Internet at Gunpoint: Chinese Forces Stationed at Website Firms to “Quickly Respond to Online Crimes”

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 53 comments

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    As if the land of the Great Chinese Firewall didn’t have enough of an tight grip on the Internet with its strict censorship and zero tolerance policy for offensive postings, police will now be physically stationed at top online companies and ISPs to guard against online speech “crimes”.

    Not to be outdone by its already glorious police state, the government incredibly now intends to place actual Thought Police on the scene to respond in real time to alleged cyberthreats and terms of service violations from inside the offices and operations of top companies, paving the way for adoption of these methods in Western nations as well.

    An iron curtain of global censorship system can then use people’s words to enslave and imprison them. PC World reports:

    China’s control over the Internet is set to expand. In a bid to better police local websites, the country’s security forces are establishing offices at the biggest online firms in the country.[…]

    The ministry’s plan… will place China’s security forces at the offices of the country’s major websites, so that they can quickly respond to suspected online crimes […]

    “The law will effectively put China’s Internet companies, and hundreds of millions of Internet users, under greater state control,” the group said in an email.


    Websites based in China already have to abide by strict provisions for online censorship, and will often delete any content deemed offensive by government censors.

    This, by the way, is also commonplace in the United States and Britain. Websites have been taken to court, or simply intimidated by Secret Service agents into turning over IP addresses and data logged by visitors who’ve been accused of making threatening or illegal comments.

    The Wall Street Journal dubbed it ‘unusually hands-on’ since threatening companies to comply withe censorship policies has typically worked so far:

    It is an unusually hands-on approach by Beijing, which typically sets censorship standards and puts the onus on companies to comply. China’s Internet regulator has previously favored tactics such as threatening to shut down services that didn’t meet censorship requirements. . .

    It is only a matter of time before these other draconian policies find their way into “free countries.”

    “Cyber attacks, the online spread of terrorist information, Internet fraud, and the stealing of personal information,” were among the biggest threats the ministry named.

    In addition, authorities want to crack down on online rumor mongering, pornography, gambling and drug-related Internet activities.

    Thus reads the list of freedoms curtailed for your safety – and a must do list for stifling any remaining freedom of speech. China is on it, and so are the spy agencies in America and Europe.

    This over-the-top policy is part of a new package of online surveillance that also includes harsher laws, stricter vetting and inspection of products sold online, and mandatory “real name” registration of Internet users – a policy that the likes of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg have long since touted.

    China is so serious about its online censorship endeavor, that is has developed an anthem to promote the agency in charge. Check out the spirit of freedom evident in its grandiose and stoic lyrics:

    Alibaba Group, Baidu and Tencent are among the biggest and best known web companies in China – firms which can now expect to be partnered with an unsolicited censorship police force.

    Big Brother surveillance has never been more literal.

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      1. This will apply to all of us at some point. Sucks. We live in a world filled with evil bastards. At least they will burn in the end.

        • “The spread of terrorist information”– that is, Truth. Basically, if you know what’s happening, you’re a terrorist– and that includes all of us.

          If they shut down the Freedom of the Internet, who will want to play on it anymore? At that point, people will have to find more interesting things to do.

          • And we should waste our time worrying about this, why? I’m not in China, and we’re doing just about the same thing anyway.

      2. We have this kind of thing already in America.
        I don’t get it, what is the point of this article?

        • the point of the article, FTW, is to try to WAKE americans from their STUPOR, and put a stop to it….yeesh, you had to ASK that question?

          • Aint gonna happen. The useless eaters already outnumber us.

            Haven’t you heard? We are all socialists now!

            • Billky Hill, speak for yourself. While that’s true for all of the supporters of Hillary and the African virus, it’s not true for me and never will be. The Chinese can go f#$% themselves.

              • Should have read BILLY Hill. typed too fast.

