Intelligence Insider Who Simulated Financial War Games For Government: “What They’re Going To Do Is Lock Down The System… Close The Banks, Money Market Funds, Stock Exchanges”

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Headline News | 109 comments

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    There is only one reason the U.S. economy has thus far avoided a completely devastating collapse that threatens to end life in America as we have come to know it. According to former intelligence operative and author of Jim Rickards, it has everything to do with confidence. Slow but surely, however, that confidence is eroding and it is only a matter of time before the machinations and manipulations of central banks, governments and financial institutions lead to a total destabilization of the system.

    And when that day finally comes – when credit markets lock up, stock markets crash, or the U.S. dollar collapses – Rickards, the author of The Road To Ruin: The Global Elites Secret Plan For The Next Financial Crisis, warns in a recent interview with Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog that access to your assets will be heavily restricted.

    You’re going to be in the middle of a panic, whether it’s three months, six month, nine months for the IMF to issue SDR’s, or to convene a global monetary conference, or push the legislative process… whatever it is, it’s going to take some time.

    What are you going to do in the meantime, in the middle of the panic, when central banks are constrained and they haven’t come up with their new game plan.

    What they’re going to do is lock down the system… close the banks… close the money market funds… suspend redemptions… close the New York Stock Exchange…

    They’ll tell you it’s temporary, the same way Richard Nixon in 1971, when he suspended the gold standard, he used the word ‘temporary’… Of course that was 45 years ago and it’s still in place… that’s what they mean by temporary in Washington… it’s 45 years.

    But whether it’s 45 years or 45 days, they’re going to temporarily close all of these financial institutions…

    Maybe you can get $300 a day from your ATM for gas and groceries… they’ll say “why do you need more than $300 a day for gas and groceries?”

    Rickards has previously simulated asymmetric economic attacks for the government and assessed how such scenarios could play out:

    When you move over to what we call asymmetric warfare, or unrestricted warfare, what is that? That includes things like cyber warfare, financial warfare, weapons of mass destruction, chemical, biological, radiological weapons, those types of things.

    Of course, none of this could ever happen in America, right?

    Never mind that the government closed stock markets following the September 11th attacks for a week. Or, that the European Union forced depositors to cover bank losses by confiscating money directly from their bank accounts. Or that pension funds, like the one in Dallas, Texas, recently froze withdrawals for pensioners due to insolvency.

    This time it’s different…

    But just in case it isn’t, and the system buckles like it did in 2008 or 1929, Rickards has suggested that concerned Americans seek safety in physical gold and silver as wealth protection assets, while also preparing for serious breakdowns in a supply chain wholly dependent on credit flow, the failure of which could rapidly lead to shortages of food, medicine and gas.


    A Step-By-Step Guide To Prepare For Economic And Financial Disaster

    Intelligence Insider Reveals Framework Of the Next World War: “This is How You Have to Think About Escalation and End Games”

    How To Protect Your Assets From Critical Infrastructure Failure: “Power Grid, Banking System, Cyber Financial Warfare”


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      1. So. Let them lock it down. Maybe we can come out in better shape. Im retired, own my home, am well stocked and have a garden. I’ll just sit back and watch. I don’t need to drive around wasting money.

        • Apollo, Zues, whatever your name is today, I just wanted to repost this for you regarding your comment about how used cars are a stupid thing to buy.

          Year 2007 bought a 93 F-150 4×4 for 4000 bux. It had 140,000 on it. I replaced all the parts that normally wear out in that mileage, radiator, hoses, water pump, alternator, starter, and a good tune up. Total cost about 500 bux. That truck now has 240,000 on it and runs like a champ. New a truck like that is about 36,000 bux. I can repair most everything myself. Oh also had my friend rebuild the tranny 1600 bux. So tell me again how 6100 bux vs, 36,000 bux is stupid? I didn’t think so lol.

          So I should pay 30 grand more to have a shiney new truck? That is the stupidest thing I EVER heard! Math isn’t your strong point is it lol.

          • You obviously have me confused with someone else.

            • JAS:

              Did you post that you are a neurologist? Or was that someone else? I’m not being a smart ass, I do believe it was JAS who claimed to be a medical doctor and neurologist.
              Just curious.



              • Or just someone who slept in a Holiday Inn Express once?

                • Good one BlackMoe, made me chuckle!

              • No sorry. Not even a proctologist.

            • JAS, not really, he answered your post to get his near the top.
              That’s one thing about this format- it’s difficult to have much of a conversation with someone other than a couple of exchanges, before the next article is up and people move on up with it.
              But we really could use a doctor in the house here.
              And, Mac, we need some articles on first aid, advanced first aid and more…

              • I think Genius likes to sit in someone else’s decades and gallons of sweaty crotch sweat, when he buys these old pick up trucks. You feel manly touching other fluids? lol I can sell you some used condoms if you like? Git ur cash out cowboy.

