Incoming Communists Ready A Bill That Will CRIMINALIZE Private Gun Sales

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Headline News | 103 comments

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    In the land of the fee and home of the slave, incoming Democrats have already drafted a bill that will criminalize private gun sales.  As a “free” American, you will no longer be able to sell your own property without the government’s permission, unless you want to be labeled as a criminal if this bill succeeds and becomes a law.

    While this won’t prevent mass shootings, as a government study conducted by anti-gun lunatics in politically elite positions already discovered, a very vast majority of gun owners regulate themselves.

    Gun-hating democrats who demanded a study into the sale of guns online were smacked with a dose of reality. They wasted two years attempting to buy guns illegally on the “dark web,” and the group of Democrats failed every single time.

    Senator Elizabeth Warren joined with Senator Brian Schultz, D-Hawaii, and Representative Elijah Cummings, D-Md., to commission the GAO report.

    An embarrassing attempt to try to regulate guns further went horribly wrong when Democrats took it upon themselves to try to skirt the law to prove it can be done. Over the course of the two-and-a-half year investigation, agents tried to buy firearms illegally on the “Surface Web” and the “Dark Web,” generally by sharing their status as “prohibited individuals” or trying to buy across state lines. –SHTFPlan

    But reason and logic fail when the slaves demand protection from the master and want the other slaves as defenseless as possible because that is their default – accept their slavery and beg. Politico reports that Representative Mike Thompson ( who is not surprisingly a Democrat from California) is spearheading the current gun control push and attempting to further enslave the populace with ink on paper. Under the guise of a “universal background” legislation, such checks would criminalize private gun sales, making it illegal for a neighbor to sell a firearm to his neighbor, a friend to his lifelong friend, and even a father to his son.

    According to Breitbart, under the Democrats’ plan, a background system like that in California would require a gun seller to seek government permission for any sale or transfer of a firearm. Such a system was put in place in California in the early 1990s and has failed to prevent some of our nation’s most heinous mass public attacks. Meaning this bill is not about “curbing gun violence,” it’s about controlling the tax cattle.

    But the GAO revealed that every single one of their [Democrats who tried to buy guns privately] 72 attempts outside of the “dark web” were “unsuccessful.” It kind of makes one wonder where Bloomberg got his information and statistics. As if that isn’t bad enough, to humiliate those in power who think of us as less equal than them, the bulk of this rather embarrassing study is being ignored by the mainstream media.

    “Private sellers on Surface Web gun forums and in classified ads were unwilling to sell a firearm to our agents that self-identified as being prohibited from possessing a firearm,” the GAO reported, noting that in their “72 attempts … 56 sellers refused to complete a transaction once we revealed that either the shipping address was across state lines or that we were prohibited by law from owning firearms.” In the other cases, the investigators’ website was frozen or they encountered suspected scammers.

    Nevertheless, Thompson expects to push his gun control bill within “the first 100 days” of the new Congress, Breitbart reported further. Incoming House Judiciary Committee chairman Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) has already assured his colleagues that he will move the bill “very quickly” once it is introduced.



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      1. You can write whatever BS law yall want but it won’t stop us from doing it anyway. Fuck you

        • Menzo, same here. I don’t care what they come up with. I’m not giving up anything. My ‘give a damn’ is broke.

          • feck them old-ass bags o’rags. Catch’n comes before hang’n and there’s always a way to beat the devil around the stump.

        • ???

          • I bought a 22lr Remington 511 scoremaster at a garage sale the weekend for $125.

            Private party sales!!!

            • JS, I went to a gun show over the weekend and bought a new Ruger Security-Nine 9mm with 2 15-round mags for only $300. I bought 2 EXTRA 15-round mags for $30 each. With some extra ammo I bought I spent around $600 before going out the door. Already been to the range with it and it shoots better than my old Taurus. 2 more gun shows in my area and Jan. and Feb. Going back for more, LOL.

              • The problem with gun shows is your on video from the time you park till the time you return. All of it goes to the govt. Buy at local small stores with cash for ammo etc. Might be a little higher price but then….

                • Genius,while I to a degree agree with you by the time they are searching us for such sales on video the whole country tis burning>I would say at that point you get into it with authorities do on your ground of choosing,the first may cost you your savings/freedom/life,after that though every one free you still standing!

                  This bill does pass thru senate and get signed means the times almost up,they are going for final disarmament before the curtain falls.

