“It Can Easily Be Surmised That Military Action Is About To Occur” – Is Trump Preparing For A First Strike On North Korea?

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    This past week there were many sources reporting on different events that come to play in the overall significance of a possibility of escalation into a war between the U.S. and Russia.  Apparently, the Russians shot down an EQ-4 Drone, estimated to cost more than $200 million.  The cost is not the most alarming thing: the function of this particular type of drone is to tie in communications between different units and branches in different areas of an operational region.  The Russians allegedly shot down the drone with an S-300 interceptor missile over neutral waters of the Mediterranean from Tartus in Syria.

    Hal Turner reported extensively on this event.  At roughly the same time, numerous sources and sites released a tweet from President Trump dated 20 June 2017 that was worded both vaguely and with the potential for an ominous undertone.  The tweet is as follows:

    “While I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out.  At least I know China tried!”

    From such a statement, it can easily be surmised that military action is about to occur, taking the form of a potential first strike by the United States.  Backing up such an expostulation is the fact that President Trump on the 21st of June extended the state of emergency against North Korea in existence with several previous presidential Executive Orders already in effect.  The President extended the state of emergency for another year.  Plans for military action against North Korea are very much on the table and we are on the cusp.

    There are protests in South Korea now that the THAAD system has been deployed to the region.  The U.S. was already “cautioned” against such actions by China and Russia as taking belligerent actions in a theater of operations that was their sphere of influence.  That perceived encroachment is stacked on top of a greater problem that threatens to encompass the region even without the involvement of North Korea.  As can readily be seen, tensions in the South China Sea and the areas of the Senkaku Island dispute between China and Japan are at an all-time high.  China has directly and indirectly threatened military action against the U.S. Navy for any encroachments into the area.

    There is also the possibility that the USS Fitzgerald was struck by a type of EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack by a directed source, either Chinese or North Korean in origin.  China readily pursues an EMP-first-strike doctrine, and North Korea has followed suit with them in terms of doctrine and technology.  For more information on this, read the summaries of Dr. Peter Pry who chaired the committee that reports to Congress on the EMP threat against the United States.

    With the shooting down of a Syrian aircraft by U.S. forces and the subsequent declaration by the Russians that any U.S. aircraft West of the Euphrates river would be a target, the stakes are visibly being ratcheted up.  The North Koreans have two satellites that may or may not be equipped with an EMP device, and the U.S. is approaching the point where military action may occur in a strike against North Korea.  The situation changes day-by-day, and one day the change may be one that will last for many years, if not permanently.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. This guy needs help. Nothing but fear mongering.

        • Its not the fearmongering that is off. He is accurately picking up on what the media- and the WH itself is peddling.
          But its not N Korea in the crosshairs. SYRIA. SYRIA SYRIA

          When they preemptively accuse ASSAD of another nonexistent WMD attack to preemptively bomb them. But the St Dept, EOE and Pentagon have no evidence of this? WHO then is pushing the bombing on Syria?
          ISRAEL. And THAT is the key to the entire 911 Series of war since 2001. NOT oil, or dinars or pipes or climate change or blah blah blah but ZIONISTS whether they are the neocons, neolibs or the jewish priesthood for the aforementioned- the CHABAD LUBBAVITCHERs controlling Trojan Horse Trump or the fake opposition, Putin

      2. Who knows. One morning will wake to the news reporting the first strike on “Butterball Ass”.

        • NK isn’t my worry, Syria is.

          One morning we might not wake up.

          • What happened to the emp N.Korea was gonna gift to us Gerri? Fraud.
            Stay quiet Be smart

            • Yep DJT, just go ahead sucker punch NK for no good reason, other than filling the pockets of the NEO-Cons and MICM and the Media Presstitutes.

              Just think if the US Military rather Spent this much time and resources on the Mexican Border actually protecting the US from the CIA Drug dealers smuggling in all this Dope from South America, and real terrorists trying to kill us. Why I would stand up and Applaud.

              Our Government is such a FRAUD!!!

              • You nailed that one, CrackSummSkulls, and I agree 100%. I’d stand up and applaud, too, if the US Military spent this much time and resources on the Mexican border, actually protecting the US from the CIA drug dealers smuggling all these drugs from South America, and real terrorists trying to kill us.

          • K2, CSS, Test, DB, Eisen, Friends,

            My dear friend David Eubanks was interviewed on Fox this morning. It is worth taking a look at the interview. My wife says “He is is a REAL MAN”. Some people are living TEOTWAKI/and others are trying to make a difference. He was interviewed twice.

            ht tp://www.foxnews.com/on-air/fox-and-friends/index.html

            If I could I would put the clip on, perhaps you guys could do it.

            Louisiana Eagle

            • LE

              Couldn’t find them

              • K2, All,

                If you go to the foxnews.com and again to fox-and-friends down at the bottom, you will find the caption “Watch aid worker risk his life to save little girl in Mosul”. David Eubanks, whose father was a marine in the Korean War, and young David was an officer in the Special Forces, and is interviewed on 2 separate occasions on Fox today. Earlier, I was not sure about what happened to the two older survivors but it looks like they were able to rescue them too. Rescuing the little girl was amazing! He falls after he picks her up and then runs like hell across the killing field. This can happen here in the States someday. Let us pray it will not come to this but the way the young commies and Demonrats are preparing, it may very well come down to this. It is bravery at its best!

