Insider: “Very Sophisticated High Net Worth Investors Are Buying Up Physical Precious Metals”

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    According to the CEO of one of the world’s top primary producers of silver, looming precious metals shortages could drive the price of gold to $5000 and silver to $100 over the next three to five years. Keith Neumeyer, who oversees First Majestic Silver and is also the Chairman of mineral bank First Mining Finance, says that with commodity prices in capitulation mining companies around the world are either reducing operations or outright shutting down, the consequence of which will be a supply crunch across the industry and a resurgence in precious metals prices.

    And Neumeyer isn’t the only one who sees the trend developing. Well known investment billionaires like George Soros and Carl Icahn are rushing into gold. Soros is so convinced that a paradigm shift is in the works that after warning of financial collapse and violent riots in America he sold his holdings in major U.S. banks and allocated more of his portfolio into gold mining firms.

    And here’s a little known secret Neumeyer shares in an interview with SGT Report – high net worth individuals aren’t just buying paper. Neumeyer says that the coin shortages being reported by national mints around the world are the result of direct buying of physical gold and silver from sophisticated market players:

    I’m seeing the numbers coming out of the the Canadian Mint, Australian Mint and the U.S. Mint… the numbers are quite high for silver coins and to a lesser degree gold coins… I think, personally, that the commercials are buying them… I think that very sophisticated high net worth investors at banks and institutions are buying them.

    Supply and demand fundamentals aside there appears to be another significant reason that major players like billionaires and central banks are shifting their holdings into precious metals.

    Citing a 1988 cover of The Economist depicting a phoenix rising from the ashes of the U.S. dollar while wearing a gold medallion with the date 2018 stamped on it, SGT Report asks whether insiders are now frantically acquiring precious metals ahead of a possible global currency reset or coming monetary crisis.

    I 100% agree with that,” Neumeyer responds without hesitation.


    As an outspoken critic of the rampant manipulation he recently sent a letter to the CFTC noting that a small concentration of players were attempting to control the market.

    But to what end? As noted in his interview, this isn’t the first time that big players vied for position ahead of major financial, economic or political changes.

    SGT Report: Going back all the way to the Rothschilds… going back centuries. This is a playbook they’ve used time and time again. Drive down the price of the assets that they want to the point where the common man runs away from those assets because the common man can’t take any more pain…

    Meanwhile these guys buy up those assets for pennies on the dollar… What you’re saying makes perfect sense… they’re driving down the prices of physical metals via their paper manipulation and at the end of the day they get to acquire the stuff they want in physical form at pennies on the dollar preparing themselves for what’s coming. I don’t think that’s too far off. I don’t think that’s really conspiracy theory. Do you?

    Neumeyer: I think the financial crisis of 2008-2009 was completely orchestrated. I think it was known by the insiders… the banking insiders… possibly even the Federal Reserve itself knew what they were creating and knew that there was going to be a crash coming…

    The same thing’s happening all over again. They’re driving down the metals and it represents another huge theft that we’re experiencing right now.

    But Neumeyer says low prices won’t be around for long:

    They’re doing this for a reason… We on the street here we can’t really know what’s going on behind closed doors and what the future’s going to be, but when you see these big governments doing what they’re doing you know there’s a change afoot.

    This is why I put First Mining Finance together… I wanted to have a very gold-focused company as a result of my beliefs that gold is at lows and this is a buying opportunity of a lifetime. I wouldn’t be surprised to see $5000 gold in the next three to five years.

    Are the actions of the world’s elite telegraphing that significant changes are on the horizon? If not, why would they be feverishly buying up a 6,000 year old relic that according to former Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke isn’t money and is held by central banks only because of tradition?

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      1. Be well rounded.

        Be well all…

        • You’re damn right they know what’s coming. Hell, they’re the ones orchestrating it! These elites are right now the hardest core preppers out there with their secret hideouts, all the food they are supposedly buying. Soros buying gold is very telling. The same with Icahn. They are getting ready for upheaval on a global scale.

          Trying to be as well rounded as possible with the means I have available.

          • Your money is no good. Give it to us in exchange for these shiny metal things…

            • those federal reserve notes are worth LESS…but not YET worthless…..YET!

