Intelligence Insider: How To Protect Your Assets From Critical Infrastructure Failure: “Power Grid, Banking System, Cyber Financial Warfare”

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    Intelligence insider Jim Rickards has previously warned of asymmetric attacks using cyber warfare, financial warfare and domestic disasters involving chemical, biological or radiologicial events. The threat is multi-faceted and the consequences of such an attack, whether it takes the the form of state-sponsored cyber financial warfare or a rogue terrorist group detonating a dirty bomb, could act as a destabilizing event that wipes out everything from our power grid to the wealth stored in your digital financial profiles.

    Having worked directly with intelligence agencies simulating and war-gaming the potential fall-out that could result, in his latest interview with Crush The Street Rickards explains the distinct Doomsday scenarios that could instantly collapse life as we know it in America today… and how to prepare for them.

    These things are actually happening and your digital wealth is vulnerable to a number of calamities… critical infrastructure failures… whether it’s power grid, banking system, cyber financial warfare, etc.

    (Watch At Youtube)

    Last month cyber thieves figured out a way to steal $100 million from the central bank account of Bangladesh via the U.S. Federal Reserve. They could have gotten away with $900 million more had it not been for a small typo. The point, as Rickards notes, is that there is a realistic possibility of a much larger-scale attack that targets not a central bank, but the direct holdings of every bank account in America.

    The only tool you have at your disposal to protect from such an attack, says Rickards, is gold:

    You never want to go all in… I am saying that 10% of your wealth… put it into physical gold… put it in a safe place and that will be immune from power grid outages, exchange closures, digital asset seizures and cyber financial warfare.

    And while the potential for a serious calamity that would affect our digital monetary systems is a compelling reason to own gold, in his book The New Case For Gold Rickards explains that a global monetary collapse is also in the cards. And that means gold could one day become the de facto global currency as confidence in a global economy awash in fiat money is lost.

    In the interview Rickards takes on analysts who say that a currency cannot be backed in gold, arguing that supply of the precious metal through current official holdings, private holdings and existing gold mining operations is sufficient to support well managed currencies. And countries that refuse to follow sound money policies, he says, will simply have worthless currencies that will not be accepted on the world economic stage.

    That’s the whole point of the gold standard… it’s to force governments and countries to do prudent things.

    As it is now there’s no standard… there’s no enforcement mechanism… there’s nothing.

    I’ve spoken to Ben Bernanke and the head of the IMF about it and they both used the same word to describe the international monetary system… it’s incoherent.

    It appears that a gold standard is the end-game for countries like China and Russia considering that they have been aggressively accumulating the metal in recent years. And while the United States may maintain a monetary hegemony over global affairs right now, there will come a time when that will no longer be the case. With gold being used to back currencies, prudent monetary policy will be rewarded.

    If people had confidence that you were doing the right thing they would happily sell you the gold…  if they lack that confidence [in your currency] they wouldn’t sell you the gold… but that is a market signal telling you you’ve got the wrong policies… you’ve lost the confidence of your citizens.

    But we’re not there yet. A global monetary reset needs to happen first. And that means the government and Federal Reserve are going to stay the course, including quantitative easing for the people,  no matter how disastrous the next round of policies may be.

    As Rickards suggests, this makes the case for $10,000 gold quite strong, because they will continue to push low or no interest rate policies while printing even more money to stem off a potentially deflationary environment.

    Deflation is good for citizens… inflation is good for government. But if you’re fighting the government, the government will win in the long run even though it’s taking longer than they thought.

    At the end of the day they’ll get the inflation… and you’ll be glad you have some gold


    Check out Jim Rickards’ latest book The New Case For Gold.

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      1. Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead. They won’t be making anymore of it after the Changes. 🙂

        • Funny how posters here argue between junk & .999 silver.
          Why not have both???

          Problem solved.

          Be well rounded…

          • Eppe

            If you are giving some I will take both. lol

            • One can never have enough of all the metals…

              Be well all…

              • Eppe: I agree.

          • I’ve seen disagreements as to whether silver coin/ pre1965 would be better than .999 rounds and bars. To me, it’s a no brainier, the higher the purity, the higher the value. Also, if US currency collapses, I think most would be very reluctant to exchange silver coin simply because they may not realize the content. IMHO.

          • one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

          • Silver has way more upside potential than Gold. ~WWTI…

            to answer eppe, because idiots way overpay for Junk Silver, for some sentimental reason, dead president’s engravings I guess. They think it has value because it was used as Money. When the US Current currency is declared Null and Void, you will not get much for your junk coinage. Unless you are a chemist and you can remove the silver from the other impurities in the coin. But for sure, you are not going to use them for any Anti-microbial purposes. Hey Sir, Would you like some nickle and copper in your Silver Colloid sollution? I think Not!!

