Insider: Obama Team to Incite Race Riots; Use White Guilt in 2012 Election

by | Aug 16, 2011 | Headline News | 197 comments

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    Divide et Impera
    [divide and conquer; divide and rule]

    In politics and sociology, divide and rule (also known as divide and conquer) is a combination of political, military and economic strategy of gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into chunks that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy. The concept refers to a strategy that breaks up existing power structures and prevents smaller power groups from linking up.

    Since riots and uprisings are now en vogue the world over and with signs that they will soon reach the shores of America, would it be that much of a stretch to suggest President Obama’s election campaign would be willing to incite race riots in the hopes of guilting white Americans into casting a vote for a President who is progressively losing popularity and support at an ever accelerating rate?

    The White House Insider, reportedly a disgruntled democrat operative deep inside the administration, tells all in a recent three part interview with the Ulsterman Report. While the claims sound particularly outrageous, plenty of Presidents past have taken extreme measures to secure their electability and preserve their image. The “Insider” has been uncanny in predicting events over the last 18 months, including the extension of the Bush tax cuts, the public outing of operation Gunrunner, the birth certificate issue going fully mainstream, Democrat party infighting between the President and members of Congress, and White House attrition resulting from discontent. For this reason we will, at the very least, bring this latest Insider report to our readers for digestion.

    **Adult content and expletives**

    Ulsterman: How?  What’s the plan?  What’s going to be different from all the other campaigns?

    Insider: You’ve already seen it.  A taste of it.  Race.  The race card.  Racism.  Race-race-race.  It’s all they fucking got to run on these days.

    Ulsterman: Race?  Hasn’t Obama played that one out already?  It’s become a joke.

    Insider: Played it out?  No, not…you might think so but no…his people are going to raise the issue of race to a level this country hasn’t seen since the Civil Rights movement. White guilt got Barack Obama the nomination.  White guilt got Barack Obama into the White House.  At least it was a big part of it…they are not sure they can run on the economy by summer of 2012.  Motivation is way down – the people on the ground.  Many of them will be sitting this one out.  The campaign conducted over five internals in the last few months. Each time the one issue that came back favorably for the president was the color of his skin.  People are not comfortable…white people are not comfortable going against a person of color.  At least not a whole lot of them. Those studies – those kinds of studies…they were first incorporated by the Hillary campaign back in 2007 and 2008.  It scared the hell out of her – she was so afraid of being called a racist.  So she attacked Obama on his lack of experience, she just touched on some of the Chicago garbage…but in the end, the race issue kept her from really engaging in all out political war.  The Clinton machine was handcuffed.  When Obama used race to get America to forgive the fact he spent some 20 years sitting in the church of a proven anti-American fascist fucking racist – what could they do?  It was game over.

    Insider: Yes.  It’s in place and underway – being developed. Further developed.  It’s gonna – gonna tie it in with the unions somehow. I don’t know exaclty how – just that’s included in it.  It will be an all out campaign on race.  The goal is to completely mobilize the Black vote while shaming an even greater number of white voters into not opposing a second Obama term.  They are gonna get out the guilt vote man. The guilt vote!

    Ulsterman: Obama…Democrats in general, already get the Black vote – most of it.

    Insider: They want all of it. Every last one.  Then bring in the Hispanic vote, tie them up in this race issue as well.  Republicans want to toss you out.  Obama wants to bring you in.  They hate the color of Obama’s skin just like they hate the color of yours.  Hey White America, you aren’t part of that group who hates non-whites are you? If not, you better get out and vote for Barack Obama.

    Ulsterman: That sounds overly simplistic and insulting to voters.  You really think something like that would actually work?

    Insider: Hell yes-yes… it can work.  It’s not gonna come so easy as it did in 2008, but that’s why they plan to ramp it up – the race issue.

    A politician, especially at the highest levels, will stop at nothing to maintain their power. President Obama is no different, and considering that mouthpieces in his administration have repeatedly referred to unsupportive segments of the electorate as terrorists and racists, is it any wonder they are considering this strategy?

    Does anyone expect the President to successfully run on the economy, health care, tax cuts, or budget reductions?

    It seems to us that his options are quite limited.

    This means that we can soon expect agents provocateurs to embed themselves into Republican and Democrat Party rallies and campaign events. There will be no shortage of media coverage, and we can fully expect a progressively-leaning media to inflame and incite such events (remember the spitting incident on the steps of Capitol Hill?).

    The argument that the next round of riots coming to America will be organized by our very own elected officials using pretexts such as race and class warfare is quite compelling considering the circumstances.


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      1. Just as I said in several previous posts on similiar topics. It is coming. BHO will willingly tear this country apart to either keep power or to insure that whoever replaces him inherits a lit time bomb whose fuse it already too short to be removed or put out. This man was/is the ultimate Trojan Horse, he is here, he has power and he is the destroyer of freedom.

        • “whoever replaces him inherits a lit time bomb whose fuse it already too short to be removed or put out”

          My two cents; Paul will get in this time, so they can pull the rug out from under him and play the worst ever known blame game against him. Don’t think they would have any race cards on ‘OL Ronny, but wouldn’t put it past them to create one.

          • You’re Dreamin’.. “President P” will be our next President!.. Palin or Perry. Obama better not get re-elected because if he does, America will turn into a jobless, scumbag maggot infested hellhole. It’s time to take the GHETTO OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE! We’ve had enough of Mr. Dreams FROM my father boy.. The SICK, America-hating BASTARD turned Dictator ignoring Congress. F’ YOU, Obama. FUBO.

            • thank when he got elected my first thought was hitler was reborn,i told people watch out he wants to start a country wide race riot.the only thing bigger than his ego is his MOUTH

        • Sometimes all of this gets so much i feel like giving up…

          A.Collier,A.Jones,D.Icke,K.Adachi, T.Gunderson,Stew Webb, Barbara Hartwell, Ron Paul, RT News,

          Its ALL ‘cointelpro’ disinfo pish. whats true….?

      2. Right on Sam.

        I still find it difficult to believe that less than 10 years after 9-11 a muslim was elected to the whore house.

        I am just glad the corp does not control my remote so I don’t have to look at him.

        • 1984.

        • That you should tell you quite a bit about the electorate in this country, or more specifically, the Sheeple. The sheeple lemmings simply do what the media tells them to do, and in the end the only way to stop the cancer is to cut it out at the core—and that core sir, is the corrupt banking system.

          The corp might not control your remote control, but they pretty much control everything you see on the channels:( As for me, I cannot even watch television anymore—–your choices are lies and propaganda, or mindless activites of the sheeple—-Storage Inn Wars—really?

          • I like Storage Wars ;-P

            • Well, that can be explained by the fact that all we have left to fight over is our junk in storage sheds—-the banking oligarch has already taken everything else, so I guess I should give people a pass on that one—wasn’t a good example but the point is virtually everything we watch on television is bought and paid for by those who have a vest interest in keeping us ignorant and compliant.

          • Actually three of the four main players are small business owners who are trying to make a profit. Only Barry isn’t, and even he has recently come around to trying to sell things for a profit. It may not be of interest to everybody, but that show shows capitalism at it’s best. I am pretty sure that wasn’t the goal when they created the show, but it’s what I see when I watch it.

        • I agree it is odd what you said Gods Creation but at this point it is painfully obvious that mossad did 9/11,

          • Though you are right Magsnumb, be careful what you say. You might end up on the Mossad list of terrorists in the U.S.A., and ripe for an accident down the road.

            • Hmmm, lets see, false-flag attack to get US popular support for wars on the east and west sides of Iran –thus completing that nation’s almost total encirclement by US/western forces.

              Think about it: 8 out of the 10 countries bordering Iran host US troops, plus right across the gulf lie the entire 17th Air Force in Qatar and the entire 5th Fleet in Bahrain, not to mention troops in Saudi and in Kuwait and our air/supply base in Manas, Kyrgyzstan.

