Innocence of Muslims: “We Are Ready To Sacrifice Millions”

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    The destabilization of the middle east continues.

    While the Obama administration touted the depositions of Egyptian prime dictator Hosni Mubarak and Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi as victories for democratic reform, peace and social networking, it should be quite obvious that what’s transpired in the middle east under the leadership of our Nobel Peace Prize winning Commander In Chief is yet another chapter in the broader destabization of the region.

    The events of the last 72 hours have been particularly interesting, as they came on the heels of the President’s refusal to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about Iran’s nuclear ambitions. The American public’s waning sentiment for further expansion of the war in the middle east has forced Obama to take a wait-and-see approach ahead of the November Presidential elections.

    That is, unless, there was a reason for Americans to get angry at the theocratic governments of the middle east, radical Muslims, and Iran’s influence over the region.

    After protesters raised the black flag of Islam over the US embassy yesterday, further rioting at the U.S. embassy in Libya this morning, and a coordinated attack that led to the execution of U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens, that change of sentiment may very well be taking shape now:

    Gunmen had attacked and set fire to the U.S. consulate in the eastern city of Benghazi, the cradle of last year’s uprising against Muammar Gaddafi’s 42-year rule, late on Tuesday evening as another assault was mounted on the U.S. embassy in Cairo.

    California-born ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed in the assault, but it was not clear how or where he died.

    An evacuation plane with U.S. commandos units then arrived from Tripoli to evacuate them from the house.

    It was supposed to be a secret place and we were surprised the armed groups knew about it. There was shooting,” Sharif said. Two U.S. personnel were killed there, he said. Two other people were killed at the main consular building and between 12 and 17 wounded.

    The attack raised questions about the future U.S. diplomatic presence in Libya, relations between Washington and Tripoli, the unstable security situation in post-Gaddafi Libya and whether more protests might erupt in the Muslim world over the film.

    Source: Reuters

    The film is called Innocence of Muslims, and was produced by an Israeli amateur filmmaker named Sam Bacile, who reportedly received $5 million in funding from 100 Jewish donors. It depicts the prophet Mohammad in such a way that when Muslims in the middle east were shown an Arabic dubbed version of it this week, they turned their anger on Americans in Egypt and Libya.

    Mr Bacile, a property developer who says he is an Israeli Jew, said he believes the movie will help his native land by exposing Islam’s flaws to the world.

    Islam is a cancer, period,” he said repeatedly.

    Israel said it had not heard of Mr Bacile and there was no record of him being a citizen.

    The film claims Mohammed was a fraud…

    It depicts Mohammed as a feckless philanderer who approved of child sexual abuse, among other overtly insulting claims that have caused outrage.

    Muslims find it offensive to depict Mohammed in any manner, let alone insult him.

    Egypt’s Coptic Christian community drew attention to the clip, stirring anger in its Muslim opponents, one of whom, Sheikh Khaled Abdalla, then screened a scene from the film on Egyptian television, in which Muhammad calls a donkey “the first Muslim animal.” The prophet is also portrayed, the Times notes, “as a child of uncertain parentage, a buffoon, a womanizer, a homosexual, a child molester and a greedy, bloodthirsty thug.” That was more than enough for the Egyptian media — and [pastor] Terry Jones — to run with.

    Source: NY Mag, Irish Examiner 

    The B-movie trailer that started it all:

    Despite the obvious train wreck that is the Innocence of Muslims, it’ noteworthy that it was reportedly financed by Jewish/Israeli donors, was dubbed in Arabic, and then released to Arabic news stations around the very time that President Obama rejected a meeting with the Israeli prime minister in which the military options for Iran would be discussed.

    And then to have such a low budget, low quality movie be used as a pretext for the overtaking of two U.S. embassies and the murder of a U.S. ambassador puts to question the official narrative of how it came to be released across mainstream middle east networks.

    Whatever the case, Americans are justifiably angry at the murder of their Ambassador by radical Muslim groups and the raising of the Islamic black flag over American sovereign territory.

    Muslims, likewise, are angry at what they perceive to be a direct attack on their most hallowed prophet Mohammed and God himself – Allah – so much so that many are prepared to go to war over it:

    “We sacrificed dozens and hundreds during the uprising for our dignity. The Prophet’s dignity is more important to us and we are ready to sacrifice millions,” said mosque preacher Mohamed Abu Gabal who joined the protest.


    One can’t ignore the distinct possibility that a third-party set these events into motion to create conflict and anger in the hopes of further destabilization in this region and improved sentiment among the American public for further military action.


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      1. Clearly a false flag…

        Let’s nuke the bastards!

        • Who the Jewish/Israeli? Why not arrest the film maker for a hate crime and causing a riot. Throw in murder as well.

          • anonymous – he is an american , and as such , he has the right to freedom of speech .
            as do you and i .

            • This can’t be true! … Brothers of the ‘Religion of Peace’ murdering someone.

            • Another war….right before the election….Hummm Imagine That!

            • We don’t see Christians burning down embassies.
              We don’t see Jews burning down embassies.
              We dont see Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs burning down embassies.


              I guess they get to play by different rules…

            • This movie is not American humor.

            • ausprepper

              You don’t see those things from other religions because they are not being attacked by foreign enemies occupying the lands the inhabit.

              It is not the people attacking because they want to, it is the people attacking because they have too in order to protect their own lands from invasion.

              If you stick around long enough you will see the Christians here attacking the corp properties when the UN is occupying our lands.

              The acts do not reflect on the muslims, as much as those attacking the muslims. If they were let alone, they would let alone.

              Quit fighting the religion and the the Universal Enemy that is waging war on them, and soon enough us.

            • GC,
              I throw the BS flag on your “they would leave us alone” statement.
              It’s in their doctrine to dominate and to conquer !
              A moderate Muslim is an apostate, or not a true believer in the eyes of Islam.
              Now I can agree with anybody, that they should have been left alone in their
              Section of the world, as they have never played well with others.
              And we should get out of there.

            • @ Gods Creation.

              That is a crock of crap. Maybe you can explain the regular murder of Gays in Muslim dominated countries.
              I suppose the Gays are “invading” their countries…
              Christians don’t truck much with Gay folk but they sure don’t drag them out into the street and cut their throat while shouting “God is great!”

              If you bothered to do some research you’d find that these guys have been murdering each other non-stop until we came along and, yes, we should not be there but sadly oil is necessary for modern society.

              I have no dog in the religion fight but I’ll keep my hand on my holster when I’m around those who’re taught that I’m an infidel good only for converting, killing or enslaving.

            • 1st: @ FaceBook it is De Oppresso Liber anyone who was a 18 series in the Army knows this.

              2nd: This Ambassador was assainated plan and simple. Politicians are Assaninated and Civilians are murdered, why was his detail was pulled and he was given private contractors? who in turn should be held responsible as well as the politicians who allowed this.

              3rd: The Country of Lybia and all other attacking our Embassy’s has created a Act of War against a U.S. Citizen, which of course will get blamed on Iran

              4th: You see where things are going

              Keep prepping its going to get interesting……..

            • correction: “plain and simple”

              sorry for the typo

            • “”””debkafile’s intelligence sources report that the investigation launched by US counter-terror and clandestine services is focusing on finding out why no clue was picked up of the coming attack by any intelligence body and how al Qaeda’s preparations for the attack which took place inside Libya went unnoticed by any surveillance authority.”””

              It didn’t get picked up by intelligence because the story had not yet been made up… Transparency in government is alive and well.

            • My typo is unacceptable. It is this little keyboard and all these programs that guess the next word. But in this I will accept the dressing down for my poor proof reading skill. That mistake will not happen again.

              And yes I see where all of this is going.

          • Maybe because…he hasn’t murdered anyone?

          • Why does anyone even care what happens to these people? It’s time to leave them alone to discvoer their own destiny and for us to tend to our own affairs. We are in big trouble financially; the debt crisis was kicked down the road until just after the election, or did most of you forget that little tidbit of info? OOPS, I think some of us did! We are about to have a lot of problems to attend to on our own without worrying about people we have almost nothing in common with living half way around the world. Getting ready for the next big ‘bump’ should be our first priority, the rest of this crap is just a sideshow. If taxes don’t go way up and spending go way down (BAD), the FED will just print a whole lot more money (REAL BAD) and then the real party will begin. So what will it be, Bad News, or Real Bad News?

            • I wish it were that easy. However there is a problem with that whole oil thing and another small tibit called the petro dollar. Without 100% control (meaning we stick our nose in everones business) the economy of ours that seems like it is in dire straights, will look like Disneyland in comparison.

            • Would it be so bad to have just a few jets run a few bombing raids through there just for the fun of it. If those m*ther f*ckers want some of the USA than we should give them some. This is not just over a movie. Those ( people ) don’t need a reason to pull this kind of shit. Ummmm 2000 years of this now and we are surprised????

            • Disector284: Wow, now that’s what I call arrogant! It’s their oil and it’s their lands, not ours. And have you forgotten a little something called free trade: “I’ll trade you this for that”? The actual, or even threatened, use of force is called coersions, or in other words-robbery. But in you view, as well as many Americans, this is acceptable becasue as Dick-Head Chaney said, “the American way of life is non-negotiable”. Sounds like we have a problem here. I guess you’ll have to join up and serve in the military and perhaps you can get your kids to do the same when they reach the right age. But if you’re like most lazy, flabby Americans, you want someone else to do your dirty work for you. If you want to spill blood just so a bunch of American fat-asses can drive their suvs to the nearest fast-food restaurant then be my guest but leave me out of it. I did my 22 years in the military (Jan1973-May1995), but hey, you can go play Rambo if you think you’re tough enough. Me, I’d rather walk or ride my bike than spill any blood, especially American blood, for another ounce of oil. And yes, I do ride my bike whenever I can.

            • Disector284: Wow, now that’s what I call arrogant. If you’re so all fired sure we need to stick our noses in their affairs then you can haul your butt down to your local recruiters office and sign up. And while you’re at it get you kids to do the same when they’re old enough. You want to play Rambo hotshot go right ahead. I did my time (Jan1973-May1995). Intelligent young people shouldn’t be sticking their necks our for a bunch of fat-assed Americans who are so lazy that they’d rather drive their SUVs 1 1/2 miles to the nearest fast food joint than cook for themselves, or at least walk the distance. I’d rather walk or ride my bike for the rest of my life than have more American blood spilled for cheap oil. Bring them all home now!

          • Anyone who thinks this Sep 11 attack was not a coordinated effort by muslims to commemorate 9/11 and is merely a revolt against a lackluster youtube video is mistaken how can the powers that be so easily fool themselves into thinking this?

        • I was thinking… offhand (stupid, but novel) idea: Each US embassy should have a tactical nuclear device installed in it. Call it 500Kt. If at anytime the embassy is overrun, the nuke goes off.

          Just don’t tell anybody, or at most say that the nukes are placed in random embassies in troubled areas or somesuch.

          After the first one blows up, it’ll put a screeching halt to a whole lot of BS when it comes to attacking embassies, no?

          • OQ, here is a better idea. Why don’t we establish embassies to promote peace and honest trade instead of war and debt?

            • Thank you GC!

            • Better yet, have no embassy in countries that don’t want or can’t have democracy. A lot of lives are lost in the name of democracy. Just sayin’.

            • Um, isn’t why we were there!?

            • don’t tread, who wants Democracy? It is an Unlawful form of government in the USA, destructive and temporary in nature, always leading to dictatorship.

              The real problem is that muslims REFUSE to accept the banksters money and usury. It’s not about their religion, it about the banksters money and forcing them to use it.

              In the muslim countries, religion is stronger than the banksters. In ours, the banksters have defeated God.

          • Very good idea!! You go to the head of the class!!

            • There’s a reason why I called it a stupid idea.

              I let my emotions run with that one a little.

          • OQ: Your idea is sheer genius !!

        • Let it be known to all, that anything and everything that you see and hear in the media, from any “government”, or agent of any “government”, is meant to evoke an emotional reaction in YOU with the goal of controlling you and how you feel and think about others.

          The corp can not start a war without first inciting those it wishes to attack to make the first move by committing intolerable “covert” atrocities against them. This “movie” is a prime example.

          Keep that at heart as the deterioration of America continues. The battle is in your mind, and for your mind. Freedom is in your mind, and if you wish to preserve it and live it these forces of evil and their propaganda machine must be kept out of the space between your ears.

          This “movie” is just the latest example of the corps attempt to emotionally attack you, and others, in order to gain your support for it’s criminal acts.

          Be at peace with the world. Don’t join the wars, or contemplate them at all. The only battle worth fighting is the one in your own back yard when your family and property must be defended against attack.

          It is not Christians vs Muslims vs Jews. It is You vs Those seeking to control you. Maintain control over yourself and your relationship to your maker. Everything else will take care of itself, regardless of what the propaganda machine cranks out.

          • Always spot on GC.

            Can we get back to the subject of prepping?????

            • This is the perfect time of the year to get plants and trees on the cheap! Garden supply is about to go on sale.

            • @ oeteropolis…Great idea!! more so than ever!! Any good ideas on canning, more food storage ideas, using less water in showers, less flushing, etc. etc. ….just anything that can help us prepare more for ourselves and our families!

              Gas here in Canada just went up 13 cents a LITRE overnight! Makes it over $6.00 a gal? Food prices exploding! Where will it all end??

              Scary what is going on in the Middle East!! What’s next?? Keep prepping everyone!!

          • 30-40% of the Libyan “rebels” are Al Qaeda militants who attacked the US in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the US government has the gall to claim ignorance of this planned attacked on the embassy?

