Intel on Orchestrated Collapse, Martial Law and Preparedness

by | Mar 9, 2011 | Headline News | 51 comments

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    The Intel Hub Radio Show hosted by Shepard Ambellas and Bob Tuskin, along with guests Greg Evensen and Steve Quayle, provide insights into a variety of topics including the many issues facing the world in coming months and years – including economic and energy related crises. Most notably, guests and hosts discuss the potential for catastrophic scenarios, reasons for why individuals should be preparing, how they should prepare, and what to expect if a given series of events were to play out. If you’re curious as to what might happen during a 21st century oil crisis, martial law or a collapse, then don’t miss this discussion.

    Listen to The Intel Hub Interview with Steve Quayle and Greg Evensen:

    You can also download the mp3 file.

    On Oil:

    Shepard Ambellas: I don’t know if this ties into the middle east, but if this Muslim Brotherhood, with possible CIA ties, is planning on cutting off the oil supply to the US, this could be a big problem. What’s going to happen when all of a sudden no one can make it to work, or the grocery store shelves shut down because trucks can’t roll anywhere because fuel prices go absolutely sky high, as we’re already seeing the increases in fuel?

    Greg Evensen: Just late this afternoon information came to me from law enforcement sources that I have spoken to a number of times over the years, and it basically comes down to this. You just touched on it a moment ago. There’s both, Operation Clean Sweep and Street Sweeper, goes under various names depending on which level you’re talking about.

    First level is that there will be rationing of fuel. The fuel depots will come under law enforcement and military guard. The fuel will be rationed to those areas that are deemed most necessary to keep the infrastructure of the country going. Even with tapping into the fuel reserves that we’ve got, that’s only meant to be a short-term fix and it will likely not take care of the long-term.

    Now what that boils down to…what you’re going to find is that law enforcement is going to be out, unless you have the permit or the allocation papers in your possession you will not be able to fuel.

    …This plan is in place. It just has not yet been authorized to be actually activated.

    As we’ve previously mentioned, the US government and military are fully aware of, and planning for, the potential for catastrophic meltdown triggered by any number of different factors. In the above instance Shepard specifically noted the possibility of a fuel crisis resulting from turmoil in the middle east. For the most part, we are dependent on mainstream reporting to learn what is happening, but the real story is likely hidden behind a veil of secrecy. Maybe the situation in the middle east deteriorates further, sending oil prices soaring as panic grips the world. Or, the situation is resolved temporarily and nothing comes of it – this time. Remember when North Korea sank that South Korean submarine? Not a peep from the US government. So, regardless of how serious things may look to us, we really don’t know the whole story.

    From an individual preparedness standpoint, it really doesn’t matter what triggers a fuel crisis. Another example and realistic possibility for a rapid onset fuel crisis could occur as a result of a US dollar collapse. Keep in mind that oil is traded in the world’s reserve currency. If that currency were to collapse abruptly and without warning, the US would not be able to acquire oil. We’d have a very similar end result, but from a different triggering mechanism.

    Whatever the case, martial plans are in place and ready for immediate activation in the event of an emergency. From the government’s stand point it is the prudent thing to do. They are planning for the worst – just as you should be doing.

    On Orchestrated Collapse:

    Steve Quayle: We are in an orchestrated time of global chaos – all engineered. If you watch Wisconsin quote upheaval over budget cuts and teachers cuts, etc., what the government there is having to deal with. Egypt is quoting Wisconsin. Wisconsin’s saying look at Egypt.

    This is the time that the Illuminati has initiated their global chaos. Because again, the one disconnect, the biggest disconnect that everyone listening to this program tonight has to get over and get through – and especially even if they get it their family members, chances are, don’t – is that this is all timed and orchestrated to get out the old world order. You’re seeing old dictators being kicked out. You’re seeing what I call puppets on strings taking their place temporarily. But the idea is global governance, and the idea is obviously global financial control…

    It sounds like conspiracy doesn’t it? That’s because it is a conspiracy in the truest sense of the word. The purpose? We’d be lying if we told you we knew the motivations and specific goals of the shadow elements within global governments and corporate institutions. But Mr. Quayle narrows it down to global governance, essentially power and control, and our view is that’s a pretty accurate assessment.

    To achieve this end, which is something that millions, perhaps billions, of people around the world reject, the desires of the populace must shift. How do the powers that be convince us to go along with it? They create crisis. What better way to force the plebs to accept a new paradigm than to completely destroy the old one?

    When there are no jobs, money has been hyperinflated to oblivion, food becomes scarce, and violence grips the region, people will accept just about anything they’re told to believe or do.

    Martial Law Preparations:

    On Monday of this week Steve Quayle posted an alert from an individual codenamed “Hawk,” a historically credible source close to the law enforcement / military. In it, the source detailed specific developments within the Martial Law Communications Net.

