Industry Insider Warns: America Is A Tinderbox And Multiple Matches Could Set It On Fire: “We’ve Obviously Got A Major Financial Crisis Brewing”

by | Oct 2, 2016 | Headline News | 121 comments

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    Over the last month we’ve seen financial markets around the world rattled. Just this past week a bank that is considered to be one of the pillars of the global financial system was revealed to be in dire straights and so deep in debt that it is likely insolvent. Billionaires that include legendary investor Warren Buffet have existed broader stocks and are now sitting on the sidelines waiting for the next leg down. And even U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump, in a debate with rival Hillary Clinton, warned that a single misstep by America’s central bank could lead to a devastating crash.

    In the following interview K92 Mining President Bryan Slusarchuk echoes these sentiments and explains that a confluence of economic, financial, monetary and geo-political events have left us in a position that is significantly more dangerous than at any time in recent history.

    We’ve obviously got a major financial crisis brewing… And people are now putting Deutsche Bank in the same sentence as Lehman Brothers… People are starting to realize that we might be in trouble like we were in 2008. However, the central bankers and the big national governments don’t have the same ammunition now that they had then to deal with the financial crisis…

    At the same time we’ve got a confluence of negative events… Not only are things downright scary in terms of the financial crisis that’s on our doorstep, but we’ve also got these huge geo-political tensions all over the world… Everyday you look at a different headline as to a deepening mistrust between the U.S. and Russia… You’ve got the North Korean situation… you’ve got the quagmire that is the middle east… and you’ve got domestic terrorism in all sorts of countries that 20 years ago it would have been unthinkable… It’s a difficult situation out there.

    Watch the full interview via SGT Report:

    Click here to learn more about Bryan Slusarchuk and his company K92 Mining

    Visit SGT Report for more interview like the one you just watch. 


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      1. Everyone get everything you need like yesterday. I’m still stacking and praying. I’ve even got one of the family coming with a trailer to move more supplies to the BOL for me. Last week of this month looks like BUGOUT for me, if not sooner.

        • Its a great time to be alive. The “Perfect Storm”means that life is plastic. Put your stamp on it !!! 🙂

          • Yeah, with all the chaos whether it’s in progress or potential, I think unless the entire global leadership suddenly has a kumbaya moment, there’s gonna be some nasty shit settin off. The author spelled it out as good as can be. If Trump even looks like he’ll be elected, I’m afraid of what tptb has in store. If he does get elected its almost a given that there’ll be rioting and not just blacks but Hispanics because of immigration, which I don’t understand seeing how there are a lot of other ethnic illegals that will probably go as well. The free shit army will probably get off their lazy asses and raise hell, if for nothing else probably because having the thought of actually having to get a job will not sit well with them. The FED will more than likely raise interest rates as a welcoming gift, you know, just to help out in giving him an easy start ?. If Clinton wins she’ll finish the job Barry started. So yea, I’m pretty optimistic about the near future.
            Stay quiet Be smart

            • I’m ready, GOT your BOL in order?

              Day dreamers, keep fiddling. LMFAO!!


              • Haiti is about to get hammered by Hurricane Matthew. Expecting 11 ft storm surges, and from 2 feet of rain up to 40 inches. Looks like it will whack the east coast of FL now too.

                Map of tracking:
                ht tp://


                • It’s funny when SHTF in Haiti that black lives matter is nowhere to be found and whitey has to do all the heavy lifting

                  • Everything BLM screws up, whites have to clean up. Go figure.

                • Maybe the Clinton Cartel, I mean Foundation can assist Haiti, like they did with the earthquake. They had a love of Haiti and the Haitian people- OOOOOHHHHHH, such love ! Millions was donated by American citizens, even put on credit cards, promoted and collected by George W. and Bill (Rapist) Clinton. Where is the money? Squandered on phony contracts, cancelled contracts, friends and relatives, poor quality work and in general another scam by the Clintons to pay themselves and friends. The Haitian people were almost literally shit upon. Millions of dollars unaccounted for with no assistance to the people. Shacks built for medical assistance, a woman’s center or two then nothing. Do the investigating with various American watchdog organizations- they have the truth..

            • The contagion spreads…
              Many don’t realize that the finances and economies of the world are so interconnected.

              In this mornings news…
              European Banks Cutting 20,000 Jobs as ING Joins Commerzbank

              “European banks are preparing a fresh round of bloodletting — with some 20,000 jobs set to go — as tougher rules and negative interest rates weigh on profits.

              ING Groep NV will slash 5,800 positions over five years as it focuses on Internet and mobile banking and automates systems, the Amsterdam-based lender said Monday.

