with that. But if he starts asking me anything about guns, I’ll do the same as you. It’s none of their f#$%ing business.

            • You damn straight, braveheart.

              It is not any Medical personnel’s business if one is a gun owner or not. Admission of mental weakness is the entry to the new gulag/gas chamber of the PTB. We know who they are.

              This is a good story for starting off the New Year.
              People need to realize that things are getting worse, not better. The lower gas prices and supposed increase in economic activity is just a cover.
              All it takes to realize this is taking into consideration all the “thinkless” people of the “me” generation at all the New Years’s Eve celebrations that were televised.

              I kept switching the channels around to see all those “clueless” young people dancing around to the sexually charged music, while packed like sardines on the streets. Sex and alcohol, with some drugs, and the mind altering music is taking the new generation of kids into the realm of the dark side. The modern day Babylon.

              I have nothing against concerts and music, however; the stuff put out these days is like chants and mind control. Even most of the country pop music sounds like a messy version of hip hop rap shit. The beat is what gets the girls shaking their money makers, and causes them to lose control.
              And who TF is this pitbull character with his porn starish dancing girls? This wasn’t music he made. I like latin/cuban style music, and this crap was just titillating, tub thumping rap crap, that caused the young women and men to go all …a goo goo goo, a da da da, “I’m just a mindless sex addict immature liberal ass idiot”. Products of the “me” and “mine” generation.

              Enough rant…
              Back to topic….

              This article should be enough to invoke the truth of what is taking place. TPTB will control anyone they want, through their medical records. There is no privacy with medical records. It is all digital and it is all accessible by the hackers and NWO.
              Anything you say, can and will be used against you.

              This guy that is suing, and had his guns taken, is an absolute idiot. His first mistake was letting some Dr. talk him into entering a hospital for mild insomnia.
              Unless a person has no other choice, like a needed surgical procedure, they should stay the hell away from Medical facilities and doctors.

              Insomnia, in most cases, is directly related to mental issues. A person that can’t sleep is usually “thinking too much”, or is worried over something that they have no control over. Useless worry and paranoia, will destroy ya. I know two people that have sleep issues, and it is directly related to two problems they have….regular pot smoking and love of money. Bingo! I have known them for almost all their lives and they will most likely go to their graves this way. Sad.

              Get a grip people, and never admit to any mental stress or sleep condition associated with anything but pain issues. That is common, but may still be used against a person by the gun grabbers.

              Wake up America, and the world, we are either swimming in the cesspool created to take us into the dark side of our future, or we are lining the banks watching the masses, self destruct. There is only one way to escape and that is spiritually.

              • Couldn’t agree with you more! All what you have said needs to be heard! So many people out here are so asleep about what is going on! I have an older sister who is mainly interested in going online and passing on (Forwarding) Cute Cat and dog pics and the latest jokes and of course recipes!

                All that’s fine , up to a point! Certainly soon more and more people will have similar experiences like this Snoop Doctor ordeal, or have a family member experience it and tell other family members. It is spreading and I’m afraid of what 2015 will bring!

                The New World Order is not for US! it’s for the top 1% people (I really hate using the word people for them!)
                We are to be enslaved or eliminated!

                Little by little, step by step, boiling the frogs so slowly!

                God ABOVE is our only hope!

              • I disagree. Just because a person can’t sleep does not indicate any mental disorder.

                • Well, it shouldn’t, I do agree with that, however; the fact remains, there are gov workers that use anything they can find to make any statement of negativity about you. The common, middle class, man and woman, is the enemy to their survival. If the middle class were to stick together and run the bums out of DC and downsize government, their job is gone. Keeping fear and gungrabbing at the forefront of their agenda, gives them a sense of security, even though it is a flase one.

                  Realize this, it is called “job security”, and the more shit they can dig up on people, the more points they get.
                  IRS and NSA workers have mastered it. There are those at the state and local level as well.
                  Professional snoopers that draw a good tax-payer contributed paycheck. Big government, means Big Brother, and they are watching everything to put more $$ in their pocket as snitches for TPTB. The top etchelon of the Odramacare program “will” use anything documented on an individual, to twist the truth to fit their agenda of disarming Americans, one at a time, and keeping them sick and weak. At the same time they are milking every last dime they can get from a person to further enslave them.

                  You can deny it all you want, but that doesn’t mean it is not here and that it isn’t real.

                • Psychiatry is a mental disorder. The inciidencence of Autism seems to have skyrocketed with the expansion in use of antidepressants. These poisons are now being pushed for Diabetic nerve pain, weight loss, smoking cessation, and a host of other uses. I keep seeing commercials warning about suicidal thoughts or actions, changes in mood, hostility, etc.

                  • I say psychiatry and psychology are both just as bogus as the day is long.

                    • If you ever ask a mental health professional how many people have they cured they will tell you none or give you some line of BS. Known a couple and even dated and lived with one, I have found most went into the biz to figure out what is wrong with THEM!

              • Man you are spot on ! And the music/ rap crap rant was right on! Don’t know if this generation can survive.

                • Believe it or not, but as ‘A Millenial’, I hope to disagree. If I a former Californian resident can wake up and smell the coffee, so can a lot of others in my generation. All it takes is an easing approach. Like many that say we’re a frog in the slowly boiling pot waiting to die, so too can we adopt this approach to the younger generation in regards to prepping. Avenues like the walking dead, world war z, anything to spark that question ‘What if’ and to get that hamster wheel turning is all that it takes to turn a prepper family into a fully functional community with a working standing SOP.

                  • My hat is off to you,Oathkeeper.

                    I think many of the later generations are waking up, which is way better than giving up.

                    Your generation, the Millennials/millenniums/Echo Boomers/ or Generation Y, is actually the largest in number of all age groups. Born from 1977 to 1994, it is estimated that this group accounts for 71 million strong. And, is now in ages from 37 to 20 years of age, and is probably the most diverse in every way since the era I was coming of age in, the seventies.
                    If I remember correctly, the 22/23 year olds, now have the largest numbers of any age group.

                    Taking all that into consideration, this group is probably more educated and stands a better chance of making it thru the tough times “IF”, they were brought up in a good Christian home and follow those values.
                    Otherwise they are more likely to just follow the status quo, stay liberalized and lost, and not accept the concept that this world and the things of it, will soon pass.

                    Many see the trends and the wastefulness of government, but have become indoctrinated to the point of caring more about political correctness, than changing gov from the top down. Basically it is up to your generation, the generation my daughter is of. Now 34, she is financially well off because I helped instill a strong work ethic, beginning with her dedication to education. Her mother helped instill a strong sense of frugalness/saving, and it has all paid off for her.

                    When she was thirteen,a straight A student, and more mature than most at her age, I had the “talk” with her.

                    It went like this…..You now have your whole life ahead of you to be whatever you want to be, and do whatever you want to do. We are not rich people and don’t care to be. We live comfortably and I want you to be able to do the same when you get out of school.

                    In order to live life to it’s fullest, you must have a good education, and that my girl, comes from continuing to work hard at school and continue into a four year college. A four year degree will open doors that was not opened for me with a two year community college degree.

                    Do these two things and I will always support you; Stay in school and get the best grades you can all the way through college. Do whatever you have to, to “not” mess up your future by getting pregnant before you get a four year diploma.

                    Remember this my baby girl, you can never 100%, depend upon a man/husband, to keep you up or continue to stay with you all your life. Something may happen to your mother and I and all you will have is your education to see you through.

                    God Bless her heart, she graduated with two, four year degrees, in the top 2 % of her class, and just had her first child two years ago, after her career was established, and she had turned thirty.

                    My point is, about 99% of the time, it goes back to how a child is raised, and what is instilled in them from their parents and grandparents.

                    Prepping is just good common sense for any age group.

                    btw, here is a good article about the different generations all the way back to 1912….

                    ht tp://

                    • Nice post.
                      Had the same talk with my daughter and son.
                      Both now live on their own and are good people.
                      well said.

              • Oicu812, excellent post that I cannot dispute.

              • Oicu812, you just said it better than I did. Outstanding post.

            • Here’s how I see this going down… (it’s a no-win)

              Doctor said:

              Mr. Braveheart, do you have any guns? Are you depressed?

              Braveheart said:

              It’s none of your business

              Doctor checks box marked

              “Patient uncooperative, highly defensive, hostile, likely hiding guns.”

              • Billy Hill, that is exactly why I stay away from doctors these days. Next thing I know cops will show up aty door to take my guns. They already do this to vets. Only a matter of time before they start doing that to the rest of us.

                • Have a plan to HIDE your guns/ammos a week before and 2 weeks after your visit to the snitch.
                  BTW my doctor never asked me that question.

                  • BMF,
                    that question is asked depending on what insurance you have, if you have medicare it is mandatory, but maybe NOT all doc’s are asking it, but under Obabmacare it is a required question.

              • Patient uncooperative, highly defensive, hostile, likely hiding guns.” I’ll wear that like a badge of honor.

                • There are many odd things about a lot of your posts dude. This is bad advice and I hope nobody follows it, or anything you say.

                  It is NOT badge of honor to act like a moron, STOP TRYING TO INCITE PEOPLE YOU SHILL!

                  • Mean Gene, I’m not a shill. I’m one of the regulars on this site. People are free to make their own decisions. I don’t care what other people do for them selves; all I’m saying is use their own discretion and they can do that. They don’t have to give out any personal confidential information to someone if they don’t want to. It’s called “protecting your own personal interests” and there’s nothing wrong with that. You don’t necessarily have to follow what a doctor says. So now who is the moron?

                • RB.. that is a description of a Patriot. Hostile, uncooperative, hiding guns… lol

                  If Doctors want to be snitches they too can enjoy their dirt naps. Nope that doctor seems to sleep forever.

                  • WWTI, thanks for that. Mean Gene sounds like an Obama-supporting, boot-licking troll.

              • That’s why if they as you if you have guns; you ask then if they suck D

            • Bravehart- I posted this on other article also as I missed you over there. Did not go back till now.
              I wrote this back to you:

              “I’ve been ok. Happy New year to you also. These sites are getting old. I look in once in awhile but it has strayed so far from it’s roots it’s not funny!”

              • Rich98, glad to hear you’re alright. It’s a real struggle trying to keep this site in particular on track, but I still believe in it and it will take something EXTREMELY SERIOUS to get me to leave it. Take care.

                • It needs to go back to it’s roots, but can’t because times changed kinda. Notice you don’t even here CELENTE calling for the end of the world anymore. They all got quiet and other crap is now being preached.
                  Rawles is about the only one who still has a COMPLETE band of kooks posting and reading the same stuff.

                  I hope you know Manos was not real, along with many others here.

                  • How do you know Manos wasn’t real?

                    I know many here aren’t real and many here are paid govt trolls.

                    But I never suspected Manos?

          • My Doctor, who hunts with me, actually put on an Obama mask when he asked me, and wrote “No”

            • What else could we expect from New York.
              People who live in a shit hole city are
              going to get smeared with it sooner or

              • Most New York state residents hate NYC, but the huge leftist voting bloc there foists their socialist worldview on the whole state.

              • What I can’t figure out is how the gooberment found out he had guns? Did the cops show up with a warrant? If they did know you could remind them of your boating accident where everything went overboard. Was he setting the corp. for a law suit?

                • shootit,
                  he is retired, so IF he has medicare, under Obama’s reg’s doc’s are required to ask that question and allot more, you can read about it and it is disgusting!!

            • Let’s face some hard realities here. While this is obviously screwed up as hell and is only going to get worse, there is no putting this shit back in the bag. Not for a good long time anyway. There will also be some huge costs to pay when we reach that point, but it ain’t happening today.

              These lunatics in charge will only continue to get worse and worse, so you really have but a handful of choices. These choices have pretty much been the same throughout history with the exception that we have surpassed the level of surveillance found in George Orwell’s “1984” by ten fold at least. So what are our choices as we proceed deeper into a world run by paranoid psychopathic control freaks?

              1) Run headlong against this monster, like so many have, only to find yourself incarcerated, maimed or quite possibly, dead. Not exactly a productive choice, but you could always carry the legacy of dying on your feet versus living as a slave.

              2) Become an activist, protest and attempt to correct the system from within; and of course, “engage”, ROFL! Sorry folks, we’re way past this horseshit. However, if you’re really into acts of futility and think the definition of insanity is something other than doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, then have at it.

              3) Go completely gray, lay in wait like a coiled rattlesnake, knowing one day when the moment is exactly right, you will strike. Going gray requires you to become a pretender amongst sheeple. Stop talking the shit, scrape off the bumper stickers, don’t wear your politics on your sleeve, be very careful of whom you trust and for fuck’s fucking sake, don’t be a retard and trust any aspect of this system, AT ALL. That means you have to become a liar to all those that perceive themselves as authority.

              If your doctor asks if you have any guns, don’t start a big to do over it, just lie, you moron. If your boss is pushing a political agenda you disagree with, just ignore it and pretend you’re not interested. If you’re feeling “mildly depressed”, suck it up and don’t be a retarded asshole that gets treatment from these pill pushing drug dealers they call doctors. Most importantly of all, avoid contact with any and all police, as much as humanly possible, they are NOT ON YOUR SIDE.

              Living the gray life will pay off in the end as you will have your vengeance served on a chilled plate one day. Patience is the virtue you must rely on. Becoming a liar to those that perceive themselves as authority is your duty to the gray life and ultimately, as a patriot. Putting up a good front is your daily game. Being gray in today’s world will allow you to be an effective warrior against this monstrosity tomorrow.

