Insanity: Denmark Gives Homes And Jobs To Former ISIS Thugs For “Hug A Terrorist” Campaign

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Headline News | 88 comments

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    There’s a very simple principle that helps form the bedrock of any prosperous and civilized society. When people do bad things, they should be punished for it. The moment that rule is turned upside down, and the wicked and weak are rewarded for their behavior, society will crumble. There’s no way around it. Every society that rewards bad behavior is on the fast track to destruction.

    You might think that would be obvious, but there are plenty of nations throughout history that have fallen under the weight of corruption, in one form or another. Our species has made this mistake countless times. We never learn, and we always pay for it.

    Next on the chopping block of history is Denmark, where the police in the city of Aarhus are now essentially rewarding people who have been accused of being terrorists.

    Denmark’s second largest city is attempting to tackle terrorism by offering jihadists “empathy” in a programme dubbed “hug a terrorist.”

    Whilst Danes who have fought against Islamic State have been threatened with jail on their return from Syria, terrorists are being offered enormous privileges, including apartments, education, and jobs, to encourage them to rejoin society.

    Proponents of the police-run scheme in Aarhus say that jihadists are “isolated” and struggling to integrate, and claim that offering them kindness and forgiveness will deter them from their murderous ideology.

    However, Danish politician Naser Khader, a Muslim born in Syria, says it sends the wrong message and rewards terrorists who have effectively made war on the West and its values.

    He told Australian news programme Dateline the “hug a terrorist” model tells young Muslims: “Go out and do something criminal, be jihadis, you will get a lot of privilege from the society. That’s wrong in my opinion.”

    If you applied this approach to literally any other crime you would be heavily criticized by everyone else in society, and for good reason. You wouldn’t give a thief a job, a rapist a free education, or a murderer an apartment. In any decent society these people are thrown in prison. Only after they’ve paid for their crimes, should you even consider helping them readjust to society. Furthermore, if you’re going to reward terrorism, then why bother punishing anyone for anything? Why bother keeping any bad behavior in check?

    It’s just common sense. Unfortunately, common sense is quickly dwindling in the Western world.


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      1. We got Denmark beat. Here in Canada we give our Terrorists 10 million dollars.

        • Some twisted thinking, I mean it’s not even thinking !

      2. Thus the term “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”. Learn from it US,our turn is next.

        • This from a country that pays people to have babies, then pays them to not work. Go figure.

          • AWB, in the US, all the foreigners being allowed in get straight onto the freeloader programs. I have yet to see a Muslim WORKING ANYWHERE. The US govt. does not treat all groups of people the same. If anyone is really suffering discrimination in this country it’s WHITE people.

            • DP is wrong.
              White people get to pay for EVERYTHING.

              • DBC, yeah we’re expected to give up a certain percentage of our tax dollars for the freeloaders. That revenue stream ran out years ago so that’s only one reason the US Treasury keeps the printing presses rolling 24/7/365. We don’t have any more tax money to give up.

                • Ive tried to explain this many times. Yes the mint prints money 24×7. However paper money wears out. Truckloads are incenerated every day. The actual paper cash doesn’t exist. Unless the mint starts printing paper money in larger denominations than the $100 bill no one will be using wheelbarrows of cash to buy a single loaf of bread. The money don’t need printing. Its digital money they just add numbers and poof money created out of thin air. Like when you use a debit ot credit card no paper necessary. Now the taxing of income is the exact same hurtful thing. When you tax the working productive makers and reward the parasite takers no matter how good or bad or (deserving) the person receiving the robbed booty you revawd the taker for doing the incorrect thing and being a dependent failure . And punish the productive maker for doing the correct things and being a self reliant success. Punishing success and rewarding failure is not long term sustainable. Now many buisnesses ,farms & households ect. When you look at them they appear solvent. However they are Zombie’s in that they remain (viable?) only by countinually refinancing their debt. That’s why SHTF WROL will happen . President Trump cannot prevent it. Its a for certain end result. The only unknown is when it will occur? The creation of digital money out of thin air has prolonged the enevitable longer than I ever dreamed was possible!

            • Axe murderers are preferred to old white people at my workplace.

