Is Someone “Trying To Start A MegaTsunami”? Strange Earthquakes Go Off In Precise Grid Pattern

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 70 comments

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    The idea of using technology to trigger of earthquakes and other weather weapons seems inconceivable to those who are not paying attention or are ill informed. But look closer at who benefits from chaos and destruction, and who has been conducting the research and you will see a pattern emerging and a mechanism at work.

    Dahboo reports on a series of bizarre earthquakes happening in a controlled grid pattern, typically at a shallow depth and at a relatively low magnitude:

    As the Daily Sheeple reported:

    Why Is This California Earthquake Swarm Happening in a Perfect Grid Pattern?

    A series of shallow earthquakes are striking California in what appears to be an almost perfect grid pattern.

    So…? What could explain it?


    DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases)?

    A secret continuity of government bunker?

    Because one thing is for certain: this isn’t natural.

    Could it be that someone is attempting to leak out the pressure through what they can only hope is a controlled series of earthquakes?

    Is there a Manhattan Project to expand underground bunkers and secret facilities wherein controlled earthquakes are used to initiate construction?

    Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 3.17.30 AM

    Is it related to fracking or underground waste disposal? Is it possible someone is about to start the fire that will ignite the big one? What the hell, exactly, is going on here… or is it just another coincidence?

    Are the elite attempting to torch a major earthquake in California and/or an absolute monster tsunami in the Pacific that could set off the whole world crashing in on itself?

    If so, who picks up the pieces? How many lives would be lost? Those are difficult questions to answer; impossible to know.

    But what we have seen is plenty of warnings that a major earthquake is coming from official sources; there has been lots of focus on the overdue pressure release in Southern California on the San Andreas fault line, and the sense that complete disaster is inevitable. What if certain parties are tired of waiting for natural disaster to strike in its random way. Perhaps they would prefer to speed things up.

    Don’t ignore the fact that there are now sophisticated ways of orchestrating many events that have been heretofore left to nature’s design, but which have now become the playthings of empires.

    Read more:

    Deep Underground Military Bases? California Hit by Mysterious Clockwork “BOOMS”

    FEMA Preps For the Big One: “Involves A Magnitude 9.0 Earthquake Along Cascadia Subduction Zone”

    Massive Earthquake Looming As Pressure Builds On San Andreas Fault: “Wound Very, Very Tight”

    Shadow Government Bunkers: Security Heightened at Underground Storage Facilities


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      1. Shakers yes, but not earthquakes. Under ground bunkers being constructed. There are no straight lines in nature.

        • I call bullshit on this one. Go to the site and zoom in to the area to see for yourself. The quakes are all randomly and naturally dispersed, no grid pattern at all.

          This is just another fear-porn bullshit article that is further tarnishing this site.

          • “Check the fox’s site to see that he has no plans for robbing the henhouse.” WHY are you so sure of your assertion that really looks to steer us from the point of this article? That would cast a “tarnish” on your own aspersions and, lends credence to this article.

          • Seconded.

          • Yeah those government records are something you can really trust………. Want to buy a bridge?

            NASA and NOAA have both been caught red handed tampering with temperature records to promote global warming propaganda lies.

            Mean while $$$$ Al Gore $$$$$ who made billions off his Global Warming hype, and terrified the world with fears of rising sea levels from global warming, just bought a Nine Million dollar beachfront mansion.

            • When the last earthquake ends if you look at the grid and connect the dots it’ll say “EAT AT JOE’S”. What a crock of shit.

          • The USGS is another gvmnt agency that doesn’t tell the whole Truth and even hides the Truth when it’s inconvenient for their grant monies or their narrative.

            Earthquakes CAN be predicted and people can be given a day or days’ warning!
            Updates recorded every night.

