Intent to Destroy Evidence? Hillary Emails “Deleted Where Even God Can’t Read Them”

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 47 comments

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: Everyone from top to bottom both inside the system and in the heartland of America is well aware that the emails are just the tip of the iceberg, and that there is certainly something criminal going on.

    It is perfectly obvious that Hillary has calculated that she is above the law, or intent on being treated that way. What is not clear is whether or not such a corrupt operation can be stopped before the U.S. selects to put her into the White House. How did this country reach the point where someone can attain the highest office with a Watergate-sized scandal (and beyond) underway and out in the open going into it?

    FBI Admits Clinton Used Software Designed To “Prevent Recovery” And “Hide Traces Of” Deleted Emails

    by  Tyler Durden

    South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox News today and disclosed new details about the Clinton email scandal that seem to indicate intent to destroy evidence.  Per the clip below, Gowdy reveals that Clinton used “BleachBit” to erase the “personal” emails from her private server. 

    For those not familiar with the software, BleachBit is intended to help users delete files in a way to “prevent recovery” and “hide traces of files deleted.”  Per the BleachBit website:

    Beyond simply deleting files, BleachBit includes advanced features such as shredding files to prevent recovery, wiping free disk space to hide traces of files deleted by other applications, and vacuuming Firefox to make it faster.

    During his appearance on Fox, Gowdy clearly indicates that Clinton’s use of BleachBit undermines her claims that she only deleted innocuous “personal” emails from her private server.

    “If she considered them to be personal, then she and her lawyers had those emails deleted.  They didn’t just push the delete button, they had them deleted where even God can’t read them.

    “They were using something called BleachBit.  You don’t use BleachBit for yoga emails.”

    “When you’re using BleachBit, it is something you really do not want the world to see.”

    Gowdy also questioned whether Hillary considered “Clinton Foundation” emails to be “personal” and, if not, asked why the FBI’s investigation revealed minimal emails about Foundation-related topics.

    So Dear Reader, we leave it to you to decide whether – like FBI Director Comey – you see no “intent” to hide or obfuscate any of the deleted emails; or – like Rep. Gowdy – you see the facts as proving Hillary Clinton’s intent to ensure no trace was left of these harmless emails about yoga routines or wedding plans.


    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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      1. Hitlery only destroyed them because she knew she was doing something illegal. It is just that simple. Why else.
        I have a tall tree and short rope.


        • Speaking of “evidence” my peeps, here is a link you will all find interesting reading. Apparently new “stingray” technology can locate the digital “signature” of your cell phone, like an IP address.

          When SHTF you will likely want to lose your registered cell phone as that cell number, its IP address, and your name is likely entered into a massive, cross referenced, database that can be accessed with a simple search by any of those variables; you will be located and your GUNS will be located.

          If you have an email address the provider has required a cell phone number from you as a condition of service. Fore warned is well armed. 🙂

          • can they still get this when your phone is switched to “airplane mode”?

            supposedly no data in, no data out

            what do you think?

            • If your cell phone is not in a Faraday cage, the government can do anything they want with it. You can even take out the battery, and there’s enough capacitor charge to get your location at least once, maybe more.

              • Not sure if a Farday Cage is full proof from being safe.
                That being said …

                Airplane Mode will not keep you safe from intrusion.

                Only thing safe is … battery being pulled from phone … most phones today … that option is not possible.

                Don’t matter if your phone is off … it can be turned on and activated from an outside source … it has happened to me on a few times when I was using a Blackberry.

                SHTF scenario — knowing that cell towers are down … destroy your phone … otherwise it becomes a tracking device.

              • The “capturing” of usable energy to power an electronic device in this day and age is mind-blowing simple. Check it out:

                Whatever you wish to build, if you have the bucks, can be shrunk down to “silicone wafers”, then, ONE ‘wafer’ is added that supplies the energy (voltage;amps;etc). From where does the power come from?
                AM or FM Radio Transmissions (either pure 106.5FM or 130AM), both ‘band-types’ can supply enough ‘juice’ to power about any device you can think of. (Such as, it is ((as has been))) possible to hear conversations by ‘touching’ a laser beam to a window (or wall) of a building ‘quadrant’ known to have conversations inside that we wish to hear. The laser is either in a jet at 70,000 feet, give or take, or it’s being directed precisely at a pane of glass from a position in outer space (one “bird” of many that can do “listening” along with all other facets of snooping, to include being able to see the hairs on a woman’s navel, so you could certainly read the text of whatever they were reading or typing as well.

