Is The Beast Among Us? Are We Literally Heading Into the Prophesied End Times?

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    With all that’s going on in the world economically, politically, religiously, and spiritually Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News asks, “Is the beast among us?”

    Are we headed for global financial enslavement because of the greed and the want of more power and money by corporate special interests?

    Or are we literally heading into the prophesied end times? Are we headed into the End of Days on planet earth?

    (Watch at Youtube)

    Just a few years ago it would be absolutely ludicrous for the generation before us if they heard the things that were happening now…  if they heard that drones are going to be in the air, 30,000+ plus in the next few years… if they knew that the NSA or other so-called intelligence agencies were spying on the people of this land they would have completely lost their mind… they would have never, ever believed it possible in just a few decades time…

    But now it’s accepted.

    Now everybody walks around with a cell phone that can be complete trapped… Now people are walking around with RFID chips implanted in their credit cards or their passport… It’s just common practice.

    And we’re being sold every single day that in order to be safe we have to partake in these kinds of measures.

    So, it is not a far reach that the technology, as it advances… the potential to be injected with an RFID chip or some other kind of technology is not only going to be a potential… it’s already here. And it’s going to be voluntary at the beginning…

    But we have seen time and time again how your personal freedom, how your rights, how your privacy is no longed relevant if it’s on the heels of an emergency.

    When you look at it in its totality… you really could make the argument that we’re rapidly on a freight train that’s heading to a very, very dark place on planet earth. Some are going to call it End Times… some are going to call it Christian prophecy coming to fruition… and some are going to call it a really, really bad time to be alive on planet earth…

    But the truth cannot be hidden. If you have eyes to see you can see the path that we are on.

    While the notion that humanity is in its End Times is an argument that has been made throughout the last two thousands years (and before), the idea may not be so far fetched. Author Tom Horn, who predicted the unprecedented resignation of the Vicar of Christ Pope Benedict XVI nearly a year prior to the Vatican’s announcement, has also suggested that the melding of human and machine is a powerful sign that the world is in for what is shaping up to be a rocky century, because not only are we merging one with the other, but we are creating a new “species” in the process.

    As Charlie noted in his commentary, there always seems to be some sort of  crisis and each one has been used to further enslave the population of the world. Pastor Horn broaches this subject matter as well, suggesting that a future event will be used as a pretext for an attempt to centralize global power under one leader who will be presented to the world as a savior and that perhaps this person will be the Anti-Christ who signals the end of days. The Book of Revelation certainly paints a dark picture of these events and Horn uses dozens of ancient texts and interpretations to support the case that the age in which we are living will bring massive changes to our world.

    But Tom Horn and Charlie McGrath aren’t the only ones who view the events of today as a prelude of what’s to come. The late Catholic priest Father Malachi Martin, a truly brilliant mind who advised two popes and was a student of archaeology, Semitic languages and ancient history, suggested in a 1996 radio interview that the devil is alive and well deep within the halls of the Vatican and that those who have turned to evil are working closely with elements of what those of us outside of the inner circle of the Church elite would refer to as the New World Order.

    And what is the ultimate goal of those working to globalize control and centralize leadership? According to Father Malachi, it’s just what you would expect: the acquisition of money and power. And this evil pervades everything from the Church and top tier political offices to banks and the general population worldwide.

    Keep in mind that Father Malachi is one who has not only sat with the inner circle, he had access to highly secretive documents and historical texts from which he draws on, so he’s not just theorizing on what might be going on behind the scenes.

    The following assessment from Malachi is quite fascinating considering it was made nearly two decades ago before his death (which itself occurred under suspicious circumstances). He’s a well versed theologian, yet he, like many of us, was very attune to the global nature of what we might refer to as “The Beast.”

    This organization… I’m talking about the visible organization… from the Pope down to the local Parish priets… it’s a facade… there is no longer an evangilization taking place… there is no longer any vibrancy… life has gone out of the system… as well as hope… the system is shot.

    The third secret [of Fatima] interpreted on its face value, without going into the details of it, implies that the New World Order now being installed… between you, me and the Holy Spirit, it is installed in its grand lines now… is definitely something that will not last and is unacceptable to God… because this New World Order is built on money… it’s built on the regulation of capital and the flow of capital and the flow of capital goods… in the hands of the elite… outside of which no country or nation can live.

    No nation can live without participating in this New World Order.

    (Full Interview)

    Take it for what you will. There are scores of historical texts that describe the events we see playing out before us.

    Is it the End Times?

    That remains to be seen. On this matter Jesus was clear with his disciples, “about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven.”

    What we do know is that there exists a great evil throughout the world, as highlighted by Malachi Martin. It undoubtedly sits at the upper echelons of our society and governing bodies, and it wants more control and power. It will stop at nothing to get it.

    Human tracking technology may well be The Mark of Biblical prophecy, but as Charlie McGrath succinctly notes “The Beast” must be viewed in its totality.

    You better be aware of what’s happening in your world… and try to take a bigger view… and that’s myself included… it isn’t just one single issue here or there… are we on a path as a planet for a very, very dark time on planet earth?


    Resources: Wide Awake News, Tom Horn, Steve QuayleMalachi Martin


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      1. people who forget the past are doomed to repeat it! the next holocaust will make this one look like a picnic! and the beauty of it is the media wont even lift a finger to cover it. look at how they have become politicized to only cover stories that are flattering to either politicians or movie stars?
        Whats really sad is in the next holocaust the whole world will have blood on their hands! you can make all the speeches you want at any memorial you want, but when you have one group of people changing laws and forcing another group of people or businesses to accept something they feels wrong or be put out of business, then the new holocaust has already began.(NWO) its just not to the point of gas chambers and ovens yet! but i have to wonder how many people commenting on here actually support the new holocaust and dont even realize it! just remember a lot of germans actually didnt know this was going on in their country! why because the media told them it wasnt happening. think about it!

        • I do think about it, still scares the poop out of me, not so much me, but my daughters…

          • If you are a deeply religious person then one could argue it is. I think if the incompetent and corrupt leaders continue to take the path we are on none of us will be on this planet.

            As George Carlin said in one of his concerts. The Earth will be here, WE WON’T. We’re going away folks so pack your bag folks.

            It’s not so much an economy thing anymore. We are absolutely raping the Earth for resources just to keep economies chugging along.

            • Revelation 13:1-18

              And I saw a beast rising out of the sea, with ten horns and seven heads, with ten diadems on its horns and blasphemous names on its heads. And the beast that I saw was like a leopard; its feet were like a bear’s, and its mouth was like a lion’s mouth. And to it the dragon gave his power and his throne and great authority. One of its heads seemed to have a mortal wound, but its mortal wound was healed, and the whole earth marveled as they followed the beast. And they worshiped the dragon, for he had given his authority to the beast, and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?” And the beast was given a mouth uttering haughty and blasphemous words, and it was allowed to exercise authority for forty-two months.

              1 John 2:22

              Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son.

              1 John 4:3

              And every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already.

              2 Thessalonians 2:3-4

              Let no one deceive you in any way. For that day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God.

              1 John 2:18

              Children, it is the last hour, and as you have heard that antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have come. Therefore we know that it is the last hour.

              Daniel 11:21

              In his place shall arise a contemptible person to whom royal majesty has not been given. He shall come in without warning and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.

              Daniel 7:25

              He shall speak words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and shall think to change the times and the law; and they shall be given into his hand for a time, times, and half a time.

              Matthew 24:24

              For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.

              • Yes, the Beast is among US. He is European. Approximately 50 years old. Handsome. Dark hair. Lots of Charisma. His father was a European Naval Commander attached to NATO HQ in Brussels, where he was exposed to military gaming at the highest levels as a child.

                His mother is/was a very beautiful woman from a wealthy European family who secretly worshipped Satan. He attended the finest schools reserved for the Uber Rich where he studied History and Economics. Look for these items when he rises, after the death of MABUS. That is the time frame.

                Think JFK Jr with a higher IQ and a dark heart. 🙁

                • to anyone using windows explorer
                  turn off adobe shockwave flash player in your managed add-ons (under tools) there is a new hack out that will allow them to take over full control of your computer.
                  don’t believe me, check cnn’s website

                • Aw come on DK:

                  If you have some inside info please share it with us.

                  • Nostradamus says Southern Europe will be flooded and then invaded by the muslims…just saying.

                  • @Pissed Off Granny

                    The durango kidd has crap!

                    He’s been watching too many reruns of “The Omen.”

                    “Yes, the Beast is among US.”

                    Indeed it is… but it moves under the banner of the “Government of the United States.”

                  • Buy extra beans, bullets, and dog food.

                  • While I owe the late Fr. Malachi Martin a personal debt—and my daily Rosary intentions—for good advice he gave me, I have a realistic understanding of his very checkered past, most remarkable for his role as a double-agent for the synagogue of Satan. He was instrumental in bringing about Nostra Aetate¯/i> and its subversion of the perennial teaching of the Magisterium on Judaism, Islam, and other religions.

                    Interested in Fr. Martin? Then you owe it to the TRUTH to do more than listen to his pandering baloney on the Art Bell tapes. Follow these imbedded links:


                  • While I owe the late Fr. Malachi Martin a personal debt—and my daily Rosary intentions—for good advice he gave me, I have a realistic understanding of his very checkered past, most remarkable for his role as a double-agent for the synagogue of Satan. He was instrumental in bringing about Nostra Aetate and its subversion of the perennial teaching of the Magisterium on Judaism, Islam, and other religions.

                    Interested in Fr. Martin? Then you owe it to the TRUTH to do more than listen to his pandering baloney on the Art Bell tapes. Follow these imbedded links:


                  • I just did Granny. I say my prayers every night and every morning. I have for many decades. I had a “spontaneous” vision about this decades ago.

                    In the background I saw the outline of a beautiful, sexy woman in silhouette. I saw a “serpent” face to face. It was so incredibly beautiful. Every scale was gorgeous and shimmered in multi-colors as it slithered up to my face, and I looked directly into its cold, black eyes. In that moment I knew I was looking into the eyes of Satan himself.

                    Then it moved away and toward the woman, and as I watched,I saw the serpent slither up the leg and inside the silhouette. The scene changed and I saw a little boy riding a hobby horse. After that, the boy playing on the floor with toy soldiers with his father in the background.

                    As I watched, my attention was turned toward the father and I saw his naval uniform, a European one with many gold stripes & braids along the cuff of the sleeve, and I saw the European War Game board and map at which he was sitting.

                    Then my attention was turned back to the boy and I saw him as a man, as I described. As I watched these things, the info that I shared with you was imparted to me. You can believe it or not. I don’t care. Its not like I am trying to sell you anything.

                    Many years later I saw those cold, black eyes again. I was walking down the street and a man coming toward me suddenly went into an epileptic fit and fell into the roadway, right in front of me. I bent down and rolled him over and as I looked into his clear blue eyes, they turned dark and black: piercing. After a few moments, the man began to recover, the eyes turned back to blue and I went on my way as did he. Just saying.

                    BTW, my name is in the Bible Code, for what it is worth. 🙂

                  • Howdy, Granny. I was raised Southern Baptist and heard most of these things preached as a kid back in the 60s. It sure is strange to see a lot of this turning into fact today. I do know for sure that I’m not taking “the mark”.

                  • Nina-oh…

                    ****“Yes, the Beast is among US.”

                    Indeed it is… but it moves under the banner of the “Government of the United States.”****

                    Roger that bro!

                  • Nostradamus was the first Al Gore.

                • Where the hell did you get something so specific from???

                  I wants to read it too…

                  Unless… of course…

                  You… know this… because… you… are… that… guy… O_O

                  DUN DUN DUNNNN!!!!!!!!!

                  *I am joking of course*

                  • Tom Horn, now there’s a guy you want to listen to. He allows folks to hawk their books and DVDs on everything from ghost to space aliens on his web sites. He has also written books on failed prophesies and space aliens himself. Yeah, just another snake oil salesman who’s got plenty to sell to suckers. Charlie McGrath is another nut bag like Horn. But hey, don’t let that get in the way of a really good paranoid-doomer fantasy.

                  • Here’s my new song, to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas.” Let’s just skip to the final verse, shall we?

                    The 12 Days of Martial Law:

                    On the 12th day of martial law, obama sent for me,

                    Twelve Hellfire Missiles,
                    Eleven Sidewinders,
                    Ten Bunker Busters,
                    Nine ADSs,
                    Eight F-35s,
                    Seven EA-6s,
                    Six bouncing Betties,

                    Five I-C-B-Ms…

                    Four Tomahawks,
                    Three MRAPS,
                    Two SWAT teams,

                    An armed drone in my back yard.

                • I would think your suggesting Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg and His wife Stephanie -

                  • ONV: I followed the link. He does seem to fit my physical description, and his professional description is pretty telling, but he is a few years too young at 43.

                    The antichrist that I saw would be 48-52. His father does not seem to be a Naval Command Officer either, with a posting to NATO, but rather a musician.

                    Additionally, his wife is pretty hot, and the Bible tells US that the antichrist will not regard either men or women: meaning to me at least, that he is not attracted to either, but to his “God of Forces” only.

                    So, not a match for me, but obviously a man to watch. 🙂

                  • What’s the matter you inbred trailer dwellers, you get mad because I exposed you for the loonies that you are believing in UFOs, space aliens, and the crazy fucks who sell to you losers the books and DVDs that promote this end-times bullshit. You’re all a bunch of subhuman retards who think that the wrestling is real too. We don’t need gun control here, just a program that will spay and neuter moronic clowns like all of you.

                • Hey kid, your partially right, the beast is amongst us and his name is Obama.

                  • O’bummer is a poor imitation and a mental midget compared to the man who is coming. 🙁

                  • While I believe Obama to be An anti-Christ, I do not believe him to be THE Anti-Christ….minions walk amongst us…and we are rapidly approaching the point when we must (sorry) shit or get off the pot…

                • Highly doubtful, but interesting nevertheless.

                  If I could wager real bullion on this here’s what I’d bet on:

                  Red Dragon = Joseph Ratzinger / Benedict XVI
                  Wounded Head = Jorge Bergoglio / Francis I
                  False Prophet = Karol Wojtyla / John Paul II
                  Wild Card for False Prophet / Paul VI

                  Rise of false prophet from out of the earth seems to allude to a false resurrection, but JPII seemed to be a more “beloved” anti-pope by the world.