          • buttcrackofdoom, in this stage of the game. If people haven’t woken up to the treasonous actions of this government, they will never wake up.
            The sheep will continue to deny, deny, and deny that the government will do anything wrong and when I do speak up to them. I am then touted as a tin-foil hat wearing kind of a guy.

            Sorry, as I said above. In this stage of the game, if people cannot see the wrong doings within our government.
            Then let them suffer from their ignorance, there is nothing more to do for these kinds of people.

            Some people rather live in a “fantasy” world, I say let ’em and don’t say anything to them because all you’ll be doing in the process is wrecking their “fantasy” world that they enjoy.

            • Thats where im at,
              Not going to say anything,
              Going to isolate from the crap as much as possible

              • Ditto!

          • We don’t have anything to say about what goes on in China, no matter how awake we are.

            • but it’s not JUST china, now IS it? as many have said here, it’s in america too. and just like nazi germany in the 30’s, if nobody speaks up, we have eventually a world war III. true that we are villified if we speak up. but if we DON’T speak up(mac, me, others on this page), then WHO WILL? sounds like y’all have given up. just shut up and prepare for the end, THAT’S your plan? I SAY that if enough “speak up”, that it poisons their plans… the origonal question i was replying to asked what was the point of this article…. one of the points of the article….and the WEBSITE, is to educate the people that WANT to know what the gubmint is up to(no GOOD, of course), so that we can prepare for it, but also so we can FIGHT it, HOPEFULLY! soon it will become obvious, even to the idiot, the monkey, and even the congressman(possibly), they will have to see how corrupt our country has become, and start to do something about it…otherwise there’s no HOPE left for U.S…..why WOULD mac write this up? because he STILL thinks the U.S. is worth fighting for. and there aint gonna BE no fight FOR the U.S. without INFORMATION. if the dumb-masses aren’t educated, then TPTSB will keep gettin’ away with their shenannigans. no, i for one WON’T shut up, even though i may pay a high price for it eventually. america deserves to know the truth.

              • “just shut up and prepare for the end, THAT’S your plan?”

                No. That has never been my plan or my action.

                I just pick my battles. I might be able to add to some kind of change here in my own country, but there’s nothing I can do about what happens in China. Half or more of the stupid sheeple in this country want to bomb China (and Russia) because they see those people as “bad guys.” Sheeple are not receptive to advocating for whom they see as bad guys.

                But that’s indirectly our problem isn’t it? The sheeple’s lust for death and destruction, keeps humanity from coming together as a whole to fight the REAL monsters. They’ve been brainwashed for so long about those evil “commies”, that arguing on behalf of “commies” is useless.

                We can’t even unite to fix OUR OWN PROBLEMS. WTF makes anyone think we could unite for “the commies?”

                • A perfect illustration of my point, found in a comment right below: QUOTE

                  “I think the chink in the gold dress is a robot. How is that for a conspiracy theory. Or she is stoned out of her mind. One or the other.”

      3. this is already being done here in amerika at major metro tv news stations across amerika and kalifornia’s hollywood production studio’s.

        amerikan government controlled programming , mk-ultra and other forms of it has bee around since silent films was first introduced in the 1920’s and then eventually television .

        charlie chaplin was demonized , blackballed and kick out of amerika by the fbi for refusing to go along with the government censorship program.

      4. The business interests of the world no doubt look at China as the model of labor relations. A disciplined people devoid of rights compliantly doing as they’re told. No Walter Reuther in their future.

        They want the world to morph into a damn insect colony.

        • Censorship? Censorship? LMAO! They got nothing on US. Where is their “pre-crime” unit” ? 🙂

          • Their whole damned country is a pre-crime unit.

            Quiz question: Which American politician lamented that he wished the American Internet could me managed like the Chinese? tick, tock, tick, tock………….

            • Old Coach, it doesn’t matter which POS said it. Any and all censors can go f#$% themselves.

      5. It’s another reason to consider TOR, encryption, packet radio, and ham radio. On ham radio, consider less usual modes, such as slow-scan TV and RTTY. After SHTF, you can use unbreakable encryption or codes on radio. When using radio, you will need to make transmissions short, and you will need to broadcast from various remote locations.

