“Is Trump About to Cause Another Crisis?”: 2008 Could Be Eclipsed As Bank Restrictions Eliminated

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    Beware of what may be coming next. We already know the establishment has a plan to blame President Trump for the next financial crisis, and now there are moves being made that will support that narrative.

    After the 2008 fiasco, a spotlight on Wall Street misbehavior and some weak, but better-than-nothing regulations were put on the industry in the hopes of preventing another string of bank failures and crippling economic disasters.

    But as the system teeters on edge and prepares to endure the backlash of increased rates at the Fed, Trump is also taking off the shackles that have been put in place by the Dodd-Frank Act which instituted certain protections for consumers, including a requirement that pensioners don’t have their nest egg devoured, etc.

    For the tens of millions of baby boomer retirees and aging pensioners, the social security net is all they’ve got to count on, apart from a few debt-saddled kids who have hardly been able to save a dime under eight years of Obama.

    The 2008 economic crisis penalized everyone with an entire cycle of wage freezes, job starvation and crushing dependence upon government programs for assistance. Wall Street, and the banker class at large were spared from blame or reparations to a society that was robbed blind. Instead, eight years of quantitative easing sent a tidal wave of easy money to the financial sector that created a gorge of asset buy-up from the top – especially in housing, where soaring rates are forcing single households to become renters instead of mortgage debt-slave owners once again.

    The election of President Trump created optimism about our collective financial prospects – with seemingly tangible promises of bringing home jobs and returning to American Greatness™. But the banksters also cheered his election; stock markets shot upwards in celebration. Key positions in the White House were offered to Goldman Sachs men and others of their ilk.

    Now, President Trump has issued an executive order that has Wall Street once again self-congratulating for backing the right man. The order is expected to gut protections that currently require financial products sellers

    As the London Independent reports:

    Donald Trump is expected to order a review of the Dodd-Frank Act, which was implemented in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis to prevent a repeat of the worst financial crash since the Great Depression.

    […] council has the right to break up banks that it thinks could pose a systemic risk to the global financial order. It also has the ability to demand that banks hold higher reserves, or cash buffers, to minimise a squeeze. Separately, the Dodd-Frank Act also created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, to oversee consumer financial products, such as mortgages.

    A key part of the Act is the Volcker Rule, which restricts the way that banks are allowed to invest and places restrictions on speculative trading. It also restricts banks from engaging in so-called proprietary trading, or trading for the firm’s direct gain, instead of on behalf of a client.

    So in effect, the rule is designed to separate the investment and commercial businesses of banks.

    It seems clear enough that this move benefits many of those at the top of the pyramid, but a Bloomberg report directly quoting from senior leadership on Wall Street, and now inside the Trump Administration, makes crystal clear that the intentions are quite self-interested:

    Chief executives including Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s Lloyd Blankfein and JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Jamie Dimon have been pushing for changes for years, arguing that the industry has been too constrained by the system put in place by the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act. After Trump focused on limiting trade and immigration during his first two weeks in office — policies opposed by many in the financial industry — the president’s stroke of a pen unleashes a process to undo many of the rules they find most irksome.

    “We’re going to attack all aspects of Dodd-Frank,” Gary Cohn, director of the White House National Economic Council, said Friday in an interview with Bloomberg Television. “We are going to engage the House, we’re going to engage the Senate. They are equally interested in reforming some of the regulatory processes as well. We can do quite a bit without them, but the more help we get from Congress the better off we’re all going to be.”

    Not necessarily the brightest news for the people.

    Though it isn’t immediately obvious that this change in the rules would cause immediate trouble, there is reason for concern. If the limitations – inadequate as they were – are lifted off the banks, specifically with investing in commercial banking and with pensions, things could once again take a turn for the worse.

    If the same reckless behavior is repeated, it could not only bring the system to a halt, and crash the stock market, but it could potentially wipe out the holdings of those who need it most – pensioners.

    Meanwhile, defaults and the burden of a debt-supercycle are also threatening to topple the system. One way or another, the next era will have to handle enormous risk of total economic crisis.

    As the Independent notes:

    Does this mean we’re at risk of facing another financial crisis? Some economists have even been bold enough to say that getting rid of Dodd-Frank could indeed pave the way for another crisis.

    What makes matters a lot worse, is that many experts believe that global financial systems and economies are more vulnerable now than they were ahead of the last financial crisis. So if we do suffer another major crash, the damage has the potential to be a lot more grave.

    Central banks around the world have already slashed interest rates to record lows leaving them with limited ammunition to do more to stimulate economic growth. Government debt has also sky rocketed over the decade since the last crisis.

    Whatever comes next, there is a toxic cycle that is waiting to crash down upon us with a tsunami of financial misfortune.

    Federal Reserve policies in the wake of the last crisis set up the American people for a very bad fall. Economic vibrancy among the middle class and general population has been sucked dry, and they will be ill prepared to handle a new crunch in credit and possible hyper inflationary/deflationary crisis.

    Trump’s pro-business, pro-American policies may help if they are instituted correctly, but enabling the financial sector to once again prey upon people and fuel the rise-and-collapse of a massive series of bubbles and a derivatives WMD is not a healthy option.

    The stage has been set for a nightmare that we must pray never comes.

    Read more:

    Trump About to Preside Over New Global Financial Crisis: “Not His Fault, Merely His Misfortune”


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      1. As long as the left don’t start no shit, there won’t be none.

        • Besides, those who came before had time to straighten thing out financially before Donald arrived on the scene.

          • The crisis was caused long before Trump took office, but he will get blamed for it.

            • YUP!! and it should be the banksters and who was in office at that time should ALL be in prison

              • we’ll call it the “no child left a dime” policy.

                • BCOD, ha ha good one! I’m gonna borrow it 🙂

            • But Trump has the reigns now, so if he’s good he’ll be able to avert it.