            We either have the dumbest elected officials ever to draw breath, or they are so evil as to make the Nazis look like choir boys. I’ll go with choice #2.

            • YOu forgot the more likely option. The Democrat party was in on it.

            • Malcolm Reynolds, I would go a step farther to call it a Progressive agenda. That way we include all the responsible actors regardless of party.

          • GC very good and well said that is right, but they are making us hate our own country and spark hate here in our own backyards. sooner than later they are going to push us and they have an idea what will happen but the government always tries to time things of what will happen if we do this etc. but im afraid this time with civil war in america its too unpredictable what could happen and they know it. they better not hope for it, otherwise they wont know what can happen here.

          • I don’t agree with you often GC, but you are dead-on here.

          • Gods Creation,

            That’s the best comment I’ve read on this thread so far. Bravo, very well said.

          • @GC:
            Unfortunately, to the muslims, it IS islam vs Christians and islam vs Jews. When the muslims finish infiltrating and inundating every country on earth, establish a caliphate worldwide, and impose sharia law on you, you will see it absolutely IS muslims v Christians/Jews, and because you want to be free and safe, it will necessarily be Christians (and non Christians)/Jews v islam.

            • GOP, your name says more than I can about you.

              The only war here in America is the banksters and their corp. vs. the people of ALL religions.

          • I visited Libya several times during the Gaddafi era. The place described in the MSM does not in any way match my personal experience of the nation on the ground. As a single Christian female I could walk down any street, at any time of day or night and feel 100% safe. I’ve never felt that level of security living in the UK, when I visited what I considered to be nice parts of the US. Now it’s just yet another 3rd world hell hole.

            Libyans had a degree of self-determination, & no central bank that was seen as a threat to the Satanic Zionist NWO bankers.

            There is a very clever, very organised element of pure evil on planet Earth , out to cause chaos and suffering. They use lies, dishonesty, cowardice and deciet as their stock in trade to commit atrocities and manipulate our ignorance and predjudice against us to avoid detection. I call them Satanists, not “Muslims”, or “Jews” or even “Christians”. Evil is evil, and we need to call it out as such.

            With regards to this film maker, I wish people would wake up and realise tha every Jew is not a Zionist, & every Zionist is not a Jew. If you follow the money to get to the root of many atrocities and scams inflicted upon the global population today however you usually find Zionist NWO banker types at the bottom of the rabbit hole.

            Islam still upholds the Usery laws that the West have forgetten existed for damn good reason in most nations throughout history. For this reason alone they must be destabilised and their populations added to the sea of human misery that forms/will form the NWO plantation. I have real issues personally with many Islamic teachings, but find myself respecting their ethical approach to Usery (and therefore the Central fiat Banking system). Christians have fogotten why Christ went into the temple, and sadly the planned banking collapse means we are all reaping the results of our collective amnesia.

            Across the globe from Greece to Tunisia, your ordinary man wants the peace to honestly earn his living to support his family. He hopes to leave some of his honestly obtained wealth to his children when he passes. His wife wants to see her children grow up into healthy, educated adults, capable of forming happy contented family units themselves. Both want to be free to worship as they see fit.

            I will not be manipulated by the false propaganda of those who do not have my best interests at heart, but instead seek to drag me unknowingly into slavery and to corrupt my soul.

            Instead I’ll focus my energies this week into researching how to best store the “Khan Academy” maths videos for future generations post collaspe. This is an amazing free educational resource available on youtube. I want to try and preserve so my Grandkids will have access to a real education – the foundation of critical thinking.

            • Lone – you are right on the middle east. My very good friend was just in Turkey. She said her group of women had absolutely NO problems at all and felt safer there than the USA. And this is a woman of Latino descent.

              Islam forbids usury. There are a few countries who do not have a central zionist controlled bank – Iran and North Korea.

              Gadaffi wanted to sell oil and deal in the Dinar and the gold market for oil instead of the US dollar. That’s why they killed his ass.

              Nothing is going to change unless we end the federal reserve. And as much as I like Ron Paul his suggestion to tie the dollar to gold and silver is another failure. The same crooks who control the central bank control the gold and silver market. It’s all rigged game.

              Tie the nation’s monetary supply to labor. That’s what Hitler did. Love him or hate him, you can credit the Autobahn to him, debt free. Much of German’s infrastructure was because of him and his debt free currency. That’s why the bankers had to get rid of him, he was bad for business.

        • We will, someday, realize that brutal dictators and tyrants are required to keep a lid on this part of the world.
          Obviously they havn’t learned to play nice with the other kids. That’s fine, and understandable. These bufoons will NEVER advance until they stop using religion as a government function.
          Tell young men, who live in a scorching desert, they can’t drink or play with the opposite sex, what do you expect.
          We need an energy policy, and leave these folks to their own devices.

          • but that doesn’t fit into the zionists agenda…

          • Your correct we have plenty of energy here lets stop screwing around and get the hell out of there an let them kill themselfs so we dont have to

        • That is the exact response they were hoping for. For those into conspiracy theories (and some that have proved to be true) Hilter’s Reichstag burning was a false flag, designed to get the people riled up. Pearl Harbor was designed to get the American people behind USA’s entrance into WWII.

          What if this is designed to make America back Israel in the fight against Iran? I have been sickened by Obama’s response to Israel, as we have been their ally since the inception of their nation in the late 1940’s, but I also do not want to see America tied up in a war in the middle east. Looks like we may have no choice now….

          The timing is suspicious.

          • Is Israel really our ally? I think they have their own agenda and as soon as they are finished destroying Europe, they will try to take us down too. Personally, I don’t think they want us to win WW3. I think they want to kill everyone.

            • Sad Saq,

              What you say is preposterous and antagonistic. Dude, WHO is destroying europe? Floods of immigrating muslims are. Try to keep up.

            • Saq: look out your wheels have come of and your crazy train has jumped the tracks! Time to take your meds.

          • There’s always a choice….WE just don’t get to participate in making it.

        • The same parasites who have infested the governments of Europe, with the intent of allowing islam to decimate the White people of Europe, are doing the same thing to America. They are standing in the background, using islam as a weapon against the White race.

          • GOP4EVER…Go search for and Watch a youtube video(if its taken down at ytube, try at incogman web site he should have it)…A Video by Barbara Spector…She lives in sweden far as I recall…Her aprox 5 min video has her admiting and Bragging how all the imigrants Legit AND Illeagles is a 100% Zionist jew ops.

            And she is at some think tank or org thats causeing it. She said europe Must get at Least another 75Million invader imigrants whos NOT white flooding in, and her and her zionist jews refuse to back down!

            She even admits she Knows this is and will cause worse antisemitisim at jews but she don’t care! Says it is well worth it!….At least she admits jews persecutions are usually due to Their nation wreacking crap.

            She admits on video how europeans MUST forget any further out dated notions of ever again to have a white majority in their OWN nations!

            Perhaps it is You who needs to Try and “Keep Up”Eh?

            This is probobly a waste of time as you I doubt will view that video and accept real facts. Perhaps Others reading here may enlighten themselves though!

            Good to Know our Enemys or elsewsie how can we ever expect any win…God gave us Two eyes and Two ears, but it Is up to us to Use em!

            • Ms. Spector is another stupid Zionist shill working for the enemy. What hypocrites Israelis like her are. She’s either a Zionist or a stupid Shabbos Goy who’s a Zionist bootlicker. I wonder if she gets to hide out in the underground bunker when things fall apart.

              Just recently Israel booted out all it’s newly arrived African immigrants. But these same Jews will scream and kvetch forever if we did the same thing to our illegal aliens here. They are total hypocrites. None for me and all for thee.

              If we were to deport all illegals (and yes it can be done, Eisenhower did in 1959, Operation Wetback) we can certainly do it now.

        • Muslims will be sacrificing millions more soon enough. Keep prepping.

          • What is NOW transpiring before your eyes is not a “simple” news “item”. The overall ramifications and “excuses” that will emerge are harbingers of the REALITY that is now on the “launch pad”. What happened in Libya would qualify as a reason to “declare war” under almost any other circumstance. (Except for the fact Obama already did so with congressional support…so “whats-up Mr. Prez?)

            THE FACT that this is not the case…bad omen. Larger, more destructive, and ominous “plans” have been “exposed” by the “official gooberment inaction”. Strap-in and prep-up. The first “act” of the coming attraction is now history. The next “act” will “wake the deepest sleepers”. Pain/loss/inconvenience is a universal stimulant.

            • “without” congressional support. No dictator needs authorization from the non-representatives.

            • Yental
              Another 9/11 would probably suit their purpose. Something big on homeground would give the gov the excuse they need to go to war and enforce more control over the population.

        • f that stupid ambassador and any american that is there,they have no right to be there, natural selection at its finest

      2. Olive skin does NOT make good kin

        • Wkaey, wakey people! This is by DESIGN to keep us at odds with each other. The-powers-that-were WANT us to start war because that’s all they know!!!! THEY will be the winners!

        • Fuck that blind racist bullshit.

          There are literally millions of Muslim folk with blonde hair and blue eyes. Care to explain that? Oh, wait – you can’t.

          When you manage to see past the propaganda and BS that gets pushed on some rather subtle levels, you might have a clue as to what’s going on.

          By the way… Congrats – you got suckered into participating! How does it feel to be such an easily manipulated sheep?

          • OQ….RIGHT ON THE MONEY! It’s a game and more so-called ‘patriots’ just got suckered into it!! OQ, you are awake, my friend! History repeating again.

          • No, there aren’t millions of Muslims with blonde hair and blue eyes. Just take a look at the Muslim world: it’s almost all dark skinned peoples.

            • What a bunch of suckers. Now you’re calling out Islamists and ‘brown-skinned people’….you all fell for it again. Like OQ, Ranger, and a few others said above, you haven’t learned anything.

              I find it ironic that some you so-called preppers and patriots come to this site but haven’t figured out WHY there is the need to prep or be patriotic…let alone what that term actually means.

              Wake the hell up! The puppet masterz got you by the balls!! Bunch o’ sheep.

            • Rather funny hoiw we were just talking about things like northwoods eh?

            • @Barn Cat:

              Doesn’t matter – my point stands – the religion knows no skin color, so stop using melanin content as an excuse.

              By the way…

              What color was Jesus’ skin? I’ll give you a hint: He lived in the same region.

        • eppe, that’s non-sense. People have been conditioned and manipulated into thinking that Muslims are the Bogeyman. Muslims are being used a red herring to further a much bigger anti-American agenda, to further erode the US Constitution and deprive Americans of their civil rights. Progressives gutted our economy over the past century, and now they want our freedoms as well.

          Over my dead body.

          • Nor can the Plundering of Infidels be in that sacred Book [the Quran] forbidden, since it is well known from it, that God has given the World, and all that it contains, to his faithful Mussulmen, who are to enjoy it of Right as fast as they conquer it.
            Ben Franklin-

          • This book is a long conference of God, the angels, and Mahomet, which that false prophet very grossly invented; sometimes he introduceth God, who speaketh to him, and teacheth him his law, then an angel, among the prophets, and frequently maketh God to speak in the plural. … Thou wilt wonder that such absurdities have infected the best part of the world, and wilt avouch, that the knowledge of what is contained in this book, will render that law contemptible …
            John Adams-

          • I gree with you that progressives are seizing our rights at a rapid rate.
            But, I don’t believe Islam is compatible with western civilization.

            • Slick, no argument from me. I am no fan of Islam, and I will never under any condition accept Sharia law in American culture. I just want to keep the focus of blame trained on the puppet masters and not the puppets. Cheers.

          • Strange how klinger can say that, and it is funny. Add one word and create a storm. Do you realize what sarcasm is?

            • I didn’t see the episode where Klinger made that quote so I missed the sarcasm.

          • we are at war with Eurasia we were never at war with east asia – this is 1984

            1st it was muslims cuz of 911
            then shifted to white Christian Vets
            now back to muslims again

            the propganda is deep the agenda is forward

      3. they really need to get over themselfs..this to me just shows and proves weakness

      4. I got all this malaise. What year is it?

        • in the Muslim world – it’s the year 1433

      5. i agree with Anonymous,,, let God sort them out

      6. When you have a good person willing to do bad things based on faith, thats when you have religion. -Unknown

      7. $86 million worth of noisy and disruptive construction, the West Wing at the White House is coming to an end..And the funny thing is..once the barriers were taken down it didnt look any different than what it did before the barriers were put up

        so why is that?

        because all that money was spent underground

        • They were repairing the sewer.

          • Rick:): You sound like an expert on sewers. Rumor has it you were one of the best scuba divers for Roto-Ruter years back. I’m looking for a fellow who’s not affraid of a crappy work. I’ll pay top dollar.

      8. This was a coordinated attack. Drudge has a headline linking a reuters article about how they were able to get the ambassador out and to a safe house. The “mob” as they want to call it in DC knew about the secret safe house and got him there. Now the fools in DC are sending a measley 50 Marines to secure the A.O. Sound a little like what jimmy carter did???? The fool that is occupying the white house and his group of leftist crackheads created this libyan/egyptian problem by assisting the brotherhood in taking control. Now they are doing the same thing in syria.

        I watched the trailer to the movie. Very low budget, but pretty close to the truth.
        Yall get ready, it will be coming to a town/city near you. Hopefully, Patriots wont tolerate it. I wont.

        • I was in middle school when Jimmy Carter showed weakness to the world of islam and it appears they have chipped away at us right up to 911. This is a perfect time to show those assholes what happens when you f*ck with the USA. I doubt that is going to happen. Maybe we should elect Putin for pres. If we are going to have a communist in the white house at least we could have a badass who would kick the shit out of those child minded idiots.

        • Bulldog,

          Well said and spot on.

