It Continues: ‘Experts’ Claim Hillary Was Robbed By Hackers: “Voting Anomalies In Michigan, Wisconsin And New York”

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Headline News | 62 comments

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    It appears that threatening Republican Electoral College electors with death and violence if they don’t flip their votes to Hillary isn’t the only strategy being implemented by the Democrats and Clinton campaign.

    According to computer security experts, the election was rigged in favor of Donald Trump in the key states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Florida, and they are urging Clinton to demand a recount:

    Hillary Clinton could have been robbed of the presidency by hackers, a group of experts claims – and now they’re calling for her to demand a recount.

    The team, which includes voting rights experts and computer security buffs, says it has compelling evidence that Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania could have been hacked to artificially lower turnout.

    They’re now pressuring the Clinton group to call for an independent recount that could swing the needle of the election in the Democrats’ favor, New York magazine reported.

    According to their calculations, such a hack could have cost Clinton 30,000 votes in Wisconsin. She lost that state  – and its ten Electoral College votes – by 27,000.

    Michigan was too close to call with a gap of 11,000, denying Clinton its 16 Electoral College votes, and she lost Pennsylvania’s 20 Electoral College votes by 68,236.

    Though there’s been no suggestion of possible culprits in the potential hacking, the DNC blamed Russia for mid-election-season hacks of Democrat email accounts.

    If an independent investigation could prove hacking – and a recount granted Clinton those three states – then she would be made President after all.

    Full Report: The Daily Mail

    Ahead of the election unnamed sources in the U.S. intelligence and law enforcement communities spoke to the mainstream media and warned that, while the electronic voting machines used to register a candidate were completely safe, Russia could try to undermine U.S. elections by releasing fraudulent documentation showing that the election was hacked. As we reported at the time:

    According to Reuters, U.S. voting authorities are now warning that while the Russians may not actually hack the Presidential election, they may fake hacking the Presidential election.

    What they’re saying without actually saying it is that if Hillary Clinton wins the election and Trump supporters show proof of any fraudulent activity, the “proof” will have been fabricated

    It sounds almost too crazy to believe, but this is now being disseminated to the public via mainstream pipelines:


    U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials are warning that hackers with ties to Russia’s intelligence services could try to undermine the credibility of the presidential election by posting documents online purporting to show evidence of voter fraud.

    The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said however, that the U.S. election system is so large, diffuse and antiquated that hackers would not be able to change the outcome of the Nov. 8 election.

    But hackers could post documents, some of which might be falsified, that are designed to create public perceptions of widespread voter fraud, the officials said. (Reuters)

    Full report: It’s A Setup: U.S. Officials Warn That Russians Will Undermine Elections With Fake Documents Showing Voter Fraud

    In short, when the media expected a Hillary Clinton landslide the public was told that any “evidence” of wrong-doing was completely false, as hacking the U.S. election system was impossible.

    Following Trump’s win, this has apparently changed. The “experts” say our voting systems were, in fact, compromised by hackers and they were able to change the outcome of the election in favor of Donald Trump.

    So who do we believe? The experts, who claim they have evidence of voter fraud? Or the Obama administration’s intelligence apparatus, which claimed that any such post-election hacking evidence would be a fraudulent attempt to undermine voter confidence?


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      1. No matter the outcome of this charade, it won’t be long until our barrels are hot as hell.

        • Bunch of Whiney Liberal Crybabies. I have disowned an old friend who turned Hillary Supporter. He says, “prepping is for fools.” Says, “its just a ploy for the scared to buy stuff they don’t need.”

          Then I explained to him when the Bank has a Holiday his money becomes worthless, and they ban $100 bills, then $50’s and his power goes out, and the hungry hordes start knocking at his door wanting food, and it get so violent he has to flee, with no gas, and no food, and he will be sitting in a massive traffic jam on the highway as he tries to run to mommy house in another state, then he runs out of gas, and decides to abandon all his belonging and vehicle, and start hiking, and then get robbed cause he has no guns to protect himself. This is the Typical Libtard with no foresight, and does not even want to know, because his mind is so fragile this info might scare him. Its just to painful to think about.

