Is America’s Economy Being Sovietized?

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    The foundation of the Soviet model of trade and investment was centralization under the guise of “universal public ownership”. The entire goal of communism in general was not to give more social and political power to the people, but to extinguish alternative options and focus power into the hands of a select few. The process used to reach this end result can vary, but the goal always remains the same. In most cases, such centralization begins with economic hegemony, and it is in our fiscal structure that we have the means to see the future. Sovietization in our financial life will inevitably lead to sovietization in our political life.

    Does the U.S. economy’s path resemble the Soviet template exactly? No. And I’m sure the very suggestion will make the average unaware free market evangelical froth at the mouth. However, as I plan to show, the parallels in our fundamentals are disturbing; the reality is that true free markets in America died a long time ago.

    The Tyranny Of Planned Economy

    The characteristics of a free market society defy the use of centralized planning. Adam Smith’s original concept of free market trade stood as an antithesis to what was then referred to as “mercantilism,” a select few “joint stock companies” (corporations) monopolizing production while using government ties to destroy any new competition. Unfortunately, there are to this day economists and politicians who believe that corporate centralization is a “natural” function of a free market. In reality, corporate monopolies are an unnatural creation of collusion between governments and big-money interests designed to suffocate any entrepreneurship outside of their sphere of influence. Over time, as we now see in the United States today, government power and corporate power begin to hybridize, until one can barely be distinguished from the other.

    The bottom line is that you cannot have planned structures, monopolized production or controlled capital flow within an economy and still claim it to be a “free market. There are no exceptions to this rule.

    The Soviet system was the ultimate in centralization. Every aspect of financial life was dictated by the communist government, from industrial input and output to investment to food production and rationing to wages and retail prices. Some people might argue that this structure is a far cry from what we now have in the United States, but let’s look at the fundamentals.

    Controlled Money Creation

    One of the primary tenets of The Communist Manifesto was the creation of a central bank meant to keep tight controls over currency issuance. The existence of a central bank immediately disrupts any chance of a true free market. Central banking without competition allows an oligarchy, whether corporate or political or a meshing of the two, to manipulate interest rates as well as adjust prices through inflation. Lending standards (which the central bank determines arbitrarily) built on fractional reserve banking opens the door to murky debt instruments and toxic financial products that are further used to either fabricate a “high” standard of living (as we saw in the U.S. in the 90s and early 2000s) or execute a bubble implosion causing a lower standard of living (as the U.S. is experiencing today).

    Since the establishment of the Federal Reserve through subversive collusion between banking interests and corrupt politicians in 1913, America has not had a free market system. From that point forward, every boom and bust, every interest rate disaster, every inflationary increase in prices has been scientifically engineered.

    Dominance Of Industry

    Soviet controls on industrial output are legendary. Every part of the resource allocation process became subject to bureaucracy, and this led to stunted manufacturing growth as well as a culture of misrepresented economic data. In the United States, the establishment has taken a slightly different approach but with the same end result.

    Heavy taxation on business ventures within the U.S. against entrepreneurs not lucky enough to run in elitists circles has erased incentives for manufacturing experiments within our borders. In the meantime, members of the corporate glee club receive government subsidization while they simultaneously outsource industrial projects to Third World nations. Controlled industry within communist Russia was meant to force the population to depend upon the government for every means of survival. In the United States, dependency on government has been replaced by interdependency on the globalized model in general. Necessities are now compartmentalized, and only select international businesses with cooperation from government have the ability to bring all the pieces together to keep our domestic economy running smoothly. Our society has been so distanced from self-sufficiency that many people now consider the globalist dynamic indispensable.

    The next step in this degradation of free market industry is the introduction of “public works projects” by the federal government, which gives the illusion that job creation through centralization is possible.  This is the same strategy used in the Soviet Union and to this day, socialists still argue that the communist design for industrial expansion was “effective”.  In truth, the soviet public works plan with all its trains and transits and bridges and buildings was an absolute failure, as the collapse of the country made clear.  Tax funded infrastructure is no replacement for free market invention, and at bottom, no public works enterprise can be undertaken without the government first stealing capital from one area in order to fund another.  Governments can never and will never create wealth or jobs.  They can only present the semblance of economic progress while siphoning wealth away from private citizens.

    Bureaucracy And Food Production

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations, based on dubious junk science and often instituted on high without congressional oversight, further erode business possibilities, especially for young companies as well as private agriculture, while giving free reign to elitist entities like Monsanto, an organization the government actually PROTECTS through specialized legislation making it nearly immune to civil litigation.

    While farms in the United States are not exactly “controlled” by the Federal government in the Soviet sense, many of them are subsidized through welfare on the condition that they grow only particular kinds of crops, raise particular animals or grow nothing at all. This subsidization is an indirect form of price control, creating engineered scarcity or abundance. At the same time, agricultural empires like Monsanto make private farm ownership increasingly difficult by using their government protection to harass and squeeze out independent food producers.

    This destabilization of private resource management by common citizens has culminated in the passage of President Barack Obama’s executive order National Defense Resource Preparedness, which allows under a “national emergency” (which the President can declare for any reason) the confiscation of any and all private resources, including farms and businesses, to be redistributed by the government to ensure security conditions. This is the Stalinist model, pure and simple.

    Centralized Control Of Investment

    We now know that since at least 2008, the U.S. stock market, often presented by the mainstream as a paragon of free market prowess, has actually been propped up and inflated by Federal Reserve fiat. Both former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan and current branch head Richard Fisher have openly admitted in separate news interviews that the central bank spends considerable energy in “artificially sustaining” equity markets. This has been done, I suspect, with full knowledge of the U.S. Treasury and the Obama Administration.

    The Soviet model for investment was to remove all uncertainties from their domestic markets, often in the name of preventing manipulation by “speculators.” The speculator rationale was generally a distraction away from the attempt to dictate the natural forces of supply and demand. The idea was that if the government could dismiss legitimate demand or lack of demand or hide excess supply or lack of supply, the perception of a balanced economy could be conjured for the population. This led to strict redirection of capital to areas where manipulation was needed to artificially pump up (or deflate) a particular part of the economy. The government became the sole investor of the Soviet system and, thus, the sole determinant of the success or failure of any particular market.

    This is EXACTLY what is going on in America today, in what mainstream economists now call “the new normal”. Federal Reserve fiat is being printed and dumped into every financial mechanism that supposedly maintains our country’s fiscal health, including stocks, Treasuries and municipals, while trade volume remains low and private investment disappears. The Federal government now owes its very existence to the continued support of central bank dollars, and the Dow Jones does as well. If this is not the Soviet ideal, then I don’t know what is.

    Labor Oppression, Dismal Living Standards And Government Dependency

    Poverty levels within the United States are at record highs. Nearly 50 million Americans are now dependent on government-subsidized food stamps for their survival. Nearly 100 million Americans receive welfare (or Social Security) in one form or another from the establishment. That is almost one-third of our entire population that relies on the system for at least a part of their sustainment. If Obamacare is fully realized, millions more Americans will also be conditioned to become dependent on government-designated healthcare providers. The point is not to pass judgment on those people who get money or services from the government, only to make clear our progression away from freedom and into centralized servitude.

    For a Soviet structure to thrive, poverty among common citizens has to be institutionalized. Dependency requires a constant state of desperation. In America, this has been accomplished through a combination of inflated prices and reduced wages in conjunction with the destruction of labor options.

    At the height of the communist machine in Russia, employment was ample; but the kind of employment one could apply for was dependent on bureaucratic red tape and availability based on a worker’s record. Only the academic “elite” within the government-run cesspools of Soviet universities and military schools had their choice of employment; even then, they were often pressured into particular specialized fields, depending on the kind of labor the state needed done at that particular time.

    In the United States anyone can certainly aspire to do whatever job he hopes to do. But again, options have been removed economically; and the same academic elitism pervasive in Soviet Union labor markets exists in America today. In a recent installment of his weekly radio show,New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said it was better for “so-so” high school students to pursue a career in plumbing rather than go to college.

    Though I rarely agree with Bloomberg on anything, my initial reaction was surprise at his willingness to steer American youth away from university indoctrination centers. However, upon further examination, it became clear that Bloomberg was not trying to save the next generation time and money. Instead, he is promoting a shift in the labor dynamic of the U.S. economy toward a Soviet-style foundation. Bloomberg knows well that the U.S. labor market will never return to its former glory, partly because he is a supporter of the globalist policies that ruined our economy in the first place. Instead of suggesting ways to reverse the trend of progressive poverty and the lack of high-end jobs that engender ingenuity and invention, elitists like Bloomberg are saying “forget your dreams and get used to being a drone.”

    In a 70% service and retail economy, where job availability is increasingly degraded and independent business is discouraged, Americans will have two choices:  Excel in the world of federally funded and propagandized education and sell your soul just for a chance at obtaining a professional career in a field of influence, or, settle for the leftovers.  Modern socialists often sing the praises of the soviet educational model for raising the literacy rates of once agricultural and isolated people to 98%, but what they fail to mention is that this literacy was only encouraged in order to create a more efficient servant class that was easier to propagandize.  The U.S. is moving into a similar paradigm.  For some people, being a plumber is a fine thing; but it should not be the only thing. In a true free market, a smart man can make his own way, even if he does not conform to the ideologies of the educational racket. In a Sovietized market, a smart man is prohibited from accomplishing anything unless he conforms to the ideologies of the educational racket.

    Some people may respond that the centralization conspiracy within the American economy is an obvious thing today, and that there is little need to expose it any further.  I would point out that centralization is not the only issue here; the guidebook by which that centralization is being implemented is also important.  This has all been done before on the other side of the world only decades ago, and the end result was a horrifying cascade of social enslavement and mechanically inclined death.

    In the end, the Soviet economy was so utterly fraudulent that the final breakdown of the system came as a complete surprise to many in political and economic fields of the era.  This is what happens when governments control all source data for financial statistics; transparency dies and collapse creeps in. Centralization is an absolute affront to the natural laws of supply and demand and an oppressive hindrance to the innovation that humanity thrives on. Such systems require constant theft from the populace in the form of reduced employment, reduced wages, reduced resources, increased taxes, increased price controls and a highly ignorant citizenry in order to function even for a short time. Sadly, the United States is well on its way in all of these areas, emulating a poisonous fiscal system and lending itself to a global economic tyranny in which all of us work much harder, for much less, and all for a government that seeks to use our very labor against us.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

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        • It is not only the economy that is being Sovietized… education (or what passes for education), media propaganda, governmental apparat, the elimination (and “psychiatrization”) of all political opposition, the nighttime police state raids, kosher thought cops, control of travel, and the gulag.

          It is all here except for the genocide of millions of Christians… but I expect that too will be here.

          • The political elites and Oligarchs must realize there is nothing left for them, the only thing they have left is dirt, and WE WILL BURY THEM IN IT. And there is nothing ANYBODY can do about it. Thats the fact Jack.

            • I wouldn’t waste my time burying them in dirt. Just leave them in the ditch to rot, or let the buzzards eat them. Buzzards and jackals need to eat too.

            • They have been working on this for a VERY LONG time.

              “Socialism is the prelude or ‘intermediate step’ towards communism.” according to the Communist Manifesto written in 1848 by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

              Look how many of these ‘goals’ they have accomplished!
              Here is part of the list…

              “Communist Plans For America” – 45 Declared Goals, 1963

              Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.

              Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces.
              (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by Moscow.)

              Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

              Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

              Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

              Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

              Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.

              Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

              Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

              Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

              Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”

              Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

              Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

              Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

              Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

              Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.

              Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.

              Infiltrate and gain control of big business.

              Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.

              Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

              Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

              Repeal the Connally reservation so the United States cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction [over domestic problems. Give the World Court jurisdiction] over nations and individuals alike.

              Congressional Record, Vol. 109, 88th Congress, 1st Session Appendix Pages A1-A2842 Jan. 9-May 7, 1963 Reel 12

              (link below for complete list)

          • Hidden from the public’s view is a series of known and ready to use executive orders that will turn the economy and just about everything else over to the state, under the pretext it is a national emergency. Let BO find that excuse and it will happen. This is why each one of us must ready ourselves because each night BO falls asleep with dreams of grandeur of being king BO and all the “nice” control of everyone’s life and everyone’s dealings.

            • No one should confuse Communism with Fascism.

              • Neither should one believe that they operate in the modern world independently. They are morphing into a co-existing hybrid that specializes in complete long term control each in its area of expertise. The finance and industry control is fascist; there lay the real power. The day to day affairs of the masses is drifting (with current supplied from the fascists) communist.

                Communism is the subornate player. More employee than participant.

              • Communisim is talmudisim for, Gentiles.