          • PO’d Patriot, it started under Bush Jr. with all that spending on the bogus ‘war on terror’. Financial crisis hit in Sept. 2008 when at least 40% of our total wealth was siphoned out of the economy. In Oct. 2008 Wall St. wanted a bailout. Congress balked and was threatened with martial law if they didn’t comply. Congress got cold feet and agreed to it. In Nov. 2008 the shoeshine boy was first elected to the WH with his ‘hope and change’ he promised. In June 2009 he gave Wall St. ANOTHER bailout. He AND the Congress had 8 years to do something about the economy but only made things worse. That was part of the game plan all along. at least I already know who to blame and it’s NOT Donald J. Trump.

            • The Deplorable Braveheart

              I agree with your analysis but go back one more administration with NAFTA & China Free Trade eviscerating wealth creation and abandoning Glass-Steagall making the once Felony Illegal merely unethical.

              • Unfolding: Standing Rock ND, may be Trumps Civil War.

                Trump better damn well tread slowly on this issue. I think Trump is just Ignorant of the real facts of this case, and just listening to his Oil Buddy Stooges.

                Getting the Pipelines Built: Standing Rock ND
                That effort recently ramped up with the inauguration of Donald Trump, a vocal advocate of Big Oil and proponent of both the Dakota Access Keystone XL Pipelines. Energy Transfer Partners — whose CEO, Kelcy Warren, contributed over $100,000 to Trump’s campaign — is slated to be granted an easement by the Army Corps to proceed with drilling under the Missouri River.

                Trump’s recent executive order greenlighting the remaining and most controversial portion of Dakota Access intimates an unstated goal of complete evacuation of Dakota Access Pipeline opposition at Standing Rock.

                **Just more Betrayal and the U.S. government’s lengthy history of genocide and violence against Native Americans continues….


                The original pipeline was to be built under the river upstream from the city of Bismarck, ND, but was changed and moved because of the dangers of a pipeline spill that would affect the drinking water of Bismarck, ND., So they moved down below Bismarck but yet still up stream from the Indian reservation. And their complaint is the same as Bismarck had, as it would affect their drinking water.

                **Solution: Trump needs to reroute the pipeline to a safer area, not Be a bully and destroy this True American Culture. The Pipeline did not even have the proper permitting in the first place to even be placed where they wanted to last Fall. Its all BS. And not even compliant to begin with. So why does Trump say approve it to the Army Corps of Engineers? That’s BS, and why I think Trump is ignorant of the facts of this case.

                Read more http://www.trueactivist.com/breaking-standing-rock-tribal-council-betrays-water-protectors-sends-in-cops/

              • as Clint Eastwood movie SAID, “HANG-EM HIGH” bottom line is we the people have been sold out fro YEARS and unless we stand up and tell the politicians we are done with there crap, (which Trump is doing and saying) it will continue! they think they are above the law, and they change the law so they are not. time to clean out the HOUSE political mess!! just hope Trump keeps whittling away at it!!

              • kevin2, you’re right. I forgot about Slick Willie and his crap.

              • Trump said that he would like implement a new Glass-Steagall on steroids. If he would do this, the loosened banking restrictions would be voided, and the little guy protected. We will see.

            • Hey Dep Braveheart,
              I agree. Back when I was a lamb I even stated George W was my best and favorite president of all time, more than Reagan! Wow I was hooked, lined and sunk and did not evene know it or understand it then. Took me despising obummer to look at the laws and many Gerogie boy actually created….like the Patrioit Act…wow go read that and you will think you live in Nazi Germany. I really thought Trump was my guy, an outspoken, win at all cost, outsider for the people. But looking at his cabinet etc, seems he too is appeasing the pheasants with walls, circus and bread. Wow, we must either really be up shitcreak cause ever since Kennedy (who must have had a shot at stopping the elite) seems everyone today turns against the people in that which matters. Notice Trump never mentions the NDA Act. (The nat’l defense authorization act for you sheep). Anytime they use strong language like defense and authorization, patriot etc you kñow the masses will be getting rapped with a law that smells of these adjectives. Trump is a populist and will focus to the hitlerys way of having an outspoken public but also opposing private stance. It will always end badly for the pheasants until they demand change with pitchforks. The elites see it coming, know this and keep us divided, even creating new gender identity to further divide. New distractive social issues…..they want a civil war not a revolution because they know the people are fed up, they just want to direct the anger to their benefit. They also kñow when people have nothing to lose its very frightening to the elites. They need the middle class with 401k’s and ira’s broke so they combat in the streets, the mindless brainwashed millenia students, (their social army that arrived too soon before their next engineered crisis.) I am reminded daily by conservative radio the young leftist cannot understand us, hate us, and want to covert us to liberal etc. I smell right wing propaganda buttering us middle class so when the banksters steal our shit we lash out and punch the generation behind us because govt will say it was student debt crisis that got us here. It was subprime car loans that started the crisis, pick on the poor, go ahead mr 40 year old 401k saver there is your culprit. Take your overpriced pea shooters and aim at them, not the real bastards, the elite. I have just reached a much higher level of thought as you can tell. I used to be thick headed conservative republican…..thanks again george w! The fake engineered crisis and attacks, we are on to your game now. So they must divide us into many disenfranchised groups all against the conservative middle class, who all own guns, believe working matters and are fraught with consuming unneeded shit from amazon, they will be the chosen, protected class. Sounds just like me. Self reflection allows you to see reality…..good luck with the shitstorm approaching. We all need it.

            • It all may of started with Bush Jr. but could also be the after effects from Clinton. Clinton years they opened up the credit lines to people, creating a lot of debt. Clinton really didn’t do much, but got lucky because of the dot com bubble, which he really didn’t have anything to do with. Remember the internet got big and everyone had to have a new computer before 2000. Maybe the fed will do itself in and Trump won’t save them this time. They all are saying if interest rates are increased, the economy will crash, yet that is in there plans. I believe we are now going thru our reset and that Trump is cleaning out the closets, to make for a softer landing.So when we restart everything will be in place for a fresh start. Who knows if he will dump the fed, but we will most likely go back to the gold standard. I am hoping it is not a card money system where that is just more control on the people.

