Who’s Hacking Our Ships? US Navy Suspects USS McCain Collision Was Caused By Cyber Attack

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Headline News | 89 comments

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    Tragedy struck the USS John S. McCain on Monday, when the destroyer collided with a merchant ship off the coast of Singapore, leaving 10 sailors missing and five injured. The US Navy is still struggling to find all of the remains of the missing sailors, and has ordered an operational pause for all naval fleets around the world as investigators try to figure out exactly why this terrible accident occurred.

    Among the possible causes that are being looked into, one has a raised a few eyebrows. Over the summer there have been two accidental collisions involving the 7th fleet, and a total of 4 similar incidents this year. This has led some Navy officials to suspect that a cyber attack may have been responsible for the crash, as well as other recent Naval accidents.

    The Navy has not ruled out an intentional action behind the latest deadly collision between a Navy destroyer and a merchant ship, the chief of naval operations told reporters Monday.

    “That’s is certainly something we are giving full consideration to but we have no indication that that’s the case—yet,” Adm. John Richardson, the CNO, said at the Pentagon.

    “But we’re looking at every possibility, so we’re not leaving anything to chance,” he said.

    Asked if that includes the possibility the electronic defenses on the guided missile destroyer USS John S. McCain were hacked in a cyber attack, Richardson said investigators will look into all possible causes.

    “We’ll take a look at all of that, as we did with the Fitzgerald,” the four-star admiral said, referring to another Navy warship collision with a merchant ship in June near Japan.

    So far the Navy has made it clear that there currently isn’t any evidence that the neither USS McCain, nor any other naval vessel, has suffered from a cyber attack. However, there are quite a few top notch cyber security experts who think that all of these collisions probably have something in common.

    “There’s something more than just human error going on because there would have been a lot of humans to be checks and balances,” Jeff Stutzman, an ex-information warfare specialist in the Navy, who now works at a cyber threat intelligence company, told McClatchyDC.

    “When you are going through the Strait of Malacca, you can’t tell me that a Navy destroyer doesn’t have a full navigation team going with full lookouts on every wing and extra people on radar,” he said.

    Itay Glick, the founder of cyber security firm Votiro, told news.com.au that the possibility of cyber interference was the first thing that came to his mind when he heard about the incident.

    “I don’t believe in coincidence,” Glick told the website.

    “Both USS McCain and USS Fitzgerald were part of the 7th Fleet, there is a relationship between these two events and there may be a connection,” he added.

    The only other question that remains is, if these collisions were caused by cyber attacks, who is responsible? One likely culprit seems to be China. For years the Chinese government has complained about the US Navy’s presence in the South China Sea, which they claim as their territorial waters. In fact, following the USS McCain’s accident, the Global Times, which is effectively a mouthpiece of the government, claimed that Chinese citizens were celebrating the collision.

    It’s also important to consider the fact that many US Naval vessels are riddled with counterfeit parts from China. A Senate led investigation in 2012 found that our ships contained over a million counterfeit parts, mostly of Chinese origin. Obviously, this raises the possibility that the Chinese government may have used black markets to secretly funnel parts to the US Navy, which contain backdoors that are easily exploitable.

    But perhaps what’s most telling, is how a state-run Chinese media outlet responded to the USS McCain collision, by suggesting that the US Navy has become a dangerous presence for commercial shipping in the South China Sea.

    BEIJING (Reuters) – The U.S. navy’s latest collision at sea, the fourth in its Pacific fleet this year, shows it is becoming an increasing risk to shipping in Asia despite its claims of helping to protect freedom of navigation, an official Chinese newspaper said…

    …The state-run China Daily said in an editorial on Tuesday that people will wonder why such a sophisticated navy keeps having these problems.

    “The investigations into the latest collision will take time to reach their conclusions, but there is no denying the fact that the increased activities by U.S. warships in Asia-Pacific since Washington initiated its rebalancing to the region are making them a growing risk to commercial shipping,” it said.

    There’s no proof that China has been hacking our ships, but the possibility can’t be ruled out.


    Chinese Billionaire Warns America: China Has 25,000 Spies Who Are “Ready To Destroy The U.S.”

    Tech Billionaires Prepare For Cyber Warfare: “Nothing Is Safe From Prying Eyes And Theft… It’s About To Get Worse”

    NATO Secretary General Warns Future Cyber Attacks Could Spark A War

    The Power Grid Is Far More Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks Than Most People Realize


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      1. Yes, a cyber attack.