                  Bundyville, Ukraine, gun control, economic collapse are all important but the “big tamale” that will effect us all will ultimately come out of Rome.

                  • Where does Henry Kissinger fit in ?

                  • Henry is a minion of the NWO and an egomaniac too long upon the world stage; who would best serve humanity in a pine box long enough to accommodate him, and wide enough for his fat ass to fit.

                    Death to the New World Order. 🙂

                  • Howdy, Feisty Old Broad. It’s always been my understanding that THE Antichrist will come out of Europe, possibly a descendant of the Hapsburg family who ruled Austria-Hungary up until WW1.

                  • Check out Youtube: mhfm1 “Is this the end of the world?” video. A catholic centered Revelation interpretation and it makes some sense. It has 10 parts but each is only 10 minutes so you can listen or relisten in short bursts. That allows you to consider the points that are given.

                • heading into the end times..Yes…are we there yet…it’s probably not right around the corner, IMHO

                  • Hello Braveheart…..some believe that, but I maintain our threat comes from the east…Satan’s minions portray themselves as “religious” whilst killing, maiming, destroying all in their path to “their redemption”……much blood has been shed in the name of religion, including Christianity, but one must remember that these horrific acts were made in God’s name only…NOT with his blessing or approval….Humans have free will and, sadly, they abuse it every single day…

                • We won’t know who the Antichrist is, until the beginning of the Tribulation (2 Thes. 2:1-5), when he confirms a covenant with the many (Dan. 9:27) . We can guess, but we are wasting time in doing so. We should be looking for the Christ.

                  • Couldn’t “a covenant with the many” mean by a democratic vote as in an election?

                  • Sp89, Protestants have generally been claiming that the Antichrist will come out of Rome….now as a Traditional Catholic I am telling people the same thing and there seems to be a mountain of doubt. Luther thought the Pope at that time was the Antichrist, and since there have been 30 or so true Popes since then, Luther was proved to be a false prophet.

                    Look at the cozying up to the Jews from the anti-popes over the last 35 years….it is also my understanding that the Jews have everything they need to restart their blood sacrifices….the Antichrist will be an anti-pope and probably a Jew… Paul VI wearing the Ephod for starters from 40 years ago, Jesish concerts in the Vatican, the participation of anti-popes in Jewish ceremonies….remember the Jews are still looking for their “messiah;” and there is nothing in Holy Scripture that says anything about the Hapsburgs.

                    Consider this possibility: what if the Antichrist turned all “catholic churches” into synagogues, much like the Muslims turned Catholic churches into mosques upon conquest? Or what if only St. Peters and/or the churches in Rome were converted? Now think of the term “Synagogue of Satan” when you read Apoc. 2, v 9, and about all the power they have, the wealth, their ready for blood sacrifices….all they need is the “go” code, and this is what their father the devil will probably provide them. Most “gentiles” may even be separated, much like Jew and gentile Masons do not worship in the same Lodges….the same might be said for all the non-Jews.

                    This will be a most frightening time for those without faith, hope and charity.

                  • Well said. People read and watch all this material on the “end of day’s” and make up anything and take writings out of context. People should be careful about what Man is writing and stick to the facts of Creator God and Christ.

                • Yes I have been watching alain terrenoire (“black earth”…now that is a cheerful handle, eh?) AND Karl-Theodore zu Guttenberg….both have some interesting bios and family trees.

                • Relax and come to Wyo; We see the beast out here and he will be stuffed and in the Den by the end of the day.

              • Rev 18:4 shows that God distinguishes between the people who are His church and those who wield it’s power. And He warns His people to decide who they will follow.
                Rev 17 makes it clear that the power in the Vatican will be dealt with harshly and anyone who is aligned with them will be included according to Rev 18.
                Job was sent to call the Remnant. If there was a Remnant in that time then surely there is one now. A “true” pre-Vatican II Catholic Church. That is what I believe is the Remnant and Gods’ people.
                The merchants who sit in the Vatican will be dealt with but so will all those who support or follow them.

                • C,

                  See my posts on this article….it sounds like you’re a “sede” like me.

                  On a side note, some folks think we’re just to start World War III……but take a fresh look at Apocalypse 19… doesn’t say the 10 horns will attack the Church or the remnant, no it says they will try to attack Jesus Christ at the start of the Second Coming. Now you can appreciate why we have been bombarded by “alien invasion” movies for the last 20 years or so…..they are prepping the populace to accept the “Unholy Trinity” that is about to rise up from Rome, thus when the true 2nd Person of the Holy Trinity shows up, people will think it’s the aliens from “The Avengers” and “Independence Day.”

                  And I just realized yesterday that the attacking aliens in “Avengers” were using craft that resembled chariots to a great degree….reminded me of the prophet Elias being carried up to heaven. Co-incidence?

                  • Guns&Rosaries .. yes 🙂
                    As you know Catholics are taught to trust the leadership of the Holy Spirit and the promise of Jesus that not even the gates of Hell should prevail against His church.
                    When Vatican II ended in 1965 thousands of priests left or were thrown out of the church because they were vocal against the changes and what those changes meant. But the people were not told or did not understand and the people were slowly moved into a new church that had removed from it, most of the traditions and the “catholic identity”. It was a plan to move the catholic church toward the protestant church ( nothing against all good Protestants) and “merge” them. The people did not know or see the slow moving changes and they trusted Jesus’ promise and the leadership of the Holy Spirit to guide the men who led the Church.
                    Meanwhile those priests and laypeople who saw what was really happening and did not choose to move to the new Vatican II church were out on their own and isolated and trying to right themselves. Slowly they found each other and formed new parishes with validly ordained priests under the Catholic Apostolic tradition. This remnant of people are referred to as sede-vacantists or sede because they say that a man/priest/bishop (who refuses to follow the Holy Spirit and proclaims teachings that are opposite of the bible)is a heretic and so can not be pope. Therefore the seat of Peter is empty they say.
                    I take a different view. If the Vatican II church took a left turn ( which they did)and I stayed on my same road, then it is they who changed or seceded and not myself. So I am a Catholic in the tradition of preVatican II and all the saints of 2000 years before me. And I thank God for letting me find this remnant! And I pray for all those who can’t or won’t see what is happening right in front of them. They will be included in the wrath if they do not leave. And that gives me tremendous sadness. For those who might be looking, try “Traditio”. It is a site that lists traditional or true Catholic vs Vatican II or others.
                    And yes it does really seem that we might be in the “end times” since Israel is a nation again and the signs seem to be all around us. BUT people have thought they were in the end times for 2000 years now so…..
                    🙂 JMJ

                  • Very true. Revelation 19 clearly shows that the “kings of the Earth (nations)” will gather together to “make war with the Lamb (Jesus the Christ)” upon his “return” to establish the “kingdom (theocratic government) of GOD”.

                    Such perspective makes one wonder: why would there be a concerted stand against GOD’s kingdom, and how could Satan convince the world that the Christ’s return is a bad thing worth actively fighting against?

                    Well, in my opinion, the answer lies in the ET/UFO phenomenon. Since 1947 (the Roswell incident), it’s been slowly dripped upon our psyche that we are not alone, and that more likely than not, the ET/aliens are malevolent towards us. Combine that with the UFO phenomenon, and you can see how this could be used to unite the world against an outside/alien force (President Reagan spoke of this).

                    It’ll be interesting to see how this plan plays out. It could be that Satan’s horde arrives first pretending to be a benevolent alien-race, wanting to help us, but also warning us of a likely impending invasion by “another” alien-race (the Christ), and that could precipitate the solidification of Earth’s masses to fight this secondary invading force (similar to Gene Roddenberry’s “Earth Final Conflict”).

                    I guess we’ll have to wait and see how all the details fall in place, but the scriptures are clear on the big-picture of the culmination of the “end of this age”. Let them with eyes to see and ears to hear, take heed.


                    P.S. As in the days of Noah, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be. Matthew 24:37-44; Daniel 2:40-44 (Q: who are “they” that mingle themselves with the “seed of men”? Compare with Genesis 6:4-6).

                  • Guns and Rosaries: Don’t you know that the Catholic Church is the whore of Babylon mentioned in Revelation chapters 17-18. It’s full of false teachings that are a sure ticket to hell for those that follow it. Ask any Baptist or Pentecostal minister and he’ll set you straight with all the Bible verses you’ll ever need. Flee before it’s too late. That goes for that other icon worshiping apostate, rosary praying, icon worshipper John Q. Public, papist extrordinaire. Your eternal souls are in danger.

                  • The history of the catholic church is a history of evil. Get out of it while there is still time. Pope Francis is evil personified as he tells atheists that they can enter heaven, basically calling Jesus a liar! Beware!

              • true but youd be surprised as to who or what has been identified look to the dome on the rock as your answer.
                inside is an inscription that says Christ was only a human and not a god or God on earth. Rather Antichrst statment I’d say!
                We’ve been lied to for so long about some supper human coming to power as being the antichrist any other explanation is dissmissed. but seriously look to the end of days pdf file it’s eye opening.
                End of days is only scary if your wicked though! Let it it come Christ reigns supreme and imortality Ya baby ya!
                Can’t happen too soon!

                • For Sean Kalvin: The “Counter Church” appears to be Catholic and obviously is not….it is dismantling the teachings of Jesus and the doctrines of the true Popes very quickly, i.e. “who am I to judge” from Bergoglio. Now we hear more relaxation of age-old standards are being spoken of.

                  If you wish to believe the 500 year old lie that the True Church is the Harlot and you don’t want to fully understand Acts 5, there is nothing more to be said. Or read the Old Testament and find me an example where Babylon under Nebuchodnosor, Darius, Cyrus? etc., maintained a Babylonian state/empire for anything close to 500 years, let alone 2000 years?

                  You cannot, thus all you have is the lie you’ve been spoon-fed for generations, courtesy of the devil. It’s really sad to see that even people who generally think for themselves in secular matters, revert to knee-jerk reactions (much like Democrat or Republican) when it comes to matters of a spiritual nature.

                  The Jews knew exactly where the Solomen’s Temple was, they didn’t need mapquest or GPS….and no one that I’ve ever read of ever stated that the Old Temple was a fraud or a fake. This is why it says in one of St. Paul’s epistles that “there must be heresies.”

                  The City has been shining on a Hill for 2000 years, and now the Devil rules there since 1963….even a stupid person should understand that concept, but an even greater stupid person believes a 500 year old lie without studying both sides of the issue, the lie that the Catholic Church has always been the Harlot. Strange how this was never a belief during the first 1500 years after the Resurrection.

                  Maybe you can wonder why the Holy Ghost was silent for 1500 years (an obvious conclusion of your opinion) and didn’t warn those “poor” people about their 1500-year old “mistake.”

            • If you’re right (and you are) about raping the Earth to keep economies chugging along…

              Looks like we need fewer consumers eh? Or better controlled ones.

              Of course the second we do that we become easy prey for any other hostile nation on Earth *cough Putin*…

              So looks like we need fewer of THEIR consumers first, don’t it?

              Same same different name.

              • We need a total rethink about how we live and interact on this Planet because the paradigm we have created is a failure. The human population exploded with the advent of cheap oil. Since then all economies are based on using vast amounts of resources to keep economies growing in an “infinite growth” economic system. That’s impossible because there is nothing infinite in a finite world. They oppose each other.

                In order to keep the population working and fed you need economies to constantly grow which means more and more resources are used to keep the wheels turning.

                Remember the OLD saying “they don’t build them like they used to”? That’s why you see appliances and cars breakdown more often. You need to constantly sell new durable goods so the banks make money, people keep their jobs etc etc. If we continue on that path eventually we hit the resource wall and some are saying in the next decade or so, Oil, Clean Water and Food will hit crisis points that will affect humanity. It already is in many parts of the world. California has a MAJOR water issues with their drought.

                • Rodster we think alike on this. The industrial age brought about the cheap oil and changed lifestyles. At the same time we had the oil bubble we had the population explosion. All bubbles burst. All civilizations are eventually destroyed and have to be restructured and rebuilt.
                  We will see global collapse and its begun. It hasnt escalated yet but when it does our lifestyles will be forced to change more radically. We cant just prep w/ food in storage, we have to prep w/ a changed lifestyle that will give us the ability to do more for ourselves. Its about self reliance because the complex system will break down.
                  Most people will get annoyed at new inconveniences. Then as the collapse affects them more and more, theyll get angry. Then theyll get more desperate.
                  I think increased anger in communities will cause increases in violent behavior and then people will take more notice. I also think that as people start to see that there paychecks cant cover the monthly bills then theyll start to realize how serious all of this is. But most people wont do anything in a big way to help themselves until its too late. Instead of joining 2 families into 1 house now, theyll wait til everyone is in default or getting evicted. Then its too late.
                  But the big eye opener will be the die off. Aint many people who think America will suffer a bigger Depression than what we had in the 1930s. Aint but a few who believe well see a die off of our population.

                  Better not to sit and fret about whether our current events are prophetic or plain ole corruption and greed. All have been around civilizations for centuries. Dont matter what the reason is or how bad the doom might be. We just gotta out-think and out-plan the govt and politickers so we can rise renewed w/ a reset that gives a healthy dose of serious justice to the offenders.

                  My boys decided we should build 2 cabins, not just 1. Okay we say, come and help and the cabins will be ready by summer. In June, Im no longer employed except at the home place. So far uncle sugar aint able to tax my unemployed stay at home ass. So its time to double down and get as much in order as possible.

                  • The danger is that in the past most economies were not on an equal plane so that when one civilization collapsed it did not take the world with it. We have expanded around this globe and all the economies are doing the same thing, just pillaging resources.

                    One thing that did not happen back when civilizations collapsed is box people into a grid system. People were encouraged to grow their own food etc. Today everything is delivered to you on a platter by the Central Planners. Water is polluted in the process and running out. All the cheap oil is gone. Fracking requires hindreds of millions of gallons of clean water. We’re fracking and so is Europe.

                    It’s a bad situation MODERN society has created that did not exist prior to the industrial revoultion.

                  • Rodster when globalists took over, economics changed. Its already a fucked-up faux science because economics is politics in disguise. but now economics is globalized and what affects 1 country affects many others. So from the central planners we now feel more pain that a communist country can cause.

                    fwiw, Im no supporter of fracking. But the US is completely addicted to cheap fuel (or the perception that its cheap) and addicted to “growth”. This kind of growth is nothing more than greed and it brought us the 21st century instruments called derivatives, credit default swaps, etc. Its all an illusion.