                David Eubanks and his organization could teach us all about what it is like to live as an internally displaced person (IDP) and what they have done to help mitigate and rescue the survivors.

                Louisiana Eagle

                PS: I would like to learn how to embed a video clip into the posting.

                • Just go to Foxandfriends dot com and at the bottom of the page in the searchbox cut and paste this phrase, = “Watch aid worker risk his life to save little girl in Mosul” then watch the video.

                  Jun. 29, 2017 – 3:50 – Former U.S. Special Forces operative David Eubank describes dramatic rescue in Iraq to save 6-year-old pinned down by ISIS snipers

                  You can’t cut and paste the video cause it is not a Youtube vid, its an embedded Fox Video.

                  Yep pretty amazing, this is how you throw smoke for concealment and escape or evasion, to confuse and distract the enemy. Know the wind directions.

                  • CSS,

                    Thanks! I thought the video was amazing too! Did you catch both interviews on Fox? David is definitely not a couch potato. He is as fit as a person can be. He has used skills and training he acquired from the Special Forces to help countless thousands of people caught up in situations beyond their capacity to cope. He and his wife/family are fantastic people. Likewise, his parents also dedicated their lives to serve others. The fruit does not fall far from the tree!

                    Again thanks,

                    Louisiana Eagle

          • Funny, I think Syria is no threat, but North Korea will be a REALLY BIG war.

            I think any strike against North Korea will result in full blown war with South Korea and Japan.

            The US won’t be touched just because we are too far away.

            Just today, the south Koren president is at the White House to get everybody on the same page.

            I just don’t see anything happening here. It won’t be like Syria where you can blow up a couple of bases or shoot down a plane and nothing happens.

            • N Korea is nothing. They would get crushed rather quickly.

            • JS,

              It has been said that the situation in the Middle-East, particularly regarding Israel, ultimately determines the situation for the rest of the world. The Middle-East is the clock to watch! Many of the great world religions were born there and call it their home. Buddhism and Hinduism are the only world religions that do not have dogs in the fight. We always think of the three Kings as coming from Persia but could they have been Buddhist Kings who were waiting for the Matreyah? Certainly, the Greeks reached into Central Asia and South Asia under Alexander the Great and therefore were aware of the peoples and religions of Asia. None-the-less, I personally do not feel that the NORKs are going to trigger WWIII even if we ended up having to take pre-emptive strikes! It is time to reunify the north and the south and we live in a different reality now.

              Louisiana Eagle

              • 7 Nation Plan General Wesley Clark; you tube it.
                Europe the home of Christianity and Western Civilization is being replaced. This will impact the US. Eastern European Countries have experience in knowing what is happening hence their stance. Look at Eastern Europe fighting off the Ottoman Empire!

                Trump just pissed off China buy selling Big Arms deal to Taiwan. NK is non-issue Dennis Rodman is still over there. Sad but true, Go Dennis!!

                Also, Trump is enacting trade tariffs on imports from mostly China. Sgt. Report had an interesting vid interview the other day on how that is a smart move against US Companies going over seas. Sorry but I don’t recall the economist name, just go to their site.

                Trump told Congress if the Senate Ocare bill does not pass, REPEAL. YEAH!!!!

                I notice a pattern here. DJT lets everyone get out front and then they fail. Then he takes the next BIG step forward.


          • totally agree. Syria is the worry. NK is just a diversion.

        • Um, we have been bombing Iraq since 1991. So what’s new?

          • Yep War is big business for the Banksters. Nobody else wins anything.

        • https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/29/world/asia/hong-kong-china-handover.html




          • Every time I see the name “Eisen”, I know what’s coming: race wars! Its always white versus blacks… so pathetic. I am white but his tirade gets awfully boring!

            • Listen to Myron Fagan’s revelations from early 1900s on how race war was long planned to be the sunni-shia model to bust up America. Traditional Divide & Conquer and works every time.

        • Short N Korea. It now has a lifespan shorter than the common housefly; and Sears. 🙂

        • Didn’t we strike them 67 years ago? We got our a$$e$ handed to us.

          • Actually no. Chinas entry with the bottomless pit of Asian manpower and a politically drawn geographic sanctuary changed the dynamics. Only a fool would invade NK. NK however is completely vulnerable to US air power which can be employed with impunity.

      3. We;;, North Korea has got to be dealt with…no time like the present my friends. These gooks should of been dealt with 20 years ago and they have gotten stronger and stronger as time has gone bye.

        • Git er done. Take out Dennis cocksucker Rodman too while we’re at it.

          • Dennis Rodman is very useful. Bug Dennis, bug Kim.

        • Washington has to be dealt with. And I agree, there is no time like the present.

          If we had flushed this cancer out of our country in the 1960’s, we would no longer be suffering from their overwhelming corruption and criminal conduct around the world.

          Fuck fedgov and the horse they road in on.

          • Wait….. I thought we were talking about North Korea……….

            Oh well, fuck the feds too…..

        • Substitute Deep State for NK and elites for gooks and your statement is correct. The subjugation of those who stand opposed is the history of mankind. Try it yourself, try standing opposed to the deep state. The surveillance network watches for those that would organize resistance to them, terrorism is just an excuse. The reasons others stand opposed is the same because of them, not you, let them be. You want to fight a war? Then regain your own country first.

