“Is The President Mentally And Emotionally Stable?” New Bill Would Require Trump To Undergo Mental Health Evaluation

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Headline News | 113 comments

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    Back in February it was reported by Zero Hedge that Democrats would soon act to remove President Trump under the 25th Amendment, which states in part that a President can be replaced should he be unable to discharge his powers and duties. Such an action would require a vote from the President’s cabinet, but could also be initiated by Congress.

    As of today, Trump’s opponents are now actively pursuing this strategy. Asking whether the President has early stage dementia, or whether he is “mentally and emotionally stable,” Congressional Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) introduced legislation that would force the President to submit to a psychological evaluation.

    Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) introduced the bill on Friday. Should the results of the said exam be unfavorable, the bill calls for Vice President Mike Pence and members of the Cabinet to remove Trump from office.

    The move would invoke the 25th Amendment, a rarely-used constitutional provision that allows the vice president and a majority of Cabinet members to jointly remove the president from office and replace him with the vice president.

    “Does the President suffer from early stage dementia,” Lofgren asked in a statement announcing the bill.

    “Has emotional disorder so impaired the President that he is unable to discharge his duties,” she continued. “Is the President mentally and emotionally stable?”

    Lofgren pointed out that Trump has not yet released a “serious” medical evaluation to the public.

    (Via Huff Post)


    (Full Text)

    We’re sure that any bi-partisan psychological evaluation panel assembled by Congress in an effort to invoke the 25th Amendment would be completely unbiased and independent.

    Last week Trump’s Art of the Deal co-author Tony Schwartz said the President will likely resign by the end of the year.

    And if he doesn’t resign, Democrats (and perhaps even Republicans) are lining up for a chance to impeach the President over Russia or charges of obstruction of justice. In fact, the effort to oust the leader of the free world is so strong that the professor who predicted Trump’s Presidential victory now says he will probably be impeached by the end of 2018, and that even his allies will turn on him.

    Whatever the case with the current investigations, if the Deep State wants to find something on Trump, they will.

    It’s obvious that a broad spectrum attack is taking place and forces on both the left and right want the President out of office.


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      1. Here we go. I’d tell that rep that he can take that bill he’s drawing up and wipe his ass with it. The only thing alarming is how these people (communist/ socialists) are still walking around without “leaking red bodily fluid”.

        • PO: I agree. We need a bill to HANG ALL of those fools on the Left and start fresh. I am so sick and tired of this nonsense.

        • Look at it another way. Lets drug and brain test ALL of Congress, and the Supreme Court also, plus an IQ test and require they be posted. Might explain a lot of stuff.

          • Paranoid, I would love to see the IQ scores of Nancy Pelosi, Sheila Jackson Lee, John McCain, and Elijah Cummings. I bet they all score in the dumber than a box of rocks category.

            • you left out the great Maxine Waters

          • Trump should tell that Bag-o’-Rags, “YOU FIRST”.

          • Yes!

            • What Would A U.S. Civil War Look Like?

              “Yes, there is a civil war looming in the United States…But it will not look like the orderly pattern of descent which characterized the conflict of 1861-65. It will appear more like the Yugoslavia break-up, or the Russian and Chinese civil wars of the 20th Century… It will appear as an evolving chaos.”

              “a gradual breakdown of law and order…

              The outcome, to a degree dependent on how rapidly order is restored, would likely be the end, or constraint, of the present view of democracy in the US. It would see a massive dislocation of the economy and currency. It would, then, become a global-level issue.”

              “The pattern of human history shows that civilizations usually end through internal illness rather than at the hand of external powers.”

              “It is significant that the gathering crisis in the United States was not precipitated by the November 7, 2016, election of Pres. Donald Trump, and neither was the growing polarization of the United Kingdom’s society caused by the Brexit vote of 2016.

              In both instances, the election of Mr. Trump and the decision by UK voters for Britain to exit the European Union were late reactions — perhaps too late — by the regional populations of both countries to what they perceived as the destruction of their nation-states by “urban super-oligarchies”.

              ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-08-21/what-would-us-civil-war-look

        • OK, its a woman. Probably fantasizes about the Donald grabbing her (or not). I hope that California just slides off real soon and everybody is home that day.