            Silver’s explosive growth in industrial components such as in Cell phones and Solar Panels makes this a great buy at these low prices, New applications for silver with streets that may be covered in solar panels, solar powered planes, double-digit growth projections for silver used in ethylene oxide catalysts (25% Growth) and an endless array of new applications in textiles, which will create more demand for silver and a great reason to buy now.

            So you can also sell your Pure .999 Silver to these industrial manufactures or the medical services industry for its Antibiotic Purposes. You cant do that with Junk silver or Pre-65 coins. They will laugh at you if you try. So all you can do is sell your Junk to some other Dope like you. Sgt Dale likes to buy that junk crap too.

            For timing, dump your Junk Silver for the Real Deal ASAP. You wont be disappointed. Also Sell your Junk Silver Jewelry to a street buyer. Junk Silver like Jewelry is only to rise about 5% this year. Its heavy and low value.


            • W, you assume way too much.
              Where you are now is where I was 17 years ago.
              Get real, just 12 months ago, you lived in a city where you had a gun on the toilet as you showered.
              Sold out, now you a deeper swamp loner.
              Am I impressed? Not really, just wonder why you think you are doing the right thing.
              And everyone else is wrong.

              CS is made from .999 silver jewlery wire.
              Have that too…

              • I bought the junk at 4 bucks…

                • If I sold my junk silver now, that would be nearly a 300% profit.
                  Timing is everything…

          • I suggest buying real government coins only and not rounds. I prefer 1 ounce Canadian Maple silver coins. As well as 1/10 ounce gold Canadian Maple. I get the best prices on them compared to other coins at the place I buy metals.

            • Unless you live in Canada or near the border, I would go with U.S. Eagles. I have lived in Detroit and getting Canadian coins mixed in with U.S. coins happened all of the time and we were used to seeing it. Even though a Maple Leaf has one ounce Troy of silver in it, people may balk at taking it at the face value of $5. U.S. Eagles have one ounce Troy, but a face of $1. $5 makes more sense, but explaining the difference may cause you grief. Just a thought.

              The other thing with 90% Pre-1965 coins is that it takes $1.40 face value to contain one Troy ounce of silver. Make a little spreadsheet and print it out with the weights of each coin. Morgan and Peace Dollars are different than the half dollars, quarters and dimes. At $1.00 face value the halvs, quarters and dimes have .715 Troy ounces and the Peace and Morgans have .7736. Obviously the modern Silver Eagles have a $1.00 face, but have a whole troy ounce.

              My 2 cents.

              • He is talking about RCM (Royal Candadian Mint) silver and gold bullion coins. Although legal tender they are not mixed in with regular coins.

                I never pay attention to the face value on .9999 silver. Ever. It is all about the weight and quality.

          • Chocolate chip cookies, Mr Goodbars, TP, and Coke(The wet kind) As long as you have those how bad can it be?

        • Nobody needs to worry about lead. Lead, like any ore, comes from the ground and is call ‘Galena'(sp?). It is a very, shiny ore that resembles chrome with zillions of lines on it that resembles a ‘city-scape’. Naturally, melting down the galena separates the lead from whatever else is mixed with it. Al Gore, this was 30+ years ago, took us waaaaaaaaaay down into a Kansas galena mine and allowed us to pick out a little chunk of it off the floor, or to chink it out of a wall if we wished. Galena is just as heavy as you might imagine it to be (no diff than lead to an untrained hand). There’s some info for your book of worthless knowledges. 🙂

          • I think the ‘lead’ is the kind that comes on the tip of .45 ACP.

            • I suspect the point Eq is making is that lead is a common metal and, like saltpeter for gunpowder, its available if you know where to look and how to mine it. You can make your own ammo. You cant make your own gold bar.
              That said, I like the premade stuff- less effort and stores easily

              • Tire weights. Lead Acid batteries and if you are near a body of water with sail boats, their keel. If keel less, it still will have ballast in the bilge area. My dad owned four going up in size every time he got a new one. Started with a 17′ Oday and ended with a 35′ Irwin. Still have some of the bars from the Oday.

            • Brass and lead…… ;-]

              Can never have too much…..

          • As a Geologist, I can tell you you don’t get Lead out of ore that way. Galina is Lead combined with Sulfur. You have to refine it, and you would most likely just poison yourself.