                  • CORRECTION !!!

                    The US is NOT addicted to cheap oil. It’s now MANDATORY in order for the economy to FUNCTION. Big, big difference.

                    Economic GROWTH has become MANDATORY as well for the EVERY global economy. That is the danger right there. It’s like watch a mouse spin the wheel trying to get the cheese it will never get and in the process it will just quit and die.

                  • Let’s just remember too… pre-oil bubble thingy was pre-modern medicine.

                    AND pre-contraception.

                    Any guess why the population was lower back then?!

                • Rodster,

                  The paradigm created over the last 500 years was a simple one….man does not need God. The protestant Revolution gave us total war and total state, as well as the sundering of the veil in the Temple….the French Revolution tried to destroy the Catholic religion….the Russian Revolution was finally successful in infiltrating the Catholic hierarchy, thus allowing the homos and satanists free reign posing as Catholics, all the while raping boys, getting drunk, stealing as much money as they can….don’t you see the clear picture of what has been going on for 500 years!!!!! Jesus Christ already came once and converted the world…..but the world got “tired” of the New Covenant, the Perfect Law, the Yoke that is not Burdensome… now the world is turned over to Talmudists, Mohammedans, Secret Societies, atheists, homos, satanists, etc. If I see that devil-possessed girl Miley Cyrus stick her tongue one more time as she demonstrates to the world that she has a demon I’m gonna flip!!!! Katy Perry just held a witchcraft ceremony at the Grammmy’s in Feb….the Super Bowl halftime show is produced by Baal & Molech and sponsored by “Monsanto,” “Boeing Chemtrail” & “Acme Flouride Inc.”

                  The chaff is about to be burned and only a few will be saved.

          • You shouldn’t be watching your daughters poop.

            • You MUST be one sick individual, reread what was written…

        • It seems VRF would have absolutely no problem in Europe and would fit right in preaching and propagandizing about the pseudo-“holocaust”. In fact VRF would be welcome as a useful tool for the holcaust industry and would definitely be subsidized.

          While folks who dare investigate it (holocaust) weighing evidence, deducting and crumbling facts and asking rational and reasonable questions about many things that don’t add up about such suspect event, are summarily thrown in jail and have to rot many years incarcerated. Often in solitary confinement. Just for doubting it or saying “…excuse me…but…”

          Moreover, it also seems VRF’s concern and warnings about the ‘impending holocaust’ is a vehicle to hype and keep the “holocaust” always present and relevant lest we forget it! (along with the Germans, that is)

          • ???????????????????????????????

            • At the very least Stig

              • Da Yooper,

                I may just be having an off day, but BlendaR just lost me in the mix of words that she put up there. Something about something in reference to something…. Awwww, forget it. I don’t want to take the time to even try and figure it out.

                @ VRF,

                you’d probably fit right in with the Swiss, on the gun ownership thing anyway. 🙂


                please let it not be Nigel Farage. I like listening to him once in a while.

                • I love that guy!!! The one sane voice in Europe. How is it he is still alive??? 🙂

                • Stig

                  you were not the only one lost

          • exactly

            Its not my fault you cant see the forest beyond the trees

            its just another holocaust by another name..if thats what makes you feel better.

            if we are starved out by that not another Holocaust?
            if we are FEMA’ed and held against our will by a rogue government is that not a type of Holocaust?

            maybe you just dont like that word because it give validity to the jews hate?

            hell I dont know and dont care, im neither a jew or a gentile

            Im an American

            but i sure as hell can tell when some power gets too dam big for its britches and wants to smoke us all out

            • besides its never been proven either way, and I doubt you will be the person chosen to show the way

              and if that was your attempt at discrediting me.,it was lame

              just so you know

            • VRF–in my mind, it is holocaust regardless of the means; whether it is diseases present in vaccinations, chlorination in the water, aluminum and poisonous metals in aerosol sprays, poison in the GMO foods—it is what it is by any name–genocide.

              May God have mercy on those evil souls…just don’t put them in my part of heaven if that is truly what Pope Francis thinks.

              • thank you, im glad someone got it

                • That’s as good a description as any, VRF.

                  I look at it as the reversion of civilized

                  Something like leaping forward to the past,

                  or the faster we go, the behinder we get.

                  • sure seems that way, doesnt it?

                  • We come in naked and we go out naked.

                  • ….. and if you are poor like me,
                    you’re damned near naked in between.

          • Blenda Richter

            I would have no need go to Europe, and I wouldnt fit right in…Im a Gun Owner!

            get to know me better, you might hate me more 🙂
            but righteously

            • VRF:
              Don’t fell bad. I still love you!

              • Aww thanks boss

                • VRF, you’re good in braveheart’s book.

            • VRF:
              Stand your ground, no retreat no surrender.
              And like Sgt. said, we still love ya, and we have your 6.
              S.T.S.FP. N.R N.S. N.REB

          • Blenda R.: were both your parents certified morons like you? The reason I ask is that would account for your complete lack of an IQ. The term I’ve used for such sever cases as yourself is “stillborn from the neck up”. To say that the Holocaust of WWII didn’t happen would then be to take the greatest leap of faith possible from the simplest brain on the planet. It means that 10’s of thousands of soldiers from nearly a dozen countries all conspired to fabricate all those stories of dead bodies, create photographs and film footage of the thousands upon thousands actual dead bodies, take the time to build dozens of concentration camps across Europe with ovens, create millions of camp documents on prisoners to include experiments-some filmed, and then hire thousands of starving Europeans to play the part of camp prisoners all for the purpose of an unnamed conspiracy. That’s absolutely the most incredible fantasy of all time. Not even Hollywood today could pull this off. You are truly brain damaged to the severest degree possible. Wow!

        • It will be so easy to track us when they need to round us up… just look at cell phone records. May be a good time to consider giving up the cell phone, now… before SHTF. (They won’t work after SHTF anyhow.)

        • There’s a great article at “Global Research” which tells how cities are going to go bankrupt and instead of bailing them out (like we did the Banks), Obama has a plan that resembles what’s been happening in Europe (Greece, Spain, etc.).

          To “fix” the problem, they’re chipping away at pension funds, medical assistance, etc. and allowing the elites (Rich Parasites) to purchase what was once Public property. For example, the Rich are buying the water departments and electric companies (this one was done on Bush’s watch), city parks, etc.

          This is exactly what happened in Russia years ago, when the Banksters came in and raided all the peoples’ assets and millions died. And its what happened in Greece (austerity packets). Its here, coming to a town near you and already beginning in Detroit. (Next on the list is other cities mentioned in the article).

          The article is called, “the Social Counter-revolution Accelerates in Detroit”.

          This is exactly what Mike Ruppert predicted would happen. He also talked about bridges and other critical infrastructure crumbling from lack of repair and no money to fix it…

          Yesterday in the newspaper, it talked about hundreds of bridges around the country in dire need of repair and no money to fix them– either from the Fed or from state governments.

          Collapse a little bit at a time and just let the people starve…

        • eppe,

          RE: beasts

          Have no fear. Fear feeds them.

          Beasts have been around for a long time. It’s good that they are being exposed but be careful of the sensationalism that generates fear and other strong negative emotions that feed them.

          It’s a difficult thing because unless you have the right training, the very act of exposing them can tie you to them and you will either be sucked dry or be coerced into their service.

          To keep it simple, there are different kinds of beasts – disembodied and embodied. The Old and New Testaments reveal much if you know where to look.

          There is a planetary beast that is a conglomerate of many different negative forces that have many different names.

          Yes, there is a “beast of Wall Street” fed by greed and fear.

          Yes, there is embodied evil. This is hard for some to understand because they view “evil” as a concept or an abstraction.

          Hitler was really an ordinary guy. He served as a corporal in WWI honorably with some small distinction. He got into trouble after the war when he was wandering the streets of Vienna as a starving artist trying to sell his postcards.

          How he got into trouble is another story. You might say that he fell into the old mephisto – trap and sold his soul to the devil and not be too far wrong. Later, if you watch the old films, you can sometimes see that when he entered onto the speaker’s platform, he would compose himself before he spoke and then literally be transformed. The power that flowed through him held 50 million people in thrall. It’s an old story that keeps repeating.

          This time it’s different IMO. For the first time in eons the beasts in all their guises are being totally exposed. We have their name and number. Their time is up. You might say there is a big round-up going on.

          They will stand trial in one sphere or the other. The ones here on terra-firma may get their chance at Nuremberg II if they don’t commit banker-cide first.

          As for me, I am going to keep prepping and get on with building a beast-free civilization after the big re-set.

      2. If you haven’t read Jonathan Cahn’s “The Harbinger” I can’t urge you strong enough to do so.

        Isiah 9:10 as relevant to Modern day USA as it was to Ancient Israel.

        Eye-opening is an understatement.

        • Thanks for the suggestion — I haven’t read this one yet but it looks quite interesting. Four stores with several thousand reviews — definitely looks like it is worth a read.

          Quick link: The Harbinger

          Much appreciated Dad!


          • An eye opening read. Will surprise many.


            Jonathan Cahn: The Harbinger

            • Yes, the final battle Will be Good vs evil….and Good will prevail

          • I’ve read it.

            It is amazing how one verse can say enough that an entire book can be written about it.

            Worth the read and thought-provoking.

          • Yes. Excellent book!

        • Absolutely excellent and revealing read.

        • Isaiah 9:10 has nothing to do with America. God made no covenant with America.

          Still, God has blessed America more than any other modern nation. Expect God’s wrath to be poured out on America more than any other nation.

          • Mistaking “God” for “money” again are we?

            What “blessed” the US was that we hung back on WW2 until everyone was halfway to rubble, then we came in, finished it off, and oh look! You’re all rubble and we’re not! Gee… we’d really love to help you… by becoming the world’s reserve currency *cough*…

            • @TheGuy….very true. The part that is beyond shame and beyond any human values is that some specific tribe still is asking to receive regular payments for their fictional claims. hmmmm, let me see, isn’t that the same as EBT payments only one is made by Chase criminal banking cartel as one of the many subsidiary of the Christ hatters but money loving species while the other has been made by multiple generations of innocent people through their corrupt /selected Governments due to planned / fictional claims against their ancestors. Leaches will always suck blood to survive no matter what the blood source is.

          • Our Founding Fathers consecrated this Republic to God when they all Walked to a small church in New York….read about it and you will be moved to tears by what has since occurred.

            • Consecrated to which “god”?

              2 Corinthians 4:3-4: 3) But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: 4) In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

              In the end, America will be destroyed, together with all the other ungodly nations and peoples, at the return of the Christ of the True GOD. Revelation 19:11-21.


              • God never wanted us to have man made GOV he only relented to samuel cuss the people wanted it, but he never wanted mankind to have Gov so ya I agree but all Gov’s will be destroyed!
                For years I thought the saying that Jesus told all those rioters to render unto Ceaser waht is Ceasers and render unto God what is Gods, but a while back I seen the light on that. Remember he said you can not have two kings.
                Ceaser is a king or king type right? So God is king or Ceaser is king. We need to start picking which one we follow!

                • CSAAPHIL,

                  Thank you for expanding upon comment: indeed you are correct regarding the nation of Israel wanting to follow after the nations by requesting a visible king (not being satisfied with the Almighty GOD as their king).

                  The challenge to GOD’s sovereignty over man goes back even further, to Adam and Eve in the Eden. At the moment they gave in to Satan’s tempting words and chose the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (sinned), they opted to rely upon themselves for knowing right from wrong, thereby rejecting GOD and consequently Satan became their god (you are the slave of the master you voluntarily follow). Fortunately, GOD has a master-plan to resolve this controversy, and it is nearing completion.

                  Regarding “rendering unto Caesar”, remember “all things belong to GOD”, therefore, ultimately, Caesar deserves nothing. Matthew 22:15-22

                  Interestingly, as regards the principle of taxation, Jesus, in Matthew 17:24-27, clearly stated that the kings (rulers/governments) should not tax their own, but instead lay the burden upon foreigners (privilege tax, tariff).

                  To the LORD your God belong the heavens, even the highest heavens, the earth and everything in it. (Deuteronomy 10:14);

                  For everything in heaven and earth is yours. Yours, O LORD, is the kingdom; you are exalted as head over all. (1 Chronicles 29:11);

                  For every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills. (Psalm 50:10);

                  The world is mine, and all that is in it. (Psalm 50:12);

                  “The silver is mine and the gold is mine,” declares the LORD Almighty. (Haggai 2:8);

                  For the earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof. (1 Corinthians 10:26); See also Hebrews 2:10.


                  For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body that it may be conformed to His glorious body, according to the working by which He is able even to subdue all things to Himself. (Philippians 3:20-21).

              • I refer to GOD, the Father, Almighty….Maker of Heaven and Earth…Who gave His Son Jesus Christ as sacrifice for us sinners, that we may have eternal life through Him.
                Read about it…it is very powerful. Our Founding Fathers consecrated this Republic to THAT GOD…The ONLY GOD

                • While your beliefs may be sincere, unfortunately, most of the “founding fathers” were Free Masons (Luciferians). Just look at the layout of Washington, DC and the symbology related thereto (Washington monument, currency, etc.). Even the the capitols name refers to a pagan goddess… District of (the goddess) Columbia.


      3. The similarities to prophecies are uncanny.

        • Inco:
          You know why it is similar?
          Because we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Just look at every super power that has raised its head in history.

      4. From SueM’s Blog

        “Our English adjective “apocalyptic,” and its related noun “apocalypse” come from the Greek: the prefix apo (“from” or “away from”) and the verb kalyptein (“to cover or conceal”). The noun linked to kalyptein—kalyx—gives us our English botanical word “calyx,” the covering of a flower bud. So “apocalypse” literally means an “uncovering” or “the process of revealing what had previously been hidden.” An “apocalyptic” time would be a time when we would expect to see revelations of hidden things or the exposing of secrets”.