                • There’s a real intelligent reply. For 30 grand I’m sure I can shampoo any crap out of a vehicle. But then a fool and his fed notes are soon parted eh?

                • I know one thing Apollo, I’ll never buy another NEW vehicle! What a waste of money. Oh, maybe you’ve got close to as much as Pres. Trump eh?
                  I just wish that if Genius is such a Genius that he’d learn how to spell BUCKS.
                  This Bux, Boolets & other such crap is a disgrace in what they are doing to what WAS our English Language! Just like the Illegal Aliens, LEARN to speak our English Language if your going to live and contact with we True Patriots.

                  • “…live and contact with US True Patriots.” Not “we.” We don’t say “live with we,” we say “live with us.”

                    Speaking of our English language…

                  • Your being way to picky about nothing. Everything genius say is exactly what I have done myself. my last new pickup was 1976 gmc.

          • G, what you got under the hood? 302? I’m still running a F150’95 with 120k on it. 4wd, extended cab and two inch lift. Love that old truck.

            • Yep the 5.0 302 v8. I love my old truck too!

              • Hhmmm….,95 an old truck?! Come live in Warchilds world were old trucks are late 70’s at best.You know,with square lines unless going back to say Apaches with curved windshields ect.You actually got out and locked the hubs(solid Warn replacements),pulled a actual mechanical lever on transfer case ect.,you know,solid/bullet proof ease to work on stuff!

            • I have a 95 f150 4.9L bullet proof, best motor ford ever made. 120k and real easy to work on. Who cares what Seus thinks, he’s a fuckin moron.

              • I have had a couple Ford PU trucks and have been very happy with them. Currently driving a 98 Dodge Ram 4WD Quadcab shortbed with the 5.9 liter (360 cubic inch) V8. 212K mi. Never been happier with any vehicle. When shtf, I will be very happy to have this rig…

                Re article above…. ‘Bring It’.


              • I have a 95 F-150, with the straight six. Bought it new, kept up on maintenance, have 250K on it now. Runs like a champ. Interestingly, I learned to drive in a 47 chev carryall, that was in ’67. My 150 is now over 20 years old, but much better shape than that 47. Still driving a 20+ year old rig.

          • Genius, damn good points. I’ve always had ‘hand-me-down vehicles’ and they never faze me, LOL! I’ve been down the same road with Apollo several times about the same issue. I made my decision final last night to trade the Honda in for a truck but it’s still going to be a used one. Apollo claims I’m stupid for not going out to get a loan, pay $5000-$8000 down on a $30000-$50000 truck, and my notes and full-coverage insurance together would be from $800-$1200 per month. I don’t have the right kind of income to do that plus I don’t qualify for loans. I’ll grant you that me makes some interesting posts on other subjects but he misses the boat on the credit issue. On the other hand, I could change my mind and just spend the money on the Honda and keep her going awhile longer. A 2000 model with ONLY 125000 miles on it. Only paid $1800 for it on Craigslist. Everything works on it. At least I know what I have with this bitch, LOL.

            • BH, yep ain’t that the truth. Besides the extravagant insurance cost and some piece of shit totally computerized pile of crap you can’t fix yourself. He just keeps sticking his foot in his mouth, it’s actually pretty funny lol.

              • Genius, Apollo can do whatever he wants for himself, I can respect that. But he can’t seem to realize that NOT EVERYONE can go play the finance game. Your income level is the biggest factor in whether your credit application gets approved or not. No one here knows how many car lots I’ve been turned away from. Private owners for cash are the only people that will sell me something. You do whatever your circumstances allow you to do.

                • i aint been on here much for a while, but it LOOKS like WWTI changed his name to apollo. watch out braveheart. remember, he pestered eppe to DEATH,….literally….and showed NO remorse. a troll is a troll is a troll….poor clueless twit.

            • Neither one of you BH or Genius wanna be, has a credit report that could buy a pair of tennis shoes let alone a new vehicle. Who says you have to get a loan to buy a new car or truck. If you know how to make money you can just pay cash. I’ve layed out cash before 32K for a 2 yr old BMW M3- a vehicle neither one of you could ever dream of owning. It was a 2 yr old vehicle $64K new Drove it 10 years and no mechanical problems. If you like to fiddle repairing hunks of junk that’s your problem. Sucker born every day, you 2 are a pair of deuces.

              Hey BH, maybe you can return the 3 motor mounts you have to put in the Oddysee last year since the engine was about to fall out. What vehicle will you sleep in now down by the river?

              • According to your statement you bought a vehicle that was 2 years old and lost $32,000 of its list value. And still you paid $32,000 for it ????? BTW I’m in the business and I can and wouldn’t lay down that much cash. You probably filled out more paperwork for a cash purchase of $10K than a regular car note.