              For those that think this option is cowardly, then I point you to options 1 & 2. For if you are too stupid to see that we are living in an extremely dangerous time that requires the patience of Job, then I wish you luck on your path toward self destruction.

              I will close with this: back in the time before the founding of this country, Colonial Patriots lived for over a solid two decades of building tyranny before things went hot and the revolution began. During that time, they developed covert methods of going about their business but still being able to recognize one another. One method was so subtle, so very clever, that it should be brought back into use today.

              The signal was delivered in public at any establishment of dining. Most people, after cutting a bite from a piece of meat, hold the knife with their right hand to cut and the left to hold the fork and then simply use their left hand to eat the bite freshly cut from their plate. The signal is to switch the knife and fork hands before taking your bite. If you’ve done this before, it is because you were taught this from very young age and it most likely means a true patriot lives in your line from the days of predating 1776.

              In the future, as I dine out from time to time, I’ll look for you and tip my hat if I see you switch up after cutting.

              • I agree 100%

                • Awesome Post Joe !


                  • Hello Ghost rider were you in Nam? I had one of my Brothers called himself Ghost rider, his name was Fred Freeman do you know him?? Thanks Dan my email is [email protected] Thanks

              • Very very very good post….read it twice.

                • BJ—–

                  It’s taken a while…and some serious sleuthing / hard work, via chasing threads, plus some hunches/clues, per your (perceived) online persona..relative to your stance/modus operandii per your posts…on manifold issues, here at Mac’s site.

                  That said:

                  ..I stumbled across (in your defense/JRS’s & myriad intelligent others here)…the following video..see link below (NOTE: remove the space, of course)..

                  ht tps://

         forewarned..’tis rather long.


                  That said:

         the spirit of fairness & impartial objectivity..I wonder what / if, there were unquantified circumstances not revealed, or referenced, when captured on the video ass-kicking episodes…

         that I mean…what if the perp getting a beat-down, had just sexually-molested / murdered a young child?

                  Dunno really, per the video…but I’d waste such a cretin, were I the cop…in such a scenario!


                  Anyway..enjoy the show ‘BJ’…I do think your apprehension / opinions…possess some merit, per the content in the above video.

                  ..BTW, Happy New Year to you / yours!

                  • Hunter,

                    Don’t take this wrong….but your typing/posting style has gotten to the point that I have a hard time understanding what it is you are trying to say or ask.

                    The first paragraph alone, has me scratching my head and wondering, “so what is he trying to say?” The rest of the post….pretty much the same, leaves me with more questions than answers or direction as how to reply??

                    The word perceived does jump out at me though, and I’ll just say this….I have talked on the phone, emailed and texted with some here for three years now. I have also, along with my family, met some on here and hing out with. Not saying your accusing me of anything, but the word perceived does give me that feeling.

                    Now as far as that video goes……I have only got into it 1 minute and 54 seconds and I am so pissed and sad, tears are welling up in my eyes. So if I am to watch that showing of evil, it will have to be later tonight after family time is over and everyone else is off to bed.

                    As to your posting/typing/communicating style…..don’t take offense, but I have been wanting to say something for some time, because I just can’t understand most of what you’re saying 90% of the time. But I didn’t for fear of offending you and it seems everyone else is able to understand you, so I thought, it must just be me?

                    • BJ—-

                      No offense taken, sir!

                      I guess/affirm..that I’m mega-dyslexic, per written/typed comms & near deaf also, thanks to U-SAM!

                      Apologies to all here, at least for tonight, per my posting style..


                      FYI, per the video. I managed to get thru its entirety.
                      But it took almost 2 1/2hrs.
                      Fucked me up too!

                      I understand your position, much better now!


                      Alas, my/our country has become, a 21st century version of the, “Gulag Archipelago” and then some!

                      And per Alex S.:

                      I am honored to remind folks here, his peoples were not ‘ARMED’ w/ rifles/pistols/shotguns/courage & skill-sets etc.

             we are!!!


                      They only had clubs, knives, hatchets & fire-pokers etc., and the idea of hiding in a darkened stairway, so as to ambush/attack, the disciples/enforcers employed by the state, as they nocturnally rounded-up, those whom the regime considered, enemies of the govt.

                      ..and in our case, our regime (ZOG), is itching for a fight!


                      Per the ‘perceived thingy’’re not the only one, who sources the archives here!


             not your enemy BJ.

                      ..again, Happy New Year to you / yours!


                      HUMBLE ADVICE: ..

                      WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO, sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    • “It’s taken a while…and some serious sleuthing / hard work, via chasing threads, plus some hunches/clues, per your (perceived) online persona..relative to your stance/modus operandii per your posts…on manifold issues, here at Mac’s site.”

                      “Per the ‘perceived thingy’’re not the only one, who sources the archives here!”

                      Ok, So I’ll have you know that I am a stickler for understanding and knowing all the details. Ever hear “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back.”

                      I guess I’ll just have to be tormented in the pain of curiosity on this one.

                      Happy NY’s to you too

                  • —post-script & addendum to the above—

                    Listen up all you boys in blue..on ‘roids, coupled w/ an attitude problem…

                    ..yer asses need to chill-out some…’cuz karma’s a bitch!


                    ..and per you decent guys w/ a badge (yes, they do exist, IMO!!!)…y’all need to yank a knot in the asses, of yer psychopathic brethren..bent on a rampage & a GOD-complex, amid your rank & file!

                    …call it an ‘act of mercy’ for their dumb-asses…or simply…discipline w/ honor..on your part!

                    ..’cuz the dynamics of the policing-game and your so-called authority / blanket immunity…are changing rapidly.

                    ..and yeah I / we, know of the agenda..and the training / trainers…and who they are..and what the end-game entails!!!

                    Do you???


                    That said:..

                    I’d hate to see decent / good men (like Sgt. Dale), being targeted by the aggrieved…because of ‘bad-apples’ amid the collective…termed ‘law enforcement’.


                    In the end, methinks…there are merits & demerits on both sides of this issue.

                    ..and sadly, the worse things get, per social-economic-governmental sit-reps…the more vicious, life will become!!!!

                    ..thus, truth / compassion / sanity and quarter…will be among the first casualties……..methinks!


                    May GOD help us all.

                    • Sgt Dork is a not a decent person. If you have read his posts you will notice he is as bad as any thug on this planet. He is for sure a racist pig, a liar and a hypocrite.

              • JoeRepublic, outstanding post.

                • Mean Gene, you need to move on to the MSM sites where you would fit right in.

              • That coiled rattlesnake thing? Yeah I like that. Balls to the wall paleolithic savage fury, no compromises, no hesitation.

              • Words of Wisdom JR. Keep buying Guns and lots of Ammo for that day. Prepare & Train Prepare & Train, etc.

              • Excellent my friend and well said. When I call the brain dead dumbed down chemically altered toxic waste dump COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIES of collapsing Murica what and who they are. I call the cowards out to accept the TRUTH about the very dangerous environment of Stasi GENOCIDAL Fascism we NOW live under. Their COWARDICE is in not accepting the TRUTH, and until that happens….I am sorry my friends, they will squish us like bugs no matter what we do, the truly awakened people who understand the Stasi Fascist GENOCIDAL tyranny we are under is just too small. The coward pussies cannot accept the TRUTH about the fake food and chemical filled toxic shit they are poisoning their own children with who they should of never had, so there is NO CHANCE the coward pussies child murdering by poison psychopaths will wake up to anything else.

            • yeah I think I am ok I am a gunsmith here in NWA and my Dr does his transfers through our shop he is an old vet and way cool

          • Ask your doctor if he owns a gun. If he answers, no, ask him why not? If he answers yes, ask him if he’ll join your group when the shootin’ starts.

            In any case find another doctor and tell him why you’re leaving and it’s not just cause he’s an asshole and has never read Solzhenitsyn.

            Anybody who’d go to a doctor who asks if you own a gun and stays with that commie doctor must be crazy. Don’t answer, just leave.

            Solzie spent 13 years in Stalin’s gulags and Solzie was a commie and he asked, “How many resisted?” He answered himself, “None”. Stalin had murdered 35,000,000 of his own.

            And fyou down thumbs, commies mostly.

            Semper Fi

          • telling a Dr. no will just get you in more trouble.. where I live, after Jan 2012 no guns could change hands unless they came from an immediate family member or purchased thru a federal firearms dealer so if a person told a Dr. 2014 that they didn’t have a gun and then was found to have one in 2016, there would be an investigation and if a person lied to the cop about where the gun came from, it’s a felony.

            • Yes, but a doctor is not a cop. The thing you have to remember is that the state does not have the resources to investigate every answer to such questions. So long as you do not get into legal issues, you should have no problems.

              As far as it goes though, these laws would keep me from seeking help for depression and I imagine I am not alone. Sadly, this WILL lead to more tragedies as people suffering from suicidal ideation will suffer in vain until the pain becomes unbearable and they take their own lives. Of course, some people should never own guns (schizophrenics, sociopaths, etc.) but that is not true of everyone who has a mental health issue. Anxiety and depression are extremely common and treatable issues that should not result in a loss of civil rights like gun ownership. Of course, people dealing with suicidal ideation should probably have a safe way of surrendering firearms without permanent loss of them while undergoing treatment. However, any such scheme should also allow these people to surrender them to friends and family they do not live with as an alternative. This way the barrier to treatment is removed as is the danger.

              • W Smith

                A legal issue today could be just getting stopped because a license plate light is out,
                “”””However, any such scheme should also allow these people to surrender them to friends and family they do not live with as an alternative. This way the barrier to treatment is removed as is the danger. “””
                they don’t want family members to have the guns, they want then out of the publics hands altogether.

              • “””Yes, but a doctor is not a cop. The thing you have to remember is that the state does not have the resources to investigate every answer to such questions. So long as you do not get into legal issues, you should have no problems””””.
                that’s the key right there, don’t have any legal issues, because when they start pulling records and comparing notes, that’s when the real trouble starts. trouble is easy to get into, very hard and costly to get out of. even if the law doesn’t get a conviction, they know they got in your wallet and made things miserable for you.

              • Winston, excellent points, and I like your idea of how the issues should be handled, but in today’s political climate, I doubt if that will happen.

            • Id rather not answer any questions at this time…thank you

            • The first mistake is buying a gun from a dealer.

              • Buying a gun from FFL dealer is not a major mistake Joe. If needed you can come up with some reasons such as you sold it to a private party due to some financial needs etc. at the local gun show. So the heart of the matter is I don’t want to live in a country that the system encourages its citizens to buy junk guns in a dark parking lot from some MS 13 gang members and without a serial numbers.

                I used to live in a country that I could park my truck in the high school parking lot with my .22 rifle on the rack.

                Source of the problem must be targeted and disabled. What is the source? I call it a Zionist tribe in control who wants to save their power , wealth and greed and the only way to do so is for non tribal members (US) to be defenseless.

                • One of our brothers here lost all his guns in a kayaking accident. I was in a flat bottom boat myself.

                • I don’t buy used Guns. They could have been used in a robbery, shooting, murder, still have a dead persons DNA on them. Ballistics tests on that gun could land you in prison for a long time. Would you also use a Used Condom? Not me.

            • I’ll take the risk. Be afraid, be very afraid old 70

              • be very afraid of what? a conspiracy theory?

          • Notice the article didn’t say anything about any long guns because pistols have been registered in N.Y. for years, unlike long guns. This has nothing to do with Coumo’s “Safe Gun Act” which was to force people to register certain ‘assault-type’ rifles and magazines, and outlaw many others. By the way, the news has been mum on Connecticut’s and N.Y.’s abysmal failure to get these types of guns registered. It’s been more than a year since their enactment. Two of the top ten bluest states in the country can’t get compliance, then the chances are nil for the rest of the country. Still, I’m glad I live in the south. Oh, I did have a physical recently and my doctor asked how I felt mentally; was I sad, or depressed, etc. I answered that I felt wonderful both physically and mentally, with a big smile on my face.

          • RIGHT ON!

            look at deaths from responsible gun ownership in America (negligible) vs. the thousands killed by the medical community!

            ‘effing Doctors kill more people each year by over prescribing, mis-prescribing, and mal-prescribing potent and powerful drugs which many of them know very little about.

            the doc I used to see was a pill-peddling maniac! any and everything has a pill he’d write you script for. Screw that!

            and screw the AMA and these gun-grabbing bastages!

          • Yeah, I stay away from doctors except under extreme conditions– like for a tetanus shot after stepping on a rusty nail.

            Its much better studying nutrition, or better still, going to a good nutritionist and ask for information. There is a nutritionist who works at out local health food store and gives you information for free–

            If I did go to a doctor and he asked about guns I would simply ask, “what does that have to do with a nail in my foot?” And if he pushed further I would ask him if his wife sleeps with other men. (In other words, mind your own f– business!)

          • When queried if I own a gun by those who need not know – I reply with my own question: “Do you and your significant other perform anal sex regularly?” They always look at me with confusion and before they can say anything I say “EXACTLY! None of your effin business!”

        • The saddest and most disgusting thing is that a Sheriff violated then mans God given rights. For those of you holding out hope, this ought to wake you up…..very few sheriff’s even know who Sheriff Mac is or what he has been trying to teach other sheriff’s.

          The funniest thing about this is, the man who’s God given rights were violated, is an ex cop….talk about poetic justice.