            Watch Dutchsinse on U Tube.
            Earthquake progression explained

            The latest:
            8/11/2016 Large M7.6 (M7.2 revised) Earthquake hits West Pacific / Forecast Area Hit

            • The latest earthquake forecast:
              8/11/2016 Large M7.6 (M7.2 revised) Earthquake hits West Pacific / Forecast Area Hit

      2. The History Channel and Weather Channel here late last night both ran specials about earthquakes and even covered the 1989 SF Bay area earthquake again. Hasn’t been on for quite some time and then there it was again on both channels back to back last night. They kept emphasizing over and over that it’s only a matter of time. Hmmm.

        • This was caught on the today show ticker July 10th… How can that be a mistaken? I mean someone must of typed it in, goes on for a few seconds then pulled.
          The illuminati are required by their own ‘code of ethics’ to announce a planned event before they carry it out.

      3. It is going to happen soon, where ever it hits, it will be big. I hope it crack open all the Government under ground cities and tunnels.. And ruin them all.

        So as they will have no place to hide when other things happen. These places are off limit to the Average People

        • better have THIS to follow.

          20 Things You’ll Need For Survival When The Economy Collapses!

          1)Food– Storage Food, Seeds, clean unrefined Salt, Canning Jars, Dehydrator, Wild Edible Books
          2)Clean Water, Ceramic Filters, Sawyer, Distiller, Steel Pots to boil water
          3)Shelter, Tents, Tarps, Empty Sandbags
          4)Warm Clothing, Coats, Hats, Socks, Gloves, Wool Blankets, Sleeping Bags
          5)Axe, Hatchet, Saws
          6)Lighters, Matches, Fire Steels, Magnifier glasses, candles
          7)Footwear Boots, Shoes, Moccasins
          8)Flashlight/Lanterns with Solar/Crank/Thermal Electric Recharge Ability
          9)Radio AM/FM/SW Power same as Flashlight
          10)Two Way Radios/HAM with Power/Antennas and verbal Codes to encrypt your communications with your friends
          11)Multi-Tools/Swiss Army Knife
          12)T/P or Wash Cloths that can be washed/reused 5gal. bucket/lid plunger to agitate, Soap, know how to make soap(Charcoal and rendered Fat)
          13)First aid/Herbs
          14)Transportation Gasoline / Bikes / Horses-Hay
          15)Sewing Kit / Leather working Kit
          16)Weapons– with practice and Training,maintenance and repair
          17)Navigation – Compass with Paper Maps/Atlas
          18)Bug out bag / Inch Bag
          19)a Group to help with everything(that you can trust, like minded believing people)
          20)Back up plans, with backup backup plans, and backup backup backup plans….
          21) Books, King James Bible, Back to Basics, Homesteading, Gardening, Survival, FoxFire(Traditional Skills Stories)



        • DustyFae; Such facilities are built to “beyond your imagination” regarding strength, endurance and “just plain tough as nails” construction. Heavily braced cements, the latest in technologies for 100% of everything, and 100% of the old technologies should they find a use for them, nuclear powered (forever; as is a naval ship or submarine), and just about impossible to destroy (even a “dead on the money” nuke would do little to nothing to anyone inside. They were very sure to spare no expense in using lots of lead and other radiation “reflecting” or absorbing materials (which are actually able to somehow ‘clean’ themselves of ‘rad’ faster than normal (with H2O).

          Perhaps they are aware we’ll not stand for anything they wish to unloose upon us, and so they’ll “hole up” and wait for “the armies” who stand against us to whittle us down to a degree of not posing a security threat to THEIR agendas-of-insanity. (We’ve had a couple of presidents like that – real fucking nuts/dreamers so how exactly do insane people make it as high as Hillary has done)? Bang Bill and allow extra-marital sex (cause she likes little girls as much as he), and they both (often) take trips to the island owned by the convicted pedo (billionaire isn’t he?) He owns the entire island, which is quite large, and has “young boys and girls” trafficked through for all of the federal pedophiles to have fun with. (For you, it’s terrible to even think about, but for them, especially Hillary (who likes very young teens), it is perfectly legal, and there’s nothing you can do about it anyway …because you are a peon, she is a wealthy queen (or something to that effect I suppose).

