Is Putin’s Purge Of Top Russian Commanders An Advance Warning Of Large-Scale Military Action In The Near Future?

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    In a previous article on the U.S. backing Russia into a corner and provoking a response that can lead to WWIII, we referenced the following report from the Daily Mail: Putin sacks EVERY commander in his Baltic fleet in Stalin-style purge.

    The information is important, because the article details the importance of Kaliningrad, the westernmost Russian military staging base on the Baltic and the hub of a tremendous amount of posturing by Russian forces to counter the US-NATO buildup in the area.  Kaliningrad is detailed in purpose and history, and this in itself is important to understand in order to follow future movements and deployments by Russia.  There is another, subtler reason the article’s information is critical to understand: the mind of a Russian leader who was “brought up” and schooled in the Soviet system of warfare.

    Past articles pertaining to Russia have mentioned the work “Inside the Soviet Army,” by Viktor Suvorov, (true name Vladimir Bogdanovich Rezun) who during the 1980’s authored some other works, pertaining to “the Aquarium” (the GRU, the USSR’s-Now-Russia’s version of the CIA), Spetsnaz, and such.  Although written in the1980’s, the tactics have not changed in terms of an “evolution” with the USSR’s transformation to Russia post “debridement” of the former SSR’s and becoming leaner and more technologically advanced.

    One of the things that Suvorov mentions is that prior to an operation or a large-scale military action, the Soviet command would purge itself of its highest-ranking generals and officers, and emplace those seconds-in-command to each of the “vacated” positions, or those immediately succeeding deemed worthy.  The reasoning for this was to limit complete understanding of the entire situation only to what the Kremlin wanted known, and even for the final plan of attack/defense to be released only upon the eve of the actual operation.

    In this manner, the Kremlin was assured of handpicked leaders with the loyalty level they wished for and a removal of potential dissenters.  Additionally, it also removed the possibility of a “leak” prior to the engagement’s commencement.  The actual overall plan was only given out to the highest members of the newly-formed chain-of-command to assure centralized secrecy and control up until the time that the command to move forward with the operation was given.

    This policy does not even have its roots grounded in the Soviet Union; it is an ancient technique of restructuring to assure secrecy and centralized command that dates back a thousand years or more in Russia.  When on a war-footing, it does not necessarily mean the cashiered officers are “disgraced” so much as that they are reshuffled to other areas to serve in other ways, while this technique is being implemented.

    If you should manage to get a hold of a copy of Suvorov’s book, another thing that bears mention is the superb manner that the Russians “stockpile” reserves of equipment, weapons, and supplies.  Suvorov mentioned that tanks, for example, were built that had few amenities and creature-comforts: rugged in their simplicity that could be operated with a minimum of training.  The doctrine very much followed (and still does) of quick, deep penetration that promotes large gains of territory quickly and manages to instill “shock and awe” in an opponent.

    The Russians believe in a good, quick offense that takes ground swiftly.  This offense is also defensive in nature in the mindset, because by seizing territory in warfare, it creates a larger buffer and simultaneously keeps an enemy off balance.  Speed and deep penetration of armored units into an enemy’s (formerly) rear area is the concept.  It follows that simplistic, time-honored tenet: “The best defense is a good offense.”

    This is why it is important to understand the effects of the US-NATO encroachment on the “mind” or mindset of Russia.  Perhaps the West views the additional troops and units as “routine,” however, this “minimization” of a threat in the West’s eyes is nothing less than an attack posture in Russian eyes, and right in their own backyard.  What the former views as nothing, the latter views as a direct provocation and an attack.  Then when (or if) Russia responds, the West points a finger and denounces Russian “aggression” when the West’s own actions have provoked a threat response and fulfilled Russia’s “matrix” for actions.

    Such is precisely what happened with the annexation of Crimea.  The West initiated a coup d’état and ousted the elected President of Ukraine, then inserted Yatsenuk.  Some lag time occurred, in which Russia acted decisively rather than lose Sevastopol and its naval base of operations for its entire Black Sea fleet.  Such is also why Syria, and now Eastern Ukraine are such flash points, just as the entire region for the Baltic States has now become.

    Russians have been famed as great chess players for many decades, and they are smart enough and decisive enough to act and make wise moves when needed that do not necessarily affect a balance of power while protecting their own interests in their sphere of influence.  A prime example of this is Syria.  ISIS is a creation of the United States, and used as a “vehicle” for the West to try and topple Assad, leader of Syria.  Underlying this was the desire for the West to “knock the knees” off of Gazprom (hence Russia’s) importation and sales of natural gas to Europe.  The West intended to run a gas pipeline from Qatar through northwestern Syria to do this.

    Russia was brilliant.  First they “invited” the US to “team up” with them in the war against ISIS.  Obama was dumbstruck, as this would mean the US would be fighting its own creation.  The Russians then acted decisively: They bombed the daylights out of Assad’s opposition (who we backed), bolstered Assad’s forces, left a token force of their own (largely air assets), and then declared the actions to be “over.”  Obama the community organizer was no match for Putin the former Colonel of the KGB.  Furthermore (if you notice), all of the West’s actions have been shifted in focus by the media to “protect the refugees/humanitarian aid/defense,” a lying slant to mask the underlying desire of the US to topple Assad and control Syria.

    So to conclude, something is definitely happening, with the Russian Vice-Admiral and another 50 or so officers either relieved or removed and shuffled to parts unknown.  It may interest you to know that an article appeared entitled Russian Armageddon Convoy Practices for WWIII that details movements and shuffling around of nuclear missiles (ICBM’s) of the Topol and Yars missile systems, which are multiple warhead systems, as well as deploying NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) units.  The article describes how convoys with as many as 400 vehicles have been observed moving around from the European border all the way to Mongolia.