                Embellish much??? And the M3 is junk BTW

          • Genius,I hear ya!WTTI has always been a egotistical prick,more money than brains! But he’s making one hell of a fortress for someone,and stocking it well too! Lucky bastards .Can’t hold by yourself!
            Have a couple vehicles,used,all 4-4.
            May be a poor redneck clock punching blue collar SOB ,but what I have is mine!!
            Picked up 50# of rice,20# of salt and afew more buckets today.Don’t forget the spices folks,if you can’t afford Toni,s try crab boil just a pinch will do ya!In this part of the country godda have spice!!
            Be well all
            Maniac — out

            • Brave,respect for appy?!Are you fucking kidding me?!The things that piece of shit said last fall he deserves nothing but scorn and consistent efforts to remind him of the piece of shit he is.He brought up a used condom in recent postings,a used condom at least unlike him had a useful function at one point,something he never had.

          • Good job.

            I’ve gone as far as timing belt job myself, though… post 2005 that I think has thankfully gone the way of the dinosaur. It went in 1999 with Toyota and I’m pretty much a Toyota guy at this point largely due to engine compartment layout. They went out of their way to make it easy to service and then just kept copying the layout. Great idea. Yes, Toyota, I noticed. It’s your primary selling point to me.

            If I can scrape up the money (big IF right now, as the S has HTF for me lemme tell you)… I’m probably going to try an engine rebuild here sometime soon-ish. Bummer to note, the 1ZZFE engine is readily available as a crate motor for anything 2001 and later. 1999? I have yet to find one, sadly.

            • thanks to youtube, you can do most ANYthing on a car nowadays.

              • Roger that, YouTube is great for researching car repairs. I fixed the cruise control on my ’07 suburban I bought last year for just the price of parts and 30 minutes (would have been 10 minutes, but a fastener flipped up behind the dash wasting time finding it.) I bought a new car once, 22k, then resold 3.5 yrs later and book value was only 11k. Learned an expensive lesson there. Bought used since.

          • Bought a !991 Dodge Caravan for $795.00 and drove it for 14 years.put over 300 thousand miles on it Put about $700 in repairs and lost it to rust.The motor was fine.Love those vans.Never bought a new car and never would..

          • If no one bought new trucks, there would be no used trucks for you to buy.
            You NEED new truck buyers! Think about that for a second.

          • I’m running in a 94 with over 280,000 bucks. Sure, I can fix some things on my own and some I don’t care to bother with. Original Trans, motor, etc. The body is rusted out from northern climate but who gives a darn. I had a co-worker rip me apart for driving a rusty truck. He’s so worried about his “image”. I swear to God some men are like women when it comes to these things. Let me put it this way. If a woman doesn’t want anything to do with me because my truck is rusty, good riddens! Thank God! I’d rather be by myself.

            Fixing up an old vehicle is definitely the more cost-aware approach when it comes to vehicles. Leases suck. They limit the mileage, and if you want more mileage they make you REALLY pay the price for that con. Leases are a con-game. Have fun new car buyer waster! Unless, it’s just handed to you because you are a spoiled elite brat…….

        • Jim Rickards ??? LMFAO !!! This is the same guy who has been claiming that SDR’S will be the new global currency.

          He is a fucking MORON. 🙂

          The dollar is already the global currency and will remain so for another hundred years. That said, ALL currencies will become DIGITAL…..

          and freely convertible to whatever local currency we need wherever we are, including Mars. That process will MAXIMIZE profit for the Gangster Banksters.

          Understand money. Follow the money. Not a MORON !!! 🙂

          • DK, is Rickards related to Snyder? LOL.

            • “Maybe you’ll be able to get $300 a day from your ATM for gas and groceries…”

              I never even keep that much in the bank unless I am making a large online purchase and I do that right after depositing it lol.

              • That right like a dope using a debit card to do online purchases. Good way to get your entire $300 Bank account hacked. lol If you have a spit of credit you would reduce your risk. But being a loser with No credit, all you get is POS junk. You are financially irresponsible and wreckless. No wonder you are denied credit. Then you call yourself a Genius? LMFAO!!!!! In your imaginary world I guess.

            • At least Synder ACCURATELY documents the “collapse” before the crash. Rickards is trying to sell you swampland…. and books.