                  You have all looked up the tm 31-210 put out by the US govt.,right?!

        • I agree as does everyone in my family and in fact, everyone I know. We have been talking about the relentless assault on the Second Amendment and our outlook is exactly the same: Fuck ’em!

          The left keeps talking about “common sense” gun laws but the state of New Jersey just basically made every gun owner the the a criminal including off duty cops who carry their service weapons. I wish they would just tell the truth and say they want to eliminate all guns! The

          New Jersey Law criminalizes every magazine that can hold 10 0r more rounds among other things, pretty much rendering every semi-auto pistol illegal!

          By the time New Jersey is done, ONLY criminals will have guns because as we all know, only….ONLY law-abiding citizens obey the laws regardless of what they say! Criminals don’t obey the law! So once again New Jersey is screwing legal, law abiding gun owners! I just hope this insanity doesn’t spill over to my sate of Pennsylvania because our governor is also a little, left wing, worm!

          • Law abiding citizens aren’t obligated to follow unconstitutional edicts.. the communist traitors can go to hell they keep up the bs unconstitutional edicts they all die

            • Where is law abiding mentioned in the 2nd,the founders were sure not “law abiding”!

            • Amen brother ruski, an unconstitutional law is illegal. The founders said unjust authority confers no obligation of obedience.

        • I agree. As far as I’m concerned, just as with the moron Obama, anything put out that I disagree with and is, in my opinion not according to the copy of the Constitution I have, they can just shove it. I’ll simply ignore it. Besides, our government is irrelevant.

        • I remember diagramming sentences, in my private-schooling years.

          Who are “the” people, and what are the regulations?

          Does this include militant, brown berets and sjw’s, triggered by Rudolph?

          • Santa and gingerbread men are also triggers. Heard this on conservative news today.

            • Do those people have a natural right to be armed, too?

            • Well the State is responsible for appointment of the officers and the authority of training..

              Article 1, Section 8, Clause 16:
              “To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining the Militia, and for governing such
              Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the
              States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the
              Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;”

      2. They want a paper trail on all firearms for confiscation when the political climate is in their favor.

        Its not about felons acquiring firearms as they are exempt from registration.

        Haynes v. United States, 390 U.S. 85 (1968)

        The National Firearms Act was amended after Haynes to make it apply only to those who could lawfully possess a firearm. This eliminated prosecution of prohibited persons, such as criminals, and cured the self-incrimination problem. In this new form, the new registration provision was upheld. The court held: ” To eliminate the defects revealed by Haynes, Congress amended the Act so that only a possessor who lawfully makes, manufactures, or imports firearms can and must register them”

        • We Americans, especially firearm owners need to bone up on what is passing as “law” these days and to whom it applies.

          The entire “legal” system is admiralty/equity, what attorneys and judges like to call “statutory law. It applies only to “persons” or US citizens. No one, other than employees of the UNITED STATES inc., is a US citizen. A US citizen and “persons” are legal entities, not flesh and blood Men or Women.

          You’ll note that the National Firearms Act is contained within title 26, the Internal Revenue code. The Act regulates the importation and export of firearms, an activity that is considered a government privilege and is completely constitutional. Sales and possession of firearms within the several states party to the constitution (1789, not the corporate constitution of 1868) can NOT be regulated.

          If you checked the “I am a US citizen” box on the 4473, it is presumed you are a 14th Amendment citizen engaged in international trade and are subject to the statutes and codes of the UNITED STATES inc. In other words, you volunteered into a system that was never intended to apply to you, one of the people of The United States of America.

          The Constitution and Bill of Rights do not give anyone rights, it prohibits government from infringing on those rights. But you must be clear about who you are. Are you a US citizen/person subject to the UNITED STATES inc. or are you one of the people of The United States of America?

          The 14th Amendment gave us corporate governance without our consent or knowledge. It was never properly ratified AND it was an amendment to the corporate constitution of 1868. If you doubt any of this please read the Congressional Record June 13th, 1967 pages 15641 through 15646.

          If these gun laws stick in your craw, just remember, you volunteered to be subject to them by admitting you are a US citizen. You were never told about any of this. Now that you know, it is your duty to educate yourself and anyone who will listen (most won’t, they have been told a lie for so long they believe what they have been told and won’t do the necessary research). Stop claiming to be a US citizen!

          • Rog

            I’m not doubting you but neither do I follow the train of thought.

      3. VETO, end of their wet dream.

        • Who are you kidding?

