Israel Will Begin Conscripting Ultra-Orthodox Jews Starting Next Month

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    The defense minister of Israel has approved the conscription of members of the ultra-orthodox Jewish community starting next month. So far, members of the religious sect have been exempt from being forced to fight for Israel’s ruling class.

    Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has approved a plan to begin drafting ultra-Orthodox Jews into the armed forces starting next month, the Defense Ministry has said, as cited by local media. The announcement comes only two weeks after a landmark decision by the country’s top court on June 25th that there is no legal basis for not conscripting ultra-Orthodox Jews, who have largely not been drafted since the foundation of Israel in 1948.

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    Several countries have ramped up conscription efforts in the past few months.

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    The authoritarian ruling regime of Isreal reportedly decided to force ultra-orthodox Jews to kill or be killed for it, following an assessment meeting on Tuesday with the military’s chief of staff, Herzi Halevi, and other officials. Following these discussions, Gallant approved the process of issuing draft notices to ultra-Orthodox Jews over the coming month, reports say.

    The step is being implemented “in accordance with the [IDF’s] absorption and screening capabilities, and after a significant process of refining the existing data regarding potential recruits,” according to the statement, as quoted by the media.

    Israelis are not free (no one who lives under a government of any kind is free) and it’s obvious.

    The judgment came amid a growing feeling of irritation from secular Israelis as the war in Gaza stretches into its tenth month and Israel faces a manpower shortage. Earlier this month, Gallant said that the country’s army needed some 10,000 new soldiers.

    In Israel, military service is obligatory for most citizens – men and women – who commonly begin serving at the age of 18. Israelis must spend 24-32 months in the IDF. –RT

    With conscription making the headlines in several countries, are we going to see a major expansion in these wars? Possibly.


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