                Today in the usa we have Both: communisim and fasisim.

                The Leftist Bolsheviks=Kommies

                The zionist Neocon Rightists=Fasisim

                Both have combined the Worst of each to devestate america.

                Yet the very Same overloards belong to both units. Most likly attend the same synagouges.

                • Indeed, ThemGuys, that is one of the sick ironies lost on many Americans.

                  Under both Communism and predatory Capitalism, the money and power ended up in the hands of the same tribe, sometimes in the hands of the very same banksters.

                  The Cold War was very profitable for the banksters—just as for centuries they have often funded and profited from both sides of wars that the banksters themselves instigated, often with the pretext of their infamous false flag events.

                  • “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), founder of the House of Rothschild.

                • Both the extreme right and left are collectivists… they will take everything we have if we let them.

              • Hey DK….

                Explain to me the PRACTICAL differences between communism and fascism as it affects the everyday man on the street.

                • Hey Walt! If you want to understand the practical difference between the two ….. take a six foot length of rope; paint the ends red and blue. Blue for the left, red for the right end, and stretch the cord out in front of you.

                  Now form it into a circle and twist the ends together. This is the practical difference between the two.

                  Engage your employees or let them tighten the noose around YOUR neck!

                  • In other words….there is no difference.

                  • But DK… are still using the false paradigm of communism being on the left and fascism being on the right.

                    The reality is…..they both represent total-government and therefore belong on the left side of the political spectrum.

                    Total anarchy would represent the extreme right.

                    No other explanation than this makes logical sense. And the true political spectrum I’ve described here makes it clear why both the Republican and Democratic Parties have drifted consistently to the left over the last 40 years. In fact…the differences between the two parties is only a matter of degree….in that the Democrats are just farther to the left than the Republicans. NEITHER is on the political right. BOTH seek to control the lives of people in ways that are draconian and over which our founding fathers would have been fingering their muskets.

                    Personally….my political beliefs fall just to the left of anarchy, in that I want enough government to provide for the common defense….and enough to prevent people from defrauding and harming each other…..and NO MORE than that.

                  • You are correct Walt, but the matter of “degrees” of difference between them represents the barely discernable distance in the circle as they tighten the noose around OUR necks.


            • It is hard to believe that the apparatus of police state tyranny has been quietly assembled by the legislators that supposedly represent the American public but that is the truth.

              “Transparency” only applies to this administration when one observes their view of the relationship between regime and citizen; Master and servant.

              • Oh…I don’t find it hard to believe. The jerks in D.C. haven’t worked for us for a long, long time.

                They work for the Banksters. And those guys have been planning this stuff for over 100 years.

                From time to time, we get somebody up there who slows the pace of the decline….or who even throws up a roadblock or two. But if they get too out of line….they get whacked. (Remember JFK?)

                We need another Andrew Jackson…who will come in and root out the vipers and crush them.

                But I doubt that will happen. No…..this time it is going to have to be real patriots….the people who rise up and put an end to these neo-feudalists once and for all.

          • Most Amerikanskis are conditioned at say nothing, and they will waddle meekly to their White Genocide, when ordered to do so…

            • “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

              Norman Mattoon Thomas
              (Socialist Party candidate – 6 times)

          • Yes, persecution of Christians is coming…or Luke 21 says so.

            • Is that a problem? As I see it: The Christians get to see their God, The lions get fed, and the crowd gets entertained. Isn’t that what everyone wants? That’s more than you are going to get from Obama care.

              • I’m sure its a problem if I’m the one being eaten by the lion. I’m sure no one wants pursecution. Thats an oxymoron statement.

          • It’s not a problem, good ole USSR went under because they could not borrow any more money. We already owe much more than they did. So this just means we get to buy a lot of surplus guns and ammo cheap; right, right?

            • No thats not why, It was Gorbachev I think who wrote a Book “Perastroyka” if I recall right, which described how the soviet collapse was Planned for at least 12 yrs prior.

              If not Gorby and That book? It was another big wig kommies book. Either way, Gorby Moved to the Kalif. Presideo which was already set up and staffed with 150+ staff, complete with full office equipment. Soon as soviets fell Gorby boarded a private jet and flew to Kalif presideo.

              Once here he went to work, and also as a high rated official at the UN too, to begin work on a New One world religion. AKA= A “softer” form of kommies created on a religious model of, NO one correct way or belief, rather a New belief for a melding and blending of ALL current religions. Ever notice the Many “Interfaith” religious spectacles the last 15 yrs?…Headed by the Pope, with Litterally several Dozens of Other religious leadership of the world attending. Many such has been held.

              Gorby is a huge honcho in that. But as organizer and promotor as a “new” method for world peace!

              NWO-Religious Communisim. Read some of his stuff and UN related stuff.

              When Rusian soviets collapsed, all they really did was MOVE HQ to the USA. Along with many booted russian honchos.

              As far back as us prez Eisenhower admin, actual whitehouse official notices to Every Non profit think tank advised such as the FORD Foundation-PEW-Rockefeller-Rockefeller Bros, and several more, to begin to ONLY hand out Cash to orgs or groups that Will promote and assist in engineering a “Gradual” slow move to get usa citizens to Unawarely accept a Merger of the usa & russia, under a commie style new govnt. aka NWO and New world religion for all. With zero other options or choices.

              Many websites have a copy of that prez signed document avail online. A Mr. Gaither is who exposed it,he was CEO of FORD Foundation back in 1950-60 era. When acusers blamed their orgs cash going to bad projects or issues, Gaither defended self and ford org by Outing the very esinhower signed statement orders!

              There is a whole lots more to all this stuff. I been researchibg it for at least 20+ yrs now, and I still keep finding more!

              Those who Now scoff or laugh or cry tinfoil hat idiots will Very soon now see that some of Us trying to warn and awaken others is whos been telling truth all along.

              Because those type folks refuse to throw off former kneejerk taught replys based on emotional feelings based responces, due to False religious taught beliefs and taught to protect a certain religious group no matter what wrongs are committed, soon those folks will be Forced to Learn the Hard way. And it wont be nice or happy times for those folks.

              Most still even then will refuse to Admit some of Us was correct all along. Perhaps once the Kommie Bolshevik “certain, can do no wrongs group” begins to Murder off tens of Millions, same as They did in Russia, it will finally sink in. Too late and won’t matter much then eh.

              Seems this article by Brandon, has kinda vindicated me and a few others here who keep telling folks you MUST learn about the Real True Enemys if you ever hope to fight and win against them. Yet barly a few, a small few here take that serious.

              Perhaps now that Brandon has done a masterfull article showing that YES america is being Ruined and Run By Kommies mainly, shall convince More folks to take it more serious and Read what occured and WHO did it in 1918 russia. They Are Now Here. No ifs and or butts. Accept it and Learn all you can before the real fight happens.

              We are at war with Bolshevik Kommies. Forget nazis etc. Thems all Dead now. Kommies is whats Here Today. That is who will attempt to Exterminate 200 million mainly white and christian folks of america. Got it yet?

              • Well said Them Guys….VERY well said.

                • Walt: I thank you sincerally. As I appreciate the amount of correct knowledge you know and post often. We all seem to have our own unique areas we excell in. Mine seems to be Kommies and WWI &WWII issues. Brandons article here was right up my ally so to speak I rekon!

                  You Walt seem very wised up on many various monetary systems and isues etc. This is real swell to have so many good folks at same location with such a vast array of info,specially when so much is relevant to americas woes facing her today, and what we face too.

                  • WOW. This is kind of blowing me away. I just read an historical fiction novel about Poland. That got me curious to what all happened in eastern Europe from WW1 on until today. So I started reading and reading and reading. It seemed to me America was doing much of what the Soviet Union had done. Now I read this article and what you are saying. 2 + 2 =4.

              • @ Themguys
                This comment sums the whole mess up quite nicely .
                I can’t stress how much I agree here .
                For call these cretins what you may,
                in the end a select few own wall assets and enslave the masses .
                And in America, the enslaved masses refuse to acknowledge it even
                see how bound they are by paper an plastic .

                Thanks much Themguys .


            • @ Paranoid

              The USSR did not “go under.” The USSR was gifted to the “oligarchs,” all but one of whom is—you guessed it—from the same tribe as Goldman Sachs, Rothschild, Warburg, Schumer, Levin, Feinstein, Emmanuel, Netanyahu, et al.

              That looting of the USSR was part of the long planned “convergence” or “restructuring” (перестройка, perestroika) of Judeo-Communism with Judeo-Capitalism, just one big global Judaic Hegemony.

              • The books mentioned by ThemGuys were written by Anatoliy Goltisyn. He had defected from the KGB Directorate. He revealed to the CIA that “perestroika,” the convergence of Judeo-Communism and Judeo-Capitalism had been planned since the 1950’s. There was no “fall.”

                His books, published after his CIA handler died and the CIA began to ignore Golitsyn, are The Perestroika Deception–Memoranda to the Central Intelligence Agency and New Lies for Old, both still in print.

                If you read his books, note the original publication date and what Golitsyn revealed. Scores of important events came to pass exactly as Golitsyn warned had been planned decades before.

                • John Q: I knew it was one of them writer guys! at least I was correct on that perastroika part eh!

                  Hey John, aren’t there several recent videos like yutubes with that writer guy You named? I KNOW I saw a few of a ex kgb defector who it says advised cia, and his videos basically explain all what not just occured at soviet fall, or should I say the Rapeing and Pillaging of russia.

                  But the videos also spoke of things yet to occure Here in usa!…It may have ben videos posted by Dr. William Pierce who you probobly are familiar with.

                  That ex kgb video guys told some very scary stuff every american needs to know.

                  • You’ve got it—just trying to get the data to those with eyes that see.

                    Pierce makes many accurate historical observations, but as a Catholic I cannot endorse his platform. People need to be treated based on their behavior and beliefs, not things they cannot control.

                    If you have links to the “things yet to occur here in the USA,” please post them. We can’t take every bit of speculation as prophesy, but collating more data is usually helpful.

        • Today is Yesterdays Tomorrow, folks.

          If we can’t see we’re in the deep doo-doo today,
          it may be too late for positive action tomorrow.

          • Is there a way to “register”? I have been following a couple years and have decided to try and start chiming in. My comment on last thread is still awaiting “moderation” and now that thread will be dead before my post clears 🙁

            • Put your email into the field above where you write your comments and your post will go up right away.

              If you post a link, it will typically have to be moderated before it goes up.

            • And it doesn’t have to be a real email address. Just use the same one each time you post.

      1. Good article.

      2. YES

        • @FP:

          Hah! You beat me to it. I was going to do the exact same thing.

          But seriously, I would say we’re becoming more like Nazi Germany (a fascist state) than the Soviet Union. Besides GM, the Feds aren’t nationalizing industries. They’re just telling them what they can and can’t do. Shades of gray, I guess. Either system will lead us down the path of destruction.


          • @Mal Reynolds….

            That’s because Fascism and Communism are simply two sides of the same coin. Both are totalitarian. Both diminish the individual and exalt the state. BOTH are representative of the political left.

            This should be obvious to people….but because of years of leftist indoctrination through the public education system, it is not.

            The Left has framed this debate for years by painting Communism and Fascism as left and right extremes. They are not. They represent a distinction without a difference.

            And as I have stated repeatedly, for the average person and the way that these political and economic systems affect their lives…..there is no PRACTICAL difference.

            • Walt,

              Completely agree and a good point. I remember being told in all my Social Studies classes that “Fascism” was a creation of the right. The more I learned, the more I realized I’d been lied to for quite some time.


          • Mal, yes you are right Either system is bad. However it is Likly the Eliets will use the Exact Same system/methods as they Have up to Date. So, here is a little bygone history Lesson, that has quite alot to do with Todays usa troubles. You won’t find This lesson in ANY us public school text books.

            Who was Responsible for the Bolshevik Revolution?

            More than 80% of the Bolshevik Revolutionaries were Jews. The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was clearly “Jewish” – in fact, in their literature, the Jews brag about that fact. Lenin, Stalin, Marx and Trotsky were all Jews, and the Bolshevik Revolution was financed by Jewish Wall Street Bankers. The Bolshevik Revolution was Jewish to its core.

            As soon as the Jews took over in Russia, their first order of business was to exterminate, by outright slaughter with the sword and by forced famine, the “Gentiles,” particularly the “Gentile” Christians, and more particularly, the “Gentile” German Christians who were the largest ethnic group living in the Ukraine.

            Many years before, the Russian Czar had asked the Germans, who were renowned for their expertise in farming, to immigrate to the Ukraine, a country that subsequently became known as the “bread basket” of Europe, as it provided food for Russia and for much of Europe. The Germans agreed to go to Russia if they were allowed to live separately as a German community, continue to speak their native German language, and continue to worship in the religion of their homeland. The Czar agreed, and the Germans came to the Ukraine.