        • You can disagree with the Classical Greek meaning of the word, but is the Ionic Greek alphabet not referenced numerous times in Revelation 1: 11, 21:6, 22:13? Words have meaning and to deny ancient meanings is just ignorant.
          Much of what is going on in the information age has been the uncovering of man’s own evil intent and secrets. I have little doubt that we’re in transition and are well within apocalyptic development, the savage forces of Lucifer are at hand and the meaning of words is important so we can see the markers along the way. Secrets are leaking at a rate never seen, we are seeing ongoing destructive plans of TPTB in almost real time and yet all we can do it seems is watch, wait and prepare.

          • The Greek Bible is written in Konai Greek. It was the “street language” of the time.

        • Good to see someone knows what apocalypse means, so many don’t know the true meanings of words. Government= govern (control) ment (mind) pretty simple.

      5. Just remember one thing you voted for all of it.

        • So did a lot of dead people and illegal immigrants, and some even voted more than once and some were scared away by the bleck panthers so what’s your point!

      6. Very simply its a end of a age Magnetic pole shift. Its something that occurs at intervals. Its nots gods punishment for sin. Its not caused by mans activities. It cant be stopped or mitigated by man. The pole shift would still ne happening even if man had never existed. Its not the end of mankind. However 90% of humans will perish. those who survive will likely wish they where dead. On that note of gloom & doom. There isn’t anything that we can do. So just as well embrace the new adventure. Its a exciting time to be alive on the earth when we are having a end of an age earth changing magnetic pole shift! The last time was during the time of the EXIDIOUS! Tornados killed 14 people in central Arkansas last nite. It wasn’t their fault that caused their deaths. It was unfortunate bad luck being in the wrong place at the wrong time. and not preparing by having a storm shelter. However there just as dead.

        • “Very simply its a end of a age Magnetic pole shift” This statement requires some supporting evidence at the very least.

          • About geomagnetic reversal and poleshift

            Posted by Eye on March 15, 2011 in categories Climate change, Earth changes, Editors’ picks, Pole shift, Seismic activity

            A growing number of scientists are starting to worry the magnetic pole shift, that seems to be underway, is the real culprit behind climate change. Not man made air pollution, not the Sun, not the underground volcanic activity heating up the oceans, but the slow beginning of a pole shift that has been thought to destroy entire civilizations in the past and be one major factor in mass extinctions. NASA recently discovered and released information about a major breach in the Earth’s magnetic field.

            • Old Guy, I am not trying to be sarcastic. I want to believe you however I haven’t found anything more than what you provided “A growing number of scientists are starting to worry the magnetic pole shift, that seems to be underway, is the real culprit behind climate change.” and I was hoping you had more info. It certainly would explain many prophesies as described and would discredit many naysayers.

              • maddog, There is a “Magnetic” Pole shift happening. I’m going off the top of my head here, so you may need to research it some for precise answers. This is different from the the theoretical and controversial pole shift where the polar ice caps move toward becoming the equator, melt away and ice forms at the new North and South poles.

                Anyhow the magnetic shift happens every so often. The weakened field while flipping can leave us more vulnerable to solar flares and radiation. Say if an X 1.5 today causes temporary disruptions, may cause more permanent damage. As for producing climate change etc., it’s not fully understood. We do know that when the Sun starts shooting CME out and they hit the planets, that those planets warm up. CME are energy, so when the earth absorbs the energy it can cause heating. How much? No clue. Remember the Summer of 2012? Lots of CME’s hitting earth then. No scientific data on the effect, but the Jet Stream was screwed up and it sure was Hot that year. Just saying.

              • What I did was cut and paste a paragraph from a internet site called THE WATCHERS.

            • Earth Crust Displacement Theory.

              2012 was a great movie!

              Also, this is an actual theory!

              There are 3 ways to look at it;

              Option 1:

              Magnetic field reverses, South becomes North. New rocks being formed change their stripes to align with the new poles. Sea floor spreading has evidence that this has happened many times in the past. We redesign our compasses and GPS systems. The end.

              Option 2:

              Magnetic field reverses, and all the continents on the Earth slide over the magma and re-orient to the new poles. This is ECD Theory. This is TEOTWAWKI, with minimal survival possible.

              Option 3:

              Magnetic field reverses, the entire planet rolls over, and reverses its direction of spin. This is just game over. I am only repeating this option as I saw a creepy video from some freaky Russian guy that made some valid points on this. Fluid dynamics and planet level magnetics could make this possible. This is End Times, wipe the continents clean, game over for all life, except cockroaches and bacteria.

              But hey, at least my post has one happy option right? We don’t ALWAYS have to focus on death and destruction do we?

              • I started to write a fictional doomsday book in 2000 based upon this. Magnohydrodynamics. Some fluids can become more viscous in a magnetic field, even solid if the field is strong enough. The Earth’s mantle is semi-liquid. My fictional theory would have the magnetic field of the Earth weaken as the poles reverse and the the mantle becomes LESS viscous and the crust starts to slide, because the centripetal force of the ice caps pull them toward the equator.

                I got 12,000 words into it and quit. Life got in the way and then the movie 2012 came out, so I knew my idea had been kind of used and then 2012 itself came and went with no problems, so writing it is totally a mute point.

              • Just do a google search for pole shift. There is plenty of info some of it will be correct some of it false. Its very unlikely the magnetic poles will reverse. Its not likely the axis of rotation will change. What is indeed happening is the tectonic plates are on the move. The coast of many places will sink and whole contienents will be rearranged. Do a search for the US Navy future Map of the USA. the UN and world goverments are well aware of the ongoing pole shift. They wont tell the citizens because they want to remain in control. It wont be the end of mankind. its just the end of an age.

        • What happens during a pole shift?

          I mean… aside from the blatantly obvious of North becoming Suth and vice-versa…

          I mean… like… while the process is occurring, what happens? The movie 2012 with John Cusak?

          • Fill a bowl to the very top with water. Walk along at a normal pace and then change direction quickly. What happens?

            Our Earth is spinning at about 1000 m/hr at the equator. 24,000 mile circumference and 24 hour day = 1000 m/hr. So our Oceans, lakes and crust are moving in one direction pretty fast, change that direction and immense strains on the solid ground would ensue, while the water would flow wherever it wanted. Not good.

            • The earth won’t change direction. It won’t change its rotational velocity. All that changes are the magnetic poles. There’s no evidence to believe that a pole shift will cause any problems.

              • Tell that to the folks who have just suffered the devastation from the tornados & flooding we just experienced the last two days.

              • What keeps the earth spinning?Magnetic force?

          • When the poles shift the north pole is shifting farther than the south pole. That puts a twist in the Magnosphere. That twist allows solar wind to enter the earths atmosphere. that twist weaken,s the magnosphere. the Jet stream then behaves erratically and we have weird weather & climate. Its the for every action there is a opposite and equal reaction thing. That’s why Barn Cats statement (there is no evidence to believe a pole shift will cause any problems) is absurd. You have a action Like a Pole Shift Its for sure that it will cause a opposite reaction. The laws of cause & effect always apply.

          • Immanuel Velikovsky wrote several books in the 50’s that
            explained what he thought would happen and has happened.
            The idea of catastrophism was born and ignored by many
            who felt that it was too extreme of an idea for mankind.
            He did really good research and not only went into historical records but also used physical evidence left on the earth to explain his findings and theories.

            • Ok the scientist tell us that the earths solid iron core rotates and is surrounded by a liquid iron & nickel core that rotates in a different direction & speed topped by the crust. they claim that these rotating inner cores work like a DYNAMO and generate the magnosphere. Now my question is where does the cores receive their energy from. You cant make something from nothing. And there is no such thing a free or perpetual motion. So what keeps the cores spinning? Im beginning to think they got it backward. Is possible actually its seems more plausible to me that the magnosphere is powering & driving the cores. Claming that the cores power the Magnosphere is as absurd as claiming that the rotating of the starter powers the battery on a vehicle. Given the real Possibly that The magnosphere is powered by the Sun. maybe the cores like the surface gets its energy from solar power? If the Sun is indeed powering the earth and its cores and Im pretty sure it does. If im correct every solar flare, magnetic reversal and anything happening with the sun will have a direct effect on the earth.

      7. I won’t consider Geo Political issues as Prophesied End Times. I rather call it satanic planning by the very few and using soulless animals who are the implementers of such plans. Natural disasters are mother nature’s reminder as who truly is in charge. However hiring monsters to start wars, killing innocent women and children all are the products of one international group of blood sucking criminals and they all have one thing in common and that is MONEY and the total control of printing it to manipulate the world. Call them anything you want but they are the cancer killing millions.

        • Anonymous:

          I think the Bible/Jesus calls them the ANTI-Christ. Now, figure out what group of people do not believe in Christ and you will know who that international bloodsucking group are and always have been.

          • POG, If there are still people on this planet who are confused about the referenced blood suckers, then there is nothing we can do to educate them. History never lies but the problem is most people don’t understand the history not they like to understand it.

      8. There’s no doubt to me that the future antichrist is an adult today somewhere in the world. The antichrist, the beast, and the false prophet are all men who will someday be possessed by demons. They could be average people of average intelligence today but once possessed, they’ll be smarter than anyone who’s ever lived. Not only that, they’ll have all of satan’s demons on their side. They’ll be limited only by the sovereignty of God.

        I expect the Gog and Magog attack on Israel that was prophesied in Ezekiel 38 and 39 to happen soon. I expect the coming economic collapse to happen before the Rapture. I expect the coming world leader to appear after the Rapture. I expect the seven year Great Tribulation period to start then. Followed by the literal return of Christ to set up his literal 1,000 year reign on earth. When will it all start? It could be tomorrow, next month, or two years from now but we don’t have a lot of time.

        Time is short, people. It’s time to take your faith seriously if you haven’t done so previously. If you’re not saved you need to repent of your sins and accept what Jesus did on the cross as payment for those sins. You need to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.

        I want to grow spiritually as much as I can in the remaining time I have left. Want a verse to live up to? Try this one:

        (2 Cor 10:5p NIV) … and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

        • Barncat:

          And I expect when the attack of Gog and Magog is on America, instead of israelie, then I expect you will be wondering if some of your other beliefs are not quite correct.

          I expect when the rapture doesn’t happen, you will be left wondering why you believed that false doctrine also.

          Better throw away that Scofield Bible or get out of that israelie first church you have been attending.

          I expect (I know) the Lord will know why you were not given eyes to see and ears to hear.

          • Bingo Granny!!!!

          • @POG
            You attack barn cat like an atheist but reference God (Lord) in your last sentence. If you are not atheist then what is your belief? If you are an atheist, why the reference to something you don’t believe in?

            • Anonymous:

              The last thing anyone has ever accused me of is being an aethiest.

              If you have followed Barncats posts he believes Jews are the chosen people and that dried up scrub of land in the middle east is the Israel that the Lord talks about as his “chosen”.

              Funny, you have to believe in Jesus Christ to be one of his chosen; check the Jew Bible, The Talmud, to see what they think of Jesus Christ and his Mother Mary.

              He also believes in the fairy tale rapture, even though Revelation says Christians will be here and they will be persecuted and some will even be killed during the tribulation.

              Now I dont know what church Barncat attends but his posts suggest he has been brainwashed by an israelie first preacher who is teaching him that the jews are the chosen ones.

              Cant believe he doesnt know that the Lord renamed his people. They were to be called CHRISTIANS.

              My Bible Study….The King James Version of the Bible and

              biblestudysite dot com

          • @POG
            not sure my post made it when i submitted. Hopefully it doesnt double post. Guess we’ll see if i say it the same.

            You attack BC like an atheist but reference God (Lord) in your last sentence. If you’re not an atheist then what belief do you have? If you are an atheist, why the contradicting reference to something you don’t believe in?

        • Rapture… HA HA HA HA keep dreaming fool.

        • As I read Revelation, the war between Gog and Magog happens after the 1,000 year Reign of Christ. What am I missing? 🙂

          • Unlike todays self proclaimed Pastors who attend seminaries with Rabbis and jewish professors that train said pastors based upon vast amounts of talmudic judaism beliefs and teachings, which so distorts the True Christianity as professed and taught by Christ and the apostles and written in the new testement.

            Which pastors then graduate and become their own self apointed “popes or authorities” of all issues prophetic…

            if you read what TRUE REAL biblical scholors going back over a 1000 yrs have said regarding Gog & Magog etc…

            None of those actual true learned scholors can say for certain what or where gog and magog is or was.

            It is a modern day phenomona that most pastors today make claims that gog means Russia and magog means Moscow. Or some twisted version of that. Then they claim it is prophecy being fullfilled.

            Then as per their usual standard and actions…Soon as History catches up with their constantly changeing expertize and prophetic certainties…IE: Once whatever they said is to occure for example in 1980 like a Hal Lindsey did and does, said In 1980 to happen BY 2000 ad.

            And then like all of his many other certain to occure events based on bible verses he tweeks to Fit…Don’t occure as predicted…

            Todays vast numbers of expert prophecy pastors all copy cat Hal’s lead and RE-WRITE, a New Better certainty to occure soon “End TImes Events” book or video or Both!

            Jack Van Impi has a “new offer” video and/or Book out every Two weeks or so!….Aprox every two years give or take, he has a “complete series of a dozen vids and books combos for ONLY $199.00 Plus shipping/handeling fees!”

            Those are the Biggies series sets that require so many books and videos with which to Re figure, RE write, Re name etc all the prior predictions that has so miserably Failed to occure as predicted to.

            But Hey folks! Rexella his wife needs a Brand New costly Desiginer outfit for next weeks TV show! So Make That Pledge! Buy his stuff! Buy a FEW and send em all to Others to inform them of soon to occure events of end days end times….

            Their number one top credentials they Boast of often is…They ALL are Equally and Mainly concerned with and Base ALL such predicting on one main issue…

            Its all based on..”Is it Good for Jews?….Good for Israel?

            And still folks wonder why they are all so wrong so many times with so many “end times events predictions”?

            “IF” Gog and magog were/are russia and moscow?…Then perhaps these pastors and self apointed prophecy experts should consider the FACTS, that the ancestors of most of todays jewish folks used to be called Khazars. Of the Kingdom of Khazaria, and King Bulan Or as per Their word for “king” it was “Kagan” or Kagan Bulan their “king”.

            Therefore what these so foolishly deluded and mixed up prpohetic expert pastors need re consider is how does their gog and magog beliefs Fit with Facts that Jews IN israel Today, are mostly of the varity of ashkanazi Khazars, orig from eastern europe areas NOW called Russia, Moscow and Poland….

