Israel Orders “Massive Reinforcement” Of Reserve Troops To Quell Riots; Ground Forces Amass Near Gaza

by | May 13, 2021 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    On Thursday Israeli troops have begun amassing at Gaza’s border amid widespread rumors of preparations for a ground invasion. It comes also as violence between Jewish and Arab communities inside Israel ratcheted further overnight, taking the form of mob riots and attacks on either mosques or synagogues.

    Overnight from Wednesday Israeli media estimates that 150 rockets and mortar shells were fired from the Gaza Strip into Thursday, bringing the total fired since fighting began early this week to around 1,500 total rockets.

    Israel has in return continued to pound the densely packed Gaza Strip with airstrikes, with the death toll soaring to at least 83 Gazans killed, including 17 children, and and additional almost 500 wounded, according to Gaza’s health ministry on Thursday. At least seven Israelis have died, including a 5-year old boy, with dozens injured from the inbound rockets.

    Tank and artillery units assisting Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza on Wednesday, via AP

    Reuters is reporting that additional forces have arrived to Israel’s southern border after last night Israel’s Security Cabinet approved expanding operations in Gaza, especially the airstrikes which are expected to continue through the week.

    Israeli troops massed at Gaza’s border on Thursday and Palestinian militants pounded Israel with rockets in intense hostilities that have caused international concern and touched off clashes between Jews and Arabs in Israel,” Reuters details.

    A number of social media videos in the past days have purported to capture large convoys of Israeli tanks headed toward Gaza.

    Further on Thursday Defense Minister Benny Gantz has called up extra Border Patrol reserves to help quell the ethnic attacks and chaos breaking out across multiple mixed Jewish-Arab towns and cities.

    Gantz called in a “massive reinforcement” of reserve forces to help get control of the spiraling domestic situation which has seen Jewish mobs and Arab mobs clash and essentially hunt each other down in the streets, resulting in what many are calling lynching situations.

    “We are in an emergency situation due to the national violence and it is now necessary to have a massive reinforcement of forces on the ground, and they are to be sent immediately to enforce law and order,” Gantz announced, confirming the extra forces called up will be reservists.

    Meanwhile a number of towns and cities in Israel are under curfews and states of emergency as mayors ask for help from the government in helping to quell the continuing escalating violence.

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      1. The MSM is reporting these clashes in a heightened fashion – ridiculous. It is merely another chapter in the ongoing clashes over there that will take place as long as there is humanity. The violence there is frankly – natural. It is inherent, there is no resolution of any kind, it’s in their genes, it is ingrained. There is no mentality there for justice and dignity.
        The Israelis and the Palestinians are genetic cousins, it’s a family squabble. Family fights can be the most vicious and irrational. Just as one would not involve himself in a neighbor’s family fight, the same goes there. It will blow over, and then sometime later it will happen again. That is their normal.

      2. You think when you steal other people land and property you will get away with it? Maybe for a while, but the people will come back to take it all back. I hate liars and thieves. Karma’s a B!tch!!

        • Have you ever been there? Broke bread, both sides, experienced the culture, read the new & the old, visited again, been invited in, traveled within?

        • Blow it OYA.

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