          • Fortunately, I have Sheriff Joe to protect me, and if you can get past the Gatling guns …. I’m dead!!! 🙁

            • Kid I’ve read a lot of your posts. I like what you write man. I really don’t understand the thumbs downs that you get. Keep them coming

              • I’m guessing it was “your mother was wrong” doing the thumbs down bit. Y M W W. seems to really hate DK

                • ONV: Don’t believe it. YMWW is a BIG fan!!! Just like BJ!!! President and Vp of my Fan Club, respectively. 🙂

                  • Oh, and don’t forget CLARK/helot. CLARK has been spreading the propaganda of FREE TRADE here for years under the disguise of “garage sale economics”. The numbers are in and they ain’t pretty:

                    50 million on food stamps, 60 million factories off shored, 70 million jobs lost, 100 million Americans out of the job market.

                    For the longest time he claimed that the Federal Reserve was a US Government Agency; that’s how clueless he is. You can recognize his new nom de plumes by the continuous links to Lew Rockwell; a known NWO Agent for the Crown.

                    Don’t believe it? Where do you think Lew gets his funding??? Hmmmm??? 🙁

                    • DK, I always read the exchanges between you and Helot and YMWW with interest. Those two do make me laugh on occasion. I never go to Rockwell’s site. He’s been a shill for the NWO going WAY back.

                    • There are a lot of shills who post here like Sgt Dale and this renegade bravefart guy. Look over their posts for a long enough time and you will start to notice some “odd things”.

                    • While the Federal Reserve is private, it is a de facto government agency.

                      It operates at the behest of K-Street and Wall Street; the de facto government.

                      “Lew Rockwell; a known NWO Agent for the Crown.”

                      Lew Rockwell a NWO Agent??? LOL.

                      That’s like insisting a creek running through the woods is the Mississippi river. It’s patently false and absurd.

                      The durango kidd is a card carrying member of the Keynesian “smearbund.”

                      Libertarians like Lew Rockwell represent the antithesis of the State/Empire.

                      And that’s why FedGov-boot licking-Red State-Keynesian fascist like the durango kidd have a problem with people like Lew Rockwell. But never fear, the durango kidd has come up with a solution to the “Libertarian problem.”

                      His solution: “A bullet in the head.”

                      BTW: It’s the go-to solution of the NWO. The durango kidd keeps good company.

          • BJ, there’s nothing funny about anyone taking away someone else’s means of self-defense. Had you been in that man’s position, I’ll bet you would sing a different song.

            • No way I could ever be in that man’s position…..I would never be a cop….NEVER!!

            • Mean Gene, we don’t need a useless, Obama-loving BOY like you attacking good people here, so go f#$% yourself.

            • TRB, I don’t think BJ meant “funniest”. I think what he meant was “most ironic”. Many of us midwesterns find humor in irony. Not hilarious, laughter, humor, just more like, a chuckle along with, “Well? What did you expect?”

              Maybe this action is simply karma to attone for all the rights the guy violated. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth? Don’t know but it seems it may be.

              One has to chuckle at such a thing because, now, literally, the JackBoot is on the other foot! Observe and learn: the [???] (fill it with what you will: NWO, TPTB, Illuminati, Jews, ZOG, USGOV, FedCorp, whatever) will throw their own under the bus just as quick as it will anyone as soon as their usefulness is gone. Its kind of like ObamaCare. Once you’ve outlived your “usefulness” in contributing to the tax theft machine and you actually want back some of what you paid, well, we’re going to make sure you don’t live too long. After all, it would seriously compromise our bottom line.

              This cop was loyal to the system and did their bidding for years. But, they don’t give one little toot about that. His usefulness is gone. Loyalty means nothing. They don’t want this secret to get out, either. They’ll whine and cry about how they appreciate you but once you can’t contribute you become no better than the enemy. Evil always works this way.

              • You got it Net!

          • If the lawsuit included all the information he gave the doctors it would explain a lot. Yes, he went for insomnia and confided he was suicidal. Due to HIPPA, the police and doctor can’t respond with the truth. Don’t tell doctors you are planning to kill yourself. It is non of their business and they have to tell the police, who in turn are mandated to take the guns.

            • It says in the article that he was NOT suicidal.

            • No where in the story did it mention him wanting to kill himself. It stated quite the opposite. Maybe you should learn to read or not be a liar.

          • “Harrowing Fight Of Woman Struggling With Unidentified Off-Duty Cop” over at The Daily Sheeple.

          • I don’t want to come off like a smart ass, but could someone explain these GOD given rights, when has GOD given anyone anything except maybe life if you believe it. In seventy five plus yrs, I can’t remember God giving me anything. Anything I ever wanted to do, I always had to buy a permit or license to do it, from driving a truck to building an out house.

            • It is called a brain dumbass.

              I guess you built that too.
              That would expalin a lot, if you had.

              • oicu812 says, what would you know about a brain, all I see comming out of your trap is a lot of garbage

                • You are showing your stupidity and ignorance, old fart.

                  “Garbage”… is that the best you got?

            • OLD70–you are absolutely correct. God owes mankind nothing in the way of rights. Actually He owes us nothing, period.

              However, He has offered eternal life with Him through His Beloved Son, Jesus.

              And the rains fall on the just AND the unjust.

              His mercy is new each day.

              Do you love Him today?

              • How about look up 18 Giant human like skeletons found in Lake Delevan Wisc in 1912. Giant skeletons have been found throughout the world. But you don’t hear about this. The Smthsonian Institute seems to confiscate these artifacts. They are now releasing a lot of info regarding aliens from who know where. Skelletons human like up to 30 Ft Tall. Huge skulls.

                • “There were giants in the land in those days”……from the best history book….the Bible.

                • “There were giants in the land in those days” from the REAL history book….the KJV of the Bible.

                  • Granny I figured you might chime in. Its more of that convenience Bible coincidence. You would claim Giant Humans, but then refute 3 Million Year old dinosaurs,or 5 Million year old Lucy the half Ape walking upright and the roots of humankind. You can’t have it both ways.

                    • WWTI:

                      Never have I disputed how old the earth is or anything about dinosaurs. Behemoth is the word to look for in the book of Job. Describes your dinosaur to a ‘T’.

                      I am convinced Lucy is your families roots, WWTI. Just happens the Lord loved me enough to have my family tree come down though Adam/Seth, something you and ‘Lucy’ would be unaware of.

            • Old70, you’re just sad. I’ve done tons of things without a permit or license. I can build what I want in my yard without asking anyone. I can buy guns and ammo without permission. I can fish without a license. I can shoot guns in my back yard. Everyone else in the neighborhood does.

              Maybe if you move out of your city apartment, you might be able to build an outhouse. I don’t have to because my house came with one.

              • I think God expects you to protect yourself and family.

                • Jim in VA, you are absolutely correct. The Bible says so. Check out The site spells it out as clear as can be.

              • pal, you couldn’t get any further in the country or woods than I am. maybe you’re the one in the city.

            • You do not even to include God to explain rights.

              Rights are just perspectives. That’s it.

              – They are not Granted either by God or by Government.

              – Not even the constitution, as the constitution recognizes rights, it does not grant rights.

              The perspective comes from the answers to this questions:

              Do you own yourself? Are you a sentient being? Or does the collective owns you and thus you are just a slave?

              If you own yourself then the collective can suggest things, but at the end of day is your decision. And to protect your decisions, you have the right to defend yourself. NO SENTIENT BEINGS OWNS ANOTHER SENTIENT BEING.

              If, however, the collective owns you. Then you are not a sentient being, you are just a puppet of the collective. A slave that is granted privileges, thus need to ask permission. If the collective wants you dead, then is ok, as the collective own you. You are just a slave.

              So ask yourself:

              DO YOU OWN YOURSELF?
              If so, then from there comes the perspectives. Also called rights.

              If you do not own yourself, then we have nothing further to talk. As you are not sentient, it would be the equivalent of talking to a brick. You cannot make decisions on your own.

        • If I had a Doctor and he asked me that, I would probably say, why do you have one you want to sell. Trekker Out.

        • Testing. Is the site working for anyone else or no? Works fine for me. Many reports about it being down.

      2. Why aren’t people shooting these fucks? Once you are disarmed, you are a slave. Rather die than live on my knees. When it’s my turn, I’m going to have the satisfaction of seeing some of my enemies die.

        • BJ and FP, if I had been that ex-cop, I would’ve put up resistance with one weapon and had all the others hidden at a separate place. I don’t give up anything to anyone, period.

          • TRUS STORY in an upstate paper right now, they love to have you resist. At least Read the last two paragraphs
            DANBY, N.Y. — The man barricaded inside his Tompkins County home since Tuesday night is dead, according to WHCU in Ithaca.

            The man has been identified as 36-year-old David M. Cady, the Ithaca Journal reported.

            Cady was found dead inside the home around 8 a.m., the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. There was no exchange of gunfire, aside from Cady shot at a police vehicle through an open window Tuesday night, the sheriff’s office announced.

            It’s not clear how Cady died, but it does not appear he was killed by law enforcement, WHCU reported. An autopsy is pending.

            “Every attempt to provide a safe and peaceful outcome for this situation was made,”Tompkins County Sheriff Kenneth Lansing said in a statement, adding that attempts to communicate with Cady were unsuccessful.

            The standoff ended sometime this morning and Hornbrook Road, which had been blocked off since the standoff began around 7 p.m. Tuesday, has reopened.

            A woman and two children, all family members, were safely removed from the home Tuesday night. WHCU is reporting that the woman is the man’s wife.

            The standoff started around 7 p.m. Tuesday after deputies attempted to go to the home to execute an arrest warrant, the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. Cady refused to come out and barricaded himself inside the darkened home, deputies said.

            A warrant was issued for Cady’s arrest in August for felony DWI, The Ithaca Voice reported.

            Cady was convicted of DWI in 2004 and pleaded guilty to a second offense in December 2013, the Ithaca Journal reported.

            In addition to Tompkins County sheriff’s deputies, the Syracuse Police Department, Ithaca Police Department, Cornell University Police, Ithaca College Office of Public Safety, the Ithaca Fire Department, state police, state Park Police, the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office, Pennsylvania State Police, Elmira Police Department, Broome County Sheriff’s Office, Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office, Tompkins County Office of Emergency Management, Bangs Ambulance, Guthrie Air, Tompkins County Mental Health, Danby Fire Department and Onondaga County EMS assisted at the scene.

            A total of 100 to 150 police and emergency personnel have been at the scene at some point since Tuesday, Tompkins County Sheriff Ken Lansing told WHCU.

            • now this guy was wanted for DWI, not murder, not rape, not kid napping and child molestation, not even assault.
              150 different police plus armored vehicles and personal from about eighteen agencies. so when they want you, they,ll get you one way or another.

        • FP, that day is coming sooner than anyone thinks. I took my stand and drew my line in the sand over 2 decades ago. SOMEONE WILL DISARM YOU ONLY IF YOU LET THEM. DON’T LET THEM, EVEN IF IT MEANS FIGHTING THEM.

          • Happy new year to you also BH. If you have not seen this already elsewhere.

            • Testing.. Funny Money..

        • Take two if they come for you. My goal is three blue helmets. Make it a war of attrition against the commies / ALL government thugs that come, unconstitutionally, for your guns.

          Then target the commie leadership command and control of a Rogue Administration that orders a TREASONOUS action. This is where I part company with any LEO who follows the “Party” line.

          LEO’s DO NOT have to obey an unconstitutional order and they had better line up their police unions on this issue in advance. NOW. If two or three or more treasonous thugs die every time they come for a gun, it won’t take too many treasonous deaths for the PTB to get the message:

          The citizens of this nation are not going to lay down their weapons or turn them in. Gun ownership is a God given natural right for self defense.

          The New World Order can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards. Death to the New World Order. Its totally constitutional. Start a Freedom Cell where you live. Know who is your real enemy; they are quite vocal about gun control. Hint: they are not bank tellers.

          The numbers are with US!!! 🙂

          • You can get a lot more done with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word alone.

            Al Capone
            (1899 – 1947) American gangster

            Deep shit, new day.

          • DK, AMEN to your comments. Braveheart NEVER surrenders anything he owns.

          • For once Kid’ I totally agree with you. I’d sue. But if I lost they would regret it.

          • Over at The Daily Sheeple, “Why Is It Illegal For Communities To Protect Themselves From Harm?” Disgusting. It’s time to say NO to ALL government officials on EVERYTHING.

          • DK…500 yards accurately is one helluva a shot..but I think most urban battles will be fought from 50 to 150 yards with accuracy below 50%. I do recognize that some here are amazingly good at 500 yards…but the majority are not. I do not disagree with the other aspects of your post…but shooting from a stationary post from 500 yards., I think you would need a mine field in a 1500 foot radius, AA guns, howitzers, a pill box with 6 inch harden steel surrounded in concrete, razored barbed wire and a huge granite mountain at your back. But the most important question is…Is the enemy your firing at the cause or the effect and not the true perpetrators of this TREASON? They are the real target…

            Live Free or Die…the life you save has to be your own

            • P.S.
              In the movie “The Patriot”., the advice was to shoot the leadership first.

            • I agree with the “500 yard” shot bit.

              Most, say 99% of regular rifle shooters, would be hard pressed to hit a 10 inch paper plate at 500 yards.

              With a near perfect reload, I feel damn good to hit a paper plate three out of five times, at 300 yards, from a dead rest.

              However; a five hundred yard shot into the bread basket or femur, is just about as deadly as one to the chest.
              It will slow down a threat until you can get closer, if need be. At the least, it should provide good tracking splatter.

