Is Something BIG Coming? Report: FEMA Just Quietly Activated Civilian Corps

by | Jun 15, 2016 | Headline News | 100 comments

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    UPDATE: A representative of NECHAMA left the following message indicating that the email referenced in this article has been forged: “As a representative of NECHAMA, I can confirm that the referenced email is a fake email. No one that works at NECHAMA sent this email and these are not the viewpoints of NECHAMA. The email address appeared to have been forged.”

    This report was originally published at The Daily Sheeple


    The Daily Sheeple received this email tip from a source who received a message warning that FEMA just quietly activated it’s “hush hush” Civilian Corps last week.

    The message began with, “That was the very odd message about FEMA that came into my spam box at work.”

    The message is titled, “FEMA activates it’s hush hush Civilian Corps, why now?”

    Click to enlarge it:


    It reads:


    We received reports last week of various employees, citizens and etc. heading down to Atlanta Georgia to either the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the Center for Community Preparedness (FEMA).

    As far as we can tell it is true. One girl we spoke with actually gave a cover story for her absence and flight into ATL. We believe Federal Emergency Management Agency is actually activating its Civilian Corps. This is primarily a group of current and former government and military people, many with various training backgrounds to broad to cover here. [SIC]

    While this group is unarmed, they are generally drafted from the fighting branches of the US Military, medical and communications. We were informed that several companies in Minnesota responded large numbers of their own veterans heading south. Only the families we asked confirmed where they were going and why. Few spoke to us without agreeing to anonymity.

    Why is this an issue? Should it concern you?

    YES! If you know anything about these guys, they are basis of Tom Clancy’s novel ‘The Division’. This is a real group of actual people, not some made up branch or etc. For FEMA to pull in it’s entire Civilian Corps to Atlanta last week for training means that something big is about to go down in the United States. While we can confirm, none of the people we spoke with gave us a straight answer. This is highly concerning. [emphasis added]

    At this time, FEMA is denying the news.

    Anyway, that’s the story as we know it.

    The email is signed from NECHAMA, a Jewish non-profit disaster preparedness organization. The screen capture has been archived here.

    Thoughts? Is something big about to go down in the U.S. or is this just a normal training situation? Seems like strange timing, right before Bilderberg and, coincidentally or not, right before what our government and mainstream media are reporting as the worst mass shooting in American history in Orlando (although it is not, there have been many worse mass shootings dating back to Indian massacres all the way up to the Waco massacre).

    Is FEMA and Homeland Security preparing for something to go down that the rest of us are blissfully unaware of?

    Once again, this is proof we need to be prepared either way.

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      1. If true time to top off, lock and load.

        • The Jews got the Nod to evacuate the World Trade centers a week before that attack happened. In fact Israel sent over a group of Mossad Operatives to Film the World Trade Center Attacks. You have heard about the Dancing Jews when the Attack happened? That was the Israeli Camera Crew celebrating. Anyway, they were caught, and held for about a month then released and the flew back to Israel for a Party as they were painted Heros.

          SO when our ZOG Occupied Government who fail to release the 28 pages of the *911 report paid with US Tax Payer Money, they are obstructing justice, we so badly seek.

          The ZOG’s like those running the DHS and also the Foreign Israeli Security companies, contracted for the Full Security at Many US Airports, you can see they are about to install a lock down on America, and Martial Law starting at US Airports under Israeli security control, where the molestation began under the guise of the TSA. Sure you can fly if you Get the Mark of the Beast tattooed on your hand or forehead, you can pass right through you stooped sheep slave. Next!!!

          Folks the 2nd Amendment is about to be exercised by Americans. Pick your side, draw the line, and prepare to battle.

          It could be Blue Helmets invading neighborhoods, starting at Airports, Confiscation of all your guns and Preps. It will be a “Free for all” for them, at the point of a gun. Are you ready? Got all your AK’s and AR’s cleaned and sighted in, and plenty of magazines. Minimum 15x 30 round Mags on a chest rig.

          ~WWTI… The only weakness they have, is that they cannot invade everywhere all at once. So we may get advanced notices to lock and load. New Yorkers holding any type of Assault rifle had to register them or face a felony under bogus new laws, for infringement. In New York there were approx. 45,000 Morons who registered their assault rifles. They caved like sheep… Well the State, has the list, and passing it out. Are you on their Gun Pick-up list? Stooooopid!!!

          Remember 1 is none, and 2 is one.