              • Marilyn, as I recall, back in the 90s before the internet grew, everyone had to have a major credit card just to get the internet service and that didn’t count the cost of the computer, printer, etc. Same for the cellular industry. Clinton forced the mortgage houses to approve mortgages for black people who didn’t even qualify for any kind of credit. That program even loaned them the down payment for the home and only black people could get on that program. Look how that turned out. Nowadays if you’re white and want to buy a home you’ve got to have at least 20% of the actual value of the property for the down payment and even then you’ll still have trouble getting the mortgage.

        • Right on.. everything that I hear on any news is trying to start a revolution or has something daily to say bad about the president and the Americans supporting him.

      2. Oh, the beauty of it.

      3. I say we force Goldmun Sucks to relocate to Antarctica where the only thing they can do is bankrupt the penguins and steal their eggs.

      4. I’m sorry, what part about getting the government out of the economy don’t you understand?

        Every recession this country has had since 1929 has been the direct result of government regulation, taxation, tariffs, and interference in the free market.

        Roll it back.

        Take responsibility for your own financial affairs. It’s not the government’s obligation to see that your pet causes are acted upon.

        • Everyone refuses to see what’s right in front of their faces. Do I have to say it? I mean seriously folks, so you were wrong again, just admit it. Yeah, I know, it would have been worse some other way. Yeah, it’s better to trust, and then be betrayed, than to have never trusted at all. Ground Hog Day was yesterday right?
          All I ever hear is excuses of how it’s easy to take the square peg handed to you and just trim off the edges that you don’t like to make it fit your hole. No pun intended. It all reminds me of Pee Wee Herman crashing his bike and saying he wanted to do that for some reason.
          I know, the trick will all be revealed later. Unfortunately it will, again.

        • Smokey

          ” tariffs” “Roll it back”

          They did. It destroyed the US manufacturing base with its wealth creation requiring debt to maintain the standard of living.


        • Yes once we all have to face the consequences of any action then those will stop and those that don’t can swing from a rope after the 30 minute trail. We do want it all to be fair and the jury captain can be making the noose so we can save 2 minutes on the appeal. Yep let the banks go broke FDIC pay out and bankers swing,12 mouths and we of it all above boards shine.

        • Smokey, I have been on a rant lately about taxes and communism. I drive down the road and see all this road construction where there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the road. I see them building overpasses with totally decked out landscaping and statues and decorations. I see new schools being built that are super size and very expensive. I see all kinds of super landscaped fancy expensive shit decorating intersections and parks. WHO PAYS FOR ALL THIS SHIT? Threaten me at gunpoint to pay for it is what they do! I didn’t want ANY of this crap! And then I work around a bunch of idiots that are clueless about whats going on that get on my nerves. We need a complete overhaul and a line item veto on taxes. You want this shit? YOU PAY FOR IT YOURSELF! Sorry man it just erks me to no end…

          • Genius, have you been at my company? Hehe. [JUST KIDDING] I also work around dildos who will never ‘get it’. I’ve also been on a rant primarily about libturds and their rioting, etc. I’m glad we’re on the same page.

      5. “Whatever comes next, there is a toxic cycle that is waiting to crash down upon us with a tsunami of financial misfortune.”

        Well…. it’s a good thing all these people around me in Illinois cannot, by ruling of IL. Supreme Court, have their lush little pensions taken away. They will never have “misfortune”; rather, they will just dump their misfortune on me and the other poor taxpayer shmoes who can’t suck off the public teat. They just announced they will probably raise Illinois state taxes by 40 (FORTY) freaking percent to fund the socialist parasite class in Illinois. I am already planning to work to 70. Maybe now I need to make it 80 instead. Gotta luv that one family member who retired early as a regular school teacher at $110k/yr, now pulling in $7k/month in early retirement. After all, it must have been reeeeeally hard to work 9 months year, have all kinds of sick days, prof dev days, actually get a full HOUR at lunch, 2 extra weeks at Christmas, and go home at 4:30 everyday.

        Oh yeah. As if the left thinks we are stupid, Chicago is the ONLY city out of the top 20 largest in the country to have lost population in the US last year, and last I looked socialist Illinois was losing more people than any other state after communist New York. I plan to leave this hell-hole once a certain family situation allows. Then, once all the workers are gone, in good socialist fashion, everybody can live off of everybody else.

        • Don’t worry about the population of Chicago going down, it’s a sanctuary city. Go take a ride around the city and see if you can find a place to park.
          And don’t worry about paying for pensions either. They are about to go bust with every other pension fund that they can drag down with them. Like Bernie Madoff said, I was running a ponzi scheme, the whole government is a ponzi scheme.
          I think that Rahm and LaHood built the river walk in Chicago so people knew where to go jump. They couldn’t stop from snickering when dedicating it.
          It’s all coming down. And it’s all planned. Lot’s of people in denial too.

        • TEST, hope you get out of there ASAP. Good luck.

      6. Hell, stop granting College Loans to Illegals and STUPID Marxists and we would have a HUGE Savings right there.

        Asset Forfeiture Each and Every Hate Spewing Leftist and each and everyone one of the Organizations!

        Then fill up Gitmo and deport the rest to re-population programs in the Middle East! Its a new Initiative!

        No more BAIL OUTS. If you are too stupid to keep things going, well then guess what, YOU Fail.

        America is for Americans!

        Talked with a friend who works at a bank about why interest rates pay so low at banks, guess what she said?

        • “stop granting College Loans”

          Also stop subsidizing universities.

          That will also help stop these damn campus tantrums. The libertards are the ones throwing all the tantrums and riots while the higher-IQ non-liberal students are staying in their classes and study halls.