      9. I am sorry, but I think this is an act of war against the US. Screw them, we need to get our butts in there and beat the ever loving crap outta those ragheads. but instead, we will apologize and tell them we are sorry that someone made a movie. It is time to once and for all show our power.

        • rusty , have you seen the price of bombs? why not just fly over and spray bacon bits (store brand)not only will it really piss’em off but it could take a hundred years to pick all of them up out of the sand

          • and don’t tell em the bacon bits are imitation GMO’s .LOL

          • We have plenty of dumb bombs that need to be used up. Before they become a danger in their storage. Time to clean house in the ammo dumps too.

        • Too late, the idiot in the white house already apologized for “inciting” them.

        • Rusty,
          It is possible that since obama and his cronies know that his reelection hopes are not the brightest, maybe we need a false flag type event to galvanize the american people into supporting a war of distraction? Is is possible that the movie that has the muslims so riled up was maybe commissioned by an alphabet soup agency and intended to get the responses we saw yesterday? I mean, how dare those people bite the hand that helped them depose their leaders (or at least thats the mindset they hoped we would have). Is is possible that a war in the middle east would be what TPTB might need to impose more control over our lives in the name of security and national prosperity? I obviously have no proof other than what has happened to us in our recent history but you’ll have to forgive me if i’m a bit cynical and skeptical about anything i see on the news.

        • You just don’t get it yet, do you Rusty??
          Does any semblance of false flag ring a bell?
          Played by the fraud, TPTb, this administration, and Hillary??

        • We’ve been “showing our power” to other countries for more years than I can remember, why do we have to prove ourselves…again, in another set-up situation?

      10. When you have a good reason to do bad, but do good instead, even when no one is watching or you get no benefit, then you have the fruit of The Spirit. This is grace, thru faith, it is not of yourself, least any man should boast.

        What would you rather be, a Christian living in a Muslim country like Iran, or a Muslim living in America?

        • I’d rather be free of organized religion and statism. Just want my home in the hills with a family who loves me (my gun and a cold beer on a big shaded porch too). Why cant we all mind our own business, what happens overseas is overseas, concentrate on the issues in your own back yard, and you won’t have to make shitty analogies about places you’ll never see, and people you’ll never meet.

          • @PETEROPOLIS, so how is “organized religion” kepping you from being free?

            • Its a large part of government, they go hand in hand. Did you wake up yet??

            • applicable, it is not organized religion that causes problem. It is the abuse of organized religion for political purposes that causes the problems.

              peteropolis would have no issues living next door to the Amish. They are 100% religious, and 0% political.

          • And spend all that ‘war money’ securing oil and natural rights in other countries on alternative energy efforts here?
            Why didn’t we think of that…decades ago??

      11. I agree with the last sentence about a third party involvement. “THey” tried it here, we all recall the Trayvon Martin case. But here in American, we’re all too lazy to really riot!

        • YDNTK: Most smart people don’t crap in their own backyard!

          • Rioting is inner city.Revolution is countrywide.

      12. We need a boogie man to keep funding TPTB. Take away the boogie man and we will save money.

      13. maybe we should visit their embassy? maybe we should start burning flags!I found a nice web site selling international flags, maybe its time to have a little flag burning ceremony. Maybe we should stop sending those nasty bastards the billions of dollars they get from us.

      14. Don’t worry Obama has re read hillarys apology we should be just fine now, bamer don’t gots no time for international problems he’s hot on the campaign trail you know!

      15. Look Mummy, There’s An Drone Up In The Sky… Goodbye Blue Sky

        • Nice Pink Floyd reference. We need to tell them “good bye, good bye, good bye” to all of our money. Stop the financial support of those who wish to do Americans harm, most of the Middle East needs to be cut off from the tete of the American taxpayer. Egypt and Pakistan especially. I think that we should demand that Egypt and Pakistan return all the equipment that was supplied by the US or bought with money from the US.

      16. They burn our flag in Egupt. They kill our ambassador in Lybya. Obama doesn’t have time to meet with Primeminister Netanyahu when the middle east is on the verge of a war. Who is running the White House, Obama or the brotherhood?

        • LC,
          They are one and the same

      17. I suggest the U. S. Army should help them with that sacrifice. In fact, a few well-placed warheads will easily achieve their noble, selfless goals.

        • I think it would be more comical to see them spin out on their own stupidity

          why waste any more of our energy over it is this seems like a set up anyhow..

          people hate to be I say lets ignore this and see how pissed and who gets pissed about it being ignored

          that will vet out the reality

          • I say : No more money. No more food. No more immigration. They should stay right were they are. I think in a few months they will be so damn hungry and broke they won’t have time to F us up and down , if they’re scrambling to find something to eat in all. that. sand. (sam kinneson was sooo right). I can’t understand why as a country we would give one red cent to anyone who wants to kill us while shoveling handfuls of “from your friends in the USA rice” into their hate – spewing, women – beating mouths.

          • I say : No more money. No more food. No more immigration. They should stay right were they are. Maybe in a few months they will be so damn hungry and broke they won’t have time to F us up and down , if they’re scrambling to find something to eat in all. that. sand. (sam kinneson was sooo right). I can’t understand why as a country we would give one red cent to anyone who wants to kill us while shoveling handfuls of “from your friends in the USA rice” into their hate – spewing, women – beating mouths. And while I’m on a rant: What the HELL is the matter with the women over there? Seems to me there are more of the female variety than the male, as the males have a penchant for blowing crap up and shooting each other. A few ladies in each household with a bat or a frying pan could quite handly shut some of their oppressors up. Permanently. You would think as a mother they would grow a pair to save their kids, God knows the men are cowards and sneaks. Then maybe some sense would prevail. If not, then they should starve right along with their “holy” husbands. grr.

            • After years of intervention, an ambassador questioned Muslim women why they still walk 15 feet behind their husbands….
              “Land mines” said one.

            • The American taxpayer money sent to Islamic countries was to keep the radicals reeled in. ie; Saddam,Mohamar Gaddafi, Mubarak took most of that money and created their own little luxury kingdoms while their military got some of the leftovers to keep the radicals in line. The populations of those countries saw very little if any.

              When TPTB decided those leaders were no longer needed for their constraining of radicals; they were replaced with the Muslim Brotherhood. Now those American dollars go directly into the “Brotherhood’s” War Machine coffers.

              How do you think all these gangs of screaming Islamic idiots buy all those weapons and ammo on less than $200.00 a year income. They aren’t making it by selling “sand bricks” or pimping out goats. They are supplied by their Brotherhood War Machine.

            • Having your clit cut off or your throat slit to lie bleeding to death like a slaughtered goat is a pretty good deterrent against rising up against the males.

              I know it sounds sick, but that is the mentality of the majority of muslims. If the woman of the house gets out of line and the husband doesn’t torture her and the word gets out; the other men will kill him and torture her themselves. It is a sick and miserable way of life for those women. That is why the educated women get the hell out if they can.

            • Jen10,
              Agreed! The women in these ME countries need to defend themselves. Those men LOVE their tea so why not mix them up a little STFU permanently tea???

        • If I were President, there’d be a giant crater where libya used to be. I’ll bet that would calm things down a bit over there.

          We cannot tolerate this nonsense anymore. Time to take quick & final revenge.

          • Ohhh, but slicky boy might lose his peace prize that he never earned. Bummer.

          • You just played into the Powers that Be ‘warmongering’ hands.
            Congratulations, Mr. B.

          • If YOU were the president, all this may not have happened…during campaign mode, right before elections, when poll numbers kinda suck, the economy is in the toilet, unemployment numbers don’t fall…you get the drift.

      18. Regardless of what this is, we should get ready for this to be common and not just on foreign soil. We’ve opened the doors and escorted in trouble by rug prayin-millions. Chris Stevens lifeless body should be seared in our hearts.

      19. Alot of folks on here getting onboard with the “lets nuke them bastards” talk. Dont think for a second that TPTB were not aware that this was being planned to some degree and did nothing. This is right up their alley.
        IMHO, we should kick the shit out of the libyans for allowing this, if not coordinating it. But even better, after that, let’s do what the Ron said and get the hell out of the middle east. Quit giving the bastards our money and let them wallow in their own filth. I bet we still give egypt their billion dollars of debt forgiveness. We dont need their oil, we have plenty, we dont need anything they have. Let them all kill each other.
        Oh yeah and Muhammad was a homo, child molester, etc. I am not going into hiding. 🙂

        • Can’t we move in, nuke em and then get out leaving them to wallow in their filth?

          Until we begin drilling here we do need their oil. Time to have a frank & earnest discussion with our enviro-wackos. Or we can just tell them to jump in a lake, we are drilling anyway, which is my preference.

          • Mr. B.,
            Agreed on the tell the enviro tree hugging wack jobs to jump in the lake. I prefer tell them to jump in the radioactive pacific.

            We will never change the views that islam has against us. Their “book” says to hack at our necks. it also says they are allowed even encouraged to lie to us to further their cause (sharia). I have spent a total of 23 months in various shitholes in the middle east and honestly, I have not met one “good” muslim. They hate us.
            I say yank all visas and send them packing. It would create jobs for Americans in the medical field and give us opportunities to open alot of gas stations.

            • And cheap, filthy motels.

            • Enviromental suicide pact. In America, you can get an abortion on demand. But I can’t get a building permit because a tree needs to be cut down. Shit you not. Tree, sacred, unborn human- kill it,on demand.
              We need to fix this.
              We’re killing ourselves, but the air is clean.

      20. WHY ARE WE still GIVING egypt billions in aid to purchase german submarines ?

        • Maybe because Germany just gave 4 Nuke capable subs and promiced Two more subs, which germanys paying for at least 75% costs, to…ISREAL!!

          Now soon instead of just a samson option that many top honchos in telaviv said is Every nuke isreal has((at least 300+ nukes) is pointed at every major city of europe. That isreal Will use if they do not get what they want.

          Now with 1/2 dozen nuke powered and Nuke armed subs the zios can threaten to nuke Us here along with canada etc.

          PS Any folks here aware that Isreal has NOT never signed onto the nuke treatys at UN which usa and others has done?

          Thats reason zero nuke inspectors get to check isreals nukes. They do allow a few to visit facilities. Then brag how they build false walls to Hide the real operations etc!

          Thats Par for the course I rekon when you’re dealing with a war mongering nation whos Mosad state motto is…

          “Thru Deception we shall cause WAR!”

          Alot diferent than say…”In God We Trust”…No?

          PSS: how many here know that Yes IRAN Did agree to that worldwide nuke plant treaty etc…Iran Did…Isreal Did NOT!….Whos the sneeky bad guys?

          Oh as to all the cash we send to other nations? Yes we should halt every dime to EVERY country includeing isreal.

          But go look at Who sits on most Every Chairmens seat of us senate that deals with “Homland security” Foriegn aide etc etc etc etc…..Try names such as Joey Liberman! Diane FineSTIEN!…Babs Boxer!….Chucki Schumer!

          Them folks Aint arabs or muslims folks!

          • And one more question: Isn’t it strange how Senator Joe Liebierman rants on wanting to hang Julian Ausange for his “wiki-leeks”,,,,,yet when asked “what of the NY Times newspaper Joe?” Is he charging NY Times for Publishing all the leeks?

            No! Joey said “Thats a little more Complicated to deal with!”

            Could that be so complicated because Liebierman hangs out with the Shulbergers fanily that Owns the NY times? And they are sinagog pals?…Or due to Talmude forbids any jews ratting out another jew?…Regarless What was done wrong!

            Asuange posts it all Online = treason!

            NY Times Publishes it in newspapers for world to see and its?…..ZERO Crimes!…Hmmm….Joe Liebermans main daily question to ponder on Every issue or agenda is…”Is it Good for jews or isreal?”…If Yes?…Do IT! If No?….Do Not consider it ever!

            How about “Is it Good for AMERICA?”

      21. there will be no war…..war in the middle east will raise gas prices and obama will not get re elected…….after elections….all bets are off

      22. Animals. This “movie” had nothing to do with their behavior. They are just looking for an excuse to kill Westerners & non muslims.

        America & Europe had better wake up. They have absolutely infiltrated our nations – they are EVERYWHERE. I can’t even go to the park in our local small/mid sized city without seeing them walking around in their burkas. Mosques are popping up all over the place.

        When called to action, they will mobilize all over the world like the robots in “I Robot”.

        Forget political correctness. Call a spade a spade. We are allowed to say whatever we want about their religion. They would put us to DEATH for our religious beliefs!

        Somewhere down in Georgia a peanut farmer is grinning from ear to ear and he’s doing a jig. He’s just been replaced as the Worst President Ever. What a moron we have in the White House.

        • Mr B.
          I don’t disagree for a second about their (muslims) double standard and hypocracy when it comes to criticising other religions. I’m just afraid that the “lets kick thier asses” sentiment is going to lead us into another war where more of our men and women get cut up and the greedy bastards that send them are licking their chops thinking of the financial gain they are about to make off of more American blood being spilled. I find what was done just as deplorable as you do sir, but lets take a step back for a moment and see who benefits from another conflict. These are dangerous times we live in to have knee-jerk reactions.

          • We don’t need a war. We need about 50 jets with well placed war heads. That would end the conflict once & for all.

            We’d never do it though, America has no spine anymore.

            What would you propose we do? Ignore them – nope, wouldn’t work. Pull totally out of the middle east – nope, wouldn’t work either.

            Sadly, there is but one solution to the muslim problem and if we were smart, it wouldn’t take but a day to complete it.