          • Jews? please, it was Muslims did you not see the videos? or are you that dumb to not be able to tell the difference? Please spread more lies make people believe your junk .

            • Yep sure did hear about the Dancing Israelis, the NY news agencies even covered it, and it was reported to the police as men dressed in Arab garb, but it was found out by the FBI that they were Mossad agents, here’s a good video link to the event

            • If you believe that I got a bridge to sell ya! Take a look a this short video about how Israel was involved in 9-11 and the truth shall set you free!

          • They keep blocking my responses to you out fear of upsetting you poor diddums, your racism should be banned from this and every site
            You are certifiable and should be banned from posting instead of the Mods blocking responses for people that are against morons like you

          • What’s wrong with him pointing out facts and calling it as it is? Folks from Israel really did what he’s saying. Maybe they employed Muslims to actually hit the tower but that doesn’t remove the fact that an Israeli camera crew knew it was going to happen and recorded the whole thing.
            And honestly your not being any better than a racist with the way that you are bashing on him. Can you not articulate your argument with out bashing?
            We are a community here who all agree atleast that being prepared is the proper lifestyle. Remember that when you bash next time. Bashing makes the whole community and takes away from what we all came here for.

        • STFU stupid animal that you will be the first coward begging the government not to harm you.

        • something big is about to go down in the United States.

          it is called hurricane season.

          • Hitlery getting elected will far surpass the most destructive hurricane ever.

      2. I wouldn’t put anything past anybody.

        • RE: For FEMA to pull in it’s entire Civilian Corps to Atlanta last week for training means that something big is about to go down in the United States.

          I can confirm with a hot IT chick I know, who works for the State of GA, had a Big IT meeting today in Atlanta. She did not say anything about the meeting. Maybe they are preparing for a Grid Down, or Lock down? Not sure, but what she did say today is that she really wants to go live off the grid. Coincidence?

          I then mentioned my off the grid BOL and she got all excited and wants to come and visit. She says she would love to quit her job and live off the grid and garden. She loves to garden. A great compliment to my activities. Wait till she finds out I also Cann food. Get your skills in order people. Get the vertical gardening and or Hydroponic with Tilapia Fish eco system into the works. At least acquire all the hardware, necessary, and extra spare parts. That will be the hardest things to get in SHTF Collapse. Acquire the tools and instruction books for your BOL Library.

          Had a BOL Failure Yesterday, my gas propane hose blew a leak to a camp stove, when I was cooking, flames shot out of the hose about 6 inches high, from where the rubber hose meets the metal flange that goes into the stove. I was standing right there and luckily saw it happen. I quickly shut off the Main Tank Gas, then shut off the burners and blew out the flames. So no problem. I cook outside under a canopy about 5 yards from my building.

          Safety First people. NEVER COOK WITH PROPANE INDOORS. Unless hard plumbed by building code. But that gas hose was less than 14 months old. So not only my main cooking tool was disabled, but my ability for quick hot water, via tea kettle that needs that stove too. I thought what if this happened in SHTF?? Would I even be able to get another hose at all, then what??? Shit!! So I went out and bought 2 more connecting hoses. Just in case it blows again. Remember Preppers, “1 is none and 2 is one.” Rings so true.

          ~WWTI… Get Ready!! Gold and Silver Popped UP healthy today. Gold almost breeching $1300 mark. Was at $1050 last Nov.. Silver is even up today (WED)in after US trading hours to $17.69 / OZ. I predicted $26.50 by End of July. Was $13.65 Low back last Nov. That is a Doubling Profit Bonanza. Get ready to Make more Wealth.

          • Last week we were at out off grid mountain cottage. We had a shed that the floor had rotted and it had become a place for varmints. We wanted to burn it. It wasn’t very big. We got our sump pump, put it in the creek. Hooked up some power. We filled water buckets t have available. We set the she’s on fire, and even though hubby had Firefighter basic training when he was a volunteer, the tar paper and asphalt shingles slipped his mind. My point is the shot got out of control FAST. Flames 50-60 feet in the air. Flames so hot it cracked glass in cottage Windows, melted the fiberglass in the metal door, melted the tyvek sheathing, and boiled the sap out of the porch posts. We were moments away from th cottage burning when the fire began to die down. I was 35 feet from structure filling buckets w water, taking turns with hubby getting water onto cottage porch to try to keep cool. I got 1st and 2nd degree burns on my arms and leg from 20-30 ft proximity. I was never closer than 30-35 ft for more than a few seconds. If you’re going off grid, no matter what your fuel/energy sources please have a fire plan. Also take into consideration your building materials. We kept it contained the ten minutes it was out of control, but it was exhausting and so stressful I could have puked.