    An excerpt follows:




    It is noteworthy to mention that Hawk has been on the inside track with martial law net communications for quite some time. One recent alert issued by Hawk was at the onset of the financial crisis in October of 2008. The alert sent at that time preceded developments we learned of a few days later, namely that then Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson had warned Congressional members that failure to implement the $700 billion TARP bailout would lead to a collapse of the economic and financial systems, and potentially, tanks on the streets of America.

    More on “Triple Eagle”:

    Greg Evensen: Triple Eagle is basically the three hubs that are separated from one another by both, geography and mission, to enable forces within the United States, especially law enforcement, to be able to function at a time of cataclysmic change, upheaval, or a disaster of some kind. They are given different missions to uphold and it goes under the code name “Lock Down.”

    …what it means is that we are facing a time right now when the United States is moving into that next level, both of containment and of operation.

    Steve Quayle: The comm net is up. The units are ready. Timing is tied to other events in the middle east, the financial collapse, and/or the possible New Madrid as well. Here’s the thing, it’s all in place. All they need is a green light. That’s one thing Greg and I can’t give you is what will trigger it. But we can tell you, they don’t need any more time to prepare. That’s how late it is.

    While martial law may not be overtly declared at this time, it seems that military and law enforcement elements within the US are constantly monitoring potential crisis hot spots, often putting troops and state and local police organizations on alert – just in case. We would expect nothing less, because as we’ve pointed out previously, the US government is most certainly planning for contingencies outside the norm.

    Most curious from the above alert is not so much that communications are taking place within the martial law net, but that those communications included messages and discussions from foreigners speaking English, suggesting that any implementation of martial law in the United States will include foreign nationals. While the issue of US troops potentially firing on US citizens has been debated extensively, there should be no question as to what foreign troops would do if given orders.

    More from Steve Quayle during the Intel Hub interview:

    I’ve been told in the last 48 hours that there are some real nasty guys outside of US military that have been given access to the digitally encrypted and encoded Mil radios that they can only be given by what we would euphemistically called traitors. Most people laughed when almost ten years ago I said the United States had brought in 352,000 foreign troops and strategically placed them in different bases around the country that George Bush Sr. supposedly closed down but ended up giving to NATO. And everybody had better realize that the United Nations Security Council is composed of Russia and China.

    …What we’re seeing is that a lot of sleepers have been activated. The whole border has been left open for a reason – the Southern border… the entire Northern border is being sealed. The Southern border is wide open. And OTM’s, Other Than Mexicans… we have the strategic placement of active terrorist and military in this country on the left hand. On the right hand we have UN and NATO troops. And the people who told me that are active duty special forces, four star Generals. And I gotta tell you something, when they say it, I believe it.

    The Intel Hub, Mr. Evensen and Mr. Quayle are discussing possibilities that have historically been deemed to be outside of the realm of possibility. That elements within our own government and power infrastructure, as well as those of other governments, would either instigate a false flag attack, or facilitate it through ignorance is, admittedly, hard to stomach, and even more difficult to believe. Thinking back to the decades-long maneuvers that eventually engulfed the World in the first great war, and then the second, as well as incidents like the Gulf of Tonkin which led to the Vietnam War and the Reichstag fire which was used by Hitler to take Nazism mainstream in Germany, one can simply not dismiss the fact that some people will do whatever it takes to push forward with their agendas.

    On What To Do:

    Greg Evensen: We are at a point where law enforcement is trigger-ready, the military is on standby, events around the world are changing on an hourly basis going from bad to worse and going down the slipper slope. If you want to think, if it makes you feel better, to think that this is not happening and that this is just a bunch of bunk and that it’s not really going to transpire, then rest easy. Your lack of anxiety may be fun now, but it will not be so if this kicks into high gear.

    I’m encouraging you to prepare, to do what you need to do now and in the near days to come so that you’re not caught flat footed.

    …We are the precipice of what is going to be the next level and it will not be good.

    Steve Quayle: Gerald Celente said when people have nothing to lose, they lose it. He also said when cash doesn’t flow in the street, the blood will. The reason these guys are printing money like there’s no tomorrow is they know that the minute the money stops this whole thing comes apart at the seems.

    Steve Quayle: …You’ve got to concentrate on your preps.

    …When it comes to resources, look, you can still buy rice. You can get, I think it’s now $22 for a 50 pound bag. You can still buy peanut butter, which is protein. You’ve got to get the stuff that you can get.

    …You need to find like minded individuals. And if you don’t know any you pray that God will bring them across your path. That’s one thing that Greg has been doing, is out trying to teach people that basically they’re going to need each other.