        • im from the midwest and work in the east coast. I try and say hi and smile to everyone and the muslims are more racist and wont even say hi back or even grin back in any way a lot of times. I wonder why that is. most blacks will be pissed but if you say hi to them they then are nice to you. they are suprised by that in a good way. but many muslims are no negative and when you said they will mobilize like I robot made me think for a sec you may be right to a point. I dont get them. too many religions in america is going to be our downfall. had a kid at subway in pittsburgh tell me that he hates america because in ukraine everyone is ukraine and in russia people are russian etc. he said here its a melting pot and hate it here, just made me think about our country.

      23. Israeli behind the film hmmm… Israel will do any and every thing to get America to fight their wars. Sad thing is, most people are still falling for it.

        • etg83says:

          Stupid assclown! We are Israel’s ally – we are SUPPOSED to help them fight, and even moreso when it is for their survival and preservation.

          • No Israel is not an ally of America! It is a parasite that is killing it. America benefits in no way from it’s relationship with Israel. Other than take billions of dollars and create wars. You are either a troll or you’re as dumb as your last post. Stop being a useful idiot! They need those to survive.

      24. The David Lynch version of Dune springs unbidden to my mind…

        Anyway.. yeah we actually DO need thir oil, and therein lies the problem. I think if we’d thrown half as many $ at Thorium based nuclear power as we have at military pacification, we’d no longer be caring what happened over there.

        Well, no time like the present to start. Oh right we can’t, it would put the oil industry lobbyists out of business. Hey guys, why don’t YOU start working on Thorium plants then? Businesses adapt and you’re jeapordizing the stability and economy of your #1 customer. Not smart.

        As for the riots, I can’t name a single other group on this planet that gets so impossibly, incredibly, childishly, angstily butt-hurt when someone talks smack about their leader or head of their religion. Oh yeah, North Korea does I forgot. Keeping some good company, guys.

        • TheGuy,
          I have to respectfully disagree on the nuke power. Nuke Power always ends the same way. With radioactive tuna. If the epa/leftists would allow us to drill for and oil in the hundreds of formations that we have discovered recently, oil would be at about 40/barrel and our fuel prices would be at an acceptable price. Dont believe it? look at what happened when they found the Hayneville Shale in Louisiana and the other formations in Colorado and Penn/Ohio. When they started drilling in Louisiana, natural gas was at 9.00 mcf, now it is steady at 2.00/3.00 mcf. They need to allow us to drill for oil. We have more oil in the US than Russia and Saudi. Saudi has been inflating the actual amount they have to be able to manipulate the prices and maintain control.

          • Lets MINE and BURN the shit out of U.S. oil, coal and natuaral gas. The money and jobs stay here. Needs to be spent anyhow. And we can let those asshats rot. Common sense. somebody tell me why I’m wrong.

          • No I know… the Fukushima thing really woke me up on that one.

            Then again that was Plutonium / Uranium based.

            Thorium reactors cannot melt down. It’s not an issue of design, it’s just that they can’t. By physics. The nature of Thorium itself. Of course this means their output is lower, you have to throw more energy into keeping them running, but you could simply turn off all the coolant and it would just stop and fizzle down slowly.

            That and the waste product can be re-processed and when you finally can’t anymore, it only remains radioactive for 50-100 years, making the storage… not easy but at least feasible.

            There’s something they could never figure out in the cooling system. Or heat transport system, or something… it was a support system, not the main reactor. Something about corrosion rates. I think but don’t quote me that they were using molten salt or something. Somewhere in there. Meh I don’t remember. But I mean they use molten salt as a transport mechanism in some solar plants now so what’s the problem guys?

            There is as much Thorium on earth as there is sand, for another thing…

            And they never took it beyond proof of concept. Know why? You can’t weaponize the stuff. Yes, that’s literally why they DIDN’T develop it further.

            Insane, yes?

          • I sometimes wonder if they don’t let us drill because they want us to be “last man standing” when Russia and Saudi start to deplete…

            • TheGuy,
              Thanks for the class on Thorium. I can be considered a Thorium idiot. I know more about it now than I did before today. I agree on the idea that they want us to hold our oil until the rest use thiers up, but if there was a time to drill, this would be it. The place that I live in has 4% unemployment. Translated, the 4% dont want to work. We have oil and gas jobs everywhere. Just about every store in the area has a help wanted sign.

          • I’m not saying it’s TOTALLY without risk. I mean in theory you could blow up the Thorium reactor and spread radioactive debris all over the place, you could turn into a society similar to the one depicted in Idiocracy and fail to vault the waste properly (that one actually scares me a lot what with the state of our education system)… etc etc…

            But if you were to compare it to a fire… a plutonium / uranium reactor is like starting a massive forest fire and then trying to contain it, whereas a thorium reactor is like starting a fire that kinda wants to burn as long as you keep feeding it but the fuel’s kinda damp and won’t burn without your help.

            Hence lower energy output.

            It may be a case where the cost per “unit of electricity” is presently not competitive with other fuel sources such as petroleum, but you have to stop externalizing the costs and take everything into account.

            For instance, all the military spending in the middle east and elsewhere is part of the cost of using oil. That goes away with Thorium.

            Besides, who cares how efficient the reaction is if you have a 100,000 year supply of the stuff?

            • If this doesn’t upset you, nothing will.

              As of this year, we are helping China develop Thorium reactors based on one of our designs from 1964.

              Imagine my surprise.

              They have a ton of Thorium.

              And a ton of our Treasuries.

              And only one of these things will they need once those reactors are deployed. Guess which one they won’t need?


        • Yes, my comment @ 8:15 I believe totally supports this.

          • that’s for the guy..sorry.

      25. Take his picture off please

        • No we must all see this. Stop with the softy feelings. Get mad Dam it Get Mad.

      26. The incidents in Egypt and Libya are most probably false flag events. I can think of several possible and probably multiple motives:

        Commemorate the day by events that will be widely reported for many days, renewing the terror of the global corporate/banker elite against the people of the US and indeed of the whole world.

        Make Obama look weak and give Romney a very easy lob into center court so he can spike it over the net. This clinches it for me. THEY want Obama out and Romney in.

        Possibly, get rid of an ambassador and some embassy staff that maybe knew too much about what really happened in the Arab spring and is going on now in their station countries and in Syria.

        Renew the A Q terror meme in the public mind leading up to the coming wars with Syria and / or Iran, handily reinforcing the increasingly hard to market idea that A Q is the organizational nexus of indigenous yet multinational Islamist extremist violence.

        Distract from the recent news about plans to divvy up Afghanistan among warlord factions including the Taliban as soon as they sign on the dotted line to allow multinational corporations to rape their land of its mineral wealth. This will free up NATO troops for Syria and Iran and probably Pakistan.

        I’m sure I haven’t exhausted the possibilities. Some other readers can will likely come up with more possible motives.

      27. “What goes Around ZOG AmeriKa … Comes around ZOG AmeriKa !!!”

        Sucks when the Defenseless Enslaved Brown People of the World FIGHT-BACK doesn’t it ZOG AmeriKa !!!


        ;0) Bwaaahahaha

        YOUR ALL PROPERLY PUCKED and too Fluoridated to see it !!!






          • Moscow and Beijing are already here you Very Ignorant AmeriKan Fool . Each state of ameriKa is building Free Commie Trade Zones – Chinese national territories in AmeriKa , China and Russia have bought AmeriKan Patents and Industries for Pennies on the worthless dollar … dummy . Plus each state also already has U.N. International Territories Heritage Parks millions of AmeriKa once public owned national parks forest prairie acres GONE … established thanks to the Clintons .

            Your ALL .50 Cents short and a day late as usual !!!

            Your ALL PROPERLY PUCKED by your very own Traitor Fed Government and State Governments !!!

            Don’t hate the Messenger … HATE YOURSELVES for being so blindly trusting , mentally lazy and ignorant !!!

            Ya’ Lead Aluminum Fluoridated Mercury poisoned AmeriKan Zombie Morons .


        • How is the leg. Keep it up and I will come out of retirement just for you. I was proud that a few took up where I left off.

          You truly are getting boring and I hope we are starting to get mad. We are the strongest on the block it is time for us to just put a stop to all this BS. Go in and kick their ass back to the dark ages. Show no mercy no political correctness.

          Every round full of Pig grease and every bomb with a ham. When they give up dont accept it and bomb some more. Let them know we are tired of their shit.

          And yes keep the oil.

          • Facebook page ghost…But Isreal dont got no oil to keep!

            I agree though how the Tamlude has SO many if not way More verses against all gentiles/goyims!
            In Fact I’d bet Mr Blutarsky can post alot of the evil talmud since he so obviously pro isreal/jews can do zero wrong ever eh.

            Try this from the talmude…Yes it is perfectly ok to kill goys(gentiles=all non jews) and you should kill even the best and brightest of goyim so the remaining wont have leadership.

            For fanatical spell checkers or who find a small error or misplaced comma etc…The talmude quote is from memory and may not be exact. BUT it is as close as can get to exactly what it states about non jew goyims.

            Theres alot More , way too many anti-gentile talmudic verses. Far too many to include here so all of youse can do your own homework when decideing who americas real enemys really are.

            HINT! Perhaps it Is posible that BOTH Islam AND Talmude Jewdaisim are our TWO main Mortal enemys.

            Although good luck convinceing a few here whos minds made up so dont confuse em with real facts. They FEAR facts and fact based Truth.

            Thats what happens when all they spew is from MSM like Fox tv or hannity et al….Or AP or “DEBKA” or RUTERS!

            Go see who owns them esteemed news servises that provide 100%(ap & ruters) news worldwide. They should change it from “Newstv” and “Newspapers” to Jewstv and Jewspapers.

            And them who believe all in mideast are “Olive skin”..Go to Youtube videos and watch one called “PERSIAN NITES”

            Go see how many Whites and BLUE or GREEN eyed absolutly the most Georgous beautifull women reside in Iran!

            Most are at minimum qualified for next centerfold of playboy in every way posible. They also has alot of Christians in iran and sirya.

            Oh wait! I rekon rabid muslim haters such as blutarsky et al dont care how many innocent christians gets killed by usa/nato eh.

            Yeah keep useing DEPLEATED Uranimum bullets etc and besides Thousands of babies born horibly deformed in iraq TODAY…AND hundreds of USA militarys babies same thing…Perhaps if blutarsky can replace obammy we can see entire world glow in dark and become so deformed a chimp will look more apealing!

            But his jew pals will sure love him for it right.

            • For Angelo…
              What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy? ….Gandhi


            You wouldn’t last 1 minute with me … I’d cut-out eat your heart while it’s still beating . Ya lil’ ignorant jackal scavenger – eater of others pissed on diseased left over carrion .

            Your nothing but a diseased lice tick infested scavenger Amongst Predators Here at SHTFPLAN .


            • I still have that room revted so we can have a private talk. I am sure I would learn so much. What time should I pick you up.


          tick-tock tick-tock

          US DEBT CLOCK

          $ 16,027,749,000,000.00

          … An they don’t know how to fix it !!!


            • COWARD.

            • Sniffing up your own ass again. Now Coco save some for the rest.

            • @Ms. Daisy … tsk tsk tsk

        • You’re foaming at the mouth again.

          • @MR … really … maybe you should look else where for REAL Global Truthful On Scene Live Alt News Source other than CIA ZOG Jooo controlled Media HollyJoooWood FOXCNNABCCBSNBC !!!

            Just keep drinking the CIA ZOG Jooo MK-Ultra Flouridated Cool-Aid Everyone … nothing to see here … All is Well … move along !!!

            And thats not Foam … thats Cream on my lips … cause I can and do choose to Drink daily from the very Breast’s of Ladies Liberty Justice and Truth !!!

            ;0P jealous


            • How do you keep track of all your misspelling. If you put this much effort into helping this country you would solve probably everything. Good Coco Now Sit.

        • You got the crackhead part right Coon boy!

      28. There’s a storm comin’.

      29. I wouldn’t put it past some of the more radical republican politicians to have released this for the sole purpose of destroying any possible chance of having Obama re-elected. Note that I say radical and not all or even most.
        If Obama declares war, Americans will be pissed. We will fall further into debt and will likely be WW3 the way things are going.
        If he doesn’t take any action after the murder of U.S. citizens and rioting on U.S. soil, he and the U.S. will be seen as weak. That can not happen for us to survive.

        This single event just cost him the election. Sucks for democrats.

        • It only takes one rotten apple in the barrel to spoil the whole lot.

          It’s truly sickening to see just how little regard for human life the instigators of these events have, and just how truly stupid the mob mentality is.

          From a preppers perspective this show demonstrate to us all once again the danger of the mob once roused, be it for a Black Friday Sale, or the insanity of the fundamentalists.

        • David, you’re a bloviating a$$clown Libtard!

      30. Just drop several big roach motels not bombs.. they will all enter!!

        problem solved.

        • Well I wondered how long it would take…

          • That was for David

      31. At the end of the day, despite the conspiracy/black flag/whatever talk we may say here in the comments — I look at that photo and I’m saddened for this man’s family. Don’t know a thing about him, but he did not deserve to die that way. And his family does not deserve to see it played out over and over and over for political pundits fodder.

        Something wicked this way comes. I’m trying to prep harder, faster, better…

        • Amen.

          • Maybe this is the picture of the first Murder we need. His picture sickens me. But under that coming to the surface is fury. Boiling fury. I hope I am not the only one. I do hope that what ever god he prayed to took him quickly. I hope his family stand up so fucking mad they hear them in Mecca. And it should be the whaling of a storm a coming in the form of (Insert Weapon of choice).

        • I totally agree.

        • Yesterday, all of a sudden while driving home, I felt impressed to start prepping in earnest. Start buying those things that I have been meaning to buy and haven’t. If that means I don’t pay my bills, I’m already there anyway.