            • Agreed. Lead ore is crushed and ground, then roasted, and finally melted with some zinc added to it in what is called The Parkes Process. Both silver and gold present in the lead ore can be recovered in this way, although additional chemical treatment is needed to recover the gold. This is based on the fact that molten zinc and lead are not soluble in each other and the affinity of silver for zinc is 300 times greater than for lead. This is basically a liquid-liquid extraction process. Once separated, the zinc can be boiled off, leaving the concentrated silver and gold for final purification.

        • Durango-EPPE-ANON.
          I can’t agree with you guys more.

          How to protect your asset?

          Simple 300 Win. mag/7.62X51/5.56×45/45ACP/9MM/7.62X39. Just to name a few.

          I can’t afford gold, because I’m investing more in lead, but I can get .999 or junk silver.


        • I believe Gold will be $1,000,000,000 an Ounce when the US Dollar Crashes to Zero Value.

          Keep everything relative.


      2. I’m in one of my moods where I am wondering when once again. I would have never thought it would have made it this far. Someone said DOW 18000. Well here we go.
        Is this the rise before the next storm? I have to remind myself daily to stay focused. You here this stuff over and over. We all know it is going to happen.

        I and everyone must stay focused!

        • Mike in VA I’ll show my age but so be it. I had a classmate years ago that moved away from our home town in Missourah and he became an Exec. for Merrill Lynch, and then he returned for seminar that I went to, and after it was over we had a friendly discussion and he told me that the DOW was going to 900 and my response was “No Way” Well you know the rest of the story, here we are. Trekker Out. How Long Can This Go On?

          • MT, it is not the age, but the mileage and terrain…

            If the dow goes to 900, I would be digitally wealthy…

            Oh, for a working crystal ball…

            • Sorry eppe I should have stated that the DOW at that time was in the 700’s, to much mileage and to rough a terrain. And as you said, stay well rounded. But it makes my belt to tight. Trekker Out.

              • So you walked with Moses through the wilderness? Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself!!!

                • Jack not Moses, but I do remember when Columbus discovered America, it was big news at that time. Trekker Out.

                  • I told the Indians they should just kill him and eat them all; but would they listen, nooo.

                    • Para where the hey have you been? I was just thinking about asking about you last night. Trekker Out.

                    • Para:
                      Did you tell them they tasted like chicken or buffalo?
                      S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

                    • smart. Now they have casino’s.

          • A guy still owes me a hundred buck bet about the Dow reaching 1,000. I think it was 1980 or so.

            • he probably invested that $100 in Apple and retired last year.

        • I’m not going to post and pretend I’m “heavily informed” on stock market stuff, because I am not “in the least” – however, I’ve many acquaintances who indeed are, and they are in a big way. THEY are all in the process of “bailing out” of the normal investments and aside from putting a bit in gold, they are “guessing” that silver will “explode” in value at some point in the future. (But the same is true, “they” say, of gold….like some say $10k an ounce before this is over and that “the feds” will continue printing money. Printing money would work (whether it be long term or short term). Money does NOT NEED TO HAVE ANYTHING backing it up to have value. Look at how many dollars exist in today’s world that hasn’t anything “behind it” giving it value!
          As for the stock market, that’s a Wall Street invention designed to slowly but surely fleece every investor …and I’ve been hearing that THIS sudden surge is now going to be one “helluva fall” that will make all past crashes look like a walk in the park. I don’t know how it translates as for the nation or the people, but an extremely intense recession/depression/collapse is now “at our doors” (but they’ll keep on printing money for a short time). *Remember, this will stop just prior to election time, they’ll be a ‘false-flag’ event or SOMETHING will occur that will justify Obama declaring Martial Law …and then “they” will go about stuffing Hillary into The Oval Office (I hear they are already working on an “ass horn” to get her fat ass into the throne, ahem, chair.

          • I just saw on Drudge that when she first met Hillary, Huma thought she was beautiful. If you’ve seen a photo of Huma, then you can see how she could think that.

        • After a while it gets to be a bit much,,,
          The thing that really irks me is ALLLLL the people who think everything is groovy, they think nothing is amiss at all,
          Im not going to go into the crazy scued political crap, but many of these folks are just brain dead, either they want the washington DC retreads or the socialicommunists,,,
          Who knows, my views have changed greatly as to who im going to be willing to help if things go south, as it stands that list is real real short

          • Yes. The short list.

      3. Thought somebody said it would be curtains at midnight. It’s almost 3:00am. Still here.

        • Nah, that must of been James Cagney you heard.

