Israel Claims Houthi Rebels Have Seized a Ship In The Red Sea

by | Apr 17, 2024 | Headline News | 0 comments

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    The Houthi rebels are continuing to harass and terrorize vessels in the Red Sea. Israel has claimed that the terrorists have seized a British-owned ship as the most recent aggression taking place.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said a ship, which it did not name, had been seized, and stressed that Israel was not involved in its ownership, operation, or the make-up of its international crew. “There were no Israelis on the ship,” the office said according to the Deccan Herald. 

    “This is another Iranian act of terrorism that represents an escalation in Iran’s belligerence against the citizens of the free world, with concomitant international ramifications vis-a-vis the security of global shipping routes,” that statement added.

    The Houthi rebels are allies of Iran and back in March, claimed to have successfully tested their first hypersonic missile.

    Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Claim To Have Successfully Tested First Hypersonic Missile

    According to a report by War on the Rocks, a journalist recently questioned Vice Admiral Brad Cooper of U.S. Central Command about naval operations in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. He asked: “When was the last time that the U.S. Navy operated at this pace for a couple months?”

    The admiral’s response was telling: “I think you’d have to go back to World War II where you have ships who are engaged in combat. When I say engaged in combat, where they’re getting shot at, we’re getting shot at, and we’re shooting back.” Cooper described the engagements that have occurred since late 2023 with Houthi drones and missiles targeting shipping. The employment of these weapons continues to become more sophisticated with reports indicating that the Houthi launched at least 28 drones on one day in early March alone.

    Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Claim To Have Successfully Tested First Hypersonic Missile

    All of these situations threaten to spill over and cause a broader and more regional war.


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