          I think a lot of you are feeling the same way. The urgency just went up quite a few notches.

      32. In my experience most Muslims are peace loving people striving for a better life. There is, however, a radical minority in Islam that has corrupted their faith and continues to be a danger to all peace loving people in the world.

        We fail when we paint an entire group of people based on the actions a few; this is true for any religion, ethnicity or political party.

        I pray that we can somehow reverse the course of this trend in the world and in America. I fear that this will not be the case and many will suffer greatly as a result.

        A nuclear attack on any country would have consequences that none of us can fathom. My fear is that plans for an attack on America or Israel are already in place and only waiting for the device or the opportunity.

        • Anyone who is muslim worships Allah and follows the quran. It clearly instructs them to kill the infidels (i.e. non-muslims).

          Sorry, there’s no such thing as a peace loving muslim. Not as long as their good book tells them to kill us.

          Look at what they do their own women! Look at what they do to homosexuals! Not a peaceful religion by any stretch of the imagination.

          • Mr. B, I totally disagree with all your statement.
            I’m no expert on this ethnic group, Muslims, and Islam is not a religion, it is a political stance from my understanding of the experts here.
            All Muslims are not Islamic; just as all Christians are not Catholic.

            • Agreed jayjay, Islam is a totalitarian political system hidden behind a religious facade with one goal – world domination and the eradication or enslavement of all that do not conform. Similar to the goals of the Nazi’s.

        • GW,
          Have you studied Islam?
          You need to…
          Mooslims live under two ‘houses’;
          The House of Peace, (Islam countries)
          The House of War (Infidel countries)…

          They are ‘allowed’ to give forth the impression that they are ‘passive’ and to go along to get along while in the House of War.
          But, they had better, repeat, had better, cooperate with the Jihad, as agents, spies, helpers, funders, whatever, because they are considered COWARDS and APOSTATE if they do not help…

          I know some Mooslim people too… but, you never do ‘know them’… they keep all non Mooslims at arms length. You can never penetrate their shields. You always know there is something a little ‘off’ about them.

          You can fall for the PC crap if you want, but they do not worship the same God I do. They worship something dark. They allow rape, child molestation, beating of women,lying,stealing, whatever it takes to support the Jihad. They push for Mosques and Sharia everywhere they go. This is the passive approach, the “death by a 1000 cuts”. When they reach a high percentage of people in any area, they push harder and harder… watch, learn. Does Michigan give you clue? And next… Tennessee…?

          But whether they are murderers or spies, the result is the same, their religion is anti Western, and that is their ultimate goal… to put you under the knife. If you support them, you will simply be killed LAST.

        • Your post is reasonable, and I don’t mean this as an attack. Really.

          The Muslims you know fled Islamic theocracies. They are not typical of the population they left behind.

          The Muslims you know live in a country where they are the minority.

          Not all Muslims are jihadist. Only the most faithful Muslims are jihadist. The violent “extremists” are the most faithful adherents of the Islamic religion.

          Terrorists to not follow a warped interpretation of Islam, they are the “fundamentalists”.

          We (the West) have been at war with Islam since the Middle Ages. The US has been at war with Islam since Jefferson was president. “From the halls of Mentezuma to the shores of TRIPOLI.” Our early Marines were fighting Muslim pirates off the coast of Africa. This has NOTHING to do with Isreal.

          Islam is a religion, loosely based on the Old and New Testaments in its beginning. However, when the Jews and Christians of his day rejected Mohammed as a true profit he turned on both religions and directed his followers to conquer or kill them. That is why the early writings of the Koran were sympathetic to the “people of the book” and later became more violent.

          The Koran directs that anyone who questions Islam, or leaves islam, should be killed. This is one reason Islamic culture is underdeveloped. Church and State are ideally the same in Islam. Neither the religion, nor laws based on the religion, can be questioned without risking execution. This does not allow society to evolve.

          Not all Germans were Nazis. However, when the German people allowed the Nazis to dominate their country they were tied to the fate of the Nazis. The bombs we dropped on Germany did not distinguish between fanatical Nazis, sympathizers, and non-Nazis. The radical Islamists could not exist without the support of large portions of the general population of the areas in which they live.

          We all want peace. However, if submission is the price of peace we are better off without peace.

          • All men are capable of anger, but not all men have anger in thier hearts.

            We have our own radicals here eh? KKK used to burn crosses on lawns hang ppl from trees, and spout from their lips they are christians, even using churches to recruit and fill thier ranks. Are these all christians?
            Would you like to have this stigma put on your faith because of a few? Hate the comment if you liek but guess what look up their history its true.

            Question to ask ones self.

            Do you really think those who are really in charge and controlling the shit that is going on in this world really give a fuck if your a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Agnostic, Baptist, Catholic, Shiites, Sunni to name a few ?

      33. There are various definitions of Islam in the west…
        Liberal/progressive/communist/socialist dumb-ass’s think it means PEACE or SUBMIT. But to truly understand Islam, you have to look at the Arabic definition;

        “There will be PEACE, when all the world SUBMITS to the will of allah.”

        There is only one way to interpret this…

        Are there ‘good’ mooolims? Of course, and they are considered ‘apostate’ or ‘passive’ agents, because Islam itself, at its core, the basis of the religion is Darkness. There ‘god’ is the symbol of the night, the Moon. It is opposite of Christ centered or God centered religions based on The Light.

        Think, even their version of heaven allows for the raping of virgins…
        They are not just anti American, but anti everything. They are the force of darkness, they are strong negative emotions as a ‘proper’ response to anything they perceive as insulting.

        They also have prophecies.. one of them is about a “dark man” of the West, who will aid Islam to “bring in the world wide caliphate”… interesting…. he appears to be doing a great job.

        Then I ask, how, exactly, did the bad guys KNOW where our people were? Maybe they had a little external coordination and information? OH wait… the Dark man wouldn’t get his own people killed….would he? All he needs is another term to “finish the job (on us)”…ugh.

        Things that make you go hmmm…
        Love may conquer all, but love is meek, not weak.

        (Piper sits and takes out the fire sticks and the cleaning kit…)

        • Piper takes out the firesticks etc etc…AND THEN Does Piper take out the time to go Read about how much of the jew Talmude is so in sync with nearly exact same veses against all gentiels as the koran is?…Piper Owes it to himself, to at least Check it out. Funny I do not think he will do so though.

          Does any here find it odd how the last decade since 9/11 event we hear so much about what koran verses we shold fear…Yet not ONE PEEP about the talmude. I never recall hearing even a single mention on any tv news chanel where the very word Talmude is even ever mentioned!

          Isnt this kinda strange? Especially since christian xmass mangers cant be on whitehouse lawn as it used to be, nor any other “public” property or areas.

          YET!! Every year now at Honahka time they allows to erect a massive tall NINTY ONE Ft tall Minorah candle sticks Idol!…..They need use a Three man Powered lift just to go so high to Light it up!….Last season obammy was IN the man basket along with a Pharisee rabi and Rhom Emanual.

          Theres a real dadny picture of it online. 91 ft tall on whitehouse lawn!…ZERO XMASS Stuf though…Hmmmmm…

      34. The timing is uncanny.Netenyahoo wanting a meet,a film by design and released on time,a debt ridden country,election season,it’s all to orchastrated.Man,it’s a giant pile of dong and it’s about to get tossed all over the place.Shit islands being jawbonned in east Pacific between China/japan.Japan of all nations.

      35. If Christians acted like Muslims every time Christianity was mocked or degraded, we’d have millions dead in this country alone. Any perceived slight to Islam is good enough to riot, burn and murder non-muslims. Hell, they’ll tell you Allah commands it!

        Look at a map of the world and you’ll see that Islam is responsible for a whole lot of violence and upheaval. There’s trouble with Muslims in western China, southern Russia, and everywhere else Islam bumps up against a non-Islamic country. Everyone remember the rioting in France a few years ago? Muslims. And when they can’t kill non-Muslims, they’re quite content to kill each other. 99% of them are still living with what we in the west would call ‘medieval values’. They’re violent brutes with not much between the ears.

        The bottom line is that Islam is an inherently VIOLENT religion, and Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and all the other religions had better figure out what to do about it. It’s out of control, and thanks to bullshit US immigration policies, it’ll be coming to an American neighborhood near you. (The folks in Michigan can tell you all about it).

        Wake up!! Islam is a serious threat to Western Civilization. And right now, it’s winning. 60 years of progressive ideas have mortally weakened Europe and the US and the Muslims are just waiting to finish us off. (Go to Europe and you’ll see what I mean. London, Paris and Amsterdam come to mind immediately).

        Time for a bourbon,

          • You get info from Blaze aka glen beck says it all…a one track mind based on msm. Dont get me wrong I agree islam is not a good thing. Neither is jews and talmude minded crap…..Just for some reason so many folks cant se that second part of it(talmudiac parts).

            So is it better to be killed by talmude based religious views?…As opposed to koran based islamic views?

            BOTH HATE CHRISTIANS! ONLY One murdered Jesus Christ-the apostles-early christians and Millions more since 2000 yrs ago!…You try and guess which religion did all That!

        • To be fair Christians do act like this…I am sure you remember the crusades/holy wars. We might not have done anything severe for quite some time, but in times of desperation, people will submit themselves to unprecedented actions, especially for the sake of their religion. If you believe what goes on in the bible…it is a lot of bloodshed in the name of God.

          • 800 to a 1000 years ago, “quite some time”????

            • Time does not erase the fact that it happened and can happen again.

          • David:

            Way to go with your trite, progressive laden reply! Where to start?

            a) Medieval Christians were barbaric, just like modern day Muslims. Did you read my reference about ‘medieval values’?
            b) That being said, the Christian Crusades were a response… now hold onto your hat… to the VIOLENT expansion of Islam in the 7th and 8th centuries. Christian peoples in North Africa and the Middle East were subjugated by this upstart cult. Pope Urban II thought it was outrageous that the birthplace of Christ was controlled by ‘infidels’. In addition to the Holy Land, Syria, Egypt, and Turkey were once predominantly Christian until they were invaded by Muslim armies. For example, the Coptic Christians in Egypt were practicing Christianity there for 600 years before the followers of Muhammad showed up. The Crusades were, in great part, a response to the VIOLENT expansion of Islam. “We” in the West didn’t start it. They did.

            This God fearing Christian is going to imbibe another bourbon.


          • The Inquisition, the work of Xtian missionaries on the first nations of the Americas, Aborigines, Africans and others. Part of the popularity & reason for the spread of radical Islam in some parts of the world is in direct response to the work of fundamentalist Christian missionaries.

            The Islamic mob in this situation are stupid, studpid mules or patsies, unable to see they are being set up as the scapegoats for yet another Banker engineered genocide. This happened to the Ukrainian farmers under Stalin, who were made scapegoats so he could engineer total control, and to the European Jews during the holocaust.

            There is also an inability to differentiate between irreligeous cultural practices and Islamic ones on this thread. I see it when outsiders assume that all Westerners are sexually depraved and think that’s what Christianity is all about. Just because you SAY you follow the teachings of a holy book, doesn’t mean you can actually read it’s contents, much less follow the 10 commandments in your daily life etc.

            Behind all of this are some truly clever, evil individuals, whose faces we may never see acting as puppet masters. It’s our duty to ensure that we as individuals do not become their unwitting tools. It’s our duty as Christians to try and expose these “hidden hands” when we can, and then bring them to justice. This is the instigation to commit further horrific atrocities against humanity by a Satanic force. NOT.IN.MY.NAME.

            Lack of education contributes in large part to the events we are seeing unfolding. I will manage to download and store that Khan Academy maths material this week, so that it may be stored as part of my personal rebellion against the general ignorance that allows events like this to occur.

        • Bravo Mal, well said!

          • @ Mal:

            I second the motion: well said, and bravo!

      36. Moslems should be wiped off the face of the earth. All they do is cause trouble.

      37. Why wasn’t the Embassy staffed with weapons and people trained in there use? A little sign on the fence stating that you throw rocks, climb the fence, or shoot at us is at your own risk. The sign inside the fence should read “Welcome to the United States. The fence you just climbed was for your safety not ours!” Seems to me that a couple M4’s and a Mini gun would have fixed the situation. Even a 870 with a couple boxes of 00 would have done the trick.

        • I’ve been in several US embassies, and trust me, there’s weapons there. Usually M-16s (now M-4s). Unfortunately, the policy is pretty much to never use them because firing back will only make the situation ‘worse’.

          Not sure how much worse it could’ve gotten in Libya…


          • there was a 4 hour fire fight. Also some lybian security forces gave thier lives to help protect the ambassador.

      38. I think nuclear war should be a last resort. There are I believe a hydrogen bomb would do more damage with less effect on the environment. First things first, cut off all aid, then issue an ultimatum. Stand down or we will kill you. Then we go to war. I am personally against warfare, there are no real winners in war. The collateral damage can be extremely bad.
        Obama has made us look foolish and weak. They are a bunch of idiots and liars who don’t love the USA.

        • War should not be on the table. If we start another war we will collapse and we will bring down the UK with us. Shit will hit the fan and we will be forced to use our long prepped supply.

      39. I agree Islam is a scourge to the world. But, I cannot help but wonder when so-called “Christains” are going to become just like Islamist. It seems everyday, so-called christianity becomes more and extreme and intolerant.

        • What? Where did you get that idea?

        • Joeinnc,
          They HATE us, this kind of hate cannot be fixed with peace, love, and tolerance. The extremists will kill you in your sleep with out a second thought. That is where the anger and intolerance is coming from.