          However, m’lady; If such an event should befall The USA (doesn’t matter WHO sends the damn thing), and if they are all long gone into their rabbit holes when these missiles hit (with NO warning “for the people” btw), then the survivors will “hound them out” eventually and ensure they’ll never, ever be able to get out.

          Even for them, eventually things will degrade until cannibalism comes into THEIR midst (and they live the hell they first brought upon us until the last, who will, has eaten the last who can be taken).

          Besides, if the vision that George Washington experienced is anywhere near “right”, no such thing as politicians will exist by the end of the 3rd attempt to destroy America as “Union” will save the country (assumed that “Union” would be We The People who still valued Constitutional and Bill of Rights liberties and ways).

          We are in the right. They are in the wrong. No government has ever gotten away with treating their people in such a way (not in our History, and we are certainly not about to start now). Many are just now coming to realize Obama is NOTHING like he was made out to be.

          Someday they’ll be in hell boiling in hippo-feces, but it’s up to us to put them on their way “for starters” …and that time is about to arrive upon the “right” event.

          Brace hard, “harden” everything you can think of leaving not ONE hole (for error to enter I mean), and only move by darkness IF you are sure. Nearest neighbors have geese that BITE …so if you can’t be around a dog, get a couple of ‘honkers’ and they’ll make the best ‘ground’s security’ (and alarm) that exists). (One egg feeds four too …and it beats NO eggs).

          • Trump also frequents pedophile island.

            • Where’s your evidence, Rebecca?

      4. Since they can set off an earthquake, but can’t prevent a natural one from occurring, maybe it will happen in a shtf and the elites/tptb will get trapped in their underground bunkers. Ha-ha.

        • One can only hope they will trap themselves. Karma baby!

          If someone wanted, they could plot the fault lines to see if the “earthquakes” are close. But, having lived in CA for >5 decades I can assure you these are NOT AUTHENTIC earthquakes.

          These are big detonations that are triggering the Ricktor scales.

          Fault lines are cracks and they do not line up. They run like a vein in marble as a visual example.

          The San Andreas runs along the coast and inland a bit, not out there. Thats why I suggest plotting the lines with the “earthquake” points to see if there is any way they might try to disrupt a fault line that could then irritate San Andreas.

          What about the caldera for Yosemity? Maybe they are trying to irritate that!

      5. Mac, I want to congratulate you for bringing Dahboo7 or Dahboo77 off YouTube to your site. He is an amazing wealth of information and is Right about almost everything, and reports it like it is. This is the type of true investigative reporting we need across America. Nobody owns this Guy, he tells it like he sees it. I have been following him for years. So contact him, and give him a shot for being a frequent reporter here at the Plan. He also does some live reporting on the scène as well. I even have posted here in the past, a few links of his before for info and Intel. Bravo!~

        Anyway. The earthquake patterns, reminds me of those famous words on 9-11 – “PULL-IT!!!”


      6. Remember this: May 2002 – Mailbox Bomber Was Making Smiley Face.

        This 21 YO kid was setting off bombs in mailboxes in the pattern of a smiley face across IL IA Nebraska, TX, etc.

        RENO, Nev. – The 21-year-old college art student accused of putting pipe bombs in mailboxes in five states told authorities he was trying to make a “smiley face” pattern on the map, a sheriff said Thursday.

        The first 16 bombs were arranged in two circles, one in Illinois and Iowa and the other in Nebraska. On a map, the circles could resemble the eyes of the popular 1970s happiness symbol. The final two bombs, found in Colorado and Texas, form an arc that could be the beginning of a smile.

        “There was a comment made to one of my officers about his hope to make a smiley face when he was all finished,” Pershing County Sheriff Ron Skinner said.

