Increased Activity At Mauna Loa Volcano: Scientists Are Monitoring NOW

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    The Mauna Loa volcano is picking up the pace when it comes to volcanic activity. Scientists have begun monitoring the Big Island volcano, just in case, it could erupt violently.

    Mauna Loa is impressively close to Kilauea, the volcano which erupted for weeks last May. An eruption last year by Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano destroyed more than 700 homes from May through August. Kilauea’s current alert status is “Normal,” but the landscape around the volcano has been permanently altered, creating 250 acres of new land.

    The Hawaii Volcano Observatory is closely monitoring Mauna Loa because conditions have risen to levels comparable to a more active period between 2014 and 2017, The Hawaii Tribune-Herald reported Sunday.

    According to Tina Neal, the observatory’s scientist-in-charge. “An eruption could be anywhere from months to years away,” Neal said. “But we do know that it’s not days or weeks away.” Either way, Neal does not believe Hawaii is in immediate danger of another destructive volcanic eruption.

    The activity of concern is an increase in earthquake activity. Earthquakes on Mauna Loa dropped to less than five per week in early 2018, but there have been up to 90 earthquakes weekly since August, with most considered mild at 2.0 or less on the Richter scale, Neal said.

    “The most important thing is that there is no cause for alarm,” Neal said, according to a report by Hawaii Public Radio.

    The Kilauea eruption came shortly after a decrease in volcanic activity at Mauna Loa, but Neal said there is no “perfect correlation” between the volcanoes indicating one always becomes active as the other falls silent. But there was a 5.3 magnitude earthquake near Kilauea and Mauna Loa, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS). Kilauea is on the opposite side of the island to the epicenter of the earthquake, which happened Sunday.

    The USGS said the earthquake’s epicenter was about eight miles (14km) northwest of the town Kalaoa. The tremor occurred at a depth of about eight miles, however, that’s not particularly deep for an earthquake of this magnitude. The USGS further said that the volcano has returned to “green normal.” which means the “volcanic activity has ceased and volcano has returned to noneruptive background state,” according to The Express.

    The best way to prepare for a possible volcanic eruption is to have a “bug out bag” ready, full of essentials, and have a place you can get to in a hurry. Most volcanoes are unpredictable and a situation can change quickly.  Being ready beforehand will give you the survivalists edge.


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      1. Mac,
        Never heard of Mauna Lao. I know of a Mauna Loa.

        • I’ve heard Mauna Lao is impressively close to Kill-All-Ya’ll.

          or something like that

        • Should we believe any article that can’t even get the name right?

      2. This article lost me at “Mauna Lao”. No credibility if the author can’t even spell it correctly.

        • I’m not much of a spelling or grammar NAZI, so I merely pointed out the transposition. As far as the advice given, all I can say is, I know, I live here, although I’m out of Mauna Loa possible flow areas.
          The only advice I’d add is don’t come to the big island of Hawaii most all the resorts are in the flow zones.

          • a typo or transposition of letters could be written off. Repeating the error at every instance of the name? not so much

          • Better git them jet skis ready relik! Head over to the big island and do sum lootin’ lol.

      3. More concerned about the Cuban Army 28 miles from Miami and the Russian, Chinese, and Iranian troops in Venezuela than a volcano in Hawaii. However, I will be adding y’all to my prayer list.

        As we say here when a Hurricane is coming , ” Stay Safe”!

      4. I am coming up on 73.

        Spelling was emphasized as important back in the day.

        Spelling in American English is crazy and non-sensical based mostly on a good memory because we have so many loan words from other languages.

        Y’all need to get over removing credibility from info based on spelling.

        Being a spelling and grammar nazi will blind you from gaining useful data if you let that be your primary filter.

        It is just where we are (societally) and you ain’t gonna fix it 🙂


        • bb in Ga, well said. Even if I spell something correctly the dern spellcheck changes it to something else.

          • I’m tired of people blaming auto-correct. The problem is that you are too lazy to proof-read before you hit that submit button.

        • I’m half your age, and I know misspelling a proper noun repeatedly is considerably more serious than a simple typo. It also reduces the overall credibility of the article. If one cannot get that simple tidbit correct, what more complex idea may be flawed?

          If I told you “Warshington crossed the Deleware”, It would be considerably less intelligent than “Washington crosed teh Delaware”. Same number of errors but at least I got the main player and location correct, right?

          To a certain degree we are spitballing Mac in good humor, but its a VERY valid point.

      5. Let us not forget the “Army” of Illegals coming across our borders and Maduro’s call for a 1 million man Militia also in Venezuela.

        Once CW2 starts, Venezuela will make a great jumping off point for an invasion to support our home grown Socialists.

      6. I thought I read that the Mauna Loa volcano is the largest in the world.

        • Mauna Loa is the most massive mountain in the world.
          Its neighbor, Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the world.

          • Think of it this way,
            Look how big Haleakala is, its huge!
            Look how big Mauna Kea is, Really HUGE, and basicly was a doun line flank eruption of Haleakala as the pacific plate moves over the hot spot, also eruptions influenced by polar shift and solar cycle.
            Mauna Loa, is a flank eruption of Mauna Kea, a bit further down line, Mauna Loa, has the potential to get much much larger than it is, as of now it is mostly a huge hump, now think of it in the context of a large eruption that fountains high enough to create the same geological profile as Mauna Kea and Haleakala,,,
            Its possible too, notice how the islands have gotten larger as time went on, so in theory Mauna Loa has more activity in its future.

            • Ha! My doom is bigger than yours! I have to worry about Yellerstone 😮

              • Mine rattles the heck out of my home regularly, scares the animals, and breaks stuff. I don’t know what the bigger threat is, but, hey, nobody gets out of here alive.

                • Iz jus funnin’ with ya. Actually I live in an old volcanic area and have small quakes once in a while. I don’t even think about it cause there aint a damm thing I can do about it.

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