It Is ALL BY DESIGN: The Great Reset Is Coming, Prepare For Digital Currency

by | Mar 3, 2021 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    If you think you have no liberty or freedom now, just wait until the Great Reset, and the elitists and ruling class demand you use their digital dollar.  This is all by design and everything will be tracked, traced, surveilled, monitored, and shut off if you don’t agree to willingly enslave yourself to these psychopaths.

    Supporters of the World Economic Forum’s all-encompassing Great Reset agenda are eyeing BIG changes for the global monetary system.

    Plans that might once have been dismissed as pure speculation or conspiracy theories are now being openly pushed by people who occupy the highest levels of power. -Stefan Gleason, Money Metals Exchange

    If people allow a digital dollar to become a part of their lives, we will end up completely and wholly enslaved. Not that we aren’t now, but there will be no escape. Comply, or be shut off from buying food.

    If the Federal Reserve, perhaps in coordination with the IMF, attains the ability to inject stimulus directly into digital wallets, then Quantitative Easing could take a whole new meaning. Central bankers could bypass Congress and distribute their own aid as they see fit – and dole out their own punishments as well.

    Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

    Treasury Secretary Yellen recently told the New York Times, “Too many Americans really don’t have access to easy payment systems and to banking accounts, and I think this is something that a digital dollar — a central bank digital currency — could help with. I think it could result in faster, safer, and cheaper payments.”

    But ankers and politicians do not work in our favor and any still believing they work for us, is delusional. A central bank digital currency might also result in the imposition of negative interest rates or the automatic deduction of taxes with no way for holders to escape. If you are guilty of “wrongthink,” expect to be punished for it monetarily. We have got to wake up and stop allowing other human beings to have any power or control over our lives. Stop the talk of transferring power and just cease to be a slave. This world is going down a dark path if we cannot realize we have no obligation to be slaves for any reason, whether the masters call it government or democracy or republic.

    Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell told Congress last week that the Fed is indeed “looking carefully” at issuing a digital dollar, calling it “a high priority project for us.”

    The best way to protect yourself is to own physical gold and silver. YOu can also work with your neighbors more locally and take to a barter system that could be mutually beneficial for all. Both will help remove power from the system and in the end, free you and your family from the permanent enslavement these people want to force on us all.



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      1. Gold and silver?How do they help? They are only another form of currency tied to the economy. The government will simply make civilian ownership of them illegal like they did before, rendering them worthless

      2. This of course is the next
        logical? step for these evil psychotic bastards.As you mentioned,if you decided to rebel against the system or not comply-they will simply cut you off.The more control they have(monetary,etc,etc)
        the happier these psychos are.Compliance of the masses is what gets these psychos off.This absolute, total control has always been a big part of their wet dream.

      3. If it goes digital what can you do with gold and silver? Try to buy a car and see what the dealer says. Worse yet maybe there is a reward for informing on people who attempt to use them in a transaction. Car sales men are inherently honest and loyal. Likewise real estate and almost everything else as its no longer fungible.

      4. Once the switch is flipped by the central banks (including our fed) then all will have to accept digital currency as the only currency. All banks accounts will be converted to digital without the ability to opt out. That solves the beast’s problem overnight. Anyone not willing to take the chip to buy and sell will have no access to their digital accounts. Cash will be obsolete (outlawed) overnight also. Without the digital account, you will be fired from your job because they can’t pay you. You will lose your homes, unable to pay any bills or buy anything from retailers period, in person or online.

        Any assets, bank accounts, investments and property will be forfeited to the new Social Security system by all who refuse their digital mark or use of name or number. Any alternate currency will be outlawed and useless. You see, this is how the left will pay for their new world slavery and universal paycheck program for all who accept their mark.

        • Interesting article.

      5. Technically we have been there for quite awhile. When is the last time you were paid in cash? When is the last time your employer gave you a paycheck to cash rather than a digital deposit receipt.
        Yes if you go out of your way you can still get some limited amount of cash, but the government knows about every transaction.

        • “Technically we have been there for quite awhile”

          Yep; at least since the mid 90’s..
          People whine about digital currency, but they swipe PLASTIC for at least 95% of every purchase made.
          People whine about digital currency but they do the bulk of their shopping ONLINE.

      6. These people are paranoid psychopaths. They feel the need to watch OUR every move?

        • Have “control over” our every move. Disobey and see your digital account shut down.

          • Yes.

      7. Janet Yellen and Jerome Powell may dwell in prison for a long time due to not being in concert with Donald Trump. Time for United States Marines to parachute onto Rothschild castles, do more than kick asses. Lead in with rockets. London may get nuked soon, Revelation 18: 1 to 11.

      8. The Great Deception.

      9. How do u explain that Putin & Xi have publicly announced that neither Russia OR China will have absolutely nothing 2 do with that communist mouth of Davos,WEC…? And do u really think that all of the “roadside vendors”, worldwide, will have anything 2 do with that nonsense? Yes, silver, gold will help in certain cases, but how many folks have a bag full of pre 65 u.s. coins? Or any kind of gold? AND…one can only buy so much in advance…
        Would totally appreciate a good conversation about this forthcoming “whatsoever” you wish 2 call it? Just one more reason why we left usa 4 seAsia, & plan on being here till u no what!

      10. If money is digitized there will be no privacy, every aspect of everyone’s life will have a record of it, with every possible detail, it would be easy to piece anything and everything together in someone’s life, and no person could have control over any of it. Once they digitize and control your money the next logical step will be to outlaw trade, barter, etc. They would do this because it would allow one to barter for goods and services, creating gaps outside of their knowledge and control. Eventually, barter and trade would grow to diminish the State’s scheme of digital money control over the population. When an individual acts in their own interests they empower themselves, the State can’t have that.
        Digitizing money creates political, social, and legal controls over citizens. It likely is a tool being developed not only for State control, but also Agenda 2030 or whatever they want to currently call it. The purpose is not only for policing powers, but as a tool to lower the standard of living and diminish quality of life. Remember the slogan being pushed right now, “you will own nothing and be happy”, no wealth or property and no power. No personal property or wealth means everything is rationed including food, use of energy, health care, etc. to individuals. Since one would not have control of personal wealth or resources, getting food, healthcare, etc. would be based on compliance. And no power means no rights and freedoms.
        We have seen how covid lockdowns introduced, look for “environmental lockdowns in the future, and other types of lockdowns for of all kinds of new contrived emergencies. Lockdowns are just that – lockdowns. The stated reasons are ultimately irrelevant, they are really for control of freedoms and control of resources.

      11. Hello

      12. Gotta love how the elite call it “The Great Reset” – what the fuck is so great about it?

      13. The human beasts need some way to continue to control the rest of us. They’ll come up with anything to do it.

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