    The situation, if and when it occurs, is going to be fluid and, to use a cliche, you should expect the unexpected. We may very well experience situations that none have contemplated, so be prepared to think outside the box.

    Understanding what is happening in the world and keeping up to date with non-mainstream news may very well give you the edge you need at the onset of crisis. Organizations and individuals like The Intel Hub, Steve Quayle, Greg Evensen try to keep readers and listeners informed of developments that may be the precursors and triggers to disaster and/or catastrophic collapse.

    Most importantly, plan for the worst and hope for the best.


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      1. Hmm… wonder how many of my construction tools I can load on a rikshaw for the daily commute? Maybe those homeless guys pushing there belongings around in a shopping cart aren’t so crazy after all.

      2. Units are being deployed to secure and guard all supplies of new, un- circulated $10 bills.  Be sure you have your own stockpile, and always carry at least 10 of them on you at all times.
        Remember, crisp, new $10 bills can buy rice or be used to pay bribes to swarthy UN Troops who may not speak English, but who will speak the international language of new, crisp $10 bills.

      3. If you look at this comment from “HAWK” in his 2008 notice of the banks closing I think you will see the quality of the source material. AND HE TYPES IN ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME SO I AUTOMATICALLY ASSUME HE’S A NOOB AND IDIOT.
        [quoted from the link referenced above]
        Crackpot. If this guy really is “highly placed” with connections in the intel community, then I AM scared. He’s been banging that drum for a LONG time.  Google “Hawk emergency alert” and read the drivel he’s been putting together as emergencies peppered with phrases like “LUCIFERIAN NAZI ORIENTATED GROUPS VS. THOSE WHO ARE CONSTITUTIONALLY ORIENTED AND WITH FAITH IN THE LORD.”.
        Mac, I’m disappointed.

      4. RafterMan – no matter how many times you do that bit, it still makes me laugh. fucking hilarious.

      5. @Mac – What is your opinion on a small town being a fairly safe place to be?  I know a rural setting is ideal.  Thanks.

      6. Someone check with HAWK, this isn’t going to interrupt my Wednesday round of golf is it? I have never seen any Nazi’s on the back nine, only at the 19th hole.

        My golf cart has a solar panel. Just saying 🙂

      7. Great comments all.

        Skeptic – I can most certainly understand your skepticism in this case. HAWK seems to me to be versed in radio comms and is maybe  monitoring radio frequencies and reporting on what he hears, though he does tend to insert his own brand of commentary.

        DK – we’re still on for Wednesday golf – but it’s tentative.

        GA Girl – Personally, I think I’d prefer to be in or near a small town vs. way out in rural America… If one had 5 – 20 acres with a few neighbors around, but quick access to town, that would be great. However, I would prefer to be living in a small town, even if i had nearby neighbors, than in the big city in the event of an emergency. The evacuations during Hurricanes Rita and Ike out of Houston were a sight to be seen… millions of people – many running out of gas, provisions and energy…. the trip to Dallas, normally about 4 hours was something like 12 – 18.

      8. Durango Kidd- my golf cart has a solar panel plus a scabbard for my rifle. I’m prepped AND taking it easy!

      9. I’m gonna split another cord of wood…..which I was gonna do anyway.  One thing I can count on, winter will come next year no matter who does what to whom.

      10. There’s no doubt that real hard times are coming and people should have at least a yrs supply(or more) of food,water,(and a way to grow more)med,some silver,cloths ect, but martial Law just ain’t going to happen here. We have troops in sixty countries that would have to be brought home to watch our own borders,shores,airports,government buildings,piers,DC.

           There are thousands of nursing homes,boot camps,reformitories, all those opeople will have to be taken care of.All the civilian poilce forces will have their hands full just trying to controll the drug freaks and gangs(looters) that they can’t even do now.Then we have all the prisons just busting at the seams and if there if a food slow down or stopage they are going to be a real problem.troops and LEO will have to go there.
              On one hand they’re talking about all this doom and gloow(no money,Food,fuel) then on the other hand they’re saying the gov is going to be installing cameras on every corner,riding around in hummers with machine guns mounted on them, space craft and even mentioning Nazi Germany, all that stuff may have worked in Germany for a few yrs, but it won’t fly here and our government knows it.        

                There’s over 300 million people here and many armed to the teeth,the high percentage of them are honest hard working people and just want to be free to work and take care of their families,
         They mentioned the lime stone caves and all the other things to just take care on the government officials .Why would government officials and vips want to be on a planet with just themselves and a billion zombies roaming around out side?Again, it looks like the wheels are coming off the world and things are going to get real tight some of things they talk about is way over the top.

