Interview With Prepper: ‘We Were Held Without Charges’ For Survivalist Facebook Posts

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    It is no longer a conspiracy theory, but a fact that people are being specifically targeted for their participation in what some call “prepping” and others dub survivalism. A couple from California had their home raided and were held without charges for making non-violent posts on Facebook about survival techniques and thought-provoking discussions.

    We were able to sit down and chat with Sarah Leach about why the government felt it necessary to raid the home she shared with her husband over what amounted to thought-provoking Facebook posts. Although Leach admitted she wasn’t certain which particular Facebook post lead to the SWAT teams seizing all of their handguns and AR-15s,  she was sure nothing she had posted was violent. Leach said her posts were meant to provoke thought, and hold those accountable who have committed crimes or human rights violations.

    “They are trying to create “threats” our of posts that are meant to elicit thought and discussion. If I ever posted something that has been perceived as a credible threat of violence, it has been perceived as such erroneously.  I have zero history of violent behavior. I have not threatened anyone, rather I have stated that police must be held accountable, as well as federal agents, for the multitude of crimes committed against citizenry, from massive tragedies like the Waco massacre or small incidents like traffic citations made via racial profiling.  We [Leach and her husband Andy Leach] have called for these individuals to be held accountable, not just by civilians, but by their own government.”

    Leach was also able to get her story out to The Free Thought Project. The Leaches are the owners of a tactical supply company. Leach and her husband were violently arrested and then detained for hours with no explanation while their home was raided by a SWAT Team and their assets were seized. But it gets worse.

    The couple was detained for over 13 hours without charges before they were told the reason for their arrest. The subject that surfaced immediately were some high capacity pistol magazines the state patrol had seized then returned the year before, but that didn’t seem to be the crux of the incident.

    The Free Thought Project detailed the events which led up to the detainment of the Leaches. Leach said the ordeal began when she and her husband were running errands one morning. After they parked at a strip mall and got out of their car, a patrol car from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department pulled up and blocked their path. Two deputies got out and informed the couple that one of the taillights on their car was out.

    “We attempted to thank them and proceed, but were blocked from movement,” Sarah Leach said. “It was at that point I noticed a few others sheriff’s vehicles had arrived, including undercover vehicles. I realized this was not a traffic stop when I saw police agents in blue jeans with AR-15s surrounding the area. I began to record on my phone and inquire as to whether I was being charged, detained, or was free to go. They violently cuffed me, threw my phone on the hood of the car, and shoved me in the back of an un-air-conditioned police vehicle for about one hour until their supervisor arrived to begin questioning me about aforementioned magazines.”

    Once Leach and her husband actually began to undergo interrogation, she said it was highly disturbing the amount of information already obtained from her social media account. Leach told us specifically:

    More disturbing were the stacks of printed pages from my social media accounts, particularly those things which criticize police and government overreach, police violence, my personal ideologies regarding self-governance and the inalienable rights we are afforded as human beings, and even memes and jokes they found, as parts of evidence to request a search warrant, including posts of a very subjective and ironic nature.

    What I know is that during the day which we were in police custody, without charges, mind you, we were interrogated about a series of Facebook posts originating from my personal Facebook wall, as well as comments I had made on a friend’s posts.  They also collected all the photographs I had posted of firearms, both images of my personal guns as well as images of firearms which do not even belong to me; simply pictures of interesting guns I’d shared or saved.  They were all together in a stack of police evidence. I was questioned more about Facebook posts and their meanings than I was about any actual firearms.”

    Leach also says her knowledge about prepping and survival also likely led to the government violating her basic fundamental human rights.

    They [investigators/government agents] had infiltrated a survivalist group I was in where we had discussed various hypothetical scenarios, including responding to a federal raid. They used this as evidence against me. 

    I do believe that our activity in the survivalist community lends to their suspicions and cause, which is outrageous.  The investigator informed me multiple times that he felt we were “very knowledgeable” and “more sophisticated” than he was regarding firearms. They questioned me about survival gear, posts in prepper groups about federal raids, specifically a discussion about land barrier construction and trench digging. This seemed to alarm them.”

    When we asked Leach if the government agents had a warrant when they raided their home, she detailed a rather horrifying human rights violation committed by those same government agents.

    They did [have a warrant] but we were not shown it. In fact, we were in custody for about an hour until anyone would even give us a statement at all. I asked dozens of times what my charges were and was not answered until early morning the next day, at which time we were transferred to the county jail.”

    We then asked Leach what charges were levied against her and her husband and her response should terrify anyone:

    “They charged us after 13 hours with possession of assault weapon, and high capacity magazine (in fact, the same magazines California Highway Patrol gave back to us in 2017.) They seized our personal AR-15s (which were all built by Leach and her husband and all parts used to modify the rifles were purchased legally) and handguns and are trying to place additional charges on  my husband for sales and manufacturing of these wepons, destpite the fact that we have countless times made it clear that we sell the items [in order] to complete and modify a firearm; and do not sell completed firearms.”