                The laser “hears” by simply taking the vibrations made by your voice that ‘hit’ the glass window, convert the vibrations to a transmittable signal that can be reassembled to speech when no longer in the void of space. Simple as could be and very effective. (Like having a NUCLEAR Spotting Scope).

                Someday, it’s possible that our rifles will be LED Lasered with CO HF-Lasers and your ammo will be two-3-ounce batteries in the weapon that tells you when the batteries are running low and need replacement. (Anyone could have a blast with a “pulse rifle” …drive-by’s where your ass gets electrocuted big time by a “capacitor load” (big voltage but barely any amperage, so it’s harmless), but shocks like hell! lol… Burn the britches off the bitches, just to be sure what’s hiding under there then direct them to the CORRECT bathroom!

              • So….when tshtf you do this….if you are able to drive or even ride a bike…you go a few miles down the road and throw the phone on someone elses lawn! And “you” sit until they find you! haha!

            • yes, that sim card out

              • i thought i was

          • My email provider does not have a cell phone number for me. There is no such condition of service.

            My ISP is the phone company, so of course they have my landline number, but no cell phone there either.

            Here’s how you get a cell phone without it being a locator beacon. First you buy a phone at the dollar store for cash. Buy a Mastercard for cash. Set up a free email account. Buy minutes for the cell phone. Set it up somewhere miles from where you live, perhaps in another state. Then turn the phone off and wrap it in foil until the day you need to use it.

            • One snag in your plan.

              The cards you buy at the grocery stores requires that give personal information, including SSN.

              If you know of a card that doesn’t do this, then please share.

              • You can use vanilla visa gift cards or the like as they don’t require a SSN.

            • But where do you charge the phone up? Oh, how about using a friends house? Will that work? Far away friend. Tell em your power went out!

        • Ah but…….did the hackers get them to WikiLeaks first?

      2. They should delete her. All government files should be saved on server and turned over for filing in safe keeping.
        Sloppy work full of wrong doing. She couldn’t get a job in a pie factory.

        • It doesn’t end says
          government protocol is that it is ALL suppose to be on a server and that she did not do that would be enough to be in A FED PRISON, WHAT SHE DID IS ENOUGH TO BE A PRISON FOR LIFE OR HUNG!!!

          • Hmm, you are correct, and since we were technically at war during all of the times Hitlery has done something, she would not go to jail, but rather, be court martial-ed then shot for unforgivable crimes against “everything that the government is.” (Moreover, she did it in the name of “self-gain” (money), and POWER so that she may continue breaking all laws of man and morals unhindered (I guess solely because her name is Hillary Rodham Clinton and somewhere it states any woman with that name is above all laws and should be bowed down before, then given your children and weapons, foods and ammo, then on your knees again,bend over and be slain execution-style. (for starters)

            Screw that. MOLON LABE!!!!

        • That is what is supposed to happen. They have a clear policy on their website. All emails and documents are stored centrally if they are created on a government network. The idea is to protect not only the employee but all the integrity of the information.

      3. oh good
        ANOTHER Trey Gowdy “investigation”

        anybody familiar with this guy and his so called investigations?

        ever heard the phrase “all hat and NO cowboy”
        or “ALL sizzle and NO steak” ?
        that describes Gowdy to a T
        he makes Alex Jones look credible

        BleachBit is open source software
        it does erase emails among NUMEROUS other things

        but if you are REALLY serious about hiding something
        you wouldn’t use this software
        it is actually fairly simplistic

        if Gowdy has any real evidence about wrong doing
        then fine
        let’s see it

        his “investigations” in the past have been nothing more than throwing shit up against the barn door and hoping something will stick

        • Satori, You are so right. More hearings, strongly worded letters, and nada happens. Just dog and pony shows to placate the masses.

        • Satori, Trey Gowdy is such a sorry mofo that he makes TROLLS look credible. And I never thought I would say anything GOOD about trolls.

