It Begins: Trump Launches Blitzkrieg Style Missile Strike Against Syrian Targets: “50 Tomahawk Missiles”

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Headline News | 241 comments

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    President Trump has launched a missile strike targeting the Syrian airfield reportedly used to initiate a chemical gas attack that killed at least 100 people on Tuesday.

    Two U.S. warships in the Mediterranean Sea fired at least 50 Tomahawk missiles intended for a single target — Ash Sha’irat in Homs province in western Syria, the officials said. That’s the airfield from which the United States believes the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad fired the banned weapons.

    There was no immediate word on casualties. U.S. officials told NBC News that people were not targeted and that aircraft and infrastructure at the site, including the runway, were hit.

    NBC News

    Russia has previously warned of dire consequences in the event of such an attack, with even the Trump administration highlighting the possibility of Russian military casualties. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been a staunch ally to Syrian President Assad, providing various military technologies including missile defense systems.

    It is not yet clear whether this is a one-off event or an opening salvo for broader military action.


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      1. Best pray Russians weren’t killed.

        • Oh shit here we go.

          Kim Jong Un is next.

          Buckle up folks.

          • The billionaire warmongers are celebrating now.

            • actually its the Dems and the MSM that is celebrating.

            • Russia makes MAJOR move after U.S. Strike on Syria!

              Russia Cuts Off Military Back Channel Line

              “The move is in response to U.S. airstrikes on a Syrian airfield carried out in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack by the Syrian regime.”

              “Russia suspends the Memorandum of Understanding on Prevention of Flight Safety Incidents in the course of operations in Syria signed with the US,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement Friday.

              “Russia and the United States set up the so-called deconfliction line in October 2015 after Russian air forces intervened in the Syrian civil war.

              This was the very communications channel President Trump used to warn Russia of the incoming missiles over Syria.”

              ht tp://

            • When we hear Nancy Polosi and Chucky Pedophile Schummer praise Donald Trump, you know Trump just did something very very bad. The Psychopaths are on the warpath. Zionist controlled Foreign Policy will kill all of us Americans, and that’s their Plan. Mutual assured full destruction.

          • We might be next.

            I’m far too young and still have funds to spend to check out.. This is nuts.

            • Far too young……LMAO. You’re no better than us old people.

              Die with some dignity boy.

              • Good chuckle on that one,,,
                We all have an expiration date stamped on us that we cant see, when its time its time

              • Hahahahaha typical little spoiled greedy punk worried over buying more “stuff”, more and more STUFF, sad sad bunch.

                • WTF, so profound a statement. I bet you’re proud of it.
                  Now learn to recognize humor and sarcasm, twit.

                  • Ketchupondemand

                    Thank you. Someone gets it. I’m a few months away from 60, hardly spoiled, never greedy.

                    • Kevin2, I just turned 60 last month [SIGH]. We could only WISH to be young again. I’m neither spoiled nor greedy myself.

                    • Braveheart1776

                      We (at or on the cusp of 60) caught the good job middle class caboose as the final train was leaving the station. We peered out the back and seen America disappear into the horizon.

                      Youth would be grand but be very thankful you lived when you did.

              • Don’t worry, mellania will save you with her skin care cosmetics if you get radiation ulcers. And Ivanka will whip those Ruskies with her $napper Pu$$y

                • Ivanka Humpalot

            • Let’s hope this is a one-off event.

              My guess is — and this is purely theoretical – that Trump had to do something given the hype behind this from mainstream media, his administration and his own words yesterday. I suspect they communicated these actions to the Russians in advance and told them to get out of the area. Putin may not have liked it, but perhaps deferred to Trump so that he could take some sort of action.

              Either that…. or things are about to get very, very serious.

              • I agree with your assessment.

                But worry the hornets nest has been poked.

                Keep the good info coming, this place is a good forum for ideas and alternate perspectives to what’s going on out there.

                • Thanks Jim – I agree about the hornets nest. At this point, all bets are off. This could be nothing or it could accelerate and intensify. By the end of 1914, less than 6 months after WWI was officially declared, one million were dead. And that’s before nukes were a factor…

                  It can happen fast is all I’m sayin.

                    • Thanks for the link — I was going to make mention of that in the post but was a bit pressed for time.

                      The war to end all wars… yeah right!

                  • Mac, if it escalates, then yes all bets could be off. It still remains to be seen. I think we also have to question if Putin’s support for Assad is ‘unconditional’. There could be some limits to that support that we’re not aware of. Putin doesn’t want war any more than we do. The days of huge armies having at each other are long gone. The nature of warfare has changed.

                    • You will have to end banking before you can end wars.

              • That could well be the understatement Mac,,,

              • Yea Mac there was a report that they called the Russians and told them to get out of the air base.

              • The liberals changed their ideology tonite….I guess its now ok for other human beings being gassed to death in their own homes while asleep is now acceptable. They are a sad group.

                • You believe US “intelligence” that Assad did this attack? WTF? Just last week we were shown the CIA program that show us how they make shit up and make it look like other parties did it. This is all bullshit. Stay the fuck out of other countries biznezz. Have we not learned, Saddam, Qadafi, Egypt?

                  • I was wondering about this myself.

              • The people, recently murdered, in Syria, were not gassed. They were head bludgeoned, to death,sacrificed, to get sympathy, from the West, that is how the high rollers, roll
                Thereby, making people believe that Trumps actions tonight, were necessary measures..
                “They” want to overthrow Assad, who, like Hitler, was against, nwo
                Trump, just did, what people feared, Hillery, would do..oh the irony

                • There is no difference between political puppets,

                • How can you say that.

                  All the news and video on this Reported Chemical Attack comes from only one news source, the “White Helmets” a terror group with its home offices in Great Britain. The organization is run by a known terrorist.

                  The BBC was demanding just tonight that Trump “must do something”! The BBC a propaganda tool of the British government had no suggestions that the British military get involved, but they literally demanded Trump do so.

                  Have you ever noticed that BBC America changes newscasters with the subject matter of the current world crisis? I have, when there’s a problem in India the shows news caster is of Indian heritage. When the problem is in Asia, the reporter is Asian. I also noticed BBC knew enough to bring out their military hawk a couple days BEFORE the supposed chemical weapons attack. He is the one beating the drums of war for the EU.

                  I find it no coincidence that MI-5 has fingerprints all over the spying on then President Elect Trump. That connection was never discredited, though the media went silent on it, even in the face of significant evidence.

                  There is some really squirrelly stuff happening out of London. I’m thinking the British are no longer America’s trusted ally. I’m wondering if Brexit won’t ultimately be overthrown and British citizens screwed.

                  • Has “squirrely stuff” ever not come out of London? Remember the Redcoats, their Stamp Act, their Townshend Acts, and their Intolerable (Coercive) Acts!

                    • I’m thinking in terms of current event not ancient history.