              Nope, no Israeli involvement whatsoever.

      3. No guilt here. Not even a miniscule trace.

      4. Yes, this article brings up an interesting point; will it happen. It would not surprise me. Nobama is falling fast and will likely use anything to complete his transformation.

      5. I will never apologize for being born white.

        • thank god. we are smarter and make sense most of the time. im not racist. but we dont play that card to gain. he is and its sad. just shows the weak black negro he is and how some of them are.

          • I think it will backfire this time. Everybody I know is tired of the race card. It has been used up.

            USA has used affirmative action my whole life, with companies/agencies beeng required to hire/promote people of lower ability simply because of race. It has now been used to elect a president, largely through support of the college-aged crowd. The voters who were students in 2008 have had a taste of the crappy job market and many have been awakened.

      6. This administration is just pure evil. Economic terrorists.

        What is the “See Something, Say Something” hotline phone number so I can put THEM on the terrorist watch list??!!

        They are doing far more damage to the USA than those of us who are storing beans, rice & silver.

        • “See Something, Say Something” hotline
          It can add you to the Terrorist list.

      7. I look for him to suspend elections due to some false flag event!!!

        • Me too. How ironic is it that the “event” will be created by none other than the community organizer himself?

          • “The Event” will be brought about by the people that brought us obama in the first place and who continue to cover for him. He is just a puppet of the NWO.

          • The whole “community organizer” thing drives me nuts. He never “organized” anything good from any community. He has always been an agitator.

            • Check out the Alinsky Method on Google. BHO and Hillary are masters of it. It lends itself to the whole “community organizer”-thing.

        • I have several unrelated friends who don’t believe me when I try to get them on board and prepared, and won’t store supplies even when I argue it is nothing more than insurance, etc. BUT, when I talk to those same people about a possible false flag event suspending the next election so Obama remains in power, they agree that it’s not only possible, but it’s likely. I have stopped trying to analyze thier logic, it hurts my brain.

      8. George Soros and his ilk will insure Obama has a billion dollars to attack his opponent. That is all they can run on because killing Osama won’t be enough (even though hollywood is bringing out a killing Osama moving on October 12, 2012 (how convenient – with full white house access and support).

        No we will be forced to suffer 4 years of BHO again. There is no republican in the race capable of overcoming that kind of hatred. My question comes as that second 4 year ends what will the power hungry to then? Its always said by the opposition ever 8 years and the transfer goes down peacefully, but there is something different about this socialist that makes many worry.

        • BHO will NOT be reelected.

          Negative GDP growth, 20%+ unemployment, Fast & Furious, (Zero & Holder should be on trial in a Mexican courtroom) a forged birth certificate, Responsibility to Protect Doctrine, (which all of the anti-war types have to hate) and an “in your face” vacation oh, about once a month. I didn’t even mention runaway inflation and all of the lies or cash for clunkers. The Republicans are terrific at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory but I don’t believe even Juan McCain could screw up bad enough to see Barry return to DC.

          • I’m not liking it, but the reality of it is Obama will have a billion dollars to propel hate, and a main stream media to help him. Those issues you raise – though worthy – will be avoided by the press and the Republican made out to be a racist man (or woman) bent on destroying social security, medicare, and the way of life people have been programmed to enjoy at the bequest of their beloved government.

            • A president with so many negatived shouldn’t stand a chance of reelection. Sadly, all I see opposing him right now are lightweight Rhinos (AKA socialist lite).

              Usually a president who presides over a crappy economy is cast aside, but this one has the support of a huge and growing leech class, as well as overwhelming media cover.

              The media cover is provided by what is termed the main stream media, even though they are far outside the mainstream.

              I fully expect the race thing to be tried, with the implied threat of violence if voters reject the ‘bomster.

              If all else fails, I expect the will of the electorate to be ignored, as it usually is when voters won’t get with the program.

          • Facts, Facts, Facts. Don’t confuse the American sheeple with facts. They can’t be bothered with those things!

        • Rick Perry will be the next president..probably with Bachmann as VP..

        • Jim, your suggestion get crazier every time you made one. I wonder, have you seen your doctor LATELY?

      9. “White guilt” couldn’t get Jesse Jackson elected, why would it play a role in Obama’s election? And if “white guilt” were a determining factor, would that mean Herman Cain would be the new GOP frontman? The only reason Obama got elected was because Bush stigmatized the GOP for the new liberal progressive, college know it all generation who fell for his grand promises of hope and change, free cars and money for everyone, and a deeeluxe apartment in the sky.

        • White Guilt is used to keep his base in line. The right is not going to have “white guilt” but the left salivates over it. He’s really screwed his base – starting a new war, not ending the other two, keeping the Patriot Act, Gitmo, no trials for terrorists on our shores, no amnesty for the criminal aliens…..Bush tax cuts still in effect, capitulation to the Tea Party on the debt ceiling, no soaking of the rich (yet)…..his base is MAD! White Guilt will bring them back to the party.

          • Obama’s ratings are so low that the Black Panthers will be out in front of the polls in 2012 to chase off all the black people.

          • White people are over feeling any guilt for black people.

            If you cannot do anything for yourself, don’t expect me to do it for you.

          • It’s difficult to have “White Guilt” when you have no employment or prospect of it.Anybody white without a job isn’t going to vote for this jerk again. This ideologue needs to be removed from office before the election of 2012. Can you imagine the damage he will do between Nov2 and Jan 21st using pardons & presidential directives to implement more socialism/communism on the country. Let’s hope Rick Perry can undo all the damage this bast@rd has done to our great nation.

            • Jaybird7: The same Rick Perry that gave in-state tuition to illegal immigrants? The same Rick Perry that has racked up tens of billions of debt for Texas? The same Rick Perry that talks about cutting spending while screwing taxpayers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars with his luxurious lifestyle while the Governors Mansion was being remodeled? I don’t think Rick Perry is the solution for this country. He is just another slick talking politician that panders to voters and doesn’t stand on principles. Although, I admit, he would be a slight improvement over Obama.

            • The possibility of Obama being pushed out by his own people is substantial. If the birther issue continues to gain play it may become obvious that his signature has no legal standing. I.E. pardons, laws, treaties, presidential findings, executive orders will be null.
              Imagine burn barrels outside all the czars offices like a embassy under siege. Pelosi and company heading overseas for extended fact finding trips and Congress critters not returning to thier home district/states leading up to the elections on the grounds they need to be in the capitol during these perilous times performing the nations business. Some of the other possibilties are nauseating

        • Right on Beefy. That and race are exactly why Hussein was elected. When you plant a bunch of socialists in the institutions of higher learning and Hollywood, they can gradually train their replacements, and recruit new believers through deliberate and purposeful brainwashing practices. This socialist movement then sent a lot of people into the public and private school systems, to begin “indoctrination” at the pre-school stage, and to continue building upon that foundation through college.

          Will there be racial riots and conflicts in the US when he gets his dinner served in 2012? Absolutely to some degree. You’ve already got people prepping for it. Just look at the Wisconsin State Fair, all of these flash mobs that are popping up in our major cities, etc. This is just the beginning though. These are dry runs for the big ones.

          It’s terribly sad, tragic even.

      10. It was the white vote that elected O’bummer President, but no one needs to worry about white guilt. I declared the “Age of White Guilt” over in 2010.

        Vote for a true Patriot in 2012 and WE can get this train on track and headed in the right direction.

        • This mess can’t be fixed at the ballot box. Your journey for the truth has just begun.

          • Cortez: I disagree. It is the only way it can be fixed. Why do you think LSM is totally ignoring Ron Paul? The NWO gangster banksters would like everyone to believe that they are helpless, powerless, and can do nothing to change the reality WE live in.

            Nothing could be farther from the Truth. We have the power if We will claim it, demand it, and exercise it.

            The America WE want is OURS to win again.

          • I must agree with Cortez. It has gotten past the point where cooler heads will prevail. It is time to pray for peace but time to prepare for war. Remember, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue”. Power to the people!