    One of the agents involved in the raid was from the National Terrorism Task Force and left a business card after they raided the Leach’s home, but haven’t made a statement or tried to contact the couple further at the time we had spoken with Mrs. Leach. Secret Service was also involved, which threw up a huge red flag, not just to Leach, but to us as well.

    “We have been very vocal in criticizing the Trump administration and have not wavered in the belief that politician must be held accountable for their war crimes that even [a] “president” is not a title powerful enough to give a man the right to kill or give the order to kill. That is the only reason I can imagine secret service was involved. It’s truly asinine.”

    Leach said she would also like to urge us all, now more than ever, to guard ourselves and she’d like to share a message to fellow survivalists and voluntaryists:

    I would urge my friends to guard yourselves more than ever against government spying and interference. It is no longer a conspiracy theory to propose that one can be caged for mere statements made on social media. I would also like to reach out the Survival and Voluntaryism communities and implore them to work even harder now for a life free of the shackles of the intrusive state, true personal liberty, and the rights afforded to us as human beings; and that they may continue to carry the fire for all of us whose pursuits are that of sovereignty and self-governance, based on peaceful principles.”

    Leach and her husband still have an uphill battle against the government which has a monopoly on violence. They will be fighting to have their morally acquired property returned to them, including their guns and a computer the Leaches used for business.

    Should you choose to, please go here to donate to the Go Fund Me account set up to help the couple fight against the intrusive government.


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      1. You get into trouble for what you say, not for what you don’t say.

        So be very careful about what you say and make sure it cannot be construed to be violating some law or perceived by someone as a direct threat to them.

        • “be very careful about what you say and make sure it cannot be construed to be violating some law or perceived by someone as a direct threat to them.”

          which is pretty much anything these days.

          • Be very careful on what you text also as if you use you phone to access Facebook they will down load every thing you have on your phone contacts,Text messages, Calls you have made. So the Government gets a Anti terrorism warrant serves Face book and get all the information they need or don’t need and will not have to worry about getting someone to crack your security on your phone.

        • First amendment

          soon it will be sites like this that the pigs troll

          ya’ll ready?

          • Oh they are here already, and the real truth never slips by, all you see anywhere right now is deception, division and similar tactics, controlled opposition. We must be divided to be conqured….its a fools struggle and we are the fools. The truth will not be found on the internet, its inside you. Lol everyone rejects the truth, that screams thru your soul. Lol gotta hurry, get to work, to make someone else money, so you can paybyour Babalonian extortion fees, while stressing on bills and worried about the economy and war, lmao all elaborate stage shows to keep you distracted and confused. Lol maybe someday we will be mankind again and not stupid dog latin humans

        • First amendment

          soon it will be sites like this that the pigs troll

          ya’ll ready?

          • They already do. Are you?

        • First mistake, answering any questions or having any kind of conversation with the police. They are not your friend.

          Secondly, this couple should contact the local ACLU for legal assistance against the government. Have your conversations with them, not the State. They specialize in suing the government.

          As for the Secret Service, I am a big fan of TRUMP. 🙂

          • Leach acknowledges building AR15s.

            If he built them before California’s 1989 Roberti-Roos “Assault Weapon” Ban, they would be legal only if registered before the deadline.

            If he built them after Califoria’s 1989 Roberti-Roos “Assault Weapon” Ban, they are illegal and cannot be registered… AND he is a moron for publicly posting images and openly discussing his builds.

            Certainly I oppose any and all infringements on our inherent right to defend innocent life, BUT I also oppose stupidity.

            • As I was once told by a very wise, and now deceased, man – it isn’t anybody’s business what you may or may not own.

            • It was reported in the article that DID NOT SELL FINISHED FIREARMS. They sell PARTS. Mags, triggers, PARTS. Got it yet or do I have to go into specifics?

              • Sure, you can buy instructions for Nunya, parts from Willow, and have Andy put it all together is his machine shop, but that is also not legal.

                Add in a previous gun arrest and an arrest following the April arrest. They were arrested again on 5/8 and now have 8 felony charges that include 4 or 5 for “sale” of illegal weapons.

                So after being raided, knowing they had been investigated by several agencies, crying about it everywhere on line, they continued to try to sell illegal weapons.

                People this dumb do not deserve the right to own.

          • The Durangokidd is right, the only thing you ever say to the cops, I’m invoking my 5TH amendment right to remain silent, until I’ve spoken to my attorney, I’ve got NOTHING TO SAY TO YOU!!! Another BIG MISTAKE they made, and many other people make, is putting ANYTHING about what your doing ON FACEBOOK or other web sites, keep your plans to yourself. If you need to talk to other members in your group, do it ONLY on an encrypted network. To do otherwise is just plane DUMB, and asking for the cops to drop a net over you, like what happened to these two.