        Nobody on the ship have ever seen a steering wheel. All those super takers have stealth cloaking and can sneak up on ….. nothing.

        Most likely scenario is that the sailors were comparing transgender dicks or giners and not standing watch.

        • Incompetence runs the US Military. When the Pentagon seeks more money every year (Nearly $700 Billion Annually) but just cant seem to account for 25% of it annual budget that disappears poof Year after year. It time to slash the Entire defense budget by 50%. Until they can find the lost money. Our money. They are thieves.

          Bring the troops homecand stay out of other nations business. Make the US Fascist Corporations pay for their own security. Thats not the US Taxpayers responsibility. Of course they would rather blame is in hacking that admit they are clueless friggin dolts who dont know what the f@ck they are doing. Probably cost a million dollars a day to run each of those ships out there stiring up hate against the US.

          • Accept once and for all that China is your Master…they hacked the ship’s navigation and early-warning systems…a hacking technology that the US military is unable to comprehend.

            And that’s only the beginning.

            • yeah, i accept that those idiots on that boat will cost me lots of tax dollars. tax slaves

          • On Sept. 10, 2001, then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced that the DOD couldn’t account for 1 trillion dollars that ‘disappeared’. The next day was 9/11. The section of the Pentagon that was hit supposedly had information pertaining to the missing 1 trillion. How convenient.

            • The N Koreans did it!!! Bwahahahahaha ?

              • 16 years ago and most people don’t know or care. An apathetic bunch, this nation is.

                • They are too busy swollowing the crap that MSM comes out with. “It must be the Russians”, as far as the government is concerned everything from the election results to the hurricane in Texas is the fault of Russia. About time they took responsibility for their errors, and get out of places they do not belong.

              • CSS, that was my point. And I stand corrected on the amount missing.

              • With regards to the “missing” $2.3 trillion dollars – which I believe later was adjusted to over $3 trillion or so – it might be a good time to remind everyone that the dual Israeli named Dov Zakheim was the guy who was presiding over the budget where all that money mysteriously disappeared.

                I have studied these countless “false flag” events that have become a well known specialty of the State of Israel – and most of them seldom have just a single objective.

                They plan them with multiple nefarious objectives that all converge around, and which are camouflaged by, the spectacular nature of the main event. Hence, I would bet that the swindling of that $2.3 to $3 plus trillion dollar pile of money was wrapped inside the strike on the Pentagon, whereby that predator drone missile very conveniently slammed into the side of the Pentagon where those Government budget auditors had been busy working to try to trace where that missing money went. Killed all the auditors and burned up all the computers and accounting records….gee whiz, what a coincidence!

                Dov Zakheim, by the way, had a company that he founded that had designed special remote control ‘automatic’ piloting technology that would allow pilot-less airplanes to be flown by remote control.

                There were also articles floating around the web that discussed the vaults that were in the bottom of the WTC Towers – inside which tons of gold ($650 million) had been stored – mostly the gold reserves of foreign nations – and somehow those vaults were almost totally empty. Most of the gold had disappeared.


                Obviously, a bank heist team would have had to have prior knowledge of what was going to happen on Sept 11, 2001 so they could capitalize on the confusion and chaos and grab that gold, right? Just like those Israelis who were working in the WTC got their Odigo Instant Message warning to not go into work on Sept 11.

                My best guess is that the gold and that missing $2.3 to $3 trillion are sitting in an account in the Israel Bank.

                • 2.3 or 3, and the rest these thieves stole.

            • 2.3 trillion dollars, actually.

        • I would agree with John Stiner’s final assessment and add to it the very real likelihood that the U.S. Navy’s ordered shift away from merit & performance based qualification standards to Politically Correct affirmative action based qualifications standards is the cause of this embarrassing uptick in mishaps that result in the deaths of our military men.

          I believe this shift in the deliberate lowering of standards so that minorities could be given race based promotions, while their inability to perform up to the older merit-based qualifications was ignored in the name of opening up ‘opportunities’ for them – got kicked off in the second term of Bill Clinton and since the GOP establishment is totally infested with sleazy cucks, whenever they’ve held the White House, these same policies have continued and gotten even worse.