            • Why doesn’t the CIA Propaganda Plant Author Daniel Lang call out the 3ews causing this destruction of Europe?? You got any balls? How about tell the truth. Or are you a CIA Propaganda BS Artist blaming the Muslims for their displacement from their war torn countries into Europe, or blame the countries. How about blame those who cause this Chaos and Nation Destroying and why this is happening? The Muslim is the By product and tool of the 3ew to destroy nations. Invasion by Proxy.

              • Here READ AND LEARN: The Same pattern of Nation and Culture destruction all over the world.

                One group of people has been raging a relentless war on White America ever since its first large scale wave of immigration to America from Eastern Europe and Russia beginning in 1880.

                Through their increased centers of Jewish organizations such as the American Jewish Committee with their first meeting in New York City in 1906 to demand “rights for Jews” (rights were never denied to Jews) and which divided America into 12 Jewish districts – along with Jewry’s economic rise within White America seeking to “strengthen Judaism against its Christian competitors in the marketplace,” Jewry took up arms against traditional White cultural expressions such as Bible readings, prayer, singing of Christmas Carols, and the celebration of Christmas and Easter in America’s schools.

                This attack by the Jews on public Christian expression was first outlined by Henry Ford in his book, The International Jew – The World’s Foremost Problem, published in 1920. Ford and others after him such as Professor Kevin MacDonald have pointed out that it was the American Jewish Committee which first vigorously advocated for open immigration in America beginning in 1914 until the great watershed in 1965 with the Open Immigration Law of 1965, trumpeted, advanced, and implemented through Jewish influence in US Congress.
                Ford wrote in 1921 as a warning to America regarding Jewry’s mission to diminish the Euro-White presence in the US:

                “The energies of the Jewish powers are concentrated on the task of preventing America from changing the immigration laws in a manner to protect the country from undesirable aliens.”

                Prof. Kevin MacDonald wrote in 2002:
                “The primary objective of Jewish political activity is to create a Jewish safety-net in a society acceptant of a wide range of attitudes and behaviors, as well as a diversity of religious and ethnic groups.”
                Open immigration as foisted on Americans by the Jews has now come home to roost in every major city in the US, turning our once White American cities into Third World scenarios.

                “Diversity Is Our Strength!” proclaim the Jews in their closed neighborhoods. But in fact, “Diversity is Jewry’s Strength!” – subverting and weakening the only power bloc that could ever oppose Jewry’s lust for power – White Christians. For it is in a racially diverse environment that Jews can rule over their White Christian hosts.

                Recognize the FRAUD, Destroy the chaos makers who are destroying America.

                • Exactly! Well said. The Synagogue of Satan is alive and doing very well thank you. And voting achieves nothing. It is a sham.

                • One line really caught my attention: “demanding rights” that were never denied these people. Seems like the same thing happening now with various groups demanding their “rights” which were never denied them in the first place but then the demands go beyond what could be a right or was never a “right” in the first place.

            • Whites are now hated and treated like crap. If you are black or muslim or anything other tha white, your ass is good to go…WTF?

              • Yeah, may be until the white man is castrated the (so called) people of color Will have there O Chit moment, We’ve been duped, where’s that Alfie Sharpton!

                Divide & conquer, the Lucie Game!


            • wouldn’t want a mooselimb working anywhere near food though.

              Boycott any business that hires them, run them out of America.

              if every mooselimb in America spontaneously human combusted, would the country be better? YES!!!!

          • Not only pays. The most expensive commodity in the west is blonde poon. If you want some get a tan learn arabic and refugate to a fcktard scandi cuntry. You’ll be rolling in poon. Make sure to act retarded.

          • Denamrk is going down in flames due to its Anti Christ ways, The Lord has given them up to there vile ways and what we are witnessing is the end of the white European race. They have self destructed themselves and there peoples. but you know whats funny, not one male Dane has yet to hold and charge there leaders with high crimes, they just sit and do nothing while they are murdered along with there children and wives get brutally and sadistically raped. If they return to God then the Lord will remove the scourge of islam on there land. but they wont, they all will all be killed each and every one of them by the sword of Islam. Another point I need to make, will Russia alow an Islamic nation right of there eastern front or will they invade Denmark and kill all the Muslims, thats the question?

        • Jim, what the Danes are doing now is nothing short of insanity. Definitely gives new meaning to that old saying. It WON’T be our turn unless we LET the scum do it. No foreigners or anyone else will be taking my home or my relatives’ homes. Not happening.

        • @Jim in Va. And I thought a lot of the people in our country had lost their marbles. If this is true Denmark is freaking nuts.