            Watching Communism in Action

            When the Jewish Communist Bolsheviks began their ruthless slaughter and forced starvation of the “Gentiles” in Russia beginning in 1917 (and continuing for decades), particularly the German Christian “Gentiles” living in the Ukraine, the Germans in Germany had a close-up view of the terrorism and wickedness of Communism. They also knew that Communism originated in the Jewish culture, specifically from the demonic Jewish Talmud that was – and is even today – considered to be the “holiest” book in Judaism. The Germans in Germany were aware that their relatives and other fellow Germans were being shot, stabbed to death, incarcerated in inhumane concentration camps in Russia, and starved to death by the Jewish Communist Bolsheviks.

            World War I was instigated by the Jews with the goals of 1) taking Palestine from the Turks and placing it in the hands of the British (the Jews already controlled the British government) and, 2) destroying the country of Germany, their Christian culture of honesty and integrity, their strong work ethnic, and their stable, thriving, economy. And that is exactly what happened.

            Why Did the Germans Embrace Hitler?

            Hitler knew his history well. He knew that Communism was Jewish, and that the Jews planned to dominate Europe, then the entire world. England had already capitulated to the Jews – 400 hundred years before – by the underhanded work of John Dee, a Jew, and the Head of Security for Queen Elizabeth I. Previously, Jews had been banned from Europe because of 1) their blatant usury, 2) their complete lack of allegiance to the country in which they lived, and, 3) because they were constant troublemakers wherever they were. But when Dee became a confidante of Queen Elizabeth I, he persuaded her to begin allowing the clandestine return to England of the moneyed and elitist Jews.

            “When Elizabeth I took the throne in 1558, Dee became her trusted advisor on astrological and scientific matters, even choosing Elizabeth’s coronation date himself. From the 1550s through the 1570s, he served as an advisor to England’s voyages of discovery, providing technical assistance in navigation and ideological backing in the creation of a “British Empire”, and was the first to use that term. Dee was also Elizabeth I’s spy. He used as his signature on correspondences to Elizabeth the number “007” which would later be used by Ian Fleming in his James Bond Novels.

            In 1577, Dee published General and Rare Memorials pertayning to the Perfect Arte of Navigation, a work that set out his vision of a maritime empire and asserted English territorial claims on the New World.

            “In 1564, Dee wrote the Hermetic work Monas Hieroglyphica (“The Hieroglyphic Monad”), an exhaustive Cabalistic interpretation of a glyph of his own design, meant to express the mystical unity of all creation. This work was highly valued by many of Dee’s contemporaries, but the loss of the secret oral tradition of Dee’s milieu makes the work difficult to interpret today.

            By the early 1580s, Dee was growing dissatisfied with his progress in learning the secrets of nature and with his own lack of influence and recognition. He began to turn towards the supernatural as a means to acquire knowledge. Specifically, he sought to contact “angels” through the use of a “scryer” or crystal gazer(a witch), who would act as an intermediary between Dee and the angels.” Wikipedia, John Dee.

            But John Dee, after making a pact with Jewish Rabbi Judah Loew of Prague to deliver England to the Jews, convinced Queen Elizabeth I that the Royal families of Europe, by intermarrying with the Jews, could rule the world. He claimed, without any proof whatsoever, that the (“Gentile”) monarchies of Europe were descendants of the Northern Ten Tribes of Israel, who had been taken captive and ultimately found their way to England. The Jews of Europe, he erroneously claimed, were the descendants of the Southern two Israelite tribes, Judah and Benjamin, who also had been taken captive and became disseminated throughout Europe. Together, John Dee claimed, the English (“Gentile”) Monarchies of Europe and the Jews of Europe, were the descendants of the original Twelve Tribes of Israel, re-united as the “Chosen People” of God who had the right – and the obligation – to Conquer and Rule over the whole world.

            The Jews also controlled France and were responsible for the French Revolution, including the elimination of the throne by the murder of Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI by guillotine, as well as the elimination of God from the French society and culture and the elevation of wickedness, utter debauchery, and atheism to heights never before reached in France.

            Now, Russia, formerly a Christian nation with a Christian Czar, had been ruthlessly conquered by the Jews, who were rapidly exterminating the non-Jewish population of that country.

            The main free country remaining in Europe that had a strong economy, a population of hard-working, creative, orderly, clean, intelligent people, with a strategic location, was Germany.

            The Jews had, for many years, been infiltrating into key positions in the German government, German culture, the arts, and the banking industry of Germany, until Germany had almost been completely overtaken from the inside by the Jews. Hitler recognized this attempted silent Jewish coup de’ tat and immediately stopped it, by rooting out all the Jewish influence and power in the German government, the arts, and the banking industry.

            Hitler understood that Jewish Communism’s goal was the barbaric, totalitarian rule of the world – by force. The Jews ultimate goal THEN – as well as NOW – was/is to DESTROY ALL governments and ALL religions. Hitler wanted to save the heritage of the Europeans, the white race, which the Jews and their Communist philosophy were intent on destroying completely, and he wanted to save Germany and all of Europe from being devastated and overwhelmed by Communism.

            Hitler wanted the Jews OUT of Germany – and OUT of Europe! Emigration of the Jews out of Europe and out of Germany – NOT genocide – was Hitler’s “Final Solution” to the Jewish problem.

            Who Started World War II?

            After England had bombed Germany SIX times, finally Hitler retaliated against England with air strikes. The sinister plan of Winston Churchill, an admitted Zionist Jew, along with Joseph Stalin, head of the U.S.S.R., another Zionist Jew, and subsequently, U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, also a Zionist Jew, was to FORCE Germany into war as an excuse for the allies to bomb Germany and the German people into oblivion

            Continued in Part II.

            • PART II Continued:

              It’s plain to see that the JEWS (Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt) declared WAR against Germany – NOT the other way around. In addition, the attached headline proves that International Jewry declared WAR against Germany.(photo of Actual newsppaper headlines of 1933 at bottom of web page-link will be at end of post) The Jews living in Germany threatened to sabotage the war effort of Germany in a war with Britain and/or Russia. By doing so, the Jews of Germany thereby declared themselves traitors to the nation – Germany – in which they were living, a fact that completely justified Hitler’s rounding them up for incarceration in Concentration Camps.

              But Jews were placed in German Concentration camps only AFTER the U.S. Government had rounded up the Japanese, who were loyal U.S. citizens, living peacefully in America – and put them in Concentration Camps that were far more barbaric than the Camps run by the Germans in which the Jews were housed.

              Why Didn’t the Jews go to Madagascar?

              Because Hitler and the Germans could see the debauchery of their culture, the planned inflation and destruction of their money supply, and the usurpation of their government, caused by the Jews, they wanted the Jews out of Germany. The Germans wanted Germany returned to the Germans. They wanted their culture, their stable government, and their high ethics and morality to be returned as it had been BEFORE the infiltration of the Jews and their degeneracy.

              The elitist International Jews were not concerned in the least that the rank and file Jews were being incarcerated in concentration camps. In fact, they had encouraged the imprisonment of the rank and file Jews by their bold public announcement of planned sabotage of the German government by Jews. (See Newspaper headline.) The International super-rich elitist Jews, safe in their homes in other cities of luxury such as New York, Paris, and London, wanted the moderately rich Jews in Germany and the rest of Europe to be frightened enough of imprisonment by Germany, to leave Europe, including Germany, and flee to Palestine to provide a “Jewish” presence – and money – in that country that had for hundreds of years been inhabited almost solely by the Palestinians.

              The elitist Jews wanted Palestine for the Jews, but more importantly they wanted it for their own nefarious purposes for the ultimate control of the world – and they would even cruelly sacrifice their own “Jewish kinsmen” to get it.

              Hitler was actively working with the International Jews to move all the Jews out of Germany and Europe. The Island of Madagascar was Hitler’s choice for the Jews’ destination, but the International Jews insisted that the Jews of Germany and other areas in Europe be sent to Palestine, a set-up for their (the Jews’) subsequent take-over of that area for the nation of “Israel.” If the International Jews could not have Palestine, they would let their lower level, rank and file Jewish kinsmen rot and die in the Concentration Camps. To the BIG Jews, the “little” Jews were nothing more than cannon fodder, to be sacrificed for the greed of the elitist Jews. To the BIG super-rich, elitist Jews, the “little” Jews were nothing but “goyim” – a derogatory term, meaning cattle or sub-human beasts, usually reserved by the Jews for non-Jews.

              When one Jew of major stature in Jewry confronted a European Jewish Organization with the fact that Hitler had agreed to release ALL Jews incarcerated in Concentration Camps under German control, for a particular sum of money (an amount that would have been easy to fund from their Jewish coffers), IF the released Jews emigrated out of Europe, the “Big” Jews responded, “When this war is over, there will have been a lot of blood shed on all sides. We want to make sure that we have had a lot of Jewish blood shed as well, so we can have strength at the bargaining table, ultimately to take over Palestine.” And they refused to provide the money that would release the Jews from the Concentration Camps!

              The BIG Jews were – and are – more than willing to sacrifice the “little” Jews to get what they want – the Rule and Ownership of the World for themselves. The “little” Jews are used as nothing more than pawns in a cynical chess game, with the final prize being the control of the whole world and its resources, and the murder and/or enslavement of everyone else on earth. The “little” Jews have become nothing more than expendable “goyim.”

              World War I

              The goal of World War I was to transfer the control of Palestine from the Turks to the British, a country controlled by the Jews since the 16th century (and John Dee’s skullduggery), as well as to devastate the country of Germany and its economy.

              World War II

              The goal of World War II was to transfer the control of Palestine from the British to the Jews, to be known as the state of Israel, and to hand over Eastern Europe to the Communists. The major players at the table at the Conference at Yalta (a city in Crimea, in Southern Ukraine) to accomplish these dastardly acts, were England’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill (a Jew), U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt (a Jew), and Russian Premier Joseph Stalin (a Jew).

              They were there to insure the destruction of the German people, the destruction of the German government (that has, since that time, been completely controlled from behind the scenes by the Jews – as is the government of the United States), and the conquering of virtually the whole of Europe for the Jewish Zionist Communists.

              You will note that in both wars, World War I and World War II, ostensibly fought for the “freedom” of America and the “free world,” the covert plan was to sacrifice our sons, the sons of loyal Americans, for the financial and totalitarian enrichment of the International Zionist Jews. The Jews had no intention of sacrificing their own sons when they could use the United States and its citizens, as their proxy.

              So, in 1948, the fraudulent nation of “Israel” was established by the ritual sacrifice of innocent “Gentile” young military men from America, Britain and Germany, on the alter of Jewish voracious greed.

              World War II casualties totaled over SIXTY-FIVE MILLION dead, 25 million military casualties and over 40 million civilian casualties. Compare this 65 million Gentile deaths to the supposed “6 million deaths” of Jews in the concentration camps under control of the German government. There are almost no memorials to the 65 million Gentiles who died supposedly defending “freedom,” yet there is a memorial to the supposed 6 millions Jews on practically every corner in America.

              Yet, even the Jews who now control, for tourist – and mostly for propaganda – purposes, the German concentration camps that housed Jews – and others – during World War II, have, themselves, lowered the figure of those who supposedly died in the camps, from 4 million at Auschwitz, down to 1.5 million. This is a decrease of 2.5 million presumed dead by “genocide,” which, by rights, should decrease the “hallowed” 6 million figure down to 3.5 million.

              But that has never happened. The sacred “Six Million” figure is the basis of the new undeclared religion in America and in most other countries around the world. That figure of “6 million” cannot even be questioned in Australia, Germany, Canada, France, and Austria, without resulting in a fine and/or a prison sentence.

              And it will not be long until these draconian laws will be passed in America, the U.K. and eventually every other country on earth!

              As stated above, “Holocaustamania” has become the undeclared Religion of the world!

              For the rest and 1933 newspaper headlines “Judea Declares WAR on Germany” see website of…

              www dot goodnewsaboutgod dot com /studies/spiritual/home_study/holocaust_lie dot htm

              NOTE! This amd I are NOT saying the holocaust didn’t happen. Of course it did…Just…NOT the Way we were falsly taught is all. Contained in rest of article is several proven books etc that show what exactly we were Falsly taught to believe etc.

              I FORGOT to INCLUDE THIS at VERY BEGINING in First part Post.