            • I agree with you, give them your name, “rank” (US Citizen)and “serial number” (SSN) and then shut up. Demand to speak to an attorney, and remember they will try to get chummy with you and ask you what you have to hide or fear by talking to them. Respond by citing the 5th Amendment and demanding a lawyer. To every comment they make or question they ask Name, Rank and Serial Number after a while they will get frustrated and leave you alone, at least until they can separate you at the jail. Then it starts all over again, and they will say well your husband/wife told us this, you simply look at them and again demand a lawyer. It pisses them off when you refuse to play their game of gottcha.

            • You are missing the whole point, which is being obfuscated by these two. They were using facebook as an advertising platform for their “quasi-legal” business of supplying parts to make up un-registered weapons. THAT is what caused the raid! Not the speech or anything they said on facebook! It was the business they are in that the feds were jumping on! These two are directly making it possible for terrorist types to get weapons without background checks! Do you really want that kind of activity to go unchallenged until a school is shot up by some nut case that otherwise would not have been able to get a weapon? Think carefully before you go all hysterical!

              • Relax Ronna or people will think your just exhibiting the female proclivity for emotional knee jerk response void of left brain logic.

              • You are exactly correct here.

                Sarah and Andy want you to think it’s “free speech”, “facebook spying”, “a rat”, and/or that they are being charged with “though crimes” by the evil gummint.

                They had a gun related (+DUI and drug) arrest before the April raid, which was prompted by their bragging on FB.

                They were arrested again on 5/8. They continued to attempt to sell illegal weapons whowing they had just interacted with 5 differen LE agencies who were already investigating them. The bond is now 2 mill (up form April’s $20,000) and they are still in jail.

                This last arrest includes about 8 felony charges.

        • This is true BUT you have a RIGHT to say whatever you want so long as it isn’t an incitement to criminal activity. This suppression of freedom of speech should be resisted every bit as much as any infringement of the RKBA.

          • That’s what the issue is really about. They were not-very-carefully advertising their semi-to-fully auto mods on FB.

        • 95% of us intelligence comes from internet the NSA has run every picture on face book through facile Reconstruction to ID people,
          stay off social media, and do not talk about what you do or don’t do. We are not as free as you think you are wake up pay attention.

        • I was on FB for about a year and was very anti obama. I was never contacted but after reading about incidents such as this. I quit FB and do not post on social media at all. I only send email to my best friend and my wife no anti government rants or such. Do yourself a favor and remember Homeland Security and the rest of the alphabetical Federal Agencies are monitoring.

          • In the Leach case, someone on FB reported them for their not-very-well concealed “tactical supply” business of modifying semi-to-auto. The warrant shows how Andy’s shop equipment was confiscated, and his “business contacts” collected.

            They were rearrested 5/8. 9 felony charges (I thought it was 8, but it was 9).

      2. be the “gray man”

        don’t be on social media

        don’t make stupid comments on other peep’s social media sites (only here in anonymity-hahaha 🙂 )

        keep yourself to yourself

        OPSEC anyone??

        • seriously. I’m not saying this is the couples fault, they are obviously victims of paranoid police and federal agencies BUT….

          they live in california
          they assemble and sell firearms (yes its legal and just as its their personal property but viewing from the fed/cal standard, watch out… and just the receiver is considered a firearm so an incomplete AR is still an firearm to those folks…)
          they put their prepping lives out there publicly
          they forgot the cardinal rule of knowing exactly who’s in your “group”/or that the guy who suggests the plot is usually the FBI plant
          They use facebook and google(YT) playforms, both rabidly antigun
          ALL reasons to be VERY VERY careful

          • parts and accessories, no firearms. they’re falsely accused of manufacturing firearms to sell, and a dremel used to carve wooden trinkets was taken as evidence, along with a morale patch collection… they also sell shirts, knives, and camping/survival gear. there was no guy who suggested any plot, as there was no “plot”

          • Rearrested on 5/8, a 2 million bond, 9 new felony charges, still in jail.

        • theres no anonymity where on the internet

        • Yuup, Grandee: I have never been on socialmedia, (in spite of being pressured to be on it) have no interest as I communicate by phone or emails/texting. Patriots need to exit this type media asap! Exceptions: running a biz and having a website, for ex: mom and pop/local biz or churches. These people were raided (like Waco) as a test to see how people will react when this happens. Homes were raided w/o warrants after the Boston incident as they thought someone was hiding these two terrorists. This incident is scary.

      3. grandee, and maybe stay off this site as well.
        There I go breaking my rule.
        Just wanted to let you all know I read here sometimes but I’m pretty much done posting.