        • Just a hunch someone had, after hearing about the million or so that are aged 24 to 50 that just lost their EBT benefits.

          With nearly 30 million of the group ages of 20 to 60, not having any employment, it can get really scary, really quickly, when and if those people can’t get food.

          I think this cutting off of the handouts, is a sort of trial/test, to see how much crime rates rise. Especially the increases in thefts.

          Regardless of the argument about the pros and cons of EBT, the system is broken from top to bottom. When there are fewer jobs available and more and more added to the possible workforce each year, it is looking like an implosion is coming soon.
          We as a nation can’t feed our own, but our politicians and liberals sure find funds to house, clothe, and feed refugees and illegals. Tens of thousands are coming regularly, and very few are actually working for anything they get. The Syrians (adults) and those disguised as those immigrants, will get an estimated $67,000.00 in freebies annually.

          The Americans that are losing those EBT benefits, are being replaced by refugees/immigrants/illegals, that are getting on the hand out system. Something is very wrong with this picture.

          • Agreed.

          • passin,
            it could be that Hillary says she will give the people there EBT’s back and so look how many more votes she will get!
            what a crock of crap our country has turned into!

            • You are all slaves to the SNAP and EBT. You don’t it.

              • Missed it. Under the weather today.

                You don’t know it.

          • @ P in the Wind – Agreed. You are 100% right. We must take care of the refugees, illegals and immigrants. (sarcasm sign flashing)

        • SOMEbody said a while back that we were in the seventh inning of this crap….i guess they didn’t know it was a DOUBLEHEADER.

      4. Rickards is preaching to the choir…again.

        Those that have available funds to invest in gold, and are of the prepper community, already have it invested in physical gold/silver or the other precious metals that coincide with gunpowder.

        He suggests investing 10% of ones wealth. Maybe that is working for the well to do and retired pensioners; but in all reality, 90 % of the middle classes (there are three), are basically either mortgaged to the hilt or living paycheck to paycheck, and have less than 10k in savings, of which is already spent for children’s education and/or healthcare.

        If a person has $100K in savings, and does not have to tap into that savings for living expenses, then they are considered “well to do”. Maybe not rich, but well to do enough to go where they want to go and pretty much do as they want.

        Having two years worth of food stuffs, (for all in the household), and back up necessities for a total grid down scenario, is worth more than that 100 k in savings, even if it is all in gold and silver…”if” that scenario becomes reality.

        Who would be wealthier in a total SHTF situation, the house with two years worth of food and back up preps, or the house with $100k in silver and gold? Just sayin’.

        One stroke of a pen and gold and silver could become nothing more than a barter item, “if” one could find someone with the desire for bartering at that point.

        Until the petro dollar dies, stacks of gold and silver will be just another way to save money, and not making too much of a move, up or down. If the system implodes this coming Fall, when China gets in on the petro exchange, then there may be a steady increase in the value, but i don’t believe it will ever go to $10 k per ounce. That is just more hype for those making huge profits off of frenzied buying, just like in the stock market game. There are exceptions in the stock market, where there is real value in a company, but it can all go to hell in a hand basket at anytime. Even food companies.

        • When it was $20 oz, nobody believed it would ever be $2000…just saying.

          • i wonder if you told a person in 1915 that a nickel candy bar would cost a dollar some day, if they would believe it?…the dollar has fallen by 98% in the last hundred years…and the BIGGEST part of that was since 1971….back then you could get a beer, or a coke for a nickel too….a twenty dollar gold piece would have bought 2 months worth of groceries.

            • right around the time Nixon took our dollar off the gold standard ..not a coincidence

              • nope, but don’t forget, we had inflation BEFORE he did that too. since 1971, our dollar lost 40% of it’s value….daaaamn, shoulda’ had my savings in GOLD…or silver….or lead….or food….or ANYthing that people NEED, instead of paper dollars.

            • BCOD you bring back old memories, a nickel for a coke and a nickel for a bag of peanuts. Pour the peanuts in the coke and man you was living, don’t know why but at the time it seemed like the thing to do. Trekker Out. Those Were Little Cokes.

              • That was a “mixed drink” in the South.

                • Arch in the real olden days it was Tom’s Toasted Peanuts.

                  • 16 oz. Royal Crown Cola and a Moon Pie, that was pissin in tall cotton for a kid in 1959 and all for a quarter!

                    • You ain’t just whistling Dixie!

          • Yes but that was before, when there was a smidgen of world debt to the GDP.
            It was during the years of exponential growth…and before huge debt.

            I’m not saying it could not happen if there were enough decades left for it to pan out, but; there just isn’t.