            • So long as there is a buyer for shiny metal things, they will always have value… Even in the midst of a full-blown collapse, say where we lose grid power and the worst scenarios imaginable play out… Even then, if there is a buyer like a central bank in Russia or China, silver and gold will have value and will move on the black market if necessary. A collapse in the United States will not happen in a bubble, so realistically speaking other countries will likely continue to function without us.

              I get that we need to prepare by stockpiling food, supplies, arms, ammo, etc, and I have advocated such for years. But if you have most of those bases covered and have funds available, or have savings or retirement accounts, I don’t see how silver and gold are poor investments to make, especially if those investments are diversified. I am not suggesting one should put everything in gold and silver, but an allocation in this sector is worthwhile. For some that means physical possession, for others it might mean including well managed mining companies in a portfolio. Take these big investors out there — how much freeze dried food do they buy if they have hundreds of thousand or millions of dollars in wealth? They have to do something with that money and if we’re talking safe haven assets their options become pretty limited given the current economic environment.

              As “Cont Divide” noted in this comment thread, I am not even so much concerned with silver going to $100 an ounce as I am with having the insurance in my possession in the event of a dollar crash or other event.

              Recent examples of how gold/silver behave in a collapse can be seen in Zimbabwe, Greece, and Argentina. This is REAL money should the paper system around us collapse. It’s either use that or lug around your buckets of food or boxes of ammo for trade… Personally, I’d rather keep those and trade with junk silver coins unless i have no other option.

              Yes, they are shiny pieces of metal… But empires have been conquered over said metal. There is value here, whether perceived or inherent. We’re talking over 5000 years of history as a monetary instrument all over the world.

              That’s good enough for me.

              • Thanks Mac 🙂

                • In the last month I’ve boughy 4 silver Qt and a half; Doers that make me a high net worth guy?

              • Mac: I agree, IF you have all the beans, rice, weapons and ammo, etc,etc,etc that you need. And if you have extra money. I disagree with the part about trading with China and Russia. How are you going to hook up with them?

                I have posted my story before. Gold and silver are only worth what the next guy is willing to pay. If we are stocking pm’s for wealth preservation, OK. If you are stocking pm’s to aid in self preservation, don’t do it. Buy what you need instead. It is cheaper and smarter. You should not be trading with anybody, or run the risk of showing what you have. ONLY trade at a Trading Post or a Barter Town. NEVER trade out of your home. NEVER give your enemy AMMO. NEVER trade a hole box or dose of anything. It shows that you have more.

                I have said it before: GOLD AND SILVER ARE ONLY WORTH WHAT THE NEXT PERSON IS WILLING TO PAY FOR IT. PERIOD. If the SHTF, it will only be worth what someone else feels it is worth. If the economy stays intact, then it will be worth a little more. This is from my experience. Even a trading post or barter town will not give you spot. There would be no meat left on the bone. No money to be made by your trader.

                • Passing a gold coin to an enemy soldier never saved a life?

                • mac and fish(wait, isn’t that tuna casserole?), we should make yer comments a STICKY,LOL… put it at the top of every comment section, so the simps won’t have to make their silly comments about why we need this or that, and shiny metal is wortluss. sorry, i just get tired of readin’ all those worthless comments over and over amongst the buried TREASURE in here….and it IS treasure…if i just had a treasure detector …

                • Excellent Barter Tips…pass them on near and far…Barter minded individuals may be using them soon!

                • I really like what you said. Good, sound advice! Thanks!

              • shiny pieces of metal you say?

                thats why I polish my brass

              • Mac, I agree with everything you said 100%. The US dollar has not always been the world reserve currency. Nor has the US dollar been the only currency used in the US. There have been multiple currencies and regional currencies that were used in the past in the US. Where are those old currencies now? The paper notes are nothing but collectors items. Not worthless but no longer used as currency.

                Debasing the currency is nothing new. The amount of actual silver used in coins in ancient Rome went from a large percentage to almost no real metal being used in those coins or the coins were coated or plated on the outside only.

              • If there is not a sudden, total collapse; but perhaps greatly increased global military conflict… then wouldn’t PMs with industrial application gain significantly?

                I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone here mention platinum, palladium, and rhodium. These all have valuable industrial uses. Back around 2006 or 2007, rhodium skyrocketed to 10,000 per ounce; now it’s back to 650…. a decrease of 93.5%! Might not a few ounces of these be worth considering for diversification within one’s holdings of PMs? Just asking….