      11. Comments…..  My take on things.  I don’t care what situation you’re talking about, events that transpire can be from one extreme to the other.  The military must always prep for the worse.  they try to cover all the bases. On the other end, you have problems that maybe aren’t too bad, or just  an inconvienence.
            Many times, conditions seem to end up some where in the middle.  This time though, the middle is pretty bad.  when the economy breaks down, there really aren’t any good scenerios.   The middle of the road scenerio is actually prettty bad.  Also, I think we have gone well past the minor inconvienence phase over the last year or so.  What is to come at best, is going to be bad.
              it seems to me, the PTB have all their ducks in a row, to put the beat down on US citizens.   None of this is going to go well.  if there ever was a time to get your house in order, this is the time. Some people will make fun of those that do any kind of prepping.   No one is twising their arm stopping them from doing anything.  I just mind my own business, and continue with my preps.  I don’t need any expert to help me draw conclusion about how this train wreak we are in , is going to turn out.  There are no good scenerios here.
            The clock is ticking.

      12. quayle =fail……foreign occupation and imposed martial law of much smaller countrie doen’t work, how do you think its going to work here with the biggest military in the world (in fact many times bjigger than all the militarys of thecombined world militarys) which is the armed populace.  the second ammendment was a godsend and the most brilliant law ever written by a freedom loving human.   i will add they may actually be stupid enough to try (but steve quayle won’t know about it until he reads it on the internet)  but they have ZERO chance of success unless they use bio/nukes        s

      13. You use me as a punch line in your parties.  I’ll bet your shopping cart doesn’t have 4wd with electric lock dif to f*#k up the greens.  These (ULF’s) bloops are messing with my parrot.  FOUR!!!!!

      14. steve and hawk have been doing this for some long time now .You klonow if you say it lonmg for enouigh years some of it will come true .Just like 2012 scares that the world will will still be here .You have to take these guys with caution as everything we hear these days isint always absolute truth .Most of all of these people also sell food, gold and silver  because when the word things are bad and getting worse, it creates more sales of thier items and makes them more money .Be aware of that .The time window seems to be closeing .yopu have all been warned to stock up on food and get some metals buy socks and underware ,etc,etc. Get you some guns and ammo as well.Its a simple thing to do .Another thing i have done is get out of my stinking 401k ,what a rip it is.Never again will i particip[ate in any company 401k plan , they are riping you off .If youi would put thayt money instead on gold and silver you will be better off in the long run and even short term . 

      15. The ONLY reason any of the government plans for global control will ever take root is that humans tend to herd themselves like cattle in a feedlot. Nothing is more unsustainable than a city. Without constant inputs the population cannot survive. Remove the inputs and the populace is at the mercy of whoever controls the supply lines (government).
        Get out while you can. Become more self sufficient and fulfill God’s plan for your life. Remember, no one gets out alive. Put your faith in God first, then listen to the voice that tells you to prepare for the coming catastrophe.

      16. Steve Quayle, LOL!!!! LOL!!!! LOL!!!! LOL!!!!!

      17. As soon as he mentioned the “illuminati” I stopped reading.
        COME ON, MAN!?!?!?

      18. i forgot to mention that i consider mushroom to be an absolute economic genius. follow all his suggestions to the letter. remember to save all the crisp new uncirculated federal reserve ten dollar notes you can.

      19. No comment!!!

        just me
        March 10th, 2011 at 6:14 am
        Hey, justme…maybe you hit on something there…the foods and supplies called for by FEMA are for the prisoners???
        Nahhh..if they riot, they’re already contained!!

        On another note…dh brought home a ‘gun for dummies’…a single shot 20 guage…just load and, cock, and pull the trigger…must say, it’s not a lot to bother with, so it fits me.

      21. How many times have I stated, foreign troops will never come to police the American people. If the feds did this it lead to defection in the military and LEO rank. Americans will not accept foreign troops in their streets. We have about 80 million gun owners,20 million illegal gun owners and alot more guns then the entire Chinese military. So they would shot and killed. People who believe in this load of baloney have a Red Dawn fetish.Any body who tried to bring foreign troops or mercs will pay dearly. Thank god we have the second amendment. Point is no nation is crazy enough to try to occupy mainland America.Isn’t Steve Quayle the guy who believes in UFO’s and giants exist in the world? This article is a load of crock. Also I forgot to mention that it is impossible for our military to implement martial law.We have  2,500,000 soldiers, and  883,000 law enforcement. It would be very difficult for the U.S. military and LEO to successfully implement martial law throughout the entire country at any given time. This would mean that they would have to secure hundred of thousands of neighborhoods, while securing all major airports, power stations, communication towers, water facilities, nuclear power plants, military bases, food distribution center, grocery stores, government official buildings and highways. Any way Steve Qualye is a bullshit artist who cons people with fear. Seriously “Hawk?” I do not buy this at all.