          • Wow;
            I always thought that Trey Gowdy was a pretty straight player. Was he not a prosecutor in South Carolina? He asks some pretty hard questions. I think he might be more of a thorn in the side of the Clintons than just about anyone else. What have I been missing?

            • Out or all the Politicians – I’ve always liked Trey Gowdy … but … is this guy for real or just a distraction … to make it look like somebody is working for the ‘lil people and keeping Government in ‘Check?

              I have to believe … that he is nothing more than then a typical Politician “Showmen” in the “Theatrics Of Arts” of “Politics”.

              If this guy actually had the information to take down Hillary Clinton … he would of been just another casualty on her and Bills Client List of Deceased.

              Words are only words in the political spotlight … if a person actually believes in them … then they are called SHEEP.

              Actions is what people need to see … Words don’t do it, if they can’t back it up.

              Again … I retort … Fk ‘da dumb shit!!!

              • This was discussed here a while back.
                Trey Gowdy was either “talked to” by TPTB, or they found something on him in his past. It only makes sense.

              • If we could just see the Conviction rate of all these players, T Gowdy and the rest.
                There is so much Tax Payer Money wasted with these hearings, with no sponcers except for taxpayers !

                It like TV shows nothing more, lets see the Conviction rate !!

            • I live in South Carolina, I have no idea why people are busting Trey Gowdy. He is a true patriot as far as I’m concerned. There isn’t a person in Congress that I trust more than him

        • I’m not seeking a fight Satori, yet I’m not sure if there is a Windows version of Bleach-Bit or not, and if there is, it certainly cannot work anywhere like the Linux/Unix progs do. (once you run it on Guttman, 33 overwrites PLUS 0’s and 1’s (randomly), and THEN, just to be nasty, (and to truly make it very hard to get your old data), reformat the drive from (say) NTFS to ext3 or 4, or just NFS (new file system), fill it up with anything as you are just going to delete it all using Bleachbit again, and then have it ‘shred’ all of those “digital tidbits” ON TOP of what is under it, in another format that was scrambled 33 times (and took 3 weeks 24/7 to do it)! lol…

          What next? Just do it again once you’ve deleted your 2nd load of whatever data. No need to delete it the 2nd time, but DO encrypt it all THEN ‘zip’ it using your favorite Archiving program, assigning it a password if you like, and now erase it all using Guttman-method again, and reformat your HDD to what you intend to use for a file system (NTFS for Windows, Ext3 or 4 for Linux works great as do many others).

          We are being fed bullshit on every word regarding Hillary’s emails. We all know she’s as guilty as they come, and that something illegal was arranged (very quickly) between Mr. Bill and Laura shouldn’t we assume? Doesn’t matter. Her fat ass isn’t staying in that chair either, so let her keep on dreaming of a future she’ll never see come to fruition, and once again she and her people will lose (all to stupidity on their parts, combined with the ease of being led astray from the frying pan into the firepit (all in the name of a color mind you). We didn’t have much trouble with blacks until they were allowed off the plantations, and now, even 100 years later we are poised on the edge of race war that The Rich & Famous are arranging and paying “up-front” to have “go down?” Yep! The plantations are gone, so we can’t put them back there (employed that is). That leaves giving them all a free ride back to whence they arrived. How many? All of those who are receiving EBT Cards, have 10 children and drive a $100,000.00 Cadillac Escalade for one year before they HAVE to allow it to be repo’ed. Next day (before it shows up on credit reports), she buys another for the coming year of bill-dodging.

          Because “we” are lacking for many “full stories” on anything (thanks to every media agency selling US out to save their own white asses, and they pay with their lives once “the new kids in town” are done using them.

          I’m starting to think we’re going to end up with large cities ALWAYS under siege and chaos, with neither side ever winning, and millions of smaller encampments of like-minded folk seeking to restart the fires and build up a head of steam again, to save our country. We must, because if we do not, we’ll lose everything that has any true value in life, namely your health and freedom and the knowledge your children will be safe. So there you have it in black and white.

          We are in a WHITE country and the blacks suddenly want us dead, so I assume they’ll love ISIS and other “brothers” (until their bros find out they’re Christian and lose their dreadlocked heads).

