Israel’s Energy Minister Says This Is WWIII Against Islam

by | Oct 24, 2023 | Headline News

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    Israeli Energy Minister Israel Katz, a key ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said in an interview published on Monday that Israel’s campaign in Gaza is part of a “World War III against radical Islam.” The warmongers are really trying to shape this into a global religious war in which no faction will come out on top, but rather destroy each other.

    Speaking to the German tabloid Bild and as reported by RT, the minister, who has served in multiple cabinet positions over the years, defended his nation’s response to the deadly incursion by the Palestinian militant group. As a result of the attack on its territory, Israel has imposed a siege on Gaza and is gearing up for a ground invasion. Meanwhile, even staunch allies are concerned about the harm to civilians such a move would cause and the long-term outcome of the conflict.

    Gaza Deaths Surpass 5,000; US Increases ‘Deterrence’ Force Near Israel

    Right now, most are watching Iran and what Tehran will do especially if Hezbollah gets involved in this conflict further. But Katz defends his position saying that the U.S. would have reacted to Hamas’ attack, which triggered renewed hostilities, by obliterating the Palestinian enclave. The Israeli official, whose parents were Holocaust survivors, called the Hamas raid on October 7 a “Nazi attack” and described the ongoing hostilities as a “third world war against radical Islam – with Russian involvement.”

    “I know many countries that would have wiped out their neighbor after such events,” the official alleged. “If, God forbid, there had been such an attack from Mexico on Texas in the US, there would be no Mexico.”

    China & Russia Criticize Israel As Putin Arrives In Beijing To Deepen Ties With “Dear Friend” Xi

    Katz says that Iran is the primary enemy of Israel. “The war is also within Europe. In radical communities,” he said. “Today, this world war is being waged by Iran.” He views this war as a world war already. Is this just a sign of things to come?



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