“Income Tax Is Government Theft” and IRS Is a Lawless Thief

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    Yes, it is once again tax time.

    Chances are there have been a few grumblings this time a year in your home or one nearby concerning everyone’s favorite villain – the IRS.

    From the missing emails of Lois Lerner and using the tax system to target Tea Party protesters to ever increasing debt loads due to expanding government, crony capitalism and general rampant corruption, few if anyone beliefs the tax authority is a beneficial institution.

    PJ Media issued a three-part series – a Death by Taxes video panel hosted by Bill Whittle wherein he interviews the notorious tax reformer Grover Norquist as well as Curtis Dubay and Terry Jones on the systematic problems of the progressive income tax, and how it has come to so much ruin.

    The program is well worth watching. It addresses the underlying questions of IRS taxation as sanctioned government theft.

    In the opening minutes, host Bill Whittle argues that Democrats have taken young voters for granted, but

    “the young are starting to realize that they are going to be paying for the rest of their lives for services that they’re never going to receive in order to cover the debts that we have incurred by taking money from one people to buy the votes of another.”

    Sounds like a pretty good sum of the problems with the collectivist-socialism system that is now engulfing us and destroying our nation.

    Is the progressive income tax legal or required for most Americans?

    In its best light, the naive and complacent may think the IRS is a necessary evil.

    But that’s before taking on the real issues behind the progressive tax system: the 16th amendment was never properly ratified, and much political shenanigans took place to create these tax “laws”; the Grace Commission (under Reagan) revealed that ‘not one red cent’ of income taxes go towards paying the federal budget, but instead enrich private, international banking entities… not to mention the Federal Reserve’s role in enslaving the masses, while making them pay for their own control via the IRS.

    Paul A. Mitchell wrote “31 Questions and Answers about the Internal Revenue Service” that cover the fraud of the IRS and the use of intimidation to give it the appearance of being a lawful agency.

    Here are just a handful of red flags Mitchell identifies within his larger documented writings:

    1. The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) is NOT an organization within the U.S. Department of the Treasury
    2. The IRS appears to be a collection agency working for foreign banks and operating out of Puerto Rico under color of the Federal Alcohol Administration (“FAA”), an agency which was in turn declared unconstitutional decades ago.
    3. Several investigators have concluded that there is no known Act of Congress, nor any Executive Order, giving IRS lawful jurisdiction to operate within any of the 50 States of the Union.
    4. The so-called 14th and 16th amendments were NEVER properly ratified.
    5. Section 1 of the Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”) contains no provisions creating a specific liability for taxes imposed by subtitle A. Aside from the statutes which apply only to federal government employees, pursuant to the Public Salary Tax Act, the only other statutes that create a specific liability for federal income taxes are those itemized in the definition of “Withholding agent” at IRC section 7701(a)(16). For example, see IRC section 1461. A separate liability statute for “employment” taxes imposed by subtitle C is found at IRC section 3403.
    After a worker authorizes a payroll officer to withhold taxes, typically by completing Form W‑4, the payroll officer then becomes a withholding agent who is legally and specifically liable for payment of all taxes withheld from that worker’s paycheck. Until such time as those taxes are paid in full into the Treasury of the United States, the withholding agent is the only party who is legally liable for those taxes, not the worker. See IRC section 7809 (“Treasury of the United States”).
    6. The term “United States” HAS multiple legal meanings.
    7. The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has already ruled that the term “income” is not defined anywhere in the IRC: “The general term ‘income’ is not defined in the Internal Revenue Code.” U.S. v. Ballard, 535 F.2d 400, 404 (8th Circuit, 1976).

    Please read the rest at his website.

    Best luck to all in turning this ship around before all the wealth has been destroyed!

    In the meantime, Donald Duck says it’s patriotic to pay your due in taxes… after all, it’s patriotic:

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      1. For the vast majority of the American populace, the first thing that comes to their programmed Mind when the three letters “I” “R” “S” are mentioned is FEAR. Fear of someone having total power over them. Regardless that paying Income tax is voluntary, it doesn’t matter. The program runs deep and when the IRS says “FROG”, the conditioned Mind of the Masses “JUMP” and do exactly what they are told. Very few are immune from this dis-ease.

        • There is nothing voluntary about a fraud perpetrated at the point of a gun.
          When the systen no longer even pretends to care about legality the people become duty bound to end the system.
          Sadly a paycheck will let too many feel justified in doing whatever it takes to keep the money coming in.
          And so you end up where we are today.

          • Same as being thrown in prison
            and having to pay room and board
            for the incarceration.
            Such are the ways of the freest
            country on the planet.

            • If Walt Disney and the boob rube had been around for the Boston Tea Party and The Stamp Act, we’d probably have just paid the taxes…happily.

              Ain’t war propaganda wonderful?

              • The simple truth is you can not tax a free mans labor.
                Nor can a free man need a license for ANY purpose.

                The IRS is merely a collection agency for the Federal Reserve. They are subject to the same laws as any other private collection agency and are easily dismissed with a single letter requesting verification of the presumed debt upon their initial contact with you.

                If you file a tax return YOU CREATE A DEBT WITH THEM, and they can then collect it. If you do not file a tax return, they have nothing to collect and YOU DO NOT OWE A TAX.

                Your VOLUNTARILY FILED TAX RETURN creates the tax debt. You must understand that simple fact. They can only create the “tax debt” after YOU create it.