              • oicu, man I’d be pissed if I didn’t hit a paper plate with every shot at 300 yds. Look back to a couple articles ago for advice on cheap accurizing. Freefloat your barrel, glass bed your action, reload with collet dies and match boolits, wiegh every charge of powder. I think you will like the results 🙂

                • Oh and make your OAL about 5 thousands off the rifling. To do that just put a boolit in an empty case and chamber it, then take that OAL (overall length) and subtract 5 thousands and that should be a good length to use.

            • Talon: I don’t think 500 yards is that hard today with the scopes and/or technology we have. I was drilling pin wheels at 500 yards in Boot Camp with the open sights of an M-14.

              So much so that my DI came over, examined the weapon and spun the windage knob; while he said under his breath: “Many more of those ___ and they will be sending you into the jungle on your own as a sniper”. Needless to say my “streak” ended.

              At that point as a 19 yr old kid, I had never fired anything other than a BB gun. Aim small, miss small. Shoot n Scoot. 🙂

            • talon, ya it;s hard if you use factory ammo and a factory rifle. Learn to accurize yer tool and reload to match specs, it isn’t that hard. And practice! 500 is pretty easy if you bother to learn how to do it. If you can’t do 500 your only excuse is your a lazy bastard 🙂

              • oooo… UH…oooo…. HOT LAZY BASTARD COALS….oooo….UH….oooo
                Some like you GENIUS actually believe you are a “genius” and perhaps all knowing all present. Here in SoCal…going to a range to shoot carries a risk of its own QQ. Going to a desert carries a risk of its own. Shooting at long ranges like 500 yards at a shoot and scoot target also has a risk of its own. Some of us are not so fortunate as to afford the latest and the greatest…. we make the most what we can afford… and it will have a risk of its own. So we can’t just go practice without being watched is a risk I’ll accept for actual practice. I’m a quick study and will perhaps be as good as you guys shooting stationary targets at 500 yards…but in a hostile environment…that first shot better be good…because you just made yourself the object of their desire….a dirt bike would be handy…noisey…but wheels certainly for a quick scoot…hope those other guys are on foot. Different parameters in the urban jungle then what you may have in a gun friendly open space state you may live in…in L.À. there maybe be about 30million privately owned firearms if not more ….everybody with a long gun and a scope is going to be shooting anything that moves. WROL style…I hope I won’t have too fire much…but its L.A. …lots of people will be trying to escape…but no one escapes anywhere you are. Just have to do the best you can…the best SHFT gun…is the one you have.
                Live Free or Die…standing

                • talon. I was being sarcastic lol. Don’t take it personal. Hell I use a lee hand press and collet dies, the whole setup is about 75 bux. You don’t need the latest and greatest just a good basic hand press. I bought a setup with the priming tool and holders etc complete 18 years ago for 99 bux. Lee makes easy to use and very good stuff for a lot less than others. If you just neck size with collet dies you get great accuracy, just use a light crimp. Sorry you have no place to practice that sucks. Any way, reloads with match boolits and precision wieged powder loads are a lot more accurate and half the price of factory stuff so it pays for itself and you learn a valuable skill 🙂

                  • And to accurize yer rifle just free float the barrel with sandpaper on the barrel groove till you can slide a dollar bill all the way to the reciever. Then glass bed the action with a glass bedding kit (follow directions) and don’t use too much and let it cure for a week and your set! It will amaze you how these small things work 🙂

        • F P,
          you notice the thumbs down on your comments, well those people are the ones who will get us all killed, we need a organization that can monitor all the stupids and the corrupt so they can be dealt with after the revolution!

          • IMO, that would be the cop supporters and those who still vote and think there is a difference between the two parties…..both described are statists.

            • BJ
              there are some cops who are like us, but we won’t know how many there are until it all goes down the tubes, and hope we can separate them out !

              • Apache,
                If there were good cops, we’d have no bad cops.

                I am Sioux from Dad’s side

                Dakoteyah Wogdaka

                • BJ
                  I am half indian, Cherokee and Choctaw,my grandpa and grandma were each full indian,

          • apache54 there are some that I am going to take care of during the revolution.

            • F P,
              I hear you and yup, i am om board with that, there will be lots of clean-up to do and those of us who know will be doing just that. it makes me sick that our country has come to this and the fools who allowed it to happen were so easily brainwashed. but it is what it is and we will go on!
              take care my friend tough times are jus around the corner!

        • People will rant for hours about fighting to the last bullet to keep their guns, but then send their children to Marxist public schools for indoctrination 5 days a week.

          All of this gun confiscation stuff has always been a red herring. Churches, families, and schools are the strongest weapons. Guns only do good when they are in the hands of people who have a spine. How are you going to win a battle with bullets when you can’t win the spiritual battle?

          • Amen. That’s one of the many reasons we homeschool and give our kids rifles as they’re old enough.

            I always laugh at meal times as our kids have a lively discussion over who gets to say the blessing. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition I say.

      3. This is how the Bloomberg tribe do operate. A typical Zionist plan to disarm us and it is in full implementation.


          • …are you willing to die for that belief?

            • Yeah, i think he would.

              • I don’t, not in the least

                • BJ, you can think what you want, that’s not my problem. You don’t know what I’ve been through in years past. I made my decision on the day that the Branch Davidians were burned alive by the FBI and military at Waco. I’m not giving up anything to anyone, period! Take care.

                  • Braveheart,

                    Whatever you think you may have been through in years past, I’m sure 99% of it is in your mind.

                    • Anonymous, you just love to beat on a dead horse, don’t you? My experiences have all been real. I live in the real world. Whose fantasy world are you from? What do you use for a brain, a fried egg?

            • Beowulf, if it comes to that, hell yes, I’ll die standing up fighting instead of begging for mercy from some NWO scumbag on my knees.

            • AS George said: Make the other Guy die for his actions. Or as another guy said. “If you find yourself in a fair fight, you have made a mistake somewhere” They come for my guns they can have them. Sometime around 2AM I’ll be getting better ones.

              • Paranoid, once the balloon goes up and the feds with foreign troops appear on our streets, it will be game on. Once the lead starts flying, casualties will mount quickly. There will be all kinds of weapons, ammo, web gear, etc. laying around for the taking. My advice to anyone going into the fight is go grab as much of those items as you can. Anything and everything you can utilize for survival should be grabbed. The dead scum won’t need them where they’re going.

                • No Foreign troops will last a week on our streets To enforce anything. TPTB know full well that’s a declaration of war against us. Nothing I need to pick up, I’d like a little C4 and some grenades but hope to get my three escorts to hell and I’ll try that sniping

        • No,it isn’t in full… not yet. But soon.
          They will make a mistake when they go all out.
          That’s when all bets are off.

          • Theyll get the “excusable” ones first, then theyll try to get the fruit not hanging so low.

            When they start confiscating in states where beer is more regulated than guns, the swhtf real fast. Our cops know we can shoot them if they violate the constitution. Is codified in state color of law. They will not do it because if they do, many could bleed, legally and literally.

            When you have written code from your state legislators that you can do something, it makes you BRAZEN!

            • Oh, but according to Rednek, that would be a really stupid thing to do Net….LoL

              You gotta really wonder about someone who goes on line, pick a screen name for himself like Rednek101 and then posts the way he does. Things that make you go hmmmm?

              • I don’t think that would be stupid. Why would you say that? A person just needs to know when to pick your fight. Life is short. Don’t pick a fight when the odds are against you. Live to fight another day.

                • Net talked about Indiana law stating you could defend yourself against cops. You sheepishly scoffed at it and wanted proof. I provided you with proof and your reply back started with:

                  rednek101 says:
                  Comment ID: 3303850
                  January 1, 2015 at 5:44 pm

                  Dude…so i have to think the folks in Indiana ain’t too smart.

                  Then you went on to provide a middle of the road, ride the fence reply with loopholes to escape through, much like your claim that 200 cops were killed in 2014 in a subject majorally ruled with the talk of gun/shootings of cops. No one gives a flyin flip about a pig who died in a vehicle accident or heart attack. Your really good at spinning, deflecting and leaving yourself loopholes to wriggle through like a snake.

                  • You just made my point for me sunshine. The entire scenario I posted that you are referring to was designed to point out the likelyhood of surviving a SWAT encounter should you, for whatever ignorant ass and stupid reason, try to fight.
                    I also offered up a couple of ways to slow down or warn against impending 4:00AM intruders such that you would have more time to roll out of bed and take care of business. You completely missed the point. Which doesn’t surprise me.

                    Your absolute dislike for cops is based on your experience. Been slammed to the ground a few times buddy???
                    I believe you have in fact actually stated you would kill anyone entering your house. This could be perceived as a terroristic threat. It could get you thrown in jail.
                    FYI..There are now companies that inspect posts on public forums, blogs. They attach handles to actual names. They rate your posts on a threat matrix. Then they sell this information to law enforcement. You might want to be very measured as to how you post. I certainly am. Your, and many others at this site, anti-cop stance coupled with threats of violence, will probably insure your next encounter with law enforcement gets you an automatic slam on the ground and some nice handcuffs to compliment the the grass stains on your face.

                    So cops/law enforcement, you know the family people who handle child molesters, armed robbers and drug dealers, keep them out of our lives, are inherently and wholly evil and bad people? That seems to be the story your pushing off on everyone. It’s just not so.

                    • “Your absolute dislike for cops is based on your experience. Been slammed to the ground a few times buddy???
                      I believe you have in fact actually stated you would kill anyone entering your house. This could be perceived as a terroristic threat. It could get you thrown in jail.”

                      I don’t know if you are new here or just using a new name…..I don’t remember seeing your screen name here past “recently.” But I have already explained this when questioned on this before by I believe 6pack and POG….not going to take the effort and time to repeat it for an evil puke such as yourself.
                      And don’t get me confused with the ignorant chest thumping tards that talk about all their guns, all their ammo and how their going to shoot everyone and go down with a fight mantra. I have never once said anything at all like “I am going to kill anyone entering my home.”

                    • Looks like an “on the fence” comment to me. So maybe i was wrong, or not.

                      BJ says:
                      Comment ID: 3302857 December 31, 2014 at 1:06 pm
                      I would be fine with that….AS LONG as we get to “pop a cap in their ass” as you say….every time a cop threatens someone’s life.

              • You are a Moron. Hmmmmmmm.

            • NetRanger, I’m going to do whatever I consider necessary regardless of any written code. Once TSHTF, the ‘rule of law’ will go straight out the window. Vigilantism will become the new order of the day. It will be no holds barred and anything goes.

              • TRB,

                I agree completely.

                Above, I’m talking pre-SHTF, you know, like right before SHTF. Its when the oligarchy still has some power and they can put you in a cage for something like, well, having guns.

                I absolutely agree that when TSHTF and a line is crossed, uniformed or not, won’t matter. In fact, I would estimate, uniformed would be the same as “targetable”. Greyman is the only way to go post SHTF.

                Right now, if the cops come breaking down my door they damn well better have all the written doccuments correct, otherwise, they’ll have no legal legs to stand on if a drop the hammer on them.

                In Illinois, such is not the case. You even have a gun in your hand when you ANSWER THE DOOR when the cops come, YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL. Know guys that have had all their guns take and spent six months in jail simply because they had a slung rifle on their back as they were leaving and the cops were coming to see him at the same time. Just had the rifle and they jailed him, stole all his guns. Took over 10 years to get them back and get the charges clears. Illinois sucks. (Sorry Land of Lincoln dwellers, nothing personal.)

                Heck when I used to live in Indiana, I’d met the sheriff twice with my shotgun in my hand. Heck, he never even batted an eye. Though he didn’t help me out any, he still didn’t arrest me.

                • NetRanger, someone will do something to me ONLY IF I LET THEM, and that’s not about to happen. Anyone who targets me risks losing their life.

                  • Well, you may not be able to stop them, however, you don’t have to let them do it for “free” if you know what I mean…

                • See that’s one of the reasons that Illinois wasn’t on my list of states to look at when we fled dixie. Just try to disarm Idaho lol.

                  • Hehehe. I think Idaho is even more gun friendly than Indiana, but, I don’t know. I hope so. We all need a place to back up into if, by chance, it gets too hot to handle.

        • The tribe has orchestrated many of history’s gun confiscations, most notably Russia and now the USA. They are adamant about not allowing the White man to have firearms.

          The jew fears retribution for his continued financial terrorism, which also is the root cause for most of the world’s problems.

          The White man has always been their most formidable opponent and they need to disarm us in order to continue financial domination over everyone.

          • SC, if those white men have any brains, they will NOT allow themselves to be disarmed. Braveheart will never take orders from any member of ‘the tribe’.

            • Relax Brave. They get the drop on you just smile and help the carry it off. Lots of us have stuff to lend. And there’s lots of good stuff to go get come dark.

              • Paranoid, nobody will get the drop on me. As I said earlier, when the feds and UN boys appear on the streets, lead will start flying and I’ll grab all the weapons, ammo, and other gear I can. The dead scum won’t need it where they’re going.

                • Guys, the time to start shooting is not when their ringing your doorbell. …unless you’ve prepared for it. As they say jewel catchers often set out ruby traps.

        • Here’s more reading material.

          ht tp://

      4. I do not know how old this guy is, or his history.


        Is anyone aware that as you get older MELATONIN

        Can not be produced in the body very well at a certain age.

        This is a chemical that we need to induce sleep.

        You can get a DIETARY SUPPLEMENT called MELATONIN for about $5.00 at WAL-MART.

        You get 60 red gummy bears.

        Put 3 in your mouth 30 min. before you go to bed and you get a good night sleep.

        • Melatonin is a very powerful antioxidant as well, repairing and healing the body as you sleep. 🙂

      5. People get the representation they elect, then deserve for electing them. I feel no sympathy for NY residents and apathetic voter attitudes.

