Is Joe Biden About To Impose Destructive New Restrictions On The U.S. Economy In Order To Fight Omicron?

by | Dec 20, 2021 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog. 

    It seems like it was just yesterday that we were told that a new variant called “Omicron” had been discovered in southern Africa.  Now it is being reported that Omicron is suddenly spreading like wildfire all over North America and Europe, and we are being told that a very “dark winter” is ahead of us.

    Of course, whenever case numbers start rising again, the Biden administration feels as though it must do something.  So on Tuesday, Joe Biden is going to deliver another “major address” to the nation.  Unfortunately, many are anticipating that he may introduce more destructive restrictions which could significantly damage the U.S. economy as we head into 2022.

    When it comes to the pandemic, we all know that Biden listens to the “scientists”, and right now the “scientists” are scaring the living daylights out of the general public.

    For example, over the weekend Dr. Television warned that Omicron will soon put severe stress on hospital systems all across America

    Dr. Anthony Fauci warned Sunday that the next few weeks will put severe stress on hospital systems as the omicron variant of the coronavirus is “raging around the world.”

    Fauci, President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that there is no doubt about the omicron variant’s “extraordinary capability” for transmission. Although the latest mutation appears to cause less severe symptoms in vaccinated people, Fauci warned that its transmissibility counteracts the mildness of the cases.

    And the director of the NIH has suggested that the U.S. could soon see a million cases a day

    Outgoing National Institutes of Health (NIH) director Dr. Francis Collins says the US could see one million COVID-19 cases per day as new shapeshifting variants take hold and cases snowball.

    Collins’ forecast comes as the highly-contagious Omicron iteration spreads like wildfire throughout the nation and the Delta variant continues to sicken masses of people ahead of the winter holidays.

    It is completely and utterly irresponsible for Collins to say something like that, and all such similar projections have been totally inaccurate in the past.

    But Joe Biden believes these guys, and so even though there has only been one documented death from Omicron anywhere in the world, Biden appears poised to take this crisis to an entirely new level

    President Joe Biden will deliver a speech Tuesday to address the omicron variant and unveil new steps the administration is taking to help communities in need of assistance, a White House official told NBC News on Saturday.

    Biden is expected to go beyond his already unveiled “winter plan” with additional measures while “issuing a stark warning of what the winter will look like for Americans that choose to remain unvaccinated,” the official said.

    Right now, we don’t know exactly what those “new steps” will look like, but there is a lot of speculation that they could include new mandates and/or restrictions.

    Unfortunately for Biden, he is deeply failing as a leader, and at this point the vast majority of Americans simply do not trust him

    According to the CNN poll conducted by SSRS, 66 percent of Americans said they doubted whether Biden was “a leader you can trust,” a number that included 92 percent of Republicans, 75 percent of independents and 36 percent of Democrats.

    Just about everything that Biden has done during his time in the White House has turned out badly, and a whole lot of people out there are going to be really angry if he decides to do even more to mess up our economy.

    Thanks to our “leaders” in Washington, inflation is completely out of control and we are now facing the worst supply chain crisis in our entire history.

    In an excellent article that he just published, James Rickards explained how complex and how vulnerable our global supply chains have become…

    You know your iPhone comes from China. Did you know that the specialized glass used in the iPhone comes from South Korea? Did you know the semiconductors in the iPhone come from Taiwan? That the intellectual property and design of the iPhone are from California?

    The iPhone includes flash storage from Japan, gyroscopes from Germany, audio amplifiers, battery chargers, display port multiplexers, batteries, cameras and hundreds of other advanced parts.

    In total, Apple works with suppliers in 43 countries on six continents to source the materials and parts that go into an iPhone. That’s a quick overview of the iPhone supply chain. Of course, every supplier in that supply chain has its own supply chain of sources and processes. Again, supply chains are immensely complex.

    Our way of life depends on the smooth operation of thousands upon thousands of immensely complex supply chains.  Unfortunately, restrictions and mandates that have been implemented by politicians all over the planet have caused massive problems for those supply chains, and now politicians all over the planet are imposing even more restrictions and mandates to combat the Omicron variant.

    Because of this insanity, it looks like 2022 is going to be a very rough year for the global economy.

    Of course all of the mandates and restrictions have also taken a great toll on our mental health

    As Americans head into a third year of pandemic living, therapists around the country are finding themselves on the front lines of a mental health crisis. Social workers, psychologists and counselors from every state say they can’t keep up with an unrelenting demand for their services, and many must turn away patients — including children — who are desperate for support.

    “All the therapists I know have experienced a demand for therapy that is like nothing they have experienced before,” said Tom Lachiusa, a licensed clinical social worker in Longmeadow, Mass. “Every available time slot I can offer is filled.”

    Ultimately, many would argue that the global response to the pandemic has been far more destructive than the virus itself.

    And if we can’t handle a crisis of this magnitude, how are we possibly going to be able to handle something far more severe?

    COVID has filled our leaders with great fear, and being fearful is never a way to handle a crisis.

    Now it appears that fear is about to push Biden to make even more mistakes, and that is extremely unfortunate.

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      1. This is a SCAMDEMIC not a PANDEMIC!!!