    The situation changes by the day, and Putin himself warned the western journalists that they were presenting a picture of the overall situation that was false and misleading…and that we are on the precipice of WWIII.  Food for thought, and almost anything can trigger a response in any of the current flashpoints that can easily escalate into a world war.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. Don’t you know that you are not allowed to say anything bad about Mad Vlad on this site, or any good about the U.S. here either,….silly JJ!

        Watch out fur dem hogs!

        • Them Hogs

          Seen any Russians in Mexico?

          • Kevin2- EXACTLY what I’ve been saying this whole time! I have really had enough of this warmongering by the neo-cons and AMERIKAN jews in office and the banks. Everyone on this site rails against our govt and claims that they don’t trust them, yet blindly follows this garbage like SHEEPLE! Do you see any Russian bases on OUR borders? NO! WTF would we do if a foreign military started massing troops on OUR border? Jesus Christ people, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

        • Them Hogs –

          What has Putin/Russia done that has been considered an Enemy to us? What has the US Gov. done that is considered good?

          All governments have their faults … that being said … who are the major fuck ups … ruining it for everybody else?

          There is more than one answer here … please choose wisely!

          • FTW, I always known that the globalists are the real enemy. I’m actually neutral about Putin. I’m just not sure of his intentions toward the West, but I don’t like the sound of this article. I have those books by Suvorov and they are a real revelation concerning Russian military doctrine. The Russians have always taken their military doctrine and weaponry very seriously. They have always known how to fight. Their operations in Georgia and Crimea are enough proof that the Russian army has come a long way since the Soviet era. They have weapons systems today that no one in the West can match. If NATO wishes to survive, they had best stop the anti-Russian propaganda campaign and withdraw all forces from Russia’s backyard. It’s time for cooler and more sane heads to prevail and step back from the abyss. Putin appears to be the brightest bulb in his house and is no one to play with. He knows exactly what he’s doing. All we need is WW3 breaking out with all the trouble we have at home right now.

            • That is some old USSR stuff … does not mean that the subject matter is not off the books. Everybody has a A, B, C & possibly a D Plan – but currently … Russia is not .. nor has shown any hostility from their formal USSR ways.

              Over 96% of Crimea voted to succeed from Ukraine – to join Russia … Putin obliged … Georgia was a failed US Foreign Policy Takeover … Much like our influence and money for the Ukraine takeover … in time … that will fail too.

              I agree wholeheartedly … that NATO/US propaganda needs to stop against Russia … Unfortunately … much like that piece of land called Israel … the US does not want Peace either!

              Our Politics are in the shitter … the Economy is in the shitter … public relations are in the shitter … when all else fails —– [you know the quote] … “they (government) takes us to WAR!

              • Then you get smacked by a country that is prepared for conflict.

            • The Bigger Picture is that Putin also PURGED all JEWS OUT of any meaningful Government Positions in Russia years back. And strengthened the Christian Church.

              You see Russia does not have these Chaotic problems like the US does, getting into conflict in every country, black lives matter, same sex bathrooms, hate hate, and more hate and division. The Zionists do not like that they were reduced to pig shit, and eliminated in Russia as a Threat to make Russia Great Again, and that is why Putin is now the target enemy of the Zionist US hijacked Government. Putin has no need to attack America, as he just sits back and watches the Zionists picking away at the fleshless carcass of what’s left of the USA as we implode from within.

              Soon the Zionists will be kicked out of the US Government. They will need to find another country to feed and suck the life-blood out of.

              I just hope the US can survive until November and January when a real leader takes office and Makes America Great Again and puts the USA into Rehab.


        • SAME OLD SHIT









        • FUCK PUTIN






          • HEY ACID


            • You forget Straight- Acid has no need for WOMEN….. Talk about a play on words here…. lol!

              • DMONIC

                I was hoping to calm acid down
                But hey women have the knack of sucking the life right out of ya.

            • Straight
              sacked up with a chick isn’t comparable to living under a political regime. If so, go shack up anywhere in the US and your political upset no longer exists. You were making a joke, I hope.

          • Stupid dog

        • What gets me is that people who absolutely despise the current US administration will somehow automatically choose to side with it against Russia. There seems to be a massive amount of cognitive dissonance with these people as if Obama is somehow to be trusted in only this one instance. Just remember that no matter what anyone says, Putin is a Russian but Obama is a globalist. Guess which one is the lesser of two evils.

          • Any way you cut it. Putin=KGB and anyone that thinks Russians have the Freedom of Americans are delusional. Trekker Out.

            • That still doesn’t answer my question. It’s like me asking you “what color is an apple?” and you replying that “tires are round”. Plenty of people do not have our freedoms and yet we see no reason to provoke them to war. Also, just because Russia has some bad policies does not mean that by default the United States is good. It may well be that both are bad guys now. It is best to view geopolitics through the lens of an objective third party rather than through the lens of nationalism. That way you understand the positions of both parties and have a better chance to come up with an honest answer to the question rather than one that just fits your emotional sensibilities.

            • Mountain Trekker….. I guess we have to be great full to the AIPAC to let us enjoy the last drop of freedom in the USA.

            • “The Russians have planned a 7 pronged attack strategy against the United States for several years. Part of the plan was made popular and revealed by the movie, Red Dawn. However, recent geopolitical and military events make it clear that the Russians are moving forward with the plan.”
              Red List News Audio Report- The Details for the Planned Russian Invasion of America

                • I would be surprised if they didn’t have such a plan tucked away for a rainy day. It’s normal procedure for a military to wargame tactics and strategy against potential enemy nations or even friendly nations that may turn against them one day. The US probably has plans to invade the UK or Australia, as well as Russia on the books. The real question is whether or not they intend to use them. Russia has done very little to project power outside of it’s borders or immediate sphere of influence. Yes, they opposed the US actions in Syria and Ukraine, but the US would do something similar if the Russians were sticking their noses in Canada or Israel. Just because a government names the actions of another nation as provocative does not mean they are. Countries spin facts to their advantage to get their citizens behind military action against other countries and none do it more often than the US. Always question.