          Never a dull moment huh!?! This is fun. (Reloading). Got some new/old 7.62x51mm’s in (5,000) that are “as is” and come from one of the Marine Bases in The Carolinas. Having a DV Plate all but ensures I’ll have great traction on the way home (from the weight). I always get them “rough and raw”, and do all my own cleaning, polishing, swaging, and-so-on), and for me it is even more fun to attempt to create a MATCH BULLET since I’ve had years to amass the knowledge, tools, tricks, chrono’s (just to test when in search of the best). I don’t it is possible to amass a knowledge of virtually everything, but the great part is that “the bottom lines” do not ever change, and safety protocols are of the type you must adhere to strictly, or someone (eventually) will be on the wrong end of an accidental discharge.

          New at making your own bullets? Be extra sure that you press in the primer so that it leaves a slight ‘edge’ (lower) than the edges of the primer hole it sits in. Many of the ‘dead bullets’ I run across never fired because the primer was not seated “hard to the bottom” (and usually ANY space will screw up “ignition”, so I usually triple check all my primers (plus you can’t beat the Go/NoGo “toys” for every caliber you mess with)!


          • Equorial;
            Uh, What?

        • @satori

          Your obvious love for Hilary is pretty nauseating. Might want to pull your head out of your ass and face reality.

      4. As TPTB become more bold they need political leaders that are increasingly unsavory relying on their amoral and deceitful nature to further their agenda. Being untrustworthy is not a switch that is turned on and off. Hillary being Hillary will turn on them eventually.

      5. I have a difficult time to believe that the NSA can’t breach every privacy system in the electronic medium. It it was unbreathable it would be unavailable. Maybe Assange can’t get it but Uncle Sam can.

        • Unbreakable not unbreathable

      6. When she was asked if she had wiped the servers and she replied as with a cloth wiped them off please thats about like her hubby bill when him and monica incident and he asked them to define “is”durring questioning . Hanging would be a waist of rope a pre hell burning would be more appropriate

        • I would settle for one shot from yardage

      7. As Putin said its Gods job to judge them and my job to send them to him.

      8. From the IT perspective, having been an expert witness, proving the intent or knowledge of wrong doing by Hillary from just public messages is as about as easy case as could be made by any public prosecutor.

        What is absolutely stunning, and what makes me question whether Clinton has been so foolish as to stray into treason, is that Clinton made absolutely no attempts to secure her communications and treat them with the level of seriousness their classifications require. This is beyond bad judgement because she put others in harms way.

        The FBI began its probe connected to Clinton last summer, when inspectors general at the State Department and federal intelligence agencies referred Clinton’s “homebrew” email arrangement to the Justice Department for review. The bespoke setup might have jeopardized sensitive national secrets, investigators warned.

        Roughly one-in-15 of the work-related messages that Clinton sent or received on the private server have been classified at some level, according to the trove of 30,000 emails that she handed over to the State Department. Twenty-two emails were classified as top secret — the highest level of secrecy.

        In May, the State Department’s inspector general released a scathing report claiming that Clinton had never asked to use the unconventional setup while in office, and that the request would have been denied if she had.

        Using BleachBit just adds to the narrative that she was trying to hide something.

        At this point in time it would be very easy for a 7th grader to make a convincing legal argument for prosecution of Hillary for treason using public testimony …

      9. As far as this whole racist or bigotry issue this is America you have the right to hate anyone you want for any reason you want and we also have the freedom of speech thats why sticks and stones may break bones but names wont last i knew you couldent take an xray of someones feelings the world needs to accept not everyone is equal

      10. Basically, the FBI investigation was done out of context, like examining a tree when you really need to look at the forest.

        The forest in this case is Hillary’s widespread abuse of state power -selling favors, taking bribes using the Clinton Foundation as a front. When your “operation” is centered around political influence trafficking and racketeering, then naturally you need a separate “off the record” set of books which in this case was her server. The installation and coverup was bungled in an eerily similar way the Watergate break in was a clumsy screw up up by a bunch of amateur burglars.

        So maybe, maybe, with the help of some more Wikileaks or disclosure by Russia, Iran, or disgruntled NSA workers, the remaining e-mails may be forthcoming before the election.

      11. Evidently these braintrusts thought only gubmint could hack and copy content. BIG oversight.

      12. Does not speak highly of those policing our politicos.

        • Once up on a time long long ago, the FBI had my utmost respect but that was before Waco, Ruby Ridge and Finnis and now Hillary. I do now believe the FBI is the Shithole of the alphabet government agencies. Trekker Out. Where’s Herbert When We Need Him!