              The Middle East contains some of the largest oil reserves in the world. In order to control the world, the control of energy is mandatory. In order to fulfill their long-term goal of World Government and total control, it was necessary for the Jews to establish a base in the Middle East in order to expand their territory to include most, if not all, of the oil supplies in that area

              Approximately 90% of all the “Jews” in the world are Khazars, Caucasian barbarian Mongol-Turks, from Khazaria, a nation that occupied what is now Western Russia. In the 8th century, this nation of Mongol-Turks arbitrarily embraced the religion and culture of Judaism. Therefore, the “Jews” have NO “semitic” ancestry, they are NOT descendants of the Biblical Israelites (who were of no special ethnicity – they were called “Israelites” because they worshiped the same God as their ancestor Jacob – who was given the SPIRITUAL name of “Israel), and they are NOT “Jewish,” except by the Culture that they borrowed, accepted, and embraced as their own.(Newer, Dec.2012 Published,@,John Hopkins Univ. & Hebrew Univ and Biolabs in Isreal, of DNA shows as many as 98%! are Khazers! I have That link also if requested).

              Therefore, the “Jews” have no right to the area of Palestine, they have no right to call their nation “Israel,” and they have no right to claim the Biblical promises for the “Israel” of the Old Testament.

              In short, the nation of “Israel,” and the “Jews” themselves, are BOTH gigantic Frauds.

              They are IMPOSTERS of the worst kind!

              The TRUE Israelites of the Old Testament were CHRISTIANS. They worshiped the One True God of the Bible, and they were looking forward to the Messiah – Jesus Christ. Judaism did NOT begin until AFTER the Pharisees (the “Jews”) murdered Christ and subsequently were taken into captivity where the Pharisees wrote down the abhorrent “Oral Traditions” that became the Talmud – the “holiest” book of Judaism.” These “Oral Traditions” that eventually became the Talmud, were the very “traditions” that Jesus strongly rebuked, saying that they (the “traditions”) made the Scriptures (the Law of God) of “none effect.”

              WAKE UP AMERICA! Because YOU ARE NEXT Up on These Bolshevik Kommies LIST to DESTROY!

          • @Mal Reynolds….. Govt is selling all interest in GM… they got them back on their feet.
            There would be NO MORE GM if they had not intervened.

            Go back to skewl

      3. This is an excellent article. BUT almost no-one is listening. History will repeat itself. As long as food, fuel, and electricity keep coming the majority will live their life not seeing what goes on around them.

        We live in an instant gratification world. The ones that pull the strings look long term, like decades and centuries. A persons surroundings (life, liberty, pursuit) have to be totally trashed and unbearable before that person revolts.

        And we are no-where close to that point yet. It is coming!!
        molon labe

        • Sad to say, you are correct on every point.

          • FOR: Naysayers and those of the “Kneejerk” reply, bent. Here is some Proof’s of “some” of the Many WWII Lies we were taught to believe.(same website lik I posted prior.

            Without the “Holocaust”

            The elitist Jews could not have demanded that Palestine be given to them so they could have a “place of safety” for Jews, who have supposedly been so terribly persecuted in the supposed “Holocaust.”

            *The elitist Jews could not deceive the rank and file Jews into putting their lives constantly in danger by living in Israel to “secure” Israel as a place of “safety” for Jews, in case of another “Holocaust.”

            *The elitist Jews could not deceive the rank and file Jews into believing that ALL “Gentiles” – particularly Christians – want to kill them, and if anyone says anything bad about the Jews – even if it is true – it will bring on ANOTHER “Holocaust.”

            *The elitist Jews could not keep the rank and file Jews bonded into a cohesive group. If the Jews didn’t believe they have a common enemy – all the REST of the world – that constantly is supposedly plotting to kill them, they would tend to meld into the general population of the country in which they live. Most Jews are not religious, they are atheists. So the thing that holds them together as a group and has become their “identity” – is the “Holocaust.” The “Holocaust” has become their “religion!”

            *The Jews could not demand essentially “religious” status for the conventional view of the “Holocaust.” They could not pass laws prohibiting ANYONE from questioning the official view – and the official number of those who supposedly were killed. Thus, the “Holocaust” – since it cannot be questioned – obtains the status of an undeclared Religion for the whole world! It must be accepted by FAITH! NO questioning is allowed.

            *The Jews would not have been able to demand massive financial reparations from Germany for the “crime” of supposedly genociding the infamous “6 millions Jews,” a “crime” that NEVER occurred. That money was – and is – used to maintain the government of Israel and support the Jewish organizations who are planning to exterminate ALL “Gentiles” and particularly “Gentile” Christians.

            *The Jews would not be able to pass laws from country to country, making any statement against a Jew – EVEN if it is TRUE – a “Hate” crime, because it MIGHT bring about another – – – – – “Holocaust”!

            *The Jews would not be able to pass “Hate Crime” legislation to make it a crime, punishable by imprisonment, a huge fine, or even (eventually) a death sentence, to expose the vast conspiracy of the International Jews in taking over the world.

            *The Jews would not be able to pass “Hate Crime” legislation to make it a crime, punishable by imprisonment, a huge fine, or even (eventually) a death sentence, to expose the putrid filth of the Talmud, the Jews “holiest book” in regard to the Talmud’s condoning of pedophilia, homosexuality, hatred of Christianity, and every other degenerate act imaginable, plus their plan to kill ALL “Gentiles.”

            *The Jews would not be able to pass “Hate Crime” legislation to make it a crime, punishable by imprisonment, a huge fine, or even (eventually) a death sentence, to expose the hatred and bigotry that the Jews hold for every non-Jew – whether it be a Caucasian, a Black, a Hispanic, or an Asian – and their plan to exterminate ALL of us from the face of the earth.

            *The Jews would not be able to pass the legislation to cover up ALL their criminal activities related to debauchery, degeneracy, One World Government control of all populations of the world, and their grab for ALL the resources of every country in the world. Without the “Holocaust” LIE and subsequent “Hate Crime” legislation, all the horrifically evil deeds of the Jews and their International Conspiracy could easily be exposed.

            *The Jews would be in serious danger of being exposed, tortured, and murdered by the enlightened populations of the various countries they have infiltrated and taken over and their Plan to conquer and rule the world would be finished.

            *The Jews would not be able to accuse the Christians of being the source of ALL the persecution of the Jews since the crucifixion of Christ. The New Testament states that the Pharisees and their “Jewish” followers were responsible for the death of Christ.

            Therefore, Jews claim that Christians have been the enemies of the Jews since that time, and have wanted to kill them. This provides a presumed “reason” for the Jews to HATE – and attempt to exterminate – Christianity, all Christians, and all knowledge and worship of Jesus Christ, and brand the Bible as Anti-Semitic Hate literature, that must be banished from the world forever.

            Otherwise, they say, there will be another – – – – – – – “Holocaust”!

            How do we KNOW that the “Holocaust” is a LIE?

            1. People Lie! Science doesn’t! “Eye witnesses” are notoriously inaccurate, whether it is regarding an automobile accident, or the supposed “Holocaust.” On the other hand, Forensic evidence, such as fingerprints, footprints, DNA evidence, gun and ammunition evidence, the victims fresh blood on the clothes or hands of the perpetrator – these do NOT lie.

            Yet virtually ALL of the “evidence” for the gas chamber stories of the “Holocaust” has come from Jewish supposed “eye witness” “survivors.” The Holocaust Memorial Museum in Jerusalem admits that at least 50% of all the “eye-witness accounts given by supposed eye witness Holocaust survivors, have been shown to be false. In other words, the eye-witnesses said they had seen things that even Jews now admit NEVER happened. The rest have given eye witness statements about things that the Jews DO believe happened, although Holocaust Revisionists have proved beyond any doubt – with reproducible forensic evidence – that even those things did not happen either.

            2. Stories of murdered Jews in the Concentration Camps being turned into soap and lampshades have been declared a lie even by the Jewish Holocaust historians, themselves.

            3. Stories of Jews in the camps being murdered by mass electrocution, execution steam machines, and Jews being burned alive in open pits, have all been false, and admitted so by the Jewish Holocaust historians.

            4. Stories of mass executions of Jews by gassing at every Concentration Camp run by the Germans have been shown to be false, even by the Jews. Now, the Jews confine their accusations of genocide by gassing to three camps ONLY: Madjanek, Auschwitz main camp, and Auschwitz Birkenau. Yet the evidence proving that all the other camps were NOT execution camps, is not substantially different from the evidence proving there were no gas chambers at these three camps, either.

            But these three camps, Madjanek, Auschwitz main camp, and Auschwitz Birkenau, were liberated at the end of the war not by the U.S., but by the Russians (controlled by the Jewish Bolsheviks), who would not allow any examination of the camps by neutral observers.

            But under the forensic investigation by gas chamber experts, such as Fred Leuchter, Walter Luftl, and physicist Germar Rudolf, absolutely NO EVIDENCE of homicidal gas chambers could be found – even in these three camps. And overwhelming EVIDENCE HAS BEEN FOUND that there were NO homicidal gassings at ANY of the camps, and that there was NO plan by Hitler or any other German leader for genocide of the Jews. A number of these proof documents are from the U.S. government!

            5. The concentration camps contained swimming pools, soccer courts, dance halls, movie theaters, and even a brothel for the inmates. If the inmates were all to be killed, why were these present?

            6. Zyklon B was used as an insecticide to kill the insects that carried Typhus, a serious infectious disease that was causing many deaths, both inside and outside the camps, due to the Allied (including the U.S.) bombings of Germany, destroying all sanitation measures. The Zyklon B was used as an insecticide (like today’s Raid) to protect the inmates from disease – particularly Typhus, that was spread by lice. It is admitted by the Jews that 95% of all the Zyklon B was used for insecticide purposes, and only 5% was used for “genocide.” Why would the Germans use 95% of the Zyklon B to help keep the inmates alive and free of disease, then use the remaining 5% to kill them?

            7. The present Curator of the Auschwitz camp, Francizek Piper, has admitted on videotape that the holes in the ceiling that were purportedly used to throw Zyklon B into the rooms used for “homicidal gas chambers” were added AFTER the war, as was the chimney that is built near to, but NOT even attached to, the supposed “gas chamber” building, a building that was in actuality used as a air raid shelter – to PROTECT the inmates from the Allied bombings!

            8. The figure of 4 million Jews supposedly gassed at Auschwitz has been quietly and officially lowered to 1.5 million by the director of the Auschwitz camp. Even though the plaque memorializing the “victims” has been changed to reflect this decrease, the sacred number of “6 million” Jews supposedly deliberately gassed to death by the Germans never changes. And no mention of this major decrease is made in the commercial media.

            9. There are reliable reports that there were less than 6 million Jews in all of Europe right before World War II, as many had emigrated to other countries. The Jewish organizations admit that 4.5 million Jews SURVIVED the camps – alive – and collected reparations from Germany. That would mean that not more than 1.5 million Jews could have died in the camps, from any cause, including the typhus epidemic, the continuous bombing of Germany by the U.S. and its allies, from “routine” diseases such as heart disease, and even from old age.

            10. The Allied bombings purposely obstructed the shipment of food to Germany and purposely destroyed the sanitation apparatus of the country. As a result of the actions of the Allies – NOT the government of Germany – many Germans outside the camps, as well as Jews inside the camps, died from the Typhus epidemic, from starvation, and from the bombings – ALL caused by the Allies, NOT the German government. There was no scarcity of emaciated dead bodies in Germany. But who can determine that these stacks of emaciated, skeleton-like, dead bodies were Jews – and not Germans?

            11. The lengthy memoirs of Churchill (a Jew), Eisenhower (a Jew), and French President DeGaulle, written shortly after the war, do not mention – even once – homicidal gassings in the concentration camps, a plan by Hitler for genocide of the Jews, or the supposed Jewish “Holocaust.”NOTE: All Three combined memoires contain aprox, 11-Volumes(books) with aprox. Total of 7700 Pages! yet NOT One Single Mention of gas killings or any “holocaust” events? WHY NOT?!! Isn’t Those issues supposed to be the Main issues we were told to believe of WWII?(yes we were.

            When confronted with the subject of the deception involving the supposed “Holocaust,” Christians often respond by saying something like the following:

            1. How could this discussion possibly be necessary for my salvation?

            2. Everybody KNOWS the Germans had gas chambers in the concentration camps.

            3. Everybody KNOWS that Hitler wanted to kill ALL the Jews.

            4. What you are saying is Anti-Semitic!

            5. You better be careful what you are saying.

            6. It doesn’t matter if it was 6 million Jews or 6 Jews, it was still a TERRIBLE crime! The number is not important.

            7. What about all those dead bodies?

            8. What about all those eye witness survivors?

            9. The Jews could NEVER get away with lying about such an important event.

            10. I don’t want to talk about it.

            11. You must NOT say anything bad about the Jews, even if it is true, because the Jews are “God’s chosen people” and God will bless those who bless the Jews and curse those who curse the Jews.