          • You Go Grandpa! It looks like the deep state wants to manufacture a war to keep control over our country, while whipping up the patriotic fervor of easily deceived simpletons.
            The assholes in Pyongyang aren’t a big threat to the American people; the assholes in Washington and on Wall Street are the threat.

            • Agree HMuller

          • Excellent analysis…couldn’t have said it better.

        • Gooks….it is nice to see some other racists comments rather than just the usual racists tirades.

          I think i will look for an Asian person tomorrow and call him a gook.

          After all, that is America is all about. 🙂

          • Don’t forget “slopehead!”

          • I’m proud to be Black, said the Black man.
            I’m proud to be Asian, said the Asian man.
            I’m proud to be White, said the racist…

            Race is real, like it or not. White people still have a hard time with that, which is why Western Civilization is being destroyed.

            Kim Jong Un is’nt behind the destruction of Western Civilization, nor does he preach White Genocide. The marxists and their owners are behind our demise…

          • Gook bitches are HOTTT!!!

          • And “Pie Face”!

            • No its zipperhead. What is the origin of the word “zipperhead” in relation to Vietnamese?

              The first recorded use of zipperhead as a derogatory term for the Vietnamese comes in E. Shepard’s Vietnam War reportage Doom Pussy (1967) in which a USAF officer demands ‘Get those zipperheads off the runway ‘ There are two suggested etymologies. One links to the slang zip meaning zero or nothing and thus an insignificant and/or unintelligent individual. The other, playing on zipper, has the image of someone whose head has been unzipped and their brain removed.

        • Hey Wake-up-people

          Tell us how North Korea has attacked the USA?

          crickets.. You must have an IQ of about 30 max. On a good day, and even if you slept in a Holiday Inn.

          • The NK regime is ridiculously oppressive. The people there are terrified of saying anything wrong. So are you OK that some family of dictators keeps people in a prison colony endlessly? This situation has nothing to do with IQ – your stupidity was exposed when you said that. In case you haven’t comprehended how Trump works/negotiates yet, he pushes people roughly to get them to take action. In business such a tactic forces people to make bad decisions which then they get taken advantage of. The world has been OK with the status quo in NK since the 50s – Trump is just trying to force some movement on the issue. It’s very unlikely that he will do anything except spew some bellicose talk. SK and China need to be the ones that take care of the problem and I’m certain that’s what Trump is trying to get them to do.

            • Hey Rickster64. The USA has more persons in Prison per capita than any other Nation on the Globe. Far more than N Korea. Maybe Kim can move his troops over on the US border and Tell Trump to release all those US Prisoners we have locked up. Your excuse is Lame. Really Lame.

              We have our laws they have theirs. When would you like to talk about oppression and the American Prison system? Lets start right here at home, before telling other countries what to do. If that is the reason you claim? We gain nothing from this conflict. They will implode all on their own. Why look like the bully and waste our resources, the other evil part of this equation. War profits for the Washingscum Whorres.

              • No country incarcerates a higher percentage of its population than the United States. At 716 per 100,000 people in 2013, according to the International Centre for Prison Studies, the U.S. tops every other nation in the world.

                Among OECD countries, the competition isn’t even close — Israel comes in second, at 223 per 100,000.

                According to advance 2012 counts by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the U.S. prison population was 1,571,013 at yearend. That’s actually a decline for the third consecutive year. Including local and city jail figures, however, that number easily tops two million, around 25 percent of the entire world’s prisoners.

                Source: ht tp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/13/incarceration-rate-per-capita_n_3745291.html

                And: ht tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_incarceration_rate

                N Korea Info: While the United States has 707 incarcerated people per 100,000 citizens, for example, China has 124 to 172 per 100,000 people and Iran 284 per 100,000. North Korea is perhaps the closest, but reliable numbers are hard to find; some estimates suggest 600 to 800 per 100,000. (See “Incarceration rates per 100,000” chart.)

                “No other country in the world imprisons its citizens as we do in the United States,” Haney says.

                The prison boom also has meant more resources spent on corrections — about $60 billion annually on state and federal prisons, up from $12 billion 20 years ago, according to the Pew Center on the States.

                “Our incarceration policy is very costly with relatively few benefits and a lot of deleterious effects on our economy and our families and on the fabric of our communities,” says June Tangney, PhD, a psychology professor at George Mason University who studies offender rehabilitation.

                “Being the country with the highest incarceration rate in the world is really something we need to take a second look at,” she says. “It’s not that we have any more criminals than the rest of the world; we’re just doing different things with them.”

                Yeah its Prisons for Profit. $75K a year to house a Fed Prison Tenet charged to the Tax payers.

      4. If Russia is less communist than fascist Kalifornia is, why are we at war with them at all? Is this March, 1914, and we are battling over lines on maps that will change anyway no matter what?

        And shot down an “EQ-4 Drone, estimated to cost more than $200 million.” Except for the stupid military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about, they probably could have gotten the exact same thing for $49.95 at Radio Shack.. if there is still one around!

        • This isn’t a communist v capitalist rivalry. Its a globalist I want to control everything and your in the way rivalry.

        • $19.95 on Alibaba.

      5. Trace it, goes back to Clinton. Just like Bin Laden; he could have dealt with them and our world today would probably look much different.

        • I am still pissed off at Clinton over the USS Cole bombing. Killed 17 sailors on October 12, 2000 and Clinton DID NOTHING!!!!!