                I haven’t filed one in almost 25 years now. When I had corporate jobs, I always claimed enough “exemptions” to make the withholding theft minimal.

                Never create a dispute with the IRS, or you will lose. If they send you a letter saying you owe them a tax, tell them you will be glad to pay it as soon as they provide you with proof of the tax debt consisting of the SIGNED tax return, a SIGNED lawful assessment of the tax, and proof of their authority to collect it. They are an unlawful organization and can NEVER produce any of those documents that are REQUIRED to prove the existence of the tax in the first place. They will never respond, and may well send you a letter saying your balance is zero.

                NEVER tell them you do not owe it or do not have to pay taxes. That creates a dispute that can be pursued in a corrupted court and you will lose.

                It’s that simple folks. If you must work a corporate job, let them steal the minimum as a cost of doing business. Just never ask for it back by filing a return, and they will never be able to steal anything more from you.

                • Except for YEARS of your life spent in jail. Jesus, this place is getting nuttier by the day!

          • “The so-called 14th and 16th amendments were NEVER properly ratified.”

            I had no idea that this was the case. With Obama releasing a forged copy of his long form birth certificate and Justice Roberts calling Obamacare a tax, I give strong credence to the claim that the 14th and 16th amendments were NEVER properly ratified.

            I wonder what else is jacked up and wrongfully taught about U.S. history and the government.

            • Bill Benson, a former Illinois Dept of Revenue worker, traveled to each state that was a state in the union in 1913. He discovered through his research of each state’s journals and archives that the 16th Amendment did not have enough of the required number of states needed to ratify. It is fraud.

            • Remember what the real main reason was for the US 1860’s Civil War was? Unfair taxes paid by the South to the North, and not getting much back in return as the North was using the money to build the industrial machine revolution. How’d that work out for ya, then when Abe Lincoln fired the Souths black work force. That pretty much took the steam out of the Souths engine. So thus the tax scandal continues.

            • This information has been known for a long time. The people who espouse these revelations are demonized as “sovereign Citizens”, you know, those “lunatics” who don’t think they should have to pay taxes…

            • Well here are a few more jacked up things people say about taxes-especially those progressive tax defenders you know…….

              They say…
              ” We need those taxes to pay for our schools”

              Schools are primarily funded by local and state property taxes. Very little Federal funding actually ends up for the education of out children.

              (also we’d be much better off with schools in private hands across the board, for both the quality of education and curricula control of what our children are taught)

              They say…..
              ” You drive on the roads we all use and that is paid for by taxes”

              The reality is that the taxes on gasoline alone generate far more income than is allocated to the Dept of Transportation for highway maintaining and repair.

              They say……
              “We spend obscene amounts of money on our military and that money comes from our taxes to keep us safe”

              The reality is that corporate taxes on all business commerce within the US is almost 100% exact to the amount that the US spends on the military–every truck, soldier, planes, tank, base and aircraft carrier…

              Yes–buckle your chin strap for this bit of harsh reality– almost every penny of PERSONAL income tax in the ” land of the free” is wealth transfer. That’s right. The 80+ different government entitlement programs as well as the SSI Ponzi scheme and Medicaide/care is what your money is forcefully taken from you to pay for.
              If you refuse to do your part in paying for these hundreds of billions in welfare and govt programs ( whether it benefits you or not) you most likely will go to jail or have all of your property and assets seized… “Land of the free” indeed

              • Yup. Over 70% of the imperial federal government’s budget is wealth transfer.

                Taking from those who earn it and giving to those who didn’t.

                • Usury, profiting from a loan of money, is theft.

                  I highly recommend E. Michael Jones, Barren Metal: A History of Capitalism as the Conflict between Labor and Usury

                  Consider it the sequel to his:
                  The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit: And Its Impact on World History

                  “Austrians” take note; Judeo-Communism and Judeo-Capitalism—the same tribe of looters and murderers.

                • RII, that is crap. 100% of your taxes pay the Fed Res.

                  What they give to those who “do not earn it” is printing press money created from nothing, to buy their votes and support.

                  They do not take your hard earned money to give it to others. They take the proceeds from your labor to keep for themselves and finance their protection payouts through a totally different fraud.

                  • I like your way of looking at it. You’ve made the best argument of the day and I stand corrected.

            • The FED is a privately held company. Owned by major foreign and domestic banks. These banks majority owners are the NWO families.

              Lincoln, McKinley, and JFK were murdered because of their stance on the Central Bank(now the FED)or the printing of money by the Treasury as in the case of JFK.

              That Congress is illegitimate because when they walked out on Lincoln they never set a time to reconvene.

              You are now giving up your Rights for Privileges under Corporate Law/Military Law/Maritime Law.

              Your birth certificate is Maritime Law. Remember they used to just write your name in the front of the Bible?

              Registering your vehicle with the state gives them ownership.

              The list goes on and on on the deception.

        • I’m self employed. The IRS are the real terrorists. Not ISIL. If you are late on your 941s they threaten to freeze assets and lock up your office.

          • Npgh; “The IRS are the real terrorists. Not ISIL”.

            They both are. The only difference is the ISIL sub humans are hired, paid and trained by their boss named IRS under the interntaional Zionist Banking Reserve Cartels.

            There are many branches of the ZOG tree. The root must be destroyed.

        • I told this story before but I’ll repeat it for noobies.

          I spent 3 consecutive summers in high school living in a tent in the wild, attempting to hunt, trap, fish, farm, and forage for survival.