          I said you think this info is painful now, get ready for a reality check when SHTF and you are not prepared and your stress level is off the charts and you run out of options, and you lay down and just die.

          This is the same guy who said to me, “So What has Donald Trump ever done for you?” lol I said “He didn’t lie to me, and nobody died.”

          • love the new name Zeus. How was rehab, WWTI? 🙂

          • Zeus, you said it better than I would have. Can’t fix stupid. Can’t fix libturds.

            • Nope, cant fix stupid

              Got into it with one of my neighbors about this,,,
              He said give it a few weeks and they will fix the results,,
              So i tore him a new asshole, let him know in no uncertain terms that if the dumb ass democrats want to start snything i know a few million armed patriots willing to finish it and willing to bleed for country and constitution,
              He started with his i served in korea crap,,, stupid fooker must have forgotten that they werefighting communist over there and that he is nowsupporting a rabidlycommunist cuns forpresident,,, cant fix stupid but you could certainly kill off a bunch of it

          • you know , there are a lot of people who fell into this clintonazion cult, and look at these people, they are all violent, shit, scares me to even talk to these people, because you can’t even talk to them without them getting angry at you

            • My neighbor just played a phone message from her son-in-law, he won’t bring the family for Thanksgiving, he just can’t sit at the same table if racist bigots are there. Totally rude and terse message.

              So she calls her daughter, her and the kids are coming for dinner, but the son-in-law isn’t. Daughter is very angry, as is neighbor Mom.

              Turns out he won’t have to sit at the table with the family, after all.

              • Smokey, it sounds like the daughter needs to ditch the commie POS. At least Mom can still see her daughter and grandkids so sounds like they’ll have a decent Thanksgiving after all. BTW, if she had been MY daughter, I would have turned away the commie the first time she brought him home to meet me. No commies in my family under ANY circumstances!

                • We need to embed a Computer Chip in all Libtards, so we can track these idiots on our cell phone app, when they get close an alarm sets off of their presence that some sort of scam is about to be released.

                  • Just tattoo ‘Stupid’ on their foreheads, in raised lettering so even the blind can be warned.

                • Neighbor Mom says daughter is pretty distraught. Daughter voted for Hillary, but family is family no matter what. Hubby is also whining about Wifey not standing by her man.

                  Maybe he’ll get his head on straight and realize what’s important in life, maybe not.

                  I know a guy at the office, he drove his wife out of the marriage over his inability to accept that she wasn’t a Democrat, it was pretty disgusting to see it happening. Seems to be a lot of that going around this Thanksgiving.

                  • Funny how none of this nonsense took place back in 08′ when Obama beat Hilary in the election.Wonder why? Why didn’t you Liberal snowflakes attack African Americans? Why didn’t you burn down cities? Hilary lost in her first attempt at being your Queen and you guys didn’t do a damn thing about it,but fast forward 8 years later and Hilary loses yet ANTOHER election,but this time you guys want to attack and burn cities down and claim the election was rigged??. Why NOW??? Were you too chicken shit to do it back in 08′?

        • if she does a recount, watch what will happen, they will show clinton had 4 million illegal immigrants voted, plus 4 million dead people who voted, so yea lets do a recount, clinton, then for sure she will be jailed after they do a recount…Clinton is a cheater….period….TRUMP WON, GET OVER IT….

          • I want to see it done.
            Run those paper ballot trails, all the way to the graveyards.
            If they want a recount, great, let’s look at EVERY

      2. Who do you believe, the Democrat whiners or your lying eyes?

      3. It would appear that the establishment is pushing for civil war or another Bolshevik Revolution. You don’t have enough ammo.

        • I bet we do

          • “LOCK HER UP”, and all her Whiney Liberals.