        • Racist? What the hell are they talking about? I don’t much like his white side either.

          • Now that was funny! Do you get it BJ?

            • Perfect!

          • Good job,corrupt politicians come in all shades,sizes and have the same goal in mind.

      11. It is just plain as scary having shitbags like that working in the white-house, were fucking screwed

      12. Omega Man has no guilt, only rage for what they have done to my people and the USA. Soon my rage shall be sated! Please, let the government trip and make the mistake we have been waiting for. Open the gates of hell….and let slip the dogs of war!

        • It frightens me that you may get what you’re asking for.

          Ever hold a screaming kid down while trying to stop the blood from gushing out of a bullet hole? Once in a lifetime is plenty.

          • That is a big 10-4 P.O.A.

          • Rather die fighting than be slowly genocided by deranged scum using immigration and miscegenation promoted by media and politicos.

          • Right. Many of us fantasize about such things as throwing off the leech class and being able to deal with the lawless cretins as they should be dealt with. Problem is all the horrors such a scenario brings with it. I suspect that we will not be left alone to tend our self-sufficient gardens, etc in peace.

            Firefights are not often the lopsided affairs shown on TV. I do not want to even imagine my wife or daughters with a bullet wound. I suspect that I would have more than a little trouble functioning after such an event.

      13. Just like 1896, when the majority wanted William Jennings Bryan and the Wizard of Oz was written to support him.

        The Republicans had McKinley on ticket. McKinley had to care for his sick wife and didn’t really do too much campaigning.

        Mark Hanna, a multi-millionaire, simply went out and bought the votes. He spent more than $3 million ($300 million today), and made McKinley President; Hanna himself, a semi-literate Irish immigrant’s son, became a senator.

        There will be another Hanna this time. I think we already know him as Jay-Z.

      14. Time to delete this site from my favorites and remove it from my links page.

        • Dear John………

          • Funniest two word reply you’ll ever see on the net!

        • John, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Traitors aren’t welcome here.

          • Shut the door, I’m using the john.

        • And we are supposed to give a cr@p?

          • ROFLOL…Y’all are so funny!! Hopefully John didn’t leave til he was able to read your parting comments!!

      15. just a thought… convienent to let the “black man take the fall” just a thought…..ok.ok. its my little conspiracy theory. Hitler needed a common enemy its was the jews… president it could be the blacks,and mexicans.

      16. Rightly said, there will be no election! There is no way in Hell our debt, actually their debt can ever be repaid it is a mathematical impossibility! At this point its is about power, haves and have nots!

      17. This is the only way Obama has of staying as president. the UN has even had troops training in the US. Obama has 20,000 trained in case of riots and civil unrest. He said this needed to be done in one of his speeches. We said need a civilian force as powerful as the military.

      18. I don’t have any feelings of “white-guilt”. So kiss that premise good-by quickly. The primary issue here is that Obama made the people of the United States a whole lot of promises and commitments …… and he hasn’t kept a one of his promises. Do you remember when he first started campaigning and said that one of the very first things that he would do as president would be to end the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan and bring our troops home? Hasn’t happened, now has it??? Won’t happen anytime soon either.

        As far as Blacks and Hispanics getting together, filled with righteous indignation and holding some sort of harmonious cumbaya ‘sing-a-long’ movement in support of Obama goes? I wouldn’t give that one too much creditability for two reasons.

        I just happen to be a ‘dirty-white-boy’ who has been very successfully and happily married to a cute little Latina for the past thirty-five years. I speak high quality Spanish and probably have more Latino friends than I do white friends. So I may just know what I am talking about regarding this subject.

        Reason #1 – The Hispanics hate the Blacks with a real passion and the feeling is mutual. The two races would cheerfully chop each other up into little pieces if they knew that the police wouldn’t get involved.

        Reason #2 – Obama hasn’t kept any of the promises that he made to the Hispanic Community any better than those made to the Citizens of the United States as a whole. Anybody remember the promises made to the Hispanic Community regarding a little item known as “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”? Hasn’t happened, now has it? Not likely to happen in Obama’s first term either. And the Hispanics know that it isn’t going to happen in a second Obama term. So long support of the Hispanic Community.

        My guess is that if anything like this were ever attempted that you would see Whites and Hispanics coming together in order to resolve this issues at hand.

        • “””Reason #1 – The Hispanics hate the Blacks with a real passion and the feeling is mutual. The two races would cheerfully chop each other up into little pieces if they knew that the police wouldn’t get involved”””


        • Spot on. I’m just a dirty little white boy too, married into a Latin family, spend 3 months a year in Latin countries and again, you are spot on. The commie’s at La Raza are NOT indicative of the vast majority of Latin’s.. not even close.

          • Why is that???

            • Crap I don’t know.. I have tried to figure that out for years.. but think about it; it is not uncommon to see mixed race couples.. but when do you recall seeing a black / latin couple ? I have only seen a very few. I don’t know the “why” I just know that it is very, very real.

            • A few years ago, I went to Mexico with a good friend of mine who happens to be black. He’s a good looking guy, has money and is single. I tried to fix him up with several senoritas that I have repeatedly had to fight off with a stick.. no go. They were polite, not one outward sign of racism, not one derogatory word, even in Spanish; but they wouldn’t have anything more to do with him than polite conversation..

            • Sam: Thats curious. In Arizona blacks and mexicans mingle freely, as do they with whites; except for some very strict latinos who will not allow their daughters out with anyone except of their own race.

              latino men seem to guard their senoritas jealously.

            • Well, there is “mingeling” and then there is Mingeling. All I know is what I have seen and observed.. I do not dispute what you say as I have seen it too to some limited degree.. but it seems that there are always those limits.

        • yep..Im married to a Latina also and couldnt agree more with this..

          and I may add

          show me one white dude thats alive today that enslaved a black person, and show me the black person they enslaved

          not going to happen..its not this generations guilt to I say screw this “Guilt trip” do your fuckin job Obummer or GTFO so someone else can step in and continue to screw things up differently

          ’cause you know theres no way any lifer politician is ever going to get it..never going to different dog , different bite..same blood..OURS!

      19. I was once naive enough to actually believe that our electoral system worked the way it was supposed to, the way it was conceived by our Founders. I guess that’s because I didn’t have time, nor the resources at my disposal to even attempt trying to learn about and keep up with, much less concern myself with, the machinery that runs my country. The onslaught and explosion in technology and information available changed all that.

        If the electoral system, in particular that which affects the election of the President, worked in the way it was conceived, we wouldn’t be having this discussion, not to mention the walking, talking specimen of sewage currently in our White House.

        If one looks carefully at the 2008 election results, one would find that more congressional districts than not were in favor of the Republican candidate. The electoral college is supposed to be based on those congressional districts. An elector is supposed to cast his or her vote for the candidate that is favored in his specific district. California is a great example of the breakdown which, mind you, has been in effect for decades, that allowed a muslim, racist, lying and corrupt idiot to gain entrance to the highest, most powerful office in the world. Those 54 or 56 electoral votes that were cast for the Democrat candidate were not a true reflection of the people’s voice. The majority of the congressional, hence electoral, districts across the country were in favor of the Republican candidate. They should have cast their ballots accordingly, thereby representing the will of their electorate in their given district. Instead, they vote according to the “majority” of the popular vote, and the “majority” of the popular vote are those parasites in the metropolitan inner city areas, like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, If we, the people, could somehow revert back to the Constitution (a pipe dream, I know) and turn back to our Creator, our nation would be healed.

        I think that Durango Kidd and I should run for the Presidency. Two nobodies from Arizona, one to curb the fanatic, extremist conservatism of the other and one to correct and moderate any occasional crazy and misguided thoughts of the other. Hell, we’d probably spend so much time bickering with each other, we wouldn’t have time to legislate, regulate, cogitate, and mandate, which would probably be good for the country.