          Its near impossible. Humans as we know them cannot survive in the wild.

          You cant travel very far away from water. It takes years of study to ID plants for foraging. Chris McKandless was a fucking idiot. I got repeated throat infections that needed antibiotics. My relative frequently had to bring me store bought food to bail me out (though he applauded my efforts). When I went to the medic over the repeated throat infections and made the mistake of telling him what I was doing (I was very young), he tried to send me to a psychiatrist. Think the big AE is impressed with your fucking medical degree? I dressed him down like the fucking retard he was. You cant intimidate a man who knows how to think for himself. You spend more energy trying to get food than you get from the food unless you can kill big game, which is not routine, especially in the summer (and you need to know how to make your own ammunition). THAT RIFLE IS YOUR LIFE. Think about this the next time your fucking moron wife talks about how horrible guns are. I took maybe one bath a week in the stream with castile soap. I dug a latrine to shit in. I filtered the stream water and lake water (probably why I kept getting throat infections). The tent needs to be waxed canvas, not fucking nylon. Everything you own needs to be waterproofed. Rain is not only what gets your stuff damp, but with the dew in the morning and the humidity it will get soaked.


          • Acid, It all comes down to the right gear. I am on about day 45 at my BOL. Clearing brush, got my solar power hookes up to get the internet. I have a -10 below sleeping bag and it has been the best, just shake your bag out daily to rid it of any insects and ticks
            I already picked about a half dozen ticks off me. That’s part of hygene. Even a camp wash rag to spong bath daily. Using bottles water, LP gas tank for a stove. But I have prepped for years for this adventure. Still have about 7 mths of canned food and MRE’s. Mossy Oak is the camo pattern here. A deer snoozing jumpes out about 30 yards from me about an hour ago. I could have emptied a 30 round mag on it.. The right tools. t

            • Glad to hear you’re doing well. It’s kinda weird doing that big of a move, but totally worth it. My wife and I really planned our move here, but there are always kinks in the plan. We are just maybe, after 2 years, about to say that we left enough leeway in our plans for failure that we came up with a good plan.

              Oh and if it looks like a target with rings around a tick/bite you should consider that you might have Lyme disease. Doxycycline 100mg twice daily for 14 days and reevaluate.

          • FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Why does every other thing you say have to have a “fucking” in front of it? Are you that fucking dumb?

        • 20% of people admit to watching porn at work. Management doesn’t like that too much.


          You greedy fucking shit eating pigs sold out all our jobs and gutted manufacturing. You pay us shit wages, put us in a hostile working environment, don’t give us any opportunity for training and advancement, then you get pissed when we have low job satisfaction. The fucking banksters are laughing at you from their Bentleys bought with your tax dollars.

          My dick gets hard at work thinking about the sex acts I would like to perform on my coworkers. I enjoy it when people can see my erection through my pants. I often wear kinky underwear to work.

          • You encourage his posts and this is what we get from him?

            My version of Acid Etch (once more)….

            Barry O’s Bathhouse Czar

            • He posts a hell of a lot more useful information than you’ll ever live to do granny stinkbritches.

              • Granny’s world vision has far more appeal than AE’s perving-on-people vision.

                Of what value is a reset if we don’t make things BETTER?

            • acid probly WALKS with a lisp….

              • lol 🙂

        • So what is the best way to stop the beast?… We all complain and yet have NO guts to do what we know we must. Liberty comes with a price but there are no real men anymore. Just a bunch of little girls in old bodies.

          Because we chose to turn a blind eye [and still do] these crooks [satanists] continue to rob us. We are getting what we DESERVE. We do nothing and expect something.

          Buckle up Dorthy, you are no longer in Kansas!!

      2. Like all the other flagrant wave-offs of constitutional freedom at the hands of gubbermint, they have the goons with badges and GUNS (and MRAPS, grenades, assault UAV’s, et ALL) to beat down or kill anyone who dosen’t march to the beat…As long as it is still more convenient to pay than to fight, nothing will change. Until bullets fly, heads roll and traitors die, status quo will continue un-disturbed.

        Sleeeeeeep, Sleeeeeeep little sheep, the world you want to live in lays ahead in your dreams. You can be there! Just don’t wake up…;-)

      3. Tired of freaking moderation…..how many times does the bot you moderate through need to see the same damn e-mail Mac?!

      4. ‘zog fedgov federal irs taxes are voluntary!’

        * it says so in the federal irs tax code procedural regulations!

        * the irs is a unratified unconstitutional illegal government agency.

        the irs is also a ‘private company’ contracted to work for the illegitimate zionist fascist run zog fedgov!

          • She’s now in jail. Look it up next time before you get someone else but in a box at the point of a gun for not coming in line.

            • ‘they can’t jail everyone!’

              ‘if everyone simply refused to pay the i.r.s. fed tax , it would cease to exist!’

              ‘bye bye i.r.s.!’


              • You fail to pay the IRS will come sieze anything you got. If they can find it. Get all your money and cash out of the whore banks fast.. My latest Credit Union says a daily $5, 000 cash W/D per day. The chick sees me and heads to the valt for all their new $100 Bills.

        • zog, zog, zog, zog, zog, zog, zog, OMG, did he say zog, omg he said zog, he must be the righteous one for who else would know about zog. OMG zog has been mentioned. OMG, OMG, OMG.

          • Jimb:

            How’s the weather in Tel Aviv today, Israelie troll?