              Can you say “Howard Ruff” ??? 🙁

          • With all due respect Mr. DK- China / BoC is estimated to have acquired ( conservatively )
            about 200 TONS of gold to bolster its currency which is why the IMF added the yuan or
            reminbi to its basket of currencies/ SDR. Your Number 10 cans of 10 dollar bills are backed
            by…… wait for it……all the imaginary gold in Fort Knox. When the Saudis and Arab Emirate
            States begin accepting renminbi en masse for payment of oil, the petro dollar will be
            toast. Couple that with the exploding US debt and the growing number of countries that are
            dumping US Treasuries. Thats a lot of Number 10 cans full of paper that won’t buy much.
            The good ol’ US of A is not going to be king of the hill forever. Why do you think we are
            trying to dominate every country in the middle east. Its perpetual war to keep that almighty
            metro dollar going. If you took about half of those Number 10 cans and purchased PM’s
            with the contents, you might be a we bit more diversified when the fecal matter starts to
            fly. I’m not trying to be snooty or claiming to be an economics expert but those are my
            thoughts on that.

            • ” … which is why the IMF added the yuan or
              reminbi to its basket of currencies/ SDR. ”

              LMFAO !!! China wasn’t added to the IMF because it had purchased 200 tons of gold. You know nothing !!!

              China was added because it is the second largest economy and most populous nation, meaning it has POTENTIALLY, more consumers than anyone else. Consumers are the primary currency (EXCUSE THE PUN) for NWO Wealth Debt Creation.

              The NWO wants access to those consumers, and CONTROL over the Chinese financial system for its Rothschild Banks. If China doesn’t allow the West some measure of CONTROL, and equal access to those consumers, the NWO will implode China’s economy faster than you can say ….. “Mao”.

              Try again. 🙂

            • “Your Number 10 cans of 10 dollar bills are backed
              by…… wait for it……all the imaginary gold in Fort Knox.”

              Wrong again. 🙂

              Those ten dollar bills in number ten cans are backed by the largest economy and most powerful military machine ever assembled.

              Gold is not money for the NWO; it’s wealth. There is a difference. Know the difference. The Bankers do not care how much gold China has. No nation can back its currency with gold …. for very long.

              And why would they when the Bankers can control everyone’s money in their digital accounts, and ascribe value to colored paper ???

              Think again. 🙂

            • ” Couple that with the exploding US debt and the growing number of countries that are dumping US Treasuries.”

              The countries dumping US Treasuries, including Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia are selling treasuries to support their failing currencies and imploding economies.


              They ceased to be “debt” in the common understanding of what debt is, long ago. Today US DEBT is the lion’s share of “foreign exchange” on the balance sheet of most nations showing that they have the surplus cash to buy from other nations.


              • I really like reading what you write.

            • Correction. Apparently I under calculated. PRC/ Bank of China actually holds something
              close to 1800 TONS of gold. Also, I said metro dollar and really meant petro dollar. Regards.

              • Mr. DK- The largest economy and most powerful military machine ever assembled can only
                prop up our existence for so long. In regards to your list of countries trying to support
                their failing currencies and economies, do you really think in a race to the bottom we will
                emerge victorious? We are in free fall as much or more than the countries you listed. Does
                200 trillion in unfunded liabilities not sound like an imploding economy to you? You say that
                the dollar will remain the global currency for another 100 years. How redundant considering
                none of us will be around to see it. The prudent Chinese and Japanese investors are not
                buying our 30 year treasuries like before. That speaks volumes. You can laugh and tell me
                I know nothing. Thats fine. I can handle it. The race to the bottom will not spare any one
                country or its currency. Silver and gold. Money since ancient times.

              • It doesn’t matter how much gold China has. ALL Bankers, including Chinese bankers do not want gold to be money, and why should they since they do not, cannot, control gold; and gold as scarce as it is, is not ubiquitous.

                Currency is ubiquitous to users of the system, and digital accounts WILL BE. The bankers will control money in our digital accounts and assign various denominations of “value” to colored paper where necessary for facilitating commerce and paying taxes.

                FRN is the greatest invention of modern times after fire and electricity. At least it is in the eyes of the PTB who control the system. 🙂

            • Imaginary gold is surely better than nothing.

              • Ah. See. He gets it. If 2 sawbucks can buy an ounce of physical silver. And silver goes up to
                50 bucks or 400 bucks an ounce, I’m not going to bury those sawbucks in a Skippy jar in the backyard. Liquidity might be king in a functional world. The world we are headed towards is not going to be functional. Furthermore, I don’t give a rip about digital accounts.
                If you are burying your paper assets in Skippy jars, sounds to me like you don’t have much
                faith in digital accounts yourself. Hope you have a boom bam Skippy wonderful day.

            • Agree with ya there Anonymous. DK never will get it. I told him over and over exactly what you said here: China / BoC is estimated to have acquired ( conservatively ) about 200 TONS of gold to bolster its currency which is why the IMF added the yuan or reminbi to its basket of currencies/ SDR.

              The Chinese have bought tons of gold to back their Yuan. DK flat out denies Facts. Thick Skull and why he like to save paper IOU’s to wipe his behind when it all crashes.