                • of COARSE they would be!…but then you already KNEW that.

        • Be the ball

          • LOL! Classic!

            There’s a force in the universe that makes things happen… and all you have to do is get in touch with it… stop thinking… let things happen… and….

            • That was one of my favorite movies,,,
              Good times back then, not really a care in the world, life seems so much more complicated now,
              Thanks Mac for keeping this ite rolling,
              I imagine finding material is really tough, then you have nutso peeps criticizing you when they wouldnt even be able to do it for a month..
              Some of us get it. So Thank you and Happy New Year to you.

              • Amen Kula.
                I miss the older days.
                But all we can do now is make the best of what we got now.
                I am trying, life is like eating chocolate jalapenos, you never know how that would come out…

        • Cowards like you bunch of keyboard patriots are the reason talking piles of dog shit like Hitler and Mao were permitted to advance their diabolical causes.

          Nobody wants to stand for the laws of God and be punished by the laws of man.

          You chickenshits disgust me.

          Who will be there to protect you from the lying fucking shitbearded “federal prosecutors” when you are thrown in prison for 5 years for some bullshit farcical charge of terrorism? Clearing the brush off the fucking prairie is terrorism that mandates a 5 year term in federal prison?

          • Awww stuffit ya queer

          • If it has brush it ain’t prairie. They burned timber to expand grazing. It is called eco terrorism and those laws were passed by Republicans to put tree huggers in jail for terrorism. Looks different to you when the terrorist is a rancher that burned federal forest? I am from Oregon and that’s the gig. Why do you think the neighbor’s are against them? Not because they are cowards but because they know the ranchers live out of taxpayers pockets. That old boy has been living off the dole for decades.

            • Make that ranchers who lease public lands. One of my uncles is a cattle rancher in Oregon and every acre he grazes was paid for. Not these BS federal leases.

        • The velocity of money is now at an all-time low.

          The wholesale inventory is now at its highest level since 2008.

      2. Alas Babylon!!! With the coming of age of Iran’s nuclear program, it won’t take a whole lot to devalue gold to worthless status. Nothing like the jingle in your pockets to glow in the dark.

        • Readers would do well to pause and reflect for a moment and realize we currently live in a country where an armed Islamic terrorist shoots and kills thirteen and injures many more during the Fort Hood Massacre and that act is designated “workplace violence” by the Obama government but these two ranchers are designated as terrorists for setting preventative brush fires so that they qualify for mandatory federal anti-terrorist sentencing laws.

          If that doesn’t send a chill down this nation’s collective spine, nothing will

      3. As far as I am concerned “Very Sophisticated High Net Worth Investors ” are the ones causing harms to the humanity. I think we do have enough trees to take care of them along with their families.

        I hope we don’t see more of these BS articles in 2016 rather to focus on the elimination of the subhuman species so the humans can live in peace and relative harmony.


        • Can’t be too sophisticated if they are feverishly trying to acquire the stuff. They just got in the game too late. Where are these people going to put their gold hoard. Maybe in someone else’s vaults or in their own “gated community” home? The wealthy used to be able to store treasures in Swiss Freeports no questions asked but that changed the first of this year from what I read. Thieves steal gold because someone will always be a buyer. Bars with serial numbers are fabulous but they can be melted down or even switched. Hey wonder how many of those gold bars the ubers are buying are tungteen. Don’t think just because someone is or thinks they are sophisticated can’t get played. Sophisticated is a term they like to confer on themselves and promotes their self-importance.

      4. Bullets bullets thats what you need a gun is just a club without them

      5. I have a lot of physical silver and it hasn’t been a great investment so far. If you look at the spreads when buying and selling, it has to go up a lot to make money on it. I bought with shtf in mind and I consider it insurance rather than an investment. I have cost averaged silver for a decade and have paid an average of 19.00 an oz. so far I am upside down. If you buy and expect to make a quick buck, the odds are against you. Buying with the insurance mindset rather than investment is the only way not to get frustrated. Looking at silver historically, it matches inflation. There are times when it is bubble high and sometimes people lose interest when the economy is good and the prices are down.