        • Excalibur: I could never run for office. First I would have to live with these bastards ( and in DC ), and second I would probably kill them if I was trapped in DC with them.

          Life is too much fun, even now, for me to spend the rest of my life in prison for mass murder.

          • C’mon Man!

          • Murder? for exterminating rodents?….you reason too highly of those vermin in DC my friend,but I do understand not wanting to serve hard time for acts of valor 😉

      20. Guilt!!!! Please………….The minorities voted him in because he was a minority!! Now that he’s tried to dismantle everything that makes this Country great, he wants to instill guilt?? I can’t wait for 2012!!

      21. This is just another divide and conquer methode — same as class, sexual orientation, etc. Anything to detract from the real issue – the MONETARY SYSTEM:

        What to have everyones personal income tax lower, pay off the national debt, make America the #1 economy in the world again. Here is the plan:
        1) Pay off the national debt with debt free U.S. notes — printed by the Treasury
        2) Abolish fractional reserve banking
        3) Repeal the Fed Res Act (1913) and National Bank Act (1964)
        4) Withdrawl the U.S. from the IMF, BIS and World Bank

        Highly recommend watching “The Money Masters” on Youtube.

        • Repeal the 17th amendment also.

        • Laughable, can you even comprehend a trillion dollars let alone 14 trillion, it is a mathematical impossibility, Henry p.o.s. kissenger stated obummer is prime to create the NWO, this is all by design,again this is all by design, got it good!

      22. Ah, shit… Here we go. Motherfuck race. We all gotta eat. Motherfuck presidents too. All of ’em. Yappy bobblehead distractions. We all know banks and corporations have more power than any pres ever will. Psshhh… We’s all we got, and that’s sorta scary ’cause we’s been so bamboozled for so long we don’t even know how to work together without orders from the top of the pyramid. Beh…

        • Hell yes, we are all humans, even if some of refuse to act like it!

        • good point. They rely on us being easily distracted and malleable, and thus far we’ve delivered.

      23. in the end, it will be interesting to see if the race rhetoric will be able to overcome the stark reality of endless bad economic conditions. It’s hard to say whether the daily increasing number of broke ass citizens are going to believe what their lying ass government tells them, or what some lying ass politician from the other side tells them. A bad economy isn’t good for any incumbant.
        I think there will be enough voters across all race lines who are sick of the status quo, to bring a change, whatever comes.
        If you watch society at all, they have been broke for so long, that the “everythings all right ‘ crap just doesn’t get it anymore. it’s all going to boil down to who they believe the most.

      24. I read the article and as a black libertarian who has followed politics closely for years, I will say that if Obama is stupid enough to play the race card when people of all colors are suffering economically, this guy’s campaign will implode on such an epic scale that historians will be using it as a standard barrier for what not to do.

        • you underestimate the stupidity of some people. There are millions of people out there that have to be told what to think everyday by the media. They don’t have the common sense you do.

        • Ding! Agreed.

      25. Question:
        Would the flash mobs and the Wisconsin fair be trial runs of black “wilding”? I had considered that these might be professionally organized events rather than random but had not considered them in context with the reelection. Interestingly, I believe that this will backfire badly. I doubt wisconsinites will allow more white people getting yanked out of cars by blacks anymore than folks would let a hijacker get into a cockpit again. The game has changed forever in that regard. I also doubt that the event has gotten enough media play to have resonated outside of Wisconsin but more incidents will have more whites armed and that is when it gets interesting. Again, I doubt that play will go far politically.

      26. white guilt DID NOT get Obummer elected. The crash of 2008 did. (Along with the media) If the economy crashes again it will get the first woman elected.

        Obama is done. he will not get re-elected unless there is massive voter fraud.

        There will not be race riots either. That’s just stupid. I also highly doubt we will ven see all that much for riots in the USA. Maybe a few that are actually set up here and there but nothing like overseas.

        The only way Obama can stay in office is if the news: A) makes it seem like the economy is wonderful. B) totally ignore the real candiates. C) sweep any obama misdoings under the rug. And above all….the people believe them.

        • Hope you’re right ( riots ).. but I don’t think that you are. We will see.

        • Rachel, I’ll agree with you on the white guilt and massive voter fraud statements, but you are dead wrong on the race riots. Stupid, yes, but it’s going to happen.

          The black youth in the ghetto are strung out on drugs, most are in gangs, there are no jobs, no hope. Once they stop fighting amongst themselves and direct that hatred towards the “Rich White Man/Woman”, watch out.

          Now that they have a black president to empower them, it’s that much worse. If you don’t believe what they can turn into, look at the riots after Rodney King, imagine that on a national scale. The police knew that was coming, they were ready and they just blocked off the neighborhoods and let them burn.

          These flash mobs are testing the waters, testing the police response time and effectiveness. The police today don’t prevent crime, they fill out crime reports. You will be on your own when this fight comes, you better wake up or you will be one of the casualties. Next time they might bring guns.

          Will Obama orchestrate this, would Cloward and Piven, would Saul Alinsky? Damn right they would and so will Obama! Do you think the head of the New Black Panthers has an open door to the White House to talk about BBall

          • Agree that the flash mobs are probing the defenses of society at large, seeing what they can get away with.

            Nothing is below TPTB. Herd-core socialists do not give up power voluntarily. They have been at work for a long time. This may be the time they decide to throw off the pretense of the USA being a republic.

        • Rachel, with all due respect one nuke or other false flag in this country would trigger what the globalist desire the most, the suspension of the constitution, no elections, martial law, foreign troops that are already here. Things on their agenda is moving rapidly, watch the other hand, the government has been hijacked for quite sometime, including the military complex!

        • you are wrong. there will be riots of many kinds coming to a neighborhood near you. What happens overseas, will happen here. As gerald celente says, “when people lose everything, they lose it”. There is no getting past human nature. When the right tipping point happens, you will see riots. We just aren’t quite there yet. History will tell you everything you need to know–just read it.

          • Desperate people do desperate things. Factories closed, utility bills rising, health benefits being cut. Plus all the out-of-wedlock pregnancies (disgraceful in my day), television sated with sex/violence/foul language, rap music glorifying abuse of women, rampant drug use, road rage, etc. Reminds me of a pressure cooker just waiting to explode…

        • You are correct about the news media. We do not have to fear the KKK, the greatest danger is the LLL (Lying Liberal Left.

      27. People with brains in their heads know the Republican tax cuts have been in place for a decade. Where are the US jobs? I predict Republican candidates are going to be confronted and asked the question: where are the US jobs? and it will have nothing to do with Obama inciting race riots.

        • There are not going to be any more jobs. The currency destruction makes it impossible. Everyday it becomes more and more cheaper to go overseas for labor. The jobs are not coming. Worse. The feds must now start laying off. This is all there is. There ain’t no more.

          • But, who thinks there are any jobs?? This is the intent—total economic collapse must begin with job depletion…3 families can not support 7 as the report stated—govt funding will collapse.

        • I hate to tell you this, but you have been screwed by both parties. both parties have had their chance to do something when they have had the majority. There is only one party in Washington–it’s the republicrats. Don’t fall for the political trap. There is a two party system for a reason–control. Americans are being played against each other every day. They want us to hate other races, hate other political parties, and so on. Americans of all races , beliefs, and parties are getting screwed by the same people. Look at the big picture. Don’t fall for the trap the media is setting everyone up for.

      28. Nooooooooooooooo. It is too divisive. Instead Obama will war wage and run as security issue. Americans are easily scare. It worked for Bush in 2004 when he played terror issue and Ronald Reagan with security issue against the Soviet Union.

        • If you are going to pretend to be me, at least use a rational argument and try not to insult the name by revealing your ignorance ?

          • Sam, most of us know there has been two Sam’s here for quite some time. It is easy to pick out the other one! Most understand how you feel.

            • We need a Sam 1 and a Sam 2…

          • Try the handle SamIAm.