        • I have a unique idea. Lock down the puppet masters.

        • Yeah, but unless you are blessed with a very low property tax bill, you are still gonna have to come up with the tax $ or they will kick you off your own and owned land.


          • BB,they shut things down,tax collectors/repo folks ect. will be a very endangered species in my opinion.Hmmm….,lets try it and see what happens.

        • cue the voice of Jeff Probst from Survivor….
          “Previously onnnnnnn Insider”

          ht tp:// nothing happened

          ht tp://
          Still waiting in the $10K gold Jimmy boy

          ht tp://
          Jade WHAT???

          ht tp://

          good old Greenspan

          ht tp://
          been waiting nearly 3 years for this to happen, so much for that fast tempo heading for disaster

          ht tp://

          this is a good one, from 2 years and 31 days ago!!!….
          ht tp://

          from over 3 years ago!!!!!
          ht tp://

          2 insider stories from Doug Hagmann earlier in 2013:
          ht tp://

          ht tp://

          Hey Doug, I’m still waiting

          Last, but not least…
          ht tp://

        • So long as they shut down the EBT cards first, this could be a good thing.

          Make Amerika Great; end all free shit entitlement programs.

          • Damn. That means I gots to gives up my Obama phone and gubmint cheese. Sheeeeet.

        • JAS, I’m in the same position. I’m not sure what I would spend $300 on every day anyway. Use it for kindling I guess 🙂

        • Don’t you have kids?

        • Amen Jas. Ditto.

      2. If you have money in a pension fund that you can get out of it, this might be a good time to start thinking about doing it.

      3. Shut it all down! Bring it on! Let’s do this already!

      4. Once they pull that stunt, all confidence is gone and it will never be the same.

        folks (thinking folks) will simply withdraw from the system. In fact most minimalist already have. Living within their own means and not hanging at the Malls, yes maybe gardening supplies. The smart ones are stacking and prepping.

        remember once the system locks down, turn your back on them.

        No focus on their system, robs them of their reality and we can get back to ours.

        The snake oil sales men have had their hay day

      5. let it crash, confidence will be completely gone at that point and the only begging for it are the dependent ones.

        I tried of living in their lies.

      6. Very interesting. But shtoopit!

        • Phrases that are No Longer Valid.

          1. Its like Money in the Bank! Bhwhwhahahaha
          2. You can Bank on it! another LMFAO!!!
          3. Cash is King! LOL Yeah Right.
          4. You need a Savings account for a rainy day fund.
          5. Your money is safe in a Bank.

          The FDIC only has $25 Billion in insurance reservers to cover $12 Trillion in depositors money in the bank. Gee what could possibly go wrong there?

          BTW/ Silver is on a tear upwards this last week.
          High to day at: $18.45

          Silver last 365 Day Return: UP $3.75 or a 21.74% increase in Value.

          How much did your $10 Bills in your #10 cans increase this last year? Some get it, and some…. Fail!!

          • 3 greatest lies in America.

            1- ” Honey, I love you. ”

            2- ” The check’s in the mail. ”

            3- ” It’s only a cold sore. “

      7. Geney or geniuy -You just confirmed my point Perfectly.
        FORD =Fix Or Repair Daily. You made my point come alive in your rambling explaination.

        • Do expound on that will ya? 6100 vs. 36,000? Yes I guess I did make the point of what an idiot you are come alive… geeeezzzzus.

        • Actually, FORD stands for – Found On Road Dead. That’s because it sat there and died of boredom, waiting for the Dodges and Chevs to catch up.
          Several years ago, the seismic company my father worked for, decided to change their entire fleet of Ford trucks to Dodge. The next year they got rid of the Dodge trucks and went back to the Fords. They wanted something that wouldn’t break down every time they took it offroad.

          • Tazweiss, they should’ve bought Chevys and they won’t have that problem.

            • Yep Chevys are the best for Pickups, Ford and Dodges are the worst. Dodges are gas hogs.

              Fools like to waste time by tinkering up to their elbow in grease daily fixing their POS clunkers cause they got no credit to buy a real vehicle. So they buy left overs of other people problems.

          • And the testimonials just keep adding up there apollolips! lol

      8. I listen with great interest to Rickards on financial issues. Too bad he’s a neocon on issues of geopolitics and war. In a thermonuclear exchange gold melts and currency burns – suggesting the greatest threat to all mediums of exchange, and those who exchange them. It’s important to put the horse before the cart.

      9. I only keep enough money in the bank to pay monthly Bills, and the rest is in the bank of Dirt, Steel Safe and My Pocket.