          • PO’d, I noticed that’s it’s a woman from CALI who is pushing this idea. POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK! ARE LIBERALS MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY STABLE? NOT ONLY NO BUT HELL NO. The libturd bitch from Cali can go f#$5 herself!

          • Did you see her pic? She would not be described as attractive by any stretch of the imagination.

          • Typical violent snowflake.

        • Mac is playing the Globalist Game by reposting this BS Propaganda. Here is the Memo that exposes the Deep State Plot to destroy President Trump. ht tp://allnewspipeline.com/Read_NSC_Memo_That_Exposes_Globalist_Plot.php

          Read the entire Memo and then all of this BS will make sense. Its as phony as an illusional magic trick like media lies.

          Mac is part of the Globalists’s PLOT by re-posting all the same BS daily the Globalist want you to think. Its all to try and make you think Trump is dumb, he is crazy, he is part of the Russian spy team, make you think trump wont survive his presidency. Its all Psychological Psyopps on Trump supporters, so they loose faith in Trump. Its the scam and plot they will try to take Trump down and to try and diminish Trump supporters morals.

          I have a plan also. Expose these friggin shills every time and every day to their plot as they try give wings to this phony Anti-Trump Psyopp Propaganda.

          Here is part of the Secret memo of the Deep State’s Plot to destroy Trump. You all need to ask, “Why is MAC and SHTFPlan site playing the Globalist game to destroy Trump?”

          Part of the Memo exposed.

          Read The Memo That Rocked Washington And Exposed The Deep State Plot Against President Trump – The MSM Goes Into Full Damage Control Mode

          The 3 Main Themes of the Deep state through Propaganda and Infiltration is to propagandize these 3 things.

          1. To make you think Trump is illegitimate.
          2. To make you think Trump is corrupt.
          3. To make you think Trump is Dishonest.

          And if you post this Garbage BS daily like this article, day after day, you will suspend your support for Trump.

          However smart people who do the research and understand this Deep State Plot should also expose these Media Shills daily for who they are and for trying to bring President Trump down.

          I am not sure why Mac is posting this nonsense daily. Maybe you all can ask him for his motivation to reposting this Globalist BS Garbage?

          A Must Read Memo in the link I posted above.

          • Part of the Deep State Memo
            End State

            Attacks on President Trump are not just about destroying him, but also about destroying the vision of America that lead to his election.

            Those individuals and groups seeking the destruction of President Trump actually seek to suffocate the vision of America that made him president. Hence, the end state is not just a delegitimized, destabilized, immobilized and possibly destroyed presidency; but also a demoralized movement composed of a large enough bloc to elect a president that subsequently become self-aware of its own disenfranchisement.

            Â CONCLUSION.

            The recent turn of events give rise to the observation that the defense of President Trump is the defense of America. In the same way President Lincoln was surrounded by political opposition both inside and outside of his wire, in both overt and covert forms, so too is President Trump. Had Lincoln failed, so too would have the Republic. The administration has been maneuvered into a constant back-pedal by relentless political warfare attacks structured to force him to assume a reactive posture that assures inadequate responses. The president can either drive or be driven by events; it’s time for him to drive them.

            **They could not take Lincoln down, so they killed him.

            This is why I said, Trump needs to roll out “HIS AGENDA,” and stay focused and stop playing defense to the Lefty Deep State Propaganda Game. Trump destroyed the MSM when he started calling them Fake News. And he succeeded. I say this article also is just more BS Fake News. Hang America’s Traitors.

            • Someone is claiming that MAC is acting like the MSM. I know better. I stand all the way with Mac Slavo and SHTFPlan.com.

              • Just like a true bootlicking pawn Dep BH. You suck up to anybody who pays any attention to you. lol

          • If you spell Mac Slavo backwards it spells “oval scam”. So, you may or may not be right about him Crack. Read alot of alt media and, at times, I wonder if it’s just another version of mainstream media in disguise to continue to pit us all against one another, or to fear. CIA, or whoever, is capable of anything and this wouldn’t surprise me. Will be very surprised if this gets posted. Ha ha, but not really ha ha.

            • Hey there OKGirl, you and ButtCrack are about as sharp as a sack of wet mice.

