Is Monkeypox a Cover Up For Vaccine Damages Like Shingles?

by | Jun 11, 2022 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    There is some evidence that suggests the alleged monkeypox outbreak could actually be a result of the Covid-19 vaccination program. Because the “vaccines” are known to damage the body’s natural immune system, those who have taken the shots are very susceptible to diseases like herpes, shingles, and auto0immjne blistering disease.

    The Daily Exposé has done a great job putting maps together showing where the Pfizer “vaccines” were widely distributed and where there are current monkeypox outbreaks. Of course, correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation, but it is interesting that there is a lot of evidence of immune system degradation to the point of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in those who have taken the injections, and now there’s another odd outbreak.

    The above is a map showing the main distributions of the Pfizer vaccine.

    Here’s the actual map showing countries were “confirmed” cases of monkeypox have been reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) since the middle of May 2022.


    Here are both maps together so you can play a game of spot the difference with them –

    Apart from a couple of countries, there isn’t really much of a difference, and every country that has reported alleged cases of monkeypox since May 2022 where it was not already endemic, is a country that also distributed the Pfizer Covid-19 injection. Oddly enough, people have reported herpes zoster or shingles (also the chicken pox virus)  as one of the side effects of the “vaccines.”

    Unfortunately, or fortunately; depending on whether you chose to get the Covid-19 injection, official Government data and confidential Pfizer documents strongly suggest the Covid-19 injection may be reactivating the dormant chickenpox virus or herpes virus due to the frightening damage it does to the immune system.

    One of the documents contained in the Pfizer data dump is ‘reissue_5.3.6 postmarketing experience.pdf’. Page 21 of the confidential document contains data on adverse events of special interest, with one of these being herpes viral infections.

    The following chart shows the number of herpes infections/complications that have been reported to VAERS as adverse reactions to all vaccines (including the Covid-19 jabs) by the year reported, and the Covid-19 vaccines only by the year reported:

    But there’s another condition that authorities could be falsely claiming is monkeypox, and we need to return to the confidential Pfizer documents to find it. This condition is hidden within the 9-page long list of adverse events of special interest at the end of Pfizer’s reissue_5.3.6 postmarketing experience.pdf document.

    Autoimmune blistering disease causes blisters on the skin and mucous membranes throughout the body. It can affect the mouth, nose, throat, eyes, and genitals.

    Perhaps monkeypox is a cover-up for the failures of the COVID-19 injections. Maybe it’s not. At the very least, it’s a distraction. The public is hardly concerned that the shots they took are giving them AIDS and is more worried about the 1000 people globally that the mainstream media is saying have this disease.

    Is Monkeypox A Distraction From The COVID Vaccines’ Failures?


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      1. “Of course, correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation…”

        I think that bugchasers, playing the victim, and grab bag vaccines are certainly correlated.

        • Da gubmint says inflation is 8.3% higher now than it was a year ago.
          Fuel oil +106.7%
          Airfare +37.8%
          Hotels and motels +22.2%
          Food +23.7%
          Used cars +33%
          New cars +16%
          What type of math are they using? Did the approve outcomes based mathematics to arrive at these figures? I’m a math guy and I have yet to figure this out. Can anyone out there teach me this? I feel left out and uneducated. Food and energy are no longer allowed to be calculated into the CPI and it still doesn’t add up. I’m lost.

          • The conspiracy theorists claim that names and numbers on tv are intended to be signals or coded.

            Maybe, we should be interpreting this as the handwriting on the wall, while also testing this as a scientific claim.

      2. In the end times, sores that won’t heal are one of the afflictions that plague those who have accepted the Mark of the Beast.

        Is this normal Monkeypox or something that is different but being called that to avoid calling attention to its cause?

        • You mean having buttsex with Darwin?

          • This would be an ingenious… well, gutter-level… expression for unreachable reprobates, forgetting their natural function.


            ie. — We want to get through. We want to share enough virtue-signals to show that we’re basically human and build them up, but they’re still having buttsex with Darwin.

        • In my novice-level language studies, New Testament Greek was specific-enough to differentiate between fingers, hands, forearms, arms, shoulders. This seems to say, right-hand side.

          -> If anyone knows better, plz show me your work.

          The Mark is taken in the right hand or forehead.

          Covax is taken in the left arm.

      3. My mom got pain and shingles at the injection site. Pain still at injection site a year later. Unreported.

        • I know a lot of side effects go unreported. Probably as many as do get reported. I have 2 driends that got vaxxed and were in the hospital 5 days and 6 days. They deny it was because of the vax (blood clots). Some people will never accept the truth…

      4. So is there a cure for monkey pox? I have several of symptoms since receiving covid injection

      5. I have a family friend here in Dallas who went to Wisconsin to visit family last weekend. She was bleeding from her gums and went to the hospital. The doctors told her that her blood platelets dropped below 1000. They said they need to be in the 13,000 to 15,000 range for her to leave the hospital. She is only 35 years old and very healthy by the old standards. She is also a masker and big advocate of the clot shot. She would not come to our house in 2020 to visit because we are not participants in the Covid Cult. Anyone have an opinion about this one. It seems blood platelets dropping low is new one for me. I do understand that you can get a cumulative blood count test and if the CD-4 is below 200 cells/ml and a CD-8 that is high, basically you have a forms of AIDS.

        • Hello Mike

          So I searched up low platelet count and the top result was Thrombocytopenia. The first symptom listed is bleeding gums.


          viral infection
          bacterial infection
          genetic syndromes
          autoimmune disease
          swollen spleen
          chemotherapy drugs
          heavy alcohol consumption

          Some of the causes sound like after-effects of the vax…unless your friend is a heavy drinker or has cancer treatments.
          My best to her for a speedy recovery and hopefully it’s not vaxx related, but something minor.

          This is, of course, not medical advice but JMO.

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