          Trump supports an AW ban.
          Trump signed expansion of background checks.
          Trump initiated the illegal bump stock ban.
          Trump supports angry woman (“red flag”) laws.
          Trump opined that he would seize guns first, and let due process come later.

          judaism DOT is/disarming-goyim.html

          Gun control = Gentile control.

          • Today’s headline clearly states that bump stock ban by Trump administration is in effect now. Trump initiated the ban which is now in effect.


            It doesn’t matter that the lefty CNN and other Dem sites reported on it. It’s a still fact. Surrender your bump stocks by March 31st or else. Wonder what other surprises Trump has lined up for us.

            Meet your new boss, same as your old boss. They are all the same.

          • Hit the nail on the head !

          • Trump also supports a police state.

      4. If this wasn’t the will of the American people, they wouldn’t have elected Democrats.

        It’s called self rule, we had a choice and we made it.

        • You forget that the Senate is majority GOP and it would get a presidential veto. It won’t go anywhere this go round. The house of rep dems can self rule themselves in their little room.

          • Majority GOP isn’t the same as Majority right wing or majority conservative.

            Any Trump veto is increasingly more likely to be overridden, on a daily basis, no matter what it is over. Trump could easily be removed from office next year if he would continue to go against the Left using his veto power.

            That’s what Trump has now recognized, and why he has surrendered on his “line in the sand” confrontation with the Democrats and Pelosi over the border wall funding or shutting the government down.

            The Left is strong and they won, we were weak and we lost. It’s over.

            • You have given up too easily to be one of us.

              • The more I think about your stupid ass statement about the left being strong the more I laugh. They’re a bunch of Godless heathen homo perverts that’ll die when this goes to hot war. We will kill they’re henchmen and then kill them and their supporters.

                • their

                • Menzo, I assume you’re talking about Anonymous, then I agree. Wonder whose fantasy world he’s from. The left is NOT the majority in this country. They will be defeated.

                  • Yes, DR. I know where you stand, friend. This anon poster is a lefty shit.

                    • Menzo, agreed about anon. Another libturd shill we can do without.

              • Menzoberranzan, just don’t fall for this “Anonymous’s” taunts. I honestly think he’s a shill working for a left-wing liberal group seeking to get statements on public record of violence or violent acts being planned or those capable of such. In other words, seek reasons to shut sites like this down and/or shut us/you/your fellow patriots … down.

            • The Right is weaker than fucking diet-ice water because no one does a good god damn ting about anything but sit here like us banging on a worthless god damned keyboard – folks we are fucked up the assholes royally. Taste that, yeah, you know exactly what I am speaking of…the fat lady sang a long, long time ago.

              • You see the truth.

                Something quite unpopular to see around here.

          • As if Trump is an RKBA true believer???

            Who are you kidding?
            Trump supports an AW ban.
            Trump signed expansion of background checks.
            Trump initiated the illegal bump stock ban.
            Trump supports angry woman (“red flag”) laws.
            Trump opined that he would seize guns first, and let due process come later.

            judaism DOT is/disarming-goyim.html

            See also: judaism DOT is/trump.html

        • Thats a bunch of crap,,,
          The constitution and 2A is pretty straight forward,

          • Nailbanger, that’s right. Constitution and Bill Of Rights are the only rules I live by, period. Everything else is null and void.

            • Not according to orange julius!

            • Hmmmm… not even the 10 Commandments are among your “only rules”???

      5. Don’t sell. Buy.

        • Blinky,do not forget to also “build”.

      6. First Circuit Court Rules Against the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

        BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THEIR TREE PART SERIES : Intellectual Ammunition

        • MOA OR MIL

          Thanks for that link.

          “Who protects us from our protectors” was asked 2000 years ago and to date we haven’t received a satisfactory answer.

        • If the weapons collectively held by the citizenry are incapable of holding in check the forces of The State, the very purpose of the Second Amendment is null and void. The anti-Second Amendment proponents use atomic weapons as an example of limitations and then include semi auto rifles. Certainly an atomic weapon is of such magnitude that an individual (or very small group of individuals) could exercise such power which certainly would not fall under the intent of the Second Amendment protection. Likewise this would not be protected as yes the Second Amendment is both a collective right to challenge tyranny and an individual right of self defense. These two purposes do not conflict if logic is applied.