      29. Hey Mac – please delete the August 16,2011 at 5:18 PM comment from my dopple-ganger ? I have a rep to uphold and this guys peeing on it. Thanks..

      30. They should be careful what they ask for. One of these black flash mobs may become the flash point that ignites a race war and whites outnumber blacks by a wide margin. Be ready when it begins.

      31. This entire article just futher demonstrates that america is no longer fit socially, politically, morally, or any other way to lead the world in the difficult days that lay ahead. The education system that would allow an american voter to think that skin color of the president has any thing to do with the direction the country is headed is the problem. America is simply ignorant and deserves the fate that awaits it. The ignorance is shared amoung blacks,whites, browns and yellows. The Native American tribes and the African Americans have no core, unsolvable problems. Historic evidence has shown the two races have worked togather since long before Columbus. The problem is the Native American and African Americans have been stuck together as two conquored races, fighting for the scraps off the masters table. Like two chickens in a cock fight, stick their heads together and step back!

        To MadMarkie and Sam; I would like to see how much love your two latino honeys have after you no longer can provide then with an economic incentive. When the dollar collapes so too will many mixed relationships with whites. The Native American community is still strong, and a mixed marriage will prevent a women from fully intergrating back to the people that will be able to provide maximum support. Why do you think Whites and Native Americans will feel love? You took their land and tried to take there souls!

        And finally, Sam, read your Bible child, it’s gunna take more then guns to get you through the storm brewing. Exodus 20;5 states, ” Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the father upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.” Geez, that part of the 10 Commandments Dude! Translation; Big Ass Woppen Coming, Plenty to go around!
        PS: I left america years ago because it’s just not gunna change.

        • Starchild:

          Congrats. I’ve been visiting this site for a month or so now, and this is the dumbest post I’ve read to date.

          Go smoke some dope and do a rain dance, you f*ing idiot.

          • Ahhhh……….Someone with insight!

        • starchild- historic evidence shows the african-americans and native americans working together since before Columbus? Maybe it’s just my sub-standard publik skool edyakayshun, but I thought the africans were rather scarce in north america before Columbus got here. Could you expound on that for me? As for the rest of your comment, I’m still trying to figure that out, too. Maybe you could dumb it down a little for me and re-post. Thanks

        • Starchild…as a Native American in several ways I gotta tell you thats the most retarded thing Ive heard in a long while and I deal with braindead retard liberals on almost a daily basis…congratulations,you win the boobie prize for today,oh and I find it humourous how you trash others relationships with their spouses and diss the white man and then quote the whitemans God/Religion….you have some serious issues whoever you are….

        • Stay gone, sunshine.

        • @ Starchild-

          Sam and I are married to Latinas and not Latinos. My lady has been with me through thick-and-thin for thirty-five years.

          Still crying about your “lost land”? I would advise that you stay on the Res and continue collecting your monthly government check. You have no chance off the Res; especially given your obvious ignorance.

          • Guys / Gals – personally, I think we should ignore this idiot.. from the writing style, he/she appears to be using multiple “handles” and simply trying to stoke responses. There are lots of possibilities as to the purposes and intent; but we don’t have to play. That’s part of the problem with open doors… the cucarachas eventually start crawling in..

          • Up here, we call the natives, TROG’s. Total Reliance On Government.

          • Look at the name: “Starchild” has as much Indian heritage as me, and that’s none at all. This “Starchild” is another neo-hippy moonbat. Indians *really* dislike freeloaders and poseurs. He wouldn’t be welcome on a “res”.

        • Jane….is that you…hiding again??? Yea…come on…admit it..we KNOW it’s you!!!

          • I think that you’re right SML; that certainly sounded like a wagon load of Jane’s ‘horse-puckey’. Whoever you are; please take the time to engage your brain before you run your mouth and keyboard.

          • WE still love you Jane. Marry me if you have red hair downstairs. Give us a double post to tie up too. I miss Jane.

      32. This is patent bullshit, and seems to be trying to justify a pre-emptive strike on “them,” before they get “us.” Best be careful about inciting race wars, they rarely turn out well (see USA, 1861-65).

        “White guilt” didn’t make Obama president — George W. Bush did.

        • Bush may have gotten Obama elected but it was Obama that accomplished what no mere mortal could’ve done: He made Bush look good by comparison!

        • Don’t forget McLame. He gets partial credit.

      33. No surprise at all.

        More Alinksy, Cloward/Piven, and Ayers tactics tweaked.

        The foreign born illegal alien usurper n thief will use the same tactics he supported for his cousin Raila Odinga and the Orange Party in Kenya, while Zero was senator in 2006.

        After Raila Odinga lost the election, he fomented riots, thousands killed, rapes, butcherings and in the process of mediation got the lesser Prime Minister position.

        Zero campaigned for Raila Odinga:

        Odinga is a marxist muslim who wants sharia law imposed, he was trained by East German Stasi at a “university” — another rising starlet in the third world to spread the commie revolution…his background:

        Zero has maintained contact with Odinga, evening sending $23 million Feb 2010 to Kenya to support sharia law in Kahdi courts and abortions for their new constitution:

        But yes, dear readers, let us not assume Zero would not have sole allegiance to the U.S. right??? /sarcasm

        After all, our ministry of propaganda media would surely let us know of treason and a foreign born fraud with associations equivalent to the KKK!

        Senator Zero greeted by thousands in rural Kenya campaigning for sharia law devotee and marxist Raila Odinga, August 2006:

        51 seconds in:

        “I am so proud to come back home…..”

        Are the current flash mobs test runs? I believe we have agents of chaos directed by this White Hut just as they were on the ground (code pink, billy ayers, dohrn) in Egypt to foment unrest. This is the same liberal fascist scum who directs the FBI to promote snitching and ID’s at surplus stores, a Homeland Security project called Watchlist Service to monitor dissent on social networks online, etc.

        And the Attorney General racist “my people” Holder (who will most certainly go down for Fast and Furious ha ha) and Zero won’t discuss anything related to black flash mobs, of course not, no surprise.

        We’ve been watching and planning accordingly for years. Bring it.

        • I had never heard the term “White Hut” before.

          Love it!

          Thanx, POA

      34. time to get a white back in the white house.

        • no

        • Please don’t give liberals any ammunition

      35. I think this is a really great website and check it daily.

      36. I only get to vote once at the ballot box. But I can vote many times at the cartridge box.

        • You obviously aren’t an urbanite living in Chicago. If that were the case, you could vote 5 or 6 times.

      37. There is no way I can trust the authenticity of this article and the anonymous person interviewed. When reading it all though – I thought “birther.” What do I mean by that?

        You might remember a “fake” birth certificate of Hawaii was released at some time back for BHO. It was laughable and made those who propelled it into the spotlight look stupid. Then of course Trump calls for a Birth Certificate and suddenly one is found. A birther who took it seriously (I did not) pointed out in an article the fake has uncanny characteristics to the real one released by Obama. How is that possible? The conclusion was simple – Obama’s camp made up the fake from the very original and propelled it out there to make those who’d use it – look stupid.

        Point of that is found in this article; bait the enemies of Obama with race, don’t use it, and they will be marginalized in the same manner the “birthers” were. They can only hope to catch the Tea Party in it, or better yet a Republican nominee. Do that; and its a cake walk through 11/12

      38. Sorry, this Caucasian libertarian is immune to white guilt.

      39. Divide and Conquer,

        Time and time again this method has and will always be used. As long as you have complete embiciles believing in this ususrper and thief, it will continue till the end. The United States is traveling on a very dark road and it in no way can handle another 4 years of this dictators rule. Even if by chance he is not re-elected, the next one will be a corporate puppet schill of TPTB.

      40. Ol Remus at says:

        “While the opportunist watches the ongoing catastrophe for some imagined advantage, and the partisan watches for openings to advance his cause, the survivalist sees nothing to gain from participation at any level and merely surveys the event as a normal part of situational awareness.”