        And Mr Genius, Since you don’t have any credit, you can’t even buy a newer vehicle anyway, cause you don’t qualify for financing. So you too get to fiddle fixing up Klunkers for Cash money pits. Then come on here and try to justify with some excuse, why you can’t even buy a new car or want to. Tell everybody how many credit cards you have Mr financial Genius? You are beginning to sound like this other guy on here. You are both in the same boat together. Some Genius. You can’t cash the checks your ego writes. LMFAO!!

        • Yeah, got the same impression about that post from “Genius”. He cant afford shit! what a fraud.

          • Freddy K, uh, what’s your problem? Don’t know where you been, but not everyone can even go get something financed somewhere. I’m one of those people myself. so I do whatever my circumstances let me do. Not everyone here has the income to go buy some $30000-$50000 vehicle, not in this economy.

            • FK, BTW Genius isn’t a fraud. You and Apollo sound like snobs.

          • Who cares what you idiots think. I flat out OWN with 0 debt a house, 2 trucks, cabin, a shitload of preps, and make over 31 bux an hour with full benefits. Sounds like the peanut gallery is jealous? You turds make me laugh 😛

            • I know it is probably way over your heads that someone can NOT do stupid shit. I have NEVER bought a new car, I have never bought a house (I built my own), I have NEVER bought a new 4 wheeler or motorcycle or other toys, I have always lived on the cheap and saved money. I had 4 credit cards years ago and saw it was just a bullshit banker trap and got rid of them all. In 24 years of a very good job and not living like a moron that thinks he needs to live like a king. I now OWN ALL my property. While you were working your ass off to pay for your mortgage and car payments and toys and stupid shit I was paying CASH for things and prepping. Now due to my intelligent way of living I am in very, very good shape. What did you do in the last 25 years to be in my position? Charge a bunch of shit? Buy new shit? Live in a big house? Have new toys? Marry some greedy beech that cleaned yer clock? Being smart in life is very, very advantageous! Now go to Walmart and charge some crap you don’t need ha ha ha and get you a new car (great investment there). Be sure not to go out and charge a bolt gun, you might hurt yourself ha ha ha ha ha 😛

              • Genius, get ahold of yourself. Apollup is a shit talking piece of gator bait. He ain’t worth the time. However , I’ll be in Orlando in august for a big trucking thing. I’d be more than happy to “hang out” with the lad.

              • There was a book that came out about a decade ago about the spending and investing habits of self-made millionaires. The Millionaire Next Door was the title. One thing that
                many of them had in common was that they bought American vehicles that on average
                were about 3 to 4 years old. They knew that the vehicles original owner takes the biggest hit. They also developed the habit of saving. Most of these self- made millionaires fly under
                the radar because they still live in what other people would call ” starter homes “. They
                live in average joe kind of neighborhoods with blue collar type people and they don’t even
                get noticed because they live quietly and under their means. They acquired wealth over
                time and over time they amassed small fortunes. When those folks are in their 50’s they are
                debt free and socking away even more. These are not keep up with the Jones kind of folks.
                They have it but they retained the same values as when they did not have it.

            • $31 bucks about hour eh? And what do you report to the IRS. All that stuff you think you own will become federal property next audit. Karma will bite ya. And you can keep dreaming from a jail cell. Tax Frauds and cheats will get caught when you can’t explain how you acquired it. Or maybe that shine still will give you away. Not paying liquor taxes and no license? lol Start sweating peebrain.

              • Well, can people just plead the 5th when asked how they acquired it?

            • Genius; you are an arse my friend! Not everyone is blessed with being able to earn 31$ an hour. I was born disabled and then GIVEN HIV & Hep C through the medicine to treat my hemophilia. Oh yea I was 13 when this happened. So shit happens & were not all as blessed as you. Although, I also own my home (a mobile one) and my car (’14 KIA OPTIMA) all outright. And I’ve got some PM (in hand). Although I’m not as great a person as you are I’m ok. And thanks for caring. YOUVE been lucky and blessed I have also been blessed in much better ways. I know and love my Lord and Sir I also love you.
              Good day and God bless ALL!

          • Pretty funny Freddy, Stick around here long enough you will see all the Frauds stick together. Like that dope last year who claimed to invent Prepping, then claimed he had a BOL, and guns, It was all a big lie, as he had none of that, then a week before the election he panicked and committed suicide out of guilt and disgrace. He was a day dreamer fraud, who wanted to be a Garlic toothprick assassin running around stabbing people. Its all in the archives. These dopes on here worship other frauds. Glad to see you are up on this BS.

        • I work as a security guard and my wife works in a deli. We bought our vehicles new and we paid cash. We can do this because we only buy what we need and don’t piss away our money on silly trinkets.
          What makes you think that Genius can’t do the same? Maybe he buys used because he prefers to, not because he has to.

