Inflicting ‘Social Justice’ on Gun Rights and Wages

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    As of this writing, it has barely been 24 hours since President Trump instructed the DOJ (Department of Justice) to ban “bump stocks,” the modification that enables a semiautomatic rifle to fire rounds at a rate of fire similar to that of a fully-automatic weapon. The Democrats already have hundreds of pages of proposed legislation to ban different types of weapons. This current directive of the President (via Presidential “Memorandum”) is heinous in the fact that it is yet completely undefined.

    Nobody knows what “modifications” will be covered in a document banning them. The fact remains that it could be so loosely interpreted as to encompass any part or accessory not made by the manufacturer and included with the original firearm. This attack on firearms has been incremental and not unexpected: nobody thought the Democrats would cease their efforts with the current administration in office.

    Then again, who would have thought an American President would cave in so readily at the behest of the liberal gun-grabbers and the “court of public opinion” on this matter?

    I have written in numerous articles that the paradigm shift will continue to move to the left. It is taking a “breather” with the current administration…but society is still moving toward socialism in thought and action (termed “community”) as well as groupthink and redistribution of wealth (termed “social justice”). It’s not just the guns.  There are other sectors that are rapidly moving in this direction.

    In 2011, the Obama regime had one good thing that it put into place. The Department of Labor upheld that wages earned by waitresses, waiters, and other service people who are employed as bellhops, bartenders, and room service attendants…these people were entitled to keep their tips.

    And why not? In the United States, is not a worker entitled to what they earn? Well, not anymore.

    The Trump administration has approved of a DOL rule change that would make it mandatory for service people to share tips with others who do not directly interact with the customers being served. Sharing the wealth. Yes, this is now to include people who were forbidden to take any tips by law unless the server agreed to it, such as cooks, groundskeepers, and others. In addition, it is being ruled that employers now “own” the tips. Exit free enterprise, and time to crush another group of people and distribute the wealth.

    You would have thought that Obama made this rule change and the President made the one in 2011, that’s how diametrically opposed to one another these rules are.

    Now “tip pooling” that had previously been only able to be done with the consent of the employees can now be forced.  This will also bring more income “into the light” for taxes. There’s another insidious vampire lurking in the wings…another “partner,” so to speak, on the stage to “craft” the demise of the tip: The National Restaurant Association. When this rule goes through, wage theft, overtime theft, and tip theft will run rampant…and the National Restaurant Association will benefit from the thefts (soon to be labeled as “appropriations” …the whole thing is termed a “rescission” under the Color of Law “reforms”) by the added income to restaurant owners that will trickle to them.

    Oh, and the new rule would benefit the President: he would be able to keep and profit from his employees’ tips in all the different business that he owns.

    But that’s O.K., as it’s the new paradigm, as illustrated by an article on the matter that you can read in it’s entirety here: Trump Is About to Make Tip-Pooling Legal Again. Here’s What That Means for Restaurant Workers

    And here’s an excerpt from one of the “prominents” of the restaurant industry, showing the new, politically-correct (and Socialist) thought that “must” govern tipped workers:

    “Service comes from the entire restaurant,” says Dan Rafalin, managing partner at Avroko Hospitality Group, which owns and runs restaurants like Saxon and Parole and Genuine Roadside in New York City. “We believe that the cooks are part of the service experience and customer experience. We all come to work and we are in it together.”

    Thanks, Daniel Rafalin! We’re in it together…so why aren’t you sharing your salary and the profits from your lovely organization with the employees? Why?

    It is anent control, dominion, and redistribution of the wealth…to make everyone poor…everyone will wear the same uniform, have the same wage, and suffer under the same burden of taxes and profligate spending of those funds by politicians. It is all about exempting themselves and placing the burden on the citizens.

    First, we have “flying monkey” Cruz with his perfectly-timed rampage that so conveniently sets up “changes” in existing firearms laws, and next, they’re doing more to place everyone on the same treadmill at exactly the same rates…the community collective…the group hive. The ones who “craft” the laws are fine with all of it: they are not subject to the laws themselves. They’ll continue to take the money…the worthless fiat currency that supports the phony, artificial system…that collapses eventually in the design of Cloward and Piven.

    When they take the firearms, it will be a different matter. The “turtle and the scorpion,” and when that turtle takes the scorpion across the river, the scorpion will sting him. He must: he’s a scorpion. When they remove the firearms, just wait and see what they’ll do next. Want a preview? Read “The Gulag Archipelago” by Solzhenitsyn, and you’ll understand how it will be…if we allow it to happen.  The odds are that nothing will be done…by us:

            “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”  – Animal Farm by George Orwell


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      1. “With liberty and justice for all”, “all men are created equal”, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. No mention of fairness! “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” (central maxim for Marxism). No mention of fairness! (Progressive income tax). To achieve “fairness” would require continuous surveillance of all the people and the forced redistribution of wealth. It would always be made on someone’s idea of “what is fair”. “White privilege” and “slave reparations” lead to wealth redistribution. No system of government has ever claimed to be “fair” and proven to be right.

        • Hey Geri, whatever happened with that emp from NKorea? And martial law from jade helm? I’m still waiting for it.

      2. They may get the Firearms, but that will be after the fight…

        • Most people, almost all of them, will surrender rather than face the almost certain death or imprisonment that will result from fighting.

          The rest will just be dead and examples to others about resisting.

        • The only guns that will be confiscated will be those of the ones who stop shooting…

      3. Jesus H, WTF, WTF is going on with this god damned doomed nation we call home? I can tell you, I have worked in the service industries and tended bar and waited tables…I will god damned if I am willingly going to give anyone my tip money that I busted my ass for literally and my back hurts to the point I can hardly move but I am now expected to give Juan and Jose a cut of the money I bused ass to earn?? NO fucking way you fucks. And Trump better get his head out of his dumb ass or he will definitely be a 1-hit wonder period. Gov’t sucks folks, they are the true CRIMINALS. They really expect us to help further support these people, really? If they want tips, get a damn job where tips are normally earned. My God, this is such a bunch of complete bullshit and it’s so damn typical Gov’t has come up with this garbage of a so called idea.
        I hope the absolute failure, melt-down start like yesterday! Screw it, this country is so jacked up the ass it is just unreal people.

      4. Exactly right. In 15 years we won’t recognize this land as individual rights will continue to be abolished, and the US becomes a totalitarian hellhole.

        • Make that: totalitarian Shithole…

      5. Pay the tip not as a tip, but as a gift. You can gift one person up to $10,000 a year. On a receipt, write this is a gift not a tip. If the business owner tries to take the gift it is theft.

      6. Let them ban whatever they want to. Doesn’t mean I (or we) have to follow unconstitutional legislations. Such fools one of the two groups are. Either we (I’ll call us the ‘good guys’) are willing to just sit back and bitch and let our rights be taken away while the others (the bad guys) will cause a country to be helpless against governmental or foreign aggression. Or, we demand a stop to insanity and insist our laws are upheld, enforced or the price for illegal unlawful behavior will be enacted. And by demand I mean physical action(s) are taken to make these idiots STFU.

        • Heartless, agreed. I made my decision to start disregarding unconstitutional laws on the day I saw Mt. Carmel going up in flames on the boob tube {WACO}. I had started leaning in that direction when Ruby Ridge took place. Waco was the straw that broke this camel’s back. Ever since Waco I’ve been carrying around certain self-defense items in the truck with me everywhere I go. They’re probably illegal to carry but I don’t care about legality. I care about surviving a life-or-death situation with whatever mofos I encounter and I won’t be thinking about any LAWS. I live by a set of rules called THE BILL OF RIGHTS AND NOTHING ELSE.

          • Thus comes the battle cry (courtesy of L. Neil Smith): “NO MORE WACOS!!!”

      7. So the federal minimum wage for workers will never go up. It sounds more like capitalism for the select few and peanuts for the common people or socialism lite.

        • “It sounds more like capitalism for the select few…”

          Thats crony capitalism. We haven’t had capitalism in some time.