                      I think we are seeing active ties between the US deep state and the deep state in the UK and EU.

                      Perhaps a side effect of the war on terror that got the super secret spy agencies all sharing information and ideas. If so it is a scary concept that the most secret security agencies of the western nations are working together on a political globalist agenda unrelated to anti-terrorism.

                • I have no doubt about them being gassed, but it wasn’t Assad’s military that carried it out. This is all a setup for the armchair generals to wage war to line the pockets of the billionaires commanding it.

              • Right on with your assesment,my concern is that we are over extended as it is,vis-a-vis,readiness

              • Mac,

                This is serious! There are a lot of unknown variables but a decisive action has been taken. What’s next? A few Tomahawk Missiles are unlikely to do what needs to be done. I see a gigantic tinder box consisting of HE material in the region that could quickly engulf all who are involved. Keep the conversation going. Thanks!

                Louisiana Eagle ?

              • I was thinking (hoping) the same thing, Mac! Let’s hope still!

              • I always see things this a message to Kim Jong Un??

              • Mac Slavo

                “Let’s hope this is a one-off event.”

                It will be if it has the desired effect which is:

                1. Remove Assad from power.
                a. because he is preventing the natural gas transit
                2. Put someone to the liking of TPTB in power or have chaos
                3. Make the Russians go home
                4. Get the natural gas line to Europe through Syria

                If the above isn’t achieved just repeat the false flags. Maybe Syrian linked terrorists in the US seeking revenge with “indisputable evidence” from none other than the CIA, NSA and even MI 5.

                They can stage events at will. The MSM carry the story to the fullest. The US public buys it line hook and sinker. Why change what works?

            • Kevin that is funny but so true buddy. May God have mercy on us.

              How much are those Tomahawks? Was that a good use of ordinance?
              Those can’t be replenished overnight. Empty magazines are a bad thing.

              We are in an INSANE Asylum. Nut job Commies on the Left. Bought and Paid for on the Right. One Party System. And NO ONE Represents you. You don’t matter.

              Politician Idiots about to stir up a hornets nest. YOU are in the middle.

              Who knows where this will lead. I don’t like it. WW3? Being Nuked? For what? For nothing your average person cares anything about. Who cares?

              My country is over run by Mexicans, Chinese buying farm land, and rag heads allowed in that hate us.

              I’d rather fire on Mexico. Mexico won’t stop peddaling drugs to our ignorant young people. Lives destroyed. STOP THE CARTELS. They are bigger issue than Syria.

              Russia has effective nuclear weapons.
              China has nuclear weapons.
              2 on one are not good odds.
              Go looking for trouble, you usually find it.

              Fist fights lead to gun fights. Better to stay out of it.

              • No, Mike, I do not support Trump in this atrocity. He has just revealed to us that he has been bought and paid for. Big disappointment. Very bad.

            • Russia responds…

              Russian warship steams toward U.S. Destroyers that launched Syria strikes.

              Fox News

              • Don’t worry KY jelly mom, it is fake news. They could attack the ships without moving toward any ship. Back in the day they only had black powder cannons. Now we only have loose cannons, for politicians.

                • Gandhi, she is KY Mom, NOT KY JELLY MOM. LET’S GET THE NAME STRAIGHT, COMPRENDE?

                • gandhi, and any one else acting the fool.
                  Show some civility or keep off the keyboard at this web site.
                  Discussion can be heated but civil.

                  Your poor attempt at humor gandi is rude and disrespectful.
                  Over a keyboard guys like you are always acting tough.

                  In person I knock out rude pricks like you gandi. Yes I would. Yes I can. Yes I have.
                  Let a douche bag act up. He continues acting up. Knock his ass out he either learns manners or goes somewhere else. That is what happens in the real world.

                  Some people on this site are very well thought of. Their insight is respected, informative, and appreciated. KY Mom is one of those.

                  • Whoops my bad anonymous, you are so right. I stand corrected. Besides I am sober now.

          • He’s probably freaking out right about now, which makes him even more unstable…

          • Kim Jong un is a mentally ill scumbag friend of denis rodman. Maybe kapernick could visit Kim jung too and they could all be celebrating in Kim’s mancave when the tomahawks hit Kim’s Mohawk.

            • You are so right about old Kim, a mentally deranged fat boy!

          • Striking Syria is an act of war. Did Congress hold a vote to go to war with Syria?

            • As if a vote from our incompetent “We need to vote for it so we know what’s in it” Congress really matters?

        • If there were Russian casualties, we probably won’t here about it. Despite our military’s negligent neglect during the previous administration, I think we’d readily kick their ass in non nuclear war.

          • Knowing how professional and great our military is, they prolly hit the wrong target.

            • Screw you Gandhi, try saying that in person to any one of our Vets, they will hand you your friggin pansy ass on a paper plate.

              • Well, I would have to say it to myself then because I am a 20 year vet. Nothing left of our military accept transgendered Chelsea types. That will obey any order constitutional or not. I doubt trump has even read the constitution let alone understand it. Any power our military has is due to Chinese engineers who designed the new toys.

                • I also have a friend who is an ex F16 fighter pilot who is embarrassed and sad for creating the carnage of innocent people. So suck on a truth sucker at the gay bar please.

                  • Ghandi I can tell by your lewd and undisciplined remarks you were never a vet, and my nephew is a 15 year vet and is by no means a chelsea type, and he would have no problem going into your gay bar and shoving that truth sucker right up your ass. I’m sure it’s not the only thing that’s been up there, and there are plenty of courageous heros in our military, the greatest volunteer military in the world, that are sacrificing a cushy life for you, so you can run your pie hole to make yourself feel better for not having a coming out party. We can always spot you liberal type that have to put down our brave men & women because you have such a guilty conscience for dodging the draft. You can hate Trump all you want no one cares, but garbage like you will not be tolerated saying shit that disrespects our military heros. So go sing the YMCA song with your pretend pilot friend.

            • Gahndi,
              The US three letter agencies are intentionally Undermining an ELECTED president Trump.
              The targeting data these agencies provided to Trump/US Military was probably intentionally wrong.

              These US agencies do not work for you. They do not work for the best interests of the USA. They care NOTHING about the Constitution. These agencies are NEVER held accountable. They are just like Obama-Clinton’s, above Any/All Law or accountability.
              Out of control. No oversight. Rules and Law never applies to them.

              These US agencies don’t serve the USA, so who do they serve? Themselves? The “Elite”? UN Communist NWO? Satan himself? Who knows? These US and Euro agencies seem to serve the Deep State NWO Bilderberg/Tri Lateral commission shadow types.