          From The Declaration Of Independence:

          “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes”

          Simply put this is a very serious endeavor and things have to be so bad, and all other methods attempted before hand.

          “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government”

          This is the collective use of power requiring broad based political support and its must be physically and mechanically impossible for only the few (a small segment of society) to achieve. Hence “the few” cannot hold a weapon of this power. The “right” and “duty” is collective both by political and military necessity.

          • To sum up both the collective “Militia” and individual “Right Of The People” are in the Second Amendment for a purpose.

        • MOA OR MIL,


          • MIL absolutely!

      7. I have never seen a rightist candidate, in all my years, who assumes that full human rights for white patriarchalists and first world living standards are already a given.

        Plain, old-fashioned expectations are forever being dangled just out of reach.

      8. They can have their little “LAWS”
        I have my do not infringe 2nd amendment
        End of story
        BTW – I have ignored bigger laws than this!

        • The 2nd is just a reaffirmation of a birth right of self defense.

      9. I have privately sold every firearm I have ever purchased. I sold them to friends, neighbors and given as gifts to relatives. Dear Comrade, prove me wrong. Prove that I own anything?

      10. one thing at a time to eventually poof. Oh well, guess the criminals will have to steal a gun instead of buy one.

        • Anonymous, the crooks already steal them. It’s called the black market.

      11. Co. Passed a similar law years ago. It is mostly ignored.

      12. Will be Vetoed……and if not, ruled unconstitutional by a federal Judge (nominated by Trump…yes, elections matter), an injunction, and taken to the Supreme Count.
        I’m not worried.

        • Trump may veto it but to depend upon the USSC is wishful thinking. Several States have such laws, the 14th Amendment is supposed to tie the Bill Of Rights to the States. Once again, several States have such laws.

      13. They should have the Democrats go around and confiscate the guns on their own if they want them so bad.

        • Now that would be entertainment!

          • Oh I hope they try.

      14. When will the Yellow Vests come to America? Let’s face it, there is a world-wide war going on, but differing from conventional wars in history, this is a war for or against Globalism. The Globalists are reaching for centralized world power, and in so doing are attempting to neutralize any and all threats. Whether it’s bankrupting the middle class with carbon taxes, or criminalizing them in order to confiscate their weapons, the Globalists are seeking to reign power over the masses, and the masses must fight back or become an obliterated memory from times past.

        • “When will the Yellow Vests come to America?

          They’re already here. You just haven’t put yours on yet. In France the people take to the streets because they can’t get media attention any other way. Here? We hide in our “bunkers” (bedrooms) and type out tough-sounding messages to build up our own self-respect and maybe – just maybe – make some other faceless name believe we’ll be ‘right there with him’ when he finally gets off his porch and starts hanging commies from lamp-posts.

          To quote Pogo; “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

      15. Remember:
        Anti American Communist Traitor Muslim, Obama stored ammo at Post Office, NOAA, Social Security Admin offices. etc.
        *** The commie ammo will become YOUR ammo? Yours for the taking?

        Obama homeland security trained with targets of people in cover alls and pregnant women. Those are who they consider enemy. YOU. (FYI: Not me. I wear golf gear.)

        “You train how you intend to fight.” Obama intentions clear. Put Obama on trial for TREASON.

        If Trump is impeached. Go to aid of our elected President? Will you STAND?

      16. How they will get you?
        – A pissed off x-spouse turns you in
        – A jealous relative leaves an anonymous tip
        – You have to use a weapon not in the system self defense
        – Your kid says the wrong thing to a teacher
        – A friend turns you in to reduce his own sentence
        – Data mining of any web pages visited, social sites
        – Pure chance
        – Entrapment and sting operations.

        Just think how powerful it is when they catch somebody and they say give us 10 names of others we can arrest and we will reduce your jail time by half….

        • YUP, already happened to ME!

        • I’d say #1 has gotten more men in deep sh*t than anything else.
          I’ve heard all my life that a scorned female is EXTREMELY dangerous and vengeful..Piss an x-wife or GF off bad enough and she’ll do her best to make your life a living hell..If it goes to court she’ll walk without so much as a slap to her wrist regardless of the outcome,while the man is left destroyed and belittled..

      17. The “modern” democrat party is a Communist party and no longer has any place in America. Reasoning with such imbeciles is a waste of time. Time that we do not have to waste.