        • When I owned stocks I was checking prices and news several times a day. Now that I have mostly cash and PMs I don’t bother – I don’t need them now, but I know they will be there when they are needed.

          • Norse: I buy PMs so I can sleep at night. When the market crashes I will be yawning. It will not be a big deal for me. I like physical possession of metals, too. Nothing like having money being kept safe in a bank and being told you have a daily or weekly limit set by someone else. This happened in Cyprus and Greece. The fancy name for that is called capital control. That type of control over my money makes me nervous, ruins my appetite, and definitely causes me to lose sleep at night and none of those side effects are good for my overall health and well-being. Thus owning PMs is not only good for my financial health it is good for my physical health too.

        • Exactly: it is insurance not a speculative investment. Anyone who has lived in a country where the currency has collapsed knows it is insurance and it works. Gold and silver have shot up in value across the emerging markets as their currencies have devalued in 2015. It is only because the US dollar has held up that it looks like gold and silver are going nowhere.

      6. It is always 3-5 years away. Which means it could be never. The manipulation is so complete only a uncontrolled event out of the blue doing major damage to the banks could change this. Prep & stack & get on with life dont wait for next spring next fall or what ever setting a date in a rigged market is crazy.

      7. I have my doubts anytime the big Boyzsay to buy anything. If you have no gold or silver, sure, buy. I finally got out from the blizzard and bought preps Iinstead. Nothing fancy, but being snowed in for a week showed a weakness that I am addressing. Met a prepper in front of the bottled water machine. Not that he admitted it exactly but he was giving me local history and a few things that might need to be prepared for. I just said “good idea.”

        • It is always better to be prepared and not need the preps, than to be unprepared and have the SHTF.

          We have been sick with the flu or some virus the past few days. It is a relief to know that we had food, medicine, etc. here and did not have to venture out.

          Don’t count on picking up essential items when the SHTF. You or a family member could be sick or injured.

      8. just another bullshit article trying to peddle pm that they are desperate to unload on anyone stupid enough to buy the stuff! Are you?

        • I’ll be the first to admit I am stupid enough to buy the stuff…

          • Hahahaha!

          • Count me in, call me stupid.

            At the grocery store, I see a stream of people pumping scary amounts of money into lottery tickets, and that’s at about 200 million to one odds. They have no preps, no food, no water, no protection, no gold no silver; Instead they throw their money at the feet of a corrupt government that runs the only legal gambling operation in town, in what I like to call the stupid people tax.

            Gold and silver will always have their ups and downs, right now it’s really down, if bought here, even if the threat of world calamity vanished, there’d still be moments in the future is could be sold for a profit by a patient prepper. Should there be calamity it would likely be one of the wisest choices people who can put a percent of their worth into it could make.

            • Well, at least those lottery players have the “right to participate” in a dream. The state is nothing but a croupier when it comes to gambling, a drug dealer when it comes to tobacco taxes and a general all around swindler.

            • Before the crash, coworkers tried to get me to go in on a jackpot drawing every week. I declined and said I’d rather spen my dollar on seeds. I took a lot of teasing about that… until I started bringing the seed packets in and stuffing them in gallon jars. During off seasons I sometimes scored 10 packets for $1! It eventually overcame the teasing, but even better, it became the basis of my seed storage. Every winter I go through my seeds and decide what to plant. Every year I add to the seeds. I use a black marker and write the year on each package. I have grown dreams out of those seeds. I have mostly vegetables now, but still have trees, shrubs, flowers.

              We think we can’t prep but we sometimes waste money that could be better spent.

              On the other hand, I defended them to an attorney who was citing the poor odds… I told him that we have zero chance of becoming wealthy here at our jobs… the lottery ticket raises our chance albeit not by much. I liked getting everyone talking at u lunchabout what they would do Iif they won. Some of us could do that anyway! Mine was acreage to play on like what I have now. My seed packets kept that dream alive. Here I am!

              • Rebecca,

                Now there’s a plan, I like it! Seeds can be surprisingly sturdy. The percent germination may fall off over a decade, but the ones that do grow will produce seed to replace the loss.

          • Question for Mac or others.

            I have enogh guns and ammo to refight the Vietnam War and enough food stock to feed my town, cash put aside and retiremnet funded. So last year I started buying silver, to round things out.