      5. ‘zog fedgov federal irs taxes are voluntary!’

        * it says so in the federal irs tax code procedural regulations!

        * the irs is a unratified unconstitutional illegal government agency.

        the irs is also a ‘private company’ contracted to work for the illegitimate zionist fascist run zog fedgov!

        • 72 year old customer of mine felt that way too and got 2 years in the county clink plus fines for doctoring his returns from his business. They don’t care how old you are or what kind of physical condition you are in. If you don’t pay you go to jail. Remember, the US is just one big corporation, we’re all just errand boys and girls scrounging for the scraps that are allowed to fall from our betters’ table.

          • And them politico kids feeding them bankerdogs from the table. Need their hands slapped good. Dogs just burying it anyways.

        • America Freedom to Fascism exposes the fraud and deceit of the Federal Reserve Banks (Fed), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the 16th Amendment, the income tax, the Federal Reserve System, national ID cards (REAL ID Act), human-implanted RFID tags (Spychips), Diebold electronic voting machines, New World Order (globalization), Big Brother, taser weapons abuse, and the use of terrorism by government as a means to diminish the citizens’ rights.


      6. Don’t blame the IRS, they just happen to be the enforcers. Blame the politicians and central banks who are stealing money out of your wallet. The IRS is no different than the cellphone company who passes the lastest government costs and regulations on to you via your phone bill

        • According to the Nuremberg Trails after WWII
          The Ones who took a paycheck and said I only did what I was Told….
          Got the same as the Ones that gave the Orders

          • Exactly right. All Federal government employees are the enemy, enforcers or not. If you work for the feds in any capacity, even if you just deliver mail or are a secretary, you are the enemy. Please quit now and get an honest job. When the bullets start flying I will shoot any government employee in any capacity until they are all dead or I am.

            • You’re going to shoot mailmen and forest rangers?

              • Especially forest rangers and any BLM or fish and game tyrants. You cannot work for an evil entity, except as a spy/sabotuer maybe, and expect me to consider you not part of that evil entity. Our government has become an evil tyranny that has to be destroyed and replaced. It cannot be fixed.

                As I’ve mentioned before, I’m sure my ancestors killed some really nice Frenchmen, Englishmen, Mexicans, Yankees, Indians, Phillipinos, Germans, Italians, and more. However during war you cannot always sort the nice enemy workers from the bad ones. If they’re wearing the enemy’s uniform you just kill them.

                It’s hard to accept that premise I know, but war is hell and war means killing. Lots of killing. Killing couriers that carry their information (postal workers) has happened in pretty much every war in history.

                This country has been so fed up with the government before that we went to war, parts of it have done it twice. I honestly hope it doesn’t come to that but I bet it’s possible. Choose sides carefully.

        • The IRS knows they are committing fraud on the people. The highest people in the IRS know that the income tax doesn’t apply to most people.

      7. I made less money this year and having to pay more tax than last year. I hate everybody.

      8. Our knowing all, wonderful GOVERNMENT expects nothing more than BLIND OBEDIENCE, so there you have it this is what they want from the people nothing more or nothing less.

        Remember; I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you. This way to the cattle cars please. F~CK’M ALL!!

        • Copperhead:

          You will be “relieved” to know that on the way to the cattle cars you will get to use a ‘non-gender’ bathroom.


          “whitehouse has set up the first non-gender bathroom”.


          “Fundamentally changing America”, one shithouse at a time!

          • How appropiate, given the fact that this country is going right down the crapper.

          • “non-gender bathroom”

            What the hell else would you expect from a fag who got selected for president, who is married to a man, posing as a first lady? Neither of them can figure out whether to lift their leg or squat…

            • i’ll bet if that SOB tried to clap, he’ld miss his hands!

      9. Pay your taxes.

        • Make me

          • PAY YOUR TAXES OR ELSE…!

            “pew pew pew!”

            the I.R.S.

            • LMFAO!

      10. The IRS has been given to much power. Time to find a better way to collect taxes. Make the new system fair for all.

        • The IRS did help get me back about $3500 stolen by them from my refunds to give to the corrupt Dept of Ed who is trying to enforce some uncollectible unenforcable student loans the school scamed me on. FOIA Requests for reports got me that info on the school who was terminated and lost their Title V loan handling. Its all a F-N scam anything dealing with the Grubberment.

      11. The corporate government requires you to participate or they will try to kill you. They operate by force at the point of a gun. The whole of .gov is comprised of “enforcement” agencies, the IRS is only one of the many.

        Why are you forced to participate? Consider the bylaws of a corporation. The sole purpose is to provide value for it’s shareholders. The shareholders of corporation USA are the international banks…you are the debt and tax donkeys that provide the value.

        This is what the bankers tried to pull off in Afghanistan and Iraq…instituting an “income tax”. Didn’t work out so well. The Pigmen are attempting to turn the whole world into a “legal fiction” and enforcing their contract law that turns the resources and people into corporate profit.

        What are all y’all doing up on deck, anyway? Get back below and pull harder on them oars.

        • One day Atlas will shrug. The moochers will starve without us pulling the oars and the looters will be shot. One day, alas not this day.

      12. Here is where we agree !!! a flat tax or anything except the prison IRS system we are under ha a free country !!!! as long as you pay pay and pay…….

      13. Brief synopsis, sourced here, whether true or not, is something with which few have knowledge.


        Great Britain to this day collects taxes from the American people. The IRS is not an Agency of the United States Government.