            Hey Mac. Now that the GOP is in charge, there is a lot of Fear out there in the Liberal’s fragile minds right now. A whole new set of Prepper’s will be coming on board from the left that just found out Life is Fragile, and they need to be prepared too, for all the unknowns. Cause all those big bad Conservatives are going to take away all their rights soon, and food and soccer mom wagons, and co-ed bathrooms. Oh the Humanity!!! (sarcastic)

            Seriously, You can set up a SHTFPlan Sister Liberal Prepping Website and play the other side of this situation for prepping for Loser distraught Liberals. Start stocking up on food etc.. lol Hey, never let a good crisis go to waste. btw/ You can send my commission to me later for this great idea. lol

            Find me here:
            Zeus, from within the sky reporting…I see it all.

            • What kind of prepping would they do? Stock up on lattes and free EBT cards???

              • Where I work, they put out box for recycling their overpriced K cups. Help the environment!

                No mention of dumping their psudo-starbucks and not generating the waste in the first place.

                • Same thing at my office, recycle the Keurig cups.

                  I make tea at the office for a nickel a cup. These morons are spending a dollar for coffee, and four dollars at the coffee shack in the parking lot.

                  One secretary, $42,000 a year, is spending $8 a day on coffee. Works out to about a month of net pay in a year.

              • and pampers

          • Menzo ….yo. Yeah, I’d be willing to be that we do also. Just cuz you and I lost everything doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t all set right?

            • That’s right!

          • Enough for what i need to do

      4. I believe that Michigan has paper ballots NOT computerized ballots.
        So if this is true, why in the hell aren’t the lefties noting that? You cannot hack a non computerized system!
        This needs to be verified and duly noted right now!

        I simply cannot believe what crybaby sore losers the left are!
        It figures that these so-called “experts” are leaving out the 3 million illegal votes cast by illegals!

        • I’ll bet you there is a truckload of ballots out there waiting to be miraculously found if a recount is begun.

          • Kind of like how al frankenberry “won” in Minnesota. The other guy was winning by a narrow margin, and every they turnd, more votes for frankenberry were found.

        • We had paper ballots too, but they’re counted by a machine. A simple chip swap before the election, and then swap it back afterwards, leaving absolutely no evidence.

      5. They should be careful what they wish for. My suspicion is that a number of the states, including ones she lost like Pennsylvania, were gamed, but not enough to alter the outcome. It is a mistake to back off on going after the Clintons. Hopefully it has only been delegated to the reformed Justice Department next year.

        • I’m more of the crowd that is in hopes that everyone is only waiting for ALL “past asses” to leave the building, and THEN the work will commence on taking down The Clinton’s, (maybe The Bush Family needs fleecing as well as MAN MANY “trouble-makers” who bailed out to avert being tried for treason if Obama got caught, or they figured Hillary was a “sure loss” (anyone with a brain could have guessed the outcome of the election IF the “F”-ing NEWS MEDIA A through Z didn’t decide to try influencing the election, in Hillary’s favor.

          THAT would have given them LESS “freedoms of speech” over time, did none of them think of this? care? I see no need to expound on what everyone already knows about “everybody” working up DC way.

          I think Trump is just “being cool as a cucumber” until everyone has left. Most likely, a committee or whatever will be elected specifically for that purpose (or perhaps not a damn thing will be done, because in reality by the time you even GOT The Clinton’s into court for Round #1 they’d be so close to death it wouldn’t matter). Besides, vengeance isn’t something we are supposed to worry about, and generally it only brings additional and unwanted troubles.

          George Soros: Now there’s a different story. Take his ass out of the big picture and all the little pictures (like Hillary and Bill, Obummer and all the rest would shatter into fragments, and completely lose what little belief (in them) that actually exists (which is nigh near zero).

          I love that it is costing them both millions – good after bad they just can’t admit to themselves how badly they suck. lol… hell, even their “actors” suck.

      6. I see. The propaganda system of Hillary & Obama should be believed. Disregard any common sense and believe the MSM (Main-Stream-Media), that have taken a 180* change in their belief that election results can be corrupted. The MSM hubris and idiocy knows no bounds.

      7. The dems will try to win by any means necessary. Remember Chicago in 1960? I hope it gets thrown into the House of Representatives and the Republicans give it to Trump anyway.