      22. your forgetting all the cia dirt weeds, FBI, secret service, look into the infragard, now theres an ineresting little group, probably paid by you adn me. Also Blackwater and the fact that they are organized and we are no more organized than the people were that had their guns taken from them in NO after Katrina. In order to organize would draw too much attention and they won’t let that happen. They would put a stop to it even if illegal means were needed to do so. Oh I forgot about all the tanks, bombs and planes they have. not to mention water canons, and real loud noise makers that will literally break your ear drums. Basically we are screwed, because they hold all the power, all the cards. We can’t even get a team together to enter the field for practice much less a real game.

      23. Just me: Understand that martial law does not necessarily mean that a military presence controls everything.  You can have martial law and not deploy a single soldier.  What martial law can do is suspend the constitution.  It can be used to allow a government to do what the constitution and courts would never allow. 

        I think a likely scenario is that we will simply enter into a depression.  We will have both inflation and economic collapse.  Your money will be inflated until it is almost worth nothing and most people will be out of work.  Laws that we depend on as a society will be changed or suspended obstensibly to help us dig our way out of this mess.  Given a limited amount of money and resources I would prepare for a long depression with less food and undependable help from the government.  I would not waste a lot of effort and money preparing to fight zombies.

      24. BJ what you failed to mention in a lets say dollar collapse with what will the feds pay these mercs(Xe,InfraGard,Triple Canopy,DynCorp)? Ask the average soldier,marine,sailor they hate  these mercs because these have no honor and are killing for money. And they don’t conduct themselves with the same level of discipline and honor that we demand of our troops. So expect some tensions between Private Military Companies and the US military. The government is weak,if they hold power then they would have declared martial law years ago. If they were so confident that they hold the power then back at 2008 they would have Wall Street collapse and let the depression happen.
        Also another thing is logistics. I have stated this before there is not enough manpower to do martial law.It would be hard to have hundreds nay thousands of police departments all work in unison with the military and mercs to implement martial law. Imagine who difficult it would be to coordinate thousands of different agencies into a unified purpose.Second the military are not filled with brain dead soldiers who will follow orders. During Katrina the Utah national guard refused the order of gun confiscation. There are plenty of honorable men in the military who will not stand if citizens being killed. If there is a major crisis that sends the entire country into chaos, it would highly unlikely that the U.S. military will be able to enforce a lock-down of the entire nation.

        Even if the military manages to acquire all 1.5 million reserves and utilize 1 million of it’s total 1.5 million personnel in the Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard, it would struggle to control 308-310 million citizens in a land mass of 9,161,966 sq km.

        You can confirm these numbers by looking at the U.S. Census or CIA World fact book.
        According to the BLS (bureau of Labor Statistics), there were only 883,600 law enforcement personnel in 2008. And that was before the financial collapse and subsequent layoffs in local departments across the nation. The number included detectives, managers, police and sheriff’s patrol officers.

        So when you add the 2,500,000 soldiers and the 883,000 law enforcement, you have a force of 3.3 million agents. This is less than one percent of America’s highly-armed population. Most of these agents will be working logistics and support for handling prisoners, transportation, intelligence and supply. But this isn’t even the biggest problem.

        The police are used to dealing with people who are afraid of them and have something to lose. In a collapse scenario, the rioters will lack both characteristics. And the military will be poorly suited to police a populace that is desperation for resources. If the soldiers became violent against the population, they could divide the armed forces and spark a civil war. Moreover, Iraq and Afghanistan has shown us that the U.S. military is not invisible and that guerrilla warfare tactics can be deployed successfully against a high-tech army.
        Bringing in foreign troops would problematic, because if the U.S. is in a panic, wouldn’t the other countries that are so heavily tied to America also have their own problems. Plus, we know how well foreign occupations went in Afghanistan, Vietnam and Iraq.
        Adding foreign troops would increase the manpower, but severely damage the credibility of the force. Such a situation would encourage more violence against the martial law force. The U.S. government may attempt to lock the country down, but it would end in failure. The federal government are not all powerful. Look at Katrina that was a big epic failure,during Waco the BAFTE surrounded that compound,laid seige to it . They embarked on well coordinated but ill conceived military style raid and they got smoked. So the feds will fail because the federal government has becomed so unpopular. Many sheriffs will not follow any bullshit orders from the feds. Also the states rights movement is coming back. trying to push their will on the US will result loss of life on both sides that the hue and cry would be so loud that they would have to stop. And if the do not stop political leadership would be taken out of their seats of power forcibly. So BJ they are not powerful. the president can declare martial law like I can declare I can take on a motorcycle gang,it does not mean I won’t get my ass kicked.