        These Communists need to be imprisoned and sequestered from the not-insane American public and ultimately have limits on their ability to hold public office, vote or engage in political dialogue. Most should be stripped of their citizenship under transfer agreements with communist countries so that they can live out their lives under an authoritarian communist dictatorship outside of the United States.

        • well-said!

      18. Hawaii has has this for years. Every gun has to be registered and in order to transfer the gun to another person, the buyer must show the proper paperwork to acquire (must get a permit from the police chief) and the two go down to the police station to transfer ownership. Since the population of Hawaii is so small one one has the “muscle” to fight the laws. So most thinking people don’t register guns. Although there are over a million guns registered in the state we have a little under two million people in Hawaii and most are on Oahu. My island has about one hundred and ninety thousand people.
        We spend most our legal efforts on open or concealed carry efforts. We just won one Young v Hawaii and we still can’t force the police to issue carry permits. So we do it anyway.

      19. Regardless of any Bill passed by the House, it must still pass the Senate and be signed into law by the President. I do see this happening with any of the many Gun Control Bills being put forward by a Liberal House Majority. I like wise do no see the House being able to get a 2/3 majority to over ride a Presidential Veto of such legislation, neither in the Senate. Be alert and keep track of who votes for said bils and make them pay in 2020.

        • The goal of the democrats is to keep gun control the social point for the 2020 race. They need something to focus around. They abandoned the middle class with NAFTA. There are only so many identity politics people to be had so they invent them. They’re a party W/O a forum. We all presume with the reasonable analysis of history that some high profile incident will occur very timely to dove tail fit their agenda. Far too many gun owners have a mindset, “take his gun, leave mine alone”. I seen it with statements like, “what good is it I can’t hunt with it”. The gun issue has a core on both sides but because of the media bombardment of images directing emotion over logic the left has an advantage with the fence sitters if they make it an important issue for them.

          • Before they can make it a central point, there have to be more false flags. Get ready the crisis actors and fake tears. They will come and Trump will be there to greet them.

            • The false flags are a given.

      20. There is no gun registration nor license to own a firearm in Kentucky. There is technically no age limit written into the law.

        I would be careful selling firearms privately to anyone due to the risk of being sued. Be very wise not to get burnt on a modified firearm in a private purchase. Historically people have been set up like that or outright lied to. It’s better to be a fraction longer just to be on the safe side.

        Don’t be foolish and become an accessory because you armed some battered lady who then shoots her husband.

      21. Mobsters rule at the peoples pleasure.

        • Mobsters rule heavy in the non “shall issue” NE States. Intimidate someone with Guido who will break his legs is difficult when the victim is legally armed. Guido, a convicted felon, if caught armed goes to jail, the victim has the armed “luxury” 24/7.

      22. Nancy wants our peckers in her pockets.

      23. This is completely un-enforceable without mandatory gun registration. If they are successful at mandatory backgrounds, registration is right around the corner.

      24. Folks, I will ask again for the 10 thousandth time: When is Enough, ENOUGH? With all of this garbage? I am so, so, so sick to death of it. Do I need permission from Uncle Sammy to itch my balls and to pee sitting down if I am so inclined?

      25. When the Gov’t no longer serves the will of its citizens, the time is upon us for “change”

      26. The Democrats are not stupid; immoral yes, but not stupid. They absolutely know all these “gun control” measures enacted over the years have had little to no impact on crime. But gun control is not and never was really about crime. The reason Demo.s hate guns is because what privately owned guns represent; they represent the personal empowerment of the individual against the state. Demo.’s and officialdom hate the idea of people acting in a sovereign manner independent of gov’t control, they want to render the citizens powerless against official power (this is one reason why gov’t.s hate the act of self defense – it is a uniquely individual act using force independent of gov’t permission).
        The worst thing gov’t can do is to pass a law that is not generally adhered to, nor really enforceable. How can they factually know when a privately owned gun was sold to another private person outside of official permission? The only way is to conduct sting operations. If this law is passed look for a lot of sting operations against your average white conservative working guy. And since Congress is making the law it would be a federal crime, lots of jail time and heavy fines.
        It has been reported in many parts of the US that many jails and prisons are locking up people late on the child support payments, or persons who cannot pay an entire traffic fine all at one time, or being simply disrespectful to police, even ordinary traffic offenses, and many other b*llsh*t reasons because the authorities are running out of people to lock up. Look for more laws to be made to criminalize things to be locked up for, especially affecting the white male demographic, who own the majority of 350-400 million of guns (and 3 trillion rounds of ammo).
        For the most part the police are not your friend, and they are not there to help you, never speak to them, their main goal is to find a reason to arrest you and place you in a gov’t cage.
        On top of more gun control, there are now officials publicly saying regulation of speech would be a good thing too. Gov’t at all levels have gone to all lengths necessary to legalize abortion, same sex marriage, gender neutral restrooms, special privileges for LGBT, and on and on. They call all these things rights but they are not really civil rights because they don’t and cannot empower anyone against the state. Real civil rights empower you against the state (like the Bill of Rights), and are not and cannot be given to people by gov’t, they are natural; whereas all these other items gov’t now allows are privileges, they merely give permission to do something. You DON’T need permission to exercise your civil rights.
        If gov’t actually conducted mass gun confiscation there would be no telling what the response would be, and they know it. Rather, officialdom must propagandize and try to control public opinion and beliefs and dumb people down in our sh*tty public education system, inculcate a generation of pacified citizens.