      10. No matter what financial calamity may come, do you really expect the worlds financial
        markets to shut down for months? Ehh. When commerce stops, everything stops. The
        central banks know what they are going to do. They won’t shut down their bread and butter
        for too long. In 1933 banks were shut down in the US for 4 days. They called it a bank
        holiday. Guys like Rickards and Jim Willie are right about some things. They kick around
        scenarios, write books, get people rattled. They help PM dealers like Obola helped the gun
        manufacturers. A dirty nuke unleashed in lower Manhattan would shut down markets, but it
        has not happened… yet. The IMF has probably war-gamed every scenario possible. They
        are masters of it. They work it to their advantage at every opportunity.

      11. Well if they do all that they’ll certainly need those behemoth CATS with the plow blades to clear the streets. I really doubt that this will happen anytime soon. But still it makes you want to run out and buy more food etc. I’m sure if this does go down like the writer says the cities will not be where you want to be stranded.

      12. Get prepared if you are not already. Apr 4, 2017 SITUATION CRITICAL: Bond Market Flashing RED!

      13. Some Get it!! Escape from New York.

        People are fleeing New York at an alarming rate
        04-03-2017 • Prison by NY Post

        More than 1 million people moved out of the New York area to another part of the country since 2010, a rate of 4.4 percent — the highest negative net migration rate among the nation’s large population centers, US Census records show.

        Last A-hole out of the city, shut the lights off.

        Link: ht tps://

      14. the time for snipers may come then

      15. Imagine, if you will, a cow in a field. Around the Cow is a large square fence and each side of the fence is labeled:

        Religion, Science, Money and Conflict.

        I ask you, on which side of the fence is the gate installed?

        • That poor cow.

        • The gate is installed on the out side. LOL.

        • FAUX LIBERTE’

          The OUTside

          The outside

          The out side

          ” Outside

          __ ?

      16. If they lock everything up then it doesn’t matter of you own your home, car, or debt because you can’t get to your money. So why worry? They can’t get to theirs either!

        • Are you kidding that they can’t get to their money? Haha the only reason to lock up your money is so they can have an orgy with “your” money. The crooked banks can’t stand you having money that is not under their absolute control. You are their tewl if you believe they don’t have the secret key to your accounts. Geeze

      17. I don’t have that much space inside at my current location. I go through acquisition of food preps, then I begin consuming without replacing everything right away. I shopped yesterday. I just shop differently, very few perishables and plenty of things that will last for a while. I’m not intending to stay here forever. My son is always encouraging me to get rid of everything so it won’t be a problem when I pick up and go. So, it’s a balancing act. I picked up two small cans of rumsford baking powder. I already have some and normally would not be inclined to bother. But, at $2.25 it’s an inexpensive investment in something that does not take up much space. I also bought spices. I have pretty much all the little spice jars. Then I’m going to attempt to buy in bulk, at least a pound of each. Dried parsley, onions, garlic, oregano, and celantro I would like to get in 25 pound buckets. Then just put them in the small bottles for the kitchen. I’ve noticed that having so much in the way of things like rice and beans definitely stretches my dollar. That is my justification for stocking up. It is just smart. I spent $30.00 on dinner yesterday. I could have bought a bucket with a gamma lid for $20.00 or a 25 lb. bag of food that would sustain me or my hens for a month. I almost feel guilty. Almost. ?


      18. Now WHEN have I heard this before !!! ( scratching head )

      19. A few years ago the law changed. Of course, they didn’t make it generally known. Now, when you put money in the bank, you are actually no longer a depositor, you are, in fact, an unsecured creditor. According to the Dodd-Frank Act, when a financial institution becomes insolvent, the burden of a bail-in will not be borne by the taxpayer. The burden will be borne by stockholders, debt holders and other unsecured creditors. The FDIC isn’t obligated to cover your losses.
        This is why I don’t keep any money in the bank. This is why I own precious metals.

      20. Yep, the police and military will enforce this – as long as THEY are paid off, and they can live with their consciences. But there WILL come a Leipzig moment, where the troops refuse to fire on the protesters, or they slowly slip off in the night, one by one…

        The deep state folks must be living in utter fear over what will happen when their Stasi Quislings (sorry to mix metaphors here!) start to see, as Victor Hugo wrote, an idea (freedom. Constitutional govt as the Founders envisaged, etc.) whose time has come. I have two personal friends who are recently retired police – one a fairly senior state trooper – who are STRONGLY pro-freedom, pro-constitution. NO way would they enforce this garbage. Or think of the Constitutional Sheriffs’ Assoc; or again, the sheriff of New York’s largest police district, who refused to enforce the disgusting Gov. Cuomo’s ‘assault weapons’ ban. The list goes on.

        This is why I say our battle is a non-violent one, one of education and information dissemination. The old saying was “What if they gave a war, and no one came?” Same applies today: “What if they gave a Deep State fascist state, and no one enforced it?”