              Last week, Germany’s Commerzbank AG disclosed plans to cut 9,600 jobs, while Spain’s Banco Popular Espanol SA said it will eliminate as many as 3,000 posts after tapping investors for funds. “

              ht tp://

        • Some Deutsche Bank Clients Unable To Access Cash Due To “IT Outage”

          “Deutsche Bank suffered a further blow to its image over the weekend with a third alleged “IT outage” in the space of a few months on Saturday, that prevented some customers getting access to their money for a short time: “Customers can not access their cash because it is blocked”, a customer complained to Germany’s Handelsblatt.”

          ht tp://

            • We would like to assure all of our clients this is a technical situation that should be resolved momentarily. Thank you in advance for your patience and your continued loyalty as our customer. LOL.

          • “Blocked”….is THAT what they are calling insolvency now?

            • Another Gold Miners Sgt Report. Gold and Silver will rise when they are damn good and ready to make it climb. Sit tight and watch the show.. Keep buying on the dips. Silver could be $28.50 by Dec, when this all implodes.

              ~WWTI… Like the guy says, Brutal correction in the Mining stocks. Told you mining stocks are way over priced. The mining stock bubble is deflating and they are getting their clocks cleaned.

              ONLY BUY Physical Gold and Silver. Paper IOU stocks can be reduced to nothing. Common Sense. K2 mining, paid $200 Million and still have not even produced a single once of Gold. Fools GOLD!!

              • I wonder if “IT outages” like this this will start bank runs in Germany. The two largest banks in Germany are in terrible condition.

                The standard in Germany is that (nearly) EVERYONE is paid by “direct deposit”, so the banks have access to the peoples money. There are also daily limits on withdrawals in most banks.

              • What you need to know about the Deutsche Bank crisis today

                “What investors are finally realizing is that Deutsche Bank is insolvent…”

                “Deutsche has astounding leverage of 40 times. Leverage is the proportion of debts that a bank has compared with its equity/capital. That means Deutsche has 40 times more debt than equity/capital.

                Remember, Lehman Bros. was only 31 times leveraged when it imploded in 2008.”

                “Plus, Deutsche has more than $72 trillion of risky derivatives exposure. Derivatives are the complex financial instruments that cratered the global economy in 2008.

                Deutsche Bank’s derivatives exposure is four times the size of the entire EU economy. And it acts as a counterparty to virtually every major bank in the world, across almost all asset classes.”

                The Crux
                (link below)

              • Yes! This is good advice! So many people laughed at me these past 10 years, and I just let it slide down my back. Now it’s time to pay the Piper…Ha! And we all know that it takes TIME to get all of our “Stuff” together, organized, and ready for the coming “Storm.” I just love ‘Poetic Justice.’ And yes, I do get comfort from my “hardware” and KJV Bible. —Tommy S

        • Monsanto on trial Friday, October 14, 2016 at The Hague, Neatherlands; by an International set of twelve judges for ecocide.

          This may be more symbolic than anything but it is very important. Guidelines from the United Nations regarding crimes and whether or not ecocide is chargeable as genocide.

          There is an extensive article by Ocean Robbins (Robbins Ice Cream family deserter and co-founder, with his Dad, of “The Food Revolution”.

          Mac, I think this article is worthy of review. Perhaps you could check out the website at “The Food Revolution”.


        • Glad to see your Plan coming together Brave, glad you acted. Some here just talk BS and day dream. Ya Can’t fake prepping can ya?

          ~WWTI… Can’t fake a BOL, or a bug out plan either.

      2. Braveheart; Aren’t you gonna stick around for the election?

        • if it was gonna make a DIFFERENCE, they wouldn’t let us vote.

          • Gun-Show Customers’ License Plates Come Under Scrutiny

            “Federal agents enlisted local police to scan cars’ plates at (gun) shows’ parking lots.”

            “Federal agents have persuaded police officers to scan license plates to gather information about gun-show customers, government emails show, raising questions about how officials monitor constitutionally protected activity.”

            ht tp://

      3. Industry Insider Warns: America Is A Tinderbox And Multiple Matches Could Set It On Fire: “We’ve Obviously Got A Major Financial Crisis Brewing”

        The Powder Keg is 100% Full & expanding some a ‘tad bit more before it implodes.

        ‘Shush … and keep quiet … don’t let the sheep know what is going on … they won’t listen anyways.

        Sit back … grab a drink & a smoke and enjoy the festivities ツ

        Do it right … do it FTW Style — drink some ? … play with some ? or spank your ? … then catch some ? … then hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

        • If Hillary s selected, she won’t fiddle with matches, she will break out the flame thrower, and torch the joint.


      4. Jim in VA, if I stay in Memphis on Election Day, I may be screwed. If Trump wins, BLM and the rest of the libturd scum will riot that same night. Best for me to get out EARLY. Ever since I got the BOL arrangement 3-and-a-half years ago I’ve been making numerous trips delivering preps and other supplies there. I’ve been busting my ass to make myself a new home there. I’m not about to throw that away by staying in town to watch the ‘free shit army’ and other leftists destroying this town which they’ll try their best to do. If martial law is declared, I’ll already be at the BOL in a much better and more survivable situation.

        • Good luck, I’m just staying in Casper; a known hotbed of radical liberals. (You know people that only own 4-5 guns)

          • Anyone attempting to use a handgun in my area … automatically becomes a useless tool for them.