        All taxpayers have an Individual Master File which is in code. By using IRS Publication 6209, which is over 400 pages, there is a blocking series which shows the taxpayer the type of tax that is being paid. Most taxpayers fall under a 300-399 blocking series, which 6209 states is reserved, but by going to BMF 300-399 which is the Business Master File in 6209 prior to 1991, this was U.S.-U.K. Tax Claims, meaning taxpayers are
        considered a business and involved in commerce and are held liable for taxes via a treaty between the U.S. and the U.K., payable to the U.K. The form that is supposed to be used for this is form 8288, FIRPTA-Foreign Investment Real Property Tax Account. The 8288 form is in the Law Enforcement Manual of the IRS, chapter 3. The OMB’s-paper-Office of Management and Budget, in the Department of Treasury, List of Active Information collections, Approved Under Paperwork Reduction Act is where form 8288 is found under OMB number 1545-0902, which says U.S. with holding tax return for dispositions by foreign persons, of U.S. Form #8288, #8288a.
        These codes have since been changed to read as follows: IMF 300-309, Barred Assessment, CP 55 generated valid for MFT-30, which is the code for the 1040 form. IMF 310-399 reads the same as IMF 300-309, BMF 390-399 reads U.S.-U.K. Tax Treaty Claims. Isn’t it INCREDIBLE that a 1040 form is a payment of a tax to the U.K.. Everybody is always looking to 26 U.S.C. for the law that makes one liable for the so called Income Tax but, it is not in there because it is not a Tax, it is debt collection through a private contract called the Constitution of the United States, Article Six, Section One and various agreements.

        • PO Texan:

          Here at shtf, some posters have finally dug to the bottom and found the truth about what ails America. Your post shows you are one who has done their homework. Thanks.

          By the way, your tax $$$$ go to that block of real estate in England called the City of London. There the Zionists plan where to forment more war with YOUR money and where to send your children to be killed for their power and greed.

          We NEED a law that says THEIR kids are first up to be sent to the front lines…..

          • Pissed Off Granny,

            Thank you for your kind reply. I know the comment was lengthy, but some won’t mind taking the time to read, if not just skim it.

            I’ve been visiting here for a while and I’ve learned a lot more from these friendly folks’ comments than most anywhere else on the web. Truly enlightening and comforting, knowing that there are some sane people who know what’s coming and are preparing, and offering their advice/opinions.

            As for the never-ending War games with our $$$$, I totally agree that THEIR kids be on the front lines first. We’re footing the bill, so why not?

            • I’m hoping our son will be the first male in my family to not join the US military since the revolutionary war. We were raised to be patriotic and every male was expected to serve at least 4 years in either the navy (Mom’s side of the family) or army (Dad’s side) with a few oddballs like a cousin in the marines or my dad who was an airforce pilot.

              If only I had known then what I know now. Fortunately I never killed anyone, though for quite some time I’m sure I would have if ordered to. Now I work in the medical field in town to pay the bills, though I’m saving like crazy to hopefully be able to afford to just be a farmer.

              I just want to be left alone to raise our family in peace and work our gorgeous farm. The government takes too much of my money now and I fear that one day even that won’t be enough.

              • The US military is another welfare dope organization given rifles to take over other countries not Zog Zionist friendly. See MSN Chris Mathews comment on Rand Pauls Pres Run to confirm this.

                • IKR. I was raised to think it was patriotic and was serving my country. Nonsense! The military is serving corporate masters and you risk you life and soul for the military industrial complex’s profits.

        • “are held liable for taxes via a treaty between the U.S. and the U.K.”

          I’d like to research that treaty for my own info. Can you share what it’s called?


        IRS Agent Exposes IRS Fraud!! – Joe Banister


        • Once the Archivist has certified an amendment’s ratification and the Secretary declared it as such it is considered legally ratified and becomes a published part of the Constitution.

          A less than perfect process maybe, but the only way I can see to challenge it would be for the 1/4 + 1 states that claim they did not ratify it to do so before Congress and have it removed by a counter amendment since there is no process for Judicial review of the ratification of an amendment (once it is declared ratified, the court must recognize it as such and consider it law).

          I have yet heard of any challenge to its vote being wrongly counted as either for or against the amendment being made in a formal presentation before Congress by any of the States that submitted a ratification notification to it.

          You may want to figure out which 13 States refused to ratify -or directly voted against ratification, as you will- the 16th and have them challenge it before Congress (this would be done through their Senators before the Senate since it is the Senators of a State that represent the State as an individual political entity in Congress, with the Representatives representing the people at large).

          Even at this, there is no Constitutional means of declaring an amendment void other than introducing a new amendment to repeal it as the 21st did the 18th. It may be more productive to promote a new amendment, through Constitutionally specified means, to remove the 16th amendment than to try to challenge its legality with no legally defined means established to do so.

      15. And the IRS has purchased 100’s of million rounds of ammo, and militarized the agency. They can now send a swat team to your home, and arrest you for being a “domestic terrorist”. You see, if you arent a good liitle sheeple, and pay your “fair share”….they can use the DHS or DOJ (under the NDAA act) to sieze your assets and arrest you w/ NO warrant, NO legal representation, and indefinite detention. You are now living in a complete tryannical police state. There is no where to run, or hide. You are being monitored 24/7, no matter how much you think you are “off-the-grid” and out of the system. You are NOT. You will submit to the state, or perish. The “crisis” that is planned for us will arrive just before the 2016 election…of which will be “temporarily” suspended, as we “work thru this crisis” will say Obama, soon followed by the dismissal of the Constitution, martial law, and the State in complete control.!!!!!