          • so…
            1) blockade
            2) isolate the area
            3) cut off all aid
            4) cease all communication
            5) bring all soldiers home from that region
            6) instruct all Americans, they stay in that area at their own risk.

        • Homo’s like you Joe are the most intolerant people in the world. Obviously a democrat troll.

      40. I say we drill ofr our OWN oil HERE and give those arab goat humper over to the tender mercies of China and Russia!

      41. Maybe its time to play cowboys and muslims. Just ask the indians how that worked out.

        • well the difference is we trusted the whites, they don’t lol

      42. We will see how bad these Muslim punks are when 50 Marines show up to get a little pay back!

        • More will join the fight and other riots will break out in other places. This is just the start.

          • Target Rich Environment

      43. With pictures and incidences like this – it really makes me wonder why Christians continue to get mocked and put down in our own country.

        • Because for the last 100 yrs america switched over to a ZOG(Zio-Jews) Run nation is why! Pharisees and their ilk run it all from fed reserve banks to msm to all fedgov to most if not all state govs etc etc. And too many fools here in america thinks thats a great thing!

          What may end up preppers greatest attackers will be if say a pastor like John Hagge tells aprox 20-50 million “jewdeo-christians” to attack everyone who rejects His brand of Projew/isreal Worship.

          CUFI org= Christians United for Isreal! Hagge invented and Heads that org. Go see videos of how Fanatically Obsessed they are at yearly meeting party in DC!

          They dont go by New Testement but go by the Old testement and instead of our LORD Christ, worship JEWS! and Isreal!

          Try telling any of how Khazers aint same jews as Moses biblical 12 tribes were. Better be able to run fast!

          Fanatical worship is not close to what they are!

          Thats who repubs got hooked up to aprox 30+ yrs ago…Now todays repubs is NEO Cons and biggest support votes are Jewdeo whckos christians. With Mainly apiac Pnac jews at top of repubs party kontrol….Jacobians from “Tavistok-Institute” training…thats aka Trotskyites!!

      44. This Obama clown is gonna get us killed!

        • Obama has nothing to do with this riot nor the video. What is your logic? Ok, I will now blame Bush for the terrorist attacks. That is your logic.

          • You’ve got to be kidding me!! Early accounts are that the attackers were PRO GADDAFI militants. If Obama had kept his nose out of Libya, this attack on our embassy would never have taken place.

            Dude, you’re a tool.


            • mal, your right. David you got to look at what obama has done with supporting these muslim brotherhood. my god he has a lot to do with this. lets not fight with each other on here. lets be adults and talk and share ideas. we are fighting each other too much on here. I cant believe the hate within us. we should be united against anyone who wants to kill us or our leaders who want to crush us. thats all im saying

            • Hey I am all for cutting off foreign aid, but that will not happen. Fact is, other countries depend on us. We stop aid, we might just lose an ally or two. Being nice keeps countries on our side. It keeps the people of those nations thanking us. In rare cases, places like Libya punch us in the face with the very aid we gave. Just the way of the world. If we want to be a top player that is respected we have to feed the hungry. When the dog inevitably bites our hand, we strike it a couple times and it learns not to do it again.

              The counter argument would be “If Bush kept his nose out of the middle east, we wouldn’t have to have gone through a war, through debt and Obama probably wouldn’t have taken a proactive approach to helping Libya fight the dictator. We are so obsessed with wanting to modernize and control the Middle East, it is ridiculous. We stayed a generally neutral country for 140 or so years and then Wilson put us in World War 1. Since that time, we never stopped foreign aid. We became a super power.

            • David: HObammy carpet bombed libya in late nite decisions WITHOUT any notification to us congress etc! UN Const to the Max!.

              Then he handed over Libya to alqueda or brotherhood clowns. MSM calls them “freedom” fighters(there)

              In Iraq MSM called em Terrorist enemys!

              So what did the new bosses of libya do after usa bombed 100,000 inocents into oblivion?….The new islamic bosses handed over libya’s Banks to GOLDMAN SACH’s and fed reserve banksters!..On First Day of their control too!

              AND gave away lucrative OIL contracts to BP or Exon(?)!

              So..If muslim brotherhood is so Pro jew bankers?…And Pro Big Oil corps…..Whos side are they really on?

              Hillerys? CIA & State Dept stooges?…Hmmm…

              What a tangled web we weave…When first we practice to use Talmudiacs to Decieve everybody!

          • This is about 9-11, and rubbing it in because they are no longer afraid of us. Yes, Bush screwed up w/Iraq, but Obama started off going around the world apologizing… and he’s still apologizing for our way of life… while he is going to extend millions or billions in aid to these people?

            Islam see’s this as weakness, you would consider it being ‘nice’, but what you are communicating to them is how much you are all pissing your pants afraid of these ragheads…and they know it.

          • David, you’re a Liberal dick head!

      45. Can we just nuke the planet and get this crap over.

      46. Time to buy stock in some fresh BGM-109’s.

      47. The muslim people are just like all other people who want peace and the ability to live their lives without foreign intervention. This is all about the next enemy to continue the obscene police the world mentality of America’s evil and greedy military-corporate- banking cabal. These criminals have incited murder and mayhem throughout the world to gain further riches and power. “With us or against us” is itself a threat to our freedom and justice. Our free speech and constitutional rights are under attack daily. How much more proof do you need to see who the true scourge of humanity is?

        • Yeah,right. ….just like all other people who want peace…..

      48. To everyone: Right after 9/11, Bush said we are now engaged in a war on terror. If that’s true, and if it was really Muslims who flew planes into the World Trade Center, then why do we still allow Muslims into the US and why do we accomodate them on anything? There’s approximately 6,000,000 Muslims here undermining our country with nobody trying to stop them. They even have terrorist training camps all over the US; DHS knows all about them but doesn’t do a damn thing about them. There’s one thing that shows how bogus and illegitimate DHS is. If any Muslims want to target me; I don’t care if it’s before or after SHTF, I will help find their beloved Allah. Anytime I see Muslims anywhere, I get away from them as fast as I can; I get some of the worst vibes from them. They are not like us or any other people in the non-Muslim world. They make clear their evil intentions toward the Western world everyday. I’ll take almost anyone over a Muslim. Take care and keep prepping.

        • Thats because its all going acording to plan..

          • so true is this. here in michigan i remember when byrd got his head lopped off the muslims in dearborne were dancing in the streets. and im not making this shit up.

      49. just remember, the little kids in iraq that we saved back in 1991 are the ones shooting at the G I’s now

      50. Bibles are burned, Christians are persecuted and murdered because of their faith everyday. And what do we do? Turn the other cheek. Somebody writes a book about that tells the truth about a lying, thieving, murderous pedophile and they kill our ambassadors. Religion of tolerance. Yeah right.

      51. Weather you agree or disagree what happened,if citizens here were passionate as they are over there in regards to the Constitution and Fraud Monetary System there would be know need to deal with the shit pie we have been dealt with over the decades.We were sold out long ago,nothing new here.Sad a loss of lives,truly.Were so divided with garbage it’s unreal in this country.All told long ago.

        • I feel the same way, we were sold out and we should all be united who want to crush us, either muslims, racial groups or our own government. we have to be on alert and prepped and prepared. we dont want to fight each other we are the only group of people thats left.

      52. The film is called Innocence of Muslims, and was produced by an Israeli amateur filmmaker named Sam Bacile.

        Shouldn’t that read “Sam ImBacile” because the man is just another Zionist tool of the fake chosen people?

      53. This is indeed one of the most sensitive issues should be taken care of very very carefully. Hatred against hatred or taking revenge is not the solution. It’s not against US actually, it’s an extremely careless insult to the second biggest community in the world. US shouldn’t go to hardline cause this case is such extremely sensitive that misunderstandings could expand the fire all over the world even among the mass muslim people, they are in truth ready to die for the dignity & their true love for their prophet. This massive communal sentiment may have no means to somebody, but this is the very reality.

        Personally I think the dumb-ass director of the movie & the rebels who blowed rocket lucnher to US Embassy in lebia _ both parties should be taken to justice. But we cannot act like such idiots to expand a riot all over the world instead of resolving this thing technically.

        • OH:

          “…this case is such extremely sensitive that misunderstandings could expand the fire all over the world even among the mass muslim people…”

          The ONLY reason the situation is “extremely sensitive” is because muslims are so “extremely violent.” The Americans have nothing to do with the situation being volatile.

          OH, don’t be afraid to put responsibility where it belongs, don’t be so conciliatory, they probably won’t come for you for a while.

      54. The title says it all… ‘We are ready to sacrifice million’

        I say…. “Go ahead, sissy, I dare you”


        • Minus woman and children of course… I do have a conscious.

          • Right there is why we lose. You had to correct yourself. Level it all. The only way to treat them is the same way they would treat themselves. Their women are just involved as the men and many of there children are all ready fighters condition to kill. So all go. No mercy no political correctness. Unless you just want the next generation back and start all over again.

            • Boy, Facebook, you sound EXACTLY like the black panthers who want to kill white babies and refer to the mothers as factories for creating the enemy. You are one depraved puke.

            • The way women in these country are treated they are just factories for making the next round of jihad’s. If they bring more women into the world they are normally beaten or kid if that’s all they bring.

              What do you suggest. Continue what we are doing. What would you do. Send them more money,food. What leave them. They want the world so deal with them now. Or a whole lot of them later.

              Your bleeding heart proves you have no idea how this world actually works. You just know how you wished it worked. Open your eyes. I feel sorry for you.

            • unfortunatly it is the women and children too.
              Said this a time or two before on here, EOD used to disarm landmines around schools ineurasia to help protect the children, while we were disarming the landmines we were shot at by children in the schools. Mothers train thier children to hate us and yes it is true it is how they get any form of recognition. Have seen this with my own eyes.

            • You are baying for genocide and atrocities in a country, actually many countries, that we had NO BUSINESS BEING IN in the first place. How the hell does that calculus work out, other than the doofus rationalization that ALL YUR OIL ARE BELONG TO US? I am pretty far from a bleeding heart. I just have some basic decency, which you clearly lack, and believe that America would be well advised to curtail its many hapless adventures and foreign entanglements because they are destroying our country, rather than laying plans to spit the tiniest infants on pikes. As a scholar of history, I am WELL aware that the easiest way to wipe out your enemy is through rapin’, plunderin’, and killin’, but I would expect a greater nobility from Americans. As opposed to a ‘Murican like yourself.

            • Hmmmm good reminder of the noble Americans of the past.
              A song by Iron Maiden ” Run to the Hills ”

              White man came across the sea
              He brought us pain and misery

              He killed our tribes, he killed our creed
              He took our game for his own need

              We fought him hard, we fought him well
              Out on the plains we gave him hell

              But many came, too much for Cree
              Oh will we ever be set free

              Riding through dustclouds and barren wastes
              Galloping hard on the plains

              Chasing the redskins back to their holes
              Fighting them at their own game

              Murder for freedom the stab in the back
              Woman and children, a cowards attack

              Run to the hills – run for your lives
              Run to the hills – run for your lives

              Soldier blue in the barren wastes
              Hunting and killing’s a game

              Raping the woman and wasting the man
              “The only good injins are tame”

              Selling them whiskey and taking their gold
              Enslaving the young and destroying the old

              May only be a song but it is true to this day Noble in deed mother bear noble indeed. I harbor no true ill feelings but i will not have some bullshit of how noble we are. I am what is known as a Halfbreed by white mans name. 1/4 italian 1/4 polish 1/2 Native American. Half of my ancestors were killing the other half. My skin is white my features are native american, And we as humans have not evolved much from this time just the weapons and means have.

      55. People or sheeple are not stupid. The Cario Attact was on 9-11 a significant date… The hoopla around it is orchestrated and being fed out in manner that makes one go hummm? It has the overtones of not being a spontaneous uprising… We lose an ambassador on this date? humm…

        This will not end well…

        • #1= Jew Netanyahoo foams at mouth like Rabid loony Dog while pissing his pants, much as a 4yr old Childs tantrums, due to hes so eager to get the USA to kill more jew enemys. How many of the 5000+ US militarys dead from iraq and afgan was Jews who went there?(Its probobly in single digits!)

          #2= For over a year now obammy AND Many us generals and admirils(Like Gen Dempsey chief head of nato) keep telling Netayhaoo NO NO NO!!! ENOUGH WARS ALREADY For Jew instrests!

          #3= 100 jews hands $5-million to an Isreali Jewboy to make a stupid film to incite muslims(Netyahoo foams so much nearly chokes with antipitation of WWIII!!)

          #4= Video Magically appears right on Cue aka 9/11 aniv.!!!

          #5= US embasey attacks and dead americans.(Netanyhaoo pisses pants a full three Gal of piss!..Unconfirmed sources say Netanyahoo was Masterbateing wildly behind his podeum stand!)

          #6= Although I refuse to watch foxjews-news or the other networks, I bet it is All they speak of and plan to keep it going to create a war freenzy in usa(like so many here seem to be…”lets go nuke em all so we can make jews/isreal happy! If it totally ruins america so what? Wont our pals the isreali jews invite us to go live in tel aviv?!! Yeah we can help jews fullfill their much loved protocals of Zion!! Yeah where all gentiles be jew slaves after They get to own and kontrol entire NOW aka JWO!…I Nominate Blutarsky for Prez! That will Prove I aint no antisemitenazi!

          #7= Sources say Netanyhaoo had to be Tied & Restrained into a chair and a wooden stick placed in his mouth to Bite done Hard on to stop the Rabid foaming at mouth syndrom..