              -They seem want a War. Maybe they just want us to all be wiped out in a mushroom cloud?
              -They let/force the civilized countries be overun with HOSTILE immigrants.
              -Get population concentrated in the cities.
              -Get cities NUKED and eliminated. Then 75% of population gone.
              -The Rich wait it out in their fancy bunkers. Then the remaining survivors are desperate. Desperate people easy to control. Work for a bowl of Rice a day like China workers.
              -Once Robots perfected, the Rich kill off another 15% of population. Robots with AI fill the gap and don’t require wages or health insurance, do as they are programmed, no questions.

              Georgia Guide Stones tell you their plans. Do you think they are kidding around?
              They tell you what is coming but you don’t believe/listen. Look at sick disturbing murals on wall at Denver Airport (DIA).
              Hell is coming.
              They want WAR. Nuclear war.
              They want population reduction.
              —–They want You and your children robbed, broke, controlled, then Just Dead and GONE.

              When someone tells me they want to kill me. I take them at their word.

        • To all you Ruskie lovers on here. How’d those S-300 systems work out in Syria? Couldn’t stop a single tomahawk. All the while Trump’s sitting with China’s Xi. Trump sent a message tonight.

          • He did indeed.

            Now let’s see how the Ruskies and the ChiComs take it.

            • The Russians were informed about the strike before it took place.

              • If the s-300 was operational,does that mean the Russians turned it off,if so,would that imply they were complicit?

                • Road, correct. The systems were turned off, according to US TV. If we believe it. They also reported that it was the S-200 not S-300. I know that the Russians have deployed the S-400 to Syria, to guard Russian stuff. The Russians also have the latest S-500, but maybe not deployed to Syria.

            • Mac, Putin already warned us to NOT attack Syria, we just did. He will respond as he has to. He won’t look weak to his people as he prides himself as being a strong leader. He WILL hit back……

              • I agree with you…Putin will not wish to look weak in front of his people. I believe the next 48 hours will be very telling. This is a game of chess, not checkers, and every calculated move matters.

                One thing I can say for sure…don’t let anyone tell you that Trump is not a man of action. He just showed the world that he can and will act.

                • “He just showed the world that he can and will act.” Exactly! I believe Trump had his reasons to hit that airfield, and as strange as it may sound, one of those reasons were to send a strong message to North Korea. Message sent……

                  • Exactly. The question is, will NK receive the message that was sent?

                  • I have to agree, I am still laughing as Allah could not save that airfield! Rayethon when your ready to meet your God!

                • kynase “The next 48 hrs will be very telling”, yes but if Putin retaliates it will be when we least expect it. He knows we are expecting it now. I think he’d rather take us by shock and surprise.

                • All the posturing and crimes account for nothing if Washington D.C. is reduced to a glowing pile of rubble.

                  Actually, I personally would not have a problem with that. The federal political machine is not our government, it’s an occupation force domestically and worldwide purveyor of terror.

                • Trump is being played. Being sucked into foolishness.
                  I gave Trump my Time-Money-Vote. Because I believed he would stay OUT of war.
                  Stay OUT of Syria and Ukraine. Make Peace with Russia, show some mutual respect.
                  — … — I demand PEACE. End this crazy war mongering by everyone that holds office.

                  I was wrong in supporting Trump. I will NOT support him next election. STAYING Home on election day. I will no longer participate in the sham called election. There are no choices. ALL THE SAME just a different name.

                  My sons are forbidden to join any military. We will not fight Bankers and Politicians FOOLISH wars. We will leave before I would allow them to be drafted. By the way, they also want your daughters now. To get them killed for nothing.

                  I thought Trump had a backbone?
                  I thought Trump had more sense?
                  I’m an idiot foe buying into his BS. He lied.

                  Any idiot can get into a fight. Most do. But it takes a man to walk away from an idiotic moron trying to stir it up. Especially when you know you could easily shut him up. Walking away is what a man does. Little boys always have to show off and prove something. That is why they end up in prison or bleeding in the streets dead.

                  I ask was it worth it? Prison. Death. Many friends are now in both places. Prison, dead, and also missing arms and legs because they fought in wars NO ONE CARES ANYTHING ABOUT. Many brothers dead. Almost got me.

                  So I ask you now, “Do you Support President Donald J Trump?”
                  — … — Is a risk of Nuclear War worth it? The USA was not attacked.
                  Self defense is understandable. Putting your nose in internal civil wars is FOOLISH.

                  I went out with a sexy girl in high school. Until she removed her make up, hair weave extensions, and girdle hiding a mushroom top overhang. She showed a sweet persona in public and school. But she spoke horribly to her father and mother in private. I was disgusted. She was sexy until you saw the real her. I bailed.

                  Same with Trump. He has shown himself to be easily influenced by war mongering fools that hope to profit from the DEATH of fellow human beings. I am disgusted by his actions. Foolish. No upside for Americans. None of our business.

                  War is not Patriotic. War is insanity and disgusting. Seen it. NEVER AGAIN.
                  Go visit a VA hospital sometime. Easy to see who was Infantry. Parts are missing.

              • Putin is an old fart who has gotten fat on caviars. The Russian’s “special” forces I met would drink aircraft de-icing fluid if the cheap vodka ran out.

          • From what I’ve read, only 23 of the 59 missiles hit their target.

            And this was a surprise attack from close range.

        • You are most correct.

        • Quick! Fill your bath tubs with water, grab some cheese, pop open a wine bottle and watch the show, bro. There is no reason that the end of the world as we knew it should not be celebrated. Yes

          • I worked with a guy who said that if he knew an atomic attack was coming, he would go out, find a white concrete wall, and make a crazy contorted pose that would be printed on the concrete wall for all time. Plus he’d die fast with little pain…..

            • I will paint a wall for him and hide behind the wall and take a YouTube video of him.

              • With a selfie stick around and the wall of course

          • Been saving a bottle of Jeagermiester for just such an occasion…

        • Thing to do now would be wait for Putins response,and ,if you live near an airbase,whats the flight line looking like,and inventory that bag one more time,i beleive scenarios like this are gamed to a fiery conclusion

        • I suspect that TRUMP had real intel evidence of the attack by Assad on the Syrian people. These were likely NOT members of his TRIBE. Some people cry “false flag” no matter what happens without any evidence one way or the other.

          I will support his action until there is evidence to the contrary.

          His quick, decisive, overwhelming response will send a message around the world to our adversaries that there is a New Marshal in town and he will take your guns and make you pay a price if you use them in a criminal manner.

          Gassing innocent women and children is criminal. 🙁

          • DK whats your prediction for the Markets and Medals on the opening? Trekker Out

            • Probably up, but I haven’t looked yet. 🙂

          • DK…….Why would Assad gas his own people when
            1) He and Russia have defeated IS
            2) Was elected I with over 70% of the vote in the last election… election that the UN observed and declared free and fair.

            This idea of America being “World Sherriff” is madness, and is exactly what needs to be stopped on this planet.

            Mate, I like Trump and wish him well, but he better phucking settle down before he gets all you lot killed mate.