        • America elected President Obama.

          Is that your fault?

          • Yes. Obola was elected by white voters, not blacks or liberals. 🙁

            • Not by me, and I’m white. I had more sense.

              • Munchkin, I also had more sense. I don’t vote, period. Neither party ever has anyone worth considering. voting for the lesser of two evils never solves anything.

                • TRB – You are wrong! It solves one thing: your permission.

                  When you vote you give them license. I’m beginning to realize this. It didn’t used to be that way before the government became the largest corporation on the continent. Use to you were actually voting for someone to represent you (pre 1871) now, however, you vote to allow your “representative” to do whatever he wants.

                  Politics have always been a little bit crooked, however, it was never, totally, blatantly dishonest like it is today. You elect a rep and as soon as he hits congress he betrays his campaign adds.

                  “you can keep your doctor”
                  “you can keep your plan”
                  “we’re not coming after your guns”

                  Took The Kenyan less than a year to announce he was waiting for a new “assault weapons ban” so he could sign it. What a stinking, lying Mulato bastard he is. …and we all know how it worked with the “Affordable Care Act”. My GOD! Have any of you ever read the title of the bills and then dug into the bills?

                  If it has “Freedom” in the title, it will take freedom away.

                  If it has “Choices” in the title, you will have fewer choices.

                  If it has “Affordable” in the title, it will drive prices higher.

                  If it has “Availablity” in the title, it will decrease supply.

                  If it has “Safety” in the title it will make things less safe.

                  Every bill I have EVER looked into made me re-read the title and, under my breath, say, “Bullshit!”

                  I’m seriously wondering if TRB isn’t correct. Don’t give them permission.

                  • NetRanger, uh, you misunderstood my post. I am not now nor have I ever been a registered voter, period. Never been a fan of ANYONE’S party. Never seen anyone worth having. All politicians are useless POS to me. BJ, Helot, and YMWW are totally right about the system being beyond saving. We’ll have to start over from scratch; only way I see to save this country.

                    • No, I understood. I’m just saying it does confirm your permission.

                      The rest was just my own rant. No misunderstanding. I used to “Poo Poo” people like you. Now, I see the wisdom in it and and am about ready to join you. See my later post on down the line.

                  • Net Ranger, ok let’s see you vote your way out of this shit! Voting is a joke, they ALL work for the ptb and those who don’t are blackmailed and set up by them to do theyre bidding. Dont kid yourself man, how has the last 100 years of voting worked out for you??? 🙂

                    • Not well, however, from the time I was old enough to speak all my family and all my neighbors and all of their family and all of their neighbor poured this bullshit into our brains.

                      Frankly, I’ve voted the best I knew how all my life, however, the last 5 times I’ve voted I have “left the beaten path”. Of course that doesn’t do any good either. You can’t elect a candidate that is not already approved.

                      Frankly, Genius, I keep hoping that you, my feedback and all the others I listen to are wrong, on some level. But, on this day, in my 53rd year, I can tell you that I have no information to support my theory, just hope.

        • there are two NYS, one from Dutchess county down and from Dutchess County up and to the west, if the southeastern corner could be cut off and floated out to sea, NY would be a lot different from what I’m told

          • Old70,

            Accurate assessment. I agree. I grew up in upstate NY and still have family there.

            The culture upstate is different than in NYC.

            I have heard people from NYC even refer to those living upstate as hillbillies.

            • right, hicks, hayseeds, shitkickers.

              • Another term that might apply:

                Real Patriotic Americans

              • Old70, I wear those titles with honor.

      6. And so it begins. Question: what ever happened to the hippocratic oath? By releasing information to these gov agencies they are betraying their patience’s rights/privacy and trust, and in so doing breaking their oath. It is a hard time we live in and each person must ask themselves hard questions: will we give into corrupt and unjust “laws” or stand up for our rights and moral beliefs even though it may cost us our jobs, freedom or our very lives!– Should doctors give out patience’s info to corrupt gov agencies, and should we willingly give up our right to bear arms, not if but WHEN they come to take them? These are only two of many difficult questions we must now answer. The time is now at hand when our deeds will show who we are and where we stand. To quote a famous passage: As for me and my house I will serve the Lord”– and will stand for liberty.

        • I would almost have more respect for “them” if they just outright declared war on us point blank. This hiding behind the pen and wishy-washy legislation is just plain cowardly!

        • There is no longer a doctor patient privacy rule Obama don’t care eliminated it.

          • John W, do you have a reference to support that?

        • G19TNBRWLF, the answer to your question is NO. YOU NEVER, EVER, WILLINGLY GIVE UP YOUR RIGHTS TO BEAR ARMS OR ANYTHING ELSE TO ANY GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS WHO WILL ONLY HAVE BAD INTENTIONS TOWARD YOU ANYWAY. Sorry for the all caps, but this subject is very, very near and dear to my heart and I tend to get very emotional over it.

      7. This is very sobering and alarming.

        The writing is on the wall to have multiple. separate storage locations for weapons.

      8. Americans who will watch TSA agents molest their children at airport screenings will never protect their gun rights.

      9. MMMMMMMMMMMM ????

        Bend over I am going to check your PROSTRATE

        Is that how it goes ??????????.

        I WONDER if 2 hands will be on your ass ???????

        • Surprise,Surprise,Surprise…

          that ain’t my finger either.

      10. I heard of somone that got burglerized and they stole all his guns. He reported it to the police, and got a copy of the report for his insurance.
        Later on he found his guns- he had made a mistake. He forgot to let the cops know, or didn’t think he had to.
        He never had contacted his insurance company either, so no fraud there.

        • He would still be charged with filing a false police report if they found the guns. 🙁

        • If the report included serial numbers, wait until he tries to sell them, one day, or gets pulled over with one of them laying on the back seat of his car. That stolen gun report is going to bite him, big time.

      11. “One former Navy man and 30-year police force veteran is suing the relevant authorities in New York after four of his legally registered firearms were confiscated as a result of his seeking voluntary treatment for insomnia.”

        Ironic, in light of the fact that the state/fed/bankster syndicate that seeks a disarmed public also demands (as part of its surveillance grid) the installation everywhere of so-called “smart meters.” These have been shown conclusively to cause — in those chronically exposed to the barrage of EMF pulses they emit — INSOMNIA.

        The Hegelian Dialectic of thesis-antithesis-synthesis (or problem-reaction-solution) is alive and well among the SEWAGE that infests government and law enforcement in the United Soviet States of Amerika.

      12. I’ve never owned a gun and the only gun (weapon) I’ve ever used was owed by the U. S. Government (U.S. Army). This is my story and I’m sticking to it.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      13. As for me the only thing I see wrong with the picture is; it’s not cocked and locked. Long live the 1911!!

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      14. It looks like we are all going to have to give up our guns.


        Because we are all nuts for putting up with this type of BULL SHIT!!!!

        I’m Ashamed of the so called officers ( one of the new brainwashed little bastard) that took the guns away from this guy. This is B.S. Try doing this frigging job and see if you don’t get a little depressed. Some of the SHIT I’ve seen would Depress Little Suezzy Sunshine!


        • Happiness is a Warm Gun

          John Lennon

          More shit, new day.

        • FkU Sgt Dork, you are a pig and as bad as all pigs, you make me sick you racist piece of shet. I dont want to read your drivel or see your name.

          • Mean Gene, take your stupid black ass someplace else.

            • LOL!! racist pieces of shet like you are funny.

              Sgt Dork is a worthless pig who spouts BS all over this board and it gets old. Worthless fks like him, and you, are a big part of the problems we are facing.

              • Profanity is the refuge of the lazy; the stupid, the uneducated, and those in the wrong. I guess that covers you

            • Bravehert,

              Just how did you arrive at the conclusion that Mean Gene is black? How do you know he isn’t a Jew? There, I said the word Jew for you because you’re too afraid to use it yourself. It’s too bad that you don’t take mental health as in issue that’s near and dear to you, you REALLY need more help there than in getting more guns to shoot at people who are allegedly out to ” GET” you.

              • Anonymous, I have a question for you. Do you see any legitimate basis behind psychiatry or even psychology? I don’t. Do you really believe you’ll never be targeted by the government for any reason? This may shock you, but you are just as vulnerable as anyone else to being targeted by govt. officials for gun confiscation or anything else. Sure, only veterans are being targeted for now, but eventually they’ll get around to the rest of us. On Mean Gene, maybe he’s not black, but he sure sounds like it calling us racist. He’s coming on here attacking good people for no good reason. That’s what trolls do and as everyone here knows I have no problem taking on the trolls. You attack me for no good reason. I hope you’re NOT a troll for your sake. If not, then what is your problem?

        • Good evening, Sarge. I know you’re not serious about giving up any guns. I know I’m not giving up any of mine.

          • What? Good Lord if they ever have a buy back in my area I’ve got lots to take back! Everything that DIDN’T SINK IN THE BOATING ACIDENT: A ,25 pistol that was a free gift when you bought a pair of Sears Barn boots in the 1920s. A couple of 32 French pistols that I hope they try to shoot. (Especially if I can watch, from a distance) and 4 or 5 I’m not exactly sure what they are/were but they do, I think, shoot. I also know where I can get some Tomato posts that at one time were Italian and jap rifles. They want them, they can have them.

      15. Ha, ha, ha, ha…

        They violated my second, fourth, fifth and fourteenth amendment protections.

        My question would be, how many times did HE do that while on active duty? Carry permits are a violation of the second to start with.

        He wants to cry now when his rights are violated, but he spent 30 years violating others.

        What a hypocrite crybaby.

        • You beat me to it. Ditto!

          Oh, but now, see, its different. Its him under the boot.

          …and people are criticized for being libertarians. The only logical end of not being libertarian is what we see here.

        • @JRS,

          Look, for all the military faults, the bottom line is that the military protects your rights to speech. It may not be perfect, but it is better than other countries.

          For example, in any other country, if you posted what you had said, at 8:23 PM, a revere IP lookup would be performed and that would get your local ISP address. The local ISP router connection logs would be read and your modem’s MAC address would be obtained. From that, your address would be obtained.

          Then, a notice to the local force would be issued and by 01/02/2015 at 8:30 PM, you would be dead. Period.

          “HE” didn’t violate your rights for 30 years. “HE”, in his small part, kept you alive on Jan 2, 2015.

          • I hear this argument often and want to add my .18 cents (adjusting for inflation again)

            “Look, for all the military faults, the bottom line is that the military protects your rights to speech” As a former Marine I can tell you this is an age old lie with a capital L. We lost the war with Viet Nam, can you tell me what ‘right’ the Vietnamese took away from us as a result? We pretty much lost the war with N. Korea but again without loss of any rights. We ‘won’ the Iraq war, did we ‘gain’ any rights? Were any rights restored of any that we lost due to other considerations? No, we did not. Bottom line is that these ‘foreign entanglements’ are not for ‘our’ rights but for the taking of other people’s right’s. Its for exploiting their resources and has nothing to do with ‘our’ rights.
            As a veteran when people come up to me and want to ‘thank me for my service’ it makes me want to puke. I am not proud of my ‘service.’
            God bless

            • Jonnycomelately said

              want to add my .18 cents

              Technically, .18 cents is a fraction of a cent. $.18 would be 18 cents. 🙂

              • OK. But you ‘got the point’ though didn’t you?

            • @Johnnycomelately,

              Look, there is a distinct difference between military members and civilian leadership. It’s not the fault of military men and women if the war objectives are wrong. That is the issue for leadership…and is ultimately, we the people’s fault for electing ineffective commanders in chief.

              I signed the paper too Johnnycomelately. And, I bet a billion dollars you did your duty, as did I, to the best of your ability…which is ABSOLUTELY something to be proud of.

              Take the compliments. They are well deserved.

              • So, being deceived and turned into a murderer so that some ‘fat cat’s’ can be free to molest children and bring tyranny down on my brethren and neighbors. This is something to be proud of?
                No thank you. I’ve said enough already. I’m gone.

                • Its a theme that TPTB have. They take the most honorable, ethical fighting force on the planet and brainwash them into believing in the most unethical, dishonorable wars.

                  Its sick a perverted. Like hand in glove for TPTB. They take everything good and make it evil. Upside down. Inside out.

                  Its part of the control mechanism. Its PsyOps 101.

              • Cellar, EVER LEARNED THE WORD NO??? Proud man you are, what an asshole. But then your a good patriotik amerikan huh? Served the people of the land did you? But then saying no or having to think for yourself is too much trouble. Wear your medals proudly because Karma is coming and you can’t say NO when it sticks them up your yes man ass!

                • @”Genius”

                  Our military men and women follow the objectives as outlined by the Commander-In-Chief (i.e. the President of the U.S.). If you have a beef with the U.S. military, you have a beef with the civilian government.

                  If you want to change the military, change the mindset of your federal representative…as it is the federal representative (house member) that elects the President Of The United States. The house member is a member of the Electoral College which is the entity that elects the President of the U.S. as a refresher.

                  Don’t even bother trying to change the minds of the military man and woman. They’re too mentally strong to succumb to your vile sales pitch.

                  They, and myself at one time, perform their jobs as defined by the Commander In Chief without regard to personal political leaning…..and that is called nobility, professionalism, and honor.

                  And because they perform their duties to the “t”, it is the reason why you can type your incessant diatribe without fear of reprisal as free speech is an element of the constitution that the military defends.

                  Now your statement “Karma is Coming” indicates that you might not be a U.S. citizen and thus want destruction of our society. To that I say thanks. It is exactly your type for which I am preparing. It’s good to know my enemy.