            • NoPityPartyHere,

              Excellent advice, and experience.

              Fire is a terrible weapon, and terrible if out of control.

              Interesting that police in California when hunting the rouge cop a year ago chose to just burn down the house he as hold up in, and not face him.

              Arson is legal for police, but carries incredible lifelong consequences for any civilian that resorts to it, or even accidentally becomes involved with it.

              Great story, but my advice, never repeat it.

              • NPPH, glad to hear you survived it and hope you recover soon. I don’t mean this like it sounds but you would’ve been better off just having someone tear it down. Just glad you and hubby are alive.

      3. About to go down????? HELLO!!!! IT’S BEEN GOIN DOWN!!!!

        Go ahead, hug your prep’s… They ain’t gonna save ya.

      4. They can try that crap in my area of Katy Tx, good luck… lets see how round ups of civilians work out in my area.. some of the most viscous patriots and veterans live here, and the cops will also cap your jihadist asses…we know the cops and they are on to your jihadist bullshit.


        Molon labe bitches..

        • So just what is so wrong with what the person wrote?
          It’s called SELF DEFENSE.
          Humans used to have this natural reflex.
          Now? Not so much.

          • Crusader, I have that natural reflex and won’t hesitate to use it when necessary.


              HOWEVER, REGARDLESS OF WHAT’S HAPPENING OUT THERE OR IN TV LAND, YOU AND I MUST LOCK OUR GATES – – the line in the sand, so to speak. Time is up. Folks should have listened.

              • Crusader, spot on. I don’t follow any restrictions on self-defense. I carry certain self-defense items in my truck with me everywhere I go ever since the Clinton era. Most likely illegal but last time I checked any and all criminal attacks on people are still illegal also. I march to my own song when it comes to self-defense.

      5. I’m all ready locked and loaded.
        After reading this I was thinking. EMP, or a Jericho event? (The TV program) Maybe Obullshit has found out that his brothers are going to do something major. Maybe BLM is going to start major riots all over the country so that Obullshit can for Martial law? Lots to think about. But you can bet I will sleep good tonight, because I’m as ready as I can get.

        Stay FROSTY folks. Who really knows.


        • Sgt. Dale, I am staying “Frosty” down here in Florida.
          You stay Frosty, too!

        • Sgt., funny you mentioned Jericho. I watched again last week end!!!

          May be a push for martial law, who knows???

          The obola brown shirts coming to a town near you!!!

          • Vet1 and Sarge, I’ve also got the entire Jericho series. I think I’ll start watching that again over the weekend. Let Obola send those ‘brown shirts’ to me and they’ll get some RED in them.

        • I bet these mass shootings like in Orlando are a Beta Test for multiple attacks across America, all on the same day, and before Obama leaves office, so as to Frightened the stooped sheep, who then beg “The Powers to Be” to protect them, and install Martial Law to catch these boogie men. Remember Martial Law in Boston? Hello, More Beta Testing, and critique to perfect it.

          We are being set up for a Lock Down on America, then they just wait us out, till we run out of food, get hungry and then line up for the Mark of the Beast, and to be their FEMA Camp Slaves.

          You think I am kidding? This is all very real and getting more obvious daily. We currently have Israeli Security Companies in Full Control of Security at many US Domestic Airports ready to implement a lock down Nazi Style? Holding Americans Hostage, not allowing us to travel or escape their clutches. Imagine how many more Israeli Spies and chaos makers they have sneaked in to the US, as the Fox TSA and ZOG Security Co’s at US Airports watch the Chickens flock, and as their agents, who glide through airport security unfettered using dual citizenship and multiple passports?? And stamped by his cousin Zio.

          F-n eh!! Many are already here. See something, Say something is BS!! I say See Something = Kill Em Right then and there!! Shoot Shovel and Shut Up. Like a cornered cockroach. Start writing down license plate numbers, and get a Patriot Cop Buddy to run the tags. Make your own “TO-DO” List. We are under attack.

          ~WWTI… Eyes Open. Carry Daily.

          • KILL -> STRIP -> MOVE -> REPEAT
            NAM VET

        • Sarge, I stripped down all my weapons last night for some maintenance and made a final check of all my mags. Still stacking, especially ammo. Summer is getting a little too “interesting” for my taste. DHS Secretary is hinting at gun confiscation in the name of “public safety”. We’re going to be forced into a war none of us wanted. I’m locked and loaded. God help us all.