        • They must silence all descent in order to control. Don’t know the extent of the Lynch’s posts but do know the Obama govt purged the DOJ, FBI, IRS, NSA, CIA, & upper levels of the military, of all constitutionalists and replaced them with communist, America/freedom hating, NWO, thugs.
          trump scares these people because he mentioned “jailing” Hillary. NO ONE is ever suppose to even joke about holding these criminals accountable.
          When you post ALWAYS refer to our systems of laws and the fact these animals, (Hillary, Holder, Obama, Muller, Lynch, Learner, Comey, Struk, Page, Mccabe, etc. should be TRIED, CONVICTED, AND JAILED/EXECUTED, for their crimes!!

        • Ketchu: Yikes!! You just rattled my brains, and maybe it’s time to quit posting on patriot sites all together. People running these sites are watched even more than us posters. Several friends quit posting last year, pressured by spouse. When blog owners get arrested/raided then it’s too late. Dave Hodges site is detailed on the deep state “moves” and updates every day. Social media is being monitored,(NSA) next if not already, will be blogs.

        • Ketch,
          Sorry to see you go.
          I try to stick to prepper subjects,
          But I can’t seem to resist politics.
          I’m an old man out in the middle
          of nowhere, in the middle of an ocean
          and we don’t have any SWAT
          teams as they can’t afford them, so
          I’ll keep on commenting.
          Hope you get some electricity soon.

          • rellik, I may not be gone completely…like you can’t always resist politics, it’s hard for me to stay off here.
            (We’ve had power back on for some time now..)

            • If you have power,
              I’d say Mahalo Nui Loa!
              I hope you stick around,
              us islanders are a good
              source of info.
              We don’t live in places
              where we can “bug out”
              and hide so we offer
              a different
              point of view.
              If I go due North 1 mile
              I will be in over 600 feet of water.

        • I’m pretty much done posting here too.

      4. Leach said, “They [investigaters/government agents] had infiltrated a survivalist group I was in where we had discussed various hypothetical scenarios, including responding to a federal raid. They used this as evidence against me.”

        Race (where people were desperate), (small) religion, and family used to be the fundamental social unit or means of organizing. Whatever you have showed the interloper, and whomever that was, you clearly had no reason to trust him, on a life-or-death basis, for starters, because that old honor was never a consideration.

        I think, this kind of unconditional trust is a fault of voluntaryism / libertarianism.

        There are presenters, like Mark Dice, asking street people to sign ridiculous surveys, which no sane person could believe. We have clickbait artists, forever publishing the most sensational kinds of useful idiocy.

        Out the other side of your mouths, you are telling us that the same people should be armed, have equal access to critical resources, and your social support, wherever they are willing to participate. You’ve made yourself an open book to these people, I imagine.

        She said, “I would urge my friends to guard yourselves.” How, or along what lines?

        • Rearrested on 5/8, a 2 million bond, 8 felony charges, still in jail.

      5. Well that is our wonderful, Criminal element Gov’t for you folks!
        If that doesn’t sum up how things are we,, I don’t know what to tell ya all.

      6. There is now speculation that your cell phone is recording conversations to feed back to Google etc. People discussing things in their homes and within a day seeing advertisements for same thing when they go on line. I have always refused to gave things like alexa in my house, what else is recording me?

        • well, if you own/use an android probably so.

        • Video game consoles of the late 90’s were able to repeat things, imo, also smart televisions and interactive billboards in stores. Minority Report was more CGI-oriented, but not terribly different from the present day.

      7. Well, guess what? You did nothing to help change the climate of California’s politics and gross disregard for the Constitution. You did not make a consorted effort to move. You got what you deserve living in the squaller you helped create.

        • when you’re outspent by LA county and the metro areas… when you are outnumbered at the polls… not much you can do.

          Hope you dont feel the same for the rest of us in the US who have to live under that exact same federal government…

        • I felt that, when conservative interests left their castles, they were immediately overrun by third worlders, without missing a beat.

          I am not sure whether it is even physically possible, to live productively, in CA, but never saw whiter people hold down some kind of racial or religious turf, legally, discretely, but where everyone more-or-less looked and thought the same.

        • they’ve been planning/ preparing to move out of state, and were gettimg close to that goal. they’ve been involved in california politics while they live there, as well.

      8. More and more it would seem that Mr Snowden was in fact a champion for the people. Emails and phone calls (patriot act), facebook (I don’t use), bank card purchase doziers cataloged by UPC/item number/bank card number/ sale date/ card holder name. Property Surveillance by satellite/mapping apps, GPS/Onstar installed in vehicles, and on and on.

      9. People are stupid.

        1. They live in California
        2. They openly discussed methods and means to thwart government intrusion
        3. They posted on Facebook
        4. They did not vet their group membership

        • Rearrested on 5/8, a 2 million bond, 8 felony charges, still in jail.