          • Not happening on my turf.

            • all of you on this site are idiots, you guys are separating everyone in this country from race to religion. Wake up fools, that’s what everyone i.e. China and Russia wants. And Jim from VA, no one wants your 2 acre plot in Martinsburg VA. All of you need to wake up and stop being so damn angry and work on a solution. We come together as a nation as one people regardless of race or religion. That’s what makes us strong. All of you fools don’t realize you are part of the problem, and you believe what they tell you on the damn news. WAKE THE F*** UP

              • STY, in case you never noticed, there is an illegitimate campaign being waged against white people and not a single one of us will submit to it. Our opponents always speak of ‘equality under the law’ but that doesn’t really exist. Federal policy gives special treatment to minority groups, especially if they’re foreign-born, and treats white people like second-class citizens. THAT IS WRONG AND WE REFUSE TO ACCEPT IT. WE’RE NOT PART OF ANY PROBLEM BUT WILL BECOME PART OF THE SOLUTION. The only ‘racism’ out there IS THE RACISM DIRECTED AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE FROM MINORITY GROUPS AND INSTIGATED BY A CERTAIN TRIBE. YOU SAY YOU’RE SMARTER THAN US? GMAFB!

                • TDB
                  Please provide examples of how white people are being singled out. Look at EVERY prominent neighborhood and tell me what you see… WHITE people. To tell me that the white people are being singled out when the majority of white people are making over six figures is pathetic. And by the way, everyone who is talking about how non-whites are stealing the jobs… you know why? Cause they aren’t lazy. I’m sorry but in America, you need to work hard otherwise you’re going to be left behind. And if you tell me your jobs were lost due to the industry you work in transitioned to a 3rd world country like China, well I’m sorry but you need to adapt. My father came to this country as a refugee from Ethiopia and I saw how hard he worked to put food on the table. WE NEVER HAD GOVERNMENT SUPPORT (I hate government aid i.e. HUD Housing, EBT) and he continuously was laid off because of the industry he was in. But, it never stopped him, he worked hard because he believed in something that a lot of you fools forgot about… the American dream. All of you that were born in this country are so spoiled, you don’t know what true poverty looks like and you don’t appreciate what true freedom is. WHY DO YOU THINK EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY OUT THERE HATES US?!?! Do you see how I say “US” it’s because I don’t care if you’re white nor black or Christian Jewish or Muslim. If you believe for freedom then we are all one. And you know what you can do? Stop the hate, come together as a nation and let’s truly make this country great again. Work our asses off, get our kids a good education, pay our taxes and fight for what’s right. Trump isn’t going to do it, it’s up to all of us. If you plan on feeling sorry for yourself then I’m sorry but you’ve lost. If you think it’s the whites against everyone else then I’m sorry but you’ve lost. This thing that’s happening with removing Confederate statues IS STUPID! I don’t agree with White Supremacists but I have to tell you, they have every right to march. And for the idiots who are toppling confederate memorials, stop erasing our history, it’s what makes us America and it’s our rich past. And something so trivial is causing us to divide which is the saddest thing. This site is amazing because it brings people with like minds together who are concerned about our country and where we are headed. But the fact of the matter is, almost everyone on this forum blames someone else but themselves and they think guns, bullets, a tin foil hat and hiding in a bunker is going to save them. Sorry but NOPE, let’s use this forum to figure out how to make changes not blame each other. And truly take back our country. ONE NATION UNDER GOD.
























          • Another choice is Biblical Anarchy. No lawmakers, no leaders everyone united through Law and conscience.

            • Anti commie:

              Anarchy leads to chaos which is why anarchists and Communists are blood brothers. Some highly intelligent independent people who are very self disciplined can flourish without any authority, but these are the very people needed by a society to be the leaders and authority for those who can not. Every successful society has a pecking order.


          • Eisenkrautz:

            You are right about almost everything. Women are not idiots but their brains are different than men’s.



            What about Madame Marie Curie? She conducted pioneering research on radioactivity.

            Did you know that Hedy Lamarr (the actress) was an inventor? She and a friend developed a radio guidance system during WWII. The Navy didn’t get around to adopting it until the 60s.

            Rosalind Franklin was a pioneer in molecular biology–how DNA is constructed among others.

            I won’t go on. No point in it.