        If you have a website, consider having pages in hidden, locked subdirectories, which aren’t linked to anything else. Then give the exact addresses only to trusted friends. Those pages will be part of the dark web that Google can’t search. I have done this to post family photos for certain family members to access.

        You can also use this method to store files that you might want to access remotely when you’re not at your own computer. Remember not to use someone else’s computer as-is for this. You can make a bootable flash drive with a tiny version of Linux, such as Puppy. You can boot from the flash drive, do what you want on the internet, and then shut down without leaving any trace on the other person’s computer. I carry such a drive on me at all times.

        • Create a free email acct and give each user the password. Create email messages but dont send them, just save them in the saved unsent folder. The other person can log in and read the temp unsent file, delete the content and reply back with no actual email ever being sent or monitored. Yeah log in with Tor if you want to stay more anonamous. This is simple sh!t people. Including attached photos if you wanted.

          • WWHTI: A nice thought but in reality, the NSA/CIA copies ALL traffic, including inter ISP CHANGES, so if you use YAHOO! or some other email service, you make a CHANGE on their servers by adding your draft.

            Additionally the NSA, China and others “take a picture” of the internet by re-routing ALL traffic through their servers periodically.

            A few years ago, it took China 20 minutes to snap the “photo”. It may take a little more time now as internet traffic has dramatically increased; but supercomputers that take these “photos” have improved too. I revealed that truth here some time ago but no one believed me until Snowden spoke up.

            Finally, the DHS Cyber Squad in Chantilly Virginia has “bots” that sit off the bow of this web site (and others) scanning viewer’s IP addresses, that sometimes monitors even specific article viewers.

            My shields went up as it tried to produce a false “certificate” and pass it along to my laptop to access me. Don’t forget to tape over your web cam, especially if you never use it. 🙂

          • The rag-heads were doing that years ago. You don’t think the Feds can detect that kind of account?

          • Don’t be silly. If the internet is not secure, it’s not secure, no matter how many threads you put on your web.

            For security, go back to verbal and written communications, face to face, hand to hand.

            • I agree Smokey, it is difficult to monitor every hand written letter. But there’s an old saying “If you would not want it to appear in the newspapers, don’t put it in writing”. Compared to the time when that was said things have changed significantly. But the principle remains. Perhaps a campaign of double speak to confound and overwhelm the system might be a good way to get into a lot of hot water with the Natzies who want to punish everyone who doesn’t genuflect to their way of thinking. The funny part of all this, I think many of the oppressors actually think that they are fighting facism. It’s twisted. In any case face to face conversation is the hardest to control. There are devices that can record from fifty feet away. But that would probably only effect a person under intense scrutiny. Before long they’ll find a reason to put a stop to all this communicating. It is too much fun. Got to put a stop to it. Maybe the threat is a farce. It would be stupid for them to put a stop to their ability to gather information. They are not stupid.

      6. If the free speech crackdown wipes out free speech on the internet, well there goes any reason to even log on. The people will have to offend those attempting to stop free speech in public and not back down when the police state goes all out to crack their heads.

      7. Seems time for a Mark Dice Video.

        “Should we back the OBAMA plan to sensor political speech on the internet making it a crime to criticize our government”?

        The Alien & Sedition acts are coming back new, modernized under a different name.

      8. EPPE…
        As promised, my favorite chicken joke.
        And no i did not get this from big bang theory, that show is the most propaganda filled tripe ive ever seen, i read it on a geek website years ago…

        There is this farmer who is having problems with his chickens. All of the sudden, they are all getting very sick and he doesn’t know what is wrong with them. After trying all conventional means, he calls a biologist, a chemist, and a physicist to see if they can figure out what is wrong. So the biologist looks at the chickens, examines them a bit, and says he has no clue what could be wrong with them. Then the chemist takes some tests and makes some measurements, but he can’t come to any conclusions either. So the physicist tries. He stands there and looks at the chickens for a long time without touching them or anything. Then all of the sudden he starts scribbling away in a notebook. Finally, after several gruesome calculations, he exclaims, ‘I’ve got it! But it only works for spherical chickens in a vacuum.’


