Insider Bill Gates Warns: Bio Weapon Could Kill Hundreds of Millions Of People In The Next 15 Years

by | Feb 23, 2017 | Headline News | 69 comments

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    The follow report was originally published by Joshua Krause at Tess Pennington’s


    Love him or hate him, there’s definitely one thing that you cannot deny about Bill Gates. He’s a guy who is in the know. Since he made his billions, he has brushed shoulders will all manner of experts and powerful people. That’s why regardless of how you feel about him, you should listen up when he provides a warning. Even if that warning is BS, it’ll tell you a lot about what is on the minds of the most powerful people in the world. Those individuals are after all, well acquainted with each other.

    In this particular instance however, there is no BS. Before speaking at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, he told The Telegraph that biological terrorism is one of the gravest threats we face today, perhaps even more so than nuclear war. He believes that within the next 10-15, it’s likely we’ll face a bioweapon that could kill hundreds of millions of people.

    “Natural epidemics can be extremely large. Intentionally caused epidemics, bioterrorism, would be the largest of all.

    “With nuclear weapons, you’d think you would probably stop after killing 100million. Smallpox won’t stop. Because the population is naïve, and there are no real preparations. That, if it got out and spread, would be a larger number.”

    Advanced Tactical Gas Mask – Are You Ready for a Biological, Nuclear or Chemical Attack?

    Of course, engineered bioweapons have been around for a long time. But Bill Gates explained in simple terms why the threat is greater now than ever before.

    He said developments in genetic engineering were proceeding at a “mind-blowing rate”. Biological warfare ambitions once limited to a handful of nation states are now open to small groups with limited resources and skills.

    He said: “They make it much easier for a non-state person. It doesn’t take much biology expertise nowadays to assemble a smallpox virus. Biology is making it way easier to create these things.”

    Gates is absolutely right about that. What used to take massive laboratories, hundreds of researchers, and millions of dollars, could one day be accomplished by a handful of people in a basement with a shoestring budget. We’re rapidly approaching a future where a manufactured virus capable of killing millions and completely upending global civilization, can be created by nearly anyone with the proper skills and a few thousand dollars worth of equipment.

    To put that in perspective, there’s only a handful of people in the world who are capable of ordering a nuclear strike on another nation. How many people are there in the world with the kind of skills that would allow them to make a world-ending virus? Tens of thousands of people perhaps. How many people in the world have the means and ability to learn these skills? Perhaps hundreds of thousands. And that number could grow as technological advances make genetic engineering easier. So if hundreds of thousands of people had their finger on the red button, you have to ask yourself, how long would it take before someone pushes it?

    This is the world we live in now. A global pandemic engineered by terrorists is practically inevitable, and will likely be seen in our lifetimes. Make sure that you have the right skills and the right gear to see your family through it.

    Joshua Krause was born and raised in the Bay Area. He is a writer and researcher focused on principles of self-sufficiency and liberty at Ready Nutrition. You can follow Joshua’s work at our Facebook page.

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      1. 12 monkeys. Interesting movie.

        • like i said the nwo wants a population drop of millions, so they must want a certain type of people to be left, whom are they wanting and in what locations. the answers to these questions would pretty much tell HOW they plan to kill off millions and a good idea of where and whom. YOU must pay close attention to the world events and i think you’ll see a pattern thate may give us a idea of who-what and where! WHEN is happenning now.

          • Is he referring to the people who will die because they receive vaccinations that he is a BIG fan of?

            • Wilson,
              that could very well be!!


                Joe Rogan and Alex Jones Break Down #Pizzagate and the Coming Takedown of the Pedophile Network

            • Or the GMO mosquitos?

          • Like what did the “clipboard guy” know about the Ebola virus that everyone else didn’t? And which government lab did the anthrax come from after that September morning that was sent out in the mail. Oh yeah, that was figured out and the witness suddenly died.
            Hey, did anyone think that the next biological event my be delivered by the post office. They probably already have all the addresses/targets that they need in their data bases. Yeah, now make jokes about all those nice postmen in the movies. Wasn’t the worst postman movie even named “The Postman”? And maybe before any mail is ever opened it should be labeled ‘return to sender’. Yeah, to get around that, and make money on the deal too, they will just put the stuff to kill you in your tax return envelope. I hope I didn’t give them any new ideas. If that’s possible.

          • All it takes is one third world illegal immigrant, bearing some delightful third world exotic disease, sneaking into America.

        • While bio-weapons are a real possibility, the most likely threat of this kind will emerge from the Arctic and near Arctic where the permafrost is melting at an astounding rate releasing methane and microbes that have been dormant for many tens of thousands of years.