          • Black-Moe,
            YES, and guess WHO are the ones causing the problems among the college KIDS, it is NOT the ones that are going for actual useful degrees it is the ones that are getting dgrees in how to flip burgers that are causing 99% of the trouble REMOVE the stupid FLUFF classes and you STOP the problem from that point.

            • I knew a black guy who got a doctorate for his experience being black. This is no joke. He was teaching mostly white kids about racism. I think it was under the banner of “Black Studies”. This was cbout thirty five years ago. Those kids are adults now. They are probably teaching whatever lies and bull this dude fed them.

              It is not that easy to unravel the lies. Especially if you are a good student who takes in everything a teacher says. These PhDs write books spewing lies about evil white people, then refer to their friends who have phoney degrees as verification.

              I used to think only smart people are successful. I realize now that there are many reasons why some have money. Some for legit reasons. Many just willing to lie and cheat and bs real good.


      7. Just glad that I didn’t get myself pregnant and end up with a black baby like a lot of other girls out there. I couldn’t imagine how I would be treated by people knowing I was a ‘Black man’s bitch’ and had been ‘blackbred’ like a slag.

        I know that a collapse of some sort is coming but not sure how large in scope it’ll be and when.

        I’m starting to update my preps in any event. I live in a relatively ‘safe’ neighborhood but things could get nasty very quickly as most people here spend their time in front of the TV or Cell Phone.

        Stay safe:)

        • Susan, caring what others think was never one of my concerns. I have a teenage son to a black woman. Although things didn’t work out, she’s a great woman, our son is a great kid and there’s nothing for us to be ashamed of. However I’m thinking you may have been inferring something else. My sons mom has a pretty good job, she’s a financial analyst and highly educated. And unlike many kids out there, my son knows his daddy. And as far as the next financial crisis goes, total coverage will be the extent. If it does happen, I don’t see a guy like Trump bailing out the banks, regardless of how many goldmanites work for him. I’ve always believed in taking care of me and mine, and given the volitility of the stock market, the ruthless conduct of banks, I choose to handle MY money in ways that benefit ME.
          Stay quiet Be smart

        • Not a good idea to have kids in any situation as this county is on collision course. Trump will get blamed for the globalist meltdown. Most everyone of all ages are glued to the TV or phone and can’t comprehend reality. I would encourage couples who are child free to stay that way. We did, as we knew about the globalist agenda since the late 70’s. Women have to work and child care is expensive. Parenting an expensive hobby indeed.

        • Im pretty sure she is a troll of the left. She is trying to get us to take the bait but no one did cause we are not what they think we are. I have seen this on other websites recently and im thinking its a new tactic to get us to say all kinds of rascist stuff then then report it to their fake news outlets and we get branded “alt-right” white nationalists.

          • James, after I read your post, I read hers again. You’re more than likely right. They won’t stop being dishonest and their conduct is vile. Then they turn it around and blame the people who don’t agree with them for doing the very things that they themselves do. I’m feeling very uneasy about all this like something very bad is about to happen. I mean what lengths are they willing to go to when they’re not gettin their way. Bill Ayers is a good example. The mans a murderer and got clean away with it. He’s a college professor now that basically brags about doing what he did. I never did worry much about N Korea and their threats, china or Russia. I honestly think the left in this country is more of a danger to America than anyone else.
            Stay quiet Be smart

          • James, although what you said could be true, it will never stop me from speaking out. No troll tells me what the f#$% to do.

            • I’m not a troll.

              I said what I did because when SHTF happens (and it will) people divide racially and people with children of a different race to theirs will suffer.

              Don’t race mix

      8. “If a guardian rapes his sister or daughter he can be forgiven but if you fail to attend morning prayers it’s a sin that cannot be forgiven.”
        – Abdallah Swilam, Saudi cleric

        Where I live, there are all these yard signs where I live stating “We are not afraid.” Hint to them: When Wahabi Islam is instituted in YOUR neighborhood, when your daughter is assaulted with no legal recourse, when gays are thrown of rooftops while no goats are safe, when your become a “dhimmi,” forced to pay the jizya tax (think of jizya tax as paying half of what you make to Luigi, the local mafia guy, for “protection”) trust me, THEN you will be “afraid.” VERY afraid.

        • that will be a DEAD person, the people here in the USA have never been exposed to the mid east and HOW THEY LIVE, IF they had they would be up in arms about letting them into this country to live. and by the time these stupes do figure it out, we will be well into civil war against them

          • Europe is about to fall under Islam courtesy of their pro Muslim leaders. Then all hell will unleash far worse than now. Police ignore Muslims committing crimes must be PC. Women will be sold into slavery, put in harems. No one cares either, (except some E. Euro countries) accepting all this mayhem is “normal” gelded males are sissified cowards, nihilism prevails and of course stupidity. these brain dead masses will line up for execution without resisting.

            • “Women will be sold into slavery, put in harems.”

              France is 8% Islamic. Germany half of that.

              Muslims don’t have the numbers to do the above.

              • Look at fertility rates, Kev. Not now, as you note, but give it a few decades at this rate…

              • If they keep pouring in these open borders in the EU it won’t be long. The cowardly males will allow it by being stupid and apathetic. Women refuse to motivate the men and like Roman Empire will soon fall. Leaders (Merkel, etc) are pushing for take down of the EU at high speed. (gatesofvienna.net, jihadwatch.org, pamela geller.com etc)

                • Laura ann,
                  Yes, Obutthead has put muslims or muslim leaning people into certain positions of political power and it does not take much of those to them spread more and more until yuo have enough to make a positive effect against the NON-muslims, I am sure Trump saw this and he is trying to change thatm but so much damage was done and so many of them got into the states we will pay a price and who knows for how many years. at least there are more of us here in the states that will NOT just sit by and let this happen when the SHTF