        I am a survivalist which means that I do not attend circuses and I do not worship the falability and greed of elected man. I follow the law because if I don’t I won’t be able to protect my wife and kids from the coming malestorm if I’m behind bars with a 12-inch black cock up my ass.

        I don’t take things from others….I don’t take shit from others…and I follow the laws of the land not because I think they’re right or helpful to me & my less-than-important status in the eyes of TPTB….but because those who wish to break those laws or to replace them with some unforeseen social experiment cannot guarantee me the same comforts that the existing system can.

        If it all goes to shit in the next crash…I just want to keep myself and my family safe and fed without having to lie, cheat, steal, kill or cause pain to others unless I am left with no choice….

        God is still watching whether he intervenes or not….and it is him that I truly do not wish to disappoint.

      41. Will someone please close the door ? There are WAY too many cucarachas running around in here lately..

      42. I am a racist and proud of it. I make no apologies. We
        should ALL take pride in our genetic heritage. It has
        nothing to do with hate. It has everything to do with
        genetics. Mullatos have no race to claim as their own,
        because they’re mixed breeds. They grow up their whole
        lives confused with mixed identities. Had THEIR parents
        been RACIST, they would have pure genetic material and
        and the ability to identify with something. I can only
        imagine what america will look like 200 years from now,
        with all the kinky-haired, brown skinned brown eyed
        people with no genetic purity. Disgusting.

        • You are racial, not racist. No such thing as racist. Commies invented the word in the early 1930’s to intimidate white people out of the political process. He who controls the lexicon, controls the debate!

      43. Since when did we all turn into racists? Because our president is black?? I think not. Because we gave out hand-outs as a helping hand. Somehow that turned into a vocation for those who used the system. Their fault? I think not. Time to look into those Sociopath/Phychopaths we all put into office. Yep, my fault……..your fault
        Yes, Dear John,
        Door hit me Loud and Clear.

      44. Mac … you handled this subject extremely well.


      45. Gee whillikers! There seems to be a lot of anger here. I have the perfect remedy to distract you all and get your heads going in the proper direction. Ready? Here goes.

        #10 cans, $10.00 bills
        #10 cans, $10.00 bills

        Say it after me. Visualize it. Make it your reality.

        #10 cans, $10.00 bills

        I love this website. I surely do. I’m just too damn old to figure out how to make it my homepage.

        Mushroom, this one was for you Buddy.

      46. The “silent white majority” will sledgehammer Obama in a way we have not seen since George Mc Govern. The seething, festering hatred for this man is like nothing I’ve ever seen in my 68 years. He was elected because he said all the “right things”. Think back to the 2008 campaign. He sounded pretty damn good (I’m a gun guy and so I knew all about him from the start-he never got my vote), but the things he said were all lies. First time-shame on the liar, second time-shame on the believer! The only difference BTW between G. Bush and Obama is the nature of the agenda called for by the banking elites during their tenures. Bush presided over the nation as the people were cajoled, tempted into borrowing beyond their means-a quick easy money making way to catch up-an understandable reaction after 35 years of the bankers exporting their jobs. A $25 an hour job became an $8 an hour job due to outsourcing by the banksters. The Bush years of fun, spending all that money we didn’t have, came to an end with Sept 15, 2008 and then the beginning of the Obama nightmare. People don’t like being lied to and they will not forgive Obama in 2012-he’s out! The biggest mistake that the bankers have made is to assume that the American people are as stupid as they have tried to make us through their control of the media and just about every other form of communication. A vote for Obama is TREASON!

      47. Either people agree to and support(by living and defending)the principles of liberty and personal responsibility and others that make men free or they should find another place to live!

        That is one of several reasons this prez is unfit to be our nations President…he despises this nation and its founding principles,its culture of personal liberty…he comes from a culture and a belief system that rejects the value of the individual and the worth of a system of thinking that hold that all men are created and are sovereign under the rule of Law,law being those founding principles!(at least that was/is the idea)

        Anyone who seeks to rule over others rather than to empower them by setting them loose to rise or fall based on their own merit/abilities and drive is an enemy of those principles and an enemy of mankind in general!

        Do I feel any guilt concerning this racial BS?…not a chance,do I hate?…you bet,but not based on anyones color,I dont have the time to waste thinking about hating people of color,if they think I do they take themselves way to seriously, theyre not worth my time to take time to hate them,sorry!I got too many chores to do daily to waste time on them!
        Its when their(anyones) belief systems and culture run afoul of those principles I spoke of earlier,THEN I can find time to hate,no matter what shade they may be,hate is too dangerous and too precious to waste…so I am very selective….I hate the anti- me and you that occupies the White House and the power structure of this nation/planet!
        Just sayin’

        • Daniel Day-Lewis in “There Will Be Blood”…

          “I hate most people”

      48. I’m with you VRF. I like to consider myself an affirmative action, equal opportunity bigot/racist… ……. the more people that I meet of all races, creeds, colors and religions ….. the better that I like my dog!

      49. ‘Holy Henshit’!!! Are we on a ‘roll’ here, or what?? This has got to have been one of the best articles posted here for a long time.

      50. My neighbors chuckle at me at the beginning of the summer when I wear shorts, I just smile and say that you can never be too white… 🙂

        • FOFLMAO…..Patriot do you know how much it hurts when hot coffee comes out the nasal passage?now I got to clean my lap top….good one sir 🙂

      51. White guilt?

        I have read that according to statistics in the US every year about 35,000 white woman are raped by black men whereas in the same period less than 10 black women are raped by white man.
        It seems that there is no way you can hear it from most widespread media or American politicians.Why?

        Some whites are craving for self destruction, if they’ll become extinct it’s a natural law, the trouble is that they want drag along with them people who have common sense too.

        Here in Italy we haven’t your great tradition regarding individual liberty but at least this subject isn’t a taboo yet despite politically correct followers are doing great harm over here too

      52. This article talks about race based riots before the election…

        I have to wonder, what happens the day after Zero loses in 2012???

        • Suspension of the vote count, Marshall Law, and SHTF

        • It depends, if the possibility of the S.H.F.T. hits before or after elections so Oblunder can use his executive orders, just a thought

      53. Multi-culturalism is the weapon chosen by the communists to destroy the west. Read the words of commie Antonio Gramsci if you have any doubts. Communism is the most evil religion in the world. White communists are actually mentally ill. Self-haters.

      54. You’re country is fucked no matter who gets in. The whole system is designed to collapse. Both sides of the political spectrum are against the common man. Pure capitalism doesn’t work and neither does pure communism. You need a hybrid. You need some government like in terms of health care & education but let the private sector control everything else.

        The problem with America is that you don’t make anything anymore. You can’t have an economy when you don’t make anything. It’s that simple.

        I feel bad for you. But I feel worse for the rest of the world. Because when things get really bad which they will and you completely become like Nazi Germany and start WWIII and the whole world turns against you except for my stubborn country Canada and the UK, you’re probably gonna get us all killed.

        • Mark, just look at these comments. Look at what these people think are FACTS.
          This is everything wrong about America.
          These are the people the American Empire was built on.

          They’ve been trained like dogs. Everything is Race, Religion, Communists, Liberals, and the like. They’ve literally BEEN TRAINED to hate the idea of a safety net.

          The bankers love these kind of folks. When the SHTF, they’ll all go crazy, shoot people, and will be the perfect reason to declare martial law. Half of these people are so obsessed with their flag they’ll do whatever it asks of them: kill innocents, goose step, they’ll do it all.

          They think nothing is wrong with America, fundamentally. It’s always somebody or something else. Luckily they’ll draw all the attention. Maybe they’ll kill enough of the troops so that THE REST OF US can actually build something better.

          • Lordy, the first sensible comment to appear amidst the nudnick nonsense!

        • Mark!!! You’re WRONG!!!

          We do make stuff.

          We make war.

          We make weapons.

          …and we pay people to make generational welfare dependent.

          What do you mean “we don’t make anything”. Jeez! Whats with you, man?!

