ISIS Claims To Have Hacked Army: ‘We Sent Information To Our Lone Wolves To Assassinate You’

by | Dec 20, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 34 comments

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    Terrorist group ISIS has claims to have hacked the State Department and the United States Army.  Not only that, but they’ve put out a gruesome propaganda video detailing what their plans are now that they have “information.

    The infamous terror group claims in the video it is sending assassins to employees’ homes. The footage was released by ISIS hacking group Islamic Ghosts of the Caliphate shows series of American websites with data it claims to have hacked from them, according to the Daily Mail. One of the boldest claims in their video is that ISIS is sending lone wolf assassins to employees’ homes.

    The video declares: “Muslims will return to being masters of the world and kings of the earth.” It starts with disturbing images of maimed or killed Syrian and Iraqi children while a voice says in Arabic: “The Islamic State did not start the war against you and you will pay a great price as your sons will return to you as amputees or in coffins.”

    But many believe this is nothing more than a “deep state-funded” video.

    As scenes of war, bombings, and terror attacks flash on the screen, the narrating voice continues. “You will pay a price as you walk along your streets fearing Muslims. We will attack your homeland – you will not even feel secure in your bedrooms.” The video then brings up a message in English and Arabic reading, which reads: “We were able to hack sensitive sites of the US Army, the Interior Ministry, the State Department, and other government sites, and we were able to get thousands of your confidential information. We have sent the information to our lone wolves to assassinate you and to increase frequent jihadist operations against you.

    According to the Daily Mail, the video then shows a series of American websites with the names and addresses of employees which the group claims to have gotten after hacking the sites. The examples of hacked websites shown in the video are not from the State Department or US Army but other lower-security sites including the Geological Society of Nevada and the National Caves Association.


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      1. And Antifa will help ISIS in the US.

        • The islamic baby raping trash will get themselves and all their loved ones killed here in the US. You will start something we will finish. I got my list of private addresses and mosques already. So do many others that are frankly chomping at the bit to kill you motherfuckers. We won’t run out of weapons or ammo. Or the will.

          • Menzo, same here. More than enough bullets for sand fleas, libturds, gangbangers, etc.

            • Pfftt. Little man, big mouth, no action.

          • .

        • okee-dokee. Hack away. Just be ready for when we hack back. and hey pretty boy Muzzie!!! I think I’ll start hacking away at your goat-prong. What you ragheads forget is that you don’t have the market cornered on brutality. I got this bit of advice to give you moronic Islamic imbeciles – don’t assume that the average American is any less capable of doing the same as you. You push us too far and I swear on all I hold holy – you and your kind will pay a price that will take a thousand years to recover from. The horror you think to cause will return to visit you a hundred-fold.

          • You got that right.

      2. Him,I truly believe antifa will,too

        • Their deaths will be no loss to the world either.

      3. “a message in English and Arabic reading, which reads: “We were able to hack sensitive sites of the US Army, the Interior Ministry,”

        I’ve never heard of the Interior Ministry.
        Well, they made that bed.
        Ooops, the Pentagon/Chaos Inducing Agency did.

      4. People should be putting their bullets in pig grease to share with them. When we place their bodies in the final resting place
        we cover the bodies in bacon grease.
        Happy placement for them.
        Pig fat in all bullets to share with them….RIP… folks

      5. Ketchup, let the sandniggers bring it on. I’ll help them find allah.

      6. ISIS Claims To Have Hacked Army: ‘We Sent Information To Our Lone Wolves To Assassinate You’

        About believable as North Korea arming their rockets with Anthrax.

        Absolute BULLSHIT!!!

      7. Pack a lunch , and take a number
        In my state alone you could face upwards of 500k to 600,000 armed and able to hit shit at over 200 yards
        Than you got the daily carry folks

        Whats that Clint line ?
        Go ahead , … make my day

        • 500-600K is only those who have applied for Deer Hunting License’s.
          Then there are people like me, which is a lot.

          The 500-600K is a very low number compared to a State that has almost 10 Million people … but yea … I’d say we Michiganders have our basis covered well in this department.

          • Dam straight ,, i say bring it

        • MW, you make me homesick for Michigan. The longer I’m away, the more I miss it. Been in the Wash DC metro area for far too long (30 years). I miss the soil: when you plant, it will grow; I miss the blue sky and blue water; I miss clean, bracing air; I miss temperate summers; I miss average snow fall (here it’s either sweep or shovel 2 feet–at once); I miss reasonably priced land & homes with basements; and I miss people who talk sense and know how to do things beyond work a computer (terribly missing amongst the beltway denizens).

          Why am I still here? Grandkids and well-paying jobs are here. I might have to rethink a few things and move back home.

          • your always welcome back home

        • ???how many mags does it take to dust a mosque?

          • lol…like the sucker ad many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?….lets find out
            1, a 2, a 3 //crunch

      8. As the warmongers smile and chuckle among themselves. Every government move made protects the criminals at the top.

      9. The Isis cowards that attack women and children are unlikely to try attacks on our domestic military and veterans. I encourage friends to carry pigs feet to be inserted in all orifices of any coward that tries a non-uniformed attack on us. There was a time when spy’s (non-uniformed combatants) were hung. I think we should return to that tradition.

      10. Us military, be with us, we are with you “The People”.

      11. Isis= the poster boy terrorists used by the Deep State to do the false flags.
        The last guy they used in NYC couldn’t blow up a diaper.
        When are the sheep going to wake up? They are the paid mercenaries of the CIA/Deep State. The Russians booted them out of Syria. Iraqis booted them out of Iraq.
        Now they have to do lone wolf attacks in Europe and the US whenever The CIA tells them to. The MSM still talks about them like they are public enemy number one.
        Wanting to eradicate them is the same as wanting to eradicate our own intel agencies.
        SO……… all that being said, the Army was, ahem, hacked by our own spooks. DUH.
        Blame it on the poster boys. Oh, and Wannacry- yeah, let’s blame that on N. Korea.
        Let’s justify more entanglements over the never-ending false fucking flags.
        Keep watching Fox News, dumbasses. Same as CNN, MSNBC. No difference.
        Whatever the government agencies feed our media, they spoon-feed to the sheep.
        No questions asked. No proof needed. Just tell the sheep and they will believe it.


        • Right ON!!

          a fellow sipsey street irregular , i presume

          Mike knew how to piss em off didnt he ?

          my family ( all of them) are covered under the 100 heads insurance umbrella
          touch 1 of ours , we take out 100 of yours

      13. That IS symbol looks like something that happens when you give a baby a crayon! Tells a lot about the intelligence of these people!

      14. Ohhhh I’m scared now. Where did isis come from again?

      15. Probably found that a lot of those employees were shopping on-line at Amazon and watching video porn. How embarrassing!! Please keep screaming “allahu akbar” so we know who to shoot!

      16. Since ISIS was created by the Obama MIC no “hacking” would be necessary. They start from inside the network.

      17. SAY WHEN!!! SAND WIGGER…

      18. Be civilized in your actions. If we go after the innocent as well as the guilty, then we have lowered yourselves to their standards. We will have given up being righteous. They will have won by turning us into the same type of barbarian that they are, with no moral codes for guidance. Justice…HELL YES…Vengeance…That will be a hard one. I know what side I will be on, but it will do irreparable damage to my sole. I will however, ROT IN HELL for the support of LIBERTY!!!

        • There are no innocent islamic savages.

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