      10. Heres a question,,,
        Is this piece a cautionary tale?
        Or is it a threat of shut up or else?

        • Good point Nailb. Come back from a job, fire up the ‘net and read here about some nice couple who meant well, didn’t do a damn thing any of us wouldn’t do, or own anything we’d not own…. being ‘brought to governmental vigilante justice’. Justice…. what the hell am I thinking? There ain’t no such thing anymore. They did not one thing they should not be able to do. I swear, it will not end until we are all rounded up and slaughtered. ‘Course, that’s going to be a bit difficult as things get going to accomplish. Going to get real folks, going to get real…. and real soon.

          • Heartless, I’ll agree they didn’t have squat for OPSEC but there’s still no legitimate basis for what law enforcement did. No one would be taking anything from me regardless of who it is or what their reason is. This couple never even did anything illegal. No one would try that shit at the BOL or the relatives nearby, not if they want to live.

            • I have been on this site for many years. I post occasionally, but rarely. I must say, you Dep. Braveheart make too many provocative posts. You make idle threats. You give out too much info. Your opsec sucks bro!
              I know where u live, where you BOL is located, what weapons u have and that u claim u will use them if provoked. So does every other swingin’ dick. Think leo doesn’t have a dossier on u? Think again.
              I know you’re rebuttal will be to attack or scorn me, call me troll or some other drivel; I don’t care, I’m just giving u and others advice. I will not respond to any comment u make, I don’t feel the need to condone my actions (lesson to be learned there bro).
              Maybe none of this matters to u and I’ve wasted a few minutes of my time, so be it. When they come, don’t say u have not been warned. Oh, by the way, the people I fear are the ones who do not make idle warnings of their intensions. No, the people I watch are the ones that don’t say a goddamned word. I’m not singling u out, but it almost seems like u post shit just to get others riled up and to make like minded posts, threats and warnings. Gov. trolls do that kind of stuff. Just sayin.’

        • its a threat to STFU.. no question

        • Nailbanger,.. Both.Grandpa is rolling in his grave.

      11. when you’re outspent by LA county and the metro areas… when you are outnumbered at the polls… not much you can do.

        Hope you dont feel the same for the rest of us in the US who have to live under that exact same federal government…

      12. Riverside county–’nuff said—

      13. Back to beer and football, I give up.

        Just kidding.

        I don’t know, but looking at this couple, my guess, it’s fear propaganda, and mind control. The people the current establishment fears most is racially aware white citizens, committed Christians, and articulate alternative and truthful news providers on the internet and radio and on social media. They are afraid the truth will get out. And truth is their enemy. The truth does get out and will continue.

        Nailbanger is asking the right question.

        This is critical thinking. What an education was all about before the Communists infiltrated the education system beginning just after the turn of the century (early 1900’s) and getting worse.

        Home school or at least read outside class. Remember, everything you read is written by a person with his own point of view, his facts may be in error or deliberate lies. His intent toward you, the reader, may be benevolent or malicious. Question everything you hear and read, especially your textbooks. Schools are now places for propagandizing and mind control. So, is the internet. It is not always wise to voice your disagreement. Your teacher will give you bad grades. Shake your head yes. Give the answers he thinks you should have. But know that he is spewing lies. Think. The most dangerous man is one who thinks things through, thinks for himself. Isn’t easily manipulated. Is courageous but knows how to pick his battles: how, when, where, and why.


        • B from CA
          There is a lot of mis information, or dis information, one thing i notice is that just as many of us accuse the sheeple of blindly inhaling MsM news, theres a ton of people who do the same with alternative news and media, like you said, these pieces are generally written by someone with their own agenda or beliefs, sometimes they are out there too like wayyyy out there, sure you have a few of these bloggers/writers that gets an eye roll rather than a i gotta read this,
          Its a common thread, sorta bullshit, as i dislike misinfo from any source.
          It is getting harder and harder to read most of this trash from any “news source” as many folks are tiring of the constant barrage of either their gonna get us or their gonna get us,,,

        • Ok. I’m posting, but it’s not political. In the Bible somewhere it says that “Jesus had hair like lambs wool.” What does that mean? Does it mean that Jesus was dark skinned and not the caucasian picture they have shown us for centuries – with long straight brown hair and blue eyes? Question everything. I am questioning this. Have they told us a lie for centuries as to how Jesus looked? They didn’t have white people in the middle east way back then, so why are they showing us a picture of Jesus with blue eyes and light brown hair and white skin? If Jesus had dark skin and wooly fuzzy hair like black people have, then why did they lie to us and tell us that Jesus was white/caucasian? I hate the lies! All we get is lies!

      14. When I was a kid I drove muscle cars. had flashy wheels and looked mean. I got tickets for doing the same things others who had mundane cars didn’t get ticketed for. because I made drew attention & became noticed. Never got stopped in my plane jane daily driver.