          I expect to see disasters of this sort become at least a monthly occurrence.

          Oh, and the anti-White Cultural Marxists are so desperate to hide the role their affirmative action schemes have played on these disasters that they will increasingly try to cover up human error by any of their AA pets by blaming the disasters on ‘cyber hackers’.

        • Cyber Attack (?) yeah right, I don’t believe that for a minute .. I’m going with what I heard about New Captains being pulled directly from Graduate Ensign to the ship without the actual hands on experience… like being given drivers license after passing written test at MVA and foregoing the drivers test !

        • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02vvYDxXQ3w






        • I’ve been learning the Fairbairn Method.

          I love it!



          FAT SLOBS

          GET IN THE GYM


          • We haven’t had a good depression since the 1930’s to toughen up the men. They were not
            sitting around in their underwear playing Xbox. There was no BK, Mickey D’s or Chipotle on
            every corner back then. Oh, let’s not forget Starbucks. Real men did not wear skinny jeans
            and walk around with water bottles to stay hydrated. Women did not wear trousers and
            play soccer. Look at the professional boxers of the 30’s and 40’s. Check their records. They fought 2 or 3 times A WEEK. Not like these guys that maybe fight 3 or 4 times a year
            today. We won WW2 because they were hardened by adversity. People actually produced
            things back then. Standing on their feet for 10-12 hours a day. They did not know what air
            conditioning was. They did not sit in cubicles in front of a monitor like world does today.
            The men took care of the women. The women took care of the home and actually raised
            the kids. Day care centers? Unheard of. Women were not needed to serve in the military
            because that was the man’s job. Men were expected to do certain things. You Woodstock
            generation motherfuckers really ruined a good thing with your hippie dope smoking free
            love feminist turn the world upside down bullshit. Congratulations on that. Congratulations
            on making women more masculine and sending them into the workforce by the millions.
            Most places nowadays will hire a woman before they hire a man because they seem to
            think men cause more problems. Hating on you old hippie dope smoking lib faggots. You
            created the feminist movement by acting like women yourselves.

        • kahn says,”Where’s the overide, the overide!”. you have to understand, sailer squids are as stupid as they cum.

        • Anyone who is awake knows something very fishy is going on these ship collisions! Some country has figured out how to control these ships electronics. These collisions have caused many deaths and sidelined two of our advanced anti missile ships. By any metric, these actions are an act of war !!

        • It is not just hacking the US Navy ship, but hacking the Merchant ship as well. Or hack the Satellite’s they both use for Sat Nav/GPS. However this does not explain why neither ship saw this on radar too as a vessels bearing down on them or the Navy’s standing watch. I can accept that the sailors on the Destroyer were not doing their job standing watch, but how do we explain this not appearing on radar as well as the Sat Nav?

        • Couldn’t of said it better… these guys aren’t being trained before taking the helm !

      2. Off topic but I think it’s noteworthy to share. There were 4 not guilty verdicts handed down yesterday in Nevada for the Bundy standoff. Not guilty in Oregon and now Nevada. Man I love jury nullification.

        • indeed noteworthy

          thank you

        • I don’t think it was jury nullification, I think the Feds just failed to prove their case. They were unanimously found not guilty of 43 of the charges, the jury was hung on 4 charges with 11 votes not guilty. The Feds took this case to Las Vegas where they could find lots of liberals to pack on the jury and still lost.

          The prosecutor wants to retry this case for the third time on the 4 hung jury charges. Trump needs to fire this prosecutor.

      3. More BS.

        If in fact the Navy runs a full observation team fore and aft using their EYES and not some screen, then HOW can a cyberattack that alters course or fails to sound an alert be possible? By definition, it can’t.

        So this is just ridiculous speculation and an attempt to avoid senior officers getting mustered out for incompetence.

        Also, if there IS the possibility of a hack, well, this is what you get when you run ships using Microsoft Windows. The submarine fleet was smarter – they run on UNIX or Linux.

        What was the name of that ship that was launched with Windows running the bridge – and the system crashed and the ship had to be towed back to shore? Ah, the USS Yorktown, back in 1998. Look it up…

        And we’re not the only ones:

        HMS Queen Elizabeth is ‘running outdated Windows XP’, raising cyber attack fears

        • None of the systems on the navy ships use ANY microsoft software. ALL of it is proprietary top secret, and ZERO information is available anywhere on the software details. Forget the hacking BS. This is outright incompetence of hastily trained officers that are not “war ready.”