            So How in the world can todays decendants of “GOG & MAGOG” which are Khazars ALREADY Occupying Palestine lands which “They” re nemaed “israel” ever ATTACK or attack from the North! since they are already There?

            Unless their predicted gog magog invasions from North occured in “secret”?….Not likely eh!

            OR…Like so Many of their Other falsehoods and mistake predictions that usually end as a huge false prediction due to they base it all always on Jews and israel primarily…..Perhaps all they say on Gog & Magog was something related to, and occured to or for or about OLD Testemnt era hebrews aka either the Northern 10, thats TEN tribes israel called biblically “The Northern Kingdom of Israel”…

            OR to, for, about, the biblically named “Southern Kingdom of Judah” aka remaining 2, thats TWO, tribes of benjamin & judah TWO tribes kingdom of the South, of Which after the 10 Northern tribes Split away NEVER again were called by name of “Israel”…IE: once split into TWO seperate Kingdoms, South TWO tribed Judah & benjamin never were called as “Israel” again due to Jacob blessed His son Joseph’s twin sons ephraim and manaessah and Jacob’s blessing IN PART, said “YOU two boys and ALL of YOUR decendants for 1000 generations and even more will Keep My name Israel, AND shall always be Known as and Called BY “Israel”.

            Thats reason folks of Judah and benjamin tribes in south were never again called “Israel”…AND since that “SPLIT” IS still in effect, Jacobs blessing still applies…IE: ONLY todays decendants OF the orig NORTHERN 10 tribes should be called or considered TRUE “ISREAL”.

            Between That issue and what I prior wrote of Gog and magog issues…Perhaps it is NO wonder, NO big Mystery as to Why so many todays pastors always get it So Wrong eh.

            Because They, like so many avg reg deluded “jewdeo-zio-christians” today refuse to Study let alone Believe what their Bibles actually State regarding “israel and jews”.

            For them to actually do so would cause a huge RE-Think of Most of what they believe and Teach since 99% of it is based on “Is it good for jews? for Israel”?.

            While never considering just maybe whats good for jews and israel Today has ZERO or VERY close to Zero to do with all their Old testement based jew issues etc!

            Trying to BE a christian, while liveing and acting like old testement jews or hebrews like Moses etc is a Farce at best…yet that is Precicely what most pastors and jewdeo zio christians today Strive to do!

            Somebody needs alert them all that since 2000 yrs ago a brand NEW covenant called “Christianity” based mostly upon Christs teachings AND the New testement bible book is what really, truely actually Defines Who And What a True and Real actual Christians Is, was, Will be, and Cannot be anything else other!

            maybe their Best options are for Them to Convert to Talmudic judaist zionizim, since they not only refuse to BE real christians based on Christs NEW covenant, but most of them all always fully reject all suggestions that they need promote for Jews to also Convert to become a real new covenant Christian believer and Follower of Jesus Christ!

            PS red thumbers and Doubters for Your Proof of this SEE a Yutube video by one of the nations jewdeo zio christians TOP leader pastors, John hagee in which he Demands that NO christians entertain any such idiotic ideas of actually promoting Christ and His Gospel or the new testement book…TO ANY…Jews!…

            Wonder where haggee found That written in scriptures or Christs words eh?…do NOT spread gospel of Jesus to jews?…Just to all Others aka the worlds Goyims perhaps pastor?…OyVey! Vat Iz ze? a mixinz upze fool.(gimme me a break am still learning yiddish!)

      9. All I can say is when God think it is time to pull the plug He will.
        Jesus the Christ said that he didn’t know when God was going to shut it down.
        End times. The day you were born you were moving toward your end time.
        WHEN GOD SAYS ITS DONE ITS DONE. There is nothing you can do or say. So I don’t worry about it.
        I prep because of what man can do.

        • Jesus also instructed to know the season. I believe that the end time clock began ticking when Israel became a nation. Is it a coincidence that the bible says it will cost a man a days wages to feed himself…I am new to prepping and feel overwhelmed sometimes as to what this economic collapse will bring. I believe the collapse will usher in the system headed by the anti-christ…I hope I am wrong but I feel it in my bones.

          • Genius: I had a rupture once, does that count? I dove too fast and my eardrum went. The question I have is for all the Christians: If you’re all going to heaven, why are any of you the least worried about what’s going around the world? If it’s in God’s hands then you’re all showing a serious lack of faith.

      10. Nope.

        Bad times – sure, end times – nope. If you think we “HAVE” to be in end times then join the list of fools who thought it surely couldn’t get worse or keep going. It will and it will.

      11. Benghazi: Mortars, RPGs, Belt Fed MGs, 4 dead Americans
        ‘Spontaneous Protest’

        Nidal Hason’s Jihad: 100 shots fired, 13 dead Americans, 29 wounded
        ‘Workplace Violence’

        Bundy Ranch Protest: 0 shots fired, 0 deaths, 0 injuries
        ‘Domestic Terrorism’

        We are the problem they need us to be.

        • I saw this ugly Devil Monster. It had big nostrils beaty eyes and big teeth. That damn thing belongs in hell where it belongs not on earth.

          • I saw it also it was only my mother in law.

          • OOO
            You forgot the Big ears.
            Damn he looks like Obullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • My question to anyone is, When will enough be enough? For me the end times are already hear. As JayJay points out the truth is no longer applied to reality. Everything presented by the media is scripted to fit their agenda and nothing is as it seams. This is not a world I want to live in. What about any of you? Where is your line?

          • There is nothing more discrediting than using improper and/or misspelled words. It makes you seem very unintelligent.

            • this is a prepper site,, not a spelling bee, or grammar class..leave now so you wont be further disappointed.

              you have been rightfully discredited ,, good day

            • Ppod:

              Heaven help us. We are all worried about our wonderful America going to wrack and ruin and you have nothing to contribute but this.

              Shame on you….

            • I believe PeaPod is spelled with 3 vowels, not a capital P.

              Oh wait, I should understand the context of communication on the web and how it is not a spelling bee or grammar classroom. I should understand that replies are often sent in haste with a smartphone and auto-correct spelling functions. Ok, I’ll try to keep that in mind.

              All the best.

            • Want to have a contest? I personally do not give a fuck how a word is spelled if the point is made and understood. Commenting on ones intellectual ability requires the commenter to provide some personal intellect beside pointing out a spelling errors. An intellectual question was poised however you ignored the opportunity to engage in thought provoking rhetoric. It certainly does bring into question intelligence. Hay, your not the P-A-L I have been looking for are you?

              • was that supposed to read…”Hay, your not the P-I-T-A i have been looking for are you”

                heheheh just having fun..not a poke at you

                • I get at least one thumbs down on every post. I call that person my personal ass licker and have been trying to find out who it is to properly thank that person for the shit paper cost savings. People eating tasty animals need not fear.

                  • maddog: One thumbs down and it tweaks your beak? LMAO! Son, you better grow some skin!!! 🙂

                  • I wrote “one thumbs down on every post.” It really doesn’t bother me at all Boy. Hope someday to meet up with you DK. I sure would like for you to show me all you know. If its anything close to how much you know about being a “good” patriot two seconds will be too long boy.

              • Wow, aren’t you all thin skinned! I’m just pointing out to everyone – preppers already have a bad reputation for being crazy and unintelligent people. Don’t feed the fire! Misspelled and improperly used words are a sign of laziness. Lazy people will die when SHTF. If you don’t like what I’m saying, suck it up and sharpen up!

                • Somehow ppod you have determined due to a ” improper and/or misspelled words” I am somehow lazy and will die when SHTF. Amazing, just a couple of weeks ago I was accused of not being the right kind of patriot. You know “to fat, to skinny, to short, to tall, wrong AR, and even a off color rucksack”. Well I can honestly tell you I do not give a shit what libtards think “crazy and unintelligent” and will waste no energy convincing anyone of my motivation level ” sign of laziness”. As for your comment “Lazy people will die when SHTF”, in my world SHTF shorty after Ocommie was “elected” the first fucking time and as you can see I’m still alive. Adjust and adapt seems to work. Oh look, did the use of seem “meat” your approval. Maybe someday you’ll come to realize that the world is on fire and time spent performing patriotic deeds would be time better spent then wasting time nitpicking how another patriots perform or look in their efforts in defending constitutional rights.

                  • maddog, it’s “too fat, too skinny”, not “to”. If you ever took time to write a letter to someone in a leadership role, whether in our government or anywhere else, as soon as they notice your misspelled and improperly used words, they would crumble up and disregard your letter, chalking you up as an incompetent lazy fool who won’t amount to anything. There is a reason why I’m saying all of this. Don’t take it personally. Take it constructively. And by the way, it looks like you’re getting more than just one thumbs down on your rebukes.

                • Ppod

                  Sign of laziness is it. Many moons ago I associated with people who had trouble reading and writing. They would speak funny too. They were forsaken by others for they did not process the skills others had to be accepted in high society.
                  These lazy people could fish, hunt and trap. Live off the land. Should you pay attention you will find them here too.

                  In a SHTF situation I would advise you not to be so corrective in small matters. It’s Bad Ju Ju.

                • Yo lemme AX Yo Sumpin K? Wuz bez Yo Bidnez kraackafoo

                • Ppod please excuse my lack of punctuation and bad grammar because to me it isn’t important. I use my mind for better things than some bullshit academia crap. Common sense and imagination, inventiveness, truth seeking, resourcefullness, improvisation, self reliance, survival, prepping, and other far more important issues. Looks to me like your mind is full of the shit you learned in school. Who will die when TSHTF? My bet is people like you who’s head is full of non essential crap. I would bet the bank I am a hell of a lot smarter than you and way better at the above listed skills. Oh and my mother was an english teacher lol. 🙂

                • propper spellin is 4 sissies@!

            • Really Ppod? What a dork?

            • Ppod…eye seam two bee in agreement wyth ewe on sum things.
              We due kneed to ewes hour speel check befour submitting post two give the impression wee are educated at leest the tenth grade levels. ya think?

     excels and one fails. Go figure.

              • JayJay, you make me lmao. Couple yrs ago when I started commenting on shtf thats what my comments looked like, and still might at times. I can build a house from digging the basement too the ridge vent, if it rolls turns, spins or crawls on tracks I can work on it, and if I dont have the part I’ll make them. Anybody that thinks farming is easy is in dream land, you have to plan a year ahead everything you do. I’ll take an animal from birth to freezer or can, that means being a Veterinarian also.
                The point being every now an then I,ll run into a pepod, or peabrain that tries to belittle me instead of trying to help and I just shake my head.
                I was never a writer but thanks to everybody on shtf look at me now, its people like you that help educate people not try to make them look stupid…Thanks SHTF..

            • Ppod, our community may not be perfect, but they’re far more intelligent than you can imagine.

      12. Satan you stay in hell where you belong you got it! The devil Monster shure can play with peoples minds. A other word for satan is the Hell Monster.

      13. Is this the anti-Christ??

        Oh, yes he did. In perhaps one of the most blatant and blasphemous statements in history, Pope Francis has declared that everyone – including atheists – are redeemed through Jesus. Did Jesus die for the sins of the world? Indeed He did. But if you read carefully, the works-righteousness becomes apparent for salvation; that what saves you isn’t believing and trusting in Christ alone for His atonement for our sins; it’s your good works. Your deeds.
        Why is he saying these things? Perhaps it’s because he wants world peace. And unity. One-ness.

        (there’s that word again–ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT?? ONE WORLD ORDER??)

        • Works are NOT required for salvation but they’re proof that salvation has occurred. Remember the thief on the cross?

          (Luke 23:42-43 NIV) Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” {43} Jesus answered him, “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.”

          Those who follow God with their whole heart will be changed by God. We won’t just act better on our own but we’ll be changed into better people.

          • Barn Cat-

            Damn!!! Are you really that effing stupid/ignorant????

            …I understand you have the personal choice to suck zionist d!@k, if you so choose…but doesn’t YOUR bible(NIV), in the book of James(New Testament) state/paraphrasing:…

            “Faith without works is like a body without breath”

        • Don’t know if this pope is the anti-christ JayJay, but he certainly is in bed with him.

          • Playing poke the pope no doubt !

        • JJ, See my posts below….you’ve heard of the phrase “nature abhors a vacumn.” It seems that the “order out of chaos” card will be played soon, and assuming the distinct possibility of a power vacumn in the secular political realm, one would ask where would the most likely candidate arise to “lead” us? I say Rome. Throw in possession by the devil, a few false miracles, the traditional scourges from Heaven like war, famine and pestilence, population reduction of 2.3 billion and the world will be clamoring, crying, pleading and begging for someone to fix things. Or, perhaps the new Roman Emperor will (through the devil) reveal ALL the dirty secrets, lies and cover-ups of the NWO, the wars of aggression, genocide, child ritual abuse, etc. Either scenario should drive most of the world into his camp, add a few false miracles to this second scenario and the only ones left who will recognize his for who he really is will be the remnant. Because his price for “peace and security” will be idol worship and apostasy.

          And folks, don’t worry about the RFID chip….God doesn’t so much worry about some govt. spy who tracks your every move….he cares more about obedience, faith, good works, and holiness.

        • According to all I have studied over the years the anti christ will be a military/political leader and the false prophet will be a religious leader recognized by the world and the 2 will join together in their quest.

        • JayJay, I always knew Catholics were bogus, but DAMN! I guess they can still surprise me after all.

          • Wow Braveheart, seems you’ll “hitch your wagon” to any majority mindset post nowadays! Where’s the bravery/courage/intelligence in that modus operandii???

            Are you so deluded & possessed of such low I.Q…as to fail to realize that your belief system (something protestant) has its roots & indeed, originated from old school Catholicism???
            Minus seven books & a chapter of Danial

            …ever hear of the parable of the “good tree” bearing fruit???

            FYI pal, if Catholicism(old school) were barren, you’d likely be worshiping the Great White Buffalo or Buddha, maybe!

            Protestantism is less than 700 years old (see history for details)…vs…old school Catholicism(pre V-II) which dates from Christ’s ministry!!!

            Sucking up to the mainstream ideology is something one sees inherent to herd animals(see sheep)…its NOT something intelligent/self-possessed men adhere to.

            I would have thought you were beyond such.