          • Kevin, when I hire a man, I pay a high rate. $50/hr. usually. But, for that I expect 100% of each hour to be worked doing what I say, when I say, how I say. Nothing less. If he even looks at his phone/mobile device, he’s fired the second I see it happen. His life and what he thinks most important had goddamn well better be the job. Nothing else. If a man is not worth that sum I’m paying, I fire him. If he has some potential, I’ll hire or might hire him much cheaper and hope that someday he’ll attain the value and skill(s) I require. If not, I look for another. Minimum wage? There should be no such thing. If someone does not want to work for me for what I offer him – get lost is my answer.

      8. The president is like a stick up in the river. The current moves effortlessly around him and we continue as a nation to pulled to the waterfall just ahead…

        The sheeple will wake up a day late and be a dollar short…

        Americans not longer desire freedom. Freedom implies effort and they can’t be bothered…

        I see my few friends and I making our stand some day against any of a number of scenarios…

        no man lives forever but I do guarantee one hell of a finale!!!

        I believe that they may actually believe confiscation could actually be on the table? If so there’s no brooking that…

        No you may say Americans will just smile and roll over… maybe some, but no one I know will…
        For that Constitution would have to go away… that’s war plain and simple…

        There’s a pretty good number of vets and neighbors I have come to know that will go to war over this…

        The biggest fear I have is the boiling frog syndrome…

      9. “Americans not longer desire freedom. Freedom implies effort and they can’t be bothered…”

        That is a very accurate statement. Freedom won’t be taken from the population. It will be found on the floor at the feet of an American who dropped it and was too adsorbed in self to pick it up.

        • Lack of will to apply effort is the effect, not the cause; rather, a greater reason is people have been dumbed-down. People will generally consciously act in their own behalf if they correctly know the facts and are able to think about them in a critical manner. Today, especially for the millennial generation, this is not so with only some exceptions. This is not by accident; TPTB want an unquestioning complaint population only intelligent enough to do their jobs and function in society. I can state unequivocally they despise a thinking and independent-minded society.
          The Dept. of Education (a tool of TPTB) year after year, decade after decade, keeps creating and placing into effect one failed program after another. When state and local school boards see the abysmal results of mandatory implemented federal education policy they want change; the fed. gov’t then mandates another program until that one become obvious there is no progress. It goes on and on. The average student achievement today is lower than in 1963. When the results show academic failure new official methods of measuring achievement are used to show otherwise. Meanwhile, untold billions and billions have been spent, the effect – dumber people.
          “Tip pooling” is just another contrived method to “share the wealth”, but this idea mainly applies to the middle class and working people. Ask all the leftist Hollywood actors making 20 million dollars a movie to share the wealth with all those names in the movie credits, ask all the liberal congressman and senators to share all the millions and millions in lobby money with their constituents, ask all the so-called civil rights organizations who supposedly protect the us from all the “inherent” social injustice to share with their millions and millions they have hidden in foreign accounts. Oh sorry, you weren’t supposed to know all this.
          TPTB use all the tools including propaganda, intentionally damaging policy, high taxation, onerous rules and regulations, gradual destruction of rights, the MSM for controlling public opinion, contrived legalities, NGO’s, big Pharma, and more to bring about their goals; when this does not achieve those goals satisfactorily, they will of course resort to FORCE.

          • “People will generally consciously act in their own behalf if they correctly know the facts and are able to think about them in a critical manner.”

            This requires “connecting dots”. I’m over 60 and have read many books over three decades to self educate regarding the real world. It requires effort. My formal education of US history was spotty, rudimentary at best. The youth today have the internet. The only excuse for not knowing is being intellectually lazy.

            • The history currently taught in schools is unrecognizable as American history. I had an opportunity to see and read through my grandkid’s books (elementary school) and I didn’t recognize any of the persons presented as main players in shaping our history. The persons populating the book were all manner of minor players but they did represent all the segments of the populace that the Left believes is under represented in American society past and present.

              There were few notations of principal players—nearly footnotes. My son and his wife take great care in teaching the kids the real thing; the kids might as well be home schooled with the education attention given them. The kids are very well spoken and have a good grasp on how things actually stand.