          Humans will not have a natural defense for these microbes if they are not benign. They could even change our DNA over time producing … God alone knows what.

          Yeah, it could happen. 🙁

          • I believe they’re setting us up for another false flag. They can say whatever and blame whomever they want. You know, like 9/11 was accomplished by nineteen people with box cutters. If they can put on a show like that, spreading a few viruses would be easy. And there’s a former intelligence guy on youtube who says that they can plant viruses around the world and then turn them on years later with radio signals. Whatever is coming it’s not going to be coming from nineteen men that lived in caves. Though they might tell that the virus was buried in ice for a million years.

      2. Were you ever in a pickle where you may have been exposed to a life threating, airborne disease? I have.
        Have you ever had the fear of being exposed to Radioactive airborne particles? I have.
        Most have no idea for protection and decontamination for NBC warfare. A mask will save you outside but how will you keep from bringing it inside your BOL

        • anon,
          Does lead flying thru the air count as a “airbourne disease” ? LOL then YES i have been exposed to that!! I agree most people have not prepped for anything let alone a decom room prior to entering your place of abode!

          • Apache54

            Never thought about lead poisoning shooting from enclosed spaces. Even open shooting ranges.

            My experiences happened in the Military. A friend who was in had a reaction to some vaccinations. Now his immune system eats his body up.

            • One of the flu vaccines a couple years ago, for many, produced more of an allergic reaction to the bird flu variant is was supposed to protect against. Most unvaccinated people only got mild cases, there were a significant number of severe reactions and even death for vaccinated people.

              The vaccinated people got the flu anyway, their bodies reacted to it like an allergy. They died in many cases.

              • check out seattle, they had over 50 deaths so far from the flu, and the vaccine was spiked with Sqaulene, which is steered towards older peoples immune systems.
                HEY, “but the I’m the government and I am here to help you!!” LOL, help me what? pass on to your new life after death!! thats what!!

        • an anteroom

      3. Get a cow.

        Small pox vaccines (without Mercury) were made when a scientist noticed during a small pox epidemic, that milk maids were immune. He realized that milk maids had regularly been exposed to cow pox which was not lethal to humans.

        “Is real hell” has gene specific bio weapons to infect specific ethnic populations.

        Run, Palistinians, run !!!

        _ ??? _


        • Got one of the last smallpox vacc’s given in the 1980s. Proof? On my WHO record.

          Great article. Read “The Stand.” Read “The Hotzone.” Look at the clusterfuck that makes up world air travel. The easiest way to spread an airborne disease is to disburse it via infected agents throughout the world. Even if the disease is detected it will still be a FUBAR. Look at Ebola. I consider that a beta test. If that had been highly contagious there would have been no way to stop it.

        • Also, dairymen are less likely to contract chicken pox for the same reason.

          I believe I remember that the chicken pox vaccine is made from cow pox ??? I think.

        • Also, dairymen are less likely to contract chicken pox for the same reason.

          I believe I remember that the chicken pox vaccine is made from cow pox ??? I think.

        • “Is real hell” has gene specific bio weapons to infect specific ethnic populations.

          Really?? Please provide some proof/evidence of this…I won’t hold my breath in the meantime.

      4. Let me Guess, Bill Gate’s has a Vaccine that could kill a Billion People if you let him. The Entire Bill Gates Foundation was kicked out of India, because of his deadly ties to the Pharmaceutical Industry corruption.

        India Kicks Out Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation | Global …☑

        … and India’s immunization program cuts all ties to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation over big pharma conflict of … India Kicks Out Bill & Melinda Gates …
        More results

        Bill Gates Henry Kissinger Depopulation Africa: Paralyzing …☑

        The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation program in India … Was Kicked Out Of India By … having a lethal impact on India, Bill Gates who says he …

        India Holds Bill Gates Accountable For His Vaccine Crimes …☑

        As Bill Gates faces a lawsuit for the illegal testing of tribal children in India, it appears that his crimes against humanity have finally caught up with him.

        Bill Gates is Murderer!!!!

        • If you guys are familiar with Past Stock Market Crashes, and what happened just prior to them crashing, pay attention to this.

          Today – Making the 10th record close in a row -Dow @ 20,810; something that has only happened once before in the 100-year-plus history of The Dow…And that was in 1987 and what followed was the crash of Oct 1987? So here we go now,.. its Feb 2017.. Look out below….

          And probably why Gold and Silver screamed higher today with the Dollar value dropping. Gold $1250, Silver $18.16 The bubble is about to explode.

        • Zeus, the time is coming when we have to deal with all of those globalist POS. I never take any kind of vaccine for anything.