            Hand Guns/Shot Guns/ Uzi/Sub Machine Guns will not work.

            Best to have at least a .308 to take me down with a high quality scope. Only possible way to take down FTW!

            Can’t take me down? … good for me … more “game” for me to haul to my fire pit!

            • Moltov cocktail 3AM on your roof top, will pretty much do you in. Then in your confusion, they shoot you with a handgun, when you try to escape the fire. How far away is the fire dept from your house? Many are delusional, how this will go down.

              ~WWTI… Never use your house as a Bunker, when Invaders come, you want to get out of your house quickly, have access to many weapons outside your house. You can defend your house better being outside and in the shadows. Hold up in your house??, they will just burn it to the ground in spite of you.

              Same when on the road and you have to pull off the road to rest. Its is best to get a lawn chair and sit in the shadows say 30 yards away, and take a nap. Thieves will target your car either way. It will be easier to shoot them from the shadows 30 yards away, than sitting in your vehicle, like a duck, trying to shoot out at them.

              • I would say a .308 with a scope will reach out further then most can throw a cocktail(by a long shot,pun intended).You do though especially in a home/cabin/rv what have you need others to be on watch/alarms/geese,you get the idea,a early warning system.You running solo would sleep outside of home zone if poss.,a bit defeating but does put you in a good place if you have unwanted visitors.I would also say a few safe supply caches in case home does get torched though at that point you have large crowds probably and way beyond time to move on.

                • Amen War.
                  I worked with some golfers.
                  Said I could hit a 400 yard shot.
                  They freaked, then I said you just aim 2 clicks on your scope to compensate.

                  Sure messed with thier minds, like some here…

                  • Then the golfers said, shut up kid and go fetch my clubs. lol


                  • WhoWTFKnows:

                    You’re such a turdlicker.

                    eppe has more class in his pinkie finger than you got in yr whole damn fat ass.


                  • COMMENTING POLICY: “…We ask that the conversation remain CIVIL … disparagement of people will not be tolerated in the comments section on this site”.


                    • Yes.

                      Sometimes it’s hard to keep up.

                  • Eppe

                    Things are heating up my friend. It is good to see you and others on here. I took a break for awhile. Probably still will.

                    WWTI you are worthless and someone who would turn there back and run in a foxhole. I have known types like you many times. You hurt the cause. You break up teams. You would be the last I would want in any group. You talk your bs. Some of it is good advice but coming from you is bs because you will be alone. You can sit off in the distance by yourself but no one can make it alone unless they have no contact with others. The other thing about you is that you are a spineless computer warier. You talk a good game but that is all it is through a key board. You cause people to leave this site. You cause preppers not to want to post all because you are a ego maniac. Types like you are generally pee wee hermons with a key board. With little pee wee’s too lol
                    You are the worst kind of prepper. The keyboard prepper. One that causes trouble with an occasional decent peace of advice. You are no ones team mate, friend, or helper. You are all about you behind your little key board. That is because you cannot be anything in person.
                    I wish you no harm but people like you always fail in the end. I have been too many places and seen to many things to not point out to others what needs to be said.
                    I once gave you crap for the fun of it and told you I was your daddy. If I ever do meet you you still need a spanking lol. Because you cause argument and dissent everywhere you go.

                    WWTI the truth is finally out there now. I try not to do this to anyone in public forums but the time has come to make an exception for you.

                    This is your daddy speaking. Have a great day!

                    • I rarely come to this site anymore. There is some great info but there are a few jerks on here and I’ve got enough of them in real life!

                      Agree with everything you said, WWTI cause division and couldn’t work well in a team.

                      When I do come read, I don’t read his comments.

              • WWTI

                The Molotov Cocktail is a serious weapon and it is hard to defend against multiple attacks. It can be used for an external attack or internal attack on a structure.
                Also you can throw a few unlit bottles out first to break and spread the liquid. Then throw one lit one to ignite all the fuel. Producing the WUMP effect. A crowd might quickly dissolve.
                Depending on if the attacker wants to be able to get your supplies or just kill you. Kind of a last resort as the attacker could lose everything by burning the whole hose down. Molotov’s are more effective if you know how to make them correctly.

                Otherwise, insure you have plenty of ABC fire extinguishers.

                • I was thinking about filling some green wine bottles with gas, corking them, and hanging them up in the trees out by, and above by my first locked gate to my property.

                  If needed I could rip off a few incendiary tracers into the wine bottles and it would create the “Woof” sound and scare the shit out of intruders who thought this was an easy target to hit. As the ignited gas goes flying in every direction on them and their vehicle. They would never make it to the 2nd gate and have to go change their underware. More surprises at the 2nd gate and fence line, OPSEC, I could tell ya but then I’d have to kill ya. lol

                  When doing a master security plan for your BOL, you also have to think what objects would someone hide behind for cover and concealment from you? Like a big rock. You can also hide these gas filled bottles next to that big rock. So if they came and started shooting at you from behind the rock, then hit the bottle, for it to explode, then as they try to escape the fireball, shoot them. Yes this can also apply to gun grabbers coming to inspect, looters, golden hoards, locusts. Fire is the Great Force Multiplier. As Defense and Offense. I was a Firefighter and know a lot of fire tricks as a weapon.