        • J

          Sounds like a huntin’ trip to me. I’ll bring the bacon and beans.

          Got a tater?

          Disgusted in the mountains.

          • Do you want burial or cremation?

      16. Building the voter base for 2016…

        REPORT: Non-Citizens Registered To Vote Through Motor Voter Registration Forms

        “Local state government officials are registering non-U.S. citizens as valid voters — even when the non-citizens say they are not Americans on their voter registration forms, a former Justice Department attorney tells The Daily Caller.

        J. Christian Adams, a former United States Department of Justice official in the Civil Rights Division will show the Supreme Court in a brief later this month that non-citizens are registering to vote through the government’s motor voter program.

        The motor voter act became law during the Clinton administration as an easier way to register voters through their local Department of Motor Vehicles offices, but Adams says the program is failing to weed out those who are not American citizens.”


        • Vote? You’re voting for a commie no matter who is on the ballot. And I’ll add: A commie voting for a commie. Wow.

          Just like in stalin’s ruhsha.

          • Did you ever think that you just might consider Putin’s Russia more free than the US? It breaks my heart to even consider that it just might be true.

            • yup yup!

      17. I don’t mind paying some tax. Like for the Military, Schools, and roads.

        But where the problem lies is that they tax you for the let say the roads. Then they hit you with gas tax that is to pay for the roads.


        The other thing that bothers me is the earned income tax credit. WTF you didn’t frigging work but because you didn’t work you get money given to you tax free. B.S.

        I really believe things would be better with a Flat tax or a Federal Sale tax. Now saying this the tax can only be raise every four years from the vote of the people not the House or Senate. Or Executive order. It can also be lowered by the vote public. There would be a provision if we go to war. (attacked).

        Hang in there it will only get worse, like a large pimple then POP! I’m being gross this morning but aren’t taxes!


        • Hey Sgt,

          Come up to New England, where not only do you pay for roads in your taxes and gas tax, but also when you register your car and if that’s not enough, we put up toll booths and charge you another $1 at every one you drive thru.

          In NH, I beleive we have 4 toll booths on diffent highways throughtout the state. Up until not long ago, there was one town, Merrimack, NH, that had it’s own toll booth on the exit ramp. The area had grown up during the high tech boom of the 80’s and the town was located between last toll booth and the MA border, so the state decided they were losing to much money, so they put a toll booth to get on/off the exit ramp for that town.

          But don’t think our interstate system in NH is all bad, the state has the monoploy on liquor sales, so to make it easier for people to buy liquor, we actually have liquor stores at a couple of the larger rest areas on the interstate.

          New Hampshire’s motto: Live Free or Die

          • AOWG
            I love you brother, but not that much!!!
            I’m heading to Tenn. and if that doesn’t work I’m heading to the Ozarks in Mo.

          • I laugh every time I hear that . . . there are so few who actually want to live free. They especially don’t want to live free when they realize that part of being free is suffering the consequences of your decisions both the good ones and bad.

            If you think about it very few actually want freedom, most dream of a benevolent master at best. Even most slaves don’t want freedom, what they want is to change places with their master and to be the one holding the whip.

      18. How’s it’s for theft my state wants to make a state prorerty tax. We already have town property taxes to the tune of $3500 a year. They were supposed to do away with property taxes on vehicles but that never happened. I didn’t think it would any way. My vehicle taxes are $230 a year for a 11 year old ford ranger. They were a little cheaper then they went up. I went to tax assessor and said how come you have my truck valued higher that it’s worth. He said they can do that. It’s determined by how much they deem your vehicle is worth. Already got state and federal coming out of paycheck plus my work made everyone take a 15 percent paycut. Pension funded at 25 percent. Taxed again when wife goes shopping for essentials. No taxes on clothing purchases but clothes cost a lot anyway. I’ve fucking had it with this shit. I’m moving and taking my skills my $ and selling my house that I own not bank. Every day they come up with a new angle to steal from workers. They never make cuts to the free shit army. I think they want this place to be a vacuum bag that only containes dirt and scum. No business wants to come here because they wil get raped by the state. No workers here either just tons of welfare and disabled and unemployed. Fuck this state used to be a nice place to live years back before they turned it into a welfare state.

        • You’re learning my friend. Atlas will shrug.

        • You live in Cali? Sounds like California, I live in southern CA. I have been thinking the same about moving out to a better state. Problem is that all my family and friends are here.
          California is so dang expensive to live, we’re overrun with illegals, and the welfare slugs.

      19. The problem with what we might consider legitimate expenses by the government is this: The bastards hide all kinds of nonsense and theft within legitimate budgets. AIDS research is hidden in the military budget, etc. There is no real oversight of spending. Therefore, there is no legitimate spending. Not until the pork, waste and theft is gone. I ain’t holding my breath.

      20. The 16th amendment, the 13th amendment and Article 1, Section 8 comprise the evil trinity of enslavement. It may be surprising to some that the 13th amendment did not end slavery, it merely changed the plantation. It reads – “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” Note that slavery is permitted if one is convicted of a crime. So if someone smokes a naturally occurring substance and convicted of doing so they become a slave. Or any other number of victimless “crimes” that government has on the books.