        • So Gates wants to reduce population? He can start with himself.

        • Mr. Putin’s Butler:

          The theory is that population will be reduced as a by-product of saving lives, because they claim the reason people have so many children is because so many die before age five years. I accepted this on face value until I learned that there is a great deal of lying. That’s why so many things just don’t make sense.

          In India sixty thousand children came down with polio after receiving the shots.

          If one kid got sick, should you pause and check for a problem??
          Before inoculating 60,000 do you do a test run on ten or twenty??

          Are these people too big to jail ??

          Yes, yes, yes.



        • We should start off depopulation with Bill Gates, his wife and kid(s). These people are clearly genetically defective and should not be allowed to pollute the gene pool.

          Same, same with the people involved in geoengineering, GMO frankenfood, flouridation of water supplies and other crimes against humanity.

      5. QUESTION


        • Because maybe you will be one of the lucky ones. Not everyone dies in an epidemic.

          Wash your hands. Avoid movie theaters.


          • The perfect diseases are bird carried diseases like the flu, migratory birds can spread them world wide, even if nations close their borders to the movement of people. The ideal virus is spread by birds who are carriers, but it’s deadly to people. The bird craps on your windshield and you wash it, or on the tomato in your garden and you eat it, then you die.

      6. I think the likelihood of this happening is off the charts positive. This is an event that the CDC , the FDA and globalists would engineer to save their own asses. Gates is repulsive, a GMO and vaccine pusher. The epitome of evil.

        • I agree. He is also a eugenicist. Killing people with a bioweapon would be considered humane, to him and his ilk.

        • Genetic engineering is getting cheap and simple. Anyone with a masters degree, even a drop out, and a little financing could do it right now.

          If computer virus creation was any example, there will be pranksters, create a retrovirus that changes humans genetically to grow horns or tails? Oh what fun!

          It could get crazy.

      7. Let’s see… digging through several semi-reliable web sources, I find there are currently about 60 MILLION** deaths per year worldwide (all causes, including overexposure to social media- 0.00029 % of total)*
        So, using my incredibly lame Oklahoma public education training in mathematics, that equals about 900 MILLION deaths in the next 15 years, even if NOTHING out of the ordinary happens.
        Which sort of puts this whole article in perspective. Lot’s of people are gonna die. In fact, ALL of them eventually. So, what’s the big deal?
        On the other hand, why rush it?
        * I just made up this statistic, but it feels right.
        ** This one I didn’t make up. But it puzzles me. If there are a bit over 6 Billion people and only 60 million die each year, doesn’t that mean it’d take 100 years to scrub the planet of our couch-flattening, media-mesmerized worthless carcasses? Seriously? How many of us are gonna live to 100? Especially if we don’t turn off the tube and GET SOME DANGED EXERCISE!!?
        I’m confused…

        • Saw a report that said human life expectancy should grow to 80 years of age in the next few years world wide. Life expectancy in the US however, will be one of the lowest in the world. Obese people eating happy meals .

      8. Gates the great philanthropist with his bullshit foundation. He knows how to get those
        tax breaks. If he really wanted to help people he would go to the rust belt and hand money
        out directly to those in need. If he wants to save the world, thats a good way to start.

      9. To kill hundreds of millions of people does not require money, training or a lab. A couple of terrorist could just go to west Africa during the next Ebola outbreak, place themselves in contact with an infected person and then spend the next week or two flying around Europe going to social events(restaurants), etcetera infecting other people until they themselves fell over dead thereby even infecting the undertaker. The medical system of each country would be completely overwhelmed before anyone knew what was going on. This almost happened in Dallas, Texas if you remember that Dunkin guy from Africa a couple of years ago.

      10. What George Washington would say about today’s society:

        “That a secular society will not remain moral
        And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle. It is substantially true, that virtue or morality is a necessary spring of popular government. The rule, indeed, extends with more or less force to every species of free government. Who, that is a sincere friend to it, can look with indifference upon attempts to shake the foundation of the fabric?
        — Farewell Address, September 19, 1796

        We are nation of citizens, not ‘a nation of immigrants’ or multiculturalism? Ummm, not really…

        “Citizens, by birth or choice, of a common country, that country has a right to concentrate your affections. The name of American, which belongs to you, in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of Patriotism, more than any appellation derived from local discriminations. With slight shades of difference, you have the same religion, manners, habits, and political principles. You have in a common cause fought and triumphed together; the Independence and Liberty you possess are the work of joint counsels, and joint efforts, of common dangers, sufferings, and successes.
        — Farewell Address, September 19, 1796