            False flag is where my money sits…….it’ is, sadly, America’s International Calling Card.

            Nuke em Duke
            Cooking fish and chips for Friday night dinner
            East Coast, Australia.

            • Gday mate!

              Enjoy them fish n chips!

            • Duke: I have no idea why Assad would do it, but, he may have believed that TRUMP was a paper tiger who supported him and that he could get away with it: or anything else to suppress the rebellion against him.

              While they were Syrians, they were not “his people”.

              After all TRUMP had publicly stated that if Assad was replaced, he might could be replaced by something much worse (ISIS).The gassing COULD have been ordered by one of Assad’s generals. It may also been a mistake by the technicians loading the wrong bomb onto the airplane.

              There is much we do not know.

              In any case, I believe that there was accurate intelligence that the bombing was conducted from that air base by Assad’s air force. As an ex-Marine myself, I trust the Marine Generals in power who UNANIMOUSLY recommended this action.

              Marine General’s do not use false flags as a tactic of war. I would bet my life on that fact. The area is covered by both satellite and radar and the digital film downloaded, in conjunction with recorded radar tracking, would have shown where the jets that bombed the civilians originated.

              Note that TRUMP’S response was swift and overwhelming, signalling TRUMP’S willingness to act if required. It was a good, strategic move by TRUMp and contrary to the public outcry from Russia, I would suggest that they knew it was coming. Afterall, according to one of our “greatest statesmen” a politician must have both a “public and private opinion”.

              I would bet that Russia does too; especially if it is discovered that no Russians were at the airbase that was erased. Russians have been there in the past. 🙂

          • DK

            Well Paul Craig Roberts and Ron Paul disagree with you.

            Why would Assad do this? This act only benefits the Neo-Cons. You’ll believe until there is evidence to the contrary? Guess you buy the Lee Harvey Oswald thing.

            THEY CONTROL THE EVIDENCE. From the Gulf Of Tonkin through WMD in Iraq. If your waiting to see the truth in the mainstream news you certainly know better.

            • “Well Paul Craig Roberts and Ron Paul disagree with you.”

              I don’t give a fuck what they believe. They do not have any intelligence to the contrary. They only have an opinion, and no monopoly on that. If this were the NWO Obola Administration I would tend to agree with them

              But given that this is a TRUMP Administration that is controlled by Marine Generals, I have complete faith in the specific decision and the global impact that this will have on our adversaries. Its a good thing.

              The intel evidence will be backed by satellite images and radar recordings, demonstrating where the jets originated and where they returned. 🙂

              • DK

                Oh my I touched a nerve.

                “They do not have any intelligence to the contrary”.

                And they never will. Don’t need it, who wins, who loses is the best indicator as the word of Uncle Sam and his employees has been proven time and time again to have little to no credibility.

                The chain of command does not control the system. JFK was assassinated with our own CIA. Control? TPTB control. Think Trump controls the CIA? If the system actually functioned like Civics / US Government class taught us we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in.


                • “Oh my I touched a nerve.”

                  Not really, K2,( 🙂 )I just think that people who HAVE credibility or who are SUPPOSED to have credibility like they do, should think before shooting off their mouth without any real knowledge of the events.

                  Paul was screaming ‘False Flag” before any fact was known except for the strike by TRUMP. STUPID !!! The victims were Rebels in a rebel held city. Assad overplayed his hand (like Hillary and the DNC) and the truth came out.

                  Your other arguments are immaterial and spurious to this event. I will ignore them. The BEST evidence, besides the sat intel and radar recordings will be the fact whether any Russian “technicians” died in the strike.

                  If not, where were they ??? That would demonstrate Russian tacit collusion in the air strike regardless of subsequent public statements by both sides. It’s the singular question that needs an answer.

                  That’s the way the “Great Game” is played. 🙂

              • I agree Durango but Paul Roberts and Ron Paul are both paultards.

          • Yes, unless the tomahawks hit a school or a hospital for transsexual camel lovers.

          • Gassing innocent people is very criminal, i see the pictures and see anytown anywhere folks just trying to live lfe and are stuck in the middle of sobody els fight that they dont want, i feel for these folks, imagine your family gassed and dead,

          • A true democrat always are “for the children”. Trump is infected with the benevolent grandpa syndrome. he certainly is a brave hiding the in maralago

          • I suspect that you have a short memory.

            This is the second time this game has been played. The first chemical false flag attack in Syria was uncovered by Seymour Hersh. Hillary Clinton was one of the major actors in that previous attack.

            If Trump had two brain cells to rub together, he knew, as did his advisors, that the current chemical release was a false flag or an accident. He simply seized the excuse to launch.

            They wanted to gauge the response of all the major players.

          • Here is additional info on the TWO chemical attacks by Assad, and then aerial surveillance of the hospital by DRONE where victims were taken, and THEN, the subsequent bombing of the hospital.


            False flag ??? I think not. Premeditated murder of women and children is more like it. Asshats with shit for brains like Watson and Paul should shut the fuck up and quit shooting from the lip, until they know what they are talking about.

            It undermines their credibility. 🙂

            • DK

              The US has a long distinguished history telling the truth.

              The main stream media is controlled. Paul Craig Robers is correct.

              Who won? The Neo-Cons & Islamic Fundamentalists supported by them

              Who lost? Russia & Syria

              Who did it is who had something to gain.

              Its that simple.

              • “The US has a long distinguished history telling the truth.”

                I almost peed my pants with that statement. Look, everyone should quit jumping to conclusions and rushing to judgement before any facts to the contrary; to fit someone’s political agenda and propaganda.

                Can you say “Warren Commission” ??? I’m on the TRUMP TRAIN, it’s America’s last best hope. 🙂

                • DK

                  I personally don’t have the luxury of being a believer; I’m a skeptic anytime government is involved for good reason. I worship no politician. I gave up believing when they dime’d out Santa Claus. Seen photos of the victims being handled without the handlers / white hats having protective equipment. Its not nerve gas. Syria also had zero reason to use it while the neocons who have at the very least influence, at maximum outright control of the CIA has every reason for a false flag. In the end who wins / who loses is the greatest indicator of what really happened.

                  CNN, Democrats and the Islamic Fundamentalists are praising Trump. Thats telling.
                  Even if Syria did it this is not part of The Trump Plan of America First.

                  • DK

                    No one voted for Trump for more war as Hillary, Rubio and that fat boy traffic jam Governor from NJ were the war choices. This is not an America First policy as Trump himself stated. America first is jobs, border security, controlling immigration. There was zero American security involved in this.

                    I think a letter could be started, pick a number between one and 365 to bet what day the US will go into a big war. Its kinda like the Vietnam draft lottery and just as moral.

                    Its a damn shame TPTB stifled Sanders as we had a better chance of avoiding Armageddon with him at the helm.