      4. I hate to say it, but our military is stupid!!!! What’s happen with these ships is just the beginning, just wait till our military aircraft start falling out of the sky. This is what we get for buying our military computer chips from China, China is not our friend!!!

      5. No doubt the chinks are behind it. For one they’re keeping out those cruisers from their Chink expansion of their sea and mostly important they’ve knocked back some of the tension with NK.






          • I might almost agree with you on this one.

      6. here’s an idea, maybe physically separate navigation and armament controls from any type of receiver that a hacker might be able to access?
        Did we not learn from the silly 1983 movie “war games”?
        This issue was even made clear in the recent t.v. series “Battlestar Galactica” where they completely isolated all comms from all computers. thereby rendering them safe from hackers.

        • This common sense thought that is devoid from the military for two reasons. Commanders love to be able to micromanage to the lowest level so the integration of dissimilar systems is for the armchair warriors trying harder to fight from safety and security of being out of range. Secondly NOBODY hold DoDs to parts supply from safe vetted sources. Back few years ago when I worked as a heavy mechanic for the Army , the cables for our m88 recovery vehicles all came from China and all the new ones were defective effectively killing our ability to keep them mission capable until the second source, who also maximized their contract profits by buying from the cheapest sources also was full of Chinese shit cables. It took months to get replacement cables, and after considerable overcharging, we finally got Canadian imported cables through the govt supply channels…however the Chinese shit is still in the system, and the parts supply contracts still bilking the tax payers….so the rampant overcharging fraud waste and abuse continues. DoD is the most corrupt and fraudulent Enterprise in the USA. No where else is the theft and corruption as bad, save the corridors of Congress.

          • The shit parts problem is not limited to these vehicles but is endemic all across the spectrum of our combat weapons systems never mind the stolen technology by China. The got us by the balls that they don’t have to hack anything, they already gave our defense contractors shit for parts to start with, just like shitty iPhones, crappy junk to start with.

      7. Off Topic:

        Good News.
        Trump makes history !!

        The National debt is DOWN $$$100 BILLION dollars !!!!!

        The GPA hits unprecedented high over 19 Trillion $$$$!!!!

        The Market rallied over nine days more times than ever before !!

        The Market is up 12%.

        The Communists are very depressed as Trump lowers Unemployment.
        More higher paying jobs are being created!!

        President Donald Trump is making America rich again !!!

        With all this good news, Cultural Marxists sigh and await a caravan of Bikers !!

        Is there no God ?? Not if you are an atheist. ?


        • Please explain. The debt is down $100 billion. WTF. As I see it, the national debt clock has only headed in one direction for a long time now and is inching ever closer to 20 trillion every day. Are you speaking of an annual deficit number? Trump won’t put a dent in the debt. Only going up from here. No one in DC has the balls to actually reign in spending.

        • GPA??? You mean GDP. Gross Domestic Product.

      8. Why do we build up China? Why do we buy their junk products? How dumb is it to put another Countries parts, let alone computerized parts in our Navy’s ships?

        America must bring back manufacturing. We can’t afford this stupidity. Or, is it treason?


        • The empires greed is most manifested by the corruption and greed of the congressmembers. Nearly all has sold out their country for wealth. It is the fastest path to riches is a pliable congresscritter taking lobbyist monies.

        • I tried Chinese solar equipment on the RV a while back and after 100% failure rate while in service I decided to go made in the USA for the solar system at the BOL. Flawless performance without a single failure after 5 years. It cost me a 15% premium compared to similar Chinese equipment but was worth it. Wholesale Solar in CA offers this option. A first class outfit also made in the USA.

          • good to know.

            I have been buying from a Chinese web site (banggood . com).

            I have been getting drill bits, mill ends and metal lathe tools for really cheap. They are ok, but be prepared to use once then throw away. The price makes it ok for a one and done.

        • The U.S. can’t afford to go to war with the China. All China has to do is sit back, wait 4-years until all the “Made In China” sh*t breaks, and then declare victory.

          • The US just ordered that no Chinese made parts are to be used in US military drones. Wonder why?

        • NAFTA under Bill Clinton was designed to destroy America from within.

          • Sure did. Ross Perot was way ahead of his time.