        • when the government has only a hammer to deal with things

          everything begins to appear as a nail to them

          • The problem with that is when they start just looking for anything to hammer down regardless if it looks like a nail or not,,,

      15. People failed to help them when it would have been effective, before and when the goons showed up to capture them. Their “hypothetical raid” isn’t hypothetical now. So, how prepared were they? Apparently totally unprepared to repel such an attack, tactically or, more effectively, strategically.

      16. Closed out Facebook page awhile ago. Do not tell anyone of my prep plans/weapons. The couple aren’t stupid,just naive

      17. Trying to “stay legal” or hiding from the enemy isn’t an effective defense against them. Those are tactics of surrendering to the enemy, not those of defense against the enemy’s aggression. Strategic elimination of the enemy’s ability to attack is the effective strategy for defense of individual liberty. How would you deal with an invading foreign enemy?… How with one that’s already occupying your country, with garrisons and patrols in every county thereof?

      18. If this happens to you, don’t answer questions or volunteer information. Lawyer up as soon as possible.

      19. I hate pigs and pork rinds too.

      20. So it begins……

      21. That is truly demonic! My thoughts and prayers to the victims!

        It is because of that type of behavior by the government that I believe that prepping is useless. In a true emergency, those granted the power of authority seize everything of value and have been known to shoot to kill to seize valuable assets.

        I know people who have gone through this in other countries, and I am sorry, but the prepping community is fully delusional and living in a fantasy land! Gold, you say?! Lots o’ luck! I know people that it was stolen from and an entire country as well! See India as an example!

        If you are prepping, broadcasting it on social media is the first thing that will jeopardize your chances of survival!

        As far as I’m concerned, I have no interest in surviving the apocalypse! Life is unbearable as it is now, let alone total societal breakdown!

        Peace and good luck!

      22. That is truly demonic! My thoughts and prayers to the victims!

        It is because of that type of behavior by the government that I believe that prepping is useless. In a true emergency, those granted the power of authority seize everything of value and have been known to shoot to kill to seize valuable assets.

        I know people who have gone through this in other countries, and I am sorry, but the prepping community is fully delusional and living in a fantasy land! Gold, you say?! Lots o’ luck! I know people that it was stolen from and an entire country as well! See India as an example!

        If you are prepping, broadcasting it on social media is the first thing that will jeopardize your chances of survival!

        As far as I’m concerned, I have no interest in surviving the apocalypse! Life is unbearable as it is now, let alone total societal breakdown!

        Peace and good luck!!

      23. Very ironic how the rule of law is now unenforced at the top, but individual rights are being stomped out with each passing day. The end result is a totalitarian state. Bye,bye American pie.

      24. These Globalist tyrants get their days, all 15 of them….. but it’s no picnic and even if it were what is coming will make them wish they’d have remembered that “ love your neighbor as you love yourself “ wasn’t an invitation to adulterous living, but was a COMMAND from the HIGHEST Power of all.
        They’ve failed at the most important task of all…. loving God.

        I for one don’t plan to join them in their foolhardiness, God so willing.

      25. All regular posters to this website should take heed of the lesson of this article and STFU. Why do so many of you feel the need to convey all of your inner thoughts and plans. Just keep to prepper knowledge exchange and prepper advice etc. So many of you take it beyond levels these good people were victimized for. This kind of police state injustice is ramping up more and more in case ya’ll haven’t noticed. By the way, I’ve been onsite for years, posted maybe a half dozen times-ever. You’ve been warned.

        • MJ,
          Very interesting comments.
          You know a bit about me, I know nothing about you.
          I have learned a lot about prepping here at this site,
          I am talking to solar guys I would have never found were
          it not for this site. I have spent thousands getting ready
          for the next dock strike, Hurricane, earthquake, or volcano eruption, this site is good for that. I don’t worry so
          much about the war stuff. I’m not going to get nuked.
          Most the world can’t even find my island or
          even knows it exists.

          Some guys here are pretty radical like HCKS or acid etch
          et al. We all know we are being monitored.
          Most guys here are entertaining.

          • I know a lot about a lot of people here because they feel the need to tell the whole world EVERYTHING. I’m not looking to make foes, I’m reading article after article about people getting raided and losing their stuff because of online posts. Relik, I like your comments. You don’t know much about me because I’m not registered and I don’t brag and tell EVERYBODY my plans, locations, gear, preps, training, intensions and vacation plans. Can you see where I’m going with this?

            Take head all posters,
            They are looking for any reason to fk you now or in the future and anything posted can and will fk you further.

        • They have you where they want you, ostrich. You are right though. We are a country of do nothings, and it is to late. All we can do is hide, and ride it out.