                  Go take a Brace drill, and drill a 2 inch circle hole into the side of a house about 10 inches deep so it breaches the inside wall. Siphon a few gallons of gas in the hole then followed by a lit road flare at 3AM. Woof!!!

                  If all there is, between you and the public road, is a thin door and deadbolt, you are not in a safe area. Your goal is to make it as close to impossible for anyone to even get on your property, let alone even make up to your house at night to throw an incendiary device even close to your house. There are NO 2nd chances in SHTF.

                  Go walk the perimeter of your property, and look for access points, where intruders will most likely come. Harden those areas first. Then on to the rest of the access points. Put up barbed wire. (Devils Rope) as it was called in WW1. Sure they can cut it, but it will slow them down. Put some tin cans and rocks hanging on the barbed wire for an alert alarm system. Security comes in many layers. Get busy.

                  ~WWTI… Or just keep fiddling, living in the burbs all on the grid, with no weapons, no plan, and hunker down like a clown.

                  • Wtti, lol,god hate to tell you anything,BUT,don’t forget propane tank,duck tape ballbearing’s,elmers glue with leaves.Run it up to the tree top helio’s gone!
                    Be well all!
                    Maniac — out

                  • WWTI

                    Tracers to ignite gasoline filled bottles. That is a new twist for me.
                    If an intruder ever fell down in my yard he would look like an old IBM punch card. That is if he is able to get himself off the ground. Should they run for cover. That is where the real nasties are hidden.
                    You can be nice and use straight nails. I prefer dry wall screws with the board staked deep into the ground.
                    Pointy little bastards are they not? Caltrops to reinforce certain areas.

                    Road flares and a flare gun have their place.

                  • I read all of the macho plans for survival- they all sound good, and would work on a TV or movie set. But in the real world of combat, the invaders are not stupid or Zombies- they are starving, know the end is near and are more or less suicidal, with nothing to loose and everything to gain. Have you ever been in combat- with the tracers tearing up the ground around you or ripping through the little cover you thought you had? Now you have to move, and fast to implement you preconceived ‘first blood’ survival plan. You will not last 24 hours in an open, secured area. Give them the guns, offer to share the food, even cook for them, and ask politely if they will get the hell out, so you can go scavenge for food as they.

              • “~WWTI… Never use your house as a Bunker”

                Strongly agree!

                Few months back, I posted what I had planned out if all of a sudden our country turned into a SHTF scenario.

                My house will be a decoy – I have two temporary bunker stye BOL that I’m able to keep on eye on my home. The third BOL is situated too far away practically in the middle of a wooded, heavily brushed swamp to observe home.

                Technically I’m bugging in – but not where others may think I would be. The “out of nowhere” surprise will not be done to me – it will be the other way around.

              • Yep, I agree, probably a silly question, but going to ask anyway. How would you throw a moltov cocktail? side arm holding the middle of the bottle? heard they can blow before they hit there target….

                • WED

                  Hahahaha! That information is a Trade Secret. Always a chance you screw up and you get the hot end of the stick.

              • MAC, this WWTFK/WWTI anomaly is terrorizing this site, making it an unsafe, unfriendly, and downright dangerous place to be. Please block their IP# and delete all their threatening and stalking posts. Thank you.

                • Whisper,if folks can’t handle W’s bullshit they can’t handle real problems.I am starting to think a govt. troll to waste folks time,so,ignore said troll excepting bad info,.like,well…,freeze dried food only around for 20 years!My guess is as said before since it didn’t say “survival” on it is reason he believes this tripe,folks have been using forms of freeze drying for centuries.

                  Nope,don’t need coddling censors or babysitters,you feel this is a dangerous place you,then need,well…,a safe space!

              • Who is them?

        • Good Idea Brave-

          Fortunately for me … I don’t have to worry about the BLM plague on Election Day … and I’m fortunate that I’m able to work from home 90% of the time per week … but … tomorrow is a new day … new month .. gotta show up at the office early in the morning for the monthly meeting and do the duty.

          Anyhoo – last post for the day … gotta get some rest.

          Be well all … and enjoy what we currently have at the moment.

          Times be a ‘chang’n sheet! ?

        • Braveheart, I’ve read your words many times. And I hope you and all the other good folks make it. But, I caution you – it will do no good to run. Might buy time, that’s it. I allow that ‘time’ is good and on its own is possibly worth making the move. But assumptions kill. There will be nowhere safe. Safety, in the ‘then’ as it is in the ‘now’ is always subject to chance, God’s will, determined efforts – both your’s and any choosing to undermine you – and last, the society of people you make your stand with. All boasting and bragging b.s. I read here and so many other places is just that. B.S. What is coming is going to be in the face hand-to-hand bloody.

          • Heartless, thanks for that. I’ll be leaving EARLY before something happens. Once I get to the BOL that’s where I’ll be for life. Have other family in the same general area and we all have a mutual agreement to come to each other’s aid in case of emergency. I’ll be in the mountains, far enough from any urban area. Eventually some kind of scum will come to our area but they won’t leave alive. I’ll die defending my home if it comes to that. No running for me.

          • That is why we MUST engage on the real front. The CULTURAL war. The vile, evil Saul Alinksy, Antonio Gramsci, the Frankfurt School were all smart enough to know this, why aren’t we?

            I 100% agree that the 2nd Amendment is critical, and fully support it. However, the fascist left simply is doing an end run around that by co-opting the schools, media, entertainment. You then have a million idiot “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters for every thinking, firearm owing American. Good luck with that.

            Self-defense has been enshrined in common law since Blackstone. But the fascist left – same vile people that now claim their are 48 genders or so on Facebook – could care less about historic human freedoms. If you, and I, don’t engage on the level of the PEN, not the sword, we – and humanity – of which the left MURDERED over 100mm last century per the Blackbook of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press – will lose.

            The battle right now now totally non-violent. As Breitbart said before he was murdered, all politics is downstream from culture. Talking about how you are going to defend your BOL is all well and good. But what will you do when the fascists under Hitlery take over the country? You going to shoot down a drone +Hellfire missile? Take out a tank with your 30.06? Better idea: what if there are no soldiers who will SUPPORT Hitlery and her fascists???

            Victor Hugo wrote there is no turning back an idea whose time has come. It is your job, and mine, to prepare the groundwork for those ideas.

            Besides, leftist ideas SUCK. That’s why the have to cheat, like, steal, and kill.

        • Brave, was down in your state(Knoxville area) last week to visit the folks. Didn’t make it down there this past spring like I had hope due to work. Did a lot of riding around the area and listened to some of the conversations in the stores while there. Mostly talking about the (VOLS)wins and nothing about the economy. Like most here in MD., people more interested in sports and whatnot.

          • There are some in the area who are awake, we just don’t talk about it, wink, wink.

      5. Its so bad the local Kmart is closing… looks like a tsunami went through there… all camping and fishing stuff cleaned out.. junk foods gone.. BUT work gloves and boots still there… lol

        • Navyguy the Kmart in Riverton Wy is right across the road from WalMart and they also are closing down for good. Can’t compete with Wallyworld.

          • A Kmart in our area closed recently too.

            Their items were usually priced 15-25% MORE than at Walmart. I am surprised they remained open this long.

            Corelle dishes when marked down 25% were still MORE expensive than at Walmart.

      6. More Y2K bullshit coming down the line tis all.

        • This is the first time the whole world has been at an economic/financial crisis … and you call Y2K bullshit?

          This indeed is very interesting … coming from you PO’d Patriot … this indeed is a surprise from you.

          Not awake … half awake … 100% ignorance?

          Take your pick … non of them are good.

          C’mon dude … you are better than this!

          • Its OK FTW, just good to see you didn’t get hit by the dripping sarcasm. Take care.

            • Yea dude … I did not see the sarcasm in your post – needed to follow it up with a little extra humor I guess.

              Looking at your post again – I see the resemblance of sarcasm coming out between the words – that there is a pretty neat trick you did ツ

              • Thanks, should’a waited till this mourning to post ‘stead of doing it after a 14 hour drive. Alexandria, Rt66 corridor and DC Beltway was a biatch even for a Sunday evening.

      7. There are plenty of people who do not have a clue as to what is happening in our country let alone the world.
        Those who have some knowledge refuse to do anything that would make their hardships easier to endure should a catastrophic event occur. The Political Fiasco before us has left me, less inclined to help others no matter the emergency once it starts. Not going to get involved and be killed as no good deed is left unpunished.
        The majority here have been playing the prepper game for years. I can not believe, a person who is just started preps has enough time to be viable for a long haul in a chaotic time. Maybe with teaming up with others there is a chance. Sill I will say some is better than none.

        • Anon,while late to the party any who start prepping even today have done the hardest part,they have admitted there is a good chance things could go very wrong,the mental hurdle the hardest.They can today take stock of what they have and it’s value in hard times,they can on the cheap start buying some basic larder items/they can get to know there area better regarding in and out routes/local water(treat it!)/ect.

          I encourage any just waking to do this and more,even a tight budget can get some basics,any ?’s on anything ask away,someone here either has a good answer or can point in direction of a good answer,the more awake and even minamally stocked mentally/goods the better.

          I will end this post with a phrase a wise poster here likes a lot(sorry regulars!),”The smalls add up!”

          • Warchild,

            I agree!

            Good advice!

      8. October is historically a bad month for the market. Let’s see what will happen.

      9. I’ve been using herbal remedies for a long time. One of the best first aid products I’ve used is Arnica crème which you can get at most health food stores. It heals bruises, sprains and actually heals broken blood vessels. Arnica reduces pain and swelling from injuries. The brand I use is Boiron Arnicare. This herbal product saved me from going to the emergency room when I seriously injured my knee.

      10. The right time to start is now.

        Depending on your income, available space, your health, and your IQ, etc.,etc.; your ability to prepare is always relative.

        If you are just average, or even if you are below par in some areas, definitely don’t throw up your hands in despair. There is too much to do and no one knows how much time. So cover the basics.

        1. Water
        2. Food
        3. Medicine
        4. Medical Supplies
        5. Seeds (to grow food)
        6. Bag filled with survival stuff to go
        7. Bag with important papers & photos
        8. Bag for every day
        9. Tools
        10. Gardening tools and supplies
        11. Books, Manuals on practical skills
        12. Batteries
        13. Lamps, flashlights
        14. Practical clothing & shoes
        15. Children’s clothing & shoes in all sizes
        16. Wood, nails, screws, hammer, etc.
        17. Plumbing needs covered, snake, plunger
        18. Solar panel / generator
        19. Solar lights for outside
        20. Solar oven
        21. Dehydrator (dehydrate food)
        22. Large pot and rack (water bath) to “can”
        Used for preserving fruit in jars
        23. Pressure cooker to can vegtables & meat
        The All American pressure canner 21 (top choice)
        24. Camping equipment (personal tent can be used inside)
        25. Staying warm in winter. Wood stove. Wood for fireplace.
        26. Blankets, outerwear, umbrella, rain gear
        27. Snow, chains shovel, rock salt
        28. Summer Heat hats, white umbrella, light clothing
        29. Swimming lessons
        30. Life jacket
        31. Fishing pole and gear
        32. Hunting Rifle and ammo
        33. Crossbow or bow & arrows
        34. An armored tank (? Just kidding )
        35. All the stuff I left off

        Get started. Times a wasting.


        • I have #15 in spades. I’m at least two sizes ahead on clothes and shoes for both of my kids. That is more than two years worth because I have petite kids. The 3year old is just now growing out of 18 month clothes 😛

        • B from CA,

          Great basic list!

      11. OMG!


      12. I think it will regress to the stone age. The Native Americans where pretty much stone age. And they had no use or desire for gold. I want useful stuff. Not something I will have to take a risk to try and trade for useful stuff.

        • Old guy, I think at some point, anything worth trading is gonna be a risk all its own. The way things are going it’s probably gonna be harder staying out of someone’s cross hairs than it will be getting food. It’s just my view but with all the divisive rhetoric being spewed from every conceivable angle, there’s gonna be outright pandemonium and if you are alive, you’ll be someone’s enemy. It’s to the point that if you even look at someone, it can get you hurt or worse. I’ve always thought that being prepared and able to go mobile, and know how to do it, will be one of your greatest assets/strengths. People are so misled and angry, when tshtf, anything that moves will be a target. Homocides, suicides, grudges, packs of gangs with loyalty not even to each other will all be the order of the day. Stay away from it.
          Stay quiet Be smart.

          • Yep there are some lawyers I would love to get in my sights. In a real SHTF lawless situation anyone who ignores the purple trespassing paint and climbs my fence . I will not take a chance on them. Think of it like this. You are put in a time machine and sent back in time to the stone age . and all you have is a pocket full of gold to trade how long would you last? If you where a not hard to look at female maybe you would fair better? Naw the ugly bitches would club you to death.

      13. Hahahaha Kim Kartrasian got robbed of millions in jewelry in Paris

        How’s that diversity working for ya girl ?
        Support Hillary eh honey?,, Paris is where the rest of this country is headed because of scum you support

        Oh and how does it feel having your guards disarmed?

        With all that money you still can’t buy a working brain

        Armed robbery and being tied up to be robbed sure ain’t no fun is it ?

        If you were here in the USA and believed in our 2nd amendment right , let alone all the other rights we have , you would have been able to defend yourself and your property

        But as they say idiots never learn

      14. Dead americans don’t get pensions !

        Now do you want war with Russia or are you going to play your part in any race wars that the bankers are planning for you all.

        it’s that or the bankers risk being strung up from trees so what else can they do.

        • That sounds logical to me. Go to town on government check days. You will see mobs of the meanest rudest folks you can imagine. They fight over the electric shopping carts. Just think about how pissed they will be if that check doesn’t get direct deposited!

          • I’ve worked with many seniors. The maddest senior I ever saw was an 80 year old gentleman in the hospital. The man grew up on a farm and had bacon for breakfast all his life. A nutritionist had come in and evaluated his diet. He was told by the nutritionist he could no longer have bacon as it could put his health at risk. The old man was so upset he wanted to leave the hospital. I calmed him down and told him he was an adult and when he discharged to home he could have bacon if he wanted it. Most seniors are wonderful people and I will step in to defend them if someone is taking advantage of them.