        • You asked stupidity or treason. Both. Along with apathy.

        • The people that negotiate trade deals (until now) , never gave a rat’s ass about how many
          lives it would affect. Special interests. AKA their own interests. AKA profits.

      9. This ship’s namesake was a little rough on Navy equipment too as I recall.

        • There have been two ships named for John S McCain – Sr and Jr. Grandfather and Father of the current Senator. No ships are named for Sen McCain – so far.

          When we see human behavior that is detrimental, I recommend the following descending list….

          1.) Stupid – the behavior is caused by normal human stupidity

          2.) Lazy – our normal tendency towards sloth can often explain the tragedy in front of us.

          3.) Ignorant – sometimes this is a two fer…Lazy people are often ignorant in the situation that produces the bad result.

          4.) Evil – the goal of the actor is anti what we believe to be good and they are doing it on purpose.

          I always try to evaluate situations in that order and don’t jump to #4 immediately when #1 – #3 end up explaining so much.

          Note: none of these things is good or praiseworthy.


          • bb in GA: Thanks for pointing that out about the naming of the ships. 1-4 is pretty good advice also.

          • In any event the captain’s career is toast. Nothing like a collision at sea to ruin your whole day.

          • Saw that video a few times at fire fighting training during my career. I actually helped fight a fire on the Forrestal before her last deployment. A sailor didn’t want to deploy, so he started a fire in an elevator equipment room to delay the deployment. I was on a frigate and can truthfully say I have never been so lost on that carrier.

      10. Don’t forget – Today is the day – EarthEx2017
        ht tp://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/black-sky-event-feds-preparing-for-widespread-power-outages-across-u-s-that-would-bring-society-to-its-knees_08102017

        • Thanks for the reminder, Yohan. I will go down into my bunker and wait a couple of days before resurfacing. I’ll make this a disaster “drill”. I’ll have the chance to “wargame” my provisions and preparations.

          Isn’t there supposed to be another disaster on September 23rd?

          Btw, I did a mass evacuation “drill” while travelling to and from a town where I viewed the eclipse. I’m glad I did because I had the chance to drive in nightmare traffic.

      11. This morning, as I understand it on Fox news in an interview with a retired Naval Officer; He said he received at least 4 or so weeks how to safety operate a ship and now they are issuing a CD, yes and he held it up and they are instructed to read the info on the CD when they get to their ship. This was after another level of training he went through in ship operation.

        Lack of training and he said the military leadership in Washington was to blame but imagine if the plane you were going to get on was to be piloted by a person who may not know how to get the plane to the runway based on a cd they were supposed to read(?) and when he/she gets there they are facing incoming air traffic.

        I don’t think encompasses the entire program, but lives have been lost and the training program, top to bottom to be reform.

        Perhaps there was some hacking and they are hiding it but The Commander 7th Fleet has been relived.

      12. This morning, as I understand it on Fox news in an interview with a retired Naval Officer; He said he received at least 4 or so weeks how to safety operate a ship and now they are issuing a CD, yes and he held it up and they are instructed to read the info on the CD when they get to their ship. This was after another level of training he went through in ship operation.

        Lack of training and he said the military leadership in Washington was to blame but imagine if the plane you were going to get on was to be piloted by a person who may not know how to get the plane to the runway based on a cd they were supposed to read(?) and when he/she gets there they are facing incoming air traffic.

        I don’t think encompasses the entire program, but lives have been lost and the training program, top to bottom to be reform.

        Perhaps there was some hacking and they are hiding it but The Commander 7th Fleet has been relieved.

      13. Cyber-Attack? Hacking? Maybe they should check the U.S.S. John S. McCain for a tumor in its automatic pilot system.

        The U.S. Navy is just like the rest of the military, relying upon all this technology to save them. People are just cannon fodder to them. The U.S. Military hires mercenaries (mainly foreigners and Hispanics) because they ran out of low life after scraping the bottom of the enlistment barrel here at “home.” Real Americans will not serve with these mercenaries because the officers treat Americans the same as the mercenaries.

        The U.S. Navy is just like the rest of the military. They can’t find any real Americans willing to fight in these endless wars.

        These foreigners aren’t much better. They can’t speak or write English. Consequently, they can’t learn anything — like basic seamanship skills. Most of them don’t know and don’t care about, the difference between “port” and “starboard.”