            • Hey My Treker. Putin has called for gun carry of Russian Citizens to combat crime. Our shoeshome nigger wants to ban guns for the US public. Putin has more American values than the Kenyan in the WH.



          DID YOU SEE THIS FUCKING SHIT?????????







        • I will be perfectly honest – I have such a great amount of respect and admiration for Putin that, should Russia and this currently degenerate, depraved, criminal elite infested, virulently anti-White, sexual deviancy promoting, disgusting excuse of a once great nation get into a confrontation, it would be hard for me to not root for Putin to stop our ass and put this decayed and dying crap hole nation out of its misery.

          He’d be doing us a favor, if you ask me. This ain’t the country that I grew up in and which I used to love and admire – ANYMORE.

          • Tucker, I can agree with you as far as going up against the tribe-controlled govt. but NOT the people of this land. I know the country is not the same anymore, but I’m not giving up on the patriots who love this land and believe it’s worth saving. If Putin would offer us some help, I’ll accept that help. there’s no question that he’s a real leader.

          • Tucker
            you have a bad case of remembering TV sitcoms as if they were your life instead of fantasylandia. Fine I guess but it makes your current judgments so far off reality that you need mental health care. I am not being mean, but you and many others are cruising for a bruising as my dad used to say. No good can come out of this endless pretense about the good old days, certainly not if you are contemplating treason. Getcha head outcha dark place and get some reality therapy. There are things I don’t like but Russia is not an improvement.

      2. If you go back and read the articles that Gerri Johnson has written pertaining to Russia, one may get the feeling that Gerri has a crush on Vlad. Fraud

      3. In any situation , new eyes and ears in an area are more alert eyes and ears in an area.
        Work in an area long enough and you can end up sleepwalking and just going through the motions, possibly missing fine details.
        This doesn’t mean Putin will start anything. It can be that Russia suspects/expects something is close and wants senses sharp.

        Heads up. Stay safe.

        • The whitehouse combined with us capitol building makes for the worlds largest Synagouge of Satan…With AIPAC and ADL at it’s Helm…..Which I am certain Putin is well aware of after he spent almost his entire life dealing with them bolshevik demons….Then in around 2000 he began to Boot them Out.

          Now most are here and joined forces with their tribe already present in usa…The remaining bunch booted out of russia went to Israel and city of London mainly.

          It is a damn jewmuda triangle of DC/NY+london+Telaviv!

          Where instead of Lost ships it causes Lost Souls, lost for ever to their father Satan…Wake up time foolish whiteys. They have hyjacked usa and turned it into their very own goyim golum.

          • Them Guys:

            Need something to brighten your day? Watch this to the end, on YouTube.

            Brother Nathanial Kapner
            Nathanial 2016
            A Military Coup in America?

            • ht tps://

            • B from CA: Thanks! and Yes I read that article as well as most every article at bro kapners site since i first found it several years ago. I rather Read the article with video Text wording than to watch the videos usually.

              I love Reading. I read EVERYTHING! even back of cereal boxes!…Even read tiny fine print on backside of medical pills etc cartons!…I have what some folks calls a near photographic memory and am able usually to remember and have instant recall of subjects I read a decade or longer ago. The lady bank manager in my small town bank here calls me a walking encyclopedia. I asked her why she does that? She told me its because whenever I go to the bank and stop into her office to say hello, and if she has a customer in hr office at same time, no matter What subject they are talking about I always am able to inject some good info related to topic at hand.

              Which usually leads to many questions, then many answers from me, then one More person awakened and ready to do serious deep resaerch on the worlds worst nation wreckers!

              That happens every place I go to since I never shut up!

              If I stand in check out line at store small or lagre size store matters not…I always speak out loud enough so last guy in line can hear me…I care Not about being PC correct or whos “feelings” what I say may “Harm”.

              Yeah its not the best method to make new friends!…And even at times has been dangerous when a few times I actually was phys assualted by a gang of pissed off fellows. But it never stops me period.

              Basic plan for good plan is to Read it ALL, rememebr it and even recall exact Page a paragraph was on when possible, then go Public with it and Destroy the too many Lies we all was taught as truth prior…

              Love truth and Hate lies! a Good solid Plan eh Brother?

              PS Have You yet read at Incogmans webiste B/CA? if No? You Need to do so asap! Incog aka “Philip Marlow” pen name. site owner guy articles expose it all very swell and his Photo Shopped Art work he does to various online photos he finds to add to articles are just Too too swell!

              I swear incogmans art/photos in artilces speak louder than a 1,000 word article sometimes. Plus they are so damn funny it makes you laugh yer ass off usually.

              Especially his Latest article of couple days ago it contains a cool funny as hell picture of Jeb Bush cry baby whinner aboudt how bad trump is etc!…Go look at Jebs picture at incogmans site you will Laugh hard!

              I kinda like that type “art work” better than real actual fine art sometimes…Amazeing what one can do to existing photos with added photo shop computer feature programs eh.

              PSS also Read stuff at website called codoh dot com.

              Over a Billion Pages of info thats vetted and documented etc written by internets best and brightest professor types…Kevin McDonalds work is there for example, Michael Hoffmans too I think. Many many great facts based writers with articles on Our favorite topics of truth!

              Maybe I need make a web link list and post it up since I now have ammased well over 380+ sites with facts info.