                    • Lottery not letter……..damn auto spell wants to rewrite.

        • K2
          I don’t think Russia will do anything, Putin isn’t going to get into a shooting war over Syria. He has too much to loose.

          I sent this to HCKS to say I see a differents between Pres. Trump and Obullshit.

          Comment ID: 3684208

          April 7, 2017 at 9:46 am

          Hey there my fried I see this differently. I see that Obullshit knew that they had weapons like these and when they used them last time Obullshit did nothing keeping in his back pocket knowing that they would use them again, and that Trump would have to do something. To try to make him look bad.

          I think the attack was planned and pulled off by TPTB to see just how Trump would react. They know now and because he acted like a TRUE American Pres. they might think twice before they do anything else.



          • Sgt Dale

            “I think the attack was planned and pulled off by TPTB to see just how Trump would react. They know now and because he acted like a TRUE American Pres. they might think twice before they do anything else.”

            I fail to connect the dots in your logic. So its a false flag attributed to Syria but actually committed by TPTB, Trump buys it line hook and sinker and that is a TRUE American. Sorry but that is a ignorant stupid American if it is what you spelled out.

            The reality is TPTB / Globalists what to control the energy resources of the entire world. Taking away Russia’s NG market incrementally is their goal as can be seen in the Ukraine and Syria. Trump is either a co-conspirator or easy to manipulate; I favor the latter. Regardless either is terrible.

          • Sgt Dale, news flash-the founding fathers were in it for themselves. The slaves just got a little good stuff that slopped off their plates.

            • ” news flash-the founding fathers were in it for themselves.”

              They were all wealthy men that had no need to put their life on the line for a cause that repeatedly looked like a failure. Their gains (show them to me) did not equate to the risks. Jefferson, Monroe and Madison didn’t need the danger.

              • Um-take a look at how they got wealthy kevin2. Inherited slaves, or Benjamin used his printing press to print phony money and did not want a central bank to cut into his pie. My favorite is ol John Hancock who fenced ships and stolen property from pirates and the only reason he signed his name biggly is because he was wanted by the King and was to be hanged already anyhow. Yes these are great men hahaha tewl, grow up to be a Kevin3

                • Gandhi

                  They didn’t need the Revolution to get wealthy. They already were wealthy and risked al of it. If caught they would hang. Little to nothing to gain, everything to lose.

                  • You miss the point, they needed the revolution to “stay ” wealthy. To keep from being hanged as cowards and thiefs, and maintain their power. They had nothing to lose by fighting since they were all career politician criminals wanted by a the law. Jefferson was a slave screwing coward and ran when the British came to his house and rewarded two of his slaves that hid his silver fast and lied to the British who came to his home. Franklin refused to be in charge of his militia cause he did not want to get caught and have to fight. Read the history books the public schools refuse to use.

        • Trump said he would not give warnings to the enemy but I guess he may have warned the Russians to scram at least an hour before the attack. Billionaires make strange bedfellows. And they have Hot wives. Russians are already claiming he missed them clean so that lie means they ain’t doin jack $hit.

        • $1.5 million times 59 is a lot of money to kill 4 children and put holes in a runway. Trump is wasting money with his illegal war.

          • Illegal. Now we have a point of agreement.

        • Shut up all you poor slaves, I did it for the children. I am better than you and have no intention of being limited by the US Constitution. Neener neener wee wee. Raspberries to all you idiots that voted for me, Buhuwaaaaa

          • Actually, Mr. Trump followed the script that was handed to him.
            (“Go along to get along, Mr. Pres.”)

            • Ketchup on demand, Yep, so did the corpse of bin laden when they dug him out of the frozen weiners section at Costco and buried his headless body at sea before anyone could see it. Put a little ketchup on the body to make it look fresh then they killed the seals to keep’em quiet. Sure, then make a propaganda movie about a top secret mission. Yea go with that script on CNN

              • Gandhi

                “they killed the seals to keep’s quiet”

                Those SEALS never truly existed.

                The greatest intelligence find post 911 and he is caught unarmed and double tapped, not captured alive.


                OBL was offed at Tora Bora in Dec 01. He was worth everything “alive” and on the lose and very little dead. He did audio supporting the “Iraq People” that just so coincidently came out on the eve of the Iraq war vote. As the SNL Church Lady used to say, “How convenient”.

                The US media is PRAVDA 1970.

          • The nerve of this troll to call himself Trump. Go away, bitch!

            • Be careful or I will tweet bad about you.

        • On TV (Ministry of Propaganda), they said that Russia agreed that we needed to do this– strike the Syrian government for the attack on its citizens… (???). It was in the subtitles, below the regular news stories.

        • They were informed before the attack took place.

      2. So Trumpet supports ISIS? Yes He does. Fuck You Trump and all of your supporters.

        • Obama and Hillary created ISIS and funded / armed it and unleashed it upon Syria. Trump is continuing it. There are no white hats in the arena. We the body politic are mere spectators having lost control of the government far too many years ago (assuming we ever had control at all).

        • Anonymous, you’ve had too much MSM koolaid.

      3. As Sean Connery said in The Untouchables, ” what the hell… you gotta die of something…”

        • As the American Indians also said Today is a good day to die.

          • “There is only one God. His name is Death. There is only one thing you say to Death: Not today” – Syrio Forel, Game of Thrones

          • I don’t mind war, but I hope amerika wins one for the gipper, at least one win in my lifetime. We lost Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, war on poverty, war on terror etc. we have lost the drug war so many times that we are afraid of our own shadow.

          • I thought that was a Klingon phrase…

          • There is no good day to die for globalist corporate greed.

      4. Relax…this was a calculated surgical strike.

        • yes, but it’s not going to stop there; trump is the typical bull in a china shop.

          • Maybe, maybe not. But there’s one thing he is proving to the world. HE’S NOT A PUSSY like BHO…….

            • sure, prez can bomb who ever he wants without any legal basis, Trump is licking Jareds ballz…the talmudic tribe is in charge…just a coincidence Bannon gets ko’d? Trump is BushII the village idiot- neocon moron, I’m sorry I campaigned for him. Fuck you Trump, and the jackass guttersnipes who still support you.

              • Stonehands, you’ve had way too much of that MSM koolaid.

            • And thats a good thing,
              Not a pussy progressive sjw

            • Lib556, Trump just showed the whole world that HE IS A PUSSY by caving in to the war game at the command of his new owners.

              One things for sure, they won’t assassinate him now, because he has been bought and paid for and is playing by their rules.

        • Got that EXACTLY right !!! 🙂

        • Surgery frequently has unexpected complications.

      5. “I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor, dumb bastard die for his country.”


      6. Putin will not let this go. He already warned us NOT to do what we just did. Only question is, IF Russians were killed what is Putin going to do? I personally believe that he will hit one of our ships in the Med, or some other smaller target to let us know that he isn’t very happy about this.