                  • Cellar, you mean they defended the tribe that has destroyed the country? They defended the bankers etc.? Exactly what did they defend me from? You think you are free? They did theyre duty.. to who? Can’t say no just do what your told? Wow man thats pathetic, sorry.

            • Johnny, thank you for saying the truth! I have tried for so long to get people to understand that the military is just an arm of the elite to do theyre bidding. Nothing to do with national security but to destroy and occupy and steal other countries resources. YOU my man are a true hero, you see it for what it is and admit it. I just don’t know why so many others are so god damned afraid to admit it too. Need atonement? Go and tell the young what it’s all about and STOP THEM from doing the same mistake! Thank you Johnny from the bottom of my heart for the post, YOU can make a big difference 🙂

          • @cellar spider…

            Read the post again. His 30 year service was not military, but police force. This is what I refer to.

            Unless, of course, you equate police service as occupying military.

            • @JRS,

              Well, I just earned the title of douchebag of the month club. Sorry about that.

              I’m just so defensive of our young men and women in the military. They do their job and they do it well. It’s not their fault that they have crappy leadership in the form of candy-assed commander and chiefs.

              Again, I am wrong. I really should read more carefully.

              • no problem…carry on.

              • Cellar, they do theyre job” Feel sorry for them because they bought into the same stupid shit you do? Why don’t you STOP them? Oh because were amerikans and were always right? I can’t believe the shit you post! Put yourself in the other mans shoes for once. Oh but terrists are gonna kill us all if I dont suck some govt cock and kill innocent brown people. Good thinking idiot, I know the people here with half a brain understand what I’m saying. Military and thug cops are the same people. Kill people and get away with it when they are just defending theyre own. But then yer a hero huh…

          • I find it astonishing, truly incredible and scary what good God fearing smart believers have swallowed as truth.

            Every person here who believes in Yahweh God needs to hit their knees today and sincerely ask God for him to reveal to them His truth in all these matters.

            This is almost like people all over this country are under a spell, a real spell…..even christians.

            • 1 John3-15 “Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him”. I have known many in LE that were, and are Christians, and you speak of Yahweh! 1 John4-20 “If a man say, I love God, and hathet his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen? Trekker Out. Christ And His Word Will Set You Free!

              • I am to hate evil and to know who the enemy/evil is. The first thing in the battle is to know who the enemy is…’ve already been deceived and lost because you don’t understand who your enemy is and have been cunningly deceived by the father of those who you call your brethren.

                • Deception is the strongest weapon of evil. Very few would follow the wicked if they knew they were being led to hell.

          • Nonsense. My rights are protected by my M1A at the fence line, M4 and 12 gauge if you survived introductions, and then glock colt if you made it inside the house.

      16. I imagine some people are working hard to find, or build incredibly good hiding places for some of their firearms and ammunition.

        They will likely use dogs to find them so some traces of powder, gun oil and spent powder, spread around could be helpful.

        • I figure to hide most of mine in my left hand; they won’t think to look there.

      17. Power to the people to defend their lives.

        • Aljamo, you already have the right to self-defense given to you by God. You don’t need anyone’s permission.

      18. Something very interesting about the most ardent gun grabbers, many of them share a common ethnic background.

        Diane Feinstein
        Barbara Boxer
        Gabrielle Giffords (real last name: Hornstein)
        Chuck Schumer
        Michael Bloomberg
        Joseph Lieberman
        Richard Blumenthal
        Abraham (Abe) Foxman
        Richard Cohen (SPLC)
        Frank Lautenberg
        Steve Rothman
        Carl Levin

        • Ball don’t lie. 🙂

        • Don’t forget the Tribe at the Soviet Poverty Law Center!

        • SC, those last names sound like they belong to that ‘tribe’.

        • Anyone ever heard about JPFO, I think it stands for “Jew for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership” Now whats that all about? It seems there are a few haters that spread so much discontent. Our Resistance to the Fed will be Futile, with out a Concerted Effort. As it is, we would be just like the Arabs with our own little enclaves and warlords. Trekker Out. No Thanks!

          • And I have seen plenty of hate in some of your posts as well pointed in the direction of blacks and gays………just sayin.

            Question…..suppose you have a Jewish cop, who happens to be a gay black man sitting next to you in your 501 C3 church pew while the plate is being passed on a Sunday where the sermon is about Romans 13. And he whispers in your ear that the tithe and Romans 13 doctrine spewed today is all false and a lie from the devil.

            Whatever would MT Trekker do?

            • BJ – If you saw a “RAT” and it had a tattoo on it that said “CAT”,is a RAT or a CAT? Know the difference between reality and propaganda especially when it comes to the Shill tribe..

          • Trekker- There is no such thing as a good jew or one you would want on your side.

            Your post was somewhat incoherent and I was unable to ascertain your views regarding the Hebe and gun grabbing. Could you please clarify your statement?

            Your statement, in as little as 100 words, went on about: the Fed, Arab warlords, JFPO, haters, and having a concerted effort (in regards to what?).

            Oh- Please do not pull that evangelical/Christian garbage about the “chosen people” either.

            • Sorry, you may be a Criminal but your really not Smooth, and if you couldn’t ascertain my views I doubt that I could write down to your level. So I’ll just have to pass. Trekker Out.

      19. Its called “We will use any excuse.” I will die before i go to any of these fascist support facilities! Obamacare can kiss my unhealthy ass. Theyll never get a byte og confidential data out of me. My wife and kids have all been briefed and drilled. I would suggestvall of you do the same.

        Off topic…

        Ammo shelves are getting thin again.

        • NetRanger, braveheart hears you loud and clear. I was out earlier this evening looking for some .380 which is a hard-to-get caliber. Found 2 50-round boxes of .380 and bought them on the spot. First time I’ve seen the 50-round boxes in that caliber in almost a year. Gun show in my area next weekend so I’ll be making another ammo run at that time.

          • i see 22lr once in a while now…getting cheaper too….hope to hold out a little longer for better prices…if the SDHTF BEFORE that.i see a LOT of OTHER ammo that didn’t used to be on shelves at walmart now too…BTW…when i go to doctors at loma linda here in so cal….new patient form ALWAYS asks if you have guns in your home….once i ASKED about that question, and was told”oh, you don’t HAVE to answer that question” by the office worker….it was only for certain type of patient….not sure WHAT kind, but supposedly it didn’t apply to ME…..just don’t answer the question…leave it blank.

            • I would never tell a person in authority that I have guns in my home. I see our LEO’s at gun shows and ammo runs but do not think they would enforce unfriendly gun laws. Blue helmets and their technology might be another story. The logistics of a door to door seizure would be very hard to pull off, but if TPTB did this it could spell trouble for freedom.

              • Swinging Richard, they will make an attempt but will fail miserably and suffer so many casualties they would give up the effort. I will ‘ventilate’ as many blue helmets as possible.

                • NO! The Taxidermist says the helmets are hard to patch. Shoot them in the A– that’s where they keep their brain.

            • My doctors must not have gotten the memo. I’ve never been asked about guns. I feel slighted. I want to say no.

          • you might want to think about reloading your own, it’s cheaper and you have better quality control…

          • Dang Braveheart , even our walmart has bulk packs of .380 on the shelf . A big pallet load of .223 /1000 rds for $349.00 hit the floor for Christmas . 22 is the only thing missing most of the time and it can be had at the other sport shops in town

            • Islander, I’ll keep that in mind, although I stay out of wallyworld all I can. The last gun show I attended in Dec. one of the ammo vendors told me that .22LR hollowpoints are harder to get than the target rounds. Whenever the sports shops in my area get an ammo load delivered, .22LR is gone in only half-a-day. In some cases people have actually been fighting over .22LR.

        • Fair enough. I’ll add to that that any parent who does not homeschool or use a good Christian/private school instead of public school has already handed their most precious thing over to the communists. Their children.

            • Spoken by one who knows! Is that quote original? Can I use it?

          • After refusing to let the medical staff at the hospital immunize my grandson I started getting letters stating that he would not be able to attend the public schools . Gosh , what a let down

            • Islander, they’re doing you and your grandson a huge favor. Either private school or homeschool if at all possible. The vaccines are NOT what they make them out to be.

      20. Coming to a town near you soon.!

        “In the old Soviet and East German police states of the Cold War, police kept secret files on scores of common people. Information was fed to the police by thousands of clandestine sources – and a seemingly banal or routine interaction with nearly anyone could lead to a surprise “knock on the door” by authorities. During the late Soviet era, communist leadership moved away from the executions and purges of the Stalin years and began to increasingly rely upon medical professionals to diagnose “enemies of the state” as insane – thus, a routine trip to your doctor could lead to a visit from police.”

      21. Geeeezzz…I might be losing some sleep. Keep your nose in the air and your feet on the ground!

      22. Off topic: Anybody know how to store flour in a 20 lb. bag?

        • Don’t try to store more than 20 pounds in it…

          Seriously, can you explain the question a bit more?

        • Dump it in a clean five gallon plastic pale and put on the lid. It’ll keep for many years. Don’t need to add anything but the flour.
          Semper Fi

          • Flour will keep better if you add O2 and water absorbers, The O2 absorbers are just Iron filings and sea salt. You can buy them lots of places and they only cost 3-4 cents each in bulk. If there is any chance of humidity in your buckets, also add Silica gell to suck it up. Whole wheat flour does not keep well.

        • Yep.

          The same way i store rice, beans,sugar, and cornmeal.

          In glass jars,bottles and jugs, that have metal sealing lids. I am constantly retrieving gallon wine jugs from the recycle bin. sometimes i even take gallon/1/2 gal liquor jugs.

          You can use ones with plastic lids, if you are storing them someplace that mice and varmits can’t get to them.
          55 gallon steel drum with sealing ring can be used in a dry storage building. i still use glass containers because little ants and bugs can eat thru a rubber/plastic ring.

          • Passin—-

            Something to consider, per ant/’lil-bug proofing your container lids:

            ..many industrial supply-houses (& Wal-mart), sell spray-can cosmoline(sp?)/ goes on as a liquid, but quickly dries to a somewhat tacky solid.

            A good ‘misting’ around your jar lids (after they’re tightened), will be proof against both bugs..and rust in the long term.

            ..the Wal-mart brand is labeled..”Fogging oil”

            Per the industrial supply companies..ask the teller, for spray-on “tool-n-die” preservative.


   sure to clean/wipe lids off, prior to opening your jars, via hot water & lots of soap..& do it again, once lids are removed.

            Good luck to you!

            • –addendum to above–

              For plastic food-grade barrels & drums w/ steel cam-lock reasonable prices:


              Marco Containers
              2425 Cragmore Rd.
              Winston-Salem, N.C.

              phone: ..336-784-7413


              Last time I purchased from them, was in 2011. minimum order was $150 (cash only)…bought barrels/drums directly off the loading-dock!

              ..the 15gal / 20gal barrels come w/ very stout, hinged carry-handles, btw.
              Cost was $20-25ea, respectively.

              Removable lid 55gal drums were $30…haven’t been back prices may have changed…ditto, public sales policy.

              ..they also mfgr. the opaque, square 250gal.w/ exterior metal cage, ag-water containers (w/ large fill-cap & drain spigot…at the time, they were $135, brand-spanking new!!!

              Hope this info helps some here.

              • Thanks Hunter, for the good info.

                Food grade steel drums with the clamping lid seems to be the way to go for bulk, long term storage of dry goods, meaning those that can withstand hot and freezing temps.

                Sugar,salt, flour and cormeal would fit into that category. As well as dry rice and beans.

                • oicu, BUT every time you open the drum oxygen and moisture get in. That will ruin your flour fast! Use smaller containers for about what you will use in a week. Mason jars or gallon sized jars. And use oxy absorbers to help preserve it, they are super cheap…

                  • Oh absolutely. When i said “bulk”, you must have pictured a 55 gallon barrel with powdered foods just “dumped” in or packed there in their original bags.

                    NO, no, no. Never do that.

                    I do my long term storage, in vacuum sealed bags first, and then into the metal containers.

                    I have used this method for six years, and I replace and use, most items every two years. If done right, the salt and sugar will not be set up rock hard.

                    I can’t decide if I still want to be cycling out in the next two years or just using the items out of necessity.

                    I’m getting weary, and would really like the whole mess to be done with, already.

            • Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) can also be used to inhibit moisture and bugs. It also makes your coat soft and shiny. 🙂

        • Do you want to store it “in” the 20 lb bag or just store it? Not sure.

          Anyway,here’s what I did:

          I bought a 50 lb bag of flour. I broke it all down into foodsaver sealed quart bags of 5 cups each more or less. That should be plenty for about 4 loaves of bread plus extra.

          I put the bags in the deep freeze for a couple days to kill off any pests and stored them in a packer in a cool dry place.

          I first started out by “oven canning” flour, but I didn’t like the results so I went to foodsaver sealed bags.

          • Is mylar bog/o2 in 5 gallon buckets not good for flour? I have read that you shouldn’t store white flour at all??

            • Well, to tell the truth BJ, who knows. Mylar and O2 might work, I have no experience using them. Medium term flour storage has been done for a long time…with no preservatives. It really doesn’t go bad that fast.

              I think most are saving flour that never use it and by some miracle when the SHTF they will know what to do with it. I can’t grow or grind it, so I save some.

              If ya cain’t bake a loaf in the cookstove, or at least make some flat bread in a cast pan, you’re not gonna need much flour. People need to learn how shit works now, to beat the rush.

              I stray from the topic sometime.