              • K2
                I beg to differ.
                The revolutionary war was fought by approx 3% of the US population with support for the war split between the non-combatants.
                We won,,, but just so.
                Now look at at the 8% figure for France and the 4% for Germany and realize that most of them are men of fighting/working age and you have a problem. Add in the fact that these people are coming from a place that has been fighting since the beginning of time and almost all of them have combat experience of some kind, unlike the people in the countries they live in, including the US.
                This is a “force multiplier” and when this is taken into account the numbers change exponentially.
                Looking back at WW II a lot of the europeans looked to be saved as opposed to arming up and fighting. They let whichever side roll on through. If this happens again keeping europe free will be difficult at best, if not impossible. The one hope is that the people of europe have had enough and rise up to defend themselves and keep their countries to themselves. Britain had the right idea with Britex.
                Now jumping across the pond, here in the US we have the same problem and a country again split in half with one half ready for more hand outs and other half disgusted with the thought and we now have 2 battles to fight.
                One, the hand outs wanting what is NOT theirs and the Patriots fighting to keep it.
                Two, add in the sand fleas and with them the “force multiplier” and the Patriots have a problem.
                Now I live between Chicago and the Gulf coast and I have been studying the maps, looking for the mass migration routes from North to South. The city folks will move to the South (IMHO) when the power is out and they get cold. Most likely before they get really cold. So with Spring upon us, I again have out the maps.
                I am looking at the highways of N/S direction and am trying to figure where the locust swarms will travel and how far on either side of the roads they will branch out in search of food. Another thing I look at is water,,, rivers, lakes, ponds anything that shows on a basic road map. These will be the danger zones during the migration.
                We can prep until the cows come home and we can do this quietly on our own, but the reality is we cannot do this alone, we cannot plant a crop, secure the borders of our “area” and still have the rest (as in sleep) we need to survive.
                Now is the time to look for help, contact folks of a like mind and try to establish a mutually beneficial group. If you already have a group,, get out the maps of your area and look at these migration routes and plan.
                Granted this is but one step in the process, but I believe it is worth looking at if you live along one of migration routes as I do.
                Stay strong, stay safe!

                Long live the Republic!

      9. “Every recession this country has had since 1929 has been the direct result of government regulation, taxation, tariffs, and interference in the free market.”

        I beg to differ. Wall Street is not self regulating, they would eat their young. Two Words


        Now Three Words

        THE BIG SHORT (this is the financial “industry” W/O regulation).

        You can’t allow banks to buy Stocks. Period. It falsely inflates and disconnects the Stock Market from reality. Worst yet, their doing it with money created out of thin air.

        • Bill Clinton Marxist admin. did away with Glass-Steagall, craziness, which ruined the economy along with sub prime, derivatives., etc.

          • One could refer to Bill Clinton as a communist but eliminating Glass Steagall was not his brainchild but rather a 25 year, $300 million dollar lobbying effort of the Financial Sector. Slick Willy is anything you wish him to be, Communist, Fascist, Capitalist, everything except moral.


      10. People have always complained that Civil War was coming. That this was the worst polarization since the Civil War.

        This is the first time that Liberals have been the fore front of the blame. They usually blame right wing extremest for wanting civil war or secession.

      11. Trump knows we live in a financialised economy and so all you can do is goose it or restrict it. The economy needs growth and growth will not come fast enough from making things again. Much of the population has been filled with junk people, so I imagine Trump would struggle to cry tears for most of them.

        The business of America is business and the only business with any chance is the financial services industry. It is the most creative, the most driven and has the smartest guys in the room. It will get growth come hell or high water. And, yeh, it will prey on the suckers and losers but do we care?

        • In the absence of real wealth creation inherent in manufacturing the Financial Economy exists with pure fiat currency which requires continuous military action to keep nations accepting it. Both Saddam and Gadaffi tried to sell their oil in Euros and Dinars respectively. Both got a visit by the US military. A Finance Economy is a fake economy and only continues by the use of force one way or another.

          “business of America is business”

          President Coolidge said that. He was correct when that business resides within the US. As 2X MOH Recipient USMC MG Smedley Butler said, “First goes the dollar”, “Then goes the business” . “Then goes the flag”. In effect such a policy guarantees the US to be involved in, pay for and fight and die for foreign business interests. Not quite the Jeffersonian principal our Constitutional Republic was based on.

      12. The problem here is Dodd-Frank is toothless in enforcement that’s why Too Big To Fail remain an unofficial codified into law public-private merger.

        The other factor is with deficit to debt spending accounting for over 80% of GDP by old school measurements; the longer the crisis is kicked towards the wall that makes the crisis all the more deadly.

        This is why when Trump picked Goldmanites into his staff and cabinet; you’re looking at a crisis the ultimate conclusion is for all purposes codifying TBTF banking institutions to becoming Government-Banking public-private mergers.

        If you believe Trump is following ‘friends close, enemies closer or enemy of my enemy is my friend’ this qualifies as a backstab just as the reference was, or you have to entertain the assessment Trump was a Trojan horse all along promoted by reverse psychology.

        Defend the things Trump does right and hold his balls to the fire of accountability where he does stupid crap.

        • “Dodd-Frank is toothless in enforcement”

          Dodd-Frank is to Financial Regulations as a stage play is to reality. The public wanted to re-regulate the Financial Sector, they wanted Glass-Steagall. The reply was something that looked like regulations without being regulations, the Financial Sector followed with an orchestrated “opposition” for public appeasement and Dodd-Frank was the result.

          In the great US heyday, the 1950s it was illegal for a company to buy back its own stocks as it was considered “manipulation”. Now its done with borrowed money deceiving the buyer and its legal. Regulations? We Don’t Need No Stinking Regulations.

      13. The brave man dies once, the coward a thousand times.

        We know how to prepare for hard times. Just do it, and get on with creating financial independence.

        Take care of your body, develop your intellect, love your family, and lead a good descent life.

        _ We’ll cross this bridge when we get there.


        • President Trump repealed the Dodd-Frank Act by EO.