        What he would say about those who are forced to service homosexual or transgender affairs with their private property
        “The liberty enjoyed by the people of these States, of worshiping Almighty God agreable to their Consciences, is not only among the choicest of their Blessings, but also of their Rights. ”
        — Letter to Society of Quakers, October c.13, 1789

        What he would say about mass migration as an institution in itself
        “My opinion, with respect to emigration is, that except of useful mechanic’s—and some particular descriptions of men—or professions—there is no need of encouragement: while the policy, or advantage of its taking place in a body (I mean the settling of them in a body) may be much questioned; for by so doing they retain the language, habits & principles (good or bad) which they bring with them.”
        — Letter to John Adams, November 15, 1794

        • So George Washington was a Nazi. I knew it.

      11. An extinction event is inevitable. There is now perhaps a dozen possibilities (bioweapon, EMP, Nuclear War, gamma ray burst, super-volcano, pandemic, asteroid, supernova, economic collapse, etc…). It’s only a matter of time, and time is running out. The most likely scenario is a pandemic of biblical proportions, dwarfing the Black Plague or Spanish flu. This is mother natures way of ridding the planet of an out-of-control exponentially multiplying organism (the human virus) that is destroying the eco-system. The inter-connection of our species thru multiple travel paths will be the delivery system for the virus. Imagine a more virulent form of the black plague or perhaps a new strain of Ebola in todays interconnected world. This will become the inevitable near extinction of our species.!!!!

      12., its all planned and we are going to die.

        They tell us on that site that the population will be reduced by 81%, 280,000,000 from the present estimated 350,000,000. That’s a lot cold blooded killing. All major viruses that have culled the population in the last 200 years were deployed on us by Extra Terrestrials, quotes my scientist friend.


        • We will probably be grid nuked. All the major population centers, gone. Russia is developing stealth nukes and hypersonic delivery vehicles. There was a Drudge headline
          last year about Russia having stealth nukes by 2021. Putin is upgrading their nuke arsenal
          ASAP because of the US first strike policy. They have a lot of the same shit that we have.
          Plus, some things that we don’t have. Many that study bible prophecy believe that America
          is the Daughter of Babylon spoken of in scripture. A couple of books worth reading,
          ” America, Daughter of Babylon ” and ” The End of America “. Both sold on Amazon.
          There are people that have read those 2 books and compared with what is in their bibles.
          When they were done researching, THEY MOVED OUT OF THIS COUNTRY. I know some
          folks that moved to Costa Rica. Prepper Ray Gano,( Prophezine website ) and his wife
          moved to Panama. Many are convinced that this nation will be destroyed in one hour of
          one day. Many read Revelation chapter 18 and believe that the actual, physical place
          described could only be America. Pray on it and draw your own conclusions. Many believe
          that America will not be participating in the Armageddon event because we will have
          already been eliminated by then. Think about Ezekiel 38 which has not yet happened.
          If all of those nations were to converge on Israel like the bible describes, we might be
          charcoal before that event even takes place. The central banks want our population(s)
          reduced because in their sick minds its more wealth for the fewer that remain. I have
          heard someone once say that if you killed 300 million Chinese, you would only be making
          them stronger because there would be more food and weapons for the ones that remain.
          The Deagel website that you describe has been likened to a CIA front/ think tank. They
          make some wild projections for the future. You have to wonder if that speculation is
          baseless or if maybe there is a dose of reality somewhere in there. Any way you look at it,
          its scary. When they project a huge loss of our population, what do they know that we
          do not.

        • I read a book detailing the same thing. Gods Of Edan….Bramley gives evidence during several historical plagues where people witnessed bio releases in fog like clouds dropped on populations.

      13. The only defense is cold beer! Chug it!

      14. Hepatitis B shots for infants ? And you will tell me that every nurse that gives them dosent need to be butchard .? Of course not that would be illegal . Have a nice day nurse.

      15. And where is Patriot Nurse. On this one . Ms. Green is smart enough to know where she can’t go without disappearing .Shes like me she wants to be around to watch the Tares burn. It’s already written. No sense in goin out before the big party.

      16. From the earliest days that man learned of vaccinating with cow pox to prevent smallpox we have been at battle with bacteria and viruses. Both of these were and may become the new “cancer” of the day as bacteria have generationally become immune to antibiotics and viruses mutate and therefore are unable to be effectively defeated. This is happening on their own without mad men with high IQ facilitating it on purpose. This brings up transmission and Typhoid Mary and it certainly is added justification for building “the wall” and limiting immigration.

        Stock up on Sulfa Drugs. The old stuff is coming out of retirement.