          He did NOTHING!!!

          One more reason to say – Fuck the Clintons.

          • Don’t forget our soldiers dragged through the streets in Somalia in 93. I was at Ft. Campbell at the time. We loaded our gear and sat on C5’s for two and a half weeks waiting for the order that never came. Only thing Clinton did was run away. In my opinion, that non-action directly caused the Cole bombing. Like I tell my kids, don’t look for a fight but if someone puts their hands on you, knock them down. If Clinton followed that advice the sailors that were killed on the Cole would still be alive. – Hale

            • If they weren’t there they would still be alive.

          • Their days are numbered, they’ll be dead soon enough. And while their clown looking daughter will be around she won’t have the power of her daddy (???) just his name. One good Diana wreck for her and it’s over with.


            Hey John, UPDATE:

            USS Cole bombing trial set for 2018
            March 16, 2017

            Carol Rosenberg
            Miami Herald

            The judge in the USS Cole bombing case said Wednesday he would set a 2018 trial date and expects it will take months to choose the U.S. military jury to hear the death-penalty case.

            Abd al Rahim al Nashiri, 52, in custody since 2002, is accused of plotting al-Qaida’s Oct. 12, 2000, suicide attack against the U.S. Navy warship USS COLE off Aden, Yemen. Seventeen sailors were killed and dozens more were wounded.

            Air Force Col. Vance Spath, the judge, disclosed his plans to set a timetable on the third day of mostly tedious testimony from FBI agents identifying evidence — mostly chunks of fiberglass and wires — they collected aboard the warship days after the blast.


          • German sub, Israeli captain, American cruise missile. That’s why they killed the dude investigating it on 9/11

      6. Trump has a meeting scheduled with Putin on the sidelines of the G20 summit next week in Hamburg, Germany. I doubt if anything happens before that meeting.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          At one time there was a significant element of sanity in foreign policy. It my have been bold but not reckless. The US policy in Syria is reckless off the get go with the Russians being there. For all I know they want “Shock And Awe”. Stage a false flag gas attack July 4th and immediately massively respond with Putin 20 ft away at a table.

          They’re nuts and I’m not speaking about the other guy.

          • Imagine the brain dead US public, beer in hand flag waving proudly when its announced, that in essence Syria essentially told the US to go fuck themselves on the 4th of July. 90+% doesn’t understand or believe it if they did understand a false flag. Hell this is a remember the Maine headline. Putin will see that the US has gone completely bonkers and the militarists have taken control of the country. The US public, cocky as usual will galvanize around “Mother, God and Country”.

            The only thing that will surprise me is sanity.

            • Kevin2, I agree and share those concerns, believe me. I don’t want a war with Russia if it can be avoided. I also wish we had some sanity in foreign policy now but I’m afraid that’s not to be with the damn neocons still around. If WW3 breaks out, I’ll be hunting down neocons in addition to bleeding hearts. We need to pull out of Syria like yesterday. There’s no legitimate basis for us to be there.

              • If WWIII breaks out anyone alive will be far too busy with survival to expend the futile effort punishing those that caused it. Who are they? Where do they live? What do they look like? Its all unknowns.

                Assuming we come to the precipice of nuclear war we’ll get real lucky if Trump has an awakening like JFK had after the Bay Of Pigs when be scorned the CIA. If we get unlucky the line is crossed and with it the opportunity to reverse this madness.

                • K2,
                  Your logic is spot on. Well said.
                  And if the continental USA ends up a giant zinging glass car park, it will have brought it entirely upon itself.


      7. No nation is stupid enough to attack America, but when America makes threats through military movements and sanctions, then there is no reason whatsoever for those under threat to wait until attacked. America does “pre-emptive defense” all the time–it’s how every war of theirs post-1945 got started.

        America has killed as many as Hitler so it’s not exceptional. At least the Nazis had the decency to call themselves the master race and call full spectrum dominance world domination.

        Whatever happens in the next war western elites but especially America’s, Israel’s and my own British elite need destroying. Then ISIS can be liquidated, not armed as now. ISIS IS US.

        • Under Obama, yes ISIS was funded and armed by America.

          But Obama is gone now, and a new sheriff is in town, so ISIS will be destroyed before long.

          North Korea will not back down. They did not even back down for the Chinese. If Trump launches a preemptive attack then it will be full war on the Koren Peninsula.

          • NK would attack SK because SK is the only country within reach.

          Well said, sir.

      8. “The North Koreans have two satellites that may or may not be equipped with an EMP device.”
        For starters why don’t we just blow those NK satellites out of the sky ASAP. It would eliminate at least one EMP threat and send a message. More action can be taken as necessary.

        • The whole satellite thing is a pipe dream they can’t even feed there people let alone have that kind of tech., NK is no thereat, it just the US needs a war to keep its crashing economy going which is completely a war economy. hey send your kid of to die for uncle Sam’s wallet….not my kids Sam GFY

          • You kids would be 4F, besides, they put a hold on transgender applicants.

        • The problem now is that we cannot blow anything out of the sky ? There are far too many satellites and it is very congested air space. The space junk/debris produced would take out some of our own satellites ! We all screwed the pooch on space junk. Same thing will happen on all the I-phones and elect devices soon enough they will all be junk and Americans will go bonkers over a fucking trinket ?