        • second.

          he’s not going to fire on a us warship, but things are going to get worse from here.

          and don’t forget, this is all because Obama let putin walk all over him and ceded as much of what the usa spent a decade building up the us presence in the middle east as possible.

          • His planes rendered some our Destroyers in the Med a couple years back dead in the water by deploying some sort of “mini” EMP device that cut off the ships electrical supply. That’s an act of war. And not much was said about it back then. NEVER back a bear into a corner…..

          • You are a neocon numbnut. Trumps mandate from his base [that got him elected] was the exact opposite of his actions.

        • The US had a number of “conversations” with the Russians prior to the airstrikes. I suspect that Russian personnel were removed, if there were any there to begin with.

          The Russians were told in advance. I have a Franklin that believes that wholeheartedly. 🙂

        • Putin is not going to do anything beyond rhetoric.

          He’s just another cowardly little bully dictator that cringes in private at the very thought of someone standing up to him and calling his bluff.

          And if he does try something to save his reputation after having his big talk called, it will fail. Russia’s military is more likely to to be too drunk to do anything than sober enough to conduce even a slightly successful operation against us and will just get devastated if they try anything.

          The US is still the supreme power in this world, and will remain so.

        • You could very well be right Liberty, the is a Russian frigate just entering the Med Sea with surface to air missiles headed toward our carrier group. Oh heck hang on folks, prep hard today!

      7. After dinner drinks with Xi Jinping and Trump says “Now about North Korea, (picks up phone) ‘Launch”…

        • now if trump did that aftr letting Xi know, and took out a north korea launch site and Syria on the same night; that would be impressive and be true leadership.

          I think on this, both the loser dems and putin will be all over him tomorrow.

          • Lena the shabbos goy is soiling her panties.

          • Lena thinks “Leadership” is blowing people up across the world.

            That’s thuggery…..very far from actual leadership.

            • Good point bud, sadly theres not a lot of leadershig these days, just a lot of ego driven antics

      8. WWI US involvement April 6th, 1917. 100 years later we are still at it!

        I am against bombing Syria and the removal of Assad. Especially since the biggest criminals are free in DC!
        McCain and Graham are celebrating!

        • Oops, it’s interesting that all of a sudden McCain and Graham now support Trump. Up until last night, they were just 2 more rino scum that were against him.

      9. You mess with the BULL you get the HORN.

        • Sgt. D,
          I watched a YouTube of a guy at the running of the bulls take a horn up the ass…… I wish I had never seen that. Thanks for reminding me of that image……. Not!

          Beware the Internet. Things once seen, can’t be unseen!

          • Watch Top 10 Worst Bullfighting Moments…

            • I’ll pass. I’ve seen enough gore.

      10. Given the Flynn mess, obamacare repeal fail, Bannon, etc under Trump so far; I’m calling it now.

        Under Trump the USA is going to experience a serious war and serious recession minimum.

        • Agreed.

        • Yeah because under Hellary things would have been so much better right lena?

        • Under BHO we had 8 YEARS of war, and an economy that is on the verge of collapse. Minimum. And what about the added 10 TRILLION dollars of debt under BHO? Or have you been on an extended trip to Mars? You have peace through strength. Very simple. He sent a message. NO ONE wants war, trust me. Not pretty. This is a chess game. Let’s just hope DT is a good player…….

          • Your fearless leader is a moron. Man of action my ass. He is Putin’s lackey. Wake up, sheep.

          • 10 trillion they are telling us about,,,, what worries me is the debts they wracked up behind the scenes

        • LMFAO !!! The serious recession has been baked into this Business Cycle from the beginning. The longer a business cycle is artificially extended, the deeper and extended the crash that follows to wring out the excesses.

          That’s why TRUMP’S Tax Plan and Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Plan has been delayed, until AFTER the crash so that the Retards can take credit for “fixing” the economy.

          The war with N Korea is coming unless China decides to play ball and take Kim out. Don’t think that TRUMP’S willingness to pull the trigger on Assad while sitting down for dinner with Xi did not go “unnoticed” by the Chinese.

          TRUMP means business.

          The Gravy Train for China is over and they will start co-operating with US because they cannot beat US. Xi is a pragmatist. The Chinese think in terms of decades not months. They will temper their ambitions until they are more powerful both economically and militarily.

          That requires at least another ten years. 🙂

        • Lena, TRUMP = Patsy!

          I said from the moment Trump was elected that he would be hated like no other. His end will be that of Mussolini. The PTB will be able to say everything was okay until Trump and those “Nationalists” came in and ruined everything.

          Every crime needs a fall guy to pin it on.

          • 100% correct. Enough Said athat least we’re all prepped.

      11. Who knows what the fake news msm have up their sleeves. Their elevated status as see all, know all and tell all endures like too big to fail. Perpetual professional warmongers, it’s not like nobody saw it coming.

      12. Putin is a cool collected man. If he were not, and had the temperament of the leaders of old, we wouldn’t be discussing these events. We would have been vaporized quite some time ago. You can rest assured that he will
        maximize this event to his best geopolitical position.
        Give it a week or so and his response will likely be
        one of payback. These fools running our foreign policy are putting this train at full steam for war, and I want
        God help this nation!

      13. Why isn’t the question being asked, “what did/does Assad gain from that chemical weapons attack”?

        I fully respect and agree with the response acted tonight by our president. The limp, impotent line in the sand actions (in-actions) from presidents past had to be changed.

        I just can’t help but think we are looking too much into the flash and bang vs who lit the fuse? And why?

        • Assad would only gain exactly what Trump just dished out tonight, it makes absolutely no sense. Assad was winning, ISIS the CIA created opposition was about to lose.

          Oops, did I say CIA operatives? The same shadow government that has been playing Trump with a soft coup by spying and leaking?

        • Well said.

      14. Trump called Russia and notified them of the coming strike.

      15. Sure hope he talked to Russia first!OR This could get messy real fast! Don’t under estimate Russia,they have pretty good technology as well.There fighter jets shut down the electronic ‘s on the USS Cook.
        May we all be well!
        Maniac –out

      16. Germany announced that each of the 270,000 current so called “refugees” will be allowed to bring in ten relatives.

        Hitler was right !!


        • Germany has always loved the enemies of the Jews. And Germans still love Hitler.

          • I mean what’s not to love about a guy that calls you the master race?

        • Oh really? Spineless hitler committed suicide while his troops “died like dogs” in the streets (his words). You worship a turd who was too stupid to beat armies made up of “mongrels” (his words – yet again). You actually sound like kind of a mongrel yourself. He ended up F#$%ing up Germany forever and it will be gone in the near future as it becomes totally Islamic…great job Adolph! See ya soon in the dustbin of history, Deutschland.