              • Flour is OK if stored in air tight containers like sealed jars or vacuum sealed bags, for a couple years.

                The best, but not the cheapest, way to have long term (three to ten year) storage is by bulk storing wheat berries.

                We bought a couple hundred lbs. about five years ago and sealed them away. Just in case we have a grid down scenario, I have a high quality hand grinder on standby.

                I read somewhere, that when one of the chambers of one of the pyramids was opened a few years ago; they found honey and wheat berries that were still edible.
                Moisture and bugs are what ruins most stuff, especially wheat berries and honey.

                • sugar, salt will store indefinitely if put in mylar sacks inside of Homer buckets and then sealed, do not use 02 absorbers or vacuum seal. Wheat, white rice, dry beans, split peas, yellow or white corn, lentils will store twenty-thirty yrs if vacuumed sealed in mylar bags in Homer buckets. the only way to store white flour or any processed flour is in a freezer, we’re still using flour stored in a freezer since 03, processed or whole wheat flour will go rancid the fastest. A few months

            • I buy flour in 5lb bags in an 20gal tote. I keep the lid on it and its on its side. the tote is mainly to keep the mice out. Do the same with surgar. By the time I use them, the marked date is usually about a year old. I know that works. Been doing it for about 6 years. Same with sugar only the marked dates end up at about 2 years. I’ve been told that the best way is to keep wheat and just grind as needed. I’ve done this some. Red wheat will keep about 30 years. I have some that is 15 years old. Tastes just like the day I bought it. Trouble is, when you grind your own its whole wheat flour, not white flour and has to be used differently. Supposedly its much healthier. I’ve may SHTF Patties (Kinda like hard tack) with it and its not bad. But, surely, there is no way you can keep white flour 30 years! Just my experiences.

        • Yes go to wal-mart get a plastic container.

      23. The problem is they now have 36 agencies plugged into the HHS database. IT’s plugged into the DSM-IV / V (false science/fake quack doctors) also.

        The testing ground was the VA. Read the horror stories the VA did with the DSM, psychiatrists and rolling up people into mental wards, taking their weapons starving their animals.

      24. Anyone who gives any information to the police about ANYTHIG is an idiot. Anyone who gives any government official any personal information is an idiot. Anyone who goes to a physician you don’t know and trust is playing roulette with their Liberty. IMHO anyone who lives on the East Coast is crazy but hey that’s me. What I do know is I ,I’ve in the Ke/Ten area and they are not gonna take any bodies guns. It would take a Federal effort to affect me, and that will not happen until the Supreme Court flips, we still have 5 Second Ammendment justices so you Yankees can just suffer, us Southern boys will keep shooting shit for you.

        • I agree the vast majority of the East Coast is fucked, but Vermont is an exceptionally solid state for firearms & firearm owners.

          They have a constitutional carry (no ccw required), no magazine limits, NFA weapons allowed, no registration, etc. These people up here are very Libertarian and rural in nature. Surrounded by Communist cesspools of NY, Mass., and Quebec however.

        • Anon, same here in Memphis where I’m at. have family in north GA I’ll be joining when the time comes. they won’t be giving up anything either.

      25. I posted this last May, but it bears repeating. ANY doctor who accepts Medicare payments has to be compliant with their Medicare electronic billing policies. These policies include a “back door” to medical records. My own doctor told me about this when he was attending “classes” 2 years ago. Just last May I had a GI appt. the hippa privacy statement was electronic and I got a printed copy which was 3 pages long. They basically tell you they share your record with intelligence services, coroners offices, local state and fed police and will do so without your permission or foreknowledge. When I pointed this out to my dr,(whom I also work with providing anesthesia) he had NO idea. Their office manager handles the details of managing the practice. She’s a liberal lesbian to boot, I know her as well. No talking politics around Her.

        Maybe find a doc who will let you pay cash if any issue with sleep, etc and keep it out of electronic records.

        Dont forget hypnosis and other mindfulness techniques are a very effective tool for nervousness, feeling overwhelmed, and sleep problems. I don’t bill insurance specifically for privacy reasons.

        Happy New Year

      26. Morality trumps legality 8 days a week!! These POS’s that enforce these blatantly unconstitutional laws are more dangerous and a bigger threat to individual liberty than the cowardice legislatures that create them. Personally I believe that we are living out the “End Days” as prophesied in the Bible so I do not believe that voting will save a single soul or our lost nation at this point. As a prepper, I think that we will ultimately lose the “battle” on earth but if our faith is true we will win the war. It is our duty to resist evil/ tyranny at all costs including our lives in the flesh on this earth.

      27. RED DAWN …

      28. A few days ago I went to my doctor for a physical and he handed me a California State health survey form and one of the questions was, is there a gun in the home. At first I said no on the form but then I got mad and told the doctor I would not hand in the form and all the doctor did was give me a strange look and said OK. That was it. I thought he would say the form is required but he did not say anything.

      29. Why yes I do own guns. A bunch of full auto . Shotguns and hand guns. 100,000 rounds of ammo for each. Depression of course. My nieghbors are spying on me. I wake up at night screaming only to find that I wet my self.
        Why do you ask?

        • How is one depressed with all that ammo??

          • Perhaps he doesn’t have a range in his backyard like we do.

          • Maybe it’s all loose, mixed up, and a foot deep in his storage room.

        • 100,000 rounds? You sir are marginally prepared!

          • People, I wouldn’t be advertising how many rounds you have out in the open here. And when someone posts something like “100,000 rounds, that’s all you got?”

            That a lot of times is bait…..don’t bite. Your being recorded.

            • I ALWAYS LIE

        • Got no ammo

          remember how hard it is to get? .. so I just gave up and carve my own arrows

          SMH w LMFAO

      30. It seems that the USA is getting more communist that the old USSR. Don’t knock Putin too hard. All the crackas might have to abandon ship and move to Russia to get away from the “tribe”. It’s a sad state we’re in.

        • Wonder how many guns and how much ammo the average Russian has? Also I wonder if Putin pushes for gun control like Obama. Believe I would rather die fighting in the Mountains of the USA than in some Russian Gulag. Trekker Out. Tribes! Northern Arapaho & Eastern Shoshone.

          • After reading the article below, it looks like their laws are not too far removed from US laws. Russia “enforces” their laws better than we do.

            ht tp://

      31. At some point here in Calif. I think the powers that be will come for our guns. Not being a gun guy I only have a 12 guage which I purchased a few years ago legally.
        I think it might be wise for me to take a different approach the next time around as a hedge against unforseen natural and/or political events. What they don’t know about they can’t confiscate.

      32. Right now the cops are the most hated people around and they gonna start collecting guns more fear mongering people this won’t fly I don’t care where in the us you live your rights are your rights period and the second amend is the right that protects all other rights without guns we are all slaves that’s why they try so hard to destroy this right .me I paid good $ for my stuff and I don’t keep all my eggs in one basket and I had a boating accident out in the Atlantic oh and I don’t own Guns cause I have curious children they might find things like that see what I’m saying I live on the east coast and you’d be surprised how many guns are out there. People are patriots around here and they are not stupid our leaders are stupid though but not all. If they can diagnose you as not being stable they probably can take them away but they can’t if you don’t have them anymore .iv never seen anyone that had mild depression lose them but old people with ocd or dementia or Alzheimer’s and they moved into nursing homes and when you are that sick guns are the last thing on your mind. Have more than 1 gun and don’t keep them together remember redundantcy 2is 1 and 1 is none just in case they try to collect them I’m not going down in a blaze of glory over 1gun. I’m gonna say aw now what am I gonna do . Im a have a gun I don’t care what they say even if I have to considered a criminal by the gov and y’all might have to too . Un less you want to be slaves by all means they have community gun collections they will give you a 50$ walmart gift card if that’s what u like

        • I have to think that this anti cop propaganda is for a reason. The question is what are they trying to accomplish by this? I think this will just result in more militarization of the police and perhaps more federal oversight and control. The end result is a national gestapo to further control people.

          • @Chantilly

            Whatever their reason, they are giving preppers a bad name. Preppers are already labeled as being on the fringe of society. The last thing preppers need is idiot blowhards spewing anti-police and anti-government poison on prepper websites which consequently brings unwanted attention and action. .gov is watching. Using all the brazen posts to fuel the fire they are trying to build up. Why would anyone in here want to give them more excuses? Unless they are stupid or a .gov employee trying to stoke the fire. Or maybe they are anti gun folks trying to elicit radical speech such that .gov has more excuses to act. It goes against all things preppers try to accomplish. Simply preparing for hard times.

            I have been to other sites. They will coach you on “prepper etiquette”. You don’t talk about what you have or any plans that you have. OPSEC. Plain and simple. All discussion about sensitive things like weapons or certain preps are discussed in measured speech.

            SHTF needs to clean house.

            • On the other hand some of us are in places where they figure the police are on our side and so are the polits. Come to Wyo. Here the cops will go out Of their way to save you $5 applying for a CCW, and the State only gives them out to help people who need them for another State. Wyo doesn’t require one.
              When I asked Game and Fish if I could hunt with my cannon, all he asked was: “Is it above .25 Cal?” I said it was over 2.5 inch, he said OK.

            • So what are we supposed to talk about on a prepper site? The weather, sports? lol..

      33. Us Yankee boys don’t sweat any law they make we will just be considered criminals before you Rebels .looks like we will be the rebels first this time. Me I’m good with guns but I’ve seen people that shouldn’t have them . Just because they are too stupid dangerous. What about the girl in walmart her 2 year old son shooting her with her own gun . That’s what I mean by stupid should have been on her body not her purse. Especially with 2 year old. My 2 year old is into everything. He ain’t getting nowhere near a gun. Even if it slows me down from access to it. Every time some gun accident happens this helps the antigun peoples case people need to keep their shit wired down tight. fuckin making responsible people look bad . Don’t get a gun if you are not gonna take the responsibility serious this isn’t tv people accidents kill people ruin lives and family’s . I don’t ccw I’m not afraid of the world . But I like to have it at home. I go down to the worst neiborhoods in the city to make deliveries where there is prostitutes and gangbangers drug dealers . South boston and providence Worcester these are rough city’s there is murders everyday & nite and I’m not afraid. So going to walmart in Iowa is a cake walk leave the gun home. Iv seen bullet holes in buildings cars it’s no big deal. last week I went to this place to make a delivery and across the street some kid got shot he was going home to the projects. I drove away 10mins earlier. maybe it’s different for me I grew up in these streets and if you mind your own business almost all the time your all set. If you can’t handle the streets don’t go down there stay in the sticks with the cows

      34. I don’t get Obama care I have real insurance that covers things I will go without and take my chances if I have to. the doctors that take obama care are terrible the bottom of the barrel where I live only the useless eaters use them because they have no choice. Did people really think gov medical was gonna be good they fuck everything up. If you want to wait for your surgery you can take a number and they will call you. What kind of shit is that your in pain now you can’t wait. I said it was shit years ago. Nobody cared they said it’s better than nothing . If your work don’t provide medical insurance free they can’t say it’s a benefit . professional careers provide medical free you don’t pay for benefits

      35. I see more people giving up their rights to gun ownership . The big thing I see is the marijawna , you can’t have a fire arm if you have a medical marijawna card. So people give up the gun to be able to smoke weed. Some lie, and buy a hunting license only to have the state cross reference their licensing and raid their house , or the felon that buys a hunting license or post their big buck on Facebook . You got to keep you story straight . But most live minuet to minuet.

        • Thanks for that link…good info.

          I wonder if wrapping a laptop in a towel and then wrapping nice and tight in tin foil before placing it in the can would help?

      36. Make a descriptive list of your guns and then have your wife or family members sign the list. You have legally transferred ownership (as gifts) to them. There nothing anywhere that says you can’t store THEIR GUNS at your residents or use them. So when asked do you own any firearms a truthful answer of No maybe given. Any problems; just look on a Form 4473, it states someone that can legally own firearms and lives in your same state. It’s been awhile and they may have changed the form, but it used to say that.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      37. I do not understand the comments being posted here. Of course the guy was dangerous, and the guns had to be removed. Didn’t anyone notice that he owned 4 guns! FOUR guns. Clear proff that he was planning a mass shooting. New York is safer now that the threat has been removed.

        • Temp, are you from any MSM sites by chance?

        • Temp. just how long have you been coming to this site? Good Grief, don’t you know at the end of your statement you have to put “Sarcasm” Trekker Out.

      38. OK, Gun Right’s, I’m going to have to weigh in on this one.

        The first thing I notice here is that it is the mistakes made by the victim of this sordid affair.
        1) He ‘registered’ his guns with the state. What this means is he ‘contracted’ with the state to regulate his personal firearms giving the state control. (he should have read the fine print)

        2) He went to see a psychiatrist. He and you all should know by now that ‘shrinks’ and their ilk practice a profession solely created and populated by Jews. Contrary to popular belief, they are not anti gun. They are anti ‘your’ gun. They are anti ‘goyim’ gun. And they are in bed with the state.

        We should all learn from these mistakes because I see people making these very same mistakes every day even among posters on this site. I read how people say they will never register their guns and then turn around and brag about their CCW permits. Dumb, dumb, and dumber, a CCW permit is a back door registration not of the gun but of the person. You have effectively registered yourself as ‘a lethal weapon.’ Moreover getting a permit enters you into a contract with the state giving them the authority to regulate your personal activity. In short you are asking them for their permission to enjoy your constitutionally protected God given right’s. Just another example of placing the state between you and God.

        Lesson #2 is never ever ever visit a shrink. They are not going to help you no matter what.