          • who cares about space garbage. nuke that crazy gook eggroll fathead’s satellites the hell out of our sight before the emeffer launches an emp off one of them.

      9. ” Apparently, the Russians shot down an EQ-4 Drone”.

        I have yet to find independent confirmation of this shoot down, by any of the world’s various media outlets.

        Our military knows any major attack on No. Korea will probably result in a large loss of life in Seoul and destruction of the Korean economy for a good many years to come. I don’t think Trump is in the regime change business. I suspect the world will have to wait out the nut case and do whatever is necessary to increase his paranoia. Eventually his power base will crack.
        While I wait for that, I’m expanding the garden.

        • why don’t you think trump’s “in the regime change business”? every OTHER president in the last 60 years HAS been…..

          • Because it is bad for business. War is bad for business. Threat of war is good for business.

        • I have yet to find independent confirmation

          Just cite an anonymous source like the fake news.

        • Correct. The Russian will not initiate a shootdown of any US aircraft until the US engages a Russian asset. Russia doesn’t want to give the US any incentive to escalate the situation further.

          What the Russians MIGHT do is use their advanced electronic countermeasures capabilities in Syria to down a US drone. This is likely what happened to the 60% of the cruise missiles the US aimed at the Syrian airbase. They failed to reach their target. The US blamed the smoke and fire from the ones that did reach the target for the failure, which is total BS, since we can assume cruise missiles can handle fire and smoke adequately. They did so in Iraq as far as I know.

          The US wants to start a war with Syria so it can destroy Syria’s military ability to be an effective actor against Israel in a US/Israeli war with Iran. Once Syria is degraded, Israel can cross Syrian territory to attack Hizballah in Lebanon. Then and only then can Israel start a war with Iran, with the US doing the heavy lifting against Iran. Israel wants a “cheap war” with Iran, which is why Syria and Hizballah need to be taken out first.

          The Russians screwed that plan, but the US hasn’t given up. Right now the US trying to decide whether to risk WWIII with Russia in order to take out Syria over fake “chemical attacks”, on the theory that Russia could not prove Assad didn’t commit them and won’t risk WWIII to defend Syria.

          At the same time, the US is putting more and more US Special Forces inside Syria (illegally under international law) in order to incrementally increase its forces for the moment after ISIS is defanged to turn on the Syrian military and take them out, supported by a massive air and cruise missile campaign. The US plans to use its internal Syrian forces to disrupt any Russian defense of Syria.

          The problem is this, too, risks WWIII. Russia and Syria not only have a considerable number of advanced anti-aircraft systems in Syria, but they also have an unknown number of Pantsir AA systems which are highly mobile and capable of shooting down four targets at once. Any large attack by the US on Syria will result in a lot of downed cruise missiles and eventually perhaps dozens of downed US jets. The US would eventually be able to overwhelm the Russian and Syrian defenses, but it would be a very costly effort.

          • Russia should just let Iran flatten Isreahell. And this entire sharade of blowing up counties will stop for a while. All the arrows point back to the same chaos makers.

      10. THAAD is only part of the defense. We could defend South Korea, Japan, Okinawa, Guam
        and Hawaii against ballistic missile threats using a shield of Aegis equipped destroyers in
        key places. We also have Patriot batteries in Japan and elsewhere. Of course none of those
        systems are foolproof but they will eliminate many of the threats. Our satellites have zeroed
        in on most every important land-based targets to be hit. Expect saturation bombing just
        north of the DMZ. Look for shock and awe with a capital S and capital A- LIKE NEVER SEEN
        BEFORE. If you eliminate all of KJU’s military, you have achieved regime change. Does not
        matter if he survives and remains in some Hitler kind of bunker. You eliminate his military and he is done. The goal will be to minimize the damage to Japan and South Korea’s populace and economies. To do this it has to be over ASAP. Like 48 to 72 hours. The amount of ordinance used will be astronomical. Has to be or how else could it be won.
        With KJU’s million man cannon fodder army gone, the North Korean populace will no longer
        fear a dictator holed up in some bunker.

        • Are you sure?

          I wonder if N.K. launched hundreds and hundreds of missiles at one time if we could shoot them down. If they launched just a few at a time I sm sure we could get them all.

      11. Obviously the American people have been neutered insignificant with any thought or action on what to do with rich evil pricks waging war in their names and wallets. What a pitiful assemblage of mind controlled dorks this nation has morphed into new world order style as if in a trance. USA USA, blah blah bullshit. No wonder the draft was canned.

        • “No wonder the draft was canned.”

          The draft was canned to significantly minimize opposition to unjustified war.

          • The draft is not really canned….. kids still have to register for selective service when they are 18. If a hot war started, the draft could be re-instated right quick.

            • Seen anyone drafted? If the US drafted now 16 years post 911 with wars not against terrorism but the US using terrorists to overthrow nations where Christians are protected, Iraq, Libya and now Syria I dare say the political opposition would be OVERWHELMING.

              “Shall to Be Infringed” is in the Second Amendment too but thats also not being used either.

              • Kevin 2- If you really think about it, the draft is political suicide for anyone that mentions it.
                They rely on patriot family kids to serve the mil-industrial complex. I love my country, too.
                Or whats left of it. My country right or wrong/ no longer applies IMHO. It’s late in the game
                and we are WAY past that. Too many poisoners with suburban DC residences have ruined it
                for all.