        Just the combination of the 16th amendment and Article 1, Section 8 gives the state unlimited ability to tax (enslave) the people. You could be taxed at a rate of 98% and that would be constitutional!

        Do yourself a favor and go through this exercise: cut and paste the constitution into a word processor and then highlight words dedicated to individual liberty versus government power. You’ll see that 95% of the words in the document are dedicated to what government can, shall and must do. The power of the individual is almost nil.

        Direct taxation is slavery. Period. There is no way to morally defend it as necessary to run the country.

        • The Constitution is a limitation on government, not a declaration of unrestricted power.

          Those things that are specifically declared as duties and powers of government are all that it is legitimately allowed to engage in.

          Anything not declared as specific to government is in the domain of the people, and this was further clarified in the 9th amendment (the forgotten amendment) and the 10th.

          In a simple manner of statement, anything not declared belonging to the government exclusively is allowed for the people without government interference.

          Not that anyone pays much attention to the Constitution anymore, most people thinking of it as a minor nuisance getting in the way of what they want government to do, and one that can be mostly just ignored or a means found to avoid it (as Justice Roberts did when finding the Obamacare fines to be a tax and not a fine, or as in the current trend determining the free exercise of your religion -living by your religious standards- means only for your private life and in secret and it does not apply to your public activities).

          • @Sharon – you said: “The Constitution is a limitation on government, not a declaration of unrestricted power.”

            If that is the case then why is government out of control? It has been since at least the tyrant Lincoln. The simple fact is that the constitution in no way restricts government. Sure, perhaps a few people intended it to be so but the vast majority, namely Hamilton, wanted a centralized and very powerful government. I’m with Spooner when he said and I paraphrase – the constitution either permits the government we have or is powerless to prevent it. In either case it is unfit to exist.

            • Well. I did point out that no one really pays attention to it anymore.

              And that is because everyone, every voter, puts his or her personal agenda and desires ahead of it instead of behind it.

              The Romans ended up doing the same thing, and the Greeks before them. Freedom seems to be only something people want when they don’t actually have it but not when they do, a grass is greener sort of thing maybe.

          • Sharon you are technically correct about the 9th and 10th but it really doesn’t matter since the government just does whatever it wants anyway. Good luck telling the DEA that the constitution specifically forbids the existence of their agency. Dept of Education, HUD, DEA, FDA, IRS, and so many more are flagrantly unconstitutional yet exist anyway.

            As I believe Henry Kissinger once said “the illegal we can do right away, the unconstitutional just takes a little longer.”

      21. Here’s an idea: Make 100% of taxes SALES taxes. Sure, you can keep all the money you earned, every penny. But when you go to spend it, you’ll pay tax. You want to drive a car on the roads? Road tax on your gas, registration, tires, etc. You want to go to the supermarket? Food infrastructure tax. You want to take a jet plane somewhere? you guessed it, air traffic tax.

        No more exemptions. No more IRS. And the best part of all, we would end up with a society and an infrastructure that WE want, not what TPTB want us to accept.

        Aaahhh, dreams.

        • How would you handle, say, Social Security taxes?

          Unless you flatly get rid of it (along with medicare, medicaid, disability, etc.), which isn’t going to happen, there will still need to be some agency that operates the same as the IRS to collect if from workers wages unless you just make it a (runaway) entitlement system for all takers regardless of whether they work or have worked or not.

          So we end up with, at best, a renamed IRS to deal with SS the same way we deal with the IRS today and a national sales tax collection agency on top of it that does the same thing, but on steroids, since you will have to prove you have paid the sales tax on everything you own (every cent you spend will be tracked, meaning everything you do will be tracked and analyzed).

          • Easy. There shouldn’t be social security and thus no tax is necessary. Seriously, there wasn’t social security for over 150 years. This goes back to my post above about most people not wanting freedom, social security isn’t freedom. Freedom is suffering the consequences of your failure to plan for getting older.

            Molonlabegirl is correct. The only two taxes that are constitutional are excise taxes (such as sales tax and stamp taxes) and tariffs.

            • That is not the point.

              The point is that it is not going to go away so it will have to be handled in some manner.

              • No that is the point actually. Simple math. Social Security cannot last after they run out of money. Default is inevitable and can only be addressed:
                1) Outright repudiation of the debt and obligations
                2) Renegotiate the debt in bankruptcy proceedings (raise taxes, lower benefits promised, raise retirement age, etc.)
                3) Inflate away the debt
                4) combinations of all 3

                That’s it. You can’t have 220 trillion in unfunded liabilities with a 17 trillion economy and honestly pay the bills. Socialism isn’t a new concept and it never works.

                You are correct though that it will have to be handled in some manner and if you think about it you will see that any option you can think of is a version of the 4 above.

                The math is simple and the country would be rioting right now if even a majority could do basic math. The really crappy school system the government runs is buying them time.

          • Way to go, Sharon. You’re a good little .gov worker.

            • No she probably isn’t, it’s really hard to imagine getting rid of something that seems so indispensable to so many. She is genuinely concerned about the fate of so many retired people that SS is their only source of income and I can respect that.

              However the math is quite simple and the money is just not there. Once you accept that the current system cannot last can you honestly begin to find solutions. we must.

              For example, I would be willing to let them keep all the SS taxes my wife and I have ever paid (24 years working full time, many over the yearly cap for SS) If they would let me opt out now and I will agree to never collect a dime if they let me just stop paying now. Call it water under the bridge and I’d walk away happy.