      17. I’m wrong . Patriot Nurse .. Has a video about vaccines . She’s like Ann Barnhart. A woman with guts. That might balance the scales. These bimbos need to cowboy up quick. That will double our numbers. If they can shoot?

      18. I believe WW 2 was 90% lies so I don’t agree with her on that.

      19. Fox Firepower: Revolutionary foam pulverizes bullets to dust.

        Feb. 23, 2017 – 5:14 – Tech Take: Defense Specialist Allison Barrie on the new foam that doesn’t just stop bullets, it destroys them

        • grandee

          Watched it, WOW. Thanks for the link. Its things like this keep me coming here.

      20. The Missus and I took a ride today over to Frederick County and stopped at a fair sized antique mall. I entered a booth full of shelves of old books and found a 1967 Boy Scout Field Book for thirty bucks. Condition was very good. Been leafing through it. Has a lot of good info in it. They seem to be harder to find in good condition.

        • Patriot; which Frederick county? I’m here in Frederick county,Va.

      21. Thank you for all your posts. I read them all and agree with every one of them. I had no idea Gates was kicked out of India, and thank you for the links to prove that. Bill Gates creeps me out. Imho, he is the #1 resource looking to kill off the majority of the world population with his repulsive vaccinations. Needless to say I don’t like him. Also, good post about being aware of what parts of the world will start to be affected. Thanks to Mac for this site. I always learn something.

      22. Matt, your website is acting up. It’s not my computer, its only 3 years old, and I get it maintained x 2 a year.

        The link is to –

      23. Bill Gates is pro-choice. So his concerns are invalid.

      24. Well you know what the bio-agents will be by seeing what VACCINES Gates is pushing….

      25. Such people are not thinking. Some of the technologies we love depend on having a large population to create them and support them. For example, you can’t have a car industry without a hundred million people. You have to mine metal oar, you have to refine it, you have to roll it, you have to stamp it, you have to be an engineer to design a car body, a different kind of engineer to design an engine, and different skills entirely to manufacture these and to plan and design the facility in which make them, and a place to teach these skills, and a place to educate the people who teach the skills, and on and on. Similarly, you can’t have a sophisticated electronic computer industry without half a billion people all working to achieve that and nothing else. The survivors of a population reduction project would be surprised to find themselves living relatively primitive lives among relatively primitive people and not being able to improve their own situation. They would need to be out in the fields commanding other people where to plant rice.

        • You’re right, but the people that they want to get rid of are basically unemployable and have done what they have been summoned to be done, so they are not needed anymore. If they cared about all that you say they would have not worked so hard to destroy Europe and the US. Apparently I guess they figure that they can just print more money and buy robots.

      26. Made a reply yesterday to HCKS about Deagel. Not seeing it.

      27. A bio-weapon is not needed. Humanity is doing fine in destroying itself over the next fifteen years. Crappy diets, over processing of foods, overuse of antibiotics and antibacterials, are killing us. Time is the greatest bio-weapon for such a self-destructive species. Have a good week-end!

      28. Bill Gates was reading off of his list to Santa Claus. Gates seems to despise regular people. Take away his $50 billion and he’s just another jerk. He got that $50 billion by outsourcing and insourcing. Killing American jobs.

      29. I am a believer in eugenics. I just don’t like the way globalists go about it. They are poisoning the invironment intentionally in order to justify their murderous campaign against human life. They lie about it. They trick people. Their intention is to leave just enough people that they can control. They want slaves for sex or whatever work they need done that they don’t want to do.

        By allowing illegal “immigration”, the disease ridden are already here and more on the way. African Blacks have very high rates of AIDS. They are Muslim rapists. They will infect Blacks in America who already have higher rates of AIDS and Blacks will die like flys. But it will not stop there because we have integration and miscegenation in our multicultural melting pot. We are stewing in shit in that melting pot.

        There are a number of other diseases that are already here. Hepatitis, etc. is getting out of control. It is not racist to stop immigration. And if it is racist that’s ok. Better to be a healthy racist than a dead or dying fool.


      30. That’s why man is where he’s at today, because man thought he knew more than God. You cannot improve on God’s wisdom. Man is God’s creation, and God knows what’s best for what He created. Leave eugenics alone, you don’t know what you might create.

      31. Bill Gates is worried about the next 15 years. An attack on the high voltage transmission grid will result in instantaneous, wide-spread, causalities and destruction. The nation’s high voltage transmission grid is the terrorist’s Ultimate Soft Target. The website addresses the grids vulnerabilities and how terrorists can exploit them. This information should be taken as wake up call to action before it’s too late.

      32. Bill Gates and others are very interested in a lot of us leaving this life. He is evil.

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