      26. TPTB don’t wanting us helping each other.

        Too bad I will help all I can. Screw them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Not criticizing Sgt,
          Trying to add to.
          I agree, keep helping. But all people posting here should take care while venting emotions combined with anything that may be construed as violence. My biggest suggestions are for people here not to drink and post on emotional issues and never advise anyone to break the law, it may incriminate you

          I have to say I hated everything about Obama while he was president, I tried to constructively criticize his policies without displaying anger, or threats. More than once I’d type something and realized a veiled suggestion for action might be misconstrued, so qualify the remark with “at the next election, or get out the vote” would make it clear. Presidents get special protection from violent speech, if anyone sees a conversation about a president go to the dark side, walk away, don’t engage, just shun them. I believe people that post here and elicit violence are plants, don’t go for the bait.

          I suspect this couple was targeted because of their prior police contact and their public profile. California is lunatic liberal and there are plenty of like minded LEO’s there to make any peppers life miserable. I suspect this couple were intended to be an example.

          For me, I’ve seen a few discussions go a bit to the dark side here and though I wanted to contribute I walked away instead. Everything you say on the Internet is recorded and context matters. If they pass a magazine or specific gun ban they can search all of internet history for anyone admitting they own it, or posing for a picture with it, now the PTB have cause for a warrant. It’s that simple, shut your prepping pie holes.

          • PTPO,
            We are starting to self censor.
            I’m afraid to say in public what I want
            to say.
            Maybe America is dead.
            What do us old farts do about it?

            • Yes, self censoring sucks, but it’s prudent. We no longer live in the free nation of our forefathers. It sucks, but people need to embrace the fact they are no longer free and governed by a despotic police state. Prepping should also involve erasing your online DNA or at least harnessing it in a bit. Cheers

            • Relik,
              “What can any of old farts do”?

              Those that can could check to see if this couple has a go fund me page or other defense fund and send them $20. If a hundred thousand people did, they’d be able to hire a good legal team and beat the government.

              When the government loses in court. It does affect their behavior.

              Biggest lesson from this article, if police ever stop you and talk of anything bigger than a traffic ticket, or start asking weird questions, shut up and get a lawyer. Believe me this couple would have been out of police custody as soon as the lawyer walked through the door. Instead they answered lots of stupid questions and police are now parsing it and will likely charge the couple with lying to police.

              • The article does have a link to the couples go fund me page. Donating is a great way to annoy the government tools.

      27. Who are the paranoid extremists? Seems to me the paranoid would want to know everything everyone is doing, and to that end, they would be spying and building profiles on everyone, and everything. Listening to phone calls. The paranoid extremists would have cameras everywhere. They would data mine every source they could get their little paranoid hands on. They would accuse everyone else, when in fact it is they. They would arm themselves and seek to keep others from doing the same. They would dress like darth vader jack-boot thugs, like in NAZI Germany. They would be the truly dangerous.

        • National socialists were the good guys, don’t take my word. Study the subject so can quit spreading propaganda.

      28. Greetings,
        Facebook is an accident waiting to happen. Yes, I have a FB account and I post photos of my cat and I rant about whatever new guitar I happen to be playing and I do that so that I can keep in contact with family and friends. Simple.

        I do not, though, go out of my way to make veiled threats to the authorities. I would not post a bunch of images of weapons. Hello?!? This is the same country that expels students from public school for, say, drawing a stick figure of a person holding a stick figure gun, a pop tart eaten into the shape of a gun, pointing a chicken strip at another child and pointing a finger at another child.

        Finally, I live in California. The people here are 100% crazy. Anyone that isn’t a Red Guard Maoist is ripe for harassment. Living here is like living behind enemy lines. That said, you do not go out of your way to troll for trouble in a State like this. Do your business and keep your mouth shut because, again, you are behind enemy lines.

      29. If you’re prepping and live in the not-so-great state of CA, you are doing it wrong. You need to move because that state is essentially a lost cause.

        • I was visiting a relative in NJ of all places and spotted a small store selling prepper supplies.

          Curiosity, I had to stop in on my way out of town. He had much of the typical stuff you’d expect. He also had a web presence. There were stacks of stuff along one wall being pulled together for web orders. A big sign said cash only no credit cards.

          I was chatting with the owner while buying a couple small items that caught my eye. He said he’d been hit with a flurry of online orders, nothing strange except the volume. He put them together and shipped. Most of the orders that week turned out to use stolen identities and credit cards with orders being shipped to vacant houses. The goods delivered vanished. In one week all the credit card companies froze then cancelled his accounts. PayPal was the only thing he can take online now. It nearly put him out of business. A couple years later I drove by and he was still in business.