            • No, but you seem to have a great deal of trouble understanding anything other than your own unrealistic view.

              Which is why you are a failure that can talk skat but not do nothing more.

              • Rebel is building his family farm. From where I sit, he looks like a winner.

          • @Sharon – “How would you handle, say, Social Security taxes?”

            If I were king for a day here’s what I’d do: All direct taxation would be eliminated. All taxes on earned income would be eliminated. That is, any income based on your labor. All unearned income would be taxed heavily and progressively. Unless you work for it it isn’t income but theft. This of course wouldn’t happen because people like Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon would lobby against it. Why? Because they think what they do IS labor. What they actually do is leverage a credit based monetary system and fractional reserve banking to create “wealth”. That is to say that what they do is economic counterfeiting. I’m unimpressed with someone like Buffett who has billions of dollars of so called wealth because I know that every dollar he has is offset by someones debt.

            As for Social Security, I would suggest everyone read the two salient supreme court decisions – Helvering v Davis and Flemming v Nestor. Social Security is not insurance, never has been because there is no contract. Even the SS’s own website says that. And there is no trust fund. All taxes collected go into the general fund. You don’t have a Social Security account per se, merely an accounting entry. The congress can change things at will and there is nothing you can do about it because there is no contract. If I could opt out I’d do so in a New York second but the powers that be know if they gave people the opportunity to do so the whole thing would collapse just like any other Ponzi scheme.

      22. Foreign Aid is one of my pet peeves. But, one day as I was driving home from the rifle range, A women from the State Department came on the radio. She stated that 90% of all foreign aid money is spent in the US. I almost had to pull over. She went on to explain that large corporations, like Caterpillar, Case, etc. have large products that they over produced and can’t get buyers for in the US. So, their lobbyists get the government to buy it and give it to foreign countries that “need it”. Such a deal. And if your lobbyist is really good, you don’t even have to have a product to sell. Write up a “study” of soil use for Kenya, for instance, and get the Feds to buy it and give it to Kenya. I need a lobbyist.

      23. About 100,000 or more illegal immigrant children from Central America have arrived at our southern border. The MSM would have us believe that these kids, some as young as 3 years old, walked 1000 miles to get here. Right. These kids were bussed north by American corporations that make 100’s of millions per year for providing housing and social services to them. These crimes against America are so outrageous, that they’re difficult to believe. And both parties know of this. They get money from the lobbyists to provide taxpayer cash for this crime. Washington has to be shut down, once and for all.

      24. BTW:

        Those $10 FRN’s that DK has encouraged you to put in cans are about to have a “new” face.

        All ‘Libbers’ will be smiling ear to ear to know it is to be a woman. Didn’t catch all the nominees but the ‘commie’ Eleanor Roosevelt was one, Rosa Parks was another.

        “Fundamentally changing America” one $10 FRN at a time. No problem with how much some “buddy” gets paid to make the change. No problem, we cant fix our highways, schools, feed our kids…..but we have the funds to change the picture on our $10 funny money.

        Our beloved America has been turned into an insane asylum and the worst of the crazies are running the show.

        • I propose Margaret Sanger.

          It would inspire some public discussion and understanding of what she actually stood for and promoted.


          • Oh hell yes,

            Any idea how many dead babies souls lay at her doorstep, or do you even care?

            “The mother of Planned Parenthood”.

            Another marvelous heroine of the left!

            • LOL sharon is right because most forget that Sanger in particular wanted to kill off BLACK babies.

              Look it up.

          • I propose someone for the new FRN, someone more befitting this govt—MA BARKER. A close second, Bonnie Parker.

            • Who else appreciates the irony that the synagogue of Satan’s banksters put Andrew “I killed the Bank” Jackson on their $20 “Federal” “Reserve” “Note”?

        • Don’t forget to include yourself as the biggest nut job on the internet granny stinkdrawers.

          • Your kindergarten-level name-calling is as impressive as your lackluster intelligence.

      25. When the economy collapses, jobs will be lost, there will be no legitimate money for anyone. What will the bastards do then? When my income ceases,so does paying taxes of any kind; federal, property, state, etc. If they try to confinscate my property or anything else, they (govt) will not have a “nice day”.

        • Amen brother. I intend to be buried one day on this farm, I’m not going to give it up for any reason.

          Though Idaho isn’t part of Dixie, it’s pretty awesome. Someone here was complaining about the rednecks in Idaho and said that Idaho has Boise in the west, Idaho Falls in the east, and Alabama in between. I must be a redneck because I thought “hell yes!”

          • Sounds like home to me. I’ve been considering moving to Idaho for a while now.

            • Ain’t nothin’ out there but Mormons, six. Go if you’re ready.

              • True there are a lot of LDS around us (and their church doctrine is to be prepared with at least 1 year of food stored) but they’ve been nothing but nice to us Southern Baptists. They seem pretty law abiding and trustworthy too. None of my neighbors has stolen any of my beer.

                Granted, since we have more than 5 kids most people probably just assume we are mormon. Even so, as long as you don’t mind their very polite attempts to convert you they’re mostly pretty easy to get along with. Of course any large group of anyone will have some bad ones, I know we Southern Baptists do, so don’t think they’re all perfect or whatever. Who is though?

                A joke my LDS neighbor told me:
                If you invite a mormon camping (we go all the time is why he mentioned) invite two of them. If you only invite one mormon camping he’ll drink all your beer.

            • It’s really nