Infowars Files For Bankruptcy Over Sandy Hook Defamation Lawsuits

by | Apr 19, 2022 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.

    Hours after we initially reported on the possibility of Infowars filing for bankruptcy, Alex Jones’ InfoWars on Sunday filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protection in the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas as a result of the defamation lawsuits filed against Jones and his company by the parents of victims killed in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.

    As we just noted, attorneys for Jones have claimed that the defamation lawsuit was filed as part of a strategy to silence Jones’ free speech on matters of public interest.

    “[T]his suit is only the latest in Plaintiffs’ efforts to silence those who openly oppose their very public ‘herculean’ efforts to ban the sale of certain weapons, ammunition and accessories, to pass new laws relating to gun registration and to limit free speech,” Jones’ lawyers said in a motion to dismiss the suit filed earlier this month.

    Chapter 11 bankruptcy procedures are often used by companies (California utility PG&E is one memorable example, Oxycontin maker Purdue Pharmaceuticals is another) to pause civil litigation matters and allow companies to prepare turnaround plans while continuing to operate.

    Jones has already offered to personally pay $120K to each of the families involved in the lawsuit to settle it, but his offer has been rejected.

    It appears Infowars is already in a precarious financial state, as filings submitted Sunday listed its estimated assets in the range of $0-$50,000 and estimated liabilities in the range of $1 million to $10 million.

    The longtime Infowars host had been slapped with default judgments in Connecticut and Texas after he failed to turn over financial information and other documents, which his legal team denounced as a “collections action” and a “fishing expedition.”

    In March, Jones appeared for a deposition rather than pay hefty fines, after lawyers representing the families of Sandy Hook shooting victims sought his arrest for skipping a court-ordered deposition.

    A Connecticut trial to determine the size of damages Jones faces has yet to take place.

    As Reuters reminds us, the lawsuits stem from comments Jones made that the twenty children and six school employees who were shot dead at the school in Newtown, Connecticut, were actually fabricated by gun-control advocates and the mainstream media in a conspiracy to suppress 2nd Amendment rights.


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      1. It pays to make sure you’re speaking truth when you make serious, and seriously offensive, accusations against others.

        And to be sure you can present the proof of what you claim in court.

        Jones may be entertaining, but I don’t take anything he says seriously without investigating his claims first, they’re almost always misleading in one way or another but usually have at least some aspect of real news behind them to look for.

        • If, if you could match those photos by computer — of crisis actors who travel from event to event — could you present the proof of what you claim in court?

          • There’s a whole bunch of strangeness surrounding Sandy Hook. Seems like Jones should be able to put together enough facts to sway an impartial jury.

            I simply can’t get over that “parent” laughing on camera before switching to full “sh*t show”.

            • Jones didn’t even show up in court to present anything last I heard. Just ignored it, maybe hoping it would go away if he did.

              Take him seriously and act on it and you’ll end up like Edgar Welch.

              • Although Jones had arguably been compromised in many instances, saying that, since he cooperated, he was allowed to express *some truth, I don’t believe that the jury or administration would be impartial. I would like it to come out, repeatedly, how he had been co-opted, so was under duress.

                Post de-industrialization, 2/3 of prospective jurors are going to be law enforcement involved. Maybe, 1 out of 25 people performs some kind of productive labor. The remaining 24 hangars-on will make choices like Pavlovian dogs, especially in the court of public opinion. They will not bite the hand that feeds them and go feral; they will drool to the sound of a bell.

                • You’re aware this was a civil suit for real damages, not a criminal prosecution?

        • So true!

      2. Sandy hoax!

      3. Good! Fuck him. I hope he ends up living on the streets. Piece of shit.

        • I see by your response
          that you are keeping things
          classy as usual Darwin.
          Well done.

          • Go fuck thyself. Classy enough for ya?

        • SAME TO YOU DARWIN YOU FAKE! Seems your regime has you already living on the streets you homeless piece of shit!

          • Ah, more completely rational thoughts from one of the mental midgets here. Dynamite drop-in there jesus. Shouldn’t you get back to your carpentry job?

        • The state-within-the-state is what ‘they’ hate.

          None of these public personalities are ever going to bring you to the point of:
          formal redress of grievances
          free-and-clear ownership of the means of production

      4. Alex Jones did a lot of good in waking people up to geopolitics and the bigger narratives (new world order, the role of the UN, nutrition, secret state etc.) but he lost the plot when he started to peddle lies to get more ratings.

      5. Who fucking cares!

      6. He’s just another fool playing co-intel (working for the government) to make any conspiracy look like it came from the mind of a paranoid sensationalist nut.

        Mixes truth with lies and makes alot of money doing so. Most likely a freemason imo somebody has the job of exposing the truth in plain sight. Files bankruptcy but shall continue to operate like nothing happened watch.

      7. The war against the Bill of Rights continues. We have had a stolen election and medical tyranny. Jones was significant in getting Donald Trump elected president. They destroyed him just like they did to Roger Stone and his sick and invalid wife. What’s left of this country is in big big trouble.

        • You are a fucking moron. That is all.

      8. What…like orchestrating, filming, and filling the air with propaganda is beyond our (s)elected officials?
        Or maybe something this ‘terrible’ would never be fabricated out of thin air and to EVEN question it is simply repugnant.

        By comparison, covid is a much more massive psyop though sloppier and seemingly hastily assembled.

      9. God Bless Alex Jones!

      10. Marcy and Darwin should fuck. Might loosen up the angries.

        • I wouldn’t fuck Marcy with YOUR tiny, little pecker. She’s every bit as fucking psychotic and moronic as the rest of you idiots. You can fuck all the way off now. Thanks.

      11. You don’t have to believe any theories that anyone proposes. You would be wise though to examine evidence that is shown, ever-bearing in mind that any evidence can be fabricated and in the procedures of court cases they very well may be. When you see empty shelves in your local stores, it would seem logical that other pictures you see from somewhere else are probably also true. When you see millions of people mysteriously dying and you have read that the elites want to kill billions of people, well put two and two together. When you see events happening that were written about by the very same people that have the power, influence and will to carry out those events, then a pattern develops that allows you to see the big picture. Observe actions taken by people more than what they say. If they do fall in sync then they are probably telling the truth even though it’s for nefarious purposes.

      12. Sandy Hoax. An obvious hoax.

        The hoaxters should be in prison.

        • “topicgirl”. An idiot. An obvious idiot. This idiot should be prevented from procreating.

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