            So, the more likely scenario is that there will be a spurt of an increase, like maybe to 2k or so, but then the collapse of the dollar and martial law, and the pos potus, deems all gold and silver the property of the gov and not redeemable for payment, and is only redeemable for exchange, after a percent ratio is figured for the new NWO exchange currency, which will more than likely, be all digital.

            Those like yourself that has stacked up all their life savings, thinking it will somehow make them rich after the collapse, are just taking on a Don Quixote mentality, of dreaming the impossible dream. You have plenty of bedfellows, millions, with that kind of thinking, and you all are being delusionists.

            Hopefully, you have enough time just before it all implodes, that you are able to sell off some stacks, and stack up more beans, bullets, and bandaids. Just sayin’.

        • If a person has $100K in savings, and does not have to tap into that savings for living expenses, then they are considered “well to do”. Maybe not rich, but well to do enough to go where they want to go and pretty much do as they want.

          What the hell planet are you on?

          $100k in savings, is this a joke?

          My math shows that lasting all of about 15 seconds in the year 2050 or so. No sunshine you’re going to need a lot more than that. Multiply by about 30 and you’re getting somewhere near close.

          Are you assuming Social Security still exists or something?

          • No, SS retirement past 2030 is just an illusion. Believing gold and silver will quintuple before then is also an illusion.
            Like the nwo gov will let a simpleton get rich off hedging with PMs? Bah ha wah wah wah wah.

            Having your 300k, “sunshine” is just being delusional that it will be worth anything after the NWO has it’s say. Maybe a peso on the dollar, if you are lucky.

            BTW, there will never be a year 2050. In fact, by 2030, the end of time as we now know it will be done or close to being done, for all humanity. The end of this age is in sight, and all those that don’t accept it, are just playing ostrich.

            Best have your heart right, or have several pairs of asbestos underwear.

      5. If I move somewhere where the cost of living is better, say the Phillipines (I could ship a boatload of rice). Then I could afford to buy gold. Trouble then would be making sure my safe is attached “safely” to the dirt floor.

        • I’ve read some posts by some guy that did exactly that. To say that the cost of living is “better” is something of a dramatic understatement, if I’m to believe him.

      6. In a recent interview, Lt. Colonel William Boykin said:

        “I think those people that are not in the major cities are going to be far better off, but it could actually justify martial law,” Boykin continued. “And I’m praying that we will not see that kind of collapse, we won’t see a disruption of the distribution of food in America. That’s probably the single biggest problem.”

        The single biggest problem is not going to be “not having enough gold and/or silver”, it is how to protect what food a prepper person has stored up. Once thieves figure out that a household has food-stores, then those thieves will become the single biggest problem. A hungry thief will step right over piles of gold and silver for a box of cherrios. He might grab a handful of silver to go, but he will pull a Schwarzenegger on the way out also….”I’ll be back”.

        ‘bad boyz
        ‘bad boyz
        ‘whatcha gonna do
        ‘when they come for you?

        • NOTHING can “justify” Martial Law. It is Constitutionally NOT a legal or condoned action that is allowed to be taken by The Executive Branch (or any branch). Believe me, you do NOT want it declared ….no no no, never.
          The Lieutenant Colonel is correct. People far enough out into the country will barely know about everything happening in the big cities other than what is heard on radios …unless they ‘fry’ all the ways we have for ‘Commo’. That’s, imho, is to be expected if we are going to be attacked. After all, it IS the ONE THING that would cause the greatest destruction, and if it’s nuke, you may as well call it ‘permanent’ destruction (being it only takes 450,000 years for the radiation to go away …damn it’s going to be boring sitting in our caves for all that time. Maybe I’ll add ‘cave paint and brushes’ to my list…

          • and if it’s nuke, you may as well call it ‘permanent’ destruction (being it only takes 450,000 years for the radiation to go away

            Yeah, you should see Hiroshima and Nakasaki. We nuked the fuck out of them 50 years ago and they’re both still completely nu-inhabitable. There’s nobody there and won’t be for another 449,950 years…


            • It was 70 years ago, there must be a really big change in the half-life calculations between 50 and 70 years.

              I have a photo of my Dad standing in the middle of Nagaski in late 1945. The place was a bit of a tourist attraction for US military just a few months after the bomb was dropped.

              • (I rounded down in my head so I didn’t have to break out the calculator to determine how long the cities would be nu-inhabitable.) :p

              • Yeah yeah well you know it’s funny how a little cobalt jacket, or a detonation 1/4 mile away from a Tepco style nuke plant, can change all that.