        • This is the Zionist philosophy of how to destroy White Cultures. Pollute it with garbage and call it diversity. Just take a page out id US History. Called the war on poverty. Create the largest welfare state in the world to bring a xountry to ita knees and bankrupt it i to poverty. Obama care is a waht do destroy the White working middle class with massive healthcare taxes to support the losers in society. This is all by design by the GEWS and their nation destroying tactics. Divide and conquer. Regulate and control. Disarm and destroy. Pretty pathetic. How about hang a parasite day, everyday? Hitler was so right and again America was on the wrong side if History again. Choosing parasites over white culture. America us destroyed already. Infected with parasite cancer 3rd stage poison

        • I lived in Denmark from 1990 -1994.

          It’s a beautiful country, great food, and the people where very good looking..not many overweight people there.

          There are no homeless, financial support given freely to Muslims, was astounded seeing them getting paid in cash.

          As for a Caucasian male, I could get no “support” the monies given to the Muslims where not going to be given to me..I had to work for the $$$$ doing hard physical labor, after that I was taxed at 50 %.

          Lots of alcoholics in ?? Denmark, drinking all the time, even at breakfast.

          Morality not great, my ex-wife was sleeping with my best friend, I ended up leaving heartbroken.

          Typical behavior for the Danes, they are much like ‘Children of the State” everything is provided one way or another …their was much anger towards the Muslims 27 years ago, as they were cheating the Danish Welfare..I could only imagine how bad it is now..too bad that the great Vikings are now a bunch of weaklings.

      3. Yeah, it’d be great to give ’em a big ol’ hug. Just remember — “…the 4th intercostal space between the 4th and the 5th rib between the left border of the sternum and the left nipple is the most vulnerable in particular, because of the location of the ventricles there. If you go in at a slight angle with the slant towards the left, you can take out both the right and the left ventricle in a single strike….”

      4. They (The powers that be) know exactly what they are doing…

        They know the Populus is too damn medicated, under educated, taxed, demoralized, and complacent to stop them… This is what you get when you lay the fuk down and ascribe to the mindset that it’s not your problem… Guess what…. It sure as fuk is now.

        They (The Danes) deserve every bit of whats being done to them and then some.

        Never let a wishbone grow where a backbone should be…

      5. Looking for a bright spot anywhere in the darkness, at least the Muslims can’t walk into the US like they can into Europe.

      6. Does anybody know of a country that “got better” after Muslims became dominate?

        I can’t think of one. I know a crap load that got really shitty.

        I guess Europe is going down the drain.

        • JS, spot on. The muslims are terrorizing the native-born citizens of Britain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, etc. When the people stand against it, they get targeted by their own govt. and jailed for it. It’s their own politicians doing all this shit. They need to rise up against them.

          • Its fucking Zionism spreading across Europe you peebrain Low IQ imbeciles. Not Muslim which are just the tool and byproduct of Zionism to destroy Europe, by polluting it with garbage and calling it diversity. You fucking morons swallow this propaganda BS like a hungry homeless fool. Grow a fucking brain and understand cause and affect. Until the squatters in Palestine are destroyed forever this shit will continue and it will be one big race to the bottom. The US Government is complicit in nation destroying for what? So the entire world can be slaves to parasites? GMAFB. Grow some balls and start the eradication and cleansing now. Yeah and if I call out the culprits the ZIONISTS, I get put into moderation. That right there, tells you is stirring up this horrific genocide of the much superior white European race. These bassturds hate the truth and being called out for their crimes and genocide against humanity. They just need to die. Die you Zionist pig fuckers!!

          • Dep BH you are a Fricken moron. How about you rise up against the US Government for supporting this pollution of Europe. Do something you big fat mouth loser. You rise up against them you big talker.

            • Crack, that’s no way to speak to management!

              No wonder the good ole USA is going down the pan when ordinary folk like you show such disrespect to your betters.

              • Anonymous, who yanked on your chain?

            • CSS, uh, what is your problem this morning?

              • CSS, uh, what is your (((problem))) this morning?

            • Hey moron. Once the time comes. I will do plenty. Don’t care if I die.

              • LOL….. And just what time are you expecting things to “come” my friend….

                Fukin Darwin comment of the day…

        • You take a bunch of muslims = chaos and destruction. Take a bunch of blacks, huge surprise, the same result: Chaos and destruction. No wonder this country is failing.