        • Why waste rope,, just pile em up and burn em onntop of all the worthless paper they generate

      15. forget metals. Get food water and tools. Trying to survive what’s coming is gonna be hard enough nevermind trying to make a profit off this disaster. People are only civil cus they are well fed. They will get angry and violent if they start missing meals and there is a lot of guns out there. Food and water are number one.

        • Indeed!!

          Working feverishly to get my water storage up to where it needs to be.

          Have enough for short term emergency–BUT long term is continually being hard to accomplish w/o moving.

      16. The general public is severely misinformed about world events and the true state of the economy. Was in Canada for business and most people seemed interested in stuffing their faces with ‘gourmet’ ice cream sandwiches. They also were universally pro Hillary. The news there barely covers what is happening in the world and is mostly obsessed with sports and local shootings.

        If it goes down hard, Canadians are going to be seriously shocked.

        • Canadians bless their politeness are like kids that were sheltered and exclusively attended private schools.

          • Very true: they don’t know how much their banks were bailed out by the Fed in the crisis: it was vast amounts. Today’s Canadians enjoy the benefits of a back-door bailed out banking system (thus, bless their hearts, their only concern is which flavor of over-priced ice cream sandwich to get), but it doesn’t mean they will have their hides saved next time.

      17. From now until election day is the Crunch Time.

        How many people are waiting to see who wins before they prepare? Maybe some do not want all the stuff in their home or simply do not have the space to store it.
        Or hoping their winning candidate will Kick the Can down the Road some more.

        People always wait till the last minute to do things.

        • Anon, something’s I’m waiting to see,how to play it!If it’s goes one way run out spend all the $ you got,another you hold the cash hold what you got.My beer I’m buying at the last minute,can’t let that go bad,lol.Steadily buying what I can!If your a blue-collar gotta play it the best you can,way ahead of some!
          Be well all except wtti
          LOL. Maniac –out

          • LaManiac

            This morning I go out to my shed only to find a tree limb has punched a hole in the roof. Looking west I can see a thunderhead. It was a short time before the hole was fixed as I did not have to go to the store for anything. As I finished I again looked west and saw a beautiful rainbow. Hmmmm. The storm clouds moved off to the northeast.
            A small emergency. No stress. You know how to patch. You have the material. Get’er Done.

            I would say this. People are getting meaner by the day and would not want to get stuck fighting over material with others, for items I should have purchased long ago.

            Whether being stuck on an blocked interstate or in a long check out line at the store, where people are having trouble paying, is wasting time. Time that you should not waste because of other people’s incompetence.

            Your Time. Use it wisely. Don’t waste it.

            Tempus Fugit

            • Thats why we do what we do guys,,

            • Anon, I hear ya,have shingles oh Henry tar flashing rivits nails screws bolts ,didn’t know I was prepping when I started all this!Just redneck like to have things,have rolls of screen metal and nylon,lol!! Collect old tools always have crosscuts ,drawblades,etc.Amazing how life steers you !
              Be well all, see what you started wtti,thanks your better than Eppe,Now I laugh every time I type that!!!
              No disrespect Eppe,keep the jokes coming brother!
              Maniac –out

              • LaManiac:

                Sorry to hear you’ve got shingles. But if you didn’t get that vaccine for chickenpox, maybe you wouldn’t be covered in red oozing blisters. Or, were you talking about the roof? My bad. ?

      18. The European Union will not allow Deutsche Bank to fail. They do whatever is necessary to keep it afloat.

        • It’s called a bail-in.

      19. Hahahaha Kim Kartrasian got robbed of millions in jewelry in Paris

        How’s that diversity working for ya girl ?
        Support Hillary eh honey?,, Paris is where the rest of this country is headed because of scum you support

        Oh and how does it feel having your guards disarmed?

        With all that money you still can’t buy a working brain

        Armed robbery and being tied up to be robbed sure ain’t no fun is it ?

        If you were here in the USA and believed in our 2nd amendment right , let alone all the other rights we have , you would have been able to defend yourself and your property

        But as they say idiots never learn

        • Rebel Son,
          The very rich found a way to store high dollar items in storage facilities in Switzerland Freeports. Seems the regulations were changed this year and it is harder to keep the items in the freeports secretive. The ultra rich are now storing immense amounts of gold in old underground Swiss bunkers rather than keeping it in banks.

      20. ht tp://

      21. Prep tip of the day
        MacGyver material.

        Expanding foam in the can. Insulation type
        Scotch guard silicone spray
        PVC Glue
        Plummer’s Putty.
        Locktite adhesive
        Window sealant
        Flex a seal spray
        Metal tape.

        • Bondo
          Duct tape

          • Mcgyver,was there anything he couldn’t fix,all he needed was a wad of used bubble gum/a piece of tinfoil and a used prophylactic!

        • Tie wire

          • Nail ,baling wire in this neck of the woods,but yes and gorilla tape stronger than duck!We could go all day on this topic,lol!
            Maniac –out

        • Stock some “Roof Patch”
          -Elastic Crack Sealer and Repair
          -Stop leaks

          (It is sold in gallon cans here at Lowe’s.)