            • there’s a substantial difference between the Atom bombs on WWII and the Thermonuclear bombs/warheads currently in vogue. One of the main differences is the sheer volume of irradiated fallout generated by the blasts.

              No, nuking DC with a modern nuke isn’t going to make it so irradiated the ground glows, but comparing what we face with the nukes of WWII Japan is disingenuous.

        • Pass:
          According to Stanley Meyer, inventor of the water fuel cell, the technology that was the holy grail of science, harnessing the power of water (hydrogen and oxygen) to replace gasoline; it is not only possible that we in the U.S. could experience an interruption in the distribution of food, but that fear (awareness) was a major motivation in his decision to create an alternative form of energy. Which is why he invented a car powered by water instead of gasoline. Stanley Meyer said in 1992 that Sadam Insane had a deadly bacteria which could contaminate the oil supply making its use impossible and thereby bringing us to our knees. If true, the “weapons of mass destruction” may have actually been a reality. The suppression of that information could be to justify the continued reliance on oil (for profit) in spite of the fact that it not only is expensive but it potentially puts us in a dangerous condition of dependence on enemy states and death from starvation if said supply is interrupted. Stanley Meyer, after being offered $1 billion by “Arabs”, died after consuming cranberry juice at a celebratory meal with Belgian investors/ NATO. He was purchasing land and about to go into manufacturing his water propelled vehicle.

          • Damn dude where are his plans? See ’cause I’d take the billion… LOL

          • Yep, the technology exists to run our homes and businesses off of hydrogen generators, coupled w/solar. The excess hydrogen could be stored on site, and used in our vehicles.

            The system has been rigged from the turn of the last century, to allocate oil dollars to the Illuminati and their families.
            Just like the banksters and their families. Sometimes all those families criss-cross paths and their monopolies.
            Don’t forget the crown jewel of the Illuminati world wide….electricity production. We are all slaves to the grid, on some level.

      7. Buy gold and drink your Ovaltine.

        • and …Geritol.

      8. it’s a big club
        and we ain’t in it

        More Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: This Time, They’re Coming for Your Democracy

        h ttp://

        and people think terrorists are the biggest threat
        ha ha ha
        too funny

        • Satori

          The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man book is riveting. The coordination, the nexus between business / finance banking and government is a reverse order of fascism with business / finance banking as the leader.

      9. Re.: Food/Storage, etc.,
        Some time back, years actually, an article was written about a “team” (your team) taking over a supermarket in a shtf scenario.
        Seemed a viable option when written, not so much now. It would take a hell of a lot of firepower to hold a place like that.
        Better to back up the trucks and make off with the goods.

        As for junk silver, we all know many different outcomes are possible in an shtf event. Bartering may be impossible for a while. Or the opposite.
        Junk silver in barter requires the tradee to actually KNOW what junk silver IS, and it’s percentage of silver.
        You don’t want to have to educate some idiot before you trade.
        Just sayin’. Where I live most people wouldn’t know it’s value.

        • have to wait till the stupid people die off.

          • why is gold/silver vs. food always portrayed as an “either/or” scenario?

            get lots of food and dry goods. once you have met a target goal, diversify your shtf “money” into silver and your “long-term-see-you-on-the-other-side-of-the-crisis” savings into gold. Besides, stocks of food and ammo are both consumable goods. You will run out of both eventually.

        • Ketchup’
          You make a very valid point. Metals are not that unlike gemstones, (of which we have a limited amount). I have the ability to test and verify both but who in the world will I find to trade with that can be assured they are legitimate? Oh well, I guess I can just go Gollum and crawl around talking to my precious.

          • Skep and Ketch: which is the reason I prefer .9999 silver. What type? Bullion. Australia and Canadian bullion comes in easy to identify coins that cost under $15 per coin, as of the spot price today. I like JMBullion. Just got a mini-monster box of Australian kangaroos. The box is sealed and same for each tube of coins. Each plastic tube has 25 1-ounce coins X 10 tubes = 250 ounces. I keep this type of stuff on hand for the days when the US FRN is trashed.

            People like shiny and easy. Bullion coins will stay shiny as long as you leave them in the tube.

            I also like RCM (Royal Canadaian Mint) because they have 100 ounce bars that are stamped and easy to identify. Still cheap.

            When the time comes people will wake up quickly and learn what is and is not “real” or tradable silver. I doubt people will want old junk coins. They will want shiny and easy to recognize. Good. Because I am working on having 100 pounds of the nice shiny stuff. Getting close.