          • thay will nNEVER confiscate guns going house to house to collect guns from people that are expecting you is the most deadly form of combat thair making ammo illigal thats different.make every shot count

      6. It is time now to kill the people that directly try to impose tyranny upon us. Enough of this shit.

        • M.- it would seem sure enough that that is where we are at…

          Come to Texas and we will do the Alamo proud!!!

          • I am willing to die so our children can have a future but I don’t intend on making it easy for them to kill me either.

            • Same goes for me..

            • Old men fought and won the revolutionary war.

              • When people ask me why I’m so ready to fight and tell me that I’m ignorant for feeling that way I respond with I want to fight so that my children won’t have to. I don’t want to leave this mess for my daughters generation to have to suffer through or clean up. my parents left this mess without doing anything and I won’t do that to my daughter.

          • Mmmmm….

            A la mode !

          • I’m in dfw if you ever want to meet up and trade knowledge and skills or just hang out

        • i am well stocked , locked and loaded with tons of supplies i are ready for anything. locking for age 71 on saturday…
          SGT USMC 1966-72

          • Catena

            Hit 71 and keep on trucking. :0)

          • While the powers that shouldn’t be are out collecting guns from the sheeple, in my dreams I see an old chucking patriot, burning down the police station and all their civilian cars.

            Riding undetected back to sleep in his warm bed, the PTSB ponder how they will deal with patriots. Stupid cops that take part in stupid raids against Honest American Civillians to protect the paranoia of the likes of Obama, sheepishly call their wives to come and pick them up. Yeah honey, my car is gone.

            Meanwhile a shot rings out, and the traitor in the suit, directing the gun grabbers drops like a sack. The shooter, never found took him out from 3/4 of a mile.

            Yeah, it was just a dream, might have been a movie I saw.

      7. I believe they are preparing to impose gun confiscation on us. While I do not think the US government proactively caused the Orlando mass shooting, I do believe they knew it was coming and chose to do nothing about it. This is better than causing it because they now have plausible deniability and no record otherwise. At any given time, there are perhaps hundreds of terrorists planning actions in the US and it is likely that the surveillance capabilities of this government means they know about pretty much all of them. They take down most of them, but let one slip through the cracks every here and there when it is politically expedient to do so. I find it highly unlikely that the Orlando shooter was not being watched and monitored given his history and previous investigations into his motivations. It was just in their best political interests to sacrifice those people in order to impose gun control on the rest of us.

        • Winston, I agree with your analysis. Look at the timing of the event, shortly before the conventions and Trump said he was going to reveal some dirt he had on the Clintons. Just too convenient to my thinking. And the Secretary of DHS says that ‘gun control’ needs to be part of “homeland security”. That spells out confiscation in my mind. And Obola has already indicated he’s ready to go with some more EOs. Summer has already proven to be more “interesting” than I like to see.

            You should be the first to be concerned. Yor BOL is on the East coast.
            The one minute video says RUN AWAY FROM NY WATER SECTOR.
            That’s not New York, that’s RUN AWAY FROM 25N WATER SECTOR.
            The letter ‘Y’ being the 25th letter of the alphabet.
            25N is the southern tip of Florida!

            If this doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will.

            • Bobane, thanks for the concern, but my BOL is in north GA, a long way from any coast. I’ll be fine.

        • Of course DHS Gave the Shooter a Pass to buy Guns, as he was part of the team. This is not different that Fast and Furious. And if you have heard about this yet. Obama by coincidence, just 12 days before the shooting gave an anti-gun speech and said (paraphrase) We need more Gun laws to stop terrorists from getting guns.

          I ask Obama, Why does he let Terrorists in the USA in the first place?????? Friggin Moron.



            WHAT else would we expect from such a halfbreed FREAK.

      8. EBT cards glitch might indicate a massive glitch being planned. It would cause all kinds of opportunities.
        What evil people will do is hard to imagine, but looking at the historical record of the Holodomar, the intentional starving of millions, it is a possibility. Unlike the Ukranians, most on EBT are living in cities not on farms.

        Take some food to a pantry. Start one at your church. Use it as an opportunity to enlighten the EBT army that they need to buy non parishable items because the EBT system is not dependable any more. Turn them into Preppers and thwart the evil ones.