        This guy will lose this lawsuit because of the contract he made with the state.
        God bless.

        • You were doing great until you said “IT’S THE JEWS”. My god, where do you idiots come from??????

      39. And he didn’t use his arms to defend his right to keep and bear arms? Then what was the purpose of him keeping and bearing arms? He couldn’t outshoot the cops coming to take his arms from him? That echos the liberals’ favorite retort that there is no chance for individual defense from their all-pervasive state and the arsenal of weapons beyond mere guns. Americans think that winning is all that’s “allowed”. Realistically, though, fighting is not necessarily to win. Fighting is to resist oppression and, to make winning, or even fighting to oppress others, expensive for the oppressor.

      40. QUESTION ?

        What do you do when the CONSTITUTION is SUSPENDED

        WHAT WILL YOU DO ?????

        WHAT WILL YOU DO ??????????????????????

        • Eh, all you do is simply ignore all those traitors who state that it’s suspended and then you live your life normally.

          They can’t suspend shit!

        • The constitution was suspended in 1933 FYI…

          • ht tps://

        • Take a hot glowing sharp metal stick and poke n’ burn the eyeball out.

        • Lock and load. And wait.

      41. Normal people grieve in response to a loss.
        The grieving process:
        Denial and Isolation, anger, bargaining, depression,
        So, anyone who’s ever lost anything and went thru the grieving process has gone thru depression, and shouldn’t be allowed a gun. As Rosy would put it, if you own a gun you should go to prison.

        • Paid Government Troll, go f#$% yourself along with that commie bitch Rosie O’Donell.

          • PGT was being sarcastic.

            • rednek101 Sometimes you just don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Hope this ain’t grounds to lose my gun, or maybe both of them. Trekker Out.

      42. QUESTION ?


        Answer: About 300 Million


        Answer: About 780,000


        Answer: 1.46 Million


        Answer: You all LOOK THAT ONE UP.

        (Hint I bet it is more then Military, and Law Enforcement combined )


        B. U.S. MILITARY ?
        C. U.S. LEGAL CITIZEN ?
        D. ALL OF THE ABOVE ?

        Please take in consideration PLANES, ARMOR, and MACHINE GUNS and PERSONAL.


        Answer: Look that up because more numbers are added every day.



        Hopefully we will have answers LIVE at 7 pm E.S.T.

        So come on AMERICA and cast your answers.

        I am sure there are some of you out there with some BALLS.

        Please feel FREE to add more QUESTIONS if you desire.

        • Ever Seeing Eye, the answer to question 4 is AT LEAST 80,000,000 US citizens. The answer to question 5 is police and military combined. Question 6 is very interesting. No telling on that one.

          • Many thanks BROTHER.

            I do not know the answers either.

            Just thought I would put the questions out there.

            I wish that I got more responds because I am lost because of all this B.S. now 🙁


      43. “I ain’t here for a long time,
        I’m here for a good time.
        So, the hell with the red wine,
        Just pour me some moonshine.
        I ain’t here for a long time.”

        ———————-George Strait———————-

        RIP. Ellie Mae Clampett

        • And Little Jimmy Dickens.

          • Bottoms up…bluegrass and banjo music will never be the same.

          • Bessie the Heifer by Little Jimmy Dickens:

            ht tps://

        • JRS, I read about Ellie Mae. I grew up with the Hillbillies. Sad about Little Jimmy Dickens also.

          • But Abe Vigoda is still alive. His website says so.

            ht tp://

      44. Why does this website keep showing that the domain name expired? This is only the second time I’ve been able to get in here today…

        • It is BIG BROTHER Renee

          • With malware attached…I had an awful time trying to eliminate it…

        • All server’s should be fine by tomorrow morning

      45. Look for gun confiscation to work they have to hit every known gun owner the first day. To know who owns a gun they must go to every FFL holder to see their record books the word will be already out for the first day. Now after the first day and a few thousand go back to the station in a body bag, I can’t help but to think the next day things will be entirely different. Most will say you go get them.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

        • IMO that is romantic dreaming.

          And, your not leaving any imagination for the swan….you know, the black one.

        • Just a thought…If the SOBs are too lazy to round up 20MM illegal aliens, how the heck are they gonna get fired up enough to round up 300MM guns from 80MM citizens.

      46. Because he uses GODADDY for his web service. YOu can’t get much lower. It shows what the site is about when you use go daddy for hosting.

        Its all about the MONEY …. shtfplan

        NO different than any. Like Daisy Luther who thinks she is an authority now that SHE has a site. Its all about the money.

        all these sites are nowhere. There is no good info here anymore.

        • lol…so what’s new?

          You still show up to kick the playground sand.

          • LMAO!

        • I’ve never had a problem with 1and1 (dot) com. I have a number of websites with them. For a low fee I get unlimited traffic, unlimited space for content, unlimited emails, and unlimited subdomains. Plus I can sublet subdomains if I wish. Check them out. I would give a link that would give me a little money, but OPSEC prevents.

          BTW, all my sites are free. It would be nice if they brought in money, but not necessary.

        • I don’t care what web service is used.This is the only place I get the info I need.If you are so disappointed,start your own site.

          • wow, you get all your info on this site, that explains a lot, I think there are about ten more people on this site who are just as misinformed. all one has to do is scan down thru and pick them out, the ones who do all the BS bragging about their million rounds of ammo and how many people they will take out, experts at everything, and call other names when they have nothing to say. they’re probably living in their mothers basement wishing they could do and had all they say they have on here. at least they’re impressing each other.

      47. Yeah, who’s their “daddy”!!!!!!!

      48. Here’s a few more from 2012-2013 re Nosey Doctors stories; updates are included in Comments sections (just added your new, above, article/link there as well):



      49. Some of these people crack me up with their chest pounding 3rd person-referring bullshit. These blowhards don’t get that the tallest blade of grass is the first chopped down. All these fools going on and on about taking people out if some LEO tries to take their guns, etc. Got nothing but contempt for their loud mouth dumb asses. Just too stupid to breathe. Be a gray man and think with the gray matter you were given and you will not only survive, but thrive.

        • Foxglove

          Your description fits one regular poster here to a ” T “. One can only wonder who that deranged individual could POSSIBLY be? lol!

          • Anon, I am sure you know exactly who I’m talking about. Some folks are so dumb they couldn’t pour puss out of a boot if directions were stamped on the heel. And some folks insist on showing it every time they open their cakeholes…..

            • What boggles my mind is the amount who support this persona by talking to it?

              Any smart and observant person here can see that the individual behind that particular screen name is also the same individual behind at least 2 others that I have counted so far, possibly a third. One it gets along with some of the time, one it never gets along with and the possible third is in the same tree. People should pay attention to recons posts. And people should be more wary of any here that support the system, or status quo.

              • Irish,

                It DO boggle the mind, doesn’t it?



          • man fights with his mind; the weapons are incidental.–Jeff Cooper

      50. I tell you I don’t fight just to slow my oppressor down once the lead flys it’s game on. Some body was mentioning 22 still being hard to come by where the hell do you live . I can take a 5 min ride and buy all I want right now . I dont buy it from the gun store because it’s more $ . I go to Wally’s they still get it but don’t always have it. But dicks sporting goods usually has 100rnds for $ 9.99 that is still high Black Friday they had bricks for $19.99 I buy three bricks it’s 1box limit per cust send my wife and her sister I’m not greedy I could have taken a 25 min ride and got 3 more there is another dicks sports. I figure 1600 rounds is enough . It’s good to live on the east coast ha ha. I don’t get why people are so scared the gov gonna take their guns. Exactly how can they pull this off. Really it’s all speculating if they show up looking for guns you know what you gotta do. If you are not willing to you don’t know what the 2nd amendment is for and it’s not shooting paper. The NRA should have national open carry day all the gun owners in the us will show up at their state capital and just stand around . Think the gov will hear us then .somebody should organize that I will take the day off with no pay for that . That’s standing up for your rights not trying to elect some sellout to do it for us. The power of we the people.

      51. As long as people aren’t stupid like the Brits and turn them in to the authority’s how they gonna get them. They gave them up on command by the queen fools. That made me lose respect for them. that’s why people are jealous of Americans. And hate us and want us to lose our rights too fuck them suckers. should have used them guns to resist cowards

        • Asshat, how do you know how many brits turned in theyre gunzzz? There might be a shitload in the waiting 🙂

      52. Right first world civilized people who drink tea with their pinky finger extended. Guns are barbaric fuckin snobs. I was just watching a clip on youtube about how the justice dept wanted to enact a 500 percent tax on firearms and ammunition back when holder was appointed. That $300 dollar shotgun is now $ 1500 oh don’t forget your $100 dollar box of 25 shells.

      53. If the Constitution is suspended then so is my responsibility to submit to any law then inacted by my government. Civilization, at least American civilization has always been a compact between the government and the people governed. If the government breaks this compact, then I am no longer obliged to recognize or OBEY that government. Would such an attitude have consequences, of course. Could they ultimately lead to my death, yes. But here’s the thing, EVERYBODY dies of something. Are the few years I might naturally have left so precious to me that I would countenance tyranny and ultimate slavery to obtain them. That is an interesting question every man woman and child may have to consider very soon. Freedom isn’t free, never was in the past and never will be in the future. I have the answer to that question for me at least, will it make a difference ; your damn right it will.

      54. Hey Barack,CIA, and other fucking idiots who are attempting to shut down this site… GO TO HELL!

        • Eeder, welcome back. How have you been?

      55. Suspension of the 2 nd Ammendment would be a governmental suspension of the Constitution itself. If my government suspends the laws that are its foundation, I will no longer feel any obligation to recognize its legitimacy or obey any new laws it choose to enact. American civilization has always been a compact between the people and its government. If the government breaks that compact then I must resist it. Will there be consequences for adopting such a stance, of course. Could such an attitude lead to my death, yes. But here’s the thing, EVERYBODY dies of something. In the few years I might naturally have left would I be willing to countenance tyranny and slavery to obtain them. This is an interesting question that every man, woman and child in America will soon have to answer. I have answered my question and am at peace with the answer, I hope enough like minded people will answer it as I do and we will make a difference, even if that doesn’t happen it will make a difference to me.

      56. For you::::

        h p://

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      57. I know 3 Doctors PERSONALLY and they told me there is NO WAY they will ask about guns or anything that is not medical. And if they must they will take No for any answer you care to give them and not ask any questions. I would say most Deep South physicians feel this way. Time to vote with your feet and move somewhere of like mind communities.

      58. “No nation can preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.

        James Madison – Fourth President of the United States (1809– 1817).

      59. Thanks to all for my flour storing problem. I’m going to go with 2 56 oz cans sold by Emergency Essentials. I’m a big bread eater which is a comfort food for me. In reply,I’ve found two sites that may help others looking for solutions. One is here in AZ. It’s called “Prepare Wisely”,located in Mesa. The other is USPlastics. I ordered a free catalog. @ Smokey,working on the list,can get a lot for under $100 at Wal-Mart. Happy New Years to all.

        • Southside:

          Be sure the plastic storage you are buying is food grade. You can check on line to see why. It is not the cheapest but it will protect you and your food.

      60. “In a land of more than 10,000 laws there will only be……………….


      61. This is very simple, only answer questions pertaining to your problem. If you go to a new doctor, be prepared to be barraged. I have heard of some having pts. undress to get identifying marks. If this happens to you WALK OUT. If they start asking questions, answer questions only related to your problem, quickly inform them, that this is not any of their business and if they cannot stick to the problem you have– WALK OUT. They will shut up real fast when it hits them in the pocket book. Most clinics get anywhere from 80 to 100 dollars a visit plus. Medicine is a business. Do not every forget this. You are paying for a service. Radiologic Tech for 38 years

      62. There should be a webb site made to list all doctors who go along with this. That way. people can avoid these clinics and doctors.

      63. If your doctor is asking if you have guns and or are depressed..its time to get another doctor NO JOKE

        my doctor and I belong to the same sportsmans club and shop in the same stores other words my answers to his questions are the same answers he would have // you need to pick your care givers very carefully

        and the answers to any infringing private none of your fucking business questions is always – No – not, none of your business or some other smart ass remark.. its called opsec for a it smarter than those against you

        its ok to lie to them.. your being lied to by them
        you didnt sign a contract to be honest to your doctor ..its his job to treat your illnesses ..not count your ammo or if you love your second amendment or not ..its the job of the sheeple to play along with this game ., not ours

        at this point of the war its stupid to even be talking about this.. this line of questioning is so 2008 .. anyone awake knows the right answer, my teen aged daughter knew the answer over 5 years ago , get with it folks .. those that dont , deserve to stay in the dark

        yeah I did say WAR

      64. BIG BROTHER NOSEY DOCTORS, HOSPITALS, & INSURERS ARE AT IT AGAIN, this time via your SmartPhone:

        Everyone who posts here at SHTF already know what to do, but for any newbies passing by:

        If you have any brains left at all (after decades of NWO propaganda), you will reject participating in ANY/ALL of this health-data-tracking nonsense without blinking an eye. Just Say No! to these “medical morons” who want to follow you around 24/7 via your phone. Don’t be a sucker!

        The app is one of a new generation of health- surveillance technologies that are being employed by doctors, healthcare providers, hospitals themselves and even health insurance companies. … the new apps and other technological tools measure the volume of text messaging, the tone of voice in calls and other behavioral patterns to get a sense of a patient’s psychological condition. Doctors say mental health has a strong link to physical health.

        Read full article here:

        1/22/15: “Smartphones will begin categorizing users’ mental health; gun seizures will follow” –


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