        • Survial chic,

          Hummm is a great way to put it, the date alone makes me stop and think. But it is a double edge sword for obajamma if he does nothing then he is truely a coward. And if he orders a attack then his numbers will suffer to some. Here is a fact no President has ever been unseat while we were at war… False flag? You bet your ass it was…


          • But, DPS…if reasoning was to create that ‘suffering’ for the fraud’s campaign, then by whom was this attack???
            Hmmmm??? Hillary??

      56. @ Johnnyblaze,

        It’s not against the US which I already have mentioned. Fire could never be resolved with fire, you need water. This is 2012 % even the most powerful super power has to think sensibly about ‘economy’ first, & of course security. Wrong footing will only turn this thing even worse, raise long term international communal issue.

        Sorry to say but all of your warheads may not be pretty much enough to wipe out all the clouds are coming.

        Lets just keep hope for peace.

      57. I’m not ancient, but even I remember when other countries knew that if they f’ed with Americans they were risking the wrath of the US. These Islamists that WE helped put into power and that receive OUR tax dollars know that they have no reason to fear us. Please deliver us from fools.

      58. I thought Muslims (the extremists) were already sacrificing & alienating themselves?
        Remember the sit com FATHER TED? Not all Catholics liked the sitcom, but they did NOT go around setting fire to things & killing all non catholics did they?

        So why the hell do the Islamic extremists think any killing is OK? Words do NOT hurt anyone, violent actions hurt people. Is Islam really a violent religion? If it keeps going like this then the answer is going to be yes!
        Come on Muslims THINK! Stop your bloodshed or risk permanent alienation in the future!

      59. To understand this, you must understand 2 things which drive all…Ignorance and Greed. Muslims are not bad people on the whole, but there are many who may be ignorant. Within the Muslim world, there are few channels of information (education) to reduce their ignorance. Those channels are largely controlled by a few people with an agenda. Typically the agenda is greed. Greed for power, influence, and prestige. When an Imam preaches to his mosque, those with a message of hate, who can paint a picture of a threat or enemy, will gain greater influence over their followers than someone preaching a message of peace. There is a mass of people who are ignorant, who are being educated be those who gain more when they instigate these types of events.

        Is this really any different than in the US where we have a large population of poorly informed, who gain most of their knowledge for information channels similarly controlled?

        I have l visited, worked in and lived in a number of Muslim countries. I have a number of devoute Muslims who are my friends. They are not at all like the mobs portrayed on Fox News or CNN.

        As for the calls to drill here for our own oil and to exploit our own energy resources, yes, but don,t expect that to save us. We will achieve energy independence soon enough. When the world moves for the petro dollar, and we can’t print enough frns to buy what we want, we will find ourselves independent. Nuclear, solar, shale gas, etc, will not allow us to maintain our present rates of consumption. Efficiency gains will not allow us to continue life as we presently enjoy it. Our only real solution is to Power Down, reduce our consumption and live within our financial and thermo-dynamic means. I have worked in the oilfield with the leading edge technologies for drilling for the last 23 years, and I know what is there and what is not.

        Finally, for those who suggest that we nuke ’em. I understand the sentiment. These events however manipulate stir a fever of patriotism. Even if this is intentionally contrived, it is easy to get caught up and believe what our masters want us to. In the 1980s I had the honor and privilege of serving as the Missile Officer on a Poesidon class sub. Having been the guy who was prepared to conduct the launch if ordered, I would urge you took take a moment and consider the gravity of the situation before jumping to the position that we should unleash the nukes. Holding the firing key to launch several missiles each with multiple warheads is an awesome thing. It should not be taken lightly


        • Hey Weps, I was on a Poseidon C-3 boat myself in the mid-80s; USS Kamehameha (SSBN-642, Gold). Home-ported at Group II Groton, sailed out of Holy Loch, tied to the Hunley. Were you a Scotland frequent-flier?

      60. I try to be fair to every religion, but how can I be to one that automatically hates me if I don’t bow down to their cult? Islam teaches to hate, and IF they had total control over everything, every single last “infidel” would end up beheaded. When I hear of these psychos chopping off thie own daughters’ heads because they went against their muslim believe and then this nut gets up on his roof yelling allah u ackbar, this is beyong sick. Then these muslims instead of openly condemning such an act, there is silence.

        I have seen innocent women and girls treated like they were less than beast of burdens, some so afraid from their masters it infuriates you. I live in an area in which the muslims were convinced to leave by white supremacists. I once overheard a couple of them talking about how they could not stand how women were treated. This was not the reason they hate them, it is that the muslims are a threat to freedom. In many areas of this country, especially Michigan, these muslims terrorize those that don’t conform totally to islam. I know some people from Michigan and they are very happy to no longer be around muslims.

        The way these muslims treat innocent animals is also well documented by the humane society. Dogs are considered filth to islam and given the chance muslims will torture and beat them for pleasure. Cats are not so hated, but will also be tormented because it is a way of getting out hate. Birds are more respected for some strange reason. Other animals such as reptiles and small animals often get sadistically abused.

        I realize that there are not absolutes here, and there are good people in all religions. The real problem is the religion. Islam is a bad religion, and the prophet mohammad was probably a sicko faggot pedophile. Just look at the total savages that rose up from this pervert’s writings.

        I saw what a cartoonist once wrote that said everyone should draw the prophet mohammad in a disgusting way as a way of saying to those muslims that would dare to try to take the United States freedom away, it won’t happen. I have to admit one of these cartoons with the prophet mohammad butt ramming a pig truly showed what was all about islam.

        • Be Informd. I was Born and Raised for 43yrs in Detroit Mich. I move around but mainly resided in the one mostly white area. One square mile of detroit still white. However for several years I lived in the Heart of Dearborn mich. Thats whers all the muslims are. I watched as every gas station and small store was bought up by muslims etc. I was about age 14 yrs before any muslims were going into dearborn. I think a few were in america probobly detroit areas way prior to my birth. Not certain but think so.

          I can tell you we Never had any troubles with muslims back then…Zero-None. They mostly treated us whites with alot of respect and it was sincere too. They basically accepted our religions as we did theirs and zero troubles.

          Thats all changes now I know. BUT WHY?…Is it just a coincidence since GW Lied usa into Two wars and all but destroyed Two nations(iraq and afgan) who never bothered the usa?

          Even if you or others love jews or isreal etc you must admit this is factual truth…GW Bush scammed us all along and did alot of evil around the mid east etc.

          Bush or Klinton or obammy aint worried as they got lots of$$$$$$$$ and well armed bodyguards 24/7 for Lifetime.

          We are who pays in every way. America had zero buisness to go start two wars to inflame muslims period. Now look at how totally screwed we are due to it.

          IRAN aint started zero wars in over 300 yrs. All a sudden iran is so evil now?…Cause isreali jews or NY and DC jews says so right?….Ok so let Jews and Isreal fight wars that benifit ONLY Them!

          I am being honest as can be on experiences of living in dearborn and detroit. Weather or not you believe me is ok.

          But Muslims werent ever a problem untill Bush fucked up big time trying to please his daddy and be a real Hero!

          • @ Angelo Mysteriouso. The U.S. needed to get back into this country and save the infrastructure 20 years ago, this I agree with totally. Muslims however have been incredibly cruel to innocent women every since islam was formed and their religion shows this unfair cruelty to everyone else not sharing their belief. Sharia law really is about killing everyone not bowing down to allah. I think some of the Muslims you talk about were hardly practicing the sharia law part of it. Also isolated packs of a radical religion does not noramlly present itself as a problem until many of them gather together, safety in numbers.

            Do I believe that if the U.S. was not involved in any wars and isolated that muslims would respect other religions. NO WAY. Their ultimate goal is to purge every last non believer from the planet so islam can rule. There are moderates, and they just are not the ones doing the killing, they are the ones that look away while their more radicalized thugs do the job. I see how they treat the innocent, and it is rotten horrible.

            There are Christians, Jewish people, Hindus, people that believe in God but don’t fellow any religion, and many other beliefs and this is much kindness and fairness to the helpless. While muslims don’t believe in usary which is good, fairness is not practiced in islam when women are brutally raped and forced into degrading positions. Animals are tortured for pleasure. Islam is an ugly belief that thrives on brutility and strongarming the innocent and those that can’t fight back. The only reason in my opinion that muslims leave others alone is that they don’t have the numbers enough to force their beliefs down everyone’s throat. Their unfair ways to their own people show this.

            I know what you will say that the U.S. forces their beliefs down everyone’s throat and unfortunately the involvement in foreign lands has cost this country much, just like it did the Roman empire. I thin the main problem with humans is that they never learn from past mistakes and are doomed to repeat history. Which is what is happening right now. This is why it is so essential to prepare and then prepare some more, it is coming from so many angles. A well stocked supply pantry is probably the only way most people will have a good chance at surviving what is coming.

            • Be Informed: What you say is correct yes…But its NOT the usa job to control or change entire world. Islam=evil to their women folks…So What?…Alot of Blacks in detroit act as bad to Black AND White women. Should usa army go on rampage to detroit too?

              No Offence to you but I somehow get a feeling you are useing/hideing behind This as excuse to go after jew enemys. Many folks here just cannot seem to even go look at any videos or written documented evidence.

              Is that due to they wont be able to refute them facts or truths if it is about jews or isreal?…I think that is Exactly why.

              And todays jew/isreal Obsessed tv pastors keep promoting isreal/jew agendas. Non stop. Most hardly ever mention Christ or Repentance of sin etc..

              Just repeat again and again “Say the Jesus prayer! and walla! instant salvation! and once got cant lose it!”…But never do they mention the Reast of verses. Such as Repent!

              They are too busy scheeming cash and worshiping jews or isreal or Both.

              They completely Ignore aprox 1/3rd of entire old testement. Never mention the OTHER 11 tribes, Nor how Northern 10 tribes was Blessed by Jacob/isreal to always KEEP the name “Isreal” when Jacob blessed his GRANDSONS!

              Joseph’s twin son boys is who jacob blessed! Not ANY sons of Orig 12 tribe heads.Oh he did blesss all 12 but Not with all the Main good stuf like the twin grandsons…Ephraim & Manessah was their names.

              40 yrs of baptist and protestant pastors use of “scofields” bible interpretations has Ruined usa christianity and much of rest of worlds too.

              Dont talke my word…Watch haggee or pat robertson on tv every day!….”Get Rich with Jesus!! Yeehaa!..Bless them Jews no matter what wrongs they does Yehaa!! Then…Get ready!! Here it comes!! After ya spends all them riches, cash etc ya gets Raptured OUT! YEEEHHHAAAA!!!

              And best part is raptured Out Prior to ANY bad/evil befalls america!

              They are full of Bullshit!…If folks will Read own bibles and see how fake or wrong that stuf is.

              BI: You really beleive NY jews and State of Isreal gov etc gave Haggee and Jerry Fallwell(dead now) Both a FREE Private JET…..Simply due to such Love of Christains?

              Come on…More like Zionistic talmudistic protocals of zion minded banksters and pharisee rabis et al swindled haggee et al same as CIA operatives is more likely.

              War monger neocons and kommie libs would never be able to screw america or rest of world without so many “jewdeo christians” buying into Hagges type messg.

              I bet at least 1/2 of us white votes is from that group. GOP evicted most all of orig good repubs and replaced em with todays brand like Bill Kristol-apiac members etc.

              And then made fatel mistake of a Marriage of Neocon gop With Haggee type jedeo christians….Look how That worked so swell the last aprox. 35 yrs!

              What do you think ruined the TEA Partys?…Pro isreal jewdeos is who. Along with Hyjackers from TPTB crowd(mostly jews). Experiment BI…Go try awaken tea party fools about a zionist agenda!!

              You will think you went to a sal alinsky training class for kommie libs when you hear their yells of traitor! naziwhowantstokillsixmillionmorejewshitlerlover!

              Unless That portion of citizenery (tea party christians) crowd awakens and Quickly?…..Patriots will be too small a group in a shtf scenario.

              Even many in pro usa patriot orgs are also brainwashed by haggee type nonsense or military brainwashing like some on this site have fallen for.

              Sorry but I do not think I or We or america has ANY job or duty to “save” the world.

              Christ said Go preach the gospel…Deciple who accepts it…If they reject it?…LEAVE and never return. Jesus nor the bible ever tells us to Go save em all and Bring em Back to Our nation to keep feedin or protecting em etc!

              If He-God wanted entrie world be Multicult Diversity Mixed?….Why did He set it up into Seperate nations and languages etc?…Cause No we all aint the same and never will be.

              NO Foriegn Entanglements…Just Free and FAIR trade with All nations….George Washington…1st prez and xallant general. Wise man also no?

              And NO more wars for Oil-corps-banks-jews-isreal-unless we are attacked and it meets strict “Just War” agenda.

              I am 60 yrs old and Never recall as a young boy any enemys from mid east….Untill usa began wars for jew intrests. Thats makes Jews a bigger problem than any others.

              I do not like everything of ron paul…BUT Hes corect on “BlowBack” Theory!…Let isreal and jews fight Their wars Not us/usa.

              Go read some talmude stuf see what Their religion thinks of us gentiles ok…Read a few Other websites with fully factual, documented, cant deny, true info on this stuf.

              TRY: Prof. Kevin McDonald(at a calif univ.) Has own website. PHD expert on History etc. AND jew/zio-isreali issues. PHD David Duke has alot too(Dont say 45 yrs ago age 20 he was kkk etc so what?..Who aint made any mistakes when young?) Duke Knows fcats and aint afraid to speak out. Try, ya may like! Or believe MSM slander of him?

              Or Keep blindly supporting what or who may end up the Wrong “Allies”… Both Islam And Judiacs are a danger to everyone else!…Just the jews gets america war dogs to do Their dirty work so we get blamed. BOTH Religions is Christians And White folks Mortal enemys!