      9. Impose gun control on me???? When a mooslum extremist chose to kill???

        I must be missing something??? I knew obola would never leave office…

        Watch your fields of fire and may God watch over us in these crazy days…

        • Yea, dontcha just love their screwed up reasoning,,
          Its not about gun control but creating dependence,
          The left wants dependent,,,
          Feels like were living Atlas Shrugged

          • True that, K!
            All the chit-chat is over.
            It’s time to face that fact and man up!

        • Yes, but it’s not just about Islamic terrorists; it’s about all of those nonexistent right wing terrorists that the government fantasizes about but who never materialize. They… I’m sorry…we have to be protected from them too.

      10. O.K.

        Appreciate the Heads Up. BUT!

        Blah, Blah, Blah, Blaah, Blaaaaaah.

        We are all ready for it. You are, right?

      11. BLM got hacked and they admit to planning riots… Lynch is mentioned… RICO their asses… all the way to Soros, Killary, and Obummer…
        This is all a planned collapse..
        Prep up folks… the sheep are ready for slaughter…
        Dont know when its gonna happen.. but its coming soon… good luck and God bless

      12. Fighg for our kids future and freedom .

      13. Something big commin’???? Moochelle on top of the empire state building swatting bi-planes?

        • “What’s the buzz, tell me what’s a happening.
          What’s the buzz, tell me what’s a happening”.


          • Lol. My favorite comment! Btw loved that movie.

      14. On a side note. Any here are passionate about their gun rights. We are often preaching to the choir when we post here.

        I’d love to see a thread of talking points when we engage the sheeple on the street, so to speak, to debunk the lies of the TPTB. I think this is a critical moment in history and words can be as sharp as any knife.

        1. There is a huge push to ban the AR-15 because of the Orlando Omar shooter.
        Answer 1. He didn’t actually use an AR-15. It’s a case of all guns are Black and look alike! (Yes I meant to imply anti gunners exude a form of racism). It was in fact a Sig Sauer MPX that shares no common parts with an AR-15 except some magazines from certain manufactures.

        2. Obama says we must not judge all Muslims based on the acts of a few deranged people. Why then does Obama demand we usurp the constitution and punitively injure a hundred million gun owners, plus future gun owners based on the acts of a few deranged people. His logic is inconsistent, it is vindictive against the innocent, who have no connection or relationship with the attacker. Notice how Obama starts with a statement that is true and then convoluted it into a cause to attack our natural and constitutional rights!

        3. How does an attack by a foreign mindset, incompatible with the US constitution, translate to a need to destroy the constitution? The left must be called to account.

        4. It was not the second amendment that made this government bring Islamic Jihadists and their children into the US.

        5. Islamic Jihad and Sharia law were causal in America’s very first foreign war with the Barbary pirates of Tripoli. Islamic Jihad cannot be eliminated with a gun law enacted against American citizens, that is an appeasement. We will continue to be attacked by Islamists until we make it too uncomfortable for them to continue to attack us. Appeasement to Islam is as good as surrender.

        • Mao
          Any questions?

        • PTPO, damn good points. I never appease anyone about anything.

      15. The shit is flying about to hit the fan.

      16. Time to roundup all those that ‘they’ have been ‘watching’.

        Who’s going to complain after the what is being misreported as the biggest mass shooting in US history? Those complaining about the roundup will be be viewed as “non-patriots’…. just like the japs.

      17. Glad I ordered a oil press. It will show up in time. Glad I am building raised bed 8. Glad I rarely go to town.
        Forest fire just south of here, about 1000 acres. Glad firefighters are on the job and I hope I don’t get burned out. Bob is in the truck.

        • Clear dry brush and any fuel back away from your house, good practice,
          Keep shovel and buckets with water handy,
          Burlap bags soaked with water are good for snuffing flames, if you have shake or shingle roof or siding, wet it down if fire is headed toward you, watch the wind, set up a wind sock or flag to see direction.

      18. It’s just training. The actual dirty bombs that will be blamed on Isis will be detonated in august.then martial law enacted to shut down and find the other 4 bombs traveling the highways to other cities. After 7 days without food trucks entering the cities, mass rioting and looting will occur giving obama the chance to bring troops into the cities to quell the riots and to use the troops to go door to door confiscating weapons. martial law allows obama to put the elections on hold and control every aspect of your lives that is until the civil war really gets burning. I hope you all are ready cause August is going to be very exciting

        • And you got your information from who now exactly? Where did you come up with August from?