          A judge is trying to block the EO baring immigration from seven Muslim Countries, but probably can’t.

          Prez Trump created more than a quarter of a million jobs in one month, January between the 20th and the 31st, eleven days.

          Prez Trump plans to put 450 billion dollars into infrastructure. This will create 750,000 jobs.

          In order to stop the carnage, deaths by murder; Prez Trump is sending 30 Federal Agents.


          • Federal agents going to Chicago. Rahman Emanuel can’t fix it, he should ask for help; which he’s getting whether he wants it or not.


            • There is 50 trillion $$$$$50’000,000,000,000.00 dollars worth of oil on public lands. “Who knew?”

              Good question. Answers a lot. Blood for oil? Ya think????

              “We are loaded.”

              We can pay off the National debt to zero!!!!! We can even pay off Student Loans. Yahoo !! Yeehaaa!!!!!! ?

              America is R I C H !!!!!!!!!! Donald Trump just came clean. We A R E G R E A T !!!!!


              • ?????????

                We are rich !!!

                ___ Beverly Hillbillies, Wake up.!! We are RICH !!!


          • Japan is dumping Billions into the financing of the Trumps Infrastructure projects. Money coming back to America. Good thing.

          • B from CA

            One thing a high percentage of the Chicago murders have is the illegal narcotics business. Like a carpenter needing a hammer it requires the criminals to carry a gun to protect themselves from the competition and junkies. Because these dope business employees are highly skilled in their own right they all have their Journeymen’s Papers, a previous felony conviction. This makes them ineligible to posses a firearm. There is no need to catch them with dope, or money from the narcotics business which can be an expensive investigation. They have to have a gun. They’re not allowed to have a gun. Catch them with a gun and they can go to prison for years (just don’t drop the charges). Its their Achilles Heel.

            Unleash the letter agencies FBI, DEA, ATF on them. Appoint Federal Prosecutors that will hold this street trash to the letter of the law. Appoint Federal Judges that will hand out the greatest sentence.

      14. There are so many booby traps out there right now for Prez. Trump, only time will tell. If he does at least he is trying to fix the problems.


      15. Question in headline:
        “Is Trump About to Cause Another Crisis?”
        No, not likely.

      16. Trump seems just another puppet of intelligence, bankers and the Pentagon. When the natives are restless at the level of government corruption, the criminals invoke their tried and true “national security” criminal protection plan.
        Stripping America of it’s manufacturing base while off shoring jobs that kept Americans working is a high crime in my view. This is gross predatory capitalism, the scourge of humanity.

      17. The reason I “harp” on fascism and Nazism is that it is the “meme du jour,” and demonstrably an idiotic accusation by people that are themselves what they accuse others of. THAT, mon ami, is why I don’t go into details on causes and solutions. My goal is very narrow: to educate people, and focus on a topic that is at the front of people’s minds and articles.

        And I also wrote of my distaste re. Suffice to say, I am against what I call the leftist/liberal faux Jews, who are really nothing more than cultural Jews, and probably the vast majority literal atheists – think Bernanke, Yellen, Goldspan, Summers – the list could go on and on. On the other hand, there are a massive number of conservative, pro-Constitution Jews, many messianic Jews (Christians) such as Dr. Marvin Olasky, founder of World Magazine, conservative writer Michael Medved, redoubtable conservative Ben Shapiro, Charles Krauthammer, David Horowitz, the founder of the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade, Dr. Fred Schwarz etc. etc. etc. The wholesale anti-Semitic garbage I see on this site disgusts me; same with all the pro-Nazi trash. Sorry, Hitler was just evil. 10% of Hitler’s Dachau was Christian clergy. Martin Niemoller was almost killed, and famed Christian leader Dietrich Bonhoeffer was hung. All you Nazi apologists would do well to read Eric Metaxes’ 400 page definitive tome on the subject, as I have, than then tell me what a “hero” Hitler was. All Slavs were considered fodder for “liebensraum’ – Poles, Russians, etc. Heck, even the French had ~ 130k soldiers killed, 107k resistance fighters killed, 80k civilians killed – with only 77k Jews killed, BTW.

        Truth is, the “Nazi” meme is on the front of everyone’s tongue today. My goal is very narrow. “Out” what Nazism is, and pin the tail on the fascist donkey quite squarely. Truth is, communism and Nazism are socialist cousins, and internecine wars are always the nastiest. Recall Brezhnev asking Nixon around 1970 that, if he nuked Mao, would the US get involved, or the Sino-Vietnam war in the mid/late 1970s; or the invasion of Cambodia by Vietnam shortly after.

        As noted, most people here don’t have the intellectual honesty to deal with what I write, or else what me to delve into something that would take dozens of pages, at minimum, to deal with. Sorry, I don’t have the time. I will continue to post information for others to consider. If it sometimes repeats, that is the nature of this board – I am simply trying to reach as broad an audience as I can.

      18. Not that our pro-Nazi posters here will like this, but for the rest of you, relative to the National SOCIALISTS (Nazis). Again, I harp on this due the fact that this is the big meme in our culture today:

        G.B. Shaw, who was a Fabian socialist: “Mussolini practices more positive socialism than many of his adversaries whose names are inscribed in the party role.”

        Italian fascism was collectivist in nature, and the fascists were “well aware of the fact that Communism springs from the same collectivist stem as their own system.” Ludwig von Mises on socialism and Nazis (N.B.: von Mises fled from the Nazis to Switz n 1934, and then to the US in 1940). His Ph.D was from U. of Vienna, and he taught as several US universities.

        “… Mussolini, the outstanding man in Italian socialism, chose at first the orthodox Marxian position. Nobody could surpass Mussolini in Marxian zeal… the programme of the Fascist, as drafted in 1919, was vehemently anticapitalistic… fascism was not… an original product of the Italian mind. It began as a split within the ranks of Marxian socialism.” (p. 525f, The Socialist Revolution).