          • …oh, also, we make people hate us.

            …and we make people dead.

            …we manufacture lies and deceit.

            So, see, we make lots of stuff. So, to reiterate, we make:

            Generational Dependents
            Dead Bodies
            Porous Borders

            Yep. Sprinkle that with a few cars, TVs and computer parts and you just about covered the entire US Manufacturing sector. Well, except for the BIGGEST one.

            Money – We make it like its going out of style.

        • Actually, pure capitalism works great. The problem is the government can’t keep their finger out of it. It never stays pure for long because banksters and corporate greed mongers invite government in so they can get an “edge”.

          We haven’t had pure capitalism here since the civil war. Even before then it was still manipulated by government. No, pure capitalism works its just that government can’t leave it alone. It soon turns into governocorporatism or some perverted term I heard one time.

        • Gubmint enturvenshon en edumicashon has worked out sooo well in USA!!!

      55. Aw yeah dem blacks is whut it’s all about. And 9/11! Dem terrorists is whut is bringing duh good USA down. I don’t care about no facts about how duh government funded them all and the increasing evidence the government is behind the whole shebang. Naw! It’s dem races other then me dats doin it all!

        I like tah sit back in mah stolen lazy boy after tossin out my trash into the trailer yard and muse on how lucky I am to be part uh da master race. I like the old America, with a constitution(except that shit about “all men bein equal”)! Back when we worked for our economic masters with PRIDE! Hell yeah, I’m no tool! Just because I get all my facts and opinions from Stormfront and Fox news ain’t mean I ain’t independant! All our problems from 1914 tuh today are OBAMA’S FAULT! Whut? Gulf of Tonkin is admitted to be fake? DO YOU HATE AMERICA OR SOMETHING? THEN YOU CAN GET OUT!

        Yeeeeeehaw, Gawd bless Baby Jesus and his American empire!

      56. I will not vote for Obama because he is half white, nor half black.
        I will not vote for Obama because he is a socialist, elite, globalist.

        I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.
        Martin Luther King, Jr.

        • I agree. 🙂

        • Odd. Trying to promote freedom while reciting the words of a Marxist.

          • Actually, MLK was a Republican. I think he’s probably turning in his grave. Dependency on government and being irresponsible was not what he had in mind for blacks.

      57. Sheldon, I can only report what is out there, and make assumptions and opinions based on that information. Where the community takes the conversation is out of my control. From time to time discussions get controversial and in the interest of free expression I really don’t feel comfortable censoring any comment that may have a derogatory tone (no matter how uncomfortable it may make me, though admittedly I have censored several comments that added no value whatsoever except to incite truly ‘racist’ commentary)… In this particular instance I found the source to be fairly credible, and the information to be important and timely considering the riots we are seeing spread throughout the world. If team Obama is planning such strategies then i believe this report from ulsterman and the insider to be relevant to the overall preparedness discussion.

      58. White guilt? What a disgraceful premise for a campaign.

        Ron Paul is the only candidate with any integrity. Jon Stewart rightly called out the MSM for ignoring him at every chance.

      59. A little sensitive? Be who you are or go look in the mirror.

      60. Divide and Conquer
        Democrats VS Repiblicans…..2 heads one beast

        White VS Black
        Black VS white
        Latino VS Black
        Black VS Latino
        Muslim VS Christian


        you get it yet people?

        this is the games they are playing..If we all united..they would be so fucked..they for sure dont want the status Quo of pit one against the other gets played out in every aspect of our lives in some form ..

        wake up to it…Unitte and screw these ass hole bastards

        they will never suspect will be Their SHTF day

      61. I hope that even obummer is more sensible than that I am not a racist, I feel no guilt, and i would never vote for him and I did not.
        At best this will be laughed at and at worst it will bring racism t life and start all that suffering up again because so many have not learned.
        I find it hard to understand people who suffered under racism wanting to bring it back. But as a species we do seem to be devolving at a good pace.

      62. I am the Tea Party and I Vote!
        You can call me a racist, a homo phobe, baby killer, baby saver, right wing lunatic, fascist, blah bla bla…

        All its going to make me do is vote more conservative.

      63. The American presidency is about so much more than the color of skin, or gender of the person holding the office. It’s about promoting an agenda established by banks, major corporations, and an elitist group of Kings and Queens, Rulers of people. It really doesn’t matter what color he is.
        Could an American President resort to creating a race war to get re-elected? Maybe! But the entire concept show’s a lack of integrity, and principal in the foundation that is America. Being a global empire which Babylon, Rome, England, etc, all shared, require a very strong foundation. Slavery, stolen land, and legalized theft don’t constitute that foundation. That’s why Babylon and Rome fell hard, and the British/American/ Anglo empire will to.

        To Smokinokie; I apoligize, instead of saying African American, I should have simply said African. Because in a different age Africans and Native Americans got along fine. Exchanges of Culture, Spiritual Beliefs, Technology, and Commerce did predate Columbus. Ivan VanSertima’s book ” They Came Before Columbus,” is a good place to start if you want to research the subject. There is no ingrained animosity between the Native America and The Africa American. We are just two, naturally powerful people in an artificial turfwar, and at the end of the day, we both lose if we don’t respect each others humanity.

        To MadMarkie; It’s just natural selection. When the dollar collapses, and the American social system further erodes, you will see your weakness as never before, and so will she.

        Sam; Whatever dude, truth has a way of catching up with you. Both personnel and global. Seek Truth, the rest will sort itself out.

      64. I do not have any guilt what so ever, its not like I held their hand or forced them in staying on welfare, running in a gang, hustling drugs, drive by shooting, or was alive 150 yrs ago that bought and sold humans, I have other things in life to worry about. Judge me all you want.I think their mind set is primal and the race card is just a way their own kind has educated them and held them back from their potential as a productive member of the human race. Why even acknowledge the race card, they want the easy way out with out having to work.

      65. You know, I wouldn’t vote for a blue space alien either because they wouldn’t be a natural born citizen.

        • But you would vote for a gray, right?

      66. I do not think the American people will buy the feel bad being white thing. People were dumb enough to vote for him last time though. I did not and it had nothing to do with skin color, it had everything to do with his voting record and experience. Americans are basically like sheep these days and that is sad. One must be an informed voter and quit relying on TV and the media trying to push their favored candidate on us. Perry is in the lead and he is Bilderberg approved. Now that is scary. He even attended once if my memory is correct.

        I challenge a voter to check a politicians voting record as it is public information before they vote for a candidate. We need a a candidate that will bring this country together to solve our problems and not spout party rhetoric and blame everyone else for his or her lack of leadership. I could care less about the color of a woman or man’s skin. I care about his or her’s actions.

      67. As a moorish American (Black) I supported Ron Paul in 08 and will do so again..I took flack but as a man who has read and understands The Constitution Paul is our best hope among those currently running..we as a people must regain our govt. from those who would turn us all into third world citizens..we are Americans first

        • That’s the truth!

      68. Hey America did you vote for a Dictator? Because we have one. To all you who voted for Obama in 2008.. WOULD YOU USE YOUR FUCKING MINDS THIS TIME AND VOTE FOR SOMEONE WHO LOVES AMERICA AND WHOSE HEART ISN’T IN AFRICA OR SOME OTHER MARXIST, SPEAR CHUCKING HELLHOLE.

      69. Hahaha. So Pinche true! Im a full fledged coconut. That’s what they call you when you’re latin/white but are brown on the outside and white on the inside… I know what most latins think. Ive heard it for 40 years. I duno for a fact the” black race woe is me card” is” tired”andplayed out according to Mexican sentiment .. I speak. For all of them including my mother when I tell y’all. (Latins) They work with blacks,ride the bus with them, eat with them some do deals together..