            12. The Jews are God’s “Chosen People” and anything they do, including destruction of the Palestinians, God APPROVES and He will BLESS them.

            This demonstrates the immense power and success of the Jewish propaganda machine throughout the world. People are either apathetic or afraid.

            These responses by the majority of Americans, including American Christians, can easily be refuted by the documentation given in the preceding parts of this study, and confirmed by the Reference list given below.(at website listed in First post in the series)

            • FINAL Part: GAS CHAMBERS?

              We all heard such as “My Dad/Grandpa/Uncle” was There! and He/They said…And as we alll know, whoever begins to tell a “Fishing” story began by “I caught a 6in Trout!” yet once that Same stroy is repeated several times, by several Others, that 6in trout has now become an “Man eating Killer Whale! 5000lbs and caught by a 20lb test fishline and reg Reel!”(like today, usa troops are Told to believe what their Commanders say to, and how did Our Dads.grandpas.uncles know exactly Who a massive pile of Naked Dead folks really were? german civilians perhaps? Catholic NON jews maybe? If told it was jews, our fathers etc agreed as That is what you do in the army when told to.)

              Well Modern Science, Unavailable at WWII eras, has been developed. Todays prof expert scientists as well as dna etc now can Prove what really happened or Did Not in Past events. Here are a few references to such proof, again for Naysayers and kneejerk responders.

              *Admin Edit – read the rest: *

            • And there are, as ThemGuys noted, a plethora of outright liars.

              The quality of “eyewitness” testimony is shameful. Watch ABC News video of “Holocaust eyewitness,” Herman Rosenblat rationalizing his shameful deception:

              Interviewer: How can you say it wasn’t a lie? It wasn’t true and you know it’s not true.

              Rosenblat: Yes, it’s not true, but in my imagination it was true.

              Faked photographs:

      4. Grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence regardless if the lawn ended up turning brown. The masses that embrace socialism or communism believe that that form of government just had poor management and we’ll get it right next time. The power elite use these “useful idiots” to control the masses with socialism while the means of production and wealth is operated under fascism.

        Its like Hitler at the top with Stalin managing domestic affairs.

        • Kevin2:

          “we’ll get it right next time”

          This is what the Commie Liberal Socialists say for failures in the past.

          HISTORY REPEATS ITS SELF. “good post”

      5. OK, everyone, I’m on a roll again. My wife had first-hand experience with all this commie crap in Cuba when Castro and Company took over that island in 1959. They took over literally EVERYTHING on the island and NOBODY WAS EVER COMPENSATED FOR THE LOSS OF THEIR PROPERTY. The commies took over in Cuba very similar to how they took Russia, East Europe, etc. One of the very first things Castro’s thugs did was GUN CONFISCATION AND PEOPLE SURRENDERED THEIR WEAPONS WILLINGLY! ONLY 2 DAYS LATER, THESE SAME PEOPLE WERE TAKEN AWAY TO PRISONS, GIVEN MOCK TRIALS, CONVICTED OF ‘COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARY ACTIVITY’, AND SENTENCED TO DEATH BY FIRING SQUAD! Fidel’s brother Raul and Che Guevara personally murdered between the 2 of them over 5000 innocent Cubans! I have it on good authority that Che Guevara himself personally shot my wife’s relatives. One of her relatives, an uncle with a sugar plantation, set his sugar cane fields on fire, instead of simply giving them to Castro, and thaqt act cost him his life. Che also killed my wife’s father, a doctor. It was only in 1967 that my wife finally managed to escape the nightmare that Castro turned her country into. Brandon, thank you for this article and you really did your homework well. These things have happened in every country where commies have taken over. the people of Venezuela are going through the same nightmare now and I pray they can throw off the shackles of it. We are without question facing the same things in this country. The only thing that’s going to prevent it is going to war and overthrowing this evil government and we’ll just have to start over from scratch. I’ll do my part to try and save this land. we have an old saying from the Cold War, “BETTER DEAD THAN RED”. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • “CATIMF”?

          • that’s ‘come and take it mother freckle’…
            or something like that

            • Thank you for ‘splaining. 🙂

        • You know, when it gets this bad, what else do you have to lose by taking the fight to them? This is where neighbour hood MAG’s come into play, as the roundup of dissenters commence, no need to wait for the knock at the door. Time to put CATIYMF into action and with extreme prejudice.

        • Nice report Bravehart. Tell your wife congrats!

          But you know she escaped the past Commies and is now seeing one form firsthand. It is like DB Cooper jumping from plane with money and landing in the prison yard.

          Your wife has to be sick of what she is seeing in the Land of Free, and even sicker to the deafening ears that don’t want to hear.

          • Ugly, Braveheart lost his wife.

        • Don’t forget that the real controllers are fascists. Communism is being used to control the masses. The Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and CFR are not communists but they damn sure use the communists that propel their agenda.



      6. “In the end, the Soviet economy was so utterly fraudulent that the final breakdown of the system came as a complete surprise to many in political and economic fields of the era.”

        And that folks is what happens when you have your head up your ass.

      7. kevin2, AMEN to your comments. everyone who sucks the govt. tit will risk their lives for the system because it’s their lifeline. when all their “goodies” stop coming and the SNAP cards quit working, TSHTF.

        • braveheart

          Their goal is an unholy hybrid between fascism and communism. The fascists at the top want compliant workers and in essence they subcontract domestic affairs to facilitate tranquility to the communists who are masters at creating dependency. Workers get just enough to keep them pacified and kept healthy enough to perform their duties. Its a modernized recreation of the company town of old. In the process everything over time is redefined with freedom being defined as having a meal with basic medical care as opposed to its true meaning. Its very important to have the masses believe they actually exercise political control and infighting between rival political groups that are in reality ineffective occupies the attention of the masses.
          Do not underestimate their ability to subordinate the masses into voluntary compliance.

          Their power is predicated on the availability of food. It all hinges upon that.

          • Kevin2: Communism or Facism, it’s all they same thing=government control of the economy. This includes what some folks are calling crony capitalism, which is a form of facism. Free markets are health and anything else is a disease. When have a cancer that has metastasized in the body economic/politic due to some businesses asking for and getting favors from the government. Once this all comes to an end, the next economy must insure that neither government nor business gets too big to wield that much power ever again.

            • Prescott

              Thats the, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Your correct calling crony capitalism fascist. What makes this hybrid of fascism and communism particularly dangerous is their areas of expertise. Communism was far too inefficient when controlling the means of production but its ability to create dependency of the masses and control the distribution of goods bodes well to keeping the people in line. Hell lazy people in many cases prefer it. Everyone on the East side of the Iron Curtain did not want to leave. Generally just the smart people with ambition. Fascists have a knack for industrial production and innovation that communists were poor at. These two forces merged as one but exercising control over their respective areas is an extremely dangerous force.

              In this case the whole is more dangerous than the sum of the parts.

              • Keven2, many people can’t spell the words you’re using let alone understand the concepts. Just gather all of them and call them, commies. Evil knows no end as commie politicians display daily.

                • If one compares the nation of america to a human body, and every single major problem which has manifested over the span of the last 100 years,to a Festering wound, or sore.

                  Then if you could carefully peel back the scab that is covering each sore to peer into it. You would surely find in every single wound sore, it is festering and red around the perimiter due to lack of fully healing.

                  That is caused by the fact that it’s filled below the scab with Puss. It cannot heal untill you Drain or Remove said puss.

                  If you were to further peer deep into the sore wounds under the scab, with a powerfull magnafying glass, what you will be certain to observe in every single sore is a very microscopic sized Bankster Kommie peering back at You, from the very center of that Puss. Or at minimum, one of the many operatives who sold their soul to satan in order to get on the banksters good side, and of course achieve monetary gains by doing so.

                  At the current rate of wounds and aflictions being daily added to the body we call america, it soon will become so covered in festering Puss filled, scab covered sores, that America will be Unrecognizable to all but the most committed kommies.

                  If at that point the vast majority of americans continue to reject every voice warning from the wilderness, america is certain to see that vast array of puss filled, festering wound sores morphing into it’s Final stage of, Gangarene.

                  From there an agonizing, painfull, end game scenario will have begun to play itself out. At this point none except the truly infantile and mentaly retarded amoung Us, will be able to any longer escape the Truth of it all.

                  America then will require no more, than an Undertaker, and casket for it’s final burial. There is still time to alter this course if enough people will alter their minds to See and Hear these factual truths, and Act upon it.

                  We cannot drain the proverbial “swamp” as some say it, untill we First Drain the Bolshevik Bankster Puss from each wound sore.

      8. Brandon is spot on in this article. Excellent!
        Now, if only this were read, understood, and believed by the other 98% of the population…

      9. It’s not just communist Russia or just America. The whole of the worlds economy is controlled by a select few of the elite. America has traditionally been built on a prosperous economy but in order for the selected few world leaders to control everything, the US must fail. It reminds me of what glen called the Overton window. A gradual poke, prod, or nudge to shift things the way you need it.

        • Take out NATO and the rest will fall.

      10. Let’s see now… the majority of citizens have stood by and allowed the gangsters to rebuild the entire house out of straw. Then, we watched as they drenched it in gasoline. Now, they’re publicly demonstrating their techniques for playing with matches. Oh, this is gonna end well.
        Grab the marshmallows, folks! This sucker is about to go UP!

        • Smokin

          Has anyone ever actually proven there
          is intelligent life on the planet earth?

          • None yet, but the search goes on. The tri-corders were reading negative when we checked DC.

        • Okie: See, now you are starting to sound like a conspiracy “loon” alarmist. There are “several” other posters that still believe the “marshmallow toast” is still “years away”. I don’t have a clue what “signs” they are watching, or lame-stream-media pseudo-math calculations “they” utilize in “their” calculations, but…I think “they” will be proven very wrong, very soon.

          But, I am also a conspiracy “loon” alarmist and self appointed “seer”.

          Evidently, I just prefer the”awake company”.

          • Amen to that, yental. I guess no one really knows the timeline for sure, but simply based on the economic reality behind the phony numbers, I’d say the fat lady is definitely tuning up…

          • I’m sharpening sticks now. You get the wire clothes hangers.

            • Clothes pins have many uses.

          • Yental, commies have successfully conspired to overthrow the Constitution and BOR, stalinist commies everywhere.

          • Can I go back and choose the red pill instead? Yea thats what I thought 🙁

      11. As long as the bernanke keeps qe 3 4 5 6 7 8 x adinfinitum nothing will change..
        These hearings on the irs,doj,benghazi etc etc will result in heads will roll at all..
        It is all a smokescreen..

        They will extract every last penny from the few of us who work or have investments or property til we are destitute.
        They already have hired 10’s of thousands of irs agents to enforce obamacare..and they are armed to the teeth.

        What’ to come to America will make the soviets pale in comparison..

        Afterall.the architects of the soviets,pol pot,hitler,mao, et al are still in business and we are their business.

        the bankstas..


        • @ possee. You know in those tarot card decks, well the new fool card will have helicopter ben’s picture forever engraved on it. Quite the honor of being enthroned as the grandest FOOL of all time. Even if all of this is planned out, the people will remember helicopter ben as the DIPSHIT of millennium.

        • Howdy Possee,

          Ummm, not enitrely true Friend, that, “As long as the bernanke keeps qe 3 4 5 6 7 8 x adinfinitum nothing will change.”

          The reason is simple Actually, in fact, so simple that it eludes most people under the barrage the MSM puts on. The answer lies in the basic underlying fact that the World is PHYSICAL…yep, things like Gold, Silver, LAND…All Physical things.

          They have had FULL and Unlimited control of the system for a vey long time, Yes? That also means that ‘THEY KEEP tha BOOKS’ as well, does it not? IF it were the case that you didn’t – EVER have to report to Uncle Sam ANYTHING that could be actually ‘Verified’ how long do you think you could get away with scamming the Gov? Answer; Simple, FOREVER…That is UNTIL sooner or LATER someone DID check on the actual figures you were reporting….Ooops!!…Jail-TIME, BIG-TIME. Yep?

          That is in essence what is going on around us NOW. The Bullion Banks, in collusion with the ETF’s, who have for the LONGEST time been running a scam as to how MANY People they could actually sell the SAME bar of Gold to, have been found out…THAT is what happened recently when they tried to ‘Flush the Market’…and it BACKFIRED in thier faces. Any suprise that the VERY next thing we begin hearing about is THOSE REFUSING to settle thier ‘contracts’ by making ACTUAL Pysical delivery of the metals involved …’tis simple…you CAN’T deliver what you NO longer have…

          That constitute the point at which ‘cracks’ start appearing everywhere in the ‘Great Edifice’ of Western Civilization…Mother Nature’s way of ‘balancing the books’…PHYSICALLY, since sooner or later someone WANTS thier Gold…or Silver…or whatever, and NOT a Paper Certificate.