      10. “Unprecedented Leak” Exposes The Criminal Financial Dealings Of Some Of The World’s Wealthiest People

        “An unprecedented leak of more than 11 million documents has revealed the hidden financial dealings of some of the world’s wealthiest people, as well as 12 current and former world leaders and 128 more politicians and public officials around the world.

        The data allows a never-before-seen view inside the offshore world — providing a day-to-day, decade-by-decade look at how dark money flows through the global financial system, breeding crime and stripping national treasuries of tax revenues.”

        ht tp://

          • Mom:

            You got me. I admit it. I’ve been hiding $trillions in an off shore account ever since I made my first million. Just got so damn tired of seeing my hard earned money go into supporting welfare moms in the U.S. and putting every single Israeli through college while our kids are strapped with student loans. And then there are all those bombs we send to Isreal. It just made me cringe. So you see, it was actually my patriotic duty to fudge on my taxes. But since I’m such a nice guy, I’ll be paying off American’s student loans. The check is in the mail. Ha ha

            • B from CA,


            • If anyone really wants to hide money or themselves, here is a good link:

              ht tp://

        • Been going on since Moses was a ‘rag baby’.

          • Actually, it was going on when Christ was still a mess-cook on The USS IRON-HORSE

            • I heard it as, When Christ was a Corporal.

        • We are angry only because we are not part of their money game.

          • “We are angry only because we are not part of their money game.”

            This has to be the dumbest fucking comment I’ve ever read on SHTFPlan.

            “Their Money Game” is the KEY reason for the Worlds problems.

            People are not mad for not belonging to it.
            People are mad at the “money game” for the problems it creates.

            Get with the program ANONYMOUS!

            • If you were making the money these people made, would you not be happy and to think that we squabble to make the minimum wage $15.00 while others make millions. There are many who dislike the rich because they have money but have no idea how to make real money and the problems large amounts of money creates. How would they know if they never had large amounts of money.

              • The System -(Financial/Banking sectors = “their game”) is rigged against people like you and I.

                Financial/Banking Sectors are manipulated, and why it is manipulated is because of the abundance of Corruption that resides in this institutions.

                I care not about the Rich, I care about those Super Wealthy people at the TOP who have rigged, manipulated and continue to do fraudulent activities.

                The Banking & Financial Sectors do not run on a moral and honest system – it will continue to be this way, until the majority of people recognize it for what it is and do something about it.

                “I’m living in America, and in America, you’re on your own. America’s not a country. It’s just a business. Now fucking pay me.”

                Brad Pitt – Killing Them Softly (2012)

              • If i were making the money these people do i wouldnt give a crap what anyone else did,,,
                Id get me a nice little island somewhere a bunch of nice toys and call it good.
                I sure as hell wouldnt meddle in stuff i had no business meddling in.
                As it is i dont care what these psychos do. Ill mostlikely be dead anyway long long before they do anything to affect me directly.

                • Kula,
                  You are already rich. You have a home, a farm, some neat toys
                  (your chainsaw is bigger than mine!), and you are on Maui.
                  Going Galt is the way to go. I’m just about there on my “Rock”.
                  Prep on!

              • And you are right, wealth doesnt necessarily mean carefree, in fact most folks i know who are well off have issues i have no desire dealing with

                • Kula;
                  I hear you although my experiences have been a bit different. I’ve done work for a number of wealthy folks around the US and yeah a certain amount of them were raving dickheads but quite a few were really good folks who just happpened to have made a bunch of money and felt lucky for it. I have often wondered if the Sherriff of Nottingham was really a complete dick and all of Robin Hood’s Merry Men were stand up guys. Just sayin that from top to bottom of the financial food chain it would be interesting to see an accurate stand up guy/gal to asshole ratio.

      11. Nothing wrong with having and personally holding PMs. It’s not for everyone I know but with the way things are heading, hedging your bets is not a bad idea.

      12. Can’t eat gold. Can’t eat silver. Some will get to eat lead.

        • Let us hope that the PTB get served up a steady diet of the latter.

          • If The Powers That Be (TPTB) do NOT get hung or ‘take on lead’, then it’ll be all over for us. WE will be ‘taking lead’, watching ‘them’ lug off all of our preps (for themselves), watching our wives and daughters be raped, sons killed …then you either get beheaded or execution style (demeaningly) shot like the piece of shit they feel that you are.