        Skinner said Luke Helder made the comments to an undercover county officer shortly after his arrest outside Reno on Tuesday.

        “His demeanor was very jovial. He didn’t seem to be taking anything seriously at the time,” the sheriff said.

        An FBI official would not comment on the sheriff’s report.

        Meanwhile, Helder’s parents, Cameron and Pamela Helder, met with their son at the county jail in Reno for a half-hour. They were separated by glass and spoke by telephone.

        “We are here to see our son in his hour of need,” Cameron Helder told reporters afterward. “We told him we love him. I feel a lot better after speaking to him.”

        Helder faces federal charges in Illinois, Nebraska and Iowa, where he will be taken Friday for an initial court appearance. U.S. Magistrate Robert McQuaid Jr. denied a request Wednesday to release Helder to the custody of his parents.

        “It’s apparent to me that he suffers from some apparent mental health problems,” McQuaid said.

        If convicted, Helder could be sent to prison for life. Cameron Helder said he expects the legal proceedings to be a long process.

        “It’s already been very hard on us,” he said. “Our heart goes out to the families of the victims.”

        The FBI said Helder placed 18 pipe bombs in mailboxes in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Colorado and Texas, along with anti-government notes. Six of the bombs exploded last Friday, injuring four letter carriers and two residents.

        The eight bombs in Iowa and Illinois were found in rural locations that form an uneven ring about 70 miles in diameter. The Nebraska bomb sites — about 350 miles away — form a ring about 90 miles across.

        The other bombs were found hundreds of miles away — one in Salida, Colo., the other in Amarillo, Texas.

        The FBI issued an alert for Helder after his father called police Monday night about letters from his son that included references to death, anti-government comments and the phrase “Mailboxes are exploding.” The same phrase was in the notes found with the bombs.

        Authorities said Luke Helder has confessed to making 24 pipe bombs out of smokeless gunpowder, BBs or nails, paper clips and Christmas tree bulbs. The final 10 bombs found in mailboxes and the six found in his car had different detonation mechanisms and were not rigged to explode but were still dangerous, authorities said.

        Article: ht tp://

        ~WWTI… There are some really messed up people out there.

        • Boy you said that right, and you is the best messed.

      7. I stopped reading after seeing it was that fear porn hack dahboo. Hes been caught in so many bullshit lies. He has no credibility, and SHTF is losing theirs just by posting his bullshit.

        • Oh no doubt Dahboo77 has a lot of hateful shills out there, Jealous of his success and for telling the truth.. Just like Trump tells the truth and the shills come out of the woodwork slamming him every chance they get. Dmonic is some crap that just floated to the surface to show his ugly face. Dahboo77 did not invent these earthquakes, these are facts. Dmonic is a troll. expect it, when truth tellers tell it like it is. BTW/ Daboo7 just presented the facts in this video, he did not say hillary is behind it, just saying this is what it is. And the viewers can draw their own conclusions. Dahboo7 was one of the first to present facts about the crash of MH-17 and the other lost planes. He really digs into his info to present the facts. Go away troll.


          • i repeat, there is no dr. evil with a weather ray gun planning to take over the world….we have enough to focus on without this kind of bullshit distraction..
            WhoWTFKnows, you are irresponsible and thoughtless, based on what i’ve read here.

            • lol Another first time troll VP surfaces. Thanks for the compliment. Nothing is changing on my end. I too will keep posting the truth as I see it.


              • Hard to see truth when you eyes are so full of shit from where most people has brains

                • Whatever possessed you to come up with that name?

            • The public is almost completely unaware of the HAARP project, but the evil is being exposed.
              HAARP boils the upper atmosphere by focusing a steerable electromagnetic beam. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto earth and penetrate everything, living and dead. The energy can be used to modify/direct weather systems and cause earthquakes.

            • The public is almost completely unaware of the HAARP project (deceptively named The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), but the evil is being exposed.