            Here’s my question:

            I buy thru JM Bullion and usually buy stuff produced by Sunshine Minting, I notice that Sunshine’s 1 oz. rounds sell for about 25 cent an ounce cheaper than the 1 oz. bars. What’s the reason and if you were going to sell it someday would you get more for the bar then for the round or is it a case of an ounce is an ounce shape doesn’t matter when it comes time to sell.

            • Good question about those premiums – my experience is such that unless you are holding something like a silver eagle, when you sell back those coins they are going to give you Spot price and probably nothing more… For eagles you might get 50 cents or a dollar over spot when selling. I think dealers base the premiums on demand, as opposed to coin vs. bar. Perhaps the coins are more popular and you pay the extra 25 cents because of it. In the end, it’s all just silver, regardless of the Hallmark. I think with the premiums you pay on a Silver Eagle, which is around $3-$4 now, you are paying for the recognizability of the coin itself…

              In a situation where you are having to sell your silver back I would say go into it expecting the spot price and nothing more, even if you are selling Eagles.. if they give you extra on top of Spot, then great, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

              So, in terms of which is worth more, an off-brand coin or bar — I’d say you’re looking at the same value in most cases.

              Just my opinion here based on my own personal experience with numerous online and brick/mortar dealers – I could be way off base.



            • Some bars are highly collectible and are considered art. Some have serial numbers which are used for investment and theft prevention. The vintage bars from old shut down mines are really cool.

            • You will also pay a premium for a big name like a 1 ounce PAMP SWISSE bar. The name on the bar has a lot to do with the premium.

            • There is special protection/scrutiny of PM (precious metals) coins minted by governments. If counterfeit coins are discovered, the government must investigate if they are US mint, or minted by other governments recognized by treaty.

              Coins privately minted are simply protected by copyright and fraud laws.

              There currently seems to be a lot of counterfeit PM coin coming out of China that is short on its gold or silver content. Even US gold and silver eagles can be found.

              A good scale and dial caliper can let you precisely measure coins and easily detect all but the finest counterfeits.

              Silver also has an unusual magnetic/ electrical properties. It is not magnetic, but it is such a good conductor that induced magnetic fields are very strong. If you make a wood slide and install a row of small neodymium magnets down its center, then slide a pure silver coin down it, it will fall in slow motion as the induced magnetic fields hold it back. Counterfeits will either stick to the magnets or fall much faster since no mix of metals will ever have silvers high conductivity.

              Anyone buying silver or gold coins should look at YouTube videos on detecting counterfeits.

              Right now I like Canadian PM coins, they are cheap because the Canadian dollar is in the toilet with low oil prices, but there’s less counterfeiting going on.

            • AOWG ~ I’ve thought about this too, and I concluded that the slight price difference is probably because it is easier to manufacture a disk than a rectangle. By definition, a rectangle has unequal sides and therefor it is more difficult to maintain orientation during the manufacture process; to move them along the manufacturing line; to shift quantities of them from one container to another; etc. With a disk, it only has to be oriented while the reverse is matched against the obverse. Disks can easily be dealt with along the line and funneled into tubes for shipping; bars require more effort.

              My personal feeling on private mints vs. Eagles is this: If/when PMs become a vital resource upon which my survival depends, am I better off with 400 bars or with 300 Eagles? I am forced to conclude that the high premium for Eagles is money better spent on additional ounces of privately minted units. You will almost certainly be ahead of the game with 100 extra ounces, instead of trying to convince somebody that he should reimburse you the high premium that you paid because he’s getting a coin that looks pretty.

              However, I will pay the slight difference to buy bars over rounds. To many people, rounds seem suspicious; almost like “fake money”: it looks like a coin, but it isn’t a coin. But bars, even small 1-oz bars, carry a connotation of “bullion”. People have observed big gold bullion bars in countless Hollywood movies; even a miniature bar resonates as something of value. It might sound trivial, but my own feeling is that this perception is worth spending a few extra cents.