        • We have to leave it to the Marxists to always employ the shrinks to marginalize and destroy their enemies. Solzhenitsyn talks about this in his book, The Gulag Archipelago.

          In their course of the Marxist’s final stage of their consolidation of their grip on power, that of “Normalization”, they excoriate all who oppose them, declare them “insane”.

          Obamacare has a portion in that law that would force people to have a mental evaluation annually. The Left always employs this. Eventually all who even imagine that there is an agenda of the left, mention “Agenda 21”, “New World Order”, etc.. will be declared “Insane”.

          Marxists employ armies of Psychiatrists, send people to “Reeducation camps”. Bertrand Russell predicted this trend in his writings, that those who absolutely refused to accept the brainwashing would be led to the “Death Chamber”.

          These evil Progressive people are the whole reason that our ancestors in the 1950’s were so worked up about communists. Communists, Reds, Socialists, Progressives are evil, and aren’t just trying to impart a new economic system. They will eventually kill everyone who does not agree with them. It’s coming, the madness is already here.

          • Thankfully this go round they have several million armed patriots to deal with.

          • I enjoy Bertrand Russell’s writings too. His “Why I am Not a Christian” is an amazing work that shows the absolute silliness of following a religion that is promoted by a certain (((tribe))) to help control people (although Russell does not go so far as to call out this linkage).

            • Coincidence??

              The total eclipse of the sun yesterday occurred on the first of the forty days leading up to the Day of Atonement on the Biblical calendar — the forty days set apart for prayer and repentance to prepare for the most holy day on the Jewish year.

              The eclipse brings to mind – Joel 2:30-32.

      2. What utter bullshit nonsense!! Those mentally crazed chick-shits on the Left have really got some never I tell you that for nothing. If they pull that garbage, Civil War II will most certainly take place in this damn messed up country.

        • Targets are already selected and quite achievable if this happens.

          • Menzo, I’ve got mine ready also.

      3. Civil War 2 is upon on us!!!!! I am sick of this bullshit with the media and these little groups running around. If it has come down to this, then let’s do it and get it over with, if I make it then great if not then oh well.

      4. Maxine Waters is the turd in the punchbowl.

      5. People that want to subject the President to this idiocy are the same folks that supported Ted Kennedy in the Senate for decades. Many of them also support RINO’s like John McCain. Get a grip on reality Liberals, some people have different views than yours. For instance, many of us believe in the Constitution (including the Bill of Rights) and the Declaration of Independence.

      6. The Leftists are going to get their way one way or another.

        They want Trump removed and will not let him hold office much longer. This started before he even took office, and as each attempt to accuse him of something fails because it is false, it will still leave him with fewer and fewer supporters left until he is finally taken out.

        They won control of America and are the rulers of it now, get used to it.

        They are going to rule you whether you like it or not.

        • Anonymous, you fantasize a lot, don’t you? No they don’t have control of this nation, not as long as everyone is armed, willing, and ready to take them on. They don’t rule this country or even any of us. So you can just dream on, sonny.

          • So how do you explain, say, the tearing down of confederate monuments and removal of the Confederate flags from public places because they don’t approve of them?

            Just one example among many.

            And quit that bullshit macho gun “I’ll kill ’em all” standoff stuff, that just ends up with you dead as well as them in charge.

            That’s the fantasy here and one already proven as such.

        • The leftists already rule. If you don’t think Ivanka and Jared have enormous power over Trump just ask Don Jr and Eric. And Bannon too. Jared and Ivanka are as far left as one can be and her father listens to her and her husband. Make no mistake Trump does take their advice very seriously.

          Jared and Ivanka are also democrats. Leaning left dems.

          In fact Trump was a democrat for decades who made fun of and ridiculed republicans until Hillary announced she was running for President and when he decided to run. Then he suddenly switched to republican. But he’s a RINO. You don’t make fun of republicans in the local NY scene for decades and then suddenly become a true republican. No, doesn’t work that way.

          Jared and Ivanka, who are not qualified to be in the WH in the first place, also support a women’s right to abortion along with gay rights/gay marriages. Yes, they do.

          I’ve also never known Yewz not to be pro-abortion and they are both Yewz. In fact when abortion was first legalized in ’72 the only ob/gynecologists performing them were Yewz. Christian doctors refused to perform them in the 70’s.