              HAARP boils the upper atmosphere by focusing a steerable electromagnetic beam. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto earth and penetrate everything, living and dead.

              The technology is designed to manipulate the environment in a number of ways, including disrupting the upper atmosphere to change/redirect weather systems, interfering with migration patterns, and causing movement along fault lines.

      8. It would be nice if I could get SST’s from NOAA but no hell no they are too busy trying to convince the public their LaNina prediction is still accurate.

        No matter .. I’m saying S.W. of Prince William Sound is ready to blow. Did I say blow.. I think I did … as in an underwater volcano that’s going to trigger an unmeasurable
        Earthquake/ Tsunami.

        But then again there’s no reason at this point to pay me no nevermind

        • Dunno what their prediction is, but after EVERY ‘large’ El Nino, we’ve always had a notable seven-year La Nina (total drought). It is that THIS time it has occurred ‘later’ in history with far more people contending for the available water, which wasn’t enough to support just Los Angeles when they decided to “do” the entire seaboard …screw the instabilities of the earth and earthquakes and lives. MONEY. No matter what happens, when you get to the bottom money is always found to be the driving force (excepting ‘pyscho’ ending freakazoids).

          Our government “can see nothing but power, religious control, no rights for anyone for any reason, no guns (for us, they’ll have as many as they wish to carry) …I’ll stop here cause it ain’t gonna happen (not on my watch).

          Course, I may well be with LaVoy by the next time the damned rooster let’s one go (usually 0350hrs) ….one never knows.

          • Very simply, the El Nino and La Nina weather patterns are quite real and have been with us for ever. But government manipulation like HAARP and other sick technologies are tweeking these natural events for diabolical purposes by so-called science ? Our government has many technologies we are not even aware of, especially technologies pertaining to space travel and social engineering via mind control methods.

            This is why it is critical to understand the many illusions we all live under here in USSA today ! But most Americans waste their lives on meaningless distractions that are created for them to only make it easy for the control freaks to control them !

            There is a much better way to live and think and avoid nearly all of the control mechanisms created to control you !

      9. What kind of sub surface detonation (X tons of TNT equivalent) would be required to register 2 – 2.5 on the scale ?

        How populated are the areas in CA where these grid pattern quakes occurred ?


      10. See Michael Chrichten’s 2004 novel”State of Fear” where environmental extremist set off synchronized underrated explosions to create a man made tsunami to wipe out the coast of California.

        • well, there’s always HOPE!

      11. I suppose that if you truly wanted to set up a horrid earthquake and factor in the ensuing damage that would be perfect for martial law and further government intrusion in the name of fema these quakes would fit the bill. We could call if the Butt Crack of doom plan, after all a goodly majority of those in Kalif are asshole democrats who would welcome interference with open arms.

        • careful now….there’s SOME conservatives left here in Kalipornia…..even though a BUNCH more are moving out as we write, because of brown’s new gun laws…..hope i don’t get caught trying to ESCAPE this shithole! poor poor america(ns). they done lost their collective MIND.

          • Lots of shades of grey right bcod
            The media would like it black or white, people want it black or white, but reality says no, its somewhere in between.
            This article is why they say we have tinfoil hats,,,
            More likely than not its a company doing exploration for nat gas

      12. Duh, It’s a grid pattern because that’s how the sensors are arranged genius. You can’t fix stupid.

        • The sensors are placed in a grid, yes, however they are used to triangulate the initial source of shaking. The only way you would have direct readings from the actual sensor locations themselves would be if you know where the sensors are and are making them shake yourself.

          • Which makes sense of the “0.0” depths charted.
            Dahboo may be good intentioned (or just a click-bait whore) but he’s not a geologist, seismologist, or any other kind of ologist (although he may be a hobby proctologist ‘cuz he sure likes blowing smoke up yer ass).