        • Acording to Jesus Satan has a “church” which Christ called the Synagouge of Satan….I assume thats also his, satans Main Home away from hell-home no?

          it also takes No rocket fuel science degrees to figure out that what John the Apostle meant when in those above posted verses by him he refers to antichrists types and that they ARE already present on earth etc.

          in His enviroment and culture there is but ONE Non christian group John possibly can have meant eh.

          And what a Coincidence! Those antichrists present in John’s era also called their churches Synagouges!!! Eureka! Bingo! we have solved the deep Mystery of whom are these antichrist unbelievers! OyVey!

        • What does Catholic mean?

          • universal

      14. Great Article, I think its during times like this that we remember that at the end of this world their is something more fascinating and enduring than the human mind can ever imagine. It is human nature to fear yet I will leave all of you with the below verse.

        Isaiah 41:10
        Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

        • This verse is part of my Pastor’s signature in his e-mail. Love it!

        • Ken: Having a bad day…that brought tears to my eyes and hope….thanks.


      15. I hate money it’s evil stuff. It’s in the hands of Ugly George Soros Goofy looking Warren Buffett that sexy billionear in Mexico cute looking Jami Diamond and that pretty man called Bill Gates.

      16. The beast is the Hell Monster

      17. Hope for the best,plan for the worst.

      18. “Are We Literally Heading Into the Prophesied End Times?”

        That would depend on what Universe one is living in, literally and figuratively speaking.

        Since there are an infinite number of Universes available for humans to reside in, depending on the level of ones state of Consciousness, the full range of life, from angst to infinite bliss, is there, to suffer or enjoy in, based on where one puts ones attention, i.e. these can be the worst of times or the best of times.

        • No, there’s only one universe. And only one God who created that universe.

            • E-american-

              It can’t!!!

              It must reside and forever be beholden unto the zionist/self-chosen world-view…as it believes there are no other realms/truths…outside the those deemed “kosher”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • While it is clear from Quantum Physics that WE live in a multi-dimensional, multi-universe Creation, of which scientists have mathematically proven at least ten, it is pretty clear that there is a Prime Mover who has created it all.

                WE know that Person as the WORD of God, namely Jesus Christ. In Him I live and move and have my being.

                Having been out of the body, and face to face with Him, I can promise you that Christ is real, if invisible; OUR consciousness survives OUR passing, and that there are many mansions in the Kingdom of God where WE will dwell, based upon OUR development or lack of it here.

                Wise men still seek Him. 🙂

        • What a load of occultic mumbo jumbo.

          The Antichrist is a fake Christ, that is, counterfeit mediator between God and man, which means his office is also ecclesiastical as well as political.

          He is also based in a city built on seven hills and has sought to “change laws and times”…

          I can think of only one entity in history fitting that template: the Papacy.

          • What a load of occultic mumbo jumbo.

          • UK Jay-

            Nope, wrong path sonny.

            Rome is/was built on more than seven hills…research Jerusalem (per its manifold ‘mounts’), there’s your culprit!

            Ditto, for the anti-christ to truly mimic the savior in detail, so as to delude and deceive the intellectually challenged …he must be a modern day (false O.T. Israelite) jew!

            …meaning 21st century Judaism is NOT the race/people/religion recognized as such during the time of CHRIST (see Kenites/Edomites & the descendants of the pharisees, for details).


            That said, I do believe ‘V-II Rome’ has been co-opted by the wicked tribe…and will be sacrificed/destroyed as the straw-man/fall-guy…to usher in the purported…universal / one world religion!

            We’ll see how it play out…one day.

            • The Bible Names 7 “hills” aka mountains of Jerusalem if I recall correct Hunter.

              Plus if the whole worlds folks Except for those christians whos names are written in the Book of Life are going to accept the antichrist guy as the bible states is so….Then most assuredly that antichrist guy Has to be a jew or else no jews of international jewry will ever accept him for any position or authority.

              Why do you think jews are so eager to rebuild a 3rd temple there?….#1 to reinstate Animal sacrafices, which jews think is going to cleanse world of ALL sins of all folks sins etc…..And #2 for Their jewish “Self apointed Messiah man” to Sit in as THE Number One and ONLY NWO “PREZ”.

              It is also written of extensivly in various Rabbis articles, books, In Protocols of elders of zion, and probobly more jewish or rabinical manifestos then we heard of.

              Thats what jews and rabbis, as seen on TV preacher shows lately, mean when they claim to be a “Messianic Jew”.

              They aint talking of Jesus as messianic!

              They mean they believe that the “Messianic era for/of the jews will Only occure once global jewry obtains all Ownership and Controls of, ALL the Gold, Money/banks(done deal eh!) Govnt of worlds nations, OWNS all worlds Goyims gentiles(like slaves),All Property Globally, and that NObody else is capable of refuting nor resisting it!

              Thats the Point in time that jews will have Made Their Messianic era to last 10,000 years, by Their Own global jewry combined Their combined Own Works.

              And thats when they Plan to present to the worlds Goyims(Thats You gentile!) Their “version” of “Christ/messiah”.

              They will SEAT him in that 3rd temple as KING of EARTH! and KING of entire UNIVERSE! and announce to worlds folks aka goyim slaves of jews, that the guy is also a direct decendant of ancient king David of the OT bible lore etc.

              Talk of a Copy of Jesus eh! Especially that part of a direct decendant of king David!!!! OyVEY!! and EeeeHhaaaaa! Yippie Yi Oh Kyaaayyyy!

              PS wait untill all the jewdeo zio christian jew and israel firsters crowds realize that as a Goyim they too are Animals per Talmudic verses!…

              Then after PETA bitches up a royal Storm due to jews sacraficeing so many tens of thousands of Animals of every type!

              And them animal sacraficer rabbis say “OK! Then we shall switch Our animals TO them jewdeo christians Goyims! Since an animal IS an animal and qualifies as a sacraficial and BURNT offering eh!

              Wonder How long that, so Pro israel, so jew firster attitudes going to remain Then huh?!

              PS Tread Lightly Barn Cat! I hear they are planning to sacrafice Goyim-CATS! On fridays!!!!

              So Keep Sending $$$$$!! and Funding that 3rd Temple rebuild all you jewdeo zio christos! after all its All for You soon anyways right!

        • EA, “Uni”verse. Wonder what that means! Trekker Out.

      19. you take the mark of the beast when you deny Jesus Christ. If you refuse a chip and are denied essential services you are not taking the mark of the beast. Its no different than having a social security number.

        • There are only two kinds of people mentioned in Revelation: those who take the Mark (the world at large), and those who refuse it (the elect). In other words, it’s something that separates true believers from unbelievers in this world. Anyone who is not a believer is therefore with those who eceive the Mark.

      20. One of the facets of Charlie’s persona that I admire is that he’s on the verge of reaching across the table or through the screen to smack you on the forehead…


        The man speaks power to truth!

        • jerrytbg, I once read a comment where someone thought tbg in you title stood for teabag. Your comment today verify’s what I always thought it stood for (jerrytbg- Jerry The Bad Guy) Just a thought. Trekker Out.

          • Thanks Trek but fyi

            It stands for “The Boat Guy”…30+ years offshore sailor…

            Solo sail any Marconi rig up to 50’…

            No Schooner exp. but love the romance of the view…

            Square Riggers scare me… as do Junks… 🙂

            • jerrytbg. I built motorsailer yachts @ Stephens Bros Marine many years ago. We built a boat for the ST. Francis Yacht Club to race in the America’s Cup Challenge. They had 2 built with different keels, ours was a winded keel, super fast in calm/moderate waters. They picked the other boat because the weather forcast was for rough seas, which didnt happen and we lost.

              • Stevens Bros…now there’s an iconic name…

                A night on the water out of sight of land… is a joy to behold… esp. when you can see and know the horizon by where the stars stop…
                Comes highly recommended, at least once in a lifetime.

            • Thanks Jerrytbg, as you know I was just funnin. Spent a few years off shore myself, loved the ocean but hated the job and the stack gas, course you didn’t have that problem on a Marconi rig. Trekker Out. Saila Vi!

      21. I’m skeptical but the signs are there, asteroids hitting the earth earthquakes and volcanos, RFID chips, Russia and Iran getting together and the USA is nowhere to be found to combat against them.

        The signs are there. I’m still planning as Though its not but I’m taking all my vacation this year and not putting of anywhere I want to go just in case the end is near

        • I joke about the “big rock” at times but…

          This planet has been here for so long and has gone thru so many changes…the geologic record bares that out…

          What if… “the true cycle” is just outside the realm of recorded history and the “change” is so profound that only a few are aware. We know they’re running scared…
          could it be because it’s almost here…

          Why does the Pope and his minions have a telescope in the SW of the US and what the hell are they looking for?

          Really…. why couldn’t they use that money to feed the millions that are starving across the planet?

          This just doesn’t add up.

      22. Derr…

      23. “…heading to a very, very dark place on planet earth.” I agree, things are very different now than from years ago. But I think one of the traps that preppers fall into is forgetting that there is a ton of good still out there. When you surround yourself with doom and gloom (which is why I don’t totally agree with this website) you tend to turn into someone that you really don’t want to be. Someone who is extremely angry, depressed, and/or just not happy anymore. I completely agree with preparing for worse times, but please don’t forget to stop and enjoy what we have. God has blessed us so richly with good fellow people and such amazing beauty on this Earth. Stop and talk with your fellow man! You’ll be shocked how awesome a short conversation can be! We need to pause, and realize what is right in front of us. We only have one life to live on Earth. Don’t forget to enjoy it. And God willing, hopefully you won’t stop enjoying things after your very very short time on Earth!

        • Ppod, Amen! I appreciate all the points you have made today including the importance of correct spelling. Unfortunately, some may have branded you as irrelevant after the initial comments. Thanks. A 1000 thumbs up.

      24. If the economy really is “getting better”, then why are nearly 50 million Americans dealing with food insecurity? In 1854, Henry David Thoreau observed that “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”. The same could be said of our time. In America today, most people are quietly scratching and clawing their way from month to month is that not the picture of what I said above?

        food is the ultimate weapon in the hands of a rouge government, could be a holocaust for all of us, even if we way to store a life time of food, especially if we have to keep moving to stay out of the cross hairs

      25. I don’t know if it’s the “Last Days” or not.. but like most above point out, the signs are all there and growing stronger. I would council to not be afraid… real fear is not from God. If we are Christians, then we are told to “lift up our heads, for our redemption draws near”. We are all going to die.. everyone of us.. unless we are among the ones who are alive when Jesus returns to remove his Church from the world.. and that is when all “hell” will break loose on earth.. once there is no longer any smidgen of “good” left on the planet.. That time may last only a millisecond.. but that window of the absence of the Holy Spirit on the earth will be the window / door through which evil will waltz through and establish itself to fulfill prophesy. So the first most important thing of Prepping is to be ready..and you must be ready on the inside, too many times, we get ready on the “outside” and forget about the inside.. so if you are not confident of your place in God’s Kingdom, then you should get those preps finalized.. believing in your heart that Jesus is the Son of God and professing with your mouth the same; and accepting His provision for your eternity by asking Him to be your bridge from this evil world to God’s presence.
        He is the only intercessor, He is the only way, He provides the only path to God which is acceptable to God.

        Git ‘er done !!

      26. Sigh… 9_9… no.

        Is that to say that letting anyone chip you is a good idea? I mean… think about it. They pretty much own you at that point. Step out of line and no soup for you or your family. At a minimum. So now they can pretty much make you dance to whatever tune they want.

        So, yeah… that would be impossibly stupid to accept that.

        But “end times”? No. That was as I recall written about the fall of Rome. At any rate, the top 1% will survive, they always do, don’t they? It may be the “end” of the average guy’s “times”. The Earth? Not so much.

      27. I think as a one society in whole world.we have
        Went too far away from our roots being religion,
        Kindness,help the needy, and protect the weak,
        There are still few good souls out there that’s by
        We are inching along but I see this thing coming
        To screaching halt and poof! We need to adapt our
        Principals back into our lives religious kindness love
        For each other these are the only tools to stop the beast
        God bless everyone!

        • The Hell Monster is coming up out of hell to get every one. God needs to cap up hell so no more evil escapes from it.That Hell Monster shure is ugly looking.

        • Singh,

          Thanks for your insight. We come from different traditions but there is a lot that we share in common as fellow human beings. I agree that ‘love’ for our creator and for our fellow man, caring for the needy, protecting the weak and downtrodden, are foundational values that are essential to our survival going forward. Love is the only thing that will ultimately defeat the ‘Beast’ and shine a light through the incredible darkness that is going to envelope the whole world soon.

      28. Here’s a website that Rapture and Anti-Christ believers and students might find interesting:

      29. It does’nt help that in a country as large as the U.S., the people can’t unite together because of the distances between us all. Sporadic unrest is easily contained. Smaller nation’s can unite against the common enemy. Raise the fuel cost and more people are stuck where they are. This country is becoming just a huge open air prison. The scraps for the majority to survive will cease to exist. Mass protest, now that has’nt been tried yet. Some will never see that as a viable option and would not join in. We would perish without a whimper if that is the case.

      30. The HELL MONSTER needs to be stopped now!

      31. Since many are ‘torn’ or separated by matters biblical, or spiritual, let’s look at some ‘statements’ that are plain as day…yet many still do not see.

        According to the book I read, mankind had multiplied and progressed in all things…including the art of war and killing one another.
        (just like now)

        The book also mentions that people were evil beyond compare; living only to rape, murder, steal and other numerous vices. Consumed by the love of wealth, power and control over their fellow man.
        (just like now)

        One individual (and his immediate family) were told of the impending doom of all mankind. The blot that had become the human race was to be wiped off the face of the Earth. This individual (Noah) tried to warn people that their days were numbered and they had to change their evil ways…and all they just laughed at him
        (just like now)

        Noah and his family toiled for years and years building their ‘bug out’ vehicle (a giant Ark)and again were laughed at and ridiculed for years. While he worked long, hard days preparing, others partied and laughed thinking nothing of Noahs warning or even tomorrow.
        (just like now)

        People were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, right up until the day that Noah entered into the ark. The ‘sheeple’ of that day were totally oblivious to their own fates until the very last second…and then it was too late.
        (just like now)

        People of that day cared for the love of MONEY and evil and could not be bothered to stop and see the writing on the wall. Even though they were warned and the signs may have been all around them.
        (just like now)

        When the Earth was globally flooded untold millions lost their lives. Entire cultures and civilizations were wiped out. Some of these ancient cities may have even been recently discovered deep in the oceans.