      25. GoneWithTheWind
          suspending the Constitution works both ways, the same as Martial law, it would be telling many people that all laws are suspended and it’s everyone for themselves meaning people who would normally obey mans laws and normally wouldn’t shoot anyone would reconcider their situation. I know that i would as I’ve seen some of the thugs that the gove hired in Iraq and afgan to guard the people.

      26. With regards to foreign troops, why did they send out census employees to gps everyone’s front door?

      27. A government big bond sell off by a big private investment firm hit the news today & the stock market fell 223 points immediately.  Imagine if that was the Chinese announcing their US govt bond sell off.  223 points would seem like small potatoes.

        Oddly, gold & silver went down too?!?!  Can anyone speculate why THAT would happen?

        Meanwhile mad & entitled union workers are rioting in Wisconsin & sending death threats to polticians. 

        Students in Atlanta are rioting & protesting at the state capital because they are losing a piddly 10% (about $600/year) of their Lottery funded Hope Scholarship (pays for University tuition if you maintain a 3.0 GPA).  They feel they are entitled to free tuition in Georgia because it was available for a short time.  They don’t even have a clue what the real world is like.  Selfish, entitled brats.

        See how hard it is to take govt benefits away once you give them?  They should NEVER have been given them in the first place.  Our politicians suck!

        **sorry for my rant, I’m sick of govt entitlements and frivolous govt spending, seriously sick of them**

      28. The videos I posted the other day on one of these threads, IMO shows that they WERE successful after Katrina, if you look at it from their point of view. They didn’t care first and foremost about being helpful and constitutional. They cared about “control” and “enforcing unconsitutional actions” They WERE successful at going down the street dressed for WAR, full combat gear, bullet proof vests, combat helmets, high powered rifles drawn up to their shoulders, unlawfully entering into citizens homes, unlawfully occupying churches, tackling and beating up old women and taking peoples guns…they were successful…ask any one who had their gun taken away from them who was successful

      29. Alright I got that but remember Katrina was on incident in one town. If there is a dollar collapse it would be hard to implement massive gun confiscation nationwide. There would be too much casualties that they would not be able to continue. Remember that after the gun confiscation the NRA sued NOPD and the NRA won. The people got their guns back. Nationwide gun confiscation will not work because there is not enough manpower,and this would lead to a revolt and a civil war. If they try to do massive gun confiscation many LEO and soldiers,marines would defect to the side of the gun owners. They cannot think that just because one city gave up its guns after a devastating hurricane that it would work. Many states have passed Freedom Firearm Act. Guns are an icon in the US,if they try to take it way the hue and cry would be too much that it will lead to a violent uprising.Most  soldiers,marines,guardsmen come from gun owning backgrounds and would defect in a second. To the eyes of the military the president,Congress are temporary civil servants,they do not see them as masters.

      30. GA Mom,  good question!  My take is that silver was getting out of hand, they can’t control it directly so they dumped gold which brought down silver.  The day of rage is tomorrow for S.A.  They make money by selling “paper” gold/silver.  They “short” it and make money on the way down.  The USDX has been going up and the Euro going down.  They make digits both way.  Some day physical will be where it’s at.  Oil went down this morning also but watch what happens if S.A. gets out of control or a refinery/oil site blows up….  Oil would go to $160 in one day.  People holding physical are investors.  All the rest are speculators or stupid, a few are both.  The small speculators are hoping to time it right or riding the wave.  I say that in a nice way because “when” physical price separates from paper gold price there will be two prices and training lessons will set in.  The mom/pop paper investors will figure it out real quick then.  Most speculators know that already. 

      31. I totally agree with most of the comments here regarding Steve and especially HAWK.  For years I use to listen to them, but ever since HAWK wrote last year sometime about a missile(s) launch from Montana, along with some further FEAR-MONGERING about THE END OF THE WORLD … BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. I realized that neither him [HAWK] nor Steve have any credibility in reality.
        Most of us here know perfectly well what is going on and how it will probably all come tumbling down. We know it’s probably going to happen sooner, rather than later … but these two guys – along with a handful of others – are snake oil salesmen.
        They are interesting to listen to and laugh at, but don’t let them side track you from your intuitive gut. Panic only causes personal chaos and chaos is the last thing any of us needs at this moment.
        Stay safe and keep your powder dry!
        Coeur d’Alene, ID

        One day Henny Penny was scratching in the farmyard looking for something good to eat when, suddenly, something hit her on the head. “My goodness me!” she said. “The sky must be falling down. I must go and tell the king.”
        She had not gone far when she met her friend Cocky Locky.
        “Where are you going in such a hurry?” he called out. “I am going to tell the king that
        the sky is falling down,” said Henny Penny.
        “I will come with you,” said Cocky Locky.
        So Henny Penny and Cocky Locky hurried along together towards the king’s palace. On the way they saw Ducky Lucky swimming on the pond.
        “Where are you going?” he called out.
        “We are going to tell the king the sky is falling down,” replied Henny Penny. “We must go quickly, as there is no time to lose.”
        “I will come with you,” said Ducky Lucky, shaking the water off his feathers.