      13. Nature does nothing in a straight line. These shakers are more than likely some one building underground bunkers.


        • With the exception of light (which we assume to travel in a straight line, but actually is ‘bent’ a bit by huge heavenly bodies of great magnetism (such as Jupiter). Light was studied coming from a star (using the Hubble), and it was discovered about two years ago that “gravity” DOES affect light in that the more there is the more it will “bend” – – that’s what got the Lasers “beefed up” (it’s above my head).

          Otherwise, the possibility of having earthquakes in any “symmetry” would have to be considered very unlikely, improbable if not impossible.

          However, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn our government was “playing in the dirt” with bombs in an attempt to hit us with a supervolcano discharging while Tsunamis and quakes jiggle The West Coast into concrete-jello.

          If not that, then it just HAS to be those aliens at it again, or Nibiru, or that invisible other moon we have ….

      14. Looks more like someone doing geological survey with large scale ground penetrating radar

        • I don’t think so, because they have no need to place their seismic instruments anywhere close to a grid pattern, more like a triangle, making triangulation that much simpler (in a nutshell).

          Besides, we don’t use explosions. We use ground radar systems (many can penetrate quite a distance).

          It’s either a bullshit article, or something “of great interest” is unfolding beneath us, and since it’s quite unlikely to be mother-nature, and a grid suggests “intelligence” …just what IS the cause of these things. I find nothing in other media that remotely suggest there are “strange patterns” in any Geo-activity …so far.

      15. I wouldn’t put anything past the government, but I question their ability to do anything correctly. This could possibly work in our favor.

      16. sorry, but this article is where i draw the line…no dr. evil out there trying to subvert the world with his weather ray gun….think credibility and integrity, guys…geez.

      17. What threat level would be assigned to this?

        • Zero, maybe a minus one.

      18. It’s only a matter of time. San Francisco hits every ninety to one hundred years. There is no reason to scare people, or do they just enjoy keeping people focused on anything as long as no one notices what is really happening.

        One hundred people are wealthier than all the rest of the world. That shakes me like a hurricane.


        • I have always wondered and wondered about the sheer weight of cities, buildings, streets, vehicles, all of it nearly waterproofed with tar or concrete or just buildings.

          I wonder just how much of a seismic influence the weight of everything ‘manmade’ (including man himself) might play as a “live load” on a giant tectonic plate that wants to slide more and more as time passes (so “the experts” are saying). After millions of years of failures at predictions, if they are going to ‘nail one’, then we’ll know something is amiss (a mushroom cloud rising out of Yellowstone would not convince me the volcano had blown). And why is every volcano always accompanied with a pic of a UFO flying out of it, right out of the ashes? They like it warm or what?

      19. The ELITES intend to “pick up the pieces”!

        • Ah, and to do so they are importing “hired-cheap labor?”

          Obama is said to be the Creator of ISIS/ISIL (and everyone here knows he’s a Kenyan, Muslim, with Muslim “brain-trainers” and mentors. Who are ISIS soldiers? They are none other than Mercenaries, being paid (under the table by our government ‘in some wise’), such as through that $400 million that was converted to Francais cheques and then another conversion to their currency or a deposit to their bank (who knows?). We’ve purchased all those damned Toyota pickups, weapons, ammunition and our gov has allowed them to steal GIANT TROVES of munitions AND oil wells (of course they pump and sell the oil), and for all these years our media has purposely been painting a far brighter picture (and false narratives) regarding all of these stunning truths.

          No wonder we’ve failed at hitting them with airstrikes. We don’t bomb anywhere near where they “live” …in a nutshell. (Putin could have ISIS “wiped off the slate” in about three days, using small nukes). So, when our fed gov gets tired of ISIS, they’ll just stop getting paid I guess, or most likely they’ll be flown in since mercenaries go “where the money is” (and our military isn’t going to allow anyone to kick ‘civilian and veterans’ asses over here without coming to assist (and no presidential order would be heeded in such an event either).