        Regardless if one believes the writings of the Bible or ‘End-Time Prophecies’ or not, almost EVERY culture on Earth has a ‘story’ about a giant global flood that affected the Earth at one point. There are also more ancient mysteries and artifacts that have been discovered that defy any rational or logical explanations. Research the term ‘ooparts’ for more info. For instance it has long been ‘accepted’ that the great pyramids of Giza were the built as the final resting place for the Pharaohs.

        The history of the ancient Egyptian civilization was recorded in hieroglyphics cut into stone. Even when “paint” was used on the stone, the symbolization was first cut into the stone. None of these stone records attribute the Great Pyramid to a pharaoh or anyone else. There is no record of when it was built, why was it built or what its purpose was. There are no symbols cut into the stone of the Great Pyramid. The only symbolism found was “discovered” by Howard Vyse in 1837 in a recess above the Kings Chamber which was not accessible until Vyse blew open a path to it with black powder. It consisted of only pigment and is considered highly suspect. The symbols were completely out of character with how and where ancient hieroglyphics were done. Therefore, Vyse’s claim that Khufu built the Great Pyramid is in extreme doubt.

        There is no artistic expression to the pyramid. To quote Alan Alford “the builders of the Great Pyramid seem to have been concerned only with accuracy and stark functionality.” Nothing was found inside the pyramid, which related it to any pharaoh by attribution or by possessions. The sarcophagus bears no resemblance to any coffin for a pharaoh.

        When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (stated by Sherlock Holmes)

        Maybe it’s time we stopped thinking about what we ‘know’ and started to admit how much we don’t know.

      32. Folks, I’ve studied the Apocalypse a great deal. As a traditional Catholic I realized a long time ago that the devil has been enthroned in Rome. That being said here are a few tidbits:

        In my 40 year old Webster’s, the word “rot” is spelled/”rat,” and pronounced with the two dots over the letter “a.” Now just suppose;

        “Rot” = Red Rothchild = Redshield (you all know this)
        “Rat” = Westernized/corrupted spelling of “rot”
        “Zing” = vitality, energy, vim/vim = strength

        Now the payoff: Joseph Ratzinger/Joseph Red-Strength, or to put it into biblical terms….The Red Dragon….he will also be known as the Beast that comes out of the sea (of humanity).

        Benedict in Greek equals 666….Francis I is not sitting in the Chair of St. Peter…who are they reserving it for? Seat #666 is unoccupied at the E.U. building in Strausburg France….who are they reserving it for? Best estimate is Joseph Ratzinger, who if he isn’t already, will be fully and completely possessed by the devil very soon.

        What was the teaser line in the new Captain America movie….(paraphrase) “the age of spys is over….the age of heroes is over….the age of miracles is about to begin…and miracles can be terrifying to people.”

        That last line was worth the price of admission for me.

        • I hate all the rich fat cats. Ugly George Soros Goofy Warren Buffett pretty man Bill Gates that cute Jami Diamond and that sexy looking Mexican billionear dude.

      33. Bla Bla Bla.

        All I know is I have a nice picnic planned with a hot blonde I’ve been planning for a month.

        I just hope the end does not come before
        the picnic fun games begin.
        Like “Bobbing for apples”.

        Stop all the stupid prepping and gents, go bed some hot young women
        before you look back and realize all the time you spend doing this shit.

        Prepping. Yes.
        But know when to not make it a lifestyle.
        Get a pallet of beans and rice,
        A nice shotgun and a few other goodies.

        Then find a nice spot in the woods and fire up online dating and take ladies to your favorite spot for some great fun.

        I’m just saying…
        That little thingy between your legs won’t run forever.

        Tell the wife you are scouting for bugout locations…
        Then find some nice country gal to go have fun with.


        Marriage, prepping, resumes, patriotism, and so on…
        All over rated.

        Let the scrumping begin.

        • Maybe you should put a leash on that thing.

          Makes you sound like a rutting boar. Yawn…

        • Mr Now, go enjoy your picnic and cheating on your wife, etc. We will continue what we know is necessary for ourselves. And watch your mouth about my family here.

      34. God, Jesus and biblical prophesy, same load of tripe as crop circles, lepprechuns, Easter Bunnies, honoring and following celebs and politicians, and UFOs. frankly, I can not believe any grown adult person would believe in this biblical crap.

        • So what do you believe in…..un-biblical “crap?”

          “In the beginning there was nothing…..which exploded.”

          • LOL!!! Good one….


        • Bert, you can go believe in whatever you choose, but don’t attack the good people here for what they believe in.

          • Hey douchebag “brave heart” you were just slamming catholics a minute ago on this thread…hypocrite

            • I like the way doucheheart ignores your posting Elliot. Both him and sgt. dale are the end result of thousands of years of hillbilly inbreeding.

      35. It’s a small club and you’re not in it.

      36. I personally feel that if its the end times, there is nothing we can do to predict it, or stop it. The point is to be prepared spiritually for what is to pass.

        On a happier note, I traded up for a Kimber 1911 yesterday. SA—WEET. It’s one of my perks for busting my hump preparing for things to come. Was looking at a nice tactical 12 g. Would be nice to have, but I got a standard 12g pump already.

        • @Nopity
          If you are looking at shotguns,,
          Check out the Mossberg 930 Jerry Miculik
          Competition model,,, i got one and love it,, put a red dot on it and is great,
          Not tacticool but holds 8+1 and takes chokes so if you need to you can take birds with it, or choke it down for some sledgehammer buckshot patterns,,
          I got some Trulock chokes for mine,,a tactical ported and a ported full for targets or birds,,
          It likes heavy loads

      37. @maddog…lI don’t know where my line will be drawn,,, I just prep the best I can, maybe out of fear of my child looking at me with hunger and knowing I could of done more.Sadly none of us truly know what is coming our way, I think it will be a global event, not just here,, From talking to my Aunties across the pond, they are preparing too.My brother and his family decided not to prep..I do believe that christians will have to go through this wrath, for how long? don’t know, no ones does…..I’m just prepping till I can’t do it anymore or until time runs out, which ever comes first,,, But I’m 100% spiritually prepared in that area, so is my family….

      38. Wow, Mac. Did you open up a can of worms with this one, so many different opinions on what will happen in the future… Well take a break people, have a laugh, it seems to be the only thing we can all agree on…
        I am not even going to say what I think, but everything we know is wrong, wait and see…. Sorry it is in caps again, not yelling, just read and laugh, the one common demoninator…

        A Nun Grading Papers



























        • Eppe, I give you higher ratings than SNL. Keep them coming.

        • Eppe:
          You brought good laugh for me and the priest here were I work.
          Father Dave said: he had to copy these down and use them in his next sermon.
          As he was leaving with the copy he was rereading it and laughing all the way down the hallway.
          This just might help you get through those Perily Plates (sp.)
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • Anything that makes a man of the cloth smile, is a good thing. I bet he comes to this site often now….

        • Eppe…you warm this old Catholic school girls heart…and….out of the mouths of babes! This was truly funny! Thanks, as always, we need your humor here in these dark days.

        • @Eppe…that is some pretty funny stuff! Your post was a real nice ice-breaker after reading down all the serious discussion and accusations. Your post is one I’m going to copy and print. Thanks for the laugh! P.S. #3 was the first laugh out loud!

          @everyone else…May God Bless You and Yours.

      39. Well, it looks like we’ve covered pretty much everything….. I just got called for chow…

      40. We are not “heading into the prophesied end times,” because we are already in them. As time moves forward the events and the frequency of certain events will become more intense. Mens hearts will faint with fear because of these intensifying events if their hearts are not aligned with God and his son Jesus Christ.

        Prepare yourselves in the love of God and know that the 4th seal in Revelation chapter 6 is soon to be opened. God loves us and has forewarned us of these times.

      41. If you read Acts 2:17-21, it seems that Peter, The Apostle thought so. It seems we are there.

        When the final shoe, falls, unknown, could be falling now.

        I can tell you how the Bible says (one way)to identify The Beast, The Anti-Christ. Read Matthew 24.

        When Israel builds The Third temple on The temple Mount and begins the daily sacrifice, he will stop it, enter The Holy of Holies and proclaim him self as the messiah.(Desolation of Abomination spoken by Daniel the Prophet).
        The world will accept him, thus provoking God’s wrath.
        The Jews will deny him, perhaps they even kill him(someone is) and he rises the third day. He will seek to destroy The Jew, thus beginning The Great Tribulation. Satan enters him and possesses his body can gives him his authority as he tried to do to Jesus in the wilderness.

        Interesting times we live in.

        • Sorry but those times have already happened. look ot history but the daily sacrafice was ended when the Muslims took CTRl of Jeurusleum the year the abomination was built was something like 688 ad the abomination is the Dome on the temple mount No third temple will ever be built sorry stop beleiving in science fiction christianity and dig deeper into scripture and history.
          Rememember Daniel was told to shutt up the mook until the time of the end so any kind of enturpretation before then is crap! The nd times did nto start until 1948 when Israel retook the land so inerpretation after that point are the ones to look for not ones that started hundreds of years ago!
          read the last days series from
          Joseph A. Cortes
          TeachingFaith Ministries and see what I mean!

      42. I just want to say a big thank-you to all the posters on this site. I do not usually post but always read the comments for more insight, God Bless each of you for all you share and all the help you give to beginning folks who are trying to learn how to prepare and understand the current happenings.

      43. @BI, I see some earthquakes up north again. Came on here to see your thoughts and was sorely disappointed….:). Please let me know what’s going on around Iceland and Greenland….thanks so much as always!

        • @ Youdontneedtoknow. I just got done calculating what this means. Near 100% chance of a major earthquake by May 14. These along with the one west of South America on the Pacific Rise show Tonga and Fiji really the prime targets. Southern Mexico and Central America are a very close second. All of Indonesia, New Guinea, Santa Cruz Islands have all had previous major quake swarsm after these exact spots have been hit in the past. Greece and Turkey and west Iran. South Japan. Chile and Peru. Lastly the Pacific Northwest and Alaska AGAIN. The one on the Pacific Rise occurred in almost the same spot and Alaska was hit with a 7.5 last year.

          These are all from past earthquakes that have hit the same areas and then a major earthquake followed. There have been previous precursor quakes, but these were averaging about 78-80% of the time that major earthquakes followed. Same areas, plus Afghanistan. These three locations today gave a 98% chance of a major quake by May 14.

          I am glad you pointed out the Greenland quakes as I had my screen set to low and I didn’t see that one, only the one near Iceland. That by the way is an area that puts a little more stress on the New Madrid.

          • BI:
            Would you PLEASE explain what you mean by earth quakes in Greenland and Iceland puts a little more stress on the New Madrid, and what would put a lot of stress on the New Maderid?
            Me Not To Smart’m On Earth’m Quakes. I really don’t know squat about them!;-(
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • @ Northern Reb. First of all I just wrote a long response to this article and got one of those error 404 messages. Guess something I said the guv’ment didn’t like. Figures. I lost it also. Government censoring our speech again.

              Anyway about the New Madrid. This fault is really determines by the Mid Atlantic Ridge and the movement of the North American plate. The Carribean plate has much barring on this in the south, and the Asian plate with the North American in the north. Between 14 and 20 degrees north and between about 54 to 60 degrees north on the Mid Atlantic Ridge affects the New Madrid. The earthquake occurred south of Iceland on the Reykjanes Ridge at 57 north. The movement of the North American plate is to the northwest generally, but there is a push from over the north pole that directs tension from this point of 54-60 degrees on the Mid Atlantic Ridge towards the New Madrid. Much less than down at 14-20 degrees north, but still something. Last week on April 23 there was a 5.1 at 14.8 degree north on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. This shows pressure being directed at the New Madrid from the south and north.

              Should you be worried? Not really, but have some more focal points aimed at the New Madrid and the danger will go up. Have the central portion of the San Andreas and/or the Caribbean plate let loose a huge earthquakes like back in 1812 and this could be the indication that the New Madrid is next. At least for a moderate 5.6-6.5 that is very overdue. A 7.5+ is actually just a little overdue. Still anything with that solid old rock below is going to magnify any earthquake about 1 to 1.2 magnitude points higher. A 5.5 would feel like a 6.5 to 6.7. Continue to watch these quakes on the Mid Atlantic Ridge as they affect all plates. The one in Greenland is more for the Cocos, Nazca, and Australian plates.

              • Sorry about that 404 BI… Still can’t isolate why this happens… it’s totally random and very hard to pinpoint.

                • I think it happens when the login times out if you are not actively moving the cursor. 🙁

                  • @ Mac and Durango Kidd. I found that if I use a key word or some key words together it sends the whole message into the 404 error message. I was talking about the military and time tables a couple of weeks ago and this ended up as a 404 message. I have never had this happen with earthquake discussion or something geophysical even with not actively using the cursor. ONLY with something that is political or having to do with war. Interesting isn’t it?

              • BI:
                Thanks, I have family that live in Paris Tn. on Kentucky Lake, Little Rock Ar. and Doniphan and Poplar Bluff Mo. just west of New Madrid Mo.
                I live in Central Illinois.
                Thanks again. I will be watching.

                • I live about 200 miles west of the New Madrid. Im of the Opinion the Cascadia & San Andreas will be first and the New Madrid shortly after they happen. The whole Mississippi delta from southern ill southward will liquify and become a stretch zone that widens and sink,s.

                  instantly becoming a great swamp that will eventually slide into the gulf. You need to relocate to high ground preferably above 700 feet.
                  almost all who remain in the delta will perish.

                  • @ Old Guy. The Cascadia is not connected really with the New Madrid, but the central part of the San Andreas is and the southern San Andreas is connected with the Cascadia. I could see an extension of the New Madrid braking and going into the delta region all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. I don’t know if this will happen this time around, but it could the same as the entire San Andreas breaking. Perilous times we live in.