          • Muslims killed more people than all other groups in history combined. Why is this fact not being propagated. Eurotrash do you want to live?If not just kill yourself. Why do you want your people to be exterminated?

      7. Denmark,well,not my problem!

        On a side note,ammo is plentiful and cheap!

        I hope you all took my advice and bought a speedy stitcher,the repairs I have done with it so far holding up well,a great investment!

      8. They don’t learn from history. I won’t be the Jews this time it will be the Muslims. WHEN ANOTHER HITLER RISES!!!! The Europeans will only take so much. I am more than likely too old to see it come pass, but my kids or Grand kids will.


        • BS. Eurotrash are willing to die for “jewversity”

      9. Warchild, on the ammo, I shot up a bunch today in target practice. I had targets with pictures of Obama, Hillary, Maxine Waters, muzzies, snowflakes, etc. I’m still a bit sore from the shooting but I had a blast. I’ve got the feeling I may have to put those shooting skills to ‘good use’ in the near future. There’s a storm coming…..I can hear the thunder.

        • Cool,now do it tomm.,but something totally different,ranges/positioning/off hand/loading with one hand ect.

          Am heading to a friends place this weekend hopefully and will doing that and more.

          • Instead of working on my preps or joining the NRA, I decided that watching the Gong Show was more useful tonight.

      10. I saw a video about Muslem conquest in Europe, Why we are afraid 1400 years. I think.

      11. If you are a 600 pound gorilla, feel free to hug a jihadist! Otherwise, no!

      12. Im glad im getting old

        • Nail,nothing wrong with having a good life with good memories.That said,don’t you dare get lazy on us and check out before the festivities begin!

        • Yes, me too. I am glad you are old.

      13. Europe is occupied.

        Hitler lost the war to defend Europe from the domination by aliens known as 3ews. Those 3ews who control Europe are admitting people into the European Countries so that 3ews can kill by proxy. The Muslims in Europe, the Black Lives Matter in America. The Danes have no control over what happens, and they dare not speak out in anyway but to condone it publicly. I can only imagine what outrage they must really feel, if they even know what is happening.


        • Hey B from CA glad to see you made it back safely from Charlottesville, VA.

          • Anonymous:

            The lying news distorted the facts of what really occurred in West Virginia. I was unable to go to hear the speakers, one of whom was sprayed in the eyes by a police force siding with the Soros paid Communist agitators who threw cement filled bottles at the speakers and the white audience. The police did nothing to stop the violence perpetrated against the white people. It is disgusting that white people are victims of violence, and the news twists this and blames the victims because they threw the bottles of cement, rocks, and other objects back at the people who threw them. The communists also threw biological weapons including bodily fluids which may be contaminated with disease. These included tampons, used condoms, urine, feces, gopher gas. Disgusting and dangerous, but police did nothing.


        • Jews are great people I give them two thumbs up ? great ?

        • The US needs Term limits on all politicians. As long as these shills in Government continue to be blackmailed by the 3ews and AIPAC, the destruction of America will continue to happen, right here and now. Only way to solve this is complete and full eradication of the parasites in all government positions and our propaganda media. Russia did this, and they do not have any of these problems. Iran does not have these problems. Syria is fighting for their lives not to have these problems. Libya lost the battle. Europe is losing the battle. Yes we do need a WW3 and every country needs to target the Parasites causing all of this Chaos. Civil war in every country in the world to eradicate the parasites. That’s the enemy of humanity. The Cancer of society the chaos makers. We need to identify the problem and culprits before you can destroy them. Otherwise you are putting a Band-aid on a gushing hemorrhaging artery wound. America is bleeding like a stuck pig fighting for very breath. What are you going to do to help your Country? Say ain’t my problem? Grow some balls and man up.

          • The vast majority of these clowns deserve to HANG if truth be told…I have very little to no faith in any of them. Even the Republicans will Not work with Trump and get things done. This country is destined to fail for so many reasons.

            • Time to “primary a bunch of Repubs and Dems next time they run. Both parties need to dump the losers running things and not getting the job of taking care of the country. Things are getting out of hand domestically and overseas and new leadership is needed. Shake em both up!

          • The pen is mightier than a Colt because you let it. There should be no lawmakers. Lawmakers are breaking the Law. The only authority is God.Law enforcement needs to be every citizen. Protect your property and your neighbor’s. It’s very simple. Once you give away your right to use deadly force to the government you are dead.