                • I told my kids that if they were stupid enough and joined the military that they were not welcome back home.

                  • The US Navy in certain technical fields has given many significant skills in employment and likewise the Air Force. The Coast Guard can be good duty with employable transferable skills too.

                  • Good liberal parenting you are doing. Make sure your kids know their freedom was earned by other people.

                    • john stiner

                      Newsflash, we haven’t fought for our freedom since WWII. If anything drafting kids to fight for Wall Streets gains is its opposite as are false flag wars. OBTW why did the US use its air power to help islamic fundamentalist AQ overthrow Libya? Seen any WMD in Iraq? Why is the US post 911 arming ISIS?

                      Your being lied to on an unimaginable scale.

      12. The best explanation I have heard for the Navy ship that was hit by a commercial ship was on the Hagmann and Hagmann report a few days ago. Matt Bracken was interviewed and he gave a well-thought out and reasoned explanation for the incident that basically came down to human error. Bracken described the commercial freighter as a slow-motion missile that was on auto pilot. Throw in human error and along with human relying on technology that is not perfect and something like this incident happens.

        As for EW (electronic warfare) that has been around for decades. EW is not the same as an EMP. Disruptive comm tech has been around a long time but it amazes me that civvies lump any EW tech into the EMP bag. JJ should know the difference! I do.

        • @PD, those on watch for the Navy were either having their balls massaged (sexist I know, maybe one of the women were having her balls massaged, hell if I know)or were just plain stupid, or asleep, or stoned, but to have a “slow-motion missile” make impact just leaves me speechless (not really). These ships are equipped with millions of dollars of sonar and radar to keep this from happening, hell, a sampan loaded with c-4 could have done a lot of damage also.

          • Did you listen to the explanation given by Matt Bracken? Obviously not or you would not be making that type of uninformed comment.

            Are you an expert sailor / seaman? Have you sailed around the world? Bracken has and is an experienced sailor both while he was in the military and out of the military.

            Sometimes mistakes compound and human error can result in exactly the type of incident with this ship. People expect technology to save them and to be idiot proof. It is not.

            • So Bracken just blames the container ship?

              Other news reports are saying the container ship was sounding the horn and flashing a light trying to alert to collision.

              Why would the US ship not take evasive action? That is what I want to know.

              Even if it entirely the container ships fault, I still totally blame the Navy ship for not taking evasive action.

              If a ship is going to intentionally ram a Navy ship, is there no way of preventing a collision?

              • No. Bracken did not blame the container ship. But he did explain that any intelligent seaman expects container ships to have limited staff and to be on autopilot using GPS.

                He also discusses why there was no evasive action. I am not an expert seaman but his explanation was the best I have heard thus far.

                Furthermore, Bracken does not claim the container ship rammed the navy ship on purpose. He thinks this was an accumulation of errors based on human thinking the autopilot would keep them safe and the Navy ship also trusting too much in the GPS readings. Both of these ships are large but the container ship had the right of way and you are correct the Navy ship ought to have moved out of the way. Bracken argues that the Navy ship was relying on delayed GPS readings and thought they could slide past the container ship.

                Anyhow it was a multiplicity of errors due to an over reliance on technology and arrogance on the part of the Navy ship captain (or whomever was at the helm that morning) which caused this accident. Bracken was pretty blasé about the entire incident. In other words, shit happens.

                Again, please check out the Hagmann and Hagmann report from a few days ago, heck they even put Bracken’s name in the Utube headliner!

                • If the Navy report is ever released, (which I doubt) it will probably show that the OOD was at fault. The container ship had the right of way due to size and position. A container ship is fast, heavy and cannot maneuver well. The destroyer was to the port side of the container ship, which must yeild right of way. It is also fast and very maneuverable. I believe the woman OOD was snoozing or texting while on watch. Women belong on Hospital ships…not warships. Our military is turning to shit with all the fags, women, transfags, and mooselimbs allowed to enlist.

                  • Bracken’s explanation of the accident begins at 34:00 minute mark.


                    • What that guy says makes perfect sense, but it seems WAY to easy for an accident like that to happen.

                      I am having a hard time believing that the warship could so easily be struck.

                  • Thank you. That is what I said, above. You won’t hear this kind of explanation in a sound bite on any news program. Bracken’s explanation is coherent and based on his experience as a sailor.

                    I listened to it again, last night. I wouldn’t be able to tell if a ship made a 15-degree adjustment in the middle of the night! Heck, even in the middle of the day how would you know if it had made such a minor course correction? You wouldn’t.

                    • “I wouldn’t be able to tell if a ship made a 15-degree adjustment in the middle of the night! Heck, even in the middle of the day how would you know if it had made such a minor course correction? You wouldn’t.”
                      Thanks for repeating that point! (didn’t see your link when I was posting mine.)

      13. They want WAR at any cost. It is quite evident. The latest ‘fake’ news is that Syria is planning another chemical attack on civilians. Of course those of us that are smart enough to see the big picture know that Assad would not gas 50 civilian children…only to bring world condemnation on him. Its laughable to think otherwise. These bastards are now planning another attack on Assad “before” he does this gas attack. Do they, or did they, offer proof of such an attack.? NO.
        This next regional war will quickly escalate to a point where there will be no avoiding WWIII. These industrial-military complex neo-con fascist psychotic bastards are poised to destroy civilization. The last word uttered in the movie “the bridge over the river kwai” was……’MADNESS’. Quite applicable as of late.!