      2. I wish this guy would just call all of this shite exactly what it is; the great depopulation event. Or, better yet, evil running amuck. This doesn’t end until WE end it. Unfortunately, the MORONIC variant suckers aplenty will allow this crap to continue until things get so bad that their forced to get worse. By then, there won’t be saving squat, it will be only saving yourself. Godspeed

      3. Good time to get some goldbacks while they are cheap. Exchange rate right now is 3.78 per goldback. This will be great money for when the dollar tanks, even better than regular silver because it is even more fractional. goldback dot com

        • Gold may be a good investment, but betting against the U.S. dollar, not so much.

          All commodities, even other currencies, including Bitcoin, are measured in U.S. dollars.

          Only if the U.S. does something treasonously stupid, like recognize another currency as legal tender, is King Dollar destroyed.

          • Destroying the dollar (and other fiat) is part of the plan. I’m sure you have heard of 1 world currency right? They want it digital so they have total control. Without an alternate currency (goldbacks, silver, gold, etc.) you have nothing. Barter is only good if each party has something the other needs. Mark my words… the dollar is going bye bye. You need a form of physical currency that actually has value.

        • Almost $3800 an ounce for Gold, a reap bargain.

          Or you could buy a 1/10 ounce pure gold (99.99%) bar or coin for around $200.

          • There is a premium for minting. I can buy a goldback for about 3.50 and the dollar exchange rate is 3.78. Can you make change for that 200$ gold bar? A 1 dollar coin is worth 7 cents but buys a dollar of goods. You can send extra goldbacks back to the mint in exchange for $$ at the current exchange rate. I guess you didn’t read that far….

            • I can easily sell (or trade) that gold bar anywhere and get change the same way I can get change for a couple of hundred dollar bills, but can you easily sell that 1/1000 ounce of lower grade (24 carat) gold printed paper bill anywhere and get change for it?

              To each his own, but I prefer real pure gold bullion to gold plated paper (or those gold plated pot metal medallions hucksters like to advertise on TV for that matter).

      4. The fear of rapid Omicron spread is driven by elite fear of rapid mass herd immunity from mild Omicron. Hundreds of billions of dollars in vax doses and future sales would be made obsolete overnight.

        New restrictions to fight very mild Omicron COVID would derail the economy with such obvious economic sabotage as to be treason.

        COVID quarantine doctrines already in place could force thousands of asymptomatic workers out of all sectors of the economy for up to ten days.

        Everyone sidelined by a positive Omicron test will know what a farce scaremongeing over Omicron is.

        Its only a question of how many will agree to play along and will willfully commit their own personal and national economic suicide to enrich the oligarchs of Europe’s WEF Globalist Socialism.

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      6. Ten months ago, then-candidate Joe Biden declared, “I’m not going to shut down the country. I’m not going to shut down the economy. I’m going to shut down the virus.”

        Biden is a compulsive liar.

      7. Lets go Brandon

      8. Biden has to do something, the same way Trump did with his vaccines, so what would you have him do?

        People are making demands for the government to do something and it will respond by doing it.

      9. The title of the article is wrong, PrezJB is not about to impose anything. He doesn’t initiate anything, just mindlessly and obediently does what he is told (that’s why he was selected, not elected, to be the prez). It’s the globalists in his admin. and their nameless and faceless associates who want to impose lockdowns, mandate mass vaccinations, shutdown the economy, restrict individual rights, and totally control the covid narrative in the name of fighting what we are told is the most contagious, lethal, and dangerous pandemic in world history.
        All the State does is perpetrate one fear hoax after another; whether it’s for war in Ukraine, or “catastrophic” climate change, or stating white supremacy is the greatest problem in America, or the covid “pandemic”. Gov’t consists of little more than creating fears, hoaxes, lies, and manipulations. Every goal of the State is preceded with a hoax, and a contrived fear. Then the accompanying propaganda and “emergency measures” to deal with the new national “danger”.
        Why can’t more people see this?

      10. These orders are NOT from pedo Biden he is to mentally inept to even think about anything other than his favorite kids (sick bastard) and the sheeple get closer to the cliff of no return.

      11. Dear powers that be,
        I am not afraid of a cold. How many times can you cry wolf, when a real threat comes no one is going to believe the gubermint.

      12. The 666th day anniversary of the declaration of pandemic falls on the first week of January.

        • What pandemic? You mean the pandemic of the vaccinated that happened like a year later? Other than that there isn’t any pandemic. If you throw your TV in the trash you won’t even know there is such a thing (except your vaxxed friends going to the hospital and being sick/dying).

      13. How about “Is Biden going to use Omicron as an excuse to further devastate the economy?”.

      14. Massive sudden, unexpected deaths when the 5G gets switched on January 5th. Nano particles in the blood stream separate iron and oxygen in blood platelets…you suffocate and drop over dead just like the videos we saw early on in China. All will be blamed on unvaccinated. Say goodbye to everyone you know and love who’s vaccinated. All dead on January 5th!


        Domestic air travel is hurtling towards a crisis beginning January 5, and neither policymakers nor the public seem to grasp the gravity of the situation.

        January 5 is the day on which AT&T T +0.4% and Verizon plan to commence operation of 5G cellular services, using frequencies approved by the Federal Communications Commission in 2020.

        However, the federal regulatory agency that oversees airlines has determined that cellular base stations generating the 5G signals near airports could impair radio altimeters used by pilots to determine how close they are to the ground.

        The Federal Aviation Administration issued an “airworthiness directive” earlier this month requiring that commercial and commuter aircraft cease relying on radio altimeters when operating in the presence of 5G interference.

      16. You have noted very interesting points! ps decent site.

      17. Always a massive fan of linking to bloggers that I appreciate but dont get a great deal of link adore from.

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