        • @Cliff

          I’ll be waiting for an answer Cliffhanger. Not expecting one anytime soon…

      19. how is it that a foreigner comes over here most likely illegally and starts killing people. Wouldn’t that mean that DHS or Border Patrol is lacking. Wouldn’t that mean that FBI background checks are lacking. Wouldn’t that mean the laws that are already on the books are not being enforced for certain people….please!!!

      20. “Is FEMA and Homeland Security preparing for something to go down that the rest of us are blissfully unaware of?”…something of their own planning and doing (“?”). …Could be their plan (blaming terrorists–“ISIS”, Second Amendment advocates, foreign states, etc.) to inflict biological warfare on the people as an excuse for FEMA concentration camps, “quarantines”, curfews, “lockdowns” (martial law) and compulsory compliance (by those who will surrender to them) with their orders.



        My scientist friend is no fraud or fake, nor is my govt source.. we know why was coming and now it’s here.. I have a message from the white hats that I will post in the very near future. They want us know why this is happening.

        I told everyone that hell was knocking on our doors, we are now the SHTF event horizon..

        Yes, the shit is about to hot the fan.

        What’s on the menu for the cabal?.

        Emp, false flag, invasion, from Chinese Russians. And other nationals Cubans. Etc, nato.?

        Patriot uprising?. War civil war, etc.


        • LoL Which one HCKS?

          • Hicks believes the Nibiri myth. Untill I witness with my own eyes irrefutable Proof im gonna call Nibiru a myth. Even this article im skeptical about. Too many times authors have cryed wolf. Im not giving fear & doom porn free rent in my head.

            • Agreed, too many false “on the brink” alerts. I think it’s a deliberate attempt to discredit preppers in advance of the real deal, when it finally comes.

      22. This report is utter BS!! I and several of my peers are part of this group, and we have heard nothing. NOTHING! One of these peers is our state’s and division’s head, and she hasn’t received any such directions nor instructed anyone concerning this claimed report.

        LMAO……Try confirming rumors before printing? Naw, paranoia is more fun. GEEZ

      23. Ebola! There was a suspected case of ebola last week. Given the gmo nature of the last outbreak, the next outbreak should be a whopper! The last outbreak (the worst in history) was a test run! Fort detrick has perfected the strain. Think Steven Kings “the Stand”.

      24. Heres a nice little quit place to lighten my load. On June 2 2016 Pakistan informed The United States that 6 Nuclear armed devices were unaccounted for . As far as I know as of June 15 2-16 they are still unaccounted for.. The US is currently at Defon 3. Their major concern is a sea delivered ( by boat) device into one or more of the major US harbors.. This is real..

        • If the big false flag is nuclear and you are close or downwind, the question becomes, how fast and how deep can you dig?

        That’s what is coming in September.

        • That’s what all had in mind at the Pulse. They were wrong…….

      26. Thank you to the government for providing us with reminders to finish up all our preps and/or to re-check everything.

        Preps that are only 80% complete means that you will be 20% dead!

      27. I don’t know if this has anything to do with anything,but….a couple days before the shootings in Orlando,people at where I work were asked if they were military vets. We were told about being support for any LE actions in the future. Like a dummy I said I was. Oh shit. I work corrections for the the state. I have no idea why this was asked. I have NO intentions of helping anybody with anything if it means going against the Constitution. I’m in Arizona. BTW: What weapon was the asshat using?

        • You could use your specialty knowledge with “advanced insider info” to become a part of that attempted put-down. Then, instead of hitting the civilians, you could wipe the unfriendlies off the face of the earth.

      28. As I was driving past Shiloh Park twice this week (Tues and Wed), I saw multiple white federal emergency vehicles parked at a building next to the park entrance.

        There was some sort of meeting happening (I’ve never seen more than a single park ranger vehicle at this place and I pass it every week for years).

        I can’t find any reports on what is going on, but it was weird (I am passing by again today, so I’ll see if there is a 3rd day).

        • BeulahMan, you mean Shiloh Park on the TN River?

            • I’m in Memphis, but not for too much longer the way things are looking.

              • I once lived in Mempho and have been there many times. Nowadays, I avoid it like the plague. Way too dangerous for an old white redneck (even one that carries).

                Jackson is now Little Memphis.

                My area is still 95+% white and violent crime is very low.

                Good luck.

                • Beulahman, you did exactly right getting out and avoiding it. I’ll be out of here soon enough. I looked at some land east of Savannah a few years ago but everyone’s prices were too high. Looked through the county auctions in that region but nothing that turned me on. Used to have fun at Pickwick lake way back in the day. Too bad I couldn’t have a BOL in that area so I have to go all the way to north GA where the kinfolk are. That area’s also 95+% white and no crime. My family has their own ‘homeland security’. LOL!