          If a woman wanted one she had to go to a Yew Dr. Ivanka and Jared are not republicans and they are not against abortion and gay rights and gay marriage as you all been misled to believe. Can’t get any more left than those two Millennials. I grew up in NY. Believe what you want but I have a history with them and I am telling the truth here.

      7. In the Soviet Union if one was against communism you were considered mentally ill and sent away. They all knew that communism was terrific and you had to be crazy not to think so. Now if one believes that US manufacturing eviscerating globalism is bad you must be crazy because we all know that we must all share the bounty of our earth and spoils of our labor.

        We’re being methodically domesticated into an insect colony of group think, group acceptance with the end result group goals.

        Trump, at least in tone describes a message that is more traditionally individualistic. Its opposite, the collective, has been media “Goebbelized”.

        Goebbelized is a new word I’m creating here which is defined as:
        “A message, false in substance that through incessant repetition becomes the accepted truth”.

        • excellent. i know several who have been “Goebbelized”

          mostly family 🙁

        • Kevin2, liberalism is a mental disease according to Michael Savage.

          • Unfortunately Michael doesn’t have the power of government behind him. Generally the right can stop and listen to a logical presentation. If the facts are there they can accept them. Take Vietnam for instance. Once a core belief with the right, now looked upon with facts as a mistake. The looney left listens to nothing; thinking frightens them. Italians call it “Menza Morto” translated, brain dead.

            “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead”
            Thomas Paine

        • Kevin2, BRAVO! “goebbelized”. It sounds appropriate. I’ll add that probably not one single libturd knows who Joseph Goebbels was. If they found out they’d REALLY have a meltdown, LOL! My compliments on your creation.

          • Kevin2, oh wait, we can’t leave out the NEOCONS. They’re also “goebbelized”.

            • Actually the orchestrators at the very top of the economic chain are the globalist bankers. Their “right hand men” (appropriate position) are the NEOCONS who do buy into this. The left are the useful idiots, the looney tunes, that add their domestic agenda to the globalist enslavement package. I look at the NEOCONS as being more Goebbels than Goebbelized as they are in positions to steer the ship; granted into an iceberg. GH Bush was virtually in policy while Clinton was a salesman; GW Bush and Obama, mere stooges.

              Its difficult to tell the players W/O a score card.

              • It’s the bottom of the ninth. Two outs, bases loaded. The score is jews 666, kikes 666. The pitcher is marx, the batter is rand.
                The count is three balls, two strikes. All players are experts at hardball.

                Game called on account of darkness.

                “jews take all sides to all arguments.”

            • Actually the orchestrators at the very top of the economic chain are the globalist bankers. Their “right hand men” (appropriate position) are the NEOCONS who do buy into this. The left are the useful idiots, the looney tunes, that add their domestic agenda to the globalist enslavement package. I look at the NEOCONS as being more Goebbels than Goebbelized as they are in positions to steer the ship; granted into an iceberg. GH Bush was virtually in policy while Clinton was a salesman; GW Bush and Obama, mere stooges.

              Its difficult to tell the players W/O a score card.

              • oops……guess I got the point across.

          • I look at Dep BH thinking as Gooberized.

            • Two very strong personalities, like the two of you( BH and CSS ), need to channel all that testosterone into becoming “one” against the Deep State and their players. Please unite for the common cause of saving this country. The conservative right needs to show the idiots that we CAN unite against the evil destroyers of our country and its Constitution. When the time comes we are going to have to depend on one another and may be fighting side by side, you never know.

      8. The prized puppet of the criminal treasonous psychopaths(deep state0 is Orange Satan Pagan Trump, the last in a long line of POTUS puppets. Orange Satan is an old fat ass toxic dump alpha male pussy grabber and vice peddler, who is way past his prime and the toxic dump knows it, and of course the psychopaths knew that when they CHOOSE the pussy grabber to be their LAST PUPPET POTUS. The psychopaths can now manipulate and stroke the ego of the alpha male pussy grabber past his prime-by giving him things to blow up and wars to start, exactly the puppet the psychopaths needed to cover for their LEGION of high crimes and treason.