          They’ve played this game long and well, they EVEN think that at the End they’ll be able to simply ‘Vanish’ and no one will be the wiser…tsk, tsk, tsk…t’aint gonna happen folks. When you STEAL the WEALTH of the ENTIRE World someone WILL come looking for you, actually EVERYONE will.

          Sayonara PTB, the game is SOON UP. Make your Peace…


      12. Actually, it’s going to be worse than imagined.
        We’ve never had a Tribulation before.

        Keep preppin’

        • Cooking mom, it will be a trial that few will survive. For example, what would you do to protect and feed your family and loved ones? Would you steal, kill, pillage, and plunder. What kind of horrors are you willing to commit or possibly suffer? Now multiply that by 330 million and that’s what it will be like.

        • Maranatha, come quickly Lord.

        • Don’t believe that stuff about us going through the tribulation. Its not biblical. Just listen to the past few days of david jeremiah’s sermons on why that isn’t so.

        • Here, Here!…I’ll SECOND sixpack’s MOTION!!!


        • well that there is something you dont see everyday I second that call sixpack

        • @sixpack That’s a noble idea but… Here’s a comment further down in the article from the link you provided. I think your comment as well as the title of the link/article is honestly misleading at best…

          “Originally Posted by LemurianCitizen View Post
          The German police did not march with the protesters. 5000 police officers from several states had come to Frankfurt during the blockupy days in order to keep up the public order and to prevent violent riots. The picture you posted is from the only approved protest march which numbered about 20,000 to 25,000 peaceful members. At the same time this march happened about 500 violent autonomists also had a march. It is custom for the police to lead and escort protest marches in Germany, especially if known violent offenders have announced their presence. So the presence of the police at this march is not something uncommon. And since the picture you posted was taken from the peaceful march, the police officers probably didn’t deem it completely necessary to wear their helmets. This has nothing to do with them sympathizing with the protesters or walking with them against anything. It was simply their job to be their and keep things peaceful which, by the way, they managed to do successfully.”

        • So the way I see it. I’ll keep buying gold….and silver….soon the elite will crash the currency….then they will invoke a new transactionally taxed electronic currencies. Then they really have you. They want all this to fail. They are just sucking up the tangible supply of things in prep for the big crash.

          On that day… It will be time to eat the elite.

      13. The Patriot’s Prayer

        I will not lay me down to sleep,
        For there is no rest from ‘mission creep,’
        The drones persue me night and day,
        So I’ll light the fuse then get away.

        They took our homes, our wealth, our dreams,
        Now our only joy is to hear their screams,
        To know that they, who stole this nation,
        Will next see God in a conflagration.

        They lied, they stole, said smiling “trust us,”
        Now our children’s souls cry out for justice,
        So ‘shoot and scoot’ is our new routine,
        Our hands are dirty, but our conscience clean.

        Lord, if You let me see tomorrow,
        Let it be to bring them greater sorrow,
        And let Your might be in this land,
        Til they pry it from my cold dead hand.


        • Smokin.

          I just wish the Churches were awake. They are asleep. You go to sermon and all you hear is how stressed we Americans are and how we work so hard for food.

          Well Christians, we will learn very soon what real stress is and what real work will become to get just the food you need for your daily bread. We are on the last lap of the Mile, and Bernardo is sprinting to the finish line.

          When he crosses line, he wins; we all lose!

          • At least we’ll know exactly where Bernardo’ll be, so we can have a little surprise waiting for him…nobody said getting across that line has to be easy.

        • “A Rifleman’s Prayer”:

          “Oh Lord, I would live my life in freedom, peace and happiness, enjoying the simple pleasures of hearth and home. I would die an old, old man in my own bed, preferably of sexual overexertion.

          But if that is not to be, Lord, if monsters such as this should find their way to my little corner of the world on my watch, then help me to sweep those bastards from the ramparts, because doing that is good, and right, and just.

          And if in this I should fall, let me be found atop a pile of brass, behind the wall I made of their corpses.”

      14. That is very good, Smokin. (Applause!)

      15. Scandal after scandal, we are witnessing the absolute erosion and ensuing destruction of our rights, freedoms, and liberties. The corner has been turned. Hang on for the ride.

        • crime after crime…fify 😉

        • Shifty.

          Scandal after scandal and really no-one cares. Remember how glued to tv we were during Watergate? We owe Nixon an apology.

      16. Howdy, SmokinOkie. The Patriot’s prayer is very fitting, very appropriate. i became concerned when after that tornado hit Moore that you stopped posting. I hope you weren’t affected by it. braveheart

        • Thank you, braveheart. The okie family is all fine, though my 5yr old granddaughter’s school was destroyed. Thankfully, she was out of school that day. It was a bit worriesome when I first learned of the tornado, but information flows pretty smoothly in our family. I guess that comes from having at least a few tin-foil hat preppers in the group. We know how to say what needs to be said quickly, then get off the line so others can get through. (if only my comments were so succinct)
          Our only direct connection to city of Moore, besides Peewee’s school, is most of my son’s wife’s family live there. They are all ok, just some minor damage to a house or two. Many folks there are suffering, or have lost a lot more. Prayers, and tangilble help, will be needed for a while yet…

      17. “This is what happens when governments control all source data for financial statistics; transparency dies and collapse creeps in.”

        Ah yes…Brandon hits another home run…

      18. Old saying from Soviet workers: You pretend to pay us, we will pretend to work.

        • Sounds like the 1 in 3 on welfare/ss mentioned in the article! I saw on TV Rome had 1 in 5 on welfare before it collapsed. Guess we are beating ancient Rome at that game!

      19. Possee, those tens of thousands of IRS agents won’t be any match for the millions of gunowners in this country. Like DK says, 100,000,000 gunowners can save this nation. superior numbers can still make all the difference. braveheart

      20. The problem is, this is what “they” want to happen..they are pushing for it on purpose.

        Because their money system is un sustainable and they know thier plan is to distract us with all this shit, screw the hell out of us all, than blame it on us.

        dont believe me? than you aint been paying attention for a long dam time..decades..many many decades..

        • Vrf. I would gladly fight and die a thousand deaths so my family and friends could live. Blaming the repair men for the broken house would be as right as blaming the people who want dignity, honor, and a sound nation. The beacon of hope grows darker each day we lose liberty, pursuit of happiness, and prosperity.

        • Yep….expect a “Reichstag” event.

        • I think they originally wanted a fight because they were confident they would have an easy win—but with every passing day that the resistance grows, I think they want a confrontation a tad bit less, as it seems more evident that it is not going to be as easy as they thought it was.

      21. Oh…and lest I forget here,

        Many thanks Brandon…I HAVE YET to be dissapointed by ANYTHNIG that you’ve put out! Stay SAFE Brother, times are about to get ‘thick’ I’m afriad….the Doomsday Clock is JUST about to strike MIDNIGHT…


        • Hey JOG,
          Little behind….thanks for your concern in one of the previous articles. I am in a rough spot concerning living to close to an urban area….very very aware of the dangers.

          Hope all is well with you.

      22. Two weeks from this coming Saturday, very well could be the start of hostilities in the Mid-East. The New Moon is June 8, 2013. Days to prepare are getting fewer.

        Finished up earthquake proofing,the Adobe to day.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Just wondering, how do you earthquake proof a mud house?

      23. kevin2, once again, AMEN to your comment #1716525. I think it was Henry Kissinger who said, “Control oil and you control nations. Control food and you control people.” Ronald Reagan once said, “Government is not the solution to our problems. Government is the problem.”

      24. ” Getting ready for the big time, tap dancing on a land mine”.

        Aerosmith. Rag Doll.

      25. Has anyone noticed Eisen hasn’t been here since OK got hit by the tornado? We’re getting a nice little break from his insults.

        • It’s rumored he bought a case of super glue and was headed out of state…

        • Not only a nice break from the insults but there seems to be less ranting, raging and overall negativity that polluted this site for a while.

          I didn’t give up on the site by a long shot….just had to take a break from it all and go play with the gardens.


          • “seems to be less ranting, raging and overall negativity that polluted this site for a while.”

            On second thought…change the above to hatred…ranting and raging is good…too much shit going on to sit by silently.

          • He’s probably not able to make bail.

            • Maybe his boss pulled him out because we weren’t falling for his crap.

      26. Howdy, JOG. When I read this article, I knew I’d be on another roll. I’ve been speeding up my prepping lately. I’ve been on razor’s edge since Sandy Hook. I know there’s still more false flags coming. I can’t believe we could get through the whole summer without something happening. Man, I can feel it coming! I’ve been taking time out to do some other things, just trying to keep my sanity. I know and dread what’s coming, but at the same time I feel the need to do something, anything to keep from going off the deep end. Just doing things that most of us take for granted; tyrying to enjoy life as much as possible before TSHTF. That’s when life for everyone will change permanently and there will be no going back. braveheart

        • Peace Friend,

          Some time ago here, someone, – I can’t remember who – was so beaten down by all that was going that thay just ‘stepped out’ …away from it all for a bit. This is a GOOD thing…for “When you look into the Abyss, it ALSO LOOKS into YOU”…it brooks nothing to step away and comport oneself Friend…WE ARE MANY here…MANY Watch.
          Never worry about taking the time to compose your Mind, for such as THAT will be the DECIDING ‘factor’ at the LAST. God grant that on THAT day We ALL have our wits about us…

          The ART of Life lie in LIVING it! We MUST NEVER forget such as that…else Why then suvive to see the ‘New DAWN’ to come…Be well Friend!…You ARE loved!


        • I’m not as concerned with going back, as I will be with going forward.

      27. Howdy, Ugly, and thanks for those kind words, but i lost her to a drunk driver in 1981. In a way, I’m glad she’s not here to see what has become of her adopted country; she would turn over in her grave. She would also say, “It’s looking like Cuba.” But I still feel her spirit within me, like she never left at all. If she was still alive, she would join the fight and kick my ass if I didn’t join the fight. Anytime she went off on someone in Spanish, that person had damned well better back off and give her time to cool off. hell has no fury like the wrath of a victim of communism. braveheart

        • Bravehart,

          Sorry about that. I see that JayJay corrected me. I do remember your post now about 3-4 months ago? Sorry to hear of her passing, but as you say she would be upset seeing this country (USA) heading down the same track of history. History does repeat itself. Thanks for all your posts.

      28. The economy is based on people borrowing money , to buy crap they don’t need , too impress people they can’t stand.

        There is no definition of fail , that is inapplicable to some aspect of this economy.

      29. Jerrytbg, if some of that super glue was used on his stupid mouth, that would really be a blessing for us.

        • 🙂 When he starts going off on us old folks…
          But as you stated, at times he does contribute…

        • TXRNGER.

          At Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, Fl. there is a training squadron that flies P3C Orion sub killers. There is a new aircraft that is either the new sub killer or a new cargo transport for the Navy. They have been stationed there for sometime. All silver/grey color. They have been doing touch and goes to improve take off and landing skills. Some C-17 and C-130 activity. They are dark grey or blackish in color. No news of foreign troops at the base. Don’t know about the other bases as to unusual aircraft activity.

      30. Smokin, glad to hear your family is all right. i’ll be praying for all those people in Moore, OK. Been through a couple of tornados as a teenager, then several hurricanes when I lived in FL. The only real difference i see between the 2 is a tornado comes through a helluva lot quicker. My wife and I lost our house to a hurricane our 2nd year together, but it didn’t take too long for us to recover from that. I’ve had numerous personal SHTFs over the years and bounced back from each and every one of them. I am a SURVIVOR. i was prepared for each and everyone of those personal SHTFs. I was a prepper before the word was even invented and never regretted it for 1 minute. When the 99% out here refuse to take responsibility for themselves and their families, that’s their fault, that’s on them and no one else. I seem to remember something in the Bible that says when a man doesn’t take care of his own family, he’s worse than an infidel; don’t remember which book it’s in. braveheart

      31. Howdy, Kindle, glad to see you back. I understand your reason for taking a break. I’ve been tempted a few times myself, but there’s no way I’m giving up on this site. Between BI’s analysis of earthquake activity, JOG’s analysis of solar activity, the occasional article by BI, NP, and Daisy, plus the occasional troll I can pounce on, there’s always something interesting here. Never a dull moment. But, yes, it is nice to have a break from the stupidity of Eisen. braveheart

      32. A few thoughts while sitting in the truck stop near Reno.

        1- If they did away with the nudity and the booze, would anybody even bother going to that ‘Burning Man’ thing? I mean, that whole event is more than a little strange. And without the alcohol and the occasional naked girl walking by, what would be the attraction? And for that matter, how would Mardi Gras survive either?

        2- They have these hot springs 60 miles or so east of Reno. You can see the steam coming up from them as you drive along I-80. What is the source of those things? Did the Neanderthals bury their politicians out there or something? Just curious…

        3- How can a group of people such as the citizens of Nevada, be smart enough to build a tourist empire in the middle of the desert, yet dumb enough to keep electing Harry Reid?

        4- Pop Quiz On Nevada History
        17 to 1 is the:
        A- Odds against winning on the roulette wheel
        B- Odds of making it through Reno rush hour traffic alive
        C- Number of customers per ‘working girl’ at the Mustang Ranch
        D- Average daily number of marraiges per licensed minister in Washoe County
        E- Average daily number of divorces per licensed attorney in Washoe County

        5- Pronounciation guide: Nevada is pronounced with a ‘short A’ sound on the second syllable. Same sound as in ‘hat’ or ‘cat’. If you hear people say it with an ‘O’ sound (as in ‘hot’) then you know they aren’t from here. Just a friendly bit of advice for the next time you come here to arm wrestle with the one-arm bandits. (another tip- the bandits usually win!)

        Okay, y’all cover me. I’m driving into California. aaaaiiieee!!

      33. back from vacation !!!

        H7N9 update
        not much to report
        holding steady
        has pretty much dropped off the radar FOR NOW

        the corona virus is the one everyone is watching now (MERS)

        43 cases
        21 deaths so far
        and a new case showing up in Hong Kong

        if anyone ever has a chance to visit the central Virginia area
        I HIGHLY recommend visiting Jefferson’s home ,Monticello
        it is well worth your time and money

        very close by is Monroe’s home Ash-Lawn Highland
        and not too far away is Montpelier,Madison’s home

        time didn’t permit a trip to Montpelier
        but I did see Monticello and Ash Lawn
        the tour guides at the homes were great
        VERY knowledgeable
        it was awe inspiring to visit the homes of our Founding Fathers
        it also made me a little sad
        the Founding Fathers were great men
        with a great and large vision for America
        they were not perfect
        far from it
        they had their human weaknesses to say the least
        but they achieved GREAT things for this country
        we owe them an debt we can never repay

        it makes me sad to compare them to the “leaders” of today
        on one hand you have men like Washington,Jefferson,Monroe and Madison

        and on the other you have epic failures and petty little bureaucrats like “the Shrub”,Obama,Pelosi and Reid
        not to mention Boehner,McCain and McConnell

        I truly fear for the future of our country

        on a lighter note
        I saw several good movies
        the new Star Trek is great,one of the better ones in that series
        the Great Gatsby has some excellent cinemaphotography that will have you in awe
        and the movie “42” about Jackie Robinson is an epic about
        a true hero,you’ll enjoy it even if your not a baseball fan

        • Satori :Did you see 2 dead in Fort Rutger Al. of mersa?

        • Howdy Satori!

          Glad to have you BACk…I Admit WE MISSED YOU! 😉

          Yup, Been a WHILE since any the likes of the Founders were around….S’Ok though, soon everyone will ‘Rise’ to the occaision. “HARD Time make for HARD People”, No? Somehow, I think the PTB just don’t quite GET that…
          they will…sooooon.


      34. The media outlets, Wallstreet and the biased experts and blog sites want to SHIFT the blame to prez Bush that the year 🙁 2009 🙁 is actually the 2nd largest collapse in America history, because:

        1. The HOUSING BUBBLE in 2009 was due to sub prime mortgage.
        2. Centralization of the banking system. All medium and small banks closed in 2009, the 6 biggest banks (Bank of America, Chase bank, Well Fargo, Citibank …) were left to handle all commerce and Wallstreet transactions.
        3. In 2009, we have the new president and the new group of congress. Employers complained, they were afraid and closed businesses because of the new and unfriendly business govt.

        The only happened in 2008 was the filing of bankruptcy for Wallstreet, the Lehman brothers banking and stocks in 2008 was the same thing as what happened in 1929. History repeats itself.

        President Bush was not a problem as the media outlets, Wallstreet and their people were trying to brainwash you into believing their propaganda.

        • “We’re heading for a crisis worse than 2007” – Schiff
          Hmmm, what’s crisis?? You mean the crises in 2009??

          “The financial meltdown that happened back in 2008 should have been a wake up call for the nations of the world.” – Michael Snyder, the truth.

          It’s more accurate to say “The financial meltdown that happened back in 1929 ……. ” History repeats itself.

          Why?? Because the so-called experts refused to tell you that “America’s Economy is Being SOVIETIZED” as explained in this article.

          • Sorry got off the subject but just wondering what big bro will do if the riots start in the hot summer heat ???

      35. So, our invitation is met with a counter invitation? How should we regard this body’s authoritative pretenses? You have some power on earth in that there are some whom will obey your summonings. But why should we? Is it by threat of force that we should feel compelled? Your heads all speak of laws, yet your foot has trampled the highest laws, even those that borne and bourn you. Why haven’t you repented? Will you continue to defy Oath and Law and Christ?

      36. No! It is not!

        I went to the Soviet Union in 1989, and it was nothing like the United Stated in 2012.

        You’re living in a fantasy world.

        • @Selkirk

          In 1989 the Soviet Union was on the verge of full spectrum collapse, just like the U.S. is today. I guess you weren’t paying much attention during your little vacation…

        • Hey,didn’t you get your panties in a bundle in the previous article and said you were leaving?I thought we made an enemy of you,according to your own words,troll.

        • @selkirk—

          no, they live in Mommy’s basement. They have no clue what was going on in 1989…

          in fact… most have no clue what is going on NOW

          • Negro PLEASE!

      37. ‘ Q.E. PRINTED TO DEATH !’


        Warning Read so you can Prepare for the Death of the Fiat Dollar and Hyper Inflation …

        The response by the federal government and the Federal Reserve will likely be extremely inflationary as they try to resuscitate the system. It will probably be far more dramatic than anything we have seen so far.

        So cash will not be king for long. In fact, eventually cash will be trash. The actions of the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve in response to the coming financial crisis will greatly upset much of the rest of the world and cause the death of the U.S. dollar.

        That is why gold, silver and other hard assets are going to be so good to have in the long-term. In the short-term they will experience wild swings in price, but if you can handle the ride you will be smiling in the end.

        In the coming years, we are going to experience both inflation and deflation, and neither one will be pleasant at all.

        Get prepared while you still can, because time is running out.

        ‘ GOT PHYZZ ?!’


        • The “muslim butchers of London” hoax. This is really sloppy and just plain stupid from beginning to end. The “bystanders” are “real traumatized and running scared”. This “smells quite Zoggy”.

      38. “Is America’s Economy Being Sovietized?”

        does 0bamination lie every time his lips move?

        pray for the best while prepping for the worst

      39. So it’s impossible to start a business today. The Reds have gummed things up with paperwork and bs. So I’ll just hang in my corp. job…ride the wave. Keep buying metals. Then make sure my kid is NOT a debt slave to the bankers.

        People are lazy and think everyone expect them to hand them something.

        If Obama thinks he’s going to get a third term…there will be big issues.
        I’m happy the IRS thing is going down.. now folks see what this guy is all about.

        He’s a commie.

        I think they will try and steal your 401k and IRA next.

        This is the age of thieves…so hide your wealth…. forget dividends and interest.
        Inflation will rage.

        The prior generations will steal you blind.

        Make sure they cannot find anything.

        I’m SO happy the boomers are starting to die off.
        They were the worst generation in history.

        See ya bastards.

        • You are right, My Plan.
          Wilson, progressive, was president (beginning in 1912) when the commie Federal Reserve (1913) was embraced by commies. Now commies rule the world, they think.

      40. Call it Communism or call it Capitalism or call it Mercantilism. Call it whatever you like. It doesn’t matter what “ism” it’s called as long as the international bankers control the money. It is all meant to steal your wealth (labor) and transfer it to the bankers. Debt slaves all…even if you don’t believe it. It’s been that way since long before any of us were born. Hang some bankers.

        • Easist to call all the bastards, commies, ’cause that’s what they are.

      41. The fall of the Soviet Union came as no surprise to me. Even back in 1968, as a high school student, I predicted to my history teacher in a paper that Russia would eventually suffer economic collapse. Fact is, no state controlled economy had ever prospered, much less survived. Pure Austrian economics, pure common sense. Why this remains a mystery to libtards, statists, progressives, academia et al is what truly baffles me most. How any thinking human being could swallow their Utopian garbage, flying in he face of common sense and basic logic, is the great mystery to me.

        It is us, the great unwashed masses, who are supposed to be so stupid, the reason why the elites think it is they who must look out for us.

        Here’s the good news. This brilliant progressive agenda, pushed by central bankers and the elitist cabal, is about to have a very ugly end. You can’t keep pushing up against basic human nature, the love of our God given liberty, and expect to win in the end, try as you might.

        I’m just saying hat the collapse of the present global economy is just as inevitable as was the collapse of the Soviet system. Of course, they know it is coming, a reason for the DHS thugs and all. But they are guessing wrong. This is one major event they won ‘t b able to control. The push back will be too much for them, just as it was for the Soviets. All the tanks, the troops, the nukes could not stop the wall from coming down, and this happened with populations that had been basically disarmed. Yeh, all their freaking planning, their think tank strategies, their propaganda, It will do them no good.

        Some of us who blog here seem to give up all hope. Not me. In fact, I take a lot of hope away from what I read here. Makes me realize I am not the only wing nut who thinks his way. I prep not just for my own well being, or for my family’s well being. I prep so that perhaps I’ll still be around for the re- building process. I am now a silver haired grandpa with more than a few old fashioned skills, and a touch of practical common sense. I deeply love this country and our Constitutional principles. Reagan said these freedoms could go away in a generation, and now most have slipped away. I say it is time to reclaim our heritage, time to push back, time to send the cockroaches scurrying. Just remember, in George Washington’s day, the revolutionaries were badly outnumbered. But liberty burned in their hearts, and they knew how to make the most of their pioneering skills against the supposedly cultured and urbane leaders of the great Brutish empire. Point being, the elites are making a colossal mistake underestimating Redneck Power!

        So all here take heart. We will not only survive, but we will re- build and prosper. Fact is, the U.S. government is bankrupt. When the dollar collapses, an event as inevitable as the sunrise, how in the hell do you expect fight back from a government that won’t be able to feed its troops?, much less have the strength to come after us? All these executive orders taking over everything mean nothing. Good luck Uncle Sam trying to find people to run things and keep things going. Never has worked, never will work. Finally, our numbers our huge, those of us who own firearms, who know how to grow a garden, who hunt, fish, and can fix stuff with bayling twine, duct tape and WD-40.

        • Right on target there Ralphieboy.


        • I am thinking that instead of fearing a possible EMP, I should learn to embrace a possible one. Could possibly be help from heaven. That would hinder the government from tracking us so closely.

        • Eloquent,RB.
          The relentless conspiracy of commies to overthrow the Constitution and particularly the Bill of Rights continues on an increasing scale, but the commies’ days are numbered, targets everywhere.

      42. want to see another open border debacle?
        Euroland and Britain

        In England if you resist an attack on your person you will go to jail

        Blood on his hands, hatred in his eyes: 2.30pm on a suburban high street, Islamic fanatics wielding meat cleavers butcher a British soldier, taking their war on the West to a new level of horror.

        This is also here, are you ready for it?

        • Bravo Britain for calling him a Muslim Extremist and for reporting why he was killing innocent people. In America we would have just called it “Street Violence” and ignored all ties to Islam for fear of offending few.

        • VRF: British soldier beheaded on main street while the population walks around with fly swatters to defend themselves. Coming to America. Islamic Savages. I don’t want nothing to do with them!!!!! Kick them out of our country.

        • Amen VRF,
          Better to be judged by 12, than carried by 6…

          I keep saying it, but nobody listens because the west is brainwashed by political correctness. The only way to understand Islam is by the original Arabic translation;

          “There will be PEACE, when all the world SUBMITS to the will of Allah”.

          That, can only be interpreted one way. There is no such thing as a peaceful moooslim… the basic religion defines them as ‘passive warriors’ for the Jihad. There are two ‘houses’ in their ‘religion’; The Dar al Harb, and the Dar al Islam… the Houses of War and Peace. If you are living in the house of war, then you get to sin for free.