        Truth is, some will enforce the Deep State stuff, some won’t. Our job is to inform those on the margin to go with freedom, justice, truth and the Constitution. But we have one signal advantage: Their ideas SUCK, have never worked, will never work, and CAN never work, and their world is anti-human dignity, not to mention morally and financially bankrupt. They have to be asking themselves, even within their own cabal, who will desert us? We see defectors from other mind control places like North Korea, the old USSR, etc. defect all the time. It will happen again.

        Horace (65 – 8 BC) said it best about reality: “you can drive nature out with a pitchfork, she will nevertheless come back.“

      21. my first two vehicles were used got tired of fixing old junk and bought a new vehicle and never looked back. Used cars are a sham your buying someone else’s problem and aren’t getting but a 30 day warranty. By then the doctoring of the vehicle will start to wear off then you will realize the thing is burning oil and the lifters are getting noisy. I’ve had 3 new vehicles all with good warrantys I have piece of mind knowing the vehicle wasn’t under water is some flood and the car fox lied to me. The ford ranger I have now was bought in 05 it’s an 04 left over when I got in it brand new truck I paid on it for 6 years and have been driving for 7 years payment free and it’s only got 86k on the wearometer. Put two mufflers on it done the brakes twice a new battery alternator and 4 tires. I’d say I’m ahead of the game. I’ve never been left on the roadside with it. New vehicles are not a waste of $ the problem is people put only a few thousand down and maybe a junk trade thrown in which they got $1500 for if they are lucky. So that’s $4500 which isn’t enough to get them above the water so they need gap insurance then they drive the vehicle for a few years and decide they want the new model and trade the old one which they lose on big time cus they were upside down on the first loan. Now they are deeper in the hole on the next vehicle rinse repeat. My advise is start out new truck ford Chevy dodge whatever flavor you like put a substantial amount of $ down and don’t forget to have sales tax which will be a few thousand or more. I’m thinking like 10k down and 3to4k for sales tax and fees. This will give you more flexibility in loan terms. You can shorten the loan and make higher payments or lengthen the loan and have low payments. Do not trade the truck in once it’s paid for take care of it and you will be driving for the cost of minor repairs for many more years. Remember a vehicle is a conveyance tool not a status symbol. You buddies don’t care if your rocking a new f350 diesel cus they aren’t paying for it. Buy what you need if you need a 4wd to push snow or 4doors to fit the family get it cus you won’t be buying another vehicle for many years so figure your future needs. If you don’t need the 4wd why pay for it. Remember a new truck is a new truck that’s what my wife says. All this being said used isn’t always a bad idea but it’s best for vehicles that you know about like the old man across the street bought it new from the ford dealer and he passed away and the old lady can’t drive. You know it wasn’t beat on or sitting under water and the service was don on it. In these cases I say go for it. It’s the shady used car lots that will scam you. The less mechanics that touch your vehicles the better. I’ve learned there is less chance they made a shoddy repair job. A lot of these dealership service dept shade tree mechanics came from high school votech programs and they don’t care or have experiance. Go to shops that have older men working yes you will pay more than some hole in the wall but these guys don’t want you to come back bitching.

      22. Rickards is a prime bull shitter, always preaching collapse, often with a specific date attached, then, nothing, usially trying to punt the sale of a book, news letter etc.
        Jast a fear monger,
        We (US) are in financial trouble, but would take what he says with a pinch of salt

      23. HA HA!
        “Maybe you can get $300 a day from your ATM for gas and groceries… they’ll say “why do you need more than $300 a day for gas and groceries?”

        That’s $9,000 a month. I wish I had that much to draw. Well if I can, I’ll try it for a few years.

      24. How many times can you run the same story? You ran under W. You ran it during Obama. You are running it under Drumpff. You will run it under Warren. And nothing will happen then either.

        • Pocahontas Warren? Really? You think that is the next president? If its a Democrat, you are
          looking at Tulsi Gabbard or somebody like that. Sanders, Warren and the other retreads
          will be out. They want to send fresh meat in there to scam the frustrated lib millennials.

      25. Apr 3, 2017 President Trump Could Drain the Swamp in 2 Seconds

        Add your name now to demand that President Trump sign the American Anti-Corruption Executive Order.

      26. I know I’ll never waste my money on another NEW vehicle. That is for either people who have more money than they know what to do with OR for Idiots.
        Just wish Genius would learn how to spell. Its Bucks, NOT Bux.
        Ya, maybe in YOUR made up language and spelling but its a downright shame what this generation is doing to the English Language. Like the Illegal Aliens LEARN to speak & spell ENGLISH or GTF Out.

      27. “THEY” are going to get their necks SNAPPED at the end of a rope.
        For subversion, robbery and murder of the People. God no longer bleeds.

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