        The bottom line is simple. Latins don’t typically demand handouts here. And they refuse to give them. Simple as that. Want to know why?
        latind bust ass and work hard and don’t bitchabout it. So believe me when I tell you that the black race card doesn’t work in latin circles. I mean this at the highest level. The reason is simple and most know it already.
        WORTH ETHIC. Latins respect those. Who work. Try going into to mom and ask for a car in high school or$ for a tux.. or tuition.. guess what mom says: get a jobS

        So here it. The conservative people should harness the latin sentiment. To their advantage and shame the race card.. embrace real work ethic and use it to to swing smart latin people.. latin people know there are no free rides. Latins haven’t heard social security is going to o save your parents…. shit mom is Moving in!

        Obama can play his but if ron or Perry are smart they will play the brown and yellow. Card.. who the he’ll built your local bridges and roads? Blacks? Right. Latins represent the tea parity and conservative views. I promise you.s

        Hard working ethical people aren’t looking for handout, they’re looking for work.

      70. If the majority of this bunch is representative of who’s going to be left when the dust settles we’re doomed for another round of the Dark Ages. I think many of you use articles like this as an easy excuse to justify your racism and xenophobia. Such anger and hatred. Now, give me all your “facts” to justify it, flame me, and call me names like you do everyone else. Same comments different thread.

      71. There has been NO institutional racism in America for over forty years.

        No blacks (“African Americans”) alive today were ever enslaved. If they feel enslaved, it is their own damn fault. Babies born out of wedlock, families with no father, drug dependency, welfare dependency – in a word, life on what is in fact a plantation has created a subculture of crime and reliance upon public assistance. GOVERNMENT created that plantation. It doesn’t matter whether the motives were good or bad – the results have been a socio-economic disaster. So, while individual blacks are responsible for their own situation, it’s also true that government has done everything to make failure and dependency a way of life.

        To confirm this, you need only compare American born-and-bred blacks with Jamaican blacks who’ve immigrated here. They are products of the excellent British school system, while our blacks are the products of a failed system. Home schooling is an option, and many whites of average means are doing it. Start turning these destructive patterns around early, rather than blaming the white man for all your problems. Most of us are just trying to live day-to-day, in much the same way you are.

      72. Watergate forced Nixon out of office. I wish the same could happen to Obama over “Operation Fast and Furious” and the Solyndra fiasco.
        One can only hope!!!

      73. You guys I hope do realize that this so called “Wall Street Insider” is just some operative playing Ulstermann and idiots who take every word of his report as gospel like a harp, right? Perhaps what he tells us is valuable as temporal markers to watch out for, perhaps not. But he obviously has an agenda and anyone not reading between the lines is the perfectly gullible moron that this WSI is hoping he’ll attract as an audience.

      74. Hmm…interesting that you would call someone you don’t trust a “wall street insider.” Makes you sound like an occupy person, which makes a person wonder. Why should you use that phrase unless you’re pro-obama? The obots are the only ones going to the occupy riots and talking about wall street all the time, and it’s funny, ‘cos obama gets more money from wall st. and hangs out more with wall streeters than any other candidate.

        Bad as wall street is, it can only get away with what the government lets it. The two work hand-in-hand.

        • Your comment is so convoluted it doesn’t make any sense.It was Wall street bribing politicians that got regulations on savings and loans removed (the ensuing orgy cost the American taxpayer $1.3 TRILLION dollars. It was Wall Street that pushed money on politicians to have Glass-Steagall rescinded so they could act like teenagers in a Las Vegas cathouse, and it was Wall Street,I believe that threw the world into recession with bogus derivative packages and when everyone said “Reimpose Glass-Steagall it was Wall street that broke out the millions to prevent it from being reimposed. You need to pull your head out and look around.The Occupy Wall Street people are NOT Obama supporters. You’ve been drinking the koolaid and you aren’t even going to KNOW who is oppressing you.

      75. April 2, 2012 and we know this is true

      76. No doubt the litte Muslim PUNK and Liar is not an AMERICAN. He is a typical bad black person. Now I didn’t say all of them are bad, just as all white, browns, red or yellow aren’t all bad either. Blacks have to see that the AMERICAN people don’t care about the race of a person. Look what got in last time. A lot of whites voted for Barry because of guilt and just the novelty of the time. WE have seen what he is up to and now it’s time to DUMP him and all of his corrupt idiot friends and supporters. He is NOT presidential material. He has to GO. Concerned AMERICAN, Larry Velasco

      77. Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

        The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

        Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

        What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

        How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

        And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

        But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

        They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

        Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

      78. ONLY Whites are called “racist” “nazi” or even “supremist” whenever we even point out the double standard, and ask; Why is it that ONLY our race is not allowed to have anywhere exclusive for us to live?

        Inciting violence against members of a group is covered under the International laws for Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. That is the situation in South Africa for example, go ahead google: White Genocide South Africa

        International law goes further however, and Genocide does NOT have to be violent.

        Assimilation is a KNOWN form of Genocide under international Law. It was attempted on the Aboriginal in Australia to “blend them out of existence”.

        Whites are not allowed to have a homogenous area exclusive to ourselves, ANYWHERE on earth, and integration is forced on us in ALL White countries. By not allowing us anywhere exclusive for ourselves, this is Genocide.

        Anti-Whites always insist the ONLY and ALL White countries must take in massive Non-White immigration, they FORCE us to integrate, and they tell us the solution to this Race problem is when we all intermarry and assimilate and it will “all be over” when there is a Mocha color humanity where ONLY White countries used to exist.

        Asians are allowed to have Exclusively Asian countries. Nobody calls them Racist.

        Blacks are allowed to have Exclusively Black countries. Nobody calls them Racist either.

        Anti-Racist is a code word for Anti-White.

        What did ONLY white people do, that is so bad ONLY our Race loses the right to have anywhere exclusive for us to live?

        What Justifies this non-violent genocide of Whites?

      79. well to start a race war first one must disarm those who can defend.remember hurrican contrina?the african chief of polics sent his tribesmen to disarm all the whites in there homes.the white triblesmen even went as far as to body slam a old white woman for having a gun.i mean can you believe this,a african chief of police having a white tribe to help him disarm whites.and you people wouldnt think obama would do the same with his white tribesman?vote mr.popularity back in and see.

      80. It’s silly to argue Republican and Democrat in today’s political atmosphere. Twenty years ago people would be horrified at the prostitution that goes on in our government and every presidential candidate in the final race was Council on Foreign Relations members since Reagan and his ENTIRE cabinet was. It doesn’t matter who you vote for. Bush Sr. pushed NAFTA, the MOST destructive legislation ever to American prosperity and Clinton made it a priority of his administration to pass it – goodbye American electronics and auto industry. Bush lied to the American people and Congress to start two wars. Obama PROMISED an end to the ‘unjustified wars’ and ACCELERATED them. Bush ‘convinced’ Congress to use taxpayer money to bail out banks (his family made a LOT of money crashing savings and loans and making America pick up the tab. Obama promised an end to the bank bailouts and INCREASED them. Obama promised to return taxation to the richest 1% (Romney paid 13% on his..I paid 35 on mine. Then he didn’t even bother to VETO legislation that continued it. They are bought and paid for by the SAME source. McCain received a million from Chevron, Obama received $800,000 from Chevron. You take a million bucks from someone they are going to want favors. The money behind both is the same, they came from the same globalist source. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Where is ABSCAM? Federal agents busting politicians with their hands out? Politicians with a sense of HONOR? Of Patriotism? Arguing this crap is pointless. The judge is right as long as it isn’t just some partisan point.

        “It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nations charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance.” President George Bush addressing the General Assembly of the U.N., February 1,1992.

        “You know, gentlemen, that I do not owe any personal income tax. But nevertheless, I send a small check, now and then, to the Internal Revenue Service out of the kindness of my heart.”- David Rockefeller, before a Congressional committee (Rockefeller is estimated to make 93 million dollars a WEEK off his banking concerns)

        If you don’t RECOGNIZE an enemy…all the bullets and guns in the world can’t save you
        So, you tell me…does arguing about Democrat and Republican make sense to YOU?

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