        The only thing these mercenaries want to know is: “Where’s my Green Card.” They are too busy figuring out where they are going to put themselves and their whole immediate and extended families once they are discharged and move to the U.S. with all that free stuff coming their way.

        I kid you not.

        I knew an American who was in the Air Force during the Vietnam War servicing B-52s in Thailand. He married a local girl and brought home. Every year, even in 2000, he was still going to the San Francisco airport every year to meet her relatives from Thailand being brought into this country.

        Immigration, like the U.S. Military, is a joke in this country. Immigration, like the U.S.S. John McCain, is on a collision course with the American People.

      14. The US thinks they own all the worlds waterways, what a creepy ass bunch of murderous military loser traitors. I read that the US actually blew the hole in the USS Cole some years back. Slaughtered the people in the Philippines, think they own that also. Colluded to murder Americans at Pearl Harbour, just endless disrespect of life 24\7\365. Might makes right, instant karma is gonna get you.

      15. Everyone aboard the ussr John McCain has little T Rex arms and they couldn’t turn the wheel fast enough get over it

      16. That is the dumbest thing you’ve posted. the entire ship could have been hacked and it doesn’t prevent the lookouts from determining bearing and whether it is opening or closing. It doesn’t prevent the Officer of the Deck from looking out from the bridgewing and determining the next maneuver. This collision was due to bad seamanship, and nothing else.

        • Exactly. The ship is manned at all times. Both the deck and the engine departments. 24/7/365.

          There are watches. 0800 until 1200. 1200 until 1600. 1600 until 2000. Every watch is manned by at least one ranking officer. The radar is constantly manned. Lookouts are posted.

          Even if the ship was hacked, the lookouts should have spotted an approaching vessel. In this case, judging from where the ship was hit, the ship collided with an over-taking vessel.

          That can only happen due to incompetence.

      17. I’m getting a little sick of hearing the ships crew getting the blame for the RAMMING,not collision,of their ships.A lot of you non-sailors will have egg on your faces when the truth comes out and the big shots in the Navy should also be ashamed of what they have done to the ships crews.I retired from the USNR almost 20 years ago after serving 4 yrs active duty,one year as second in command of an armored troop carrier on the rivers and bayous of Viet Nam.In civilian life I am a River Pilot on all Rivers and a off-shore Tugboat Captain.All my life, since I was a kid I have been on boats, so I think I can voice my opinion,I may be wrong but from the observation of the damage to the ships involved,I think the two Navy ships were dead in the water when they were rammed by the larger vessels.I say this by looking and the holes in the sides of the Navy ships and the very lite damage to the container ship and the tanker.Looking at the Fitzgerald’s damage,it looks to me like she was stopped and the container ship hit her at an angle then sheared off toward the bow of the Fitzgerald.That would indicate to me that the container ship was moving fast and the Fitzgerald was either stopped or moving very slowly.If the Fitzgerald had seen the other ship,and could get out of it’s way I’m sure they would have been full ahead or close to it.The report said that the container ship was only moving at nine knots.Therefore,if the Fitzgerald was moving fast to avoid a collision the container ship would of hit them with a glancing blow and sheared of her toward the stern of the Fitzgerald damaging the ship aft not forward.Also looking at the container ship’s minor damage you can see where she slid forward on the Fitzgerald damaging the superstructure and sliding off her continuing on forward AHEAD of the Fitzgerald.That is why I think the Fitzgerald was not moving or moving very slowly.I also think the McCain was dead in the water also due to the T-Bone type damage from the tanker.She was hit dead on,there was no indication of the Tanker shearing off the McCain and damaging any other part of the ship except where the bow of the tanker impacted the point above the hole in the hull.Also the tanker had to back out of the side of the McCain to free its-self and continue on.If the McCain had been moving the tanker would have been sheared off or if the tanker had hit at an angle the tanker would have,like the container ship,sheared off also.It was a perfect hit on the McCain and I’m sure some one was celebrating their proficiency somewhere.One other thing,why don’t we hear the container ship and the tanker’s Captains testimony .All that was said by the container ships Captain was that he couldn’t contact the Fitzgerald.This is only my opinion,I could be wrong,I’m just going by what I saw in the pictures but I believe I’ll will be proven right later.Shame on you Navy for punishing the crews!