              Research it and you wont be able to disagree. Its how I know, by researching facts and Not blind beliefs.

      61. The attacks were coordinated and began on 9/11. The movie is not the reason for the attacks, in fact, the original video appeared in July of this year. The actions are part of a continued jihad, part of the al-qaida strategy for the Islamic caliphate.

      62. Blood is thicker than water. There is something in the bloodline of everyone that has been passed down from generations. Sometimes it is subtle things and sometimes it is amplified things.

        The hatred and evil has been passed down through the generations of the middle eastern peoples and amplified thru the Islamic radicals. It goes all the way back to Ishmael. It is promoted and provoked by the elders of Islam. The most radical are the young and uneducated. The more educated,for the most part, the more the younger generations realize that they have choices for a better life. That’s why the parents of educated and more modern children have a problem with them becoming a part of an accepting and tolerant society. They had rather kill them than to have them be part of a “common sensed” society. The only way to break the chain of hatred is to have Jesus in the heart.

        Ishmael turned out to be a thug and murderer. He had a choice to accept God and do right. He chose hatred and vengeance. God said “vengeance is mine”. Mohammed had the same choice. The muslim community has the same choice. Looking to Mohammed as their saviour, ain’t gonna get it done. God makes it very clear. The “only” way to the Father is thru his “only” begotten Son, Jesus Christ. That goes for all religions. Accept it or deny it; it’s your choice.

        Just listen to the Middle Easterners that have converted and learned the truth. They have peace in their lives. They don’t see the rest of the world as enemies. They only see evil and Satan as the enemy.

      63. Just assume, or lets agree with the truth, that there are no other people of any religion on earth such extremely sensitive when the question of their religious leader/prophet’s dignity comes. What will you do ? Ok, let them live however with their sentiment which they want to keep & die for at any cost.

        Or aim your warheads against them to justify ‘n establish only for the sake of freedom of your ‘democratic’ right to make ‘fun’ with a certain communal believe only because you do not keep faith on it ?

        It’s not like saddam or laden issues which were spiritually rejected by majority of muslims. It’s the most sensitive issue involved ‘n connected with every individual muslim, if you do not handle with care you’ll make them fugitive & have to take the responsibility of growing new ‘ladens’ all over the world.

      64. Mohammed licks camel balls.

      65. “We sacrificed dozens and hundreds during the uprising for our dignity. The Prophet’s dignity is more important to us and we are ready to sacrifice millions,” said mosque preacher Mohamed Abu Gabal who joined the protest.

        I’m ready to watch millions of muslims die as well….might even have to help if they attack me….

      66. I have only two words to say about this – cruise missile.

      67. This was the plan all along, get them pissed off enough to do some terrible stuff so we can blame them for starting something that we can finish. sad that they are such useful idiots in reacting to Israeli/US Psyops. The plan has been to destabilize the region for decades and make it easy for Israel to be the regional power.

        So your homework on this one, this is one of many ways that they plan on destabilizing the region, false flag against Iran, weapons of mass destruction lies on Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

      68. Hey, everyone knows that Jewish people make great movies. This looks like a bad saturday night live skit. The only thing more ridiculous than this trailer would be a longer version of this trailer. Five Million bucks? My hiney!

      69. I got a copy of the koran/quran to use for toilet paper. Not as soft and absorbent as Charmin but still great for getting the terds wiped off my backside. Planning on getting some dead pigs to bury at my friendly neighborhood mosque to “purify” the ground at the mosque. Just my 2 cents worth for Allah the PIG.

        • SteveKY” Then you should agree with isreals Pharisee Rabis who have anual New testement(christians book) Mass Burnings out on Main street tel aviv!

          MSM Never will show That. But yutube has videos of Huge piles of Bibles being Torched in middle of main street tel aviv. Complete with a few dozen Black Hat/black funeral director type suits,long bearded rabis wears, Wildly dancing and partying much as youd expect from Rap music Junkies!

          What a grand sight! Jews burning Christian Holy Bibles!

          Oh Wait!!! They gets a FREE PASS!! I forgot!

      70. You know, I read a lot on this thread about how we are sheep falling for the ploy; that we are having our strings pulled to get a emotional response. Makes me wonder, guys and girls, what kind of response am I supposed to have? When I see the video showing the man get beheaded becasue he wouldn’t disavow his faith in Crist; when I see these idiots up in arms because someone depicted their prophet in a bad light; when all I ever hear is how we (the US) are the Great Satan and their end game is our very destruction, I ask you just what the fuck is supposed to be my reaction? I’m having my strings pulled? Are you telling me none of this is real? None of this is their (Muslim) doings?

      71. Where can we get this film? The trailer was awesome. Ricky Bobby as mudhamhead(Pigs be inseminating him) was hillarious.

      72. There exists a naive belief that what’s taking place in the ME is a result of Obama’s inexperience, errors, and miscalculations. Not so.
        Loss of Libya, Egypt are a result of very careful planning by Obama’s Muslim friends and handlers and are a payoff for their financial support of Obama.
        From the US perspective we have made strategic errors, from Obama’s perspective this is a superbly executed geopolitical strategy designed to diminish the US influence and standing in the region.
        If what is taking place in the ME was designed and executed by Seyed Ali Khamenei the US would see it as a deceleration of war. Because it is done by Obama it is sold to public as errors in foreign policy.

      73. @ StevenKY,

        One who cannot respect others’ believe, deserve to live a life confused coward.

        *Atheism Depth of Believe : Reaction – After Cairo protest the director hides into under cover like a mouse.

        Islamic Depth of Believe : They are ready to sacrifice their lives to dignify their believe.

        I will never ever tell that i will use any other religious book of any religion as “Toilet paper”. I do not live with such poisonous hatred keeping in my heart. Pity for those lowlife weak heart narrow maniac people.

      74. I haven’t read all the posts but in addition to Libya and Egypt our embassy in Yemen has also been attacked. Islam is 200 years behind the times. After all the oil runs out what will they do, build cars or radios or refrigerators or what? They are hardly an industrialized or modern thinking people and I think we’re going to have problems with them for years to come. Vermin.

      75. REPORT: Marines not permitted live ammo at embassy in Egypt


        also posted on Drudge Report

      76. One must always remember that these people are barbarians first and foremost. They hold human life as having no value.

        Send in the B52s and put an end to this crap.

        • Amen to that my Vietnam Brother!

      77. Wow…just by reading these poss today I have to give props to TPTB for their psyops skills. This is one of the few sites that I frequent because 90% of the time the other regulars here seem to be part of the few who are truly awake. Until today.
        I’m not some bleeding heart liberal but I do believe that this county was founded on allowing it’s citizens certain rights & freedoms. Including the freedom of religion and the right as humans to not be persecuted for their religious views.
        Do I believe that the extremist Muslim groups hate us and want Jihad? Yes. But the majority of Muslims really just want to live their lives and to be left alone (just like we do).
        Our government is really good at stirring up feelings of patriotism, revenge, and hatred (especially towards Muslims)….and Americans keep falling for it like sheep.
        We are made to see all Muslims as American/christian hating monsters that want us all dead…
        …and this makes them look evil.
        But if you sit back and read the posts on this site today about 90% of the replies are calling for the exact thing but just flip-flopped: “we should nuke those towelheads!!”
        Um…ladies and gentlemen, may I point out the hypocrisy of these statements that y’all are making? We’re heading into a pot calling the kettle black scenario.
        How are we any better than the people who supposedly hate us when we are showing such hatred towards them???
        All this is showing is that you all are going back to sleep and buying into the government’s propaganda machine!!!
        When the real enemy IS the government.
        Don’t let their pysops tricks and propaganda use racial tensions or feelings of hate to divide us!!!
        The second we turn our rifle sights from the true target towards a target that the government-controlled mass media has convinced us to hate then all is lost and we will start allowing TPTB to control us again.
        Again, I’m not preaching liberal hippy love everyone bullshit. I’m saying that we have to step back, put personal hatreds and racial grudges aside and look at this situation for what it really is- a ploy to take the attention away from the sh*t that is about to go down by distracting us and giving the American sheeple a common enemy to hate. They are using the same old propaganda tactics against us yet again and every post on this board that says “Muslims are evil and should be killed” is a victory for TPTB.
        OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!
        Let’s get off this anti-Muslim kick that the government has been planting in our brains and realize that it’s the government and TPTB that are the evil enemy!!!

        Christ, for a group of people that claim to be awake to what’s really going on alot of you have hit the snooze button and have really taken a huge step backward for the cause today.

        • Not all of us—

          jayjay says: September 12, 2012 at 8:49 pm
          Mr. B, I totally disagree with all your statement.
          I’m no expert on this ethnic group, Muslims, and Islam is not a religion, it is a political stance from my understanding of the experts here.
          All Muslims are not Islamic; just as all Christians are not Catholic.
          (6 thumbs downs)

          jayjay says: September 12, 2012 at 8:22 pm
          You just played into the Powers that Be ‘warmongering’ hands.
          Congratulations, Mr. B.
          (5 thumbs downs)

          peteropolis says: September 12, 2012 at 2:37 pm
          I’d rather be free of organized religion and statism. Just want my home in the hills with a family who loves me (my gun and a cold beer on a big shaded porch too). Why cant we all mind our own business, what happens overseas is overseas, concentrate on the issues in your own back yard, and you won’t have to make shitty analogies about places you’ll never see, and people you’ll never meet
          (7 thumbs down)

          But much too many not seeing yet, we are being ‘played’, you’re right.

      78. As long as it’s Millions of Muslims that get sacrificed,
        it works for me !

      79. Bring all the Muslims to The White House for a beer.

        Oh! They don’t drink Alcohol but there is always Adoules.

      80. Mohammed was the illegitimate sone of a jewish rules prostitute ( concubine ) . That may explain why they treat their women like shit . kill em all .

      81. For those who are blinded, whats happening over in Egypt has nothing to do with the movie of “Innocence of Mulsims.” Its because our Gov’t including Hilary ruined that country. No ones going to get that upset over a stupid film. I tried telling you this morning, but many of you are brain washed over the small crap that our Gov puts online to throw you off track even on 3rd party websites. Be careful what you read and were you get it from.

      82. He said,”We are ready to sacrifice millions.”
        I would love a president with guts enough to reply,”Those are acceptable terms. Let’s start your sacrificing of millions now.”

      83. “I would love a president with guts enough to reply,”Those are acceptable terms. Let’s start your sacrificing of millions now.”

        Only one laden made your ‘Guts’ down to your knees also took plenty of years & wasted trillions of dollars. Just assume what will happen when a couple of more dozens come to take part.

      84. The State Department was supposed to have 24 hours notice of the attacks. What ever happened to our CIA, are we paying these fools billions so that they can spy on us? If I was president these people would be looking for janitorial jobs. We are lost as a country….

      85. I think it’s great Muslims chose this video to kill over, for it’s inspired by Islamic sources about Muhammad that most Muslims DESPERATELY try to keep non-Muslims from knowing about. The old lady who is killed by Muhammad in the film was named Umm Qirfa. Hardly ANYONE would have known this IF it weren’t for all these Muslims violently bringing our attention to this crappy little video.

      86. The fact that our embassies and consulates did not take any extra precautions on the anniversary date of 9/11 is simply incomprehensible. The same with the assumption that some low budget movie is the cause for all these attacks. These attacks were organized and well planned. Who goes to a demonstration with an RPG and AK? The demonstrations were nothing but a cover for the terrorists. Having only recently toppled the leadership in Egypt and Libya, it is understandable that Libya is not yet ready to provide the required and legally mandated security services for foreign embassies; however Egypt does not have such an excuse. Its military is well trained and fully under the control of the new Egyptian govt. What was their excuse? As to the terrorists who struck in Libya, a drone will find them and …, I have no doubt. The Marines dispatched to our embassies in the Muslim nations will have a difficult time to protect our people as they will be prohibited from any offensive maneuvers. The only language these radicals understand is strength. If we don’t bring these radical terrorists to justice they will interpret this lack of response as weakness and will continue attacking us as well as other pro-western compounds and their employees. Our response must be quick and very firm.

      87. Today’s email:

        Fellow Conservative —

        The system of foreign aid is broken.

        You know it, I know it, and 80-90% of the American people know it.

        As you are aware, we send billions of dollars each year to Pakistan, Egypt, and Libya.

        Meanwhile, Pakistan continues to detain and torture Dr. Afridi, the man who helped us kill Osama bin Laden.

        And now Egypt and Libya refuse to protect our embassies from radical jihadists, which resulted in the death of four Americans including Christopher Stevens, U.S. Ambassador to Libya.

        They show us contempt as they cash our checks.

        I will not stand by and watch as billions of our taxpayer dollars go to countries that disrespect us.

        That’s why I’ve introduced a bill to cut ALL foreign aid to Libya, Egypt, and Pakistan.

        And I’m prepared to tie up the US Senate with every procedural trick in the book until there is an up-or-down vote — even if it means SHUTTING DOWN the Federal Government!

        In Liberty,

        Rand Paul

      88. If you believe all the social media you read about Muslims you are just as much to blame for the violence as those committing it. Muslims are being blamed in a whole for all these violent acts, that’s like blaming every Christian for the crusades, or all the Jews for the death of Jesus. Americans (you people) are just as brainwashed as these people committing acts of violence in the name of their god, you are condoning acts of violence against them in the name of your country, of your god, and allowing our government to be world police, so they can cash in on the oil and poppy seeds that these nations are known for, so they can regulate oil, and make narcotics for profit and to keep the public at bay with drug use. Stop believing everything you see on T.V. it’s just the government driven media pinning you against a group of people for their own benefit.

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