          They are allowed by their religion to lie, cheat and steal from ‘infidels’ and it is not a sin. I have seen with my own eyes their perfidy and lying, and shoplifting among their women is endemic. Those apologists who wish to castigate me, should drink less koolaide, and study more. After 911 I immersed myself in Islam, to “know thy enemy”.

          I won’t go into details but long story short, I saw a couple Arabs in the parking lot on my way to work, jumping up and down and giving each other the High Five… not knowing what had happened yet, I thought they were listening to a football game or some such… little did I know…
          I knew one of them, he was a cashier at a drug store down the street. A couple weeks later, I brought up the towers, and he was all sad and apologetic, saying that “True Islam” was a religion of ‘peace’. I saw his actions and his lying eyes, I will never trust another one.

          The West would do well to listen and see, but politics has taken over everything, and delivered us into the land of Nod.

          • Very true words PM..all I know is they better fear me..because i donot fear them.

            I always watch them, and I make it known my eyes are on them, i do not buy from them, i do not use thier services, i will not spend my money in thier stores, i will not knowingly fund the war against me..or i should say i try really hard not to.

            I was very hip to them early on, and nothing has changed
            I’ve had friends that have been “over there” and they have told me enough to know they are a direct threat to my life and my way of living…the ignorance of this countries government and policies to these people is astounding, and the fact that they are even alowed in this country is brain dead if this is an intentional act against us by our elite, or some kind of game to play out, so be ready every time you are anywhere around them

            • I came very close to taking a piglet, and butchering it on the steps and door way of their local mosque, in order to ‘defile’ it. Unfortunately, the cops had taken up residence outside. It wasn’t worth it at the time, that time may be changing…
              Along with, what I am convinced, is a New Thing. This globalist thing, is neither communist nor capitalist, but a New Beast with ‘many heads’, many ideologies in One.

              The communists figured out they needed capital, and the capitalists figured out they needed control over labor. So they have been subverted by the money powers for absolute control in the future, brought together under some new one world religion. The Pale Green horse has twenty five percent of the world and death and hell follow with it… there is only one religion that meets that definition, worshiping death and loves to behead people…

              Islam, is an even better control mechanism than communism, its the same thing with a religious aspect. And the money powers could care less, they worship the forces of darkness anyway, so having a dark religion as the one world religion suits their purposes very well.

              We must pray for wisdom, yet keep our powder dry. God truly helps those who help themselves, and we are His Hands of Justice on Earth. What is the difference between justice and vengeance? Justice is impersonal, vengeance is personal. Remember that, when the killing begins… as we eliminate bankers, suits and politicos, remember to say “nothing personal, just business”.

      43. With scandal swirling about the White House, First Lady Michelle Obama may be considering an extended exit from Washington, to Martha’s Vineyard

        She already spent two weeks in Hawaii this past winter and jetted out for some Apsen skiing in February. and countless other exits.

        maybe they know something we dont know about how this is all going to play out

        Obama should just join them, and stay till the end of his term, he isnt doing a dam thing anyways

        • When was the last time you could afford a vacation for you and your family?

          I havent had one in so long .. i cant even remember where i went

        • Bommie fired the admiral in charge of the 6th fleet at the time of the opening murders in Libya. The admiral had air support ready to go and the air power was only minutes away. Ex-military had marked targets until they ran out of ammunition and were slaughtered. Bommie is doing plenty, all of it evil. Who do you think fired the admiral? It sure wasn’t a pissant bureaucrat, or even the joint chiefs. It was bommie.

      44. Excellent article. I wish more people would open their eyes and see where this country is headed.

      45. FBI Monitors G-Mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Facebook Accounts

        “If you store your emails for over 180 days, the FBI says it can legally monitor them without a warrant.

        It took a Freedom of Information Act inquiry to find this out. This defies a ruling made in 2010 by a federal appeals court.”

        Tea Party Economist dot com

      46. @ VRF. The war between islam and Christianity is inevitable, the two largest populations of two largest religions. The fact is about muslims is that you don’t see too many other religions tearing people apart like some Midevil post stone age barbarians as a way of fighting their enemy. War atrocities of course happen on ALL sides. It takes a real “special” type of demon to chop apart a live person that you don’t even know. This is what islam teaches, to make an act of murder as graphic as possible. Like the above link I gave to Fox News, chimpanzees do similar acts of savage ugliness, apes not humans. Says a lot about islam.

        • Sicking , isnt it?

          and like im going to disarm?…laughable

          • from the UK…

            Something to think about…helping to fund the ‘growth of the Islamic mission.’

            The Trade in Halal Meat Exposed
            By David Scoffins

            1] The money raised by this practice, is used to fund the Islamic Mission in Britain. This practice is known as ‘Dawa’.

            2] While non Muslims, are not required to believe in the teachings of Islam, by buying Halal Products, non Muslims are Submitting to Islam, and the Word Islam means Submission.

            3] The Muslim practice is barbaric, the animals throat is slit, and all the blood must be drained. The Muslim slaughter does not even stun the animal before inflicting this satanic and evil practice.

            4] While the animals throat is cut, the Muslim slaughter, invokes the name of Allah, over the animal, using the following words “Bismillah Allah Akbar, meaning “In the name of Allah, Allah is great”.

            Halal meat is becoming more widespread…
            “Although the Muslim population of New Zealand, is only 41,000 (0.9%) of the population, 90% of New Zealand’s meat export are certified by the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand. The money raised from this practice is used to fund the building of Mosques, Islamic centers and Schools.”

            “The body doing the certification in France is ‘The Union of Islamic Organizations’, which has strong links to ‘The Muslim Brotherhood’ an organization whose avowed aim is to, establish Islamic Nations through out the world! A Journalist who investigated, Muslim Brotherhood links to the Halal industry, said that 60% of the money raised by the practice of Halal, goes to fund the Brotherhood.”


            • KY MOM, that Muslim Halal stuff is EXACTLY same as KOSHER Slaughter and Payment etc! You sure its muslims and not rabbi’s doing that?…Unless muslims are now copying the rabbi’s Kosher system?..Something don’t sound correct.

              Everything your post described is exatly like that of Kosher Rabbis doings. And we all pay for it too. Every item you buy with a circle with small k inside it, and a couple other rabbi symbols tags a fee on it and all pay for what amounts to talmudic jewish religious practices for food etc. A Massive $3+Billion per year swidnle in usa by Rabbi’s.

              But I never yet heard that muslims also do the same. Hmmmm.

        • June 4th in Manchester Tennessee – 1st Amendment rights being trampled by the Feds in the name of islam. coming soon to a small town near you.

          link to follow

        • Beware the pale GREEN horse.

          After studying for 40 years, I am convinced that most preachers are simply parrots for what they learned in seminary.
          The original Greek described the last horse as a pale green horse, but it got translated as a pale or yellow horse because the translators had never seen a green horse.

          Green, is the color of Islam.
          The black horse is the color of the democracies, with power and justice balanced on the scales, which dies in a global money failure. This is the Interregnum between the black and the green. In this period at Rev 6:6, shows the failure of money and the elimination of the middle class. This is happening now, as we speak. At its culmination, you will work for a day for a loaf of bread, yet, the very rich will become your master. This is history, and Machiavelli rules the world.

          This also shows the meaning of the final battle of the Lord with the money changers, his battle needs to become the focus of our war, when we finally awaken, sell our coat(of comfort) and buy a sword(of truth), and do mighty ‘exploits’ as the hands of God’s Justice.

          The time comes, as in the Hopi prophecy, Enoch, Revelation, Isaiah, name your writing, that evil must be destroyed. And regardless of ideology, the evil in this world is centered on the central banks and the money changers. It was them who ran the Temple, and the Priests profited, and Caesar’s soldiers backed up The Law. This is the Triumvirate System of Babylon, that the Elites love, down through time. This is the final meaning also of Daniels interpretation of the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar, the Head of Gold, that makes the Rule of Gold, that; He who has the gold, makes the rules. The time must come to conquer the statue, bring in the Golden rule and pound our swords into plowshares. Only big money enables and creates big wars.

          If you consider, the two ideologies; capital and collective, both, lead to the same result; a few guys owning everything, and being in charge…

          Debt based money, is anathema to freedom, liberty and justice for all.

      47. Global Markets Roiled by Nikkei’s 7.3% Slide – drops over 1000 points

        ‘Perfect storm’


        Drudge Report

        • He sure is stumbling on his words , isnt he?

        • Sorry KY Mom, didn’t mean to step on your post and should have taken a momemnt to read some newer posts before I jumped in with my comments below.


      48. @ KY Mom. Just wait until the truth about what the government really does with every last bit of anything we say on the internet, telephone, and anything else we do is totally watched, should ever come out. Right now each word I type is now going into a mega super computer waiting for some key word, before I even send the comment. Someone I knew put in about 500 words that would viewed as KEY words on each of their E-mail and other communication sites such as this one just to see what would happen. The computer they were using crashed several times in a 2 week period. Yeah, atypical of the freedom we are suppose to have.

        • Be Informed,

          I think it is sad and also scary that this is the path our country is on.

        • I have noticed since I started getting on this site, hubby has had to remove malware from my computer twice. Never had a problem before. I can’t afford another (this was a Christmas gift), so hopefully hubby can keep fixing. (hubby’s a computer guy – got my own tech support right here in the house, lol)

      49. Good morning all. I have not been paying atention very much to the financials as is my norm because of business and personal demands but I have spent a few minutes on it this morning and believe a warning is prudent a this time.

        The stock markets are set to open down this morning in excess of a 100 plus points. Japan just closed out down 7.3 % which to us would be like thw DOW dropping 1,000 points in one day. Gold is up. Bernake is hinting that they are thinking about backing off the printing in the near future.

        Not saying we are going off the deep end at this moment but he bond markets are really a concern. Barring an outside event it is my opinion that the bond markets will be the outlying indicators as to when the big correction will start. I fear that a correction at this point will turn into a route.

        Just one mans opinion but I think everyone needs to pay attention to what is happening right now.


      50. A recent case where a police officer attempted to seize a cell phone by claiming it could be a weapon underscores how cops are now being trained to treat phones as potential guns in an underhanded effort to prevent people from recording police activity.

        people, we need to record the police, but its time to go covert, dont let the pricks know your recording them, dont tell, dont show..and post it without a link back to you

        get smart..


          cut a hole in your pocket, let the lense look thru a button hole, be ceative, but never let them intimidate you or stop you from lawfully video taping them..we all are on video almost every minuet of the day, we need to keep this police state under our foot..its time to be as sneaky and underhanded as they are

        • I saw that too VRF. A cell phone can be considered by the police to be a weapon? WTF? But if you can link a reporter to being a terrorist because he/she is critical of the government then I guess anything is possible.


        • read the comments in this article

          a cop..”timlevirch”
          shows you what kind of mantality we are dealing with and will be dealing with very soon

      51. Is the IRS the NKVD? Inquiring minds want to know. Ask any older Ukranian what the NKVD did to their families in the 1930’s. The NKVD confiscated all crops. 7 million men, women and children starved to death in about 1 year. Not in your kids history books? Lazar Kaganovitch is his name. He did it. Not in your kids history books? Lerner and Kaganovitch are from the same tribe.

        • maudy fricket, nice to see another person here who Gets it! Since your post is about the Holodomer in Ukraine etc, you may enjoy the several parts post’s I posted on This article(above,3 or 4,related posts from themguys). They too have quite a bit of Historic facts not taught in usa schools eh! Check them out, hope you enjoy the info.

          • The history books don’t cover what happened right after the end of WW2. As many as 12 million civilians, mostly old people, and women and their kids were murdered by the victors. Most of the victims were German ethnics in eastern Europe. The US government tried to starve as many people to death as possible, but former President Hoover came to their rescue. Henry Morganthau was the perpetrator of the starvation tactic. Madelline Albreights father (Joseph Korbel)was an active participant in the slaughter in Czechoslovakia. My spelling sucks.

      52. Everyone’s on their soap box preaching to the choir.


      53. I am embarrassed to say that I watched 5 minutes of BO speech today.

        The only thing he cannot postpone or delay right now is my ability to have a few doubles of Wild Turkey 81.

        After those I will continue to finish cooking Mr. Piggy, who is richly seasoned in a dry rub and slow roasting at 290. With deep browned Vidalia onions, fried chicken, dirty rice, fresh corn and cold beer, I wish you all a wonderful and great Memorial Weekend.

        Y’all Beware! God Bless America and those who have fought and those still fighting for our freedom, we will not forget!!

        • Well…..that’s five minutes of your life that you’ll never get back.

          Sorry for you loss. 🙂

      54. The country is being sovietized .

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