              For fractional gold, I really like the ‘restrikes’ of the vintage French Rooster 20-franc coins. (Totally authentic coins, issued by the French government, with old dates [usually circa WWI] even though of current manufacture.) Many prep folks are not familiar with these; do a bit of research and you might find that they are worth getting. Just under 1/5 troy ounce of Au (.1867 oz) and they can be found at a reasonable premium. Very useful to have units smaller than a full ounce, or even a half ounce. ~ KV

        • If I had the extra cash,,,,,
          And if that makes me stupid in your eyes i could give a shit, whore you?
          Another person who matters nothing in my life

      9. I’m a driver instructor at the company I work for. I tell my students to always remember 2 things.
        1. Keep things simple. 2. Do what makes sense. It’s not rocket science, it’s trucking. But as a society, we’ve lost touch with reality. Who the hell cares what those guys are doing? Fact is, it’s all gonna come crashing down and survival depends on luck and how you handle it. (God would be a great deal of help if he’s to be sought). In any event, keep it simple and do what makes sense.

      10. If it’s all that great, why are these promoters selling it?

      11. Those Bowery birds like shiny metal objects to decorate their nest area to attract a mate.

      12. Cool handle jacknife I remember going through the unions driving school the first time I took the truck down the road with the instructor he said your calm and seem like you drove one of these before. I said a straight truck and I have to keep a cool head operating this. He took me driving every day after till the road test. Only missed the shock absorber on my pre trip. Trucking has been good to me even though I sacrafice a lot for it. I’m a local peddler for a well known ltl. I’m home in bed every nite. still miss my kids sports though. Your right it’s not rocket science but you do have to have a knack for it.

      13. Money does grow on trees- the Fed makes dollars out of pulp…
        They just add zero’s to make them ‘worth’ more- it’s a grand illusion.
        The Federal Reserve is neither.

        Precious metals are just that. You can use gold in a tooth and silver in a solar panel. I have a few NGC ms70 gold coins- numismatic AND intrinsic value.
        We also have a small bit of gold from the Atocha wreck- history AND intrinsic value. And no rust…

        Newly minted silver shines like nothing else- when you look at a mirror you are looking at silver.
        It’s probably inside the electronic device in front of you…

      14. Don’t buy Gold or Silver ! Buy US $.. Us $ is backed by US Government.. Gold & Silver are not backed by anything ? Buy US $ !
        As reported by a NBCCNNABCFOX bimbo on air !

      15. China halts trading after stocks plunge 7%

        ht tp://

      16. Long term you all need to have some silver coins so you can pay cash when the banking system does away with fiat notes or before your jewish owned banks run off with your money.

        Having said that hold fire on buying silver/gold because oil is still going down and the trend for the paper price of metals is still down and oil is the bigest cost when it comes to mining metals.

        Don’t worry stocks are not running out for physical and the pundits have been saying the same old story since silver was over $24oz as they try to panic sell you stock.

      17. Today’s Science Lesson

        Doomsday Volcanoes: next large volcanic eruption on the planet could kill 1 million people

        h ttps://theextinctionprotocol.wordpr…illion-people/

        “In a scientific report published in 2015, experts at the European Science Foundation concluded that large volcanic eruptions posed the greatest risk to human survival – greater, in fact, that an asteroid collision with earth, human activity leading to climate change and nuclear war.”

      18. 2016 is starting off with a bang

        China’s stock market closed for the day due to a 7% drop

        Saudi Arabia ends diplomatic relations with Iran
        and now…

        things heating up

        Mid-East Melee: Sectarian Showdown Looms As Bahrain Cuts Ties With Iran, UAE Recalls Ambassador

        h ttp://

        the Middle East may go up in flames
        and they’ll take the rest of the world with it

        • And the U.S. market is down almost 400. P.M.’s are up as well as other commodities.

          • Silver and gold are up minimally. coffee, wheat, soy, oil, copper, corn, sugar, etc are down. I don’t know where you got your info on other commodities

          • The market was very interesting today.

            China began crashing and everything slid. Literally every market and commodity in the world went down except gold and silver. Now gold and silver were only up slightly, but they did break previous patterns where gold and silver went down in step with other markets and commodities.

            Normally if one of the top world markets crashes 8%, another market somewhere becomes the refuge, today it looks like they wen to just cash, or to a small extent gold. Interesting that platinum and palladium fell while gold and silver rose slightly.

            This is a new paradigm, time will tell if a pattern is forming, but it could be signaling a bottom for PM’s.