        • Ron, I always admire your passion.

          But where were you when Mr. Bush left poor Black people on their roofs for five days as flood waters swirled below them before he lifted a finger?

          Where were you when Mr. Obama remained SILENT when the heads of little CHRISTIAN Boys and Girls were put on STICKS abroad?

          The psychopaths are indeed angry that their psychopathy/destructiveness is being met with a new Sheriff in town, one duly elected by American voters who were sick and tired of more than billion dollars the Clinton Foundation made sure Haiti never saw, and sick and tired of much, much more.

          • I have been calling ALL the PUPPET POTUS what they are, and what the psychopathic(deep state)genocidal monsters they answer too are, and that includes the treasonous genocidal war criminal GW Demon Bush, Puppet Demon Obama, and now the next SELECTED puppet up is the vice peddling pussy grabber Orange Satan Trump, and please do not try to call this latest puppet a follower of our Lord and Savior. Trump answers to Lucifer and the Anti-Crist Kushner ONLY!!!!

        • The treasonous psychopaths aka the Deep State, are also smart enough to know people will tend to go for the “underdog”, so all this persecution of Trump keeps people blind to the real truth. Trump has shown his true colors in his “real” actions by appointing more swamp creatures to his cabinet and allowing whistleblowers to be fired. The rich elite stick together. Trump supports the Christ killers, and this says it all.

      9. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. They should all have to submit to a mental exam if this passes. What a lame attempt by the left to get rid of someone. Had this been suggested of Obama there would have been nationwide riots. I would bet most of the Dems would fail said test.

        • Jim, damn right. I’ll bet not a single one of them would pass. have all of the left tested. Oh wait! Let’s not forget the NEOCONS! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to leave them out. [SARCASM]

      10. Ok – IF Barry & company gets one first.

      11. Oh hell, lets throw in the media and Hollywood why we are at it.

      12. Oh well, was under the 100 percent totality of the eclipse. No aliens or end of the world. Shucks.

        • not even my chickens went to roost

          • I didn’t see any birds out except the hummingbirds. They were at the feeder more than ever today.

      13. I think that they should pass a bill to put this loon’s brain in a jar and study it as well as Maxine Water’s brain. A lot of scientific knowledge could be gained.

        • You would need an electron microscope to even find their brain!

          • The only knowledge you would gain is how the hell a person can stay alive with such a small brain.

            • Genius, no one will find the brain because there’s NOT one, LOL!

          • Put Maxine’s brain on the edge of a razor blade, and it would look like a BB rolling down a four-lane highway.

      14. Oh well, was under the 100 percent totality of the eclipse. No aliens or end of the world. Shucks. No shortage of stupid fucking drivers though, brain dead at the wheel.

        • people in our area were told to treat the eclipse like an ice storm

          don’t go out in it

      15. Sad and sickening . Both sides are very concerned or scared that their “game” will end unless they stop T.

      16. I saw these idiots supporters last weekend in Boston,no need for a mental health test,they are fucking nuts!That said,we need to keep pressure up and if Potus removed by bullshit or violent coup start making our own “executive decisions”.

        • it’s almost time to pick up your pitchforks and start MARCHIN’…..once we DO, there will be no stoppin’ it.

        • from what you say, warchild, WE(the right)are the ones that will be at a disadvantage when the shootin’ starts…….these dim-crats are a pretty tough bunch, eh?

      17. they need to be careful what they wish for

        soon to be what they ask for ? order will also be used on them

        its way passed time ..

        maybe we the people need to start instituting these requirements upon congress the house and senate

      18. Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and a few others should have their mental capacity tested first.

        • Those two are batshit crazy by casual observation.

        • Exactly include Al Franken in there too.

        • you should find them dimocRATS from kilipornia standing around a cauldron, stirring it.

        • I’m sure their test methods will be rigged for optimum results. What could possibly go wrong!

        • Karen, open their heads and you’ll probably find them vacant, LOL!

      19. With few exceptions all elected office holding government cretins are warmongers if they seek to continue to “serve” a thoroughly corrupt system, to go along to get along for the pay and imagined self prestige. These overt criminals only represent theft, death and destruction. Trillions poured down the rathole of waste to those whose intent is to enslave humanity. They have biological labs creating poisons throughout the Eurasian landmass mostly encircling Russia and China. The real enemy is on clear display. The American people are also focused in their crosshairs.