                  • You just named of my stomping grounds.

                    Prices are up. But depending on the amount of land you want, you could try down around Saltillo (I own a farm over there).

                    Pickwick is my little slice of heaven in TN/MS/AL.

                    Don’t tell too many people about it.


      29. Well possibly something big is coming
        OBlaimy just shipped his family over seas for a “summer” vacation

      30. I would think that IF such a meeting was called, it has more to do with Zika than with anything else. That would be about the right timeline to prepare for all the folks coming back from the Rio fiasco with the infection.

        Regardless, you would have to be a fool not to know that with Brexit looming and the election circus revving up, we don’t need an asteroid or supervolcano to be in a whole lot of doo doo. We haven’t even gotten to the “flash mob” period of summer, when youths everywhere work out their boredom by trashing their local businesses- and the psychological backlash of this changing (hopefully) administration is going to cause racial tension across the country.

      31. Of course everyone reading this is armed RIGHT NOW wherever you are. Right? If not don’t even bother talking to me. I’m sick and tired of loud mouth gun owners who are not Armed Citizens.

      32. Well,with other article about cdc(in Atlanta)perhaps they purposefully/mistake fucked up,or,are planning a fuck up.

        South,since you work for the doc,well,you already are supporting unconstitutional laws as many in the cop/court/prison cartels are there due to unconstitutional laws.

      33. One of my neighbors is part of the call up. He was required to take his bio hazard kit with him. He said something about terrorist bio threats received by the Feds. With everything that’s going on, I wasn’t surprised. He’s a pretty level headed guy and doesn’t BS.

      34. It’s going down asap….this year will
        not end with life as we all know it Now. I feel for the homeless.
        Obuma is our last prez…go figure
        …”Matthew 24:4-14″
        Religion will probably be banned by
        End of year….sounds crazy hun?
        Trojan horse Part II Lol!!!
        My kids are being home schooled now thank goodness :-)…on a side note… Me & wifee seen a HUGE army tank last summer (west of Atlanta) sitting on side of cabin at a little town park….question 1…how the &%*; did they get that thing down these narrow 1 way streets? (Train tracks are about 7 blocks away). :-/

      35. Note to Mr. Obama, and Mr. O’Reilly from FIXED news: Banning guns does not ban the darkness in men’s hearts. Banning guns does not ban evil. In fact, banning guns allows a Hitler-like personality to assume power and commit unspeakable genocide.

        Second note to Mr. Obama and Mr. O’Reilly: Violence violates, force protects. If you attempt to remove the means by which Americans protect themselves, their loved ones, and their Constitution, it is clear to even those with borderline intellectual functioning that those troops will be met with force. Violence violates, force protects.

        Note to ALL elected leaders: every year cigarettes massacre 460,000 Americans yet not one of you wants to ban cigarettes. Now why is that? Where is your passion about that? Why don’t you care about teens and young Americans because 98% of ALL adult smokers started at age 20 or sooner?

        Two notes to all Americans: one, the largest massacre EVER of Americans is abortion and you can read the exact number at and two, the largest massacre of gay people took place at the hands of the manmade germ warfare experiment known as AIDS, and I say that with NO disrespect to the victims of ISIS in Orlando or to their families, friends, and other loved ones. In fact, if you go to, you will see the documented proof that AIDS was in fact a manmade germ warfare experiment. (And yes, they killed Boyd Graves, but his work lives on.) And if you simply do not care about gay people dying what WILL it take to get you to realize that we are ALL under CONTINUOUS ATTACK: through GMO’s; ChemTrails; hijacked/toxic vaccines, and much more.

        An attack on one American, through whatever means, is an attack on ALL Americans!

        Note to everyone on Planet Earth: the single most important preparation each of you/us can do is get right with your God, each and every day. The time you and I are living in IS the END TIME, meaning, the events in the Book of Revelation are continuing to unfold and the antichrist will soon be revealing himself.

        Expect ISIS to attack again most likely during July 4th celebrations that bring out throngs of Americans, though they could attack at a mall or elsewhere before or after then.