          • Before we Bomb anybody, it would be nice if we found out exactly what is going on first. Basing the decision on a video of what looks like people in an emergency proves nothing. I was caught in a chemical spill and wound up in a hospital. Accidents happen. We don’t know when that tape was filmed and by whom. It is important to not allow emotion to overtake reason. Certainly, if I was in a position to make decisions, I would investigate. There are serious questions. Where, when, why, and how. To assume Assad did this is rediculous. Assad denies he had anything to do with any chemical attacks. So, an investigation is needed. It is hard to remain objective. That is why emotionally gripping scenes with children are sometimes staged. There needs to be cool, calm and unemotional examination of the facts, just the facts.



            • Not so fast J and John Steiner. Seriously are you all buying this MSM Narrative BS? Don’t be so gullible. Here are some facts for ya to swallow.

              White House Prepares Another Chemical Weapon False Flag Attack in Syria 06-29-2017 • ht tps://www.corbettreport.com

              The White House announced on Monday that they are preparing to frame Syrian President Assad for the next chemical weapon attack in Syria, essentially giving the green light to their Al-CIA-da forces to proceed with another false flag event. So who is behind this, what is at stake, and where is the attack likely to take place? Join James for this Thought For The Day as he goes over the latest information on this false flag attack and solicits your participation in an open source investigation. Link: ht tp://www.freedomsphoenix.com/News/220759-2017-06-29-white-house-prepares-another-chemical-weapon-false-flag-attack-in.htm?From=News

              • So Trump says bomb ISS but he sends 57 Tomahawk to no where {mind you} all to support the Group…. And he’s the Hero now.. Keep Prepping stay focus were getting closer every day

          • JS,

            How did you embed the video clip?
            I tried to copy your clip and paste it on my post but I can’t get the video to play.


            Louisiana Eagle

            • Hey Lousinana Eagle. OK I will tell you how to embed videos.. But then I would have to kill ya. Do You still want to know? lol

          • john stiner

            The official report said it was nerve gas. The responders weren’t wearing nerve gas protective equipment. The Islamic nuts armed by the US possess blister gas (Chlorine) themselves that upon even superficial investigation showed the type in their possession was used a few years ago; hence false flag. The US has so far not explained why it is against an impartial third party determining all the facts in the last incident. Why?

            Take note of the photo of the breeched chemical container that shows EXTERNAL FORCE indicative of being opened by a conventional bomb. The Syrians bombed an ISIS chemical storage depot.

            h ttp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-13/top-missile-and-chemical-weapons-expert-debunks-trump’s-claims-about-syrian-chemic-0

            Reuters doesn’t report on this either because Reuters is the US PRAVDA

            The US is arming ISIS while Syria is protecting Christians

            Tulsi Gabbard | Stop Arming Terrorists Act, End Regime Change And War In Syria

            h ttps://youtu.be/EpzaLCPdbUs

            From The CIA World Fact Book

            Syria: Take note of the 10% Christian population. Syria is a

            Muslim 87% (official; includes Sunni 74% and Alawi, Ismaili, and Shia 13%), Christian 10% (includes Orthodox, Uniate, and Nestorian), Druze 3%, Jewish (few remaining in Damascus and Aleppo)

            Like The Gulf Of Tonkin, JFK assassination, WMD in Iraq your being lied to as the “official story” unravels.

          • Not so fast John Steiner. Seriously are buy buying this BS? Don’t be so gullible. Here are some facts for ya to swallow.

            White House Prepares Another Chemical Weapon False Flag Attack in Syria
            06-29-2017 • https://www.corbettreport.com
            The White House announced on Monday that they are preparing to frame Syrian President Assad for the next chemical weapon attack in Syria, essentially giving the green light to their Al-CIA-da forces to proceed with another false flag event. So who is behind this, what is at stake, and where is the attack likely to take place? Join James for this Thought For The Day as he goes over the latest information on this false flag attack and solicits your participation in an open source investigation.

            Link: ht tp://www.freedomsphoenix.com/News/220759-2017-06-29-white-house-prepares-another-chemical-weapon-false-flag-attack-in.htm?From=News

      14. Whereas I appreciate the ‘heads-up’, what needs to be realized is that this ‘Hal Turner’, our own ‘Jeremiah Johnson’ and all those “…numerous sources and sites..” have done is also given a reason, a provocation, have baited the insane Un over in North Korea. What the ‘F!!’. Has no one in this idiotic country ever considered that news and speculation travels around the world? Has no one recalled the old “loose lips sink ships” phrase? Want war? Really? Who here wants to go over there and die? Or who wants to send their kids or grand-kids over there to die? Or worse, have the funny-hairdo’d whack-job launch on us or South Korea…. or whoever the hell he thinks is a target at the moment?

        Should we wish to launch a first strike it’d sure be nice to do so without giving that fat little “F” a warning. News is fine and dandy; but, some common sense is needed by all. In other words, STFU, keep your cards close to your chest and don’t reveal your hand. Damn, why not hire some sky-writing prop plane to write, “hey, we plan on bombing the “S” out of you on Saturday” and fly it over Pyongyang tomorrow?

        • Yes, lets wait until AFTER north Korea nukes south Korea or Japan before we do something.

          • Agreed. Lets wait.