        • I think I know that guy.

      9. This is no joking matter, though I like your jokes. Talking about internet censorship. TPTB feel the heat of the truth ramping up against them. From veteranstoday, this is the biggest reason why: 9-11 Was An Inside Job. All the heinous wars, the vast increase in the military budget, the curtailing of civil liberties, the tight control of the media, the shambles of the economy and a thousand indignities suffered all over the world are based on a single Big Lie, the fraud of 9-11. All the countries we wrecked, all the lives we destroyed, all the torture inflicted were a cosmic error of the greatest magnitude. it is a great treason costing thousands of American youth their lives and looting the treasury. End of quotes. This is what they want to wipe off the internet, the plain truth that the ignorant choose to ignore for whatever reason, their job, their mindset, who knows? A similar coverup would be the entire WW2 fiasco that led to 9-11.

        • The Gov probably did not create the event. They used it to justify their later actions. It’s not what happens, it is how you respond to what happens.

      10. There to day here tomorrow!!!
        The only problem is that they are taking on the little guy (so to speak). If China or Russia hacks our sites nothing is done. If we hack there site nothing is done. “That we see”. We just keep hacking each other in retaliation. One day there will be a flash in the sky, and no one will have a site or even Inter Net.

        • I highly doubt China and Russia are hacking government sites.
          But…lets assume they are….Isn’t this the NSA responsibility to protect us against such measures?
          Seems to be the last few years, the NSA is being outed as a useless agency(which it is).
          The NSA rather hack and spy on people like us, then attempt to protect outside hacking onto government servers.

          If the government is using the word Hacking to replace the word Spying, then I can understand.
          Spying has been and always will continue to happen.
          Seems the US Government can do this spying, and it’s completely ok, and good for America.
          But damn those other countries who do it to America!……hypocrisy at it’s finest.

          • Id like to know how much US Tax Payer money has been used by the US Govnt to hack into other Countries computers and cell phone calls. Im guessing Trillions. And what did it get us? NOTHING!!! But more BROKE!! And more Hated. Just ask German Chanselor Merkle about her cell phone the US Hacked.

          • Our hijacked Goverment likes for Americans to hate everybody. It then allow them to go to war with everybody. Stop the hate and the instigators and agitators in their tracks by exposing their scams.

            What else can you do. I will never lie to anybody here and try to speak the truth always. Like it or not. If I am wrong tell me otherwise with facts and proof to correct me. Fair enough?
            ~ WWTI

      11. Spain just implemented one of the most anti-democracy laws on the face of the planet
        it is worthy of any third world dictatorship

        Spain officially becomes a police state… Could it happen here?

        ht tp://

        one of the first arrests made was of someone who called the police “slackers”
        that’s all it took to violate this law

      12. When atheists lecture me on my religiosity or magical thinking, I love to show them a good, Communist opera or shrine to one of their demigods. Does the laity show such piousness, in the typical church?

      13. Spain officially becomes a police state… Could it happen here?

        Sure it can. All the Government needs to do is open the flood gates like they did in Baltimore. Let such, and such colored, undesirables have free range on cities across the nation.
        Wouldn’t take much to send this country into chaos.
        This nation is so fragile, other alternatives could be used to implement the full scale police state.

      14. No different than the filthy fascist boot licking scum at the NSA downloading everything from everyone in the Orwellian Fascist Police State nightmare of Murica, all to be used later against anyone opposing and exposing their totalitarian Corporatist Fascist NWO genocide and de-population agenda in the “Land of the Zombie cowards, Home of the brain dead dumbed down boot licking slaves”

      15. This already happens in America.
        For reasons unknown I’ve been banned on
        1. Free Republic
        2. Gateway pundit
        3. ABC news
        4. Daily mail
        and a few others.
        I can post at Pravda, NY times, WaPo and a few others.
        I’m a stark raving conservative, in a Democrat workers
        paradise. I get more censorship from conservatives than from Communists and Progressives. Go figure.