      20. ALL Federal employees and elected officials should have to take mental exams and IQ tests, (plus strip naked on worldwide TV). Furthermore, all members of the House and Senate MUST be completely and wholly subject to all of the laws of our land. NO EXCEPTIONS.

      21. Only if Pelosi, McCain, Maxine Waters and the rest of the Capital Hill swamp get a mental health check-up.

      22. You democrats do this and its game on

      23. Funny how my comment never made it in the thread.

      24. They are doing everything they can to crap all over everything the man does.

      25. Everyone here is already mentally ill according to the gov. It’s called Oppositional Defiant Disorder

        Includes “Often argues with authority figures” yes, arguing is now a disorder.


        • M11S, that’s me and I wear that badge with pride and honor. But mentally ill? NEVER! It’s govt. officials, bureaucrats, and employees who have something wrong with them.

      26. Sessions as Trump’s pick for AG reveals all I need to know about the mindset and character of this president. He is not about justice or freedom for the American people. Just a continuance of a hyper extended police state crackdown. More police robbery on the highways, more prison packing for victimless crimes, more power to big pharma while not stopping opioid drug manufacturing. More GMO altering in production of food poisoning. A war on natural healing with cannabis to benefit the chemical poison pill pushers. Defending these major swamp dwellers by not speaking out even once in defense of common sense on these matters. Forced vaccinations can’t be far off. These same policies would be in the Clinton WH had she won. The supposed opposing sides are a clear fakeout.

        • Aljamo, agreed about Sessions. He’s another POS AG. One POS replaced another POS on Jan. 20.

      27. Two comments in moderation, one for 4 hours and one just submitted. I did not upset the teetering apple cart did I?

      28. What is this I am reading? A bleeding heart leftist congresswoman is discriminating against someone based on their potential mental illness. She should be ashamed for being such a hater!

        The Americans with Disabilities Act provides protection for those with mental illness:


        “The definition of disability in the ADA includes people with mental illness who meet one of these three definitions:

        1. A physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities of an individual
        2. A record of such an impairment
        3. Being regarded as having such an impairment

        A mental impairment is defined by the ADA as “any mental or psychological disorder, such as mental retardation, organic brain syndrome, emotional or mental illness, and specific learning disabilities.”

        Some things to remember:

        •Your employer has to make reasonable accommodation only if they know about your mental illness.
        •Employers do not have to accommodate disabilities that they don’t know about.
        •If an employee with a known disability is having a hard time doing his or her job, an employer may ask whether the employee is in need of a reasonable accommodation.
        •Also, if the employer has reason to know that the employee has a disability, they may have an obligation to discuss reasonable accommodation. Mostly, however, it is up to the person with the disability to tell the employer that an accommodation is needed.
        •An employer cannot ask questions about your medical or psychiatric history during an interview.
        •An employer can ask you objective questions that help the employer decide whether you can perform essential duties of a job. An employer may ask you about your ability to meet the physical standards for jobs involving physical labor, your ability to get along with people, or your ability to finish tasks on time and to come to work every day.

        Examples of reasonable accommodations for people with severe mental illnesses are:

        •Providing self-paced workloads and flexible hours
        •Modifying job responsibilities
        •Allowing leave (paid or unpaid) during periods of hospitalization or incapacity
        •Assigning a supportive and understanding supervisor
        •Modifying work hours to allow people to attend appointments with their psychiatrist
        •Providing easy access to supervision and supports in the workplace
        •Providing frequent guidance and feedback about job performance

        What do I do if I believe I have experienced employment discrimination?

        Any person who believes that he or she has experienced employment discrimination based on a psychiatric disability has a right to file an administrative “charge” or “complaint” with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or a state or local anti-discrimination agency. Such individuals also may file a lawsuit in court, but only after filing an administrative charge. You may also find it useful to contact:

        •U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
        1801 L Street, NW
        Washington, DC 20507
        Phone: 202-663-4900
        Website: http://www.eeoc.gov

        •U.S. Department of Justice
        Disability Rights Section
        950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
        Civil Rights Division
        Disability Rights Section – NYAVE
        Washington, DC 20530
        Phone: 800-514-0301
        TDD: 800-514-0383
        Website: http://www.justice.gov/

      29. Maybe we could talk the emo ones into crucifying themselves,. They love their intentional disfigurement and self harm so much, we should encourage them to reach higher and more extreme self abuse.