      15. Oh yeah and I forgot to add, no we are not going to bomb N. Korea. The “Donald” gave it to me straight, no bombing, bombing would be bad, the current NK dictator is a transvestite prostitute and is already bombed, no need to hurt the little people…..

        • meh….

      16. This was a 5min waste of reading time based off nothing but made up speculation.

        Insert Joe Friday’s comments HERE.

        • You are starting to show your age.

          • Touché…….

            But to clarify I’m a Dan Aykroyd generation not a Jack Webb guy.

      17. War is when the top .25% murder and steal from the other 99.75%.

        Jump off a cliff!

        • Here in the Euro White Middle Class Sector which makes up about 78% of the population in the US, we get squeezed from both ends.

          We have the Top 2.1% parasites of our population stealing 25% from us, and destroying our country and culture, and the lower 17% of the other demographic that steals from us too, and commits 75% of the crime in the US.

          Can you name these 2 demographic sectors?

      18. Really? Its like me punching out a 3year old, the US must have war sense it is a war economy that keeps it going.

      19. This is recycled generic information, nothing specific here, move on.

        While just about everyone in the MSM would have us focus on North Korea, I strongly recommend INSTEAD that each of us keep our focus on both our Southern border and on Alaska (since Obama gave away 7 strategic islands to Russia).

        Secondly, stay focused on any natural events as well as if our power grid got computer-hacked.

        Lastly, I would ALSO read Hodges’ article on China having invaded India on Monday morning.

        This is not unrelated to the evidence emerging that China launched an EMP against our warship last week!

        Pray for wisdom for President Trump because our President knows he cannot be baited into an unwinnable war. Pray that he be a Chess Master and tactician of extraordinary skill.

        Reacquaint yourself with the Ten Commandments. It is no accident that the possessed/deranged man plowed into them to destroy them. To disobey any of these Commandments is to risk the wrath of God the Father because He will not let Satan destroy the majority of humanity nor His Divine Creation.

        Do everything you can to save your soul while you pray for God’s protection for yourself, your family, friends, loved ones, and country.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • There you go again with your fictitious BS story about the US giving islands away.
          THAT NEVER HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          CONSPIRACY KOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          ABOUT ISLAND GIVEAWAY. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          SOMEONE HAS TO.


            N O T H I N G !

            IN FACT, ALL YOU DID WAS AD HOMINEM ARGUMENTS = YOU ATTACKED ME INSTEAD OF PUTTING UP ANYTHING SUBSTANTIVE, except for a mindless rant. That’s all your so-called ‘archive’ consists of. I read each carefully and that’s what I found.

            In fact, I was wondering when you were gonna crawl out from under your governmental rock.

            Like you are doing here.

            So WHICH 3-letter Agency do YOU work for?

            Must be the Office of DISinfo!


            Well I’m calling you out on your ABUSE, bud. Pure and simple: you are an ABUSER.

            AS LONG as YOUR bible is MAIN(lame)STREAM Media, BUD, you will CONTINUE to suffer FROM YOUR ALLERGY TO THE FACTS!

            And the interesting thing is that by your ballistically non-intelligible rants you are a shining example of what Shakespeare wrote: “THE LADY DOTH PROTEST TOO MUCH ME THINKS!”

            Yup, I agree.

            – the Lone Ranger

            “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.” – Gandhi

            “Whenever you have eliminated the impossible, whatever is left, however improbable, must be the truth.” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

            • Lone Ranger- AKA Conspiratorical Kook/ You have been spewing FALSE, PHONY,
              BULLSHIT claims for too long. Do some REAL research from multiple sources- NOT JUST
              FROM CONSPIRACY KOOK WEBSITES LIKE HODGES. Look at what you are claiming.
              RIDICULOUS. You can bullshit the average knuckle dragger out there. Not me.

            • Forgot to sign off on the other post. Yeah, I said it.

        • Dave Hodges is wrong every time. He has been writing about DOOM for 5 years and has been wrong every time. So forget him
          but there are many things to worry about

      20. All this tells me is this. Prepare more. We don’t know if it will be an all out nuke strike. Not that I want to be living in that scenario. But if it’s a collapse and huge die off. I look forward to the aftermath where those who want to be productive, can be.

      21. How did people who call themselves Christians become so blood-thirsty. We smugly sit at our keyboards and pick good nations and evil nations like we are playing fantasy football. We talk of World War as if it is Super Bowl.

        I challenge parents to Google ‘images victims Hiroshima’ and act as parents.

      22. /china and Russia have to pay lip service to defending N Korea neither one wants war with the US for real. They probably will not let the N Koreas get them into such a war, So trump within limits can thump the N. Koreans in self defense

      23. I think SHTF is a CIA propaganda outlet: always keeping the public on the edge of nuclear war.

        • or maybe we’re just reporting on developments as they happen…

      24. Asymmetrical = The U.S. shoots down Syrian aircraft over Syrian territory for flying near an illegally occupied U.S. base on Syrian territory. A Russian S-300 shoots down an American Drone worth $200,000,000.00. The Syrians already have S-300s. So, who knows, deniability.

        The U.S. attacks Free Korea (North Korea). A Russian torpedo sinks a U.S. aircraft carrier. The Free Koreans already have submarines. So, who knows, deniability.

        The Russians and Chinese have developed an alternative to American aggression. World War Three is not the only response.

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