        • Captn.Jack, these are INTENTIONAL ramming incidents for one reason or another.

          • Why is it so easy to ram a warship?

            With a gigantic supertanker none the less…

          • ROGER THAT,Justice

        • thanks for posting your insight. SOMEthin’ is awful fishy here.

        • Captn.Jack says:
          As a former Submariner, I am of the opinion that your observation is spot on. However, you omit something that is also very important. The Navy ships are infinitely more agile than the container ship and tanker. If I am not mistaken the larger less agile ship has the right of way. Consequently the Navy crew was required to yield ROW. Seems to me that in these cases someone on the bridge of the Navy vessal was not doing their job. You suppose that is why Com7Flt was relieved?

          • Texas Harley,But what if the ships were dead in the water when rammed,study the pictures.I hate to say it I have been rammed while tied to a dock and the damage to my barge looks a lot like like like the McCain’s damage.

      18. You Americans will believe anything.
        You are supposed to be adults and realize that the US Rothshchild controlled media only tells you lies.
        9/11, 7/7, Sandy Hook Line and Sinker,
        Orlando Pulse shooting, Boston Marathon Bombing,
        ALL FAKE!

        But when your media talks about foreign invaders and enemies you naive fools gobble it up like children eating candy.

        You deserve what you are getting because of your own
        ARROGANCE, Narcissism and Willful Ignorance in searching for the TRUTH.

        Yeah and don’t forget to update your Facebook profile.
        That’s far more important, gotta feed your egos, right ?

      19. WTF is going on? Something happens once, that is one thing, something happens 3-4 times, well, something is majorly wrong! What is going on with the US Gov’t, the Navy, The US Military for that matter…..

        • False Flags. Or incompetence. Take your pick. Either way “the ship of state” is going down.

      20. Hacking they claim. A trillion dollars in military equipment around the world will be defeated by hackers? Maybe the government spent our money on the wrong weapon systems after all? The satellites, sonar, and radar will be blinded and those smart weapons will shut down waiting for a target they can’t see. Abandon ship!!

      21. With the most advanced navigation and threat detection systems running on ships in an area that has the potential to escalate rapidly I don’t buy that the accidents are unintentional. I also don’t buy that there had been hacking.

        I’m thinking that these will eventually turn into false flag events. I believe our military is intentionally causing these accidents in anticipation of a setup and justification of military conflict. They’ll blame the Chinese or North Koreans for hacking or some sort of disruption to our navigation systems and our media will preach to our stupid sheep that we need to stop this.

        Either that or our military really is that inept.

      22. Yup, possible software hack of the Sonar system and a spoofing of the ships Radar. Individually or together could cause incorrect maneuvering orders to be issued on the Bridge.

      23. I would be inclined to believe the collision was cause by a religious zealot taking the helm of the tanker and performing a hard turn to starboard into the destroyer.

        I hope those brown marks in the photograph are paint that rubbed off of the tanker and are not rust. I can’t see that much rust forming in just a couple of days on the steel of a naval hull, unless the damage occurred more than a couple of days before the photograph was taken.

      24. It not hacking…The military just wants more money. Its incompetency. Its everywhere. Just take a look at the “sailors” disembarking from a Navy ship at port. Do you see strong, slim, war ready men. No. You see woman, many of them overweight, weak looking metro-sexual boys, minorities, etc….Diversity and inclusion has replaced competency & character. Every ship now has a ‘diversity’ officer. Just like Communist Russia has a “political” officer on all their ships…..all to make sure that the entire chain of command tows the political correctness line….NOT battle readiness. This is why your seeing one accident after another. If an officer knows that a transsexual or minority isn’t (or can’t) do their job properly, he/she turns a blind eye….knowing that if there is a report on the matter, the officer will be subjected to discrimination hearings, and may be reprimanded. Thats right; the incompetent minority or fag won’t get the reprimand, the CO will. My neighbors daughter went in the Navy, and 6 months later she returned home on a medical discharge. What happened? She got pregnant on the ship, was discharged, and now is getting a full compensation package from the Navy. That’s right….she lives back home with her parents, and you and me are paying for her and the bastard child for the next 18 years. This is not an isolated case…this is endemic throughout the military. That’s why were going to lose the next big war that’s coming. And our enemies know it.!!!!!!

