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Irish Company Says They Have Zero-Point Energy

Mac Slavo
January 8th, 2010
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In a recent interview, Trend Forecaster Gerald Celente suggested that the next decade may see the advent of zero-point energy technologies that would make oil, solar and wind power obsolete. Ireland’s Steorn Ltd. may very well prove Mr. Celente’s forecast to be correct.

It’s been called “perpetual nonsense” by The Economist, a “magic fairy powered rotary and magnetic system” by Engadget and a “fraud” by ABC News.

Naturally, we wouldn’t expect those “in the know” to actually know what’s going on, so we’ll wait until Orbo goes through public demonstrations and is extensively tested by the scientific community before we judge whether it is what the manufacturer says it is – a source of virtually unlimited, fully sustainable power.

“The concept is simple. You can put a certain amount of energy into a device and take more energy out of it. It defies one of the most basic scientific principles…”

“The system operates very much like a traditional electric motor. What is unique about this versus any other motor is the amount of electrical energy we’re drawing from the [battery] reservoir is substantially less than the work done by the motor…”

“What we’re offerring is not just some new cool technology. It is a real opportunity for us as a species and us as a society to change everything.

Watch the Steorn Orbo demonstration:

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: January 8th, 2010

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    1. Blacklight power seems to have something as well…  There’s also been interesting research in the field of plasma hydrolysis.

      However, since these are *extreme* long shots, the best bet I have seen is using Thorium reactors for power.

      Orders of magnitude cleaner than conventional nuclear, we probably have enough thorium reserves in the US to power us for a thousand years.

    2. Dr. Acula says:

      This sounds about as promising as cold fusion.

      “current claims to zero point energy-based power generation systems currently have the status of pseudoscience or constitute outright fraud.[8

      This is a lot more promising. Although there are formidable challenges making commercial use is at least a few decades away, at least this is based on solid science.

      • Cowbrains says:

        If string theory is proven to be the fact of the universe, Noethers Theorim on conservation of energy will actually be changed as it uses the Langarian function as mathematical proof. L=t-v will not be an actuate formula, it would need to factor in how many different dimensions string theory settles on and what if any unseen forces interact with this universe. So it could be this 2ndlaw of thermodynamics doesn’t provide use an accurate view because we can’t measure the unseen. I’m not saying its wrong I’m saying a multidimensional universe means we can’t know if its right. It seems to me if all these people who have made perendev motors are either faking results or using CGI. BTW an Italian has solved the cold fusion problems that have plagued scientists. His work is peer reviewed and efficient the vessel uses a chemical catalyst I believe and seems safe only producing slow neutrons.

    3. John says:

      Wikipedia isnt exactly the most reliable source.  Anybody could have typed something into there.

    4. Be open people. 🙂 The reason this DOES work is also simple. It’s called INDUCTION. The magnets in this motor/generator are picking up extra energy via the earth’s MAGNETIC FIELD. The earth has both a North and a South pole and huge magnetic fields which protect us from the sun’s “solar winds” or MCE (Mass Coronal Ejection). Thus you’ll see the Northern Lights (the Aurora’s) if you are very far North or South. Please look into what TESLA said about magnetic induction caused by the earth’s magnetic field. He even said he could produce a death ray using the earth’s energy. He didn’t call it “Zero Point” as this is a modern term. Remember, when one is open minded – one tends to LEARN and to gain knowledge. Simply stating something is “pseudoscience” and an “outright fraud” without TESTING and INVESTIGATING claims of others is nothing but pompus, narrow minded blather!

    5. TheVoid says:

      @ Steve Richards:
      Just a point on the “Tesla Death Ray”. Tesla’s idea was to accelerate and electrify (to several million volts) particles of mercury in a vacuum, and then fire this  stream of liquid metal at a target.  It had nothing to do with  induction (magnetic or otherwise) or zero-point energy. There is a nice level-headed description of it here:

      On the issue of Steorn and Orbo – I would like it to be true. The jury is still out, but after 4 years of “dicking around”, I don’t think many people are holding their breath anymore.