      19. You take chances with any investment tool. Best to be well rounded. Try not to fall in love with one investment. Hard to do. Chinese market shut down after falling 7%. I will watch closely today.

      20. I’ve been hearing this sort of thing since the Clinton administration.

        Yet I find no shortage of gold or silver to buy anywhere I look.

        How can this be?

        • Couple reasons… All my gold was bought when I thought $200/oz. was high. My Silverallunder $7/oz. More gold I mined all the time. At current prices and with many people uneunemployed, people will sell. The price of all commodities suffer from massive price manipulation from governments and elites. Buy the best price you can. I just don’t have it as a priority even though I certainly would like more. Right now I am getting my 5 acres liveable and prepared. Had a ghostwalker peek in my bedroom window this week… planting for wildlife is working if I have an apex predator visiting.

      21. First prep for personal shtf, loss of job,death in family,catastropy,it will hit you when you least
        Expect and you will be glad you did it.Put cash aside. Then prep on for the obvious reasons our government gives us. Got beans ,bullets, band aides etc, then put aside some gold, silver,
        When able. Then stack as you deem appropriate, and on…………

        • Very simply said and I much agree.

      22. Dear bundys live to fight many a day. Hammonds same but time served is time served……..

      23. I cannot wait to see this vile evil disgusting society of cowardly boot licking fascist trash watch their financial system come down around them, and gun confiscation begin form Martial Law. To see these treasonous lazy fat ass boot licking keyboard coward pussy trash turning their guns over to the US Government controlled by psychopathic globalist New World Order filth-it will be priceless.

      24. The chimp-in-charge of ruining our America has been given his New Years orders by his handlers. Read Rappoports article at nomorefakenews dot com titled “Obama says he is not a dufus” (that he really knows the real score on ISIS, etc. Great info at that site.

        Lucky us. He will have a town square meeting on CNN hosted by the queer rich Vanderbilt boy, Anderson, to sell his new executive order gun control.

      25. I am an atheist asking for all to pray for my son and I preparing now and heading for Oregon soon

        • keep your head on a swivel Ron , and report back to us the TRUTH

          religion or lack of, makes no difference to me when it comes the truth we are living today .. besides im tired of the thumpers and pamphlet shovers
          Atheist or otherwise , if your a patriot and willing to fight for whats right , good nuff for me

          maybe for once we will get the straight skinny on this debacle

          • WILL DO, I have asked if they have com there, and cannot get an answer, so we will be saying our goodbyes and might not be able to get out. Love my SHTF people, even the ones who hate my guts. I cannot stand back and watch the murder of my fellow citizens by New World Order GENOCIDAL fascist psychopathic criminal monsters, and I am going there to get the message out that this government is doing FAR, FAR, FAR more than just stealing Western land for their globalist fascist New World Order agenda. My son and I are going there to be human shields to protect BRAVE FREEDOM LOVING REAL AMERICAN PATRIOTS.

        • Absolutely will pray for you and your son. May the LORD GOD and his mighty warrior angels be with you on your journey and return safe.

        • Ron Ahrens:

          My prayers are with you and your son. You are a true patriot.

          • Thank you, we cannot sit by and watch people who fought for this country get mowed down by fascist boot lickers. We go in peace as human shields.

        • Good for you Ron. Will pray.

      26. Big surprise, market drop when gun control being rolled out, keep your eye on the ball!

      27. There are no atheist in a foxhole, prayers going out for your son, you are not alone, travel safe,

      28. Late-Day Buying Panic Saves Stocks From Worst Start To January In 84 Years

        “The machines did their best at 1101ET to stall the weakness, which ramped to VWAP before institutional selling started…”

        Cash indices saw Dow break to a 16,000 handle, S&P under 2,000, and Nasdaq under 5,000…before a late-dat $2-3bn MOC buy order out of nowhere lifted everything…”

        “The moment 330ET hit, VIX was slammed (via rampant buying XIV – inverse VIX ETF) and S&P pumped back above 2000.”


      29. The Supreme Court this year will have to rule on the 2nd Amendment(standing alone), their days of kicking the can and dodging on ruling it are over. It is about to come to ahead, then we will see where SCOTUS stands. Now if you want to bet on their ruling, I’ll put my FRN on they will be against it. Time grows short get what you need now not latter.
        RIP America.

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