          I’ve always suspected it was no coincidence his business was targeted with multiple large fraudulent orders that shipped to multiple cities in just one week. This was interstate fraud that falls under the jurisdiction of the FBI and Secret Service, but they couldn’t see anything when they investigated! I’d not put it past the then Obama Controlled deep state clowns to have been behind the dirty tricks fraud to destroy a prepper supply store. I imagine it would be pretty easy to spot these unusual goods for sale on Craig’s list or EBay, and yes the store owner was watching.

      30. The California government supports limited free speech. You can say anything you want as long as it is what they want you to say. They totally oppose free thought! That couple is being persecuted to intimidate preppers and conservatives. Instilling paranoia.

      31. You post all this junk online and expect no one to see it? Gun nuts like to do this. “Here, look at my new guns!” Ridiculous. This is what happens when your arrogance overreaches common sense.

        (Legal) Death by Facebook.

        Stupid is as stupid does.

      32. During World War II, a number of nations were occupied by the German and Italian armies. The people of those countries suddenly faced a situation they wouldn’t have believed possible. In time, they recovered from their shock and mounted successful resistance campaigns. It took time to learn since they were totally unprepared. We live in an uncertain world where the unbelievable happens. All good Americans should prepare for the unforeseen. Yes, we might face the treasonable takeover of the country or we may face a foreign conqueror. Readiness to face either one require many of the same preparations. When expressing an eagerness to deal out violence, it might be wiser to couch what you say as being against a foreign occupier.

      33. By doing this, these cowardly drones actually verified everything the Leach’s had been saying about gov abuse of power, etc.

        How is it someone who makes no actual threats is treated this way, and celebrities and liberals can say they want to kill Trump or his family members, draw paintings of murdering them, etc, and nothing is done.\?

      34. While this is a most egregious affront to the Bill of Rights, why are the Leachs surprised? Everyone knows Zuckerbug promised Merkel to report any German who criticized their Muslim problem. Zuckerberg is the devil incarnate, as are Google/YouTube oligarchs and Bezos. These people are traitors, working for the Deep State to destroy by reporting patriots to their jack-booted thugs.
        Patriots need to find other ways to communicate. Don’t trust strangers in your prepper groups, don’t tell anyone what you have or think unless you trust them.

      35. As a former member of the DOD, Department of Defense, I learned a long time ago that the Federal and State Government monitors various social media accounts for information.

        Most people will tell you anything you need to know about them in five minutes or less. When on social media sites people tend to forget that they are in fact being monitored and their personal information is being gathered on them to be used by the Government and third parties entities. Just recently, it was discovered that a unauthorized entity used the information that it has gathered from information it got from Facebook. That is 87 million people. This entity used the information that it had gathered on these people to target them for various ad campaigns. Just think what the Government can do with such information? If you speak your mind or say something that the Government disapproves of you can find yourself arrest just like Mr. and Mrs. Leach. You see the Government doesn’t care about you or me. They know that if you are placed under arrest it will cost you dearly to get out from under the charges that they will try and accuse you of. It can cost you your home, your job, your livelihood, your circle of friends, even your family. What will it cost the Government? Just your tax dollars. They got buttheads to do their biding for them, after all they collect a salary whether they come after you or someone else.

        That is why I don’t subscribe to all the social medias except YouTube and this site. I use YouTube for the information that I can get; this site to voice my opinion. Remember, say it forget it; write it, regret it.

      36. To many people give to much info out on these Prepper Blogs, and to many anti governent opinions. It’s imperative to have good Opsec, and be Grey now a days. It’s stupid to leave posts on online multiple social sites about prepping and what plans you have when Uncle comes for your firearms.

      37. One world totalitarian police state is arriving real soon. The ruling elite are instigating world wide violence in order to install world wide martial law. In many cases mass shootings are instigated by the puppet political elite so as to provoke the gullible anti self defense crowd to demand their own disarmament.

      38. Yeah, I’m dubious about this report at best. Seems more like propaganda thought up by the Communist webbots than anything else.

      39. Looking for someone to help me start a new business: I wish to take donated weapons and get them out to state militias…little money and I have never started my own business before. Have to be legitimate militias, such as Missouri’s, where they answer to the Dept of Public Safety Director.

        Also trying to get a nonprofit started to bring the Rural Medical Asst program form India here, and combine the 6-month program with teh 6-month emergency Paramedic program.

      40. Stop posting things on Facebook. You’ll figure it out some day. There all watching.

      41. Rearrested on 5/8 (appears to have been an attempt at additional sale of illegal items), a 2 million bond, 8 felony charges, still in jail.

      42. Sarah Jane Wuerthele, aka, Sarah “Anne Leach” is a woman who has left 2 young sons from different fathers and is an absolute fraud. She has very bad mental health and is a pathological liar. She is extremely good at manipulating people and narratives. I’m not surprised that she has gotten this type of support here. She has a very high verbal IQ and is quite pretty but it’s all about manipulation with this woman.

        • Do you have evidence to support your claims?

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