      27. I WILL NOT COMPLY.

      28. Soon as that bill hits the floor watch gun, magazine and ammo prices rise just like in the past when any gun control legislation was proposed. Doesn’t matter whether it has a chance of becoming law, the demand will drive the cost up. The $450 AR, $9 AR magazine prices of today will probably be twice that by next fall.

        • So how much are the big dealers now selling AR magazines for in NJ?

          Or Ammo in California?

        • I don’t believe we’ll make “fall” before it starts.

      29. And just how do they intend to enforce this? If anything,it will not be a boring two years. But Mezo is right,WE voted for the current House,so if anyone wants someone to blame,look in the mirror.People decided they didn’t like Trump’s personality, so they voted for the more ‘likable’ candidate. Good going there,America. Go bitch to someone else.

      30. I WILL NOT COMPLY.

      31. All the Democrats have to do is regulate ammunition and reloading supplies. You should expect this. They even have crazy totally unworkable ideas like marking every bit of brass with unique stamping to identify it. Imagine the hassle of logging every bit of ammunition based on unique numbers including reloading supplies.

        Manufactured cartridges could be marked with a laser printer which can “burn” off some of the finish and leave an indelible mark as is done in other industries, but still it would create endless paperwork.

        This will be their tactic as that is way easier to legislate versus anything directly with firearms or firearm parts.

        As composite materials improve, they may try to limit what materials can be utilized as well which will affect deformation and penetration or the strength of the projectile load and power on impact.

        Theoretically rifling could change to affect accuracy and they may try to limit that or sights or even computer modulation of sighting. I mean DARPA developed firearms that make just about everyone a sharpshooter because they are computer guided to correct for a variety of environmental factors and improve the stability and hand tremor.

      32. Why don’t the politicians just ban all guns in Kali and get it over with… That is what their goal is, why continually drag this out by trying to boil the frog slowly….???

      33. Chivalry is Dead. Like all our wives and children. When I say all I mean all. Anybody you care about, your dog your cat, wife, children, your mortgage, all Dead. Nobody’s going to play by old rules.

      34. Because there is no registration of firearms and no permits needed, and open carry is perfectly fine, with only nominal restrictions on concealed carry, then honestly, there is no way to know just how many firearms Kentuckians own. The only catch to this is on federal background checks.
        ” Kentucky is not a point of contact state for the NICS. Kentucky has no law requiring firearms dealers to initiate background checks prior to transferring a firearm. As a result, in Kentucky firearms dealers must initiate the background check required by federal law by contacting the FBI directly.

        Kentucky does not require private sellers (sellers who are not licensed dealers) to initiate a background check when transferring a firearm. See our Private Sales policy summary for a comprehensive discussion of this issue.”

        Now 2.9 million Kentuckians bought firearms using this system since January 2015 but there are an unknown amount otherwise. I reckon that’s why we are never listed as the most armed state…BUT you would be foolish to assume we are not.

        My guess is we are bristling with firearms. There are legal ways to even avoid FBI background checks in Kentucky based upon five years of passing a concealed carry class.

      35. AB43 in Oregon in 2018 failed to make it to the ballot, because the gun-grabbing Rabbi that pushed it over-reached.

        For anyone that has the stomach for it, I wonder if there is value in joining Dem. groups and pushing for MAXIMUM and impractical gun control. Of course it only works if the process works as it did in Oregon, struck down by a judge who found some defects that warranted postponing the bill enough to keep it off the ballot, in November 2018.