      8. Truth is very flexible for democrats.

      9. Who are these people who are claiming the elections in three states were hacked? If you can hack the elections in any state, you would have to investigate the possibility that more(or all) have been hacked. This is like playing football with the kids in a neighborhood where one kid owns the football. If he doesn’t get his way, he takes the football and leaves.

      10. Voting irregularities cry the leftist fascists?

        Boy, THAT is rich. Will this be in The Onion?

      11. Michigan was all paper ballots and in Florida people I know there had to use paper ballots. Just a hoax by DNC to try to create more riots and bring America down. ignore their lies but get ready to confront them if they come to your door or town.

        • The ballots are counted by a machine. When I voted here in NC, I filled out the little ovals with a pen, then inserted the ballot into a slot in the machine. It read the marks and added the results to a memory chip.

      12. Hey, we keep hearing from all manner of sources, mostly ppl we know here and there, and they are fully expecting to see America DERAIL herself, driven only by everyone in disagreement with everyone else over stuff half of them won’t even understand. (If The DNC get their way about it, that’s where we’d go in a heartbeat).

        In reality, we fully expect some shit on swearing in day both nothing that won’t go away. The Democrats are (mostly) conceding that their life is now over (or if they don’t shutup us deplorables will shoot their ass).

      13. Devil’s advocate, nothing more.
        If that butch would have won ; we’d be bawling about a rigged election. (Although the reaction would have been much more severe).
        In the other hand someone made a comment about bring in the left wingers.
        Great idea while we prep for our decided scenario asteroid emp local national or global.
        The left if we encourage them will get on board with prepping and if we’re really lucky we can turn them into being pro gun now wouldn’t that be nice. We use their fear of President Trump not against them but to our advantage. Remember these people are children and children can be easy or difficult to control.
        Don’t talk politics to them that just gets their ass hairs up instead try relating to their fear of trump and advise them if they wanna feel better buy a gun grow a garden store supplies.
        Soon they will be in a mind set of preparing for the evil trump to take over
        Remember what it was like to fear the Kenyan?????
        We can slowly turn them into peppers and gun enthusiasts.

      14. I had 100 trillion dollars in my bank account. It got hacked. I demand that all those monies be put back immediately. !!!

        I’m still here. Wtf, I want my money, and I want it now.

        I’m crying. You people hurt my feelings. How could you doubt me. I am the pillar of the community. A rock. My word is my bond. I had the money. I did. I swear on my mother’s grave. I swear on your grave. I want it!! I deserve it!! I worked so hard!! It’s mine!! I won’t let you have it!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!

        ?. ?. ?

        • Don’t hurt your therapy puppy !

      15. HEY….I’d like a recount too….to include how many illegals and dead folks voted Democrat.

        They are just bitching because enough real voters came out of the woodwork to send a big middle finger to Washington, DC.

        But it is starting to look like Trump is simply another politician….Romney ? Really ? I wouldn’t give that loser a job as dog catcher.

        • Trump is courting the Mormon vote by interviewing Romney. He will need Utah (and the parts of states near Utah that are heavily populated with Mormons) to vote for him in the 2020 re-election race.

        • Think strategically. Long-term. It’s going to be pretty hard to destroy the Democratic Party and the last 50 years of leftist agendas unless the entire GOP unifies and works toward the goal.

      16. Hillary election robbed by hackers, voting anomalies in Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, waaah, waaah, waaah.

        The Libtards obviously think that the rest of America is as big a bunch of lying, cheating, dishonest leftist scumbags as they are.

      17. Big trouble is coming.
        Big internal trouble.

        Bad news. Another officer has died in The Line Of Duty. Collin Rose,a Campus Police officer and five year veteran at Wayne State University in Detroit,Mi I believe died from head wounds suffered Tuesday night. Prayers for that family and friends

        Been a tragic year for Law enforcement.

        Evil is running rampant and good people are going to have to stand up to it.

        I saw the news report of the arrest of the murder of The Officer in San Antonio and he said he was sorry.
        Too late to be sorry. Now comes judgment.