      30. Today I set out in the hot sun for a hour looking at the eclipse wearing a welding helmet. When I came back inside my wife stated I think everyone on the planet is crazy except for me and you. And now im really beginning to wonder about you? That bill will never pass. And if it did Trump would veto it.

      31. Without violating OpSec, I can assure you that our President is indeed mentally sound.

        Those who write otherwise here and elsewhere are simply those whose comfort level he in fact has DISRUPTED because he has JOLTED them out of their Bush-Clinton-Obama FOG!

        That FOG had a FOUL STENCH to it and its odor was REPUGNANT.

        Now if you REALLY want to know if Mr. Trump is stable both mentally and emotionally you need only study Dr. M. Scott Peck’s brilliant analysis that is the evil called SCAPEGOATING and PROJECTION in his second book, “People of the Lie”.

        The President CONTINUES to be SCAPEGOATED and ‘labeled’ as mentally ill by those who are mentally and emotionally lazy, those who are NOT dedicated to reality at all costs. The brainLESSstream media, the author of this Bill, and Ms. Maxine Waters all come to mind here.

        Remember to obey the Ten Commandments DAILY. If EACH American does this then we will know the UNLIMITED protection of the God to whom we recall our allegiance in the Pledge of Allegiance! We are one nation under GOD, not allah.

        Of course, the godless and the satanists hate those facts. Obeying the Commandments and Prayer are our two greatest weapons.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Act as if everything depends on you and hope as if everything depends on God.”
        – St. Augustine

        “Mental health is an ongoing process of dedication to reality at all costs.” – Dr. M. Scott Peck

        “The best battles ever fought ever won were those not even begun.” – Sun Tzu

      32. Since when were there any job requirements for President beside being 35 years old?

        • That’s about it, and being a natural-born citizen.

      33. In my professional opinion,
        President Trump is fit for duty.

        The Communist 3ews in the USA are instigating a Communist overthrow of the Government of the United States of America.

        Read “The Secret Behind Communism” by Dr. David Duke (PHD in History).

        Communism in Russia was perpetrated by atheistic 3ews from New York. Their descendants are actively pursuing the same goals in the USA.

        “Never forget, some of the biggest murderers in history were 3ews.” Said by a 3ew.
        So, the quote “Never Forget” is a warning to both 3ew and gent, with a dual meaning.


        • “In your professional opinion”, except that you’re not the professional you think you are, B.

          If you were you’d know Trump has NPD, narcissistic personalty disorder. You didn’t know that did you? He checks every one of the seven boxes for that DSM disorder. Look it up. No more proof needed. The Clinton’s are sociopaths but Trump has NPD.

        • Trump is a Pussy Grabbing Child. And the zombies that follow him are pond scum.

          • Half of that statement is false Chewy7. Think about it.

        • The overthrow happened in 1913. . .

      34. Wasn’t this same mental health issue brought up during the campaign? Tired of the re-runs on “issues” we thought were settled. :/

        • When I took some Psych courses in school, our professor warned us all, ‘you will now spend the rest of your life analyzing everyone around you, which is totally unethical and defamatory, and you will be utterly wrong 99.99% of the time. Should you be sued when you maliciously target the wrong co-worker, I will testify against you in civil court.”

          I don’t think a lot of the students paid any attention to that.

      35. The dude just has no filter,,, its sorta like that add where people are saying exactly what they mean rather than beating around the bush.
        I think everybody needs to start doing that, i am

      36. Oh for crying out loud, I am getting so sick of this. They should scrutinize Nancy Pelosi, does she have dementia?

      37. Emotionally/mentally stable?? What, and you missed Pelosi? And before that, you missed serial rapist Slick?

        Sorry, this has to be a joke

      38. My 2 cents.

        What is going on right now is contrived violence to suck people into a fight that only serves the Globalists. Preppers need to put on the gray man. If you want to be a politician, then run for office. If you want to be a prepper, that make a plan for survival, practice opsec, and start stacking.