        • Rellik, before I came to this site in 2012, I was banned from ALL of the MSM sites, INCLUDING FOX.

      16. I think the chink in the gold dress is a robot. How is that for a conspiracy theory. Or she is stoned out of her mind. One or the other.

      17. Folks the hand is now resting on the only switch that will needed to be turned off that is: Energy (power grid) or what ever you wish to call it. When that switch is turned off everything and I mean everything STOPS; no food, water, shipping, you name it stops. Soon very soon its lights out for us.

        • Read “The Machine Stops” written by E. M. Forster in 1909. It shows how people can be made totally dependent on the “machine” and become sheep.

          ht tp://

      18. Hey China, good luck sensoring Texas, on your so called stand by Forces.

      19. Divide and conquer, split the net into tens of thousands of “portals”, open to anything, absolutely anything, declare the state run portal for sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, whatever, but require that in order to post anything dealing with any one subject in one place only, secure the entry by only allowing a payment to the state such as credit card, One Dollar, for example, and split the hair so fine as to identify the age, income, birth date, item that was last purchased for meals from walmart, etc, etc, to the point that to get into any one area the profile will be rich in detail, but “ALLOW EVERYTHING”, just control it, regulate it, make it COST (Minimal amounts to move point a to point b, but Max dollars cumulative), want extra fine Virgin 100%, you can have all the Olive Oil you want, ten bucks, register to enter.

      20. Why not just turn off the computer, phones, and widgits and go into self imposed quarantine. Any move we make to outsmart them then they already have a countermove that rules ours null and void.

      21. “censorship” you say well Google/Facebook and Twitter are doing plenty of that as the delete or hide websites and tweets to feed us a diet of propaganda.

        When it comes to tracking, well the west has windows for that.

        Sorry but things are just as bad here as they are in China but it’s not so obvious to see it or have you not read the new aggreament you sign up to when you install windows ten

      22. Question for preppers. Has anyone eaten freeze dried food that is near the expiration date? How was it?

        • Edible, but I can’t stand the stuff anyway. It’s for emergency calories, not a sustained diet.

      23. Dried beans will stay hard if you put salt in before they cook. Best if you clean and soak overnight then cook slowly for hours the next day. Add ham hocks for flavor. With some beans, a little honey or brown sugar. I mix dried with fresh or canned which I add when the dried are completely cooked. Stick with quality. Organic/nonGMO. Dried and freeze dried food can be part of your every day diet if you learn how to incorporate them. Waiting until the SHTF is not my idea of being prepared. We should all live a lifestyle that will make the transition as natural and easy as possible. That requires adjusting our way of preparing meals. It is not necessary to do it every single day. I’m eating mine. I’m used to it. Pretty darn good and very nutritious. I’m big on spices. Spices, herbs, and let them simmer for a good long time with plenty of water so that they thoroughly reconstitute. Butter makes everything taste better. Shake it up. Fresh milk that is.

      24. Sorry for getting off the subject. Censorship, internet surveillance, China. It sucks. On some level I believe it’s already too late. If the people couldn’t control immigration from Central America, South America, Mexico, and Cuba back when; wait until India, Korea, and China start sending over their people not by the millions, by the billions. Start learning Mandarin and Cantonese. It won’t be Donald Trump for President, it will be President of The United States of America Ming Tong Pee. Hell their Government and ours have probably already decided who it is going to be. Do you think my opinions make me a racist. That is the tool of the oppressors. Whenever someone touches on the truth that THREATENS their authority. You are silenced by shirking you off as a racist, a nut job, and since 911, a terrorist. That’s Censorship American Style.

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