      17. So quiet tonight. Took a drive to the store. Loaded up on cigars. A few more grocery items, etc.

        Most folks were happy and carefree for the most part. Not a peep from anyone about what’s going on elsewhere in the world. I’m jealous of their ignorance. However, my upbringing, military experience and being an engineer has doomed me to know things I’d rather not.

        I’m not gonna sweet talk it. I’m hope I’m wrong.

        Some on this board are not seeing the whole picture. At the time of this posting, it’s 7:30am in Russia, and you can bet folks will be just waking up to the news right about now. There will be a response, followed by another, etc. However, the first domino has already fallen.

        Not sure if I should go in to work. Not really up to facing my idiot co-workers and giving them the “I told you so” speech. No point in that, and the prospect of walking home when the EMPs hit and leaving my truck on the Freeway.

        The schools are only a few blocks away. My kids can walk it. No sense in scaring them. I’d rather be close by to fetch them.

        Go ahead. Shout doom porn. I don’t care. This has been decades and trillions of dollars in the making. My training tells me to expect the worst and be ready. Again. I hope to be wrong.

        One last smoke to enjoy the quiet evening and hopefully, a full nights rest.

      18. I’m stunned POTUS did this. I thought he had to go through Congress to commit an act of war. I still stick with Rand Paul that the gassing of the Syrians was a false flag. I now am waiting for anything to happen.

        • Obama never went through Congress, so why should this schmuck be any different?

      19. The chews brag about their “leading roll” in immigration.

        Chews hate white Europeans in Germany, Sweden, the U.S.A., or wherever white Europeans live, chews are getting whites killed so they can make slaves of the entire world.


        • YESSSS!!! thank you B from CA for being a stupid lemming and playing along. Soon your little mountain top bungalow in Northern CAL will belong to some Syian refugee you pathetic dung beatle!!!

          • Artic Avenger, f#$% you! Take your trolling ass someplace else.

            • Brave: Thank you for your “thoughtful” comment. BUT, guess what? I don’t take orders from you, so go pound sand up your A$$, troglodyte!

              • Artic Avenger, come and make me if you think you have what it takes.

                • HA HA HA! you’re a real tough guy. talk about a hollow threat! I’m shakin’ in my boots!

        • Hey I want my credit too…BURP!!!!!

      20. Russia was in on this, is what I heard. There was a lot of nudge nudge wink wink going on. That’s just what I heard take it for what it’s worth.

      21. These people will want to make Americans feel guilty and take in Syrian refugees. But look to Germany and Sweden. No refugees.


      22. I never saw so much pussy, pajama boy whining in my life. “Oh God what will Putin do.” ‘Jeez, the Russians will be mad.” What is wrong with some folks. This guy just used chemical weapons on kids and women when we had told him in no uncertain terms we would bomb him if he did so. Had Trump pussied out like our previous President what would have been the result. If some Russians die then some Russians die, we didn’t put them there their government did. Some times you have to man up and do the right thing regardless of the consequences. IMO Putin will do nothing. Wouldn’t be surprised if he approved Assad gassing those people just to see what our response would be, now he has seen. The Russians always test new Presidents resolve and if found lacking steadily advance. You best believe this message will not be lost on the fat fuck in North Korea. I think Trump just made the world a little safer tonight. I don’t want war with Russia but if we have to cower to them to maintain peace, then let’s get it on.

        • Bigbluedrew Your right!

        • Where is the PROOF THAT Assad gassed his own people Drew?

          Come on mate…….use your brain son.

          • Assad would cut his own mothers throat. Even Hitler killed his own generals to stay in power. Don’t apply your delicate sensibilities to a dictator monster, they are a different breed than use cowards.

            • Don’t believe the BS that the ZOG wrote in the fictitious history books you were forced to study in school.

        • “I never saw so much pussy, pajama boy whining in my life. “Oh God what will Putin do.””

          “If some Russians die then some Russians die,”

          “IMO Putin will do nothing.”


          On ZH: Putin Responds: Syria Strikes “Cripple US-Russia Relations”; Deploys Missile Warship To Syria.

          You’re not seeing the whole picture. You need to think more like a Globalist. Both you and the other sheeple are clueless as to how the world really works. You have two ears, two eyes and one mouth. Use accordingly.

          • Yes, our only real worry will come if the Russians ever stop drink vodka. But they won’t.

        • If nothing else it proves trump isnt screwing around,,,
          Our military spending is higher than all other countries combined or something like that,, cant remember the statistic exactly but you get the point. And i agree that the USA need not cower before anyone, this is what pisses me off about the immigrant bullshit, if they want citizenship, apply, but ill be damned if i work my ass off to pay for some beaner bitch with 4 anchor babies,,, let em starve

        • Not only did he used them, he slaughtered something like 70 people including women and children with them.

          This is an international atrocity the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since the Holocaust and deserves a continued international military response till every Assad supporter is dead to prevent it happening again.

        • ‘this guy” used chemical weapons. And you have definitive proof, eh? lol. talk,,,,talk,,,,talk…blah…blah…blah

      23. Putin should pick up the phone to Trump and say that if he finds evidence of ANY US false flag in this, he will let the Nukes fly, and remove’ once and for all, this cancer on our planet.

      24. So when ISIS says it was attacked by Syrian who was winning the war without having to use chemical weapons we belive ISIS and tell Russia that it’s spreading lies.

        Trump like i warned people before the election was just like all the other puppet running for the job and they all want wages from the jewish bankers who own the USA.

        People that say Trump has been threatened along with his family to do as he’s told are not in the real world, he’s a maggot and has pissed off half the people who voted for him

      25. It’s all about the oil, that’s why Trump specifically picked Energy Executive, Tillerson for SoS. They are plotting and scheming to get to the oil. This should not come as much of a surprise, seeing as how the U.S. is known for getting its hands dirty in the soil of other countries.

        Syria doesn’t have a lot of oil so maybe its going to be a war over *control of Syria* because Syria is strategically placed for gas and oil pipelines which Russia and Iran also utilize and benefit from…. not sure though. But I do know its about the oil and no doubt Trump wants to increase his wealth off of the oil. He’s after the oil and that’s Tillerson’s area of expertise, which is why he’s the new SoS.

        They are strategizing and working to make that happen while lying to us. Lets watch and see what they do next.

        • Mike I don’t think it is about the oil this time. If Trump wants big oil money he could get it the easy way by opening up drilling in Alaska and offshore drilling rollbacks. I think he is setting his legacy.

      26. TO ADD to my previous post: Assad had nothing to gain from the strike.

      27. See chapter 2, US ARMY FM 3-9 Nerve agents, effects, symptoms and Sarin specific information used by the US military. After reading this you will see that the video provided by the White hats was staged false flag “sarin” attack as the rescuers and anyone who came into contact with exposed persons would have nearly instantly become casualties themselves without proper protective equipment and proper DECONTAMINATION. http://www.enlistmentDOTus/field-manuals/fm-3-9-potential-military-chemical-biological-agents-and-compounds.shtml
        Likely it was chlorine gas, easily made and has the choking symptoms that the children had shown on the videos…

      28. Exactly ‘what’ begins? We sent some missiles downrange AGAIN.

        Big deal, nothing to see here. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move along, move along.