      13. What did she have to gain by using her emails in this careless manner? Nothing. So, is this treason or just incredible lack of judgment? It appears to me that this woman has a screw missing. She didn’t have the ability to realize what she was doing, then when the seriousness of the security breach was pointed out she went back in to cover up her mistake. I think she has a mental/brain problem but this is not something to put her on trial for. It’s something to disqualify her as a viable candidate. She’s lacking the ability to handle secrets. I see it as proof that she has dementia or brain damage. The Country needs someone who can carry out the responsibilities of the Presidency. Obviously Hillary is not up to the task.


        • Darrel Bradford Smith “The Nameless War” by Captain Ramsey

          On YouTube

          Also : www. Michael

          This dude is a half J*w. He says J*ws are Neanderthals. He’s not joking. He’s a scientist and anthropologist. This is fascinating and a little scary. J*ws are not completely human! That explains why they call the rest of humanity animals. It’s that old case of projecting onto others your own flaws, projection. And it explains the J*ws agressive sadistic behavior which so differs from homosapiens, humans. J*ws are not completely human.

          I’m Still trying to rap my brain around this new information. Wether you believe it or not, whether you agree with it or not, this is too important not to at least look into it.


        • From where I stand and see matters-at-hand, Hillary purposely used a private server knowingly it was not permissible to do so (but what does it matter)?

          I believe she did everything in an insecure manner so that “all who were/are watching” could gather all of the intel she had promised she would deliver, and all they needed to do, since she used Linux Debian, was probably “auto-sent” when received (like; straight to anyone who had already “paid-to-play” meaning their problem would be dealt with immediately and in a manner pleasing to them and THEIR corruptive ways used against THEIR people.

          With Hillary at The Helm, it would be “Daily Chaos” at The Oval Office, and any country she visited would end in a signed Declaration of War (she’s already promised that much, and wasn’t it a threat made directly at Putin)? Putin hates her but would never give her the satisfaction of letting her know that she drives him ‘bugfuck’. A certainty is that Putin KNOWS that Hillary actually (already) favors a ‘pre-emptive nuclear strike’ against Russia as opposed to the present “threats” we are surrounding “him” with.

          That would be incredibly inhumane if not totally needless, or from where I stand it would appear needless destruction with massive loss of life (in retaliation for what, exactly Hillary)? The false war Bush started with a country that went into shock when we attacked (and destroyed and destroyed and now look at the entire place, stem-to-stern). ISIS is said to be blamed for all of the religious artifacts being smashed beyond repair (or entire cities laid waste as in “flat to the ground” (as if it were totally torn down with .50BMGs from Twin ‘.50s mounted on a cannon atop a tank. Between the tank shells and dual machine guns one man could bring down NYC in a couple of weeks, or all of Long Island inside of 24hrs (and more “rad” that could be handled, making for a disaster atop a disaster).

          We are fixin’ to get our next prepper item, (just a new chainsaw is all). Stihl with their “tried & true” engine that rarely frigs up. (It’s in the woods and I forget the Model …XR ‘something’ sounds ‘close’ ((maybe)). Light saw, long run time on one tank, NO “pinch-kicks” plus it comes with a free (yeah right) bar and “ripper chain” – for cutting ‘with’ the grain if you wish to make beams, boards …stuff that would take a ‘chipper’ chain months to do. (Chipper chains are used for dropping trees, sawing firewood, etc). Alaskan Chain-Saw-Mills use a plank-guide(slide) and a very heavy duty “ripping chain/and bar that uses more oil.” Those mills are popular (or were at one time, still got mine and use it from time to time (just to make a nice beam or to replace a rotting sill down the road at the neighbor’s place.

      14. There is no “intent” requirement in the statutes that apply to the treatment of classified information.

      15. “Even God can’t read them”? REALLY!! Do you realize
        that statement gives the NSA higher abilities than
        GOD? Don’t kid yourselves, Hillary may very well have
        deleted all those incriminating E mails, but the NSA
        still has their copies!!!

        Maybe the FBI should be asking the NSA for the
        E mails, rather than Hillary. They would if they
        actually wanted to get somewhere!!!!

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