          I am so glad my husband had a gallon of this stuff to fix the roof, after a storm did some damage to the roof.

        • Styrofoam + Diesel = Napalm ? ツ

      22. Football is on for the toxic dump boot licking cowards in the Police State hell on earth of collapsing America, so as long as the football is on and the beer is flowing for the drunken bum toxic dump cowards they could care less what happens to their children’s freedom, future, and health.

      23. Spine. Everybody check and make sure you have one. You’re going to need it. Near anarchy here in Cook County, Il. Chicago and suburbs. Berwyn, Il. had a mob of 5 0r 6 male blacks walking around Friday evening robbing people on the streets and doing a home invasion. Police ordered people to stay inside local businesses until it was resolved. Closer to me, we had a male black arrested for rape and released on bond. A month later he was arrested for homicide he committed while out on bond. He possessed the gun illegally. The system is the problem. You are on your own.

        • Him, I live over in the next County. I left Cook years ago. Too many taxes, cameras, & crime. It’s not the system or race that is the problem, it’s the culture of the people committing all these crimes.

          • The System has aggravated the problem. There is an actual policy of returning the violent back to the streets as fast as possible. The System wants the mayhem so they can enact more gun control in order to save us from ourselves. The policy was started by Eric Holder. It’s enforced by the Civil Rights Div. of the DOJ. Civil and criminal penalties back it up. This is similar to the “Fast and Furious Scandal”. Recently, Chicago had a high profile murder at one of it’s tourist attractions. The shooter was a gang member with 30 prior arrests. He was not charged with murder or even manslaughter. He was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm. He won’t do 3 years.

        • “The system is the problem. You are on your own.”

          Him –

          I’ve been saying the same and I’m sure most here would agree with that statement.

          • FTW

            Something happening in South LA. On Drudge.

      24. The latest crisis in Venezuela is the mentally ill. Hospitals that house the mentally ill are turning them out into the streets because the government has cut off funding to pay salaries of staff, buy medications, food, or even keep the lights on. They are also seeing nationwide shortages of drugs, so the mentally ill who live at home are all going off their meds.

        Picture the entire mentally ill population of a nation all being turned out of care facilities, and going off their meds simultaneously.

        The meltdown of Venezuela continues.

        • They will more than likely come up here and vote for Hillary.

          • Old Geezer


          • Old Geezer,
            Good one, you win the rim-shot award of the day. ?

      25. OH. Worker Discovers Warehouse in Ohio loaded with Ballots for Hillary Already Filled Out

        I hate those emails that say “If you love America, you will pass this on.” That’s up to you to decide. But as far as I’m concerned, these two stories below should really be seen by everyone in the world. Reminds me of the Al Franken senate race, or the race for the governor of Washington state – both outright stolen.
        From highly regarded Armstrong Economics at

        A worker stumbled upon a warehouse filled with ballots already made out for Hillary in Ohio poised to take that state by any means possible. This is very curious and the story is still developing. But this 2016 election is going to be the biggest fraud attempt perhaps in political history. While our computer projects a Trump victory, it cannot distinguish fraud. It showed that Gore should have won the popular vote. The Supreme Court gave it to Bush. When the votes were counted that the Supreme Court refused to wait for, it turned out that Gore would have won.

        This election may be no different. The REAL vote may be for Trump. But the corruption in Washington is so pervasive, it is highly questionable whether or not they will allow him to win. So stay tuned. This may lead to a serious civil unrest this time around.

        Extra Credit:
        What the MSM won’t report on Hillary: Clinton Campaign Admits Hillary Used Same Tax Avoidance “Scheme” As Trump. For anyone apoplectic over Trump’s not paying tax consider your own tax return. You didn’t pay taxes on your full income. You availed yourself of various medical, charitable, and other deductions including fixed per-person amounts, benefits for dependents, income splitting for seniors, etc. The difference between you and Trump is simply a matter of scale – and the money to pay the best tax accountants


        Gee… what a nice woman Hilary is – NOT. 3:55 min vid here This issue is not to be confused with Bill’s infidelity, Hilary being stupid for not recognizing Bill’s infidelity, or similar. The issue is Hilary being the “Bimbogate eruptions” main manager, and intentionally destroying lives in her lust for power.

        Maybe a few women ought to watch this and learn what a fraud Hilary is.

      27. US-Backed Rebels Unleash Hundreds of Grad Missiles on Syria City of Hama (VIDEO)

        The strike with the high-potency, low accuracy weapon was heralded by the militant group Ahrar al-Sham as an attack on government positions, but its targeting capabilities all but assure that civilians took the brunt of the assault.

        Read more:

        Read more:

      28. Thank you for allowing free speech and free comments ! The rot at the msm is not.

        When this govn’t falls the country will automatically be in a new civil war every town and village nation wide. No the bunker dwellings will be no help, no the continuity of govn’t. will be gone,every man for himself,you are on your own.

        This govn’t . will fall with a little help from our BEST friends in the JEWISH STATE of israle. and their agents in the employee of the USA.

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