Intramuscular Vaccines (i.e., COVID Jabs) CANNOT Produce Mucosal Immunity in Respiratory Airways

by | Jan 4, 2024 | Headline News

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News under the title: Intramuscular Vaccines (i.e., COVID jabs) CANNOT Produce Mucosal Immunity in Respiratory Airways… Immunity Promises Were ALWAYS A HOAX

    New research published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature reveals that the so-called “vaccines” created for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) were never intended to stop the spread of the so-called “virus” – so what are they actually for?

    The paper states in no uncertain terms that currently available Wuhan Flu jabs “are unable to induce robust immunity in the mucosal tissues lining the airways,” the reason being that intramuscular vaccines cannot, by their very nature, produce mucosal immunity in respiratory airways period.

    Authored by Zhou Xing and Mangalakumari Jeyanathan, the paper makes a case for a new “next-wave inhalable dry powder COVID vaccine” to replace existing injectable vaccines, which Xing and Jeyanathan say do not work.

    According to the paper, injectable vaccines lack the ability to induce respiratory mucosal immunity following local lung delivery. In other words, even if a person gets jabbed for COVID or, say, seasonal influenza, he or she can still get sick upon inhaling these diseases since the shots they previously received provide no true immunity.

    That such an admission is so blatant made in the study, and that nobody else seems to be talking about it, illustrates how truly unscientific vaccines, and especially COVID vaccines, are in terms of failing to do what they are advertised as doing.

    “Intramuscularly injected vaccines cannot induce immunity in the mucosal tissues of the airways, which is the site of SARS-CoV-2 entry,” the paper clearly states.

    (Related: A former health official in Italy faces murder charges for concealing deaths caused by COVID-19 injections.)

    Inhaled or injectable, no vaccine is safe

    It would seem as though the plan now is to start replacing old-generation injectable vaccines with new, next-generation inhalable vaccines. This is probably why even mainstream science and media is starting to admit that actual needle jab vaccines provide no protection against respiratory diseases like COVID.

    Up until now, as you may recall, injectable vaccines were already “settled science.” Anyone who questioned the safety and effectiveness of vaccines was immediately dubbed an “anti-vaxxer” for promoting “anti-science conspiracy theories.”

    Now, the vaccine industry itself seems to be pivoting away from injectable vaccines as well by finally admitting that they never worked in the first place. Then, once public confidence in injectable vaccines has considerably waned, Big Pharma will unleash next-generation inhalable vaccines to create another windfall profit stream.

    “The jab was designed to destroy your immune system and kill you,” one commenter wrote about what she thinks about the true purpose of COVID injections. “Now we have turbo cancers.”

    “The poisonous spike protein will induce autoimmune diseases. Anyone STUPID enough to take the next poison they roll out is a MORON. All this for a virus with a 99+% survival rate? IV vitamin C at therapeutic levels cures every viral thing, but Goldman Sachs says cheap, effective cures aren’t a good business model. Systemic 10-pass ozone will cure even Ebola. Nuremberg trials and executions are in order.”

    Another wrote that he is surprised anyone still trusts doctors after all that has come to light since the “pandemic.”

    “I am constantly at odds with my GP,” said another about his relationship with his general practitioner. “She keeps pushing various vaccinations and BP medication. I’m healthy as a horse at age 75. Why does she keep pushing medicines that I really don’t want any part of at the moment?”

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