          We are under siege by Muslims and insane people in very high places. They want white Christians dead, and they want Christianity to be a religion of the past (and already hundreds of thousands have left the faith that they may live on Earth and not be slain). Um, I think that’ll work out to be their worst “life choice” when it’s all said and done…

          • I confess my allegiance and love of the Lord JESUS.
            Against the Muslim I stand, fight and will win.
            So help me God in Jesus’ holy name.

            Lord have mercy… For England.

      20. Could be man made explosions to echo sound the geology. Are there good mineral deposits in the area?

        • Think you are on to possibility Dan the Man——

          There is a Technology called well “Logging.” (Nothing to do with trees)
          You drill holes in a pattern. Bore holes.
          Small explosive charges are intentionally set off in a pattern in the holes.
          The sound waves from those explosions are recorded on equipment at a specified
          distance and angle. Sound waves from explosion are timed.
          Angle. Distance. Time. Any variation distortion or lagging of sound wave.
          The disturbances in sound waves from that explosion or a Time Lag/Distortion of those sound waves reaching the recording equipment indicate the type of strata/geology of area. These Log Charts indicate Presence of pockets of oil or other minerals.

          Short answer: They tell you, “Should we Drill for oil here.”

          My familiarity is in oil field application.
          You “Log” an area as a re-con prior to well drilling.
          The Logging can tell a Geologist/Petroleum Engineer if an area looks viable for further exploration. Log Chart Determines if economically feasible to drill for oil in that particular area.

          Not sure if I explained properly:
          Maybe this helps.

          But we did it somewhat different from wiki explanation?
          Impeach. Arrest. Clean the slate on ALL TRAITOR politicians.
          –Hillary for Prison 2016
          –Obama, Impeach Arrest for treason against America and her people.
          You can Keep your change, WE DON”T WANT IT!!!!!!!!!
          –REJECT NWO. REJECT UN Communist Collectivism.

          ——————————————–Make America Great Again.

      21. hahah …Well, the Southern California mountains aren’t made of sand, and reportedly there’s a lot of uranium down there for some reason (perhaps that is why the entire coast is unstable). I remember thinking the mountains of Vermont were huge until I saw the Northern Cascades (and “did” all the passes close to Seattle).

        Wow …those are some mountains, complete with a winter/summer snow line (and The Olympics are even wilder and less explored). Superb place for a BOL too (mild weather – used to be next to nothing there …but that was ages ago).

      22. when it hits 8
        when it hits 9page 21,86 line 4
        going a ground, 7-15-15-4, 2-25-5

      23. for shame, for a information portal. There seems to be a lot of adds. Somebody wants to make alot of money off the weak minded. Shame on you frightening people. If there is a hell hope you will be there. For shame:(

      24. I bet it is a simple matter of resolution. System that overlays pins on map is getting “presented” data where coordinates have their resolution fixed to N digits.

        Dahboo zoomed in beyond resolution of gps coordinates but not of topographical.

        Just a thought.

      25. Jonathan Kleck did a video on 9/13 asserting that the new 20 dollar bill ( or other bill) shows nyc being hit by a tsunami. No matter what you make of Kleck and his work, the video he covers is odd to say the least and should raise a few questions.

      26. maybe OBAMA create martial law stays in office gets shot in the third round maybe????

      27. Be vigilant.

        Stay vigilant.

        Don’t Underestimate the destroyers.

        Control what you can.

        Let go of the rest– you need your energy for what’s coming.

        – the Lone Ranger

      28. I miss Be Informed. He knew so much about earthquakes.

      29. Where’s your evidence, Rebecca?

      30. I’ve seen these EQ grid patterns several times in the past. It always involves swarms, usually shallow quakes, and always on the same website (the same one Dahboo is using in the video), which is: GlobalIncidentMap.

        The last time I saw this pattern, I flipped over to the USGS, and guess what…no pattern.

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