      25. I have a traditional, boring idea of what normality is supposed to be.

        In real life, a nation of pirates starts wars with itself, under false pretenses.

        It can ram “merchant” ships, from competing markets, on purpose. They can ram us, and so forth. All you really know, is this happened somewhere, over the visual horizon, and they’re giving you a story.

        “A Senate led investigation in 2012 found that our ships contained over a million counterfeit parts, mostly of Chinese origin.”

        It’s not justifiable, in that boring, everyday kind of language, where we are still a developed country, and the superpowers are on seperate sides.

      26. Meanwhile in case you missed it:


        first four AMERICAN HERO’s and TRUE PATRIOTS in the Bundy Ranch Standoff against the DOMESTIC TOERRORISTS OF THE CRIMINAL TREASONOUS UNTIED STATES CORPORATION GOVERNMENT….true American Hero’s, who are not drunken bums and toxic dump keyboard COWARDS, who sit on their cowardly drunken asses staring at the computer all day, while their neighbors and fellow citizens are being TERRORIZED by the criminal treasonous government the keyboard cowards worship as their GOD, and fear as their psychopath slavemasters.

        The coward parents of collapsing Police State hell on earth New Babylon America who whored out their children to psychopaths for booze, football, golf, FAKE FOOD, and all their other disgusting mindless entertainment-You better thank these brave American Hero’s and Patriots, who actually care about your children’s freedoms and future while you get drunk and sit on your dumbed down toxic dump keyboard coward asses.

        • it was indeed good to hear of these not guilty verdicts.

      27. CNO says ” nothing to see here, its a hacking thats all”.

        The right answer to make sure nobody looks further into the whole Navy raft of problems namely the last 8 years of social engineering, targeted officer removals by Obama and emplacement of thoroughly corrupt Intelligence Community officials. What do we get for it, to you might ask? A whole lotta dead American military who trusted the system and chains of command who were sold out cheaply for defense lobby dollars, the Military Industrial Complex, the and the Israeli loyal NeoCon war agenda.

      28. hacked??? then where’s the talk about not being able to steer as the freighter steamed towards them at almost 10 miles an hour!!!

      29. It cannot be a coincident anymore. In the last 8 months alone, four US Navy ships have been seriously damaged in accidents. A racial riots suddenly erupted all over the US and before that a businessman was elected president of the US in place of a warmonger but he too turns out to be warmonger. Yes, some higher entity is involved to prevent a nuclear war.

        The United States will ignore this at its own risks as the next warning could be the eruption of the Super Volcano in the Yellowstone Park in Wyoming which can shut down 2/3 of the United States. If that is not enough then the “Sierra Madrid Fault” near Mississippi will cause the US to be broken into two, from the Great Lakes down.

      30. One thing that I forgot to add to my rant,the Government warned all vessels not to use the GPS in that area due to “unexplained problems” with the system.They want the ships to us a “new” Nav Aid called E-Loran.I don’t know what the heck that is,just sounds like the old Loran radio navigation system we used before GPS with an E added to it.That made me suspicious that something was rotten in Denmark.Shortly after I read that the McCain was rammed.I bet the tanker was on GPS autopilot and not navigating with Loran.The ship probably didn’t even have the proper Loran overlay charts on board,if they did they probably didn’t know how to use them.You can read all about it by going to this web site,(gCaptain),also you can get lots of info on the ships involved.

      31. If anyone is interested, here is the directions to reach the gCaptain article on cyber threats to ships—-gCaptain/cyber-threats-prompt-return-of-radio-for-ship-navigation/ If you don’t want to do all that typing just go to gCaptain and scroll down to the Aug 7th article.Also I was just watching the AIS display of the ramming at you tube.I saw something that I failed to spot before.A ship named The WAN HAI 266 was running parallel to The ACX CRYSTAL off her port side for a log time,then shortly after the ramming of the McCain the WAN HAI266 disappeared off the screen,this means she shut off her AIS.The WAN HAI 266 is flagged in Singapore but makes regular trips to China.I bet the crew is all Chinese,kinda fishy

      32. correction.Wrote McCain was hit by the ACX CRYSTAL I should of said the Fitzgerald,getting late,brain slowing down,sorry.That wa in my 11:16 note.

      33. Makes a person wonder what will really happen when a dozen Yakhonts come screaming in at mach 3, thirty feet off the deck..

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