        “The philosophy of the Nazis, the German National Socialist Labour Party, is the purest and most consistent manifestation of the anticapitalistic and socialist spirit of our age.” Von Mises, p. 528f

        From Richard Vetterli and Willam Fort’s book, The Socialist Revolution: “The collectivist systems of Communism and Fascism belong not on the opposite extremes … their characteristics demand that they share a position side by side on the left” and that Nazism and Communism, in their totalitarianism and collectivism, share “close proximity.” (p.2 – 3)

        Hiter’s quote: “There is more that binds us to Bolshevism than separates us from it… I have always made allowances for this circumstance, and given orders that former Communists are to be admitted to the party at once.” (p. 4)

        – I am a Socialist, and a very different kind of Socialist from your rich friend, Count Reventlow. . . . What you understand by Socialism is nothing more than Marxism.
        o Adolf Hitler, Spoken to Otto Strasser, Berlin, May 21, 1930

        – We are socialists because we see in socialism, that is the union of all citizens, the only chance to maintain our racial inheritance and to regain our political freedom and renew our German state.
        o Joseph Goebbels, 1933

        – Socialism is the doctrine of liberation for the working class. It promotes the rise of the fourth class and its incorporation in the political organism of our Fatherland, and is inextricably bound to breaking the present slavery and the regaining of German freedom. Socialism therefore is not merely a matter of the oppressed class, but a matter for everyone, for freeing the German people from slavery is the goal of contemporary policy. Socialism gains its true form only through a total combat brotherhood with the forward-striving energies of a newly awakened nationalism. Without nationalism it is nothing, a phantom, a mere theory, a castle in the sky, a book. With it it is everything, the future, freedom, the Fatherland!
        o Joseph Goebbels, 1933

        • The sin of liberal thinking was to overlook socialism’s nation-building strengths, thereby allowing its energies to go in anti-national directions. The sin of Marxism was to degrade socialism into a question of wages and the stomach, putting it in conflict with the state and its national existence. An understanding of both these facts leads us to a new sense of socialism, which sees its nature as nationalistic, state-building, liberating and constructive.
        o Joseph Goebbels, 1933

        • You have to admit that NAZI Germany had no problem with illegals, now why do you suppose that is?

          • The illegals, you know who they were, were running, milking, and destroying the country. The Nazi’s threw them out like every other country they moved to did before.
            And although TEST’s post is surely meant to demean what the Nazi’s did in Germany, if you read down through it, it actually defends what they did to end the corruption that was destroying the country.
            Do you think that some of these “quotes” are taken a little out of context? So Hitler liked the Bolsheviks? I think he threw the communists out too. Yeah, those people are always somehow tied to communism too.

      19. Aljamo..i would have raised he’ll on your ass for that comment as in your trolldom. But you might be correct. Because I heard something recently and it may be true . The crap cannot continue going on like that. If you right we as a people are literally dead as phuck.

        Can you imagine for argument sake that the whole thing is designed to keep us fooled to delay the revolution to allow them to finish positioning assets and military only to have UN troops in our faces later on this year..

        Flynn just came out and said that Iran violated the UN resolution.. So is he telling us that the current administration is working with the UN?.. This would be very bad.. So we got our asses owned and we are being laughed at?.. No its getting even more serious. Veterans are at keystone protesting to shut down the pipeline. What does the mean now?…i am starting to get concerned that it’s more of the same rebranded to look better when not a damn thing will be changing. I want to give the man a chance but questions are arising..?


        • HCKS
          It won’t take until later this year.
          We are now only a few weeks away.
          That’s what the SP500 technical analysis is telling me.
          The latest warning came on 26th of Jan. All Indexes produced a similar type of warning on that day.
          THE END is now very close and I am getting extremely worried despite the fact that I live on a far away island in tropical Pacific and despite that I am not American.
          This will be global and geophysical. The financial part will be only the collateral damage.

      20. Run the race to the finish line. Pray that on the other side, God says, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

      21. All of the problems today cause by the Clinton’s, The Bush’s, The obama’s, But it’s more deeper that what everyone doesn’t know. As for 2008 There are so many things that have been in play over the years like the TARP program, Bank bail outs, ECB, JCB, Fed reserve, IMF, and so on the list is so long it would take a large number of people to gather all the info. Many people over the years have been warning the public about many things in play such as Nostradamus, Isaac newton, the book orwellian, Alex jones, sgt major Dan page, the list goes on and on and on. it’s so far wide spread to the point the NWO don’t even care if they are exposed out in public. They have been exposed to the public since the 1950’s from skull n bones, bilderberg group, bohemian grove, and many other groups. The attack on USA by the NWO has been going on since 1836 long after the revolutionary war, but also an attack on many good groups that have been protecting USA since before the revolutionary war even started. It is way bigger than anyone even knows.

      22. Who engages in loose banking practices. Tax shelter countries. In other words, where rich people, corporations, and govts, bring their money.

      23. Trump is working on his campaign promises non stop while fighting a never ending negative barrage from the media, those fact should signal that if the UN intercedes now it has nothing to do with trump but the soros and globalist agenda working against him