      14. A stop back from the north side of DAPL.

        Yes, we are just that stupid. Local ag report today spoke of the foreign governments that have purchased US tillable acres and soaking every dime they can manage from the US taxpayer in the form of subsidies, price supports and other Ag programs.

      15. Hug a terrorist. Same as thanking a CIA field officer for his service.

      16. Some body said “The meek will inherit the earth”. Not true, the peppers will get it all.

        • Yes, true….. if the preppers are meek.

      17. These Danish folks are trying to go one-up on the French, who have almost killed their own culture. Western Civilization is the greatest achievement in history. Why do these cultures try to self destruct?

      18. The great delusions of the end times?

      19. The Black Plague, The brown plague. Same death count?

      20. I need to fill you in on something: ISIS, al Qaeda etc. are ALL proxy armies for the West. ALL of them. So, what we are seeing with these dudes coming back to the West and getting their ‘free home, free education, free pussy’ is their reward for being fighters for the West and breaking up the Middle East. It is no different than the GI Bill after the second world war. They are not terrorists but proxy army veterans coming home. Treat them with love and respect for they have done great deeds for Allah and the West.

        • Frank Thoughts, excellent analysis. The jihadist/mercenaries are being rewarded for a job well done.

          Things may a appear to be crazy or not make sense but it just means we aren’t looking at it like the PTB do.

          • After 9/11 pretty well all the Muslim young men in our area went from spindly wristed twits to pumped-up, steroid monsters – and then they all disappeared from the streets. It never made sense until the Caliphate popped up and it was like “ah, yes, that is where they went!”

            I guess they are now coming back after a job well done. Little R&R, some poong-tang and then back to the field again.

      21. My God, these simple minded idiots just don’t get it…It is pathetic actually. Take those radicals out back and put a bullet in their no good, filthy heads. Europe will be ruined and over run with these crazed Muslims in 20 years or less.

      22. Denmark must have got lessons from that pink sock wearing SOB trudeau after he used tax payers money, 10.5 million to pay off that muzzie rat terrorist kadhr. The globalist mental illness is running rampant. Forget using powder ammo, too expensive for those mutts. Put a high powered air rifle to their head, (pellets are cheap) and then they get to meet their 72 virgin goats.

      23. It was inflicted on them by their radical left wing government. The same way our government allows over 3 million immigrants into the US every year. Last year the US government admitted that 750,000 illegals entered the US by commercial aircraft. Verifiable. That number reaches 1 million some years. Add in illegals crossing the US southern border, the legal immigrants, refugees, and H1B visas and you have over 3 million migrants entering every year. When the government admits the numbers, they could actually be higher.

      24. TPTB seem to be pushing the social unrest agenda. Stirring up trouble among the masses. Sadly, it seems to be working.

      25. Reminds me of The last line in The Bridge over the River Kwai……MADNESS.!!!

      26. There is only one solution. Quit playing their game. Avoid Debt like it is the plague. Every time you use a bank you are playing their game. Do everything you possibly can to avoid paying taxes. If your on public water. Drill a well – Catch the runoff from your roof in a rain barrel. That care of your own trash. I compost the paper & cardboard. Burn the cans and plastic. Then I mas those burnt cans flat and lay them on the ground where the soil is poor. Then cover those flattened cans with compost or the ashes from the wood stove. And the cans quickly rust away to nothing. I reduced my electric bill by Having a solar hot water heater in the summer and on on the wood stove in winter. A dollar not spent is better than two dollars you have to earn. Every dollar you don’t spend is about 10% taxes. in ten transactions the entire dollar is robbed by the taking parasites. Don’t let them robb you any more than absoultly necessary. It does work Chicago lost over 3000 millionaires already this year. The government funded parasite takers there will never get to tax & robb another dime from those folks who left again. So that’s what we can and should do. Learn self reliance aquire Know How and refuse to play their game. How long would Trumps Casinos be open if we never played the gambling game. Don’t buy lottery tickets. Don’t go to restaurants and eat food spit on and enable despicable folks. Cook at home. Brew your own beer. Grow your own food. Right there that is 3 things not taxed. There isn’t any tax on the labor to cook at home. No tax on home brewed beer & wine. No tax on home grown food. No tax on barter also.