        So Henny Penny, Cocky Locky and Ducky Lucky hurried on together towards the king’s palace. On the way they met Goosey Loosey, who called out, “Where are you all going in such a hurry?”
        “We are on our way to tell the king the sky is falling down,” said Henny Penny.
        “I will come with you,” said Goosey Loosey.
        So Henny Penny, Cocky Locky, Ducky Lucky and Goosey Loosey hurried on together towards the king’s palace.
        Round the next corner they met Turkey Lurkey. “Where are you all going on this fine day?” she called out to them.
        “It won’t be a fine day for long,” replied Henny Penny. “The sky is falling down, and we are hurrying to tell the king.”
        “I will come with you,” said Turkey Lurkey. So Henny Penny, Cocky Locky, Ducky Lucky, Goosey Loosey and Turkey Lurkey all went on towards the king’s palace. Now on their way they met Foxy Loxy who asked, “Where are you going in such a hurry?”
        “We are going to the king’s palace to tell him the sky is falling down,” replied Henny Penny. “That is a very important message,” said Foxy Loxy.
        “I will come with you. In fact if you follow me I can show you a short cut to the king’s palace, so you will get there sooner.”
        So Henny Penny, Cocky Locky, Ducky Lucky, Goosey Loosey and Turkey Lurkey all followed Foxy Loxy. He led them to the wood, and up to a dark hole, which was the door to his home. Inside his wife and five hungry children were waiting for him to bring home some dinner.
        That, I am sorry to say, was the end of Cocky Locky, Ducky Lucky, Goosey Loosey and Turkey Lurkey, for one by one they all followed Foxy Loxy into his home, and they were all eaten up by the hungry fox family.
        Henny Penny was the last to enter the Fox’s hole and she heard Cocky Locky crowing in alarm in front of her. Squawking with fright and scattering feathers, she turned and ran as fast as she could for the safety of her own farmyard. There she stayed and she never did tell the king that the sky was falling down.

      33. SmokingOkie: Ok, your golf cart has a solar panel and a scabboard for your rifle, but does it have a compressed air gun that can fire 100 golf balls per minute?

        Of course, like in life you have to have the balls……

      34. “PSYOPS” I found that part interesting. I wonder who they are here?

      35. The thing to remember about Katrina is that it was an American town, on American soil. Americans rounded up other Americans and shot at them, removed them from their homes, locked them up in a squalid situation under gun point and all of this happened right under the rest of our noses.  If it happened so easily with one town, why exactly couldn’t it happen on a larger scale? You think none of those people prepped? You think none of those people had guns?

      36. ironic thought… the people who brought us to this are the same people who have the resources to survive anything that happens.  God help the other survivors (lol)

      37. Well, them japanese folks got whacked with the big one here a few minutes ago, but if they could survive godzilla, they’ll make it through all right!
        For earthquake survival, I recommend having just a couple firearms on hand.  The Auto Ordinance model of 1927 (Thompson) makes a fine choice for all FFL holders (plenty of style to!), while mere mortals will need no less than 2 or 3 pump shotguns (Rem 870) with extended magazines, several revolvers in calibers 357 and 44, auto pistols (9mm and 45) and it’s always nice to add in some semi-auto shotguns and lever action rifles for good measure.  Furthermore, you’ll want to bolster your small stash with some surplus rifles.  I recommend pretty much any variant of the large ring Mauser 98.  Sure the Mosin-Nagants are cheap, but who gives a fuck?  Mauser’s can be turned into beautiful sporting rifles after all the zombies are killed, and you should have pride in your weapons.  After messing around with a MN the last few days, I can report that it’s pretty much a POS.  Same goes for SKS’s.  Only rifle I ever owned where you had to pull the trigger three times for it to shoot once.
        Also, since you need a minimum of 1000 rounds for each weapon, go down to home dumbass and get a couple of those orange locking gang-boxes to lock up all your ammo.  It’s relatively secure and you can mount heavy duty casters on bottom so you can push it around.  Believe me, a steel box that weighs hundreds of pounds ain’t no fun to move with out wheels.