        Yes it’s Machiavellian but when it works, that’s OK with me.

        Is it possible to influence the attempted gun control of the Democrats so they keep falling on their face like they did in Oregon in 2018 ?

      36. One solution:
        Start at 10m00s (The relevant part is only about 3mins)

      37. Null and void, which is what fedgov will be after Trump.

      38. Despite FDR’s propaganda that Stalin was actually a kindly “Uncle Joe”, privately people like Harry Truman knew how monsterous the Communists were. That’s why we did a sharp about face and the Cold War began. A study of the dirty little history of Asia reveals that immediately following WW2, communist subversives in Japan began seizing control in the power vacuum. It was so malevolent and serious that MacArthur released the monsterous zaibatsu (they had been jailed) who had been the wealthy industrial power players who caused the imperialism…in order to combat these Bolsheviks.

        Imagine that…MacArthur feared the Reds MORE because he knew they would subvert Japan in its fragile state and all would be lost.

        Leftists pretend that the Red Scare was conservatives worried about nonexistent boogiemen, but in reality there WAS communist infiltration everywhere in the unions, in Hollywood, in the music industry, and in government including the State Department (something that exists to this day). There was communist infiltration in every aspect of the underclass especially in anything labeled “social justice” and supportive of minority rights.

        The Communists could not act openly once the Cold War started especially when the Korean War began. Instead they funded disarmament committees protesting nuclear missiles, pushed gun control, fostered the student free speech movement, gave money to the civil rights movement, encouraged pacifists, etc.

        Meanwhile they ran drugs and prostitution and blackmail schemes to both extort and prey upon weak leftists.

        Look into every leftist organization and you will find depravity and intentional sabotage of what American conserative Christians hold most precious. They want you disarmed and neutered and they will use multiple modalities like the ACLU to deal with the issues on a judicial basis, and then use leftists in public and private education to organize the youth.

        Leftists first abandoned Yahweh and Jesus Christ and then claimed that good and evil and right and wrong didn’t exist. Now they have so influenced generations that these leftists claim evil equates to white skin and patriarchy and being heterosexual. Evil equates to anything conservative ie anything not leftist.

        Russia and China intentionally fostered effeminate behavior in young American men and intentionally degraded the morals of young American women. Why? Because there is a nuclear stalemate so the best weapon is subversion coupled with destroying the Second Amendment.

      39. The next two years of Fear Porn over guns and ammo from the Democrats, in 2020 if the American stay home on election night like they did the last election… Then it will be time to take the gloves off… and settle this issue.. Via each state going their own way or Turner Diaries time. We shall see.

      40. Every time they want to ban something, by coincidence, that same exact make and model is seen in some gun free zone.

        Burnt-out towns, autism centers, 501c3’s, failing schools. I get the impression that some too-big-to-fail has failed, so is hungry for the subsidies.

        Slavo says, “incoming communists.’

        President Donald Trump Administration Details Bump Stocks Ban In School Safety Talk | NBC News

        This Is What School Was Like 100 Years Ago

        I learned basic life skills and to read at home.

        I did the teacher’s job, in communist, public schools, and was a charter school teacher, teaching college credit courses to teenagers.

        People can do these things, without being compelled, by force.

      41. One man’s solution:
        Start at 10m00s (The relevant part is only about 3mins)

      42. Ever-mounting evidence that faith in the Second Amendment is misplaced and that, thus, appealing to it is *not* the answer.

        Think about it: The Amendment WITH the wording “shall not be infringed” is the MOST infringed, licensed, and limited Amendment of the entire twenty seven. Furthermore, a future generation of our posterity is likely to see the Second Amendment whittled away entirely or repealed altogether. This is inherent nature and danger of optional Enlightenment rights versus non-optional Biblical responsibilities, such as the following:

        “Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a twoedged sword [or today’s equivalent] in their hand … this honor have all his saints. Praise ye Yah.” (Psalm 149:6-9)

        “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house [including spiritual and physical protection], he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” (1 Timothy 5:8)

        Which is more potent: the optional right or non-optional responsibility to bear arms on behalf of ourselves, our families, and others?

        Which is more likely to be infringed, licensed, and limited?

        Which did the pre-Second Amendment Americans look to as their authority, with little or no infringement?

        For more, listen to “The Second Amendment: A Knife in a Gunfight,” delivered at the Springfield, Missouri Firearms and Freedom Symposium, at

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