      24. I was sitting here eating breakfast with my girl here getting ready to work out and we just talked about things don’t aren’t adding up..with this economy and I am investing in another new business venture and the first few orders must came in to get my services and we are sitting her talking about potentiometer economic collapse,, but because of her business and planning works, my partner is handling the business since he is the owner and he and I are not even certain if we should move forward or call it quits but money is coming in already and now we are hearing that once Le Pen wins on France, the EU breaks up instantly and this is going to affect business all over Europe and here in America.. This is the reason why Donakd has to open keystone. We must open up our Wells right now to have oil and issue a new green back then piss off with Saudi oil.. Those Arabs will have to trade with china, and we are left to manage our own economy.. Brazil just had and over throw of some type and is pushing toward it’s independence. China who is working directly with Li ka shing..that communist tyrant. He is the one who behind the cali exit and is trying to take ove our land and now we are hearing that Donald is not allowed to enter California, and this is getting very serious.. Donald needs to start taking military action arrestig people and another lesbian government official in Hawaii went in public calling Trump a racist hair got her ass fired. A this was a good thing. So all sorts of shit is heating up all over the globe, and this explains why th globalist are rushing to the underground bases..so I am closing on my land on the skirts of Houston and I am not relying on others to take me in their BOL, and I don’t trust them with the safety of my womanizing don’t even trust the other preppers in my area..especially the single ones..guys I am getting a sand bag house built and fortified, they are easy to build and don’t cost much..i can build one for under $1500 and they can stop bullets and are very sturdy.. The first one starts construction next week, I am helping my friend Buuld his at his BOL.. Plus a tree house.. Yes guys HCKS is a red neck too and can build shit from the ground up. I am getting ready..any one who halted preppping since Trump won is stupid, they need relief from the stress and went back to sleep and the nasty supprise will strike with a vengeance..Even preppers who I taught were hard core suddenly pulled the plug so this means that I can’t trust them so I am going off to prepare my own property. What happend to me between 2012 and 2104 won’t be happening again and this time I will be ready because once the EU goes down. The real estate market in the US will crash after the elections in France. Chek mate. We are fucked.. So the Veterans and Indians need to stop the bullshit and let a keystone get opened so that we can prevent the collapse from affecting the US. But they don’t know whats going on as to why the president is opening up Keystone..that pipeline must come on line now.


      25. B from Ca

        It can’t be fixed.
        If you ever saw the west side or south side of Shitcongo up close, you would know that.
        Waste of federal funds.
        Let the war of attrition continue there.
        It weeds out the bad apples and keeps the funeral directors business booming.
        Most of those clowns have a life expectancy of 2 weeks.
        They don’t want to do good and they never will.
        It’s part of the central banks depopulation program.
        Fewer EBT cards to give out.

      26. HCKS, I share your concerns. I was at the BOL 5 days before Election Day because I didn’t know for sure how it would go. I would still be there now had Hillary won. I came back 2 days after Trump won. Then everyone was concerned about a possible attempt on Trump’s life between Nov. 8 and Jan.20. I went back to the BOL the weekend before the inauguration because 1. I had the trip scheduled for that time frame anyway and 2. There were numerous reports of something serious taking place on Inauguration Day. Except for the violence in DC, the inauguration went smoothly and I came back the following Sunday. The first week I was back the trolls came on here claiming I run away at the first sign of trouble. Those dildos forget that I also live and work in a city just like you do. I’ve been caught up in an urban riot once so I know what can happen. I’ve always been grateful for the BOL arrangement I’ve had since April 2013. Most of my supplies are already there and I’m still stacking. I won’t become apathetic or complacent. Good luck with your BOL. At least you’ll have a better chance of survival outside of Houston. I can be back at my BOL in only a few hours. When the balloon finally goes up, the trolls will still be stuck in mommy’s basement. Screw them. I don’t owe them a damn thing.

      27. Mr T said he was gonna bring back glass steigal act.
        If he does this it will keep the banks in order.

        If he does not do this and let the banks do whatever they want the question you have to ask yourself is this.

        Are you tired of eating bullshit ?


      28. Brave, you right o hear ya… I am not putting. My wellbeing into the hands of so called preppers who have gone back to the same BS they were doing before the shit went down in the last 3 years… only a dumb ass would stop prepping.. All our air craft Carriers are in the ports upgrading because they have mp defenses. None. They are a sitting Duck.. China will be invading Texas, new Mexico and California. This is a fact of life and I have already been told this fact of life from law enforcement who are in contact with government and David Hodges, they told me is 100% on the money.. That it’s going to go dowm in the next 5,6 years for certain. That’s not a very long time from now.. I am making plans and taking action now because we have a short window.. My concern is my woman.. If it were up goe I would love to go to battle and shoot the fuckers with the Veterans and civilians is just that I have other concerns now..women are a pain in the as with their stupid way of thinking and are not preppers. We men have to do every thing while they cook in the kitchen and sit on thier asses and I know better. Mine is the same way like the most of them.. They don’t worry because we are busy taking care of business. As soon as the shit hits the fan. They look toward us for protection.. I have learned go let the BS go into one ear and out the other..you can either jerk..off for the rest of you life or put up with the BS. I am in the same boat like everyone else..


        • HCKS, That’s what I like about you, your a man of action and not just talk. As far as the woman thing I am very lucky my wife is totally on board with prepping. I have been prepping for 20 years and it has saved my arse a few times. You might want to look on craigslist for building materials cheap and other prep stuff. Good job my man, git er done!

      29. Great Mac…..you’ve been screaming the same BS for the last 8 years. What’s that story about the Broken Clock….. Oh yeah it’s f****** right twice a day!

      30. HCKS, I love how you and I are on the same page on everything. Going to a gun show in my area tomorrow; had to work today. Picking up some more ammo, mags, gun cleaning supplies, ESPECIALLY AMMO. I appreciate what Trump is trying to do but he faces opposition everywhere. His worst opponents are the mid-level federal employees left over from the shoeshine boy that just left. no telling how much sabotage they could do to the agenda. He needs to tell all of those f#$%ers either get with the program or get your asses out of here. Every damn libturd and his/her mama wants to stop us from taking our country back. I think a 2nd civil war is inevitable; no avoiding it. The libturds better be careful what they wish for. They have no idea of the wrath that will be unleashed on them.

      31. AHHHHH….Another new year of fear porn. Cant wait to read the same regurgitated crap this year.

      32. Dear Mr Slavo:

        This sentence in paragraph 7 of your article doesn’t quite make sense.

        “The order is expected to gut protections that currently require financial products sellers”. It just ends with no punctuation.

        Sorry if it’s just me not getting it. Thanks.

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