        • Good Comment OldGuy. I have been employing many of those strategies for a while now. If I dont go into town I dont spend any money.

        • Old Guy:

          I concur.

          It’s not what you make. It’s what you keep.

          Learn as many trades as you can. Learn to sew, knit, and crochet; to spin, and to weave. Learn to work with leather, to make and repair shoes.

          Learn fermentation to make wine and beer the old ways. Make yogurt and cheese.

          Learn bee keeping. Learn the basics of keeping farm animals. Study biology and gardening, agriculture, herbology, medicine.

          Stop depending on outside assistance. Women can help other women in childbirth even in a hospital setting. Read up about birth and infant care.

          Become an educator. Learn how to teach children and adults. Create libraries. Preservation of books at the ideal temperature under ideal conditions may be impossible. Vacuum seal books.

          Vacuum seal shoes. Vacuum seal necklaces, earrings, and rings.


      27. Eisenkrautz may be a plant. Several times I’ve gone to moderation when making a reply. Remind me to stop replying to Eisencrautz/Acid Etch.


      28. Yes the best stragety to adopt if you want to be self reliant is to become as its called a jack of all trades. There is a saying that if something is worth doing its worth doing right. That saying is so wrong for many reasons. Its like the Homer Simpson quote (Trying ? Trying? Trying is the first step toward failure! You show me anyone who failed and when they started down that path to failure the first step was trying? So the correct statement is anything worth doing is worth doing poorly. Especially on the first attempt. So just because your not skilled or proficient at something that shouldn’t deter you from making the initial attempt. Im still learning new stuff every day. We just started learning how to make cheese. One tip I learned about milk cows. If your cow is eating wild onions or bitter weeds. place a tablespoon full of sugar on her feed when you milk her. That makes those plants taste so bad that she will stop eating them. After my older brother went into the military I was the only male child at home. Dad worked 500 miles away because he borrowed money and had to pay it back. So it was my job to milk the cow. That cow knew where I slept. And every morning at first light she came to my bedroom window bawling to be milked. Her calf was in the barn and was allowed to nurse after she was milked. I usually milked about a gallon and let the calf get the rest. One night I failed to separate the calf and the next AM no cow bellering for me to get up. That was wonderful. So I separated them and simply milked two gallons of milk that evening. I really enjoyed not having to get up at the crack of dawn. My sisters and mother where mean flat chested ugly bitches. To this day they hate men. Eny Road they didn’t like me not getting up and milking that cow. So they made lots of stuff that used milk. And It was decided no more once a day milking there wasn’t enough milk. So I quickly found another solution. I started milking two cows every evening. Even They couldn’t use up four gallons of milk per day. Then the truth came out. The lazy bitches simply wanted to stay in their warm beds during the cold winter. Because when I got up the first thing I did was put wood in the stove and stoke up the fire. So when I picked a life mate I got a pleasant looking Buxom lass that is smiley and a good cook and hard worker. Her and I are both middle children whose family used us like we where slaves. That was 45 years ago and we still are learning Know How and self reliance. We always had milk cows or goats. Our present cow is 1/2 angus and 1/2 Jersey. We let the calf stay with her. If we need some milk we simply pen the calf up for a few hours. Them milk what we need and turn them back together. Having a milk cow doesn’t require a rigid drudgery of twice per day milking. We can leave for days and not need anyone to come milk the cow. That is one small part of being self reliant. We have a know source of sanitary raw milk. and never need to wait upon the time and pleasure of other people to obtain our milk.

      29. Even I have deliver a couple of Babies, one in a house and the other in the back of an ambulance. People have been having babies for millions of years without a $100K Hospital bill. Just buy a baby delivery kit, with a couple of clamps and a sharp scalpel to cut the cord. Not much different than delivering puppies. Clean and suction the Amniotic Fluid aka: snot out of their noses. Rinse and repeat. Tickle their feet and get them to cry.

      30. “terrorists are being offered enormous privileges, including apartments, education, and jobs, to encourage them to rejoin society.”

        Hey, we did that. Remember Cabrini-Green? That went well.

      31. I do not read stupid/ignorant. So I did not bother to read this My guess is that no one here is familiar with the teachings of Jesus — You know, stuff like love your enemy. Oh — and that love is stronger than hate.

        Which just reinforces my observation that almost without exception, those in this country who claim to be Christians are really disciples of the anti-christ.

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