Is The March 18th Geomagnetic Storm Going To Wipe Out The Power Grid?

by | Mar 13, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 28 comments

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    There has been widespread fear that a geomagnetic storm scheduled for March 18 will wipe out power grids and cause panic.  Is it time to prepare for the worst?

    We can all breathe easy for now. It looks like this threat of grid failure is simply fear mongering. The magnetic storm’s imminent arrival was one of Monday morning’s top science news stories, according to Google News. But the coverage of the storm appeared to be based on a misinterpretation of a chart posted on Russia’s Lebedev Institute’s website showing a minor uptick in geomagnetic activity on the 18th of March. That elevated activity is expected to be a minor storm at most, however.

    The United States’s NOAA website shows similar readings in their forecast. March 26th also shows similar data to what is anticipated on March 18th. Geomagnetic storms are rated on a scale of G1 to G5, with G5 being the most extreme. On the 18th and the 26th, readings will likely just barely reach the threshold for a G1, which is a minor geomagnetic storm and won’t likely have any real impact on the power grids. G1 storms happen frequently, about 2,000 times every 11 years, or once every two days.

    This scale is based in part on an index created from the amount of magnetic deviation a storm might produce on the ground combined with measurements of a variety of currents with fabulous names, including the “auroral electrojets” and the “field-aligned current.” The measurement of another type of current is called the “disturbance storm time index,” according to NOAA’s website.

    “This story [of an imminent power grid failure] is not plausible in any way, shape or form,” Bob Rutledge, who leads NOAA’s Space Weather Forecast Center, told Newsweek via e-mail. “Things are all quiet for space weather, and the sun is essentially spotless.” According to NASA, our sun is heading toward solar minimum now. Sunspot counts were relatively high in 2014, and now they are sliding toward a low point expected in 2019-2020.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean preparing for the potentiality of a horrific power grid failure should halt immediately, it’s simply to state that the evidence available doesn’t support a power grid failure on March 18th. A massive geomagnetic storm would be a really big deal for much of humanity.

    A powerful magnetic storm could cause blackouts and damage communications satellites; it has happened before. One such geomagnetic storm in 1859 shocked telegraph operators and set the paper they were working with on fire, while another in 1989 caused a nine-hour blackout in Canada.


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      1. I hope so,,,
        Somethings gotta give!

        • Stupid waste of time story

        • somethings gotta give…..

          ht tps://

          Be safe……live your dream…….BA.

      2. Had to get one last bit of fear-mongering in there, didn’t you?

        • Yeah Yao – the same gang that can’t predict if it going to rain in my area when the clouds are thick, drops in the air falling and the streets wet seem to think they can call it when a potential natural EMP is coming? Sure. Right….

          • “Is The March 18th Geomagnetic Storm Going To Wipe Out The Power Grid?”

            God I hope so! For about 2-3 months. Cleanse the country of a few idiots.

      3. Oh Nos! Better run out to Costco for your Doomsday Kits! HAHA

        • This guy has balls, coming on here and diffusing a crisis!

      4. This story says that an X-class flare already happened, and the resulting possible disruptions are supposed to be evident on Wednesday. They just talk about possible GPS problems and northern lights visible as far south as Maine.

        ht tp://

        “…geomagnetic storm scheduled for March 18…” is funny. I like that “scheduled” part.

        • Did they slip that out, that it is “scheduled”? (By whom?!)

        • “scheduled” ???? That is what I thought – WTF are they talking about??

          18’th and then the 25’th ???

          Unless they are getting message from the future…..

      5. While this wolf-whistle calling is frequent, and almost always wrong, keeping an eye out regularly will serve to keep you out of trouble, and prepared. Individual responsibility is the name of the game. And don’t turn into a wolf caller yourself. A cool head and a steady hand will avail you much.

      6. here we go again…

      7. Forecast as high as Kp3 in the lower 48, which isn’t even high enough for auroras in the lower 48, sorry, your end isn’t anytime soon. But don’t let the facts get in the way of your massive panic.

      8. If it doesn’t do anything significant it will prove that EMP is nothing to be concerned with.

      9. If you can spare half an hour, watch this YouTube video, approximately 33minutes from beginning to end.

        Thorium 2017
        gordon mcdowell

        2.4k ❤️

      10. One word.

        • Two words.
          Fuck No.

      11. WTF??

        If this is gonna be such a sissy storm, then why TF is it even being mentioned here.

        Friggin’ clickbait. I’ve got 9mm to reload…I don’t have time for this.


        • Grunty, Most prepper type sites are now simply click bait as the supposed prepper phenom is dead from its own ignorance and fake supposed experts, most of which simply make up a pen name and are not even real people. Most here do not even realize Tyler Durden is not a real person or Mac Slavo likely not either. Nothing new, just playing out and failing as it likely should. Trust me there is a connection to the two entities and I imagine a few of you grasp that by now ? But only a few. The rest are simply the herd.

      12. Choosing to be dependent on junk that is vulnerable to “a massive geomagnetic storm” is what “would be a really big deal for much of humanity.” Being freed from that addiction to that junk is what such a storm could do for “much of humanity”–if people can wake up and learn how to do without that junk.

        • Anonymous, good points and it is rather easy to do and nothing is lost at all, only gained !

          There is a far better way to live and think, rather than be in the herd and react to the fake stimuli daily from fake experts !

          Far too many Americans are simply fat dumb and lazy ! That too is nothing new at all.

      13. “if people can wake up and learn how to do without that junk.”

        Meh, it would be better if they killed themselves over it!

      14. No.

      15. I’m still waiting for Y2k, hehe.

      16. Waiting, heard this before.

      17. Having not read the article:
        No [the coming storm will not take down the grid; neither did the big one during September of 2017] and Yes [you should always try to be prepared for a power grid loss (it is one of the crises that severe flooding or a severe winter storm or an unlucky driver could also cause)].

      18. So why even bother to post this it is a total waste of time

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