        But Hillary and that bunch don’t care. During the campaign, she told members of Black Lives matter that she didn’t want to change hearts, she wanted to change the law. Obama doesn’t care as a matter of fact, allegedly he has ordered that no Christmas Cards be sent to Soldiers over seas.

        Country very tense and one person has said our countries streets will run with blood. I didn’t believe it, I am beginning to believe it now.

      18. I think they would be foolish to ask for a recount. There was another group that already identified 3 million illegal aliens that voted. You can bet most, if not all, voted for Hillary. Besides…the same computer “experts” identified in this article claim that she could have been robbed, but admit there is no evidence of tampering or hacking. In other words, they are trying to muddy the water to allow electors to hand her the presidency.

      19. If Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were all flipped over to the Hillary column, she would still lose with 268 electoral votes to Trump’s 270. Does anyone do basic math before writing articles and offering their opinions?

        • They’re also planning on flipping some electors. I think six is what they claim to have right now.

          • If the electors switch and give it to hillery i think there will be civil war here. I don’t think this has ever happened before. I’m in my 60’s, so remember back to Kennedy and Eisenhower before him. Don’t remember before him tho.

            • I don’t the left has thought very far beyond putting Hillary in office.

              I remember Ike, too. Good man.



        WE HAD TO SUCK IT UP FOR THE LAST 8 years OF THE OBAMA “free for all who don’t work”….now shut the hell up and stay your asses in the back seat where you all belong … We are now driving this country back to where it should be … #1 USA!!!

      21. Key words “could have” been hacked to artificially lower voter turn out; and there’s no evidence of who could have done it. Maybe there’s no evidence because it didn’t happen. It’s taken an extremely long time to count the Michigan votes that I have to wonder “what” they were actually doing? Could it be manufacturing an excuse for HRC? These jerks need to give up and accept what has happened, and that is the people have spoken. If anyone committed vote fraud it was all the illegal aliens that idiot Obama told to vote. Enough is enough.

      22. ROFLMBO…NOW liberals believe in voter fraud? Effin’ crybabies. Funny how they all demanded that Trump accept the outcome of the election before it even happened, but now that they lost, they’re the ones not willing to accept the outcome of the election.
        Go ahead, liberals…recount. Let’s see how many illegals and dead people voted for Hillary as well as how many liberals voted multiple times in multiple precincts. Do you all REALLY want to go there? If so, bring it! Hillary could wind up losing the popular vote as well after a recount is completed.

      23. Lol yeah the anomaly was all the medias and democratic parties voting rigging stil backfired on them

        Which leads me to think
        She lost even worse than anyone can imagine

        • She received millions fewer votes than Obama. She lost, big time.

      24. Hillary Clinton’s pollster Benenson Strategy Group says she is tanking; Trump supporters

        Benenson Strategy Group Salvage Program

        Beneson’s polls show Hillary’s support declined from 33% on Sept 28-30 to 13% between Oct 10-13. Trump support increased from 46-62% during this period. The report was leaked by a Clinton staffer, probably RIP Seth Rich.
        I doubt that either the German baby for sale for $1200 in the Pizza-Comet ‘Spirit Cooking’ leaked satanic child sacrifice-related video released following Anthony Weiner’s pedophile arrest or the death threats against electoral college members resulted in an increase from 13%.

      25. …A “conspiracy theory”.

      26. Where were all the Hilary supporters back when Obama beat her back in 08′??? Why didn’t any Hilary fans holler”Obama’s NOT my President”????.Why didn’t any Hilary fans protest and riot because Obama beat her????.Was it because you were too young 8 years ago? Was it because you KNEW Obama was a better choice? Or was it because YOU didn’t want to be called a racist?????.It’s one or ALL of the above…

      27. What is really screwed is Obongo said anyone doubting the election results in public after the election, because the election process itself was hack-proof, was a russian spy. No shit, this is what he said. So Obongo, Jill stein is a Russian agent, go after her. you said it not me.

      28. The fun is only just beginning… Let’s see how long before they figure out that it doesn’t matter which “side” wins, they are all owned by the same psychopaths. The illusions of choices.

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