            That is “the cold hard fact” of the matter yet to come down the road …but it’s coming and it’s even been promised. All countries are prepping for it. Went to the gun shop yesterday to see if any ammo had come in. A bit had and I grabbed my calibers, but the only weapons left in the entire place where a few small caliber (mostly .380’s) pistols …aside from one ISRAEL ARMS 50BMG (try to find ammo for one of those). Interested? It’s consigned @ $1350.00 but I’m sure he’d take less since it’s sat there for over five years. However, if you don’t have a BUNCH of reloadable .50BMG’s it’s nothing more than a nicely styled paperweight. (HUGE paperweight).

            • EQ where would that be?

        • IMHO LEAD IS AN EXTREMELY PRECIOUS METAL. I could care less about the rest of it. What good is $100,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 of gold if I am 2.6 days short of water and have nothing left (at all) to eat? You may as well have a mountain of granite or quartz sitting there for all the good it will do you.
          I’ll never invest a penny in PM’s or ‘the like’. I prefer things that I can either shoot, or eat or eat after shooting. Works for us.

          • You surely don’t have to invest in PMs if that works for you. I mean, if you can’t eat it, why would you? Makes perfect sense.

            Never mind the fact that the gold I bought back in the 90’s has tripled in value since then (from $1,200/oz. now)

            That’s better than any investment I’ve made in my life. So yeah, why WOULD you invest in PMs? LMAO!

            • And (if the .gov numbers on inflation are to be believed), the prices of goods have increased about 2.4 X since 1990. Just did the math. Easily.

              Well you’re beating inflation at 3 X. I’m interested. Anything that actually beats inflation is good in my book.

              Unless we believe the “alt media” inflation numbers in which case frankly we’re all f*cked and we just don’t know it yet.

      13. The problem with any medium of exchange is the availability of the items you wish to purchase. Given an environment where PMs are used for purchase one can assume massive disruptions in the supply chain. The products available would then be priced according to supply / demand with a very limited supply.

        Chaos and entropy would be the order of the day.

        • Entropy:

          Lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder

      14. When the stupid people die and the old people are gone, what do you have left?


        • Too late for that!
          No need to wait for the Stupid and Old to die off.
          America is already chuck full of Slaves to the System.

          Only the Sheep do not recognize that they are Slaves to the System. Don’t matter if a person is a Producer or a Welfare recipient.

          If a person has a Social Security Number … That Card Holder is a SLAVE!

          • Then the only decision left is, do I want to be a producer or a welfare recipient.

            Of the two.

            Who would last the longest?

            • Actually theres another choice.
              And what i am doing
              GO GALT!

            • I dont want to support useless
              I dont want nor need any help
              I am a producer, always have been
              Im going in a different direction,

      15. “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.”

        The Christ.

      16. Just remember lots of lead wheel weights in the world along with car batteries cus eventually we all may end up back to flintlock but I doubt it can you use that lead to make cartridge rounds but what about primers

        • Rather last resort to flintlock than bow arrow spear sword

        • Some tire balance weights are not lead. Also if you wash the weight before melting to remove salts and other contaminants. You will get a better cast.

      17. And yes buy bullet not gold question why don’t they use 22 on the walking dead it would be so much easier and there is like a gazillion 22 shells

      18. I have about 120 ounces of silver, 2/3 of which is .999 coins. The rest is 90% US coins, some in brilliant uncirculated condition that I have bought going back over 30 years. I could probably sell them all and make enough to purchase a one ounce gold coin. I think I’ll hang on to the silver.

      19. I have about 120 ounces of silver, 2/3 of which is .999 coins, the rest 90% US coinage. Many of the US coins are brilliant uncirculated that I bought 30 years ago. If I sell them all I could buy a one ounce gold coin. I think I’ll just hang on to the silver.

      20. For the average Joe out here there are only two PM’s worth having and they are COPPER and LEAD. Enough said.

      21. You may be interested to know that Verizon just sold out to Frontier Communications.

        And now I can’t get to this website from home.

        I’m assuming a DNS error on their part or something?

        Anyway you might want to inquire, that’s a lot of readers that can’t get here.

        • Change your network adaptor IPV4 DNS settings to instead of obtain automatically.

      22. Solution to Money Changers/Banksters in NY.

        1-800-ORKIN…”Hello you have reached the automated phone system’s at Orkin…Press#1 for, Latrino…Press #2 for English…Press #3 for Insect vermin…Press #4 for Rats.

        And if none of those apply to Your troubles?…

        Then Press #5 for Our Orkin Zyklon-B Dept…and..

        If this is a RED Alert issue?…tell the zyklon-B Dept to Send in the BIG TRUCKS!

      23. Canadian gov has pretty much sold all of its gold! All of it

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