              I truly wish I was exaggerating what their textbooks contain. However, Common Core has filtered into nearly all schools. Oh,yeah, their math homework was equally strange. No one should wonder why youth graduate with poor skills.

      10. I don’t think of “Gun Rights”, I think of guns protecting rights. An armed civilian population gets a level of respect from government that isn’t afforded to the unarmed. You can guarantee that the thought of potentially armed civilians has had a moderating effect upon government action. The firearms needed not be used, just their potential was necessary to obtain, “We better think about that”. The labor movement of the 1930s, the civil rights movement and Vietnam protests of the 1960s had government use dogs, clubs and water cannon (generally with few exceptions) than more deadly tools available. The thought of millions of armed civilians was the social MAD upon the system.

        • Democracy is like two wolves and a sheep deciding what is for dinner !

          The second amendment is where the “sheep” is armed, thus equalizing the situation.

          This is from a quote by “JimS” on ZH

          • I have two small plastic toy wolves and one sheep sitting in plain view on the mantle of my fireplace.

            just sitting there.

            when people ask about why they’re there, I get a teachable moment.

            most “get it” when i explain it this way. 🙂

        • Yup, you think the leftist problem we have now is bad, can you imagine what it would be like if we had no guns?

      11. I have been watching Shake Shacks stock since they banned tipping … It was 37.56/ -1.16 around noon.
        They don’t really interest me … just curious because they are one of the chains setting the no tipping precedence
        It’s seems like I remember an article saying wait staff got 1.50 /hr raise plus 13% commission for pimping roadkill of the day items … or something along those lines. That hardly seems fair compensation unless you were really shitty waiter. IDK
        How’s that work?

      12. Then why should I work.


        You clearly do not socially value it. Quite the opposite in fact. And you’re going to have it your way eventually.

        We should (labor) strike. Fuck ’em.

        • Mhmmm
          Producers saying screw it,,,
          I went from growing and providing to a few markets over 65,000# of kale a year,
          I stopped in 15 and haven worked since,, screw em, i got plenty for me n the family

      13. Whenever I can, I put the tip directly in the waitress’s hand and tell her to put it in her pocket.

        Golden Corral is one of the restaurants that takes all the waitress tips and divide them up among all the waitresses, good and bad. I don’t like that at all. So I hardly ever go there. I haven’t been since last year.

      14. Taking tip money from waiters and waitresses is equivalent to selling your mother to human traffickers so they can prostitute her! What is the world coming to???

      15. Pooling tips is a form of communism that destroys the waiter/waitress’ incentive to provide good service.
        The lousy server makes the same money as the good server, so in the end, you will end up with lousy service everywhere.
        Archivist has the solution. Give the tip in cash as a gift.
        And make sure they know that.

      16. The working class are being taxed into poverty while the free loaders that have never paid a dime in taxes are receiving benefits galore,and are actually living better than a lot of the working class..I know several people in my area that draw SSI,get food stamps,reduced rent,heating vouchers,free cellphone,and work on the side for cash,plus receive enough pain and nerve pills each month from their doctor to kill a full grown elephant..They will sell a thousand dollars or more worth of their pills each month to go along with all the other benefits they receive..I never thought I would live to see the day that it actually didn’t pay to work,but that day is certainly here..

      17. How you feel about riding a gravy train depends on whether you are a passenger or shoveling the coal.

      18. I too put tips directly into the waitress’s hand when no one is looking. When I was young there was a time when I survived by waitressing. I got no salary. I got no free food (everyone thinks restaurants always provide employees with free meals or bags of leftovers). I was expected to live off my tips. Tip money put the food on my table. Harassing people who depend on tips is just cruelty. I did have a friend who waitered in a fancy steak house. He told me he had to pay bribe money to the hostess, bus boy and cook, so that they would not screw him. For example, if he didn’t pay a bribe to the cook, his table’s meals would be slow to arrive, the food would be cold or poorly prepared. But at least he had the power to negotiate with these people — his tips weren’t forcibly taken from him and given to the other employees.

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