      29. Drew, refresh my memory about the Russians testing 0bama…
        “The Russians always test new Presidents resolve and if found lacking steadily advance.”

        • How about them building there own airbase in Syria and manning it with modern combat aircraft or installing an anti aircraft defense system in the very airspace our planes are operating in. Or buzzing the Alaska coast with Bear bombers while Obama was visiting there. Or maybe annexing Crimea, or shooting down a civilian airliner over the Ukraine. Obama didn’t respond effectively to any of these provocations

      30. deja vu….all over again.

        • Shawk and awww

      31. Assad was winning the war against ISIS and the other terrorists. Why would he do something to provoke a missile attack and maybe loose the war? Did we bribe a rogue Syrian general? Did one of our assets do it? Did it even happen? 2 weeks ago, the US Air Force bombed a building, killing over 250 civilians. Many women and children. 250 is bigger than 90 civilians killed allegedly by Assad. So, using our logic, who do we get to bomb our air base in retaliation? The NWO wins another one. Do we ever learn?

        • The remains of the bombs are definitive proof of who made them, and who made them is pretty much a positive indicator of who used them.

          • re-read my comment anonymous, I wasn’t talking to you. nitwit.

        • False Flag. Go back look at photos of workers handling the bodies, no protection lots of bare skin.
          UN statement made was there is no confirmation on delivery method. Meanwhile US says air delivery???
          Interpol say 220,00 missing children due to refugee status caused from the ongoing war. What about those children?
          How about the effects on European people? Bombing, rape, murder you name it. A total displacement/replacement of peoples.

          Look up Gen Wesley Clark’s vid on the 7 Nation Plan. He eludes to the balkanization of Syria. Look for syriangirl on YT.

          Notice no complaints made about Syria/Assad until the “Arab Spring” began. Of course that was phase to of Iraq war. Meanwhile Saudi bombs Yemen with no news in US on this. But what happens is that EU says we must take in the refugees its humanitarian. Who will replace Assad?

          Now we are importing those families we bombed out of there home, that makes sense.

          Most telling is that the never trumpers and dems are now supporting DJT? The NWO Leaders Globalist pigs now support DJT. So things are back on track and no MAGA!

          No mention of VA hospital improvements either! I feel for our troops. They will need electrical stimulation. Hopefully its not addictive like the drugs.

          Not buying MSM before certainly not now! Critical thinking folks.

        • You think too much Him. It is for the children and that is all a slave needs to know.

          • Gandhi, I know. What never ceases to amaze me is how people on a prepper site still believe everything the media says. They’re actually cheering for the NWO on a prepper site. The bombing of Syria was a win for the NWO. The Empire strikes again. Soon it will be unstoppable.

            • You are right Him, but it will be for the children.

            • A slave must hide and watch but keep honing your shooting skills. There will be lots of zombies that believe the banks failed because of Kim Jong UN or something and not because the swap was not drained. The swap is not filled with water, it is filled with your retirement money.

      32. Just read that Russia was forewarned of the strike and was afforded the opportunity to move any of its warplanes to safety. Also read that only 23 or the 59 missiles found their way to their intended target.
        Saw some pics online (DailyMail) and noted the lack of aircraft destroyed. Seems to have targeted the airstrip and empty hangars.
        $100,000,000 worth of sabre rattling.

      33. Everything isn’t always some deep NWO Conspiracy. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

        • Big Blue, you’re right. Everything isn’t a NWO conspiracy. But in the case of Syria, it is the Globalist NWO at work. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, US, Israel, etc. Natural gas pipeline for Saudi Arabia and Qatar. For the money, and to diminish Russian gas sales to Europe.

      34. I guess Assads claim they hit a rebel storage facility that held chemical weapons was thoroughly dismissed. It was another unconstitutional act of military aggression forced this time by the Russian puppet narrative. The important point is what happened to the 39% of missiles that missed the target and how many S400 silos are empty. Another 50 million up in smoke. We would have better results from poisoning them with the fumes from burning dollar bills. Instead we just poison ourselves and bypass a stalemated Congress just when we needed one. Now over to the debt ceiling increase to pop the shares of Raytheon. Head em up, move em out. The prod is so gentle now you don’t recall ever being reamed. This was not an act of greatness.

        • So?

        • Yes grandpa, there is a lot of mental illness on this site.

      35. Stockholm terror attack: At least 3 killed after truck plows into Swedish shopping center
        Fox News

        Homeland Security monitoring truck crash in Sweden crowd

      36. 152 comments at 11:20 AM.

      37. The Russians are claiming only 23 of the 59 missiles hit the airfield. So, is this a situation where US defense contractors have over stated the abilities of their products? Again. Or have Russian electronic warfare systems spoofed our missiles into missing their targets? Or is it all propaganda? From both sides.

        • A Russian reporter went to check it out and film it. The damage is minimal. The hardshell shelters kept most of the planes safe and most of the runway is in perfeect condition. It would not take long to bounce back.

          $59 million plus: and for what? The attack has also provoked Russia to take its defences to the next level, so it will be even harder to do something next time.

          The calculation is faulty: after seeing what happened to Saddam and Mo-mo every country that is on the US death list knows they have to fight back or get a bayonet up the ass. That’s why Assad is still there: he is a smart guy with a hot wife: he has things to live for.

          The problem is this: Russia is smart. They know how to make weapons, air defence systems, space systems, underground shelters, aircraft, you name it. They aren’t ‘dune coons’ who have to buy stuff because they can’t even make a latte (most of the work done in Gulf States is done by foreign workers).

          • We should send our Mexicans to help rebuild

      38. The Russian warship sent to the eastern Mediterranean carries cruise missiles. It will launch these on something. They went to all the trouble of videoing the Syrian Air Base and broadcast it. It didn’t show a whole lot of damage. What can they attack and show how much more accurate theirs are than ours?

      39. Syria and then Iran.

      40. Mar 22, 2017 Troops Are Awakening to The Deception

        It seems as if none of the other outlets want to report on the fact that troops are awakening to the mass deception.

      41. He warned them that the attack was coming, then bombed a parking lot and some Soviet era MiGs. Jets are taking off right now from that base, flying mre sorties against the rebels.

        Just like the “chemical attack” was the most obvious false flag ever, this is the most obvious fake retaliation ever. He just needed to expend some older Tomahawks so Raytheon could sell the Navy new ones.

        Who is playing whom, McCain manipulating with his Al Qaida friends or Trump manipulating with a bogus bombing?

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