        Agitprop is the word of the day.

        The globalists are pitting any groups they can isolate and infuriate against anyone else of convenience. Preppers are a target rich group for globalists, because you are equipped, trained and potentially dangerous if incited.

        The media for years have targeted militias as a group they desperately needed the public to be fearful of, and hate. The MSM succeeded.

        The media for years have targeted survivalists as a group they desperately needed the public to be fearful of, and hate. The MSM succeeded.

        The media for years have targeted preppers as a group they desperately needed the public to be fearful of, and hate. They are succeeding.

        I see so many here talk in theory that you must avoid the liberal run death trap cities if the SHTF. Then there are paid for scripted riots orchestrated by the globalists in those cities, to suck in cannon fodder, and preppers here start talking tough.

        I’m sorry, as this violence escalates, and it’s going to escalate, I’m sure there will be the John Steiners who will continue to be the cheerleaders of talking tough. I for one am walking away, and will be quietly planning and implementing for the survival of my family and friends.

        Politically, I for one am pleased beyond all measure with D. J. Trump. Before his campaign the Idea of a deep state executing plans to overthrow the constitution and our Republic was considered fantasy, the imaginings of conspiracy theorists and nut jobs. The entire world has information available now that proves this fantasy is America’s reality. We now at least have a chance, the deep state however will now double down since they have been outed. I for one have no desire to become poster child cannon fodder for the leftists propaganda machine.

        Lastly, opsec!

        And one more thing, opsec!

        I for one believe, the loudest voices promoting violence here, most likely work for an alphabet government agency in some capacity. I suggest seriously that people here not respond to and shun violent posts. Never write anything that a government lawyer could print in two inch letters on a big card an show a jury, and say look what this crazy prepper wrote!

      39. Lofgren is pushing 70. At 70, I wouldn’t be accusing someone of having dementia or other possible health problems. But apparently she sees no problem with it.

      40. A coalition of demonic forces from the bowels of hell is out to take down President Donald J Trump because he has exposed their debauchery. The dark state, the dark state’s own fakenews media, the educational establishment, rogue intel agents, the NWO, Unholywood, Barack Soetorobama, Marxist agitators, radical fags, and every other slimy creature that’s being exposed in the DC cesspool have come together not just to topple President Trump but to destroy America. All this is only evidence that he is doing a great job because their kingdom from hell is being brought to light.

      41. Have been watching The Last Ship, 3rd season where the US Prez is assassinated, spoiler alert, and how the the leaders of each State are taking control etc, so similar to what is going on with you guys over there now
        Trump needs decent help not therapy, the dems are the insane bunch

      42. If this passes it must contain the mandatory mental testing of ALL government elected AND NON-elected employes starting at the village level all the way to the top levels of the federal government with NO EXCEPTIONS. I would think it unconstitutional to mandate only one public, elected official to be selected out for this testing via legislation.

      43. And we cowardly Americans just watch and watch and watch attack after attack after attack! Trump.fails because America is afraid to take a stand!

      44. It is amazing that they continue to top themselves in the stupidity/ignorance index.

      45. All candidates for positions of power should be required to be examined for sanity and intelligence.

      46. Can we make this retroactive for the other living ex-Presidents, as well?

      47. As long as the economy is quasi stable Trump will manage to withstand the barrage of excrement being thrown his way. If it begins to crash he is history Americans vote and generally make political decisions with their wallets. Trump will be a one term President regardless as the Republicans will not renominates him. Will he run as. An independent as Teddy Roosevelt did maybe. It will only guarantee our next President is a Democrat, and that ladies and gentlemen will be the time to get out the popcorn poppers. The final push toward a tolitarian government was delayed for 4 years(Mayde less) with Clintons defeat. That is why the left is so furious. They were ready to ACT but Trumps election delayed their plan. The next election will bring the end of America as we know it. Enjoy the next 4 years if we get them because after that the “American Experiment will be OVER

      48. A totally unconstitutional proposal, the requirements for holding the office are clearly spelled out in the Constitution.

        Even if he was nuts, he’s still capable of performing his duties, which he’s doing, and there’s nothing the left can do about it except cry.

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