      4. Just picked up a Mossberg MVP Patrol carbine in 5.56, sweet little hog killer and backup to my AR’s

        Martial Law is coming, so watch out fur dem hogs!

      5. vlad is playing chess, while the rest of the world plays checkers.

        guess who wins every war in history on russian soil…


        hint: their name begins with ‘r’.

        • Rhodesia? Romania? Republic of Kurdistan? Oh, I get it… Russia!

      6. Anyone know what page the information about the purge of officers before attack is on in “Inside the Soviet Army”?

      7. Speaking of Military action I think we are going to have MARSHALL LAW here the way things are going.

        3 police officers killed, 3 wounded in Louisiana ?

        My GOD WTF is going on in this Country ??????

        We are Americans we do (NOT) ambush Police Officers.

        Again HEARTFELT SORROW for the Law Enforcement Community in Louisiana, and Law Enforcement Nationwide.











        • All Obonga the Kenyan could say was, “We don’t know what the shooter’s motive was”! WHY IN THE NAME OF ANYTHING GOOD OR SANE WOULD IT MATTER WHAT THE MOTIVE WAS???!!! The fact is the police were ASSASSINATED!!! The mslm in The White House is complicit with this evil if not outright planning and sponsoring it!
          Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Eugene Long Was Nation Of Islam Member, Railed Against ‘Crackers’ On YouTube Channel [VIDEO]

          • Hey Sarge,

            Remember what King Louis Farrakhan said a while back ?
            He wants 10,000 WARRIORS.

            I hope they are looking up his ass because I bet he is funding them.

            • There is NO excuse for bho’s actions or inactions, other than the fact that he is anti-American & the enemy within.
              The Kenyan illegally occupying The People’s White House needs to return to his country of origin.

        • Cover-Up? New Black Panthers Held Secret Meeting Yesterday In Baton Rouge (Videos)
          “there is no doubt the official narrative is suspect to say the least. With at least $500 million invested into this ongoing Soros scheme, today’s shooting might have really screwed things up…”

      8. Heard there was some people that might be double agents.. not sure what is going on ?

      9. them ruskies try anything with Ramboob, they’ll get hot lead from Ramboob and my Auntie douche.

      10. Or he is more likely preventing a coup.

        • That is highly likely.

        • Actually Vlad should kill every single security, army personwho might be a sold out to the Zionist owned CIA. And also Vlad please don’t hesitate to use nukes. This is the final game between the Ho£ocau$t parasites and the rest of humanity.

        • There is No Coup in the making in Russia … as of now … the people would fight against it … whether people think Russia is a bad outfit or not … matters none … he(putin) has full support of the majority of people … that in itself … says a lot.

      11. .

        ••Trump said he wants to have better relationship with other Countries including Russia.

        •••Hillary says what difference does it make.


        • I
          Dan to trump, recall the saying, keep your friends close, your enemies closer.

      12. Thanks very much Jeremiah, for your insight and book recommendations. I’ve read “Through the Eyes of the Enemy” by a former GRU guy who planted suitcase nukes in the US and detailed how the agents here would disrupt CCC just before an attack. I never forget that the second thing the Spetnatz did in Kabul after they landed at the airport was to seize the radio station. The first thing was to seize the airport control tower. Alex Jones said yesterday that the world was extremely close to WWIII. For those who have not read it, a must read is Barbara Tuchman’s “The Guns of August” about the events leading up to WWI.

      13. with all the crap going on here and the rest of the world, is there any doubt why our population is suppose to decrease by 75% by 2025?

      14. I saw skull & bones John Cohen …er Kerry on NBC referring to ISIS as ISIL, the current name for the US, Israel enemy who get’s funding from those same nations. Change the name to confuse the sheeple. Some claim the Turkish action was instigated by the usual suspects, the US and it’s warhog suckees. I’m thinking the reason for the supposed coup attempt is related to Erdogan apologizing to Putin and some sources report a closer relationship has developed between Turkey and Russia. That makes sense to me. One thing abundantly clear is the US and cohorts are the agressors. Everyone not connected is in the NWO crosshairs.

        • It’s the Jewish mafia. Plain and simple.

        • aljamo, I also read a report that the Turkish General behind the coup was a russian military attaché in Israel.

          One tactical nuke to clean up the occupied country of the children of satan will save the humanity.


          • Stolz, take out Tel Aviv, CITY OF LONDON, DC, NY, Hollywood. Most of the world’s problems solved.

      15. I don’t believe that Putin or the Russian government schemes to rule the world, unlike the Soviet Union did and unlike the globalists controlling the puppet regime in the White House are currently doing.

        What the world needs is peace and deescalation. China is a bigger threat right now with their expansionism and technology. We need to pour far less money into military operations or nation building and much more money into R&D to modernize our weapons and sensors in case of Russian or Chinese aggression outside their borders.

        • Chinese aggression.

          The US is at this very minute involved in a hot proxy war in Sudan with the Chinese. The aggression is purely from the Anglo-Zionists. The Chinese invested 20 billion in oil infrastructure and AFRICOM sez “Wait a minute. That’s our oil under Sudan’s savannah.”

          So, last week they sent in the Marines:

      16. Mac and everyone, I almost forgot that today is my 4th anniversary of posting at July 17th, 2012, is when I made my debut here. I’ve been a busy beaver at the BOL since I arrived here Fri. night.

        • Wow … I thought you had been posting longer than 4 years bro. Anyhoo – yep – time does fly for sure, usually not for the better – thanks for all of your contributions and insight on SHTFplan.

          Been reading this site since it’s inception, but only started posting about 3 years ago .. iduno … didn’t keep track of when I started to engage the board.

        • “B”
          Happy “B” day. Keep the post coming.
          Heading to Tenn. this week end to look around. Wish us luck.

          • Best of luck hunting those hills and hollers of Tennessee!

          • Sarge, good luck, maybe you’ll find something this time. I’m back at the BOL for the all this week. Arrived here Fri. evening.

        • Brave

          Happy Anniversary. I don’t know the date I started. I would guess sometime around that same time.

          Can’t believe it has been that long. Happy Anniversary again.

        • I thought you had been here longer than I have. I don’t know the date, but I searched on Google and found one of my posts from March of 2012. I tried searching on the site and it didn’t give a single result.

          Maybe Mac can post of list of posters from 4 years or more so we can easily see who the long-timers are or were.

          • Archivist, I seem to remember you from when I first came here.

      17. Braveheart1776

        Your an asset to the BB. We don’t always agree but you have good perspective.

        I don’t know how long I been posting here. Maybe 2 years or so. Time flies while your having fun.

        • I’m a newbie, but your comments are

        • Kevin2, I don’t recall us having any disagreements ever. You also have good perspective.

      18. Glad you are here Brave, Happy Anniversary.

      19. This quote is attributed to Bibi Netanyahu: ” If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it’s god’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.” This quote was pulled from an article at titled: NEO – The Hot War with Russia Began a While Ago. This article reveals the top players steering towards WW3.

        • Aljamo is spreading some more truth on SHTFplan. Now … wait for it … wait … wait for those others to post how much of a “anti-semitic you are! … LOL!!!

          • FTW what are you saying. .? Is it not an accurate quote?

        • Alijamo:
          That is one hell of a post.!!!!!

        • aljamo, Good Lord…how can you criticize the chosen ones specially the leader of the The Ho£ocau$t.

          • “The True World Leaders of Slavery. Do You Still Believe It Was The White Man?”

            ••••••••••••• on YouTube.

            • World “Masters” of Slavery

      20. The best defense is a good offense. Attack first that’s how I see it. The timing is everything. If you don’t anticipate being attacked and strike first yo will be on defense and that’s a shitty place to be.

      21. CACHE-23

        The side with the best and most effective conventional strategy and weaponry will be the first to be obliterated by nuclear weaponry.

      22. How can we be sure the Bolshavic Jews are not still in control of Russia .? Is putins real name putzman. Like stalins real name translated meant . Son of Jew. Who knows the truth . They own the media. Satans world. The children of Satan rule. They will fool even the elect. Don’t be too sure . God is watching us . From a safe distance.

        • Wolverine:
          Alexander Solzhenitsyn, author Pulitizer Prize winner, spent many years in the Gulags; knew Putin and backed him. That is about as good a recommendation as one can get.

      23. Aljamos Quote is also at incogman dot net website.

        Go look at top banner of incogman site for the many info subject buttons and click on the one says great quotes or something like that.

        He lists Tons of actual documented quotes similar to Aljamos posted one…Plus at end of quotes is another outside Link there and it takes you to a different website that has 1,001 quotes by jewish sources etc.

        All 1,001 of course will all be bashed as “fake” by the typical usual crowd of them what has eyes and ears yet cannot see nor hear!…You can spot that crowd easy since their main weapon tool to stiffle truth, if about their favorite tribe they so unquestionably defend always, is to label you an antisemite and Hater! Oy Vey!

        yu, yu, Yu and Youse too is all nuttin buda hate mongah!

        The truth only harms them what has stuff to Hide. Maybe we need start calling them types “Hiders”! “antifirstamendt-Hiders and stiflers” eh.

        • Them Guys:

          “Truth Deniers” and “Big Fat Liars”

      24. I think (IMHO) that he is shoring up his power and that he is waiting for the right time to move. About the time Obullshit triggers a race war.

        • If you believe what Christ stated on “The Gates of hell shall Not prevail against Christianity” is real Truth.

          Then just maybe since the usa as world leaders of christianity since mayflower landed here, has almost totaly Blew it and has now become what appears to be the western world nations biggest apostate brand of liberal kommi-ized/judaized useless and worthless form of christianity.

          Perhaps God has decided to renew and rebuild said world leader christianity in Russia with their Orthodox Christian churches being rebuilt by Putin.

          40,000+ churches were destroyed by the jewdeobolshevik soviets during their jewdeoreign of red terror and outright attempt to wreck and ruin christianity, so to be able to show that Christ’s claim of gates of hell wont prevail as false….but they Failed big time eh.

          Putin so far has kept his solom vow to rebuild every former wrecked church them bolsheviks destroyed.

          Last I saw the count was aprox 350 churches finsished and rebuilt as good as new. Plus he devoted around $3 Billion to rebuild what many claim to be The most greatest and beautifuly designed and built church of the orthodox christians globally. If I recall correct it is located in Moscow(?) and prior to jewdeosoviet destructions was always considered The Main HQ church of entire russian churches and of all eastern european nations orthodox churches…Call it The “Mother” church for lack of better wording.

          once finished its rebuild, it made global headlines upon its grand reopening ceramonial mass held there.

          I saw a few glimpses of it on RT tv and online photos too and yes it is a sight to behold as far as beauty in its design etc.

          So unless and untill we see actual Bad done by Putin, and I do Not consider FOX TV’s Daily 24/7 rebukes of Putin and russia to be Any form proof or reality of any Bad done.

          When one compares Todays Russia and Todays Putin, and his so far honest claim of being a renewed christian man, that to date has zero proofs established to show hes lied of that claim…..when compared to Former kommie jewdeobolshevik run russia, and the invention of communism itself by same perps, (karl marx real birth name is Last name Mordichai, cant recall first name now? but proof solid marx and trotsky aka Bronstein, and about 90+% of every top kommie official eastern european nationswide were in fact jewish)..

          One would need be blinder than a vampire bat and totally against real truth as facts prove fully that so far to date, Todays Russia run by Putin has been a remarkable and Good overall change period.

          However one Must remove his “Cold war fraud” eye blinders in order to even consider such advancments of the past 20 yrs of changes in russia.

          You folks Do Know right?…That most of what we were brainwashed with since small kids about that so called Cold war agenda/issues was Fraudulent faked correct?

          For example was it that Bay of Pigs cuba chaos that has been proven faked?…I cannot recall the too many faked agendas since 50 yrs ago, and aint going to bother to look it up, but I do recall seeing and reading of how many such incidents we all were told was Real and deadly threats to usa etc etc was mostly all fraud infos to keep americans scared and trusting in usa fed govnt.

          Because scared out of their whits folks aint going to investigate such issues as “Gee Dad why did jews invent communism and then use it as cover to kill Half of white folks within eastern euro nations?” Or, “hey Mom! How come kommie bolhseviks and right wing zionist jewry has so hyjacked americas fed govnt and Banks and all that matters of usa society etc”?

          None of us ever thought to ask it when we was busy doing “Duck and Cover” hide under school desks on almost daily exercize agendas eh.

          made possible by relentless and constant MSM TV news propaganda on the “Cold war” issues.

          Have you folks Read the now released, former top secret white house/pentagon/state dept papers that proved it was a CIA swindle scam about cuban crises and nukes any moment flying across fly over states of usa?

          Yes indeed! seems a bunch of war hawk CIA/Mossad/us state dept during JFK as prez era invented a “fool proof” Plan to BLOW Up an american Airliner full of American traveler folks in order to Foment WWIII against, wait for it!

          Againts Russia! Back in 1960’s!….JFK woke up in Nick of time or we’d not be here typing today!

          You can Read every formerly top secret word how cia plans included to Blame cuba for 400 dead americans and one wrecked blowed up usa commercial airliner plane. Then have prez jfk order all out attack on russia as main nuke missle supliers to cuab etc…Except for of course…Them russian never gave any live nukes to cuba!…All they really were was Empty Missle Hulls laid on ground etc for “effect”!…The whole cuban missle crises and russia enemys etc was Faked! FRaudulent CIA/MOSSAD fakes.

          Don’t take my word for it…Go Research cubam missle crises and CIA see what You find to Re-think most all you was told to believe eh. If you can handle real truth that is, as many cannot handel it as proved when they go balistic at the mention of what I wrote here. Yet they never actaully Read or research Any such infos either.

          In Fact Most all we was told by usa fed govnt and its first cousins the usa msm tv news shows, mixed with Hollywood scam movies has since been outted and documented proven as Fraud agendas period.

          Probably at least 99% of Cold War tactics etc we was taught, was fake fraud crap…but obviously done very very well since even today with online ability to disprove it all in less than 10 minits tops, still has most folks confused same as when they was 10 yrs old at start of cold war fearmonger tactics against american citizenery eh.

          Sorry but Zero excuse today to not locate and research truth and real reality. Just the Fact that every MSM TV news, and that goes double-triple for fox tv fanatics where, The worst of the worst neocon zionistic fear factory war hawk clowns reside and spew BS from daily. But just the fact that they harp a constant cry of Woe and Fear mongerings aimed at convinceing Us all to hate russia and hate putin too tells me to Beware! Since such zio spew causes my built in jewdar antenna to issue 24/7 Alerts! like them fox tv always present red alert scrolling banners on each news show…Only My jewdar is so finly attuned to real facts and truths, I trust mine far more than fox or cnn et al msm’s.

          There was NO real actual cold war…It was hyped as such and cost usa taxpayers $50 Trillion $$$ so far probably.

          And made multi billionaires out of former shoe salesman at some NY jewry 2nd hand shoe store.

          And gave them kommie zios 50 years head start to hyjack usa fed govnt…But neither usa nor russia EVER really had a solid war plan planned period.

          So double senseless to renew cold war mentality today correct?…Why renew what was orig a fraud fake out?

          While folks look at russia, them zio kommies in DC and NY are where the true troubles for usa are HQ’d at folks.

      25. Wh[y]at Shoigu cleaned out the Baltic Fleet

        Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu “achievements” of his subordinates did not appreciate. Such a conclusion can be drawn from official reports the press service of Defense Ministry, on the basis of widespread fielding department board held “Patriot” in the suburban park. Baltic Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Viktor Kravchuk and chief of staff of the Navy, Vice Admiral Sergei Popov dismissed from his post with the wording “for serious shortcomings in the organization of training, daily operations of troops (forces), to take measures to improve the conditions of the placement of personnel, lack of care of subordinates, as well as the distortion of the real state of affairs reports. ”

        By dismissal presented “a number of officers of the fleet of persons.” As the “Fontanka”, more than 50 high-ranking officers of the Navy Staff, commanders of squadrons, teams and units to the admiral and kaperangovskih uniform.

        Transfer from military to Officialese obscheponyatny, the Baltic Fleet command was accused of failing to repel a potential enemy, develop a life subordinate troops and ships in peacetime, as well as the lie of the higher command. Under Peter I and Comrade Stalin such accusations ended capital punishment in the XXI century humane Ministry of Defense informs about the “removal from military posts and dismissal from military service.”

        Military experts interviewed by “Fontanka” surprised ministerial “removal of dirty linen in public.” According to them, the “clean” command major military units before, but publicly it was never reported. As a rule, such a rank commanders officially dismissed or “for health reasons” or “in connection with his retirement.”

        “Nobody knows exactly what happened. There was carried out a month check, but it does not in the style nor Putin nor Shoigu – to speak openly for what people are fired, even in such formulations. This is something new. We can only guess what they have done, “- said” Fontanka “military analyst Alexander Golts.

        With him in solidarity kalininradsky analyst Vladimir Abramov: “This I for all post-Soviet era, by golly, I do not remember. Typically, we tried to dismiss quietly. On the one hand, it is possible that this is such a demonstrative action. ”

        In July 2015, Vladimir Putin during his visit to Kaliningrad region praised the state of affairs in the Baltic Fleet.

        “Navy successfully provides the country’s defense, protecting its national interests, including in the Baltic Fleet, which successfully carries out tasks not only on the native Baltic Sea, but also in other areas of the oceans, with honor demonstrates our flag,” – he said then president of Russia.

        As it turned out today, reports of the Supreme Commander, to put it mildly, “distort the real state of affairs.”

        A senior source in the Defense Ministry told “Fontanka” that clean rows preceded by an unscheduled check of the state of affairs in the Navy conducted by officers of the General Staff. The reason for it served as a Russian submarine accident in the Baltic Sea in April 2016. Then, according to the Polish media (later officially refuted the Ministry of Defense of Russia), the Baltic Fleet submarine collided with a Polish warship will likely scout ship, and was severely damaged, which could lead to a repetition of the tragic history of the “Kursk”. The command then tried to hide the incident from his superiors, and that was the reason for tight and large-scale inspection.

        The audit revealed not only the facts lies the naval leadership in a particular case, but it’s failed and the situation in the construction and reconstruction of naval bases and military camps, inefficient spending allocated funds. The inspectors also learned about the failure of the state program of recruitment to the service contract.

      26. There is so much bad news lately I don’t know where to start. Guess I will just say this.

        ” How much longer can all this go on? “

      27. Putin was assigned the role of uncontrolable, wild-card maverick in Syria so that his forces could deliver the brutal coup de grace to the Free Syrians and prevent them from finally upending the world elite’s man in Syria–Assad. Those world elites have no intention of allowing such a libertarian society as that intended to be established by the Free Syrians to be established there–and, following their example, by anyone anywhere else. The West’s creation of “ISIS” as the doppelganger decoy of the real Free Syrians was for their attacks “against ‘ISIS'” to actually be against the real Free Syrians. The subsequent establishment by Kurds of a libertarian society of sorts in Rojava Northern Syria behooved another of the West’s henchman states, Turkey, to apparently stage their “coup” as an excuse for purging their military and going after Kurdish and other dissidents in the name of rounding up “members of the ‘coup'”. The upcoming invasion of Rojava by Turkey is likely, along with a similar staged “coup” as the excuse by the U.S. Government for martial law crackdown in America on dissidents (liberty advocates) there. The world elite’s master plan for permanently and totally enslaving the 99.99% of the masses to the .01% of the elites is not to be thwarted, so would think the elites.

      28. I’ve read that Obama is a communist muslim and the highest levels of the US government is infiltrated with the muslim brotherhood, basically the US has been overthrown from within. So the muslim brotherhood are controlled by the zionists also? Also that Obama can’t be impeached because he is ineligible to even be the US president. America slept while communist tyranny stepped in disguised as change we can believe in. Yet the Obama supporters don’t feel like idiots. Now dissent, the right of free speech is being criminalized in a fast moving trainwreck. Obama, the chosen one to advance the slavery planned for a once great nation.

      29. Mr Putin would be out of his mind if he continued to allow the USA to build missile system on land it does not own like in places like Poland so if people in Europe cannot deal with the US occupation force thats left over from WWII then he will just have to do something about it.

        Maybe he will give a warnng to remove them or else and allow a few days for civilians to be removed from the area and use conventonal weapons to remove them or he might use mini nukes but one way or another they are going to be removed otherwise the balance of “MAD” would not work

        Go home yanks and deal with the police state you have at home that is killing both blacks and whites and with the police that are being allowed to get away with murder.

      30. Lmao @the aquarium … then spits on the ground.
        You shoot down a mig and the next thing you know you have a coup on your hands. Ok so they still have a couple of chess players.
        Here’s the hook… China had just leased massive amounts of farmland in Ukraine prior to Russia going in. Where’s the pushback?
        Just because your media doesn’t start every freakin article off with the heading Coalition Lead Forces doesn’t mean you’re not globalist scum.

      31. If Obummer keeps jabbing a stick in the Bears ass (Russia) the Bear is gunna eventually turn round and shove that stick up Obummers ass completely. Every action has a RE-action!!

      32. Aljamo: If it is true that hobammy was raised by his hawaiian mother and her parents aka hobammys grandparents.

        Then I really doubt the many stories of any type massive muslim infiltration of top usa fed positions. Yeah a small few apparently muslims has been apointed to several fed offices etc. But that can probably be considered as a proper method of hobammy trying to include as many different minority groups within fed positions as possible.

        Obviously since affrimative action policy going back 40+ yrs and that used to get tons of useless worthless ignorant black africans into so many fed govnt jobs.

        That by Now its very likley that several Other minority groups have been complaining alot and often of how top heavey black fed govnt jobs are so dominated by blacks.

        so to stiffle complaints hobammy apoints a few muslims and all is quite for awhile longer.

        but if truth he got raised since 5 yrs old by mom and grand parents in Hawaii?

        Well then hobammys a full blown CPUSA Kommie kid now full grown adult total kommie period.

        His grandparents resume’ portrays them as very high ranked cpusa members with top official kommie ties to some workers Union in Hawaii that his grandpas kommie influences were employed to communize that Union.

        His mother also is tied into Goldman Sachs and Rockefeller families from when she worked as some type accountant for those banksters etc while hobammys was a small kid still…Yeah his real dad the Kenyan african muslim guy probably tried to raise up little hobammy to be a muslim also.

        But he had just a few short years till hobammy was about 5 yrs od and his mom began to take over and raise him to adulthood.

        I highly doubt hes a real actual practicing muslim. If so why does he admit to carrying with him everywhere he goes, a tiny Gold Monkey head amulet that is a symbol of the highest rateing within the Hindu religious circles?

        NO real islamic muslim would be caught dead with such a Hindu amulet Idol-god in his pants pocket and always kept there 24/7 eh?

        it just don’t jive.

        I seriously consider that we cannot put it passed them 1% bankster zios etc to have chozen hobammy to Later become first ever black usa prez at the Proper timeing of their chooseing of course…I also don’t put it pased them zio ruler types to have made him their choice back when he was 5 yrs old!

        That would give then close to 45-50 yrs to have hobammy properly Trained to always be a YES man whenever his zio Masters and Handelers blow his alarm whistle to do this or that agenda and do so withOUT question.

        Remember that the NAACP Org was originally invented, funded, Ran and continued now over 100+ years since 1903(?) by about SIX actual Russian jewish Kommie guys that arrived in usa to become citizens of america, originate and fund NAACP org and Use it as a Recruiter org to locate and TRAIN up the Most Militant savage blacks in usa period…All of course done Under the Guise of being a Pro negroe and pro-concerned for welfare of po po black savages in usa org!

        NAACP and Martin Looter King jr, the third, or whatever hes called, as well as ACLU, as well as the orig Femmanist movement and many More similar orgs we saw come on line since we was small kids…ALL were started up exact Same as NAACP was…Every stinking one of them kommie leftist orgs same as NAACP…Began and funded and RUN by former Russian kommie jewish guys…Except for them Femminists kommies that was done by six Russian jewish females!

        For some odd reason…Those jewdeo bolsheviks and zios just Loves to get savage blacks into such orgs, then to kommunize em all and turn em into americas worst nightmare of wild militants and then invent yet another new kommie org as long as none represent white folks that is!

        I also think hobammys mother and her parents that raised him in Hawaii, are jewish. Most usa kommies are, and most always vote dem party. 87% on avg usually. No other ethnic group has such high number loyal dem votes besides blacks. Blacks votes dems 95% each election and jewish dem votes are avg of 87% dem votes.

        And by some strange coincidence folks! They also have been said to represent white americans Two worst curses/problems nationwide! my my my…Coincidences? No!

        So Aljamo: Regardles how many times we hear from cnn or fox tv and too many news reporter zionists to count at every tv station now, that Oh Oh folks hobammys a secret “Muslim”…I say BS as hes a kommie and always was a kommie and what a Pefect method to Hide his jewish roots from mom and grandperants whom Raised him, then to keep folks believing hobammys muslim at exact Same time frame we are also to believe todays worst usa enemys bar none are…Muslims! That way whos going to Look in Other direction to say, Israel and ziojewry as potential enemys eh?…Not many will look there for sure eh!

        Except of course We who have well tuned jewdar-attennas built in from decades of research on these issues eh.

        Wakey wakey whiteys.

      33. That man is not wearing faux fur. Hat and collar are the real deal.

      34. Agreed. The only thing we know is that something BIG has happened in the removal of so much in command. A purge, as they say.

        People who are familiar with “purges” should know the reason and it usually means they are prepping for ACTUAL WAR???

      35. I have certainly take Putin’s warning seriously. I will shoot to kill Russian spetsnatz on site in my city and I can confidently say it. I should China said, Russia has our back, when you chi-coms attack out city and our community and neighborhoods in search for white girls. This is where China will learn a very horrific lesson lesson from white men.. Academy was bought out by Russians and I commented on this less than a year ago and got laughed at, now Academy is ratting on ammo purchases and logging data on shopper show buy rifle ammo…what a coincidence..30,000+ guillotines in the all the concentrate camps of the The United States, including the ones in Texas..yes, they are planning a lot of killing.. like one cop quoted, every time I come in her to buy a picket knife all the knives are gone, must be alot of cutting and chopping coming up..

        Damn, even the cops are awake..


        The moronic kid in his mommy’s basement typing away…who would listen to a Dumbass like me..who takes meds. I know the chinese soldiers love us, give your daughter to them…

      36. I think it is the very fate of Europe that worries Putin the most. He is absolutely shocked at the rapid decline of Europe under the wave assaults by Muslims and Africans. He has crunched the numbers and can see that Europe’s economy will crater under the weight of this horde. This matters to Russia because they sell oil and gas and other resources to Europe, in particular to Germany. Russia’s very living standards and existential existence is at stake.

        I imagine Putin is preparing for the very worst, where Russia may need to militarily make a move to protect Europe before it collapses. I suspect Putin will do this in a very clever way, much as he did in Crimea. While NATO is goading for a head-on conventional/nuclear war, Russia will probably do an incremental, stealth move into Europe through security alliances. It would work like this: as more countries panic about what is happening with Merkel’s Rapefugees, Russia would offer a security pact to ensure the borders are secure and all threats are removed. In return, the country would become a base for Russian troops and for its security apparatus (radar stations, missiles etc.). A win-win for the country.

        In time, this security ring will reach deep into Western Europe and across Southern Europe. Those areas will thrive as tourism will flourish and also business investment will flood in, while people will feel safe. But, in the countries such as France, it will be day after day of attacks by Muslims as tourism ends and the economy crashes as investment stops. The Islamified countries will become steaming dung heaps and will be much mocked by the rest of the world.

      37. BHO is getting rid of all his top ranking military officers as well. Perhaps he is taking from their rule book?!!! Just sayin!!!

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