      38. Durango Kidd- About my golf cart, negative on the high capacity air powered full auto golf ball shooter. I was lookin’ at one but I blew all my money on the chrome spinner rims and the 1000 watt kick-ass stereo instead. True, it aint quite as tactical a rig as yours but it’s still a mighty fine pimpin’ ride for a golf cart…

      39. Occasionally somebody here gets accused of having a Red Dawn fetish. In the interest of full disclosure I must admit- I have a fetish. But it’s more like a Grapes of Wrath fetish. When the s really htf my dream is to load all my worthless old junk on a dilapidated Model T and head down route 66. Go to Californny and pick fruit…wait…on second thought, considering the kind of fruit they have there, I guess me and Ma will just stay here and ride it out in the dust bowl. Dang! There goes a perfectly good fetish…If anyone here has any ideas, I’m taking suggestions for my next fetish. Gotta be based on a classic movie and if you’re thinking Wizard of Oz- I ain’t goin’ as Toto. The Scarecrow-maybe…definitely not Dorothy. Them red shoes hurt my feet.

      40. Occasionally somebody here gets accused of having a Red Dawn fetish. In the interest of full disclosure I must admit- I have a fetish. But it’s more like a Grapes of Wrath fetish. When the s really htf my dream is to load all my worthless old junk on a dilapidated Model T and head down route 66. Go to Californny and pick fruit…wait…on second thought, considering the kind of fruit they have there, I guess me and Ma will just stay here and ride it out in the dust bowl. Dang! There goes a perfectly good fetish…If anyone here has any ideas, I’m taking suggestions for my next fetish. Gotta be based on a classic movie and if you’re thinking Wizard of Oz- I ain’t goin’ as Toto. The Scarecrow-maybe…definitely not Dorothy. Them red shoes hurt my feet.

      41. With the unrest in Libya winding down, oil price falling fast, dollar soaring, Europe finding peace and the Euro at all time highs, US unemployment dropping and new job creation soaring, inflation in the US mild, and the best of all the US stock market soaring and when it drops it has miraculous rises of 200 or more points, coporate profits at all time highs, I could keep going but whatever the elite are doing it seems to be working.

      42. and in the katrina situation, it was like what 20 people at most they confiscated guns from of the few hundred who actually staied behind!!! if the majority of the population had remained in place there would have been NO gun confiscation taking place

      43. SmokieOkra,

        Astronaut Farmer comes to mind, sell rides.  Sell spinners/golf cart, build rocket in barn.  And please don’t smoke!

      44. Hey SmokinOkie!  You could get yourself some yellow contact lenses and a Davy Crockett hat and start in on the “Christmas Story” fetish, or how about scarfing down 96 ounces of fat and gristle like on “The Great Outdoors”?
        I’ve got plenty more ideas if these don’t work out.  Make sure you’ve got guns!

      45. You have that right MegaBob.  We are truly blessed to have such mindful bloody hemroid bankers and late term abortion politicians to slave for.  Life is good, peachy all over.  I know they have a card up their sleeve, a rabbit in the hat, an endless free Slurpee machine.

      46. Objective facts are these: America is completely bankrupt, with consequences to be NWO currency. 
        2001 False Flag on civilian economy for ME takeover & police state.
        2005 Katrina HAARP weather trial, hones urban police warfare capabilities in real time.
        2008 Economic total war begins
        2010 BP geo-warfare in Gulf of Mex
        2011 Second Arab Revolt begins (as leaked mos in advance by L Williams).  
        midnite, Mar 4 Obama signs exec order for State of Emergency based on Libya
        Mar 7 Obama signs unprecedented Exec Order allowing premanent imprisonment till death for detainees even those WHO HAVE BEEN AQUITTED IN TRIAL BY JURY.  Decision up to discretian of POTUS only.
        Mar 11  Japan earthquake literally shifts tectonic plates worldwide- to the extent that seismic impact showing up in increased activity in Yellowstone
        Alabama Madrid Fault escalating to “harmonic resonance” level of quaking activity
        Mar 19  ‘Extreme Supermoon’ said to heighten gravitational imbalances of tectonic plates, volcanoes, earth events etc
        Mar 19  Major occult holiday near Vernal Equinox coincides with jewish Sabbath, the full Supermoon and MOST IMPORTANTLY- jewish PURIM.  The holiday where jews wreak revenge on their targeted enemies.  (For ex, Iraq War was Purim 2003, knocking out long time Israel adversary Saddam-Iraq)
        Timeline is unclear and it is hard to maintain readiness at such a high warp level, but we would be well advised to heed Quayle’s warnings.  All that’s unclear is the exact hour.  We all know somthin’s comin and its not gonna be good.

      47. can you tell me where you got the info on the Executive orders bo signed??

      48. @R.Diehl

        seems like a pattern there..
        and coming with increased “acts” at a closer rate.
        01 to 05=4 years
        05 to 08=3 years
        08 to 10 =2 years
        10 to 11= 1 year

        march 7 to 11 = 4 months……

        this could be a very busy next few years?

      49. i ment 4 days..from march 7 to not with it this morning

        New madrid 1911..Japan 2011?

      50. New Madrid was 1811

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