        Keep the faith, live the faith. Live in Holy Love. Prep prep prep. Most of all, get right with your God each and every day because you might not have tomorrow, in fact, you might not even have tonight.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

      36. They are keeping it quiet because it’s got-damn treason! None of this is authorized by the Constitution.

      37. This scenario or one like it has been played out thousand of times at a war college with varying outcomes and each piece of the puzzle was tweeked to a degree to see what outcomes would then be elicited. The goal was to see how an economic collapse would affect our standing government. Every scenario ended with a massive loss of life and states breaking off and forming their own regional coalitions in effect the states secede from the union and the bigger military states like Texas kept their military hardware. Every scenario saw the U.S. Broken up. All except one and that scenario called for a minority president to act as a patsy and create so much strife against the constitution and the armed white majority i.e. Republicans and patriots alike that a white knight would be able to sweep in from the republican side and vanquish the black tyrant in the white house. We new that an economic collapse would engulf the entire world at the same time and not hit any one country by itself. SO the rest of the world would need to be managed appropriately if the standing government of the U.S. Was to survive intact. Ten years ago Russia was not the threat they are today and the Chinese are no joke but we new we could get nato to loose most of its troops to put a big dent in the russian military might and we were prepared to loose half our navy to set the Chinese back 30 years militarily. We knew we could control the narrative as far as nukes went. We guessed the Russians would use a few battle field nukes but keep it mostly conventional. Either way we didn’t care if they took over Europe as long as they sustained enough casualties to personal to put a crimp in their male population. But what you really want to know about is the U.S. I submitted the plan that was eventually determined to be the most plausible to keep the union intact. It called for a devide and conquer strategy with a twist. the situation called for the current president to be so unamerican and tyrannical that the majority of the population and military would see him as a demon. We new the president would have to be from a minority. If we pitted whites against whites the variables showed half the population of U.S. Would parish. We needed a fight but one that would not to long and cost no more than 25 percent of population. When the economic calamity hit in 2008 and then Obama was elected I started seeing parallels with my paper. The action in the Middle East mirrored my paper to the tee. Create the illusion of a strong Islamic army by funding mercenaries with oil stolen from host countries and supplying them with arms from other gulf states. I never thought of the refugee angle but it is brilliant. My paper had that patsy president with ties to the Muslim religion and legitimate news sources reviewing his administration helping to fund them so that when 2 dirty bombs were detonated, one in the navy shipyard in South Carolina and the other on the northeast side of Indianapolis and then come on the t.v. to anounce a brave young marine had captured 2 terrorist involved with the shipyard bombing and through interrogation it is known that 4 more dirty bombs are on trucks heading to other cities. With this threat the president can mobilize the army reserve and national guard and DHS without objection from congress or the people. He will then shut down the entire highway system searching for those elusive trucks with the sole intent of keeping provisions from reaching the store shelves for 7 days. It has been determined that 5 days is enough to cause a food shortage among those making up the inner cities of America. Looting, rioting and murder is all we need to have martial law declared and the troops moved from the highways to the cities to end the violence. Of course the military will be given orders to go door to door and confiscate weapons while in the city. This action will have the effect we need to enrage the white gun owning majority and start a 2 American civil war allowing their white knight to rise the white majority up against this Muslim sympathizer and save the republic with no real transition in power. The goal was to keep the government from fragmenting during an economic collapse. How could I have guessed that my work was going to be used to give the elites the cover they needed to get away with the greatest financial theft in the history of mankind. We were given the parameters that the coming collapse could be extended for at least a year through financial shenanigans and I chose August as the best time to implement the plan knowing that the conflict should not take any more than 3-4 months and it should be over before winter really sets in. I threw in as happenstance that it would perfect timing of this could be done during a presidential election cycle because the white knight would already be known to the people and it would be one more nail in the coffin of our patsy if he put a hold on the election but that was just a pipe dream since we were given a parameter that the powers that be would only be able to hold off a collapse for no more than two years but I have witnessed theses central bankers put the collapse on hold for 8 years now and the timing is right except Trump is not the white knight they had hoped for so get ready for Paul Ryan or another white man to start echoing trumps thoughts just enough to allow the citizens to shift to this man after trump is taken care of. I can see trump put them in a bind by destroying Jeb and all the other white knight wanabees. They tried to get their man Newt as his VP but he saw through that. They need some time to get this man up to speed so they will let trump live through July but this August will be remembered by generations to come.

      38. As a representative of NECHAMA, I can confirm that the referenced email is a fake email. No one that works at NECHAMA sent this email and these are not the viewpoints of NECHAMA. The email address appeared to have been forged.

      39. CDC Pittsburgh just placed an order with us. They haven’t ordered in years and paid by credit card even though they have terms. Hmmmm….

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