      44. Narrated Abu Hurairah (radi Allahu anhu): Allah’s Messenger (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said, “The Hour will not be established till …the people compete with one another in constructing high buildings…” [Sahih Bukhari]

      45. “”And when the word is fulfilled concerning them. We shall bring forth a Beast of the Earth to speak unto them because mankind had no faith in our revelation.”
        Quran: Surah An-Nami

        Abdullah-b-Umar said, “I memorised a Hadith from Prophet Muhammad ﷺ which I have not forgotten. I heard Prophet Muhammad ﷺ saying, ‘The first of the signs that will come is the rising of the sun from the place of its setting and the emergence of the Beast upon the people. Whichever of these two occurs before the other then the other is right behind it.”

      46. 2007 just called, it wants its fresh news story back.

      47. The last major sign to appear before the Day of Judgement is the fire which will come out from the Yemen and gather the people in the place of their assembly.

        In the Hadith of Hudaifa-b-Usaid regarding the Major signs Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, “At the end of which a fire would burn out from Yemen and would drive people to the place of their assembly.” (Muslim)
        The Prophet said, “The people will be gathered in three ways:

        1.The first way will be of those who will wish or have a hope (for paradise) and will have a fear (of punishment).

        2.The second batch will be those who will gather riding, two on a camel or three on a camel or ten on a camel.

        3.The third batch will be the rest of the people who will be urged to gather by the fire which will accompany them at the time of their afternoon nap and stay with them where they will spend the night, and will be with them in the morning wherever they may be then, and will be with them in the afternoon wherever they may be then.

        • And what the F%$#@ is: Hadith of Hudaifa-b-Usaid?

      48. I have some bad news and some more bad news…

        Revelation is a script folks. Oh, and “they” have done this before.

      49. The prophet muhammad was a true pedophile that raped very young children and wanted to purge the entire world of all infidels that didn’t bow down to all beliefs of islam. Sharia law is the cruelest and most devil like cult that there is. Innocent Christains are savagely murdered each year in the name of islam all throughout the Middle East and Africa. The cartoon that has the prophet muhammad mounting a pig says it all about islam.

        • Read the Quran first:

          • Why would I waste my time on some camel boinker’s drivel?

        • That Hell Monster will be defeated by Jesus soon.God will throw that ugly creature in hell where it belongs in the end.

      50. To learn all about the Antichrist, how he will present himself after he announces himself after The Warning and aligns himself with the False Prophet, scroll through the Messages at either of these sites or both of them:

        Time is short.

        Get right with God.

        Martial law has been prophesied.

        In my view, after June 1st of this year it will probably be too late to Prep.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

      51. The prophecies of Revelation are almost finished. We are there. God will provide for His people, we need to be on His side. This is the only time in history where all the signs are coming together at once: religious, financial, economic, social.

        • 2016 2017 and 2018 are going to be very dangerest burt years. The way the world is going I see it. If any one has A baby then they should throw it away because it will bring them bad luck on the time when it was born.

      52. Satan needs to stay in hell where he belongs.I cast that monster out in the name of Jesus.

        • Satan is not in hell, he is in heaven. Look it up.

      53. The Beast is Man’s Government

        The Beast wants to put his character in us as well. The Mark of The Beast, like all scripture, is given so that we may understand God and how to serve Him better. The Mark of The Beast teaches us that the Lord demands uncompromising obedience and unswerving dedication. The Beast represents the archetype of the tyrannical state, which is opposed to God’s Word and God’s Law.

        In scripture, the Beast is defined as kings (Daniel 7:17, Revelation 17:10-12), and man-made kingdoms (Daniel 7:18,23, Revelation 16:10) that have power to make war and kill (Revelation 11:7; 17:14). The Beast is the government, with rulers and armies, that are against God and his servants (Revelation 19:19). Jesus said, “He that is not with me is against me” (Matthew 12:30, Luke 11:23). So rulers that enforce laws contrary to God’s Law, are the Beast.

        Followers of the Beast receive his mark of ownership; submission to ungodly, anti-Christian law. The mark in Revelation is not to be taken literally. It’s an allusion to the Old Testament symbol of man’s total obedience to God, and stands as a warning that a society’s God (whether the true God or the state) demands complete commitment in all areas of life. Christians cannot compromise (2 Cor.6:14-18). The state is not absolute, it’s under authority of Christ (Psalm 2, Matthew 28:18); it’s an instrument of God (Romans 13:1-7). It has no license to do whatever it likes. It’s ordained purpose is for a rod of correction; to speak the Word of God, to punish evil, and to reward good (Romans 13:4, 1 Peter 2:14, Hebrews 13:7). That is its only authorized purpose.

        Who gives power to the Beast? The dragon (Revelation 13:2,4). Who is the dragon? This dragon is the spirit of satan (Revelation 12:9). Those who have the spirit of satan make war with those who “…keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ” (Revelation 12:17). The Lord God has revealed Himself as God, but the spirit of satan is the god and prince of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4 John 12:31).

        The US Government has a computer named BEAST (Battle Engagement Area Simulation and Tracking), developed out of Area 51. It uplinks to a satellite using GPS (Global Positioning Systems). They power a Film Lithium Diode in a computer chip called MARC (Multiple Automated readout Chip), which is best placed in the hand or forehead because of lowest body temperature. It’s funny how the government intentionally uses biblical descriptions to show their defiance to God openly.

        by brother Richard Anthony

        • “Beast” definitions in the Bible are: kingdom(s) & men who rely primarily on their basest instincts to govern their thoughts and deeds. And you must separate the understanding of each as well, because Apoc. 13 & 17 are speaking of a man….the 10 horns represent the kingdom/empire, otherwise how can you say the empire and the empire… an empire is led by an Emperor, not the other way around. The Empire does lead the Emperor, the Emperor leads the Empire.

          Your main mistake is revealed a proper understanding of Apocalypse 16 v 13, when unclean spirits likes frogs descend to the four corners of the earth. We know that the Beast & the False Prophet are real people, but you are saying that the Dragon is the spirit of Satan, which would then mean that we are left with two literal real people with mouths, but the third is figurative, and thus provides evil spirits for at least one of the other two.

          Read Apoc. 12 & 13 again….first we hear of the Red Dragon…..then St. John later in the Chapter describes the Dragon minus his color as the devil….then at the start of the next Chapter we are introduced to the Beast out of the sea….it took me a long while to get this, as these are clues to the Dragon’s identity, part of the mystery. Since we do not believe that the devil will be born incarnate through a woman like our Lord, the devil will fully possess a man, and that man is described in three parts. Most likely now that I think about it, as the Red Dragon he may not yet be fully possessed (Ratzinger), then the connection is made to the Dragon/Devil, and then finally, the possession takes place, thus providing us with the most evil of evil men of all history….think Stalin, Mao, G.H.W.Bush, Obama, Caligula, Nero, Attila the Hun, Albert Pike, Adam Weiskaupt, Mohammed, etc. all rolled into one. You almost have to look at the Apocalypse in a three dimensional aspect at times.

          The Bible must be taken literally unless it is against faith, morals and all common sense to interpret it otherwise; since there is no real reason to believe that the Dragon will have only a spiritual mouth, we thus must believe that the Dragon WILL be a real entity with a real mouth. Once you come to this conclusion, you can then understand how the devil will be allowed to institute the “Unholy Trinity” as I refer to it.

          The reasoning is simple….the devil is a poor copier of all God the Father gives us….God gives true religion…the devil gives us false religion…God gives us His Son, Jesus….the devil will give his son, Antichrist….God gives us the Holy Trinity (in Heaven)…the devil will give us the “unholy trinity” on earth….Jesus will allow us free choice to follow Him….the devil will seduce and/or provide no alternative for people to follow him.

          • Typo correction: The Empire does NOT lead the Emperor. G N R

      54. Stop looking to future events that have to take place look to other events in the past that have already teken place, to see scripture already fullfilled!
        Weve been in the end times since 1947, and 1968 when Israel retook the Mother land and Jerusleum !
        searh for the last days series it’s a 5 book volume that can be read in PDF format very interesting and eye opening!
        But ya we are have been this Generation should not perrish until Christ returns!
        Cant fricking wait either Not scary to me at all!
        People freak out cuss they think they are going to miss things only the wicked will miss things the rightious will live imortality and enjoy everlasting life Good times baby not bad Geeze!

      55. 2 Peter 1:20, “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation”

        Revelation is defined as “to reveal, a disclosure,” it does not mean to hide. Yet, that is what most people believe about the book of Revelation…that its meaning is hidden, and that we must resort to “private interpretation.” However, the ‘meaning’ of the book of Revelation is interpreted and revealed by scripture itself.

        Remember, the prophesies in this book were written to those living in the first century (Revelation 1:1,4,11). How could God bless his people all this time for keeping these prophesies if they did not understand them (Revelation 1:3; 22:7,9)? The fact is, they did understand them. These prophesies are not left to private interpretation, but the meaning is revealed to everyone, even those who were alive in the first century (Revelation 22:10).

        2 Corinthians 4:3, “But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost:”

        What is a Mark?

        A Mark (seal, sign, token, frontlet) is placed upon the forehead or hands, either as a sign of a curse or as a sign of redemption.

        •Genesis 4:15: God places a mark on the covenant breaking Cain, so nobody would kill him.

        •Exodus 28:36-38: Priests of God wore a gold plate upon their forehead, symbolizing the redeemed man.

        •Exodus 13:9,16, Deuteronomy 6:6,8; 11:18: A mark upon the forehead and hand was a symbol of total obedience to God’s Law.

        •Solomon 8:6: A seal upon the heart and arm is symbolic of a love for someone.

        •Isaiah 49:16: God has graven His people on the palms of His hands as a sign that he would not forget them.

        •Ezekiel 9:4: A mark upon the forehead was indicative of their allegiance to the Lord in the midst of abomination.

        •Revelation 13:16-17: The Beast places a mark on the hand or forehead of his followers also. This mark is his name (which represents ones character).

        •Revelation 14:9-11; 16:2; 19:20: Those who receive the mark of the Beast (worship something other than God) will be tormented. Which means…

        •Revelation 9:4: Those who do not have the seal of God in their forehead will be tormented. The Beast’s mark is contrasted to God’s mark!

        •Revelation 20:4: Those who do not receive the Beasts’ mark will be the keepers of God’s commandments and have the testimony of Jesus.

        •Revelation 15:2: To keep the Word of God is to overcome and be victorious over the mark, or name, or character, of the Beast.

        •Revelation 3:12: The name of God will be written upon those who overcome.

        •Revelation 7:3; 14:1; 22:4: Where will the name of God be written? It will be sealed in their foreheads!

        •Revelation 19:13: What exactly is the name of God that’ll be written in their foreheads? It is The Word Of God! (See also John 1:1,14). In other words, Scripture, God’s Word, will be in their hearts, minds, and souls!

        A Name represents ones Character

        Biblically, a name represents one’s character. This is why God changed the name of his servants (Genesis 17:5,15; 32:28; 35:10, 2 Samuel 12:25, Acts 13:9), and told parents what to name their unborn child (Genesis 16:11; 17:19, 1 Chronicles 22:9, Isaiah 7:14, Hosea 1:4,6,9, Matthew 1:21,24, Luke 1:13,31), and why men have chosen one name over another for their child (Judges 6:32, Genesis 35:18, Luke 1:59-60), and why name’s of cities have been changed (Genesis 28:19): to reflect their character!

        God wants to seal his name, his character, his Law in us (Isaiah 8:16). God’s character is God’s Law, and is described in the Word of God. God’s Law will be written in our hearts and minds (foreheads), Hebrews 10:16, Ezekiel 11:19; 36:26.

        Characteristic God Is The Law Is
        Good Luke 18:19 1 Timothy 1:18
        Holy Isaiah 5:16 Romans 7:12
        Perfect Matthew 5:48 Psalm 19:7
        Pure 1 John 3:2,3 Psalm 19:8
        Just Deuteronomy 32:4 Romans 7:12
        True John 3:33 Psalm 19:9
        Spiritual 1 Corinthians 10:4 Romans 7:14
        Righteousness Jeremiah 23:6 Psalm 119:172
        Faithful 1 Corinthians 1:9 Psalm 119:86
        Love 1 John 4:8 Romans 13:10
        Unchangeable James 1:17 Matthew 5:18
        Eternal Genesis 21:33 Psalm 111:7,8

        The Beast is Man’s Government

        The Beast wants to put his character in us as well. The Mark of The Beast, like all scripture, is given so that we may understand God and how to serve Him better. The Mark of The Beast teaches us that the Lord demands uncompromising obedience and unswerving dedication. The Beast represents the archetype of the tyrannical state, which is opposed to God’s Word and God’s Law.

        In scripture, the Beast is defined as kings (Daniel 7:17, Revelation 17:10-12), and man-made kingdoms (Daniel 7:18,23, Revelation 16:10) that have power to make war and kill (Revelation 11:7; 17:14). The Beast is the government, with rulers and armies, that are against God and his servants (Revelation 19:19). Jesus said, “He that is not with me is against me” (Matthew 12:30, Luke 11:23). So rulers that enforce laws contrary to God’s Law, are the Beast.

        Followers of the Beast receive his mark of ownership; submission to ungodly, anti-Christian law. The mark in Revelation is not to be taken literally. It’s an allusion to the Old Testament symbol of man’s total obedience to God, and stands as a warning that a society’s God (whether the true God or the state) demands complete commitment in all areas of life. Christians cannot compromise (2 Cor.6:14-18). The state is not absolute, it’s under authority of Christ (Psalm 2, Matthew 28:18); it’s an instrument of God (Romans 13:1-7). It has no license to do whatever it likes. It’s ordained purpose is for a rod of correction; to speak the Word of God, to punish evil, and to reward good (Romans 13:4, 1 Peter 2:14, Hebrews 13:7). That is its only authorized purpose.

        Who gives power to the Beast? The dragon (Revelation 13:2,4). Who is the dragon? This dragon is the spirit of satan (Revelation 12:9). Those who have the spirit of satan make war with those who “…keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ” (Revelation 12:17). The Lord God has revealed Himself as God, but the spirit of satan is the god and prince of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4 John 12:31).

        The US Government has a computer named BEAST (Battle Engagement Area Simulation and Tracking), developed out of Area 51. It uplinks to a satellite using GPS (Global Positioning Systems). They power a Film Lithium Diode in a computer chip called MARC (Multiple Automated readout Chip), which is best placed in the hand or forehead because of lowest body temperature. It’s funny how the government intentionally uses biblical descriptions to show their defiance to God openly.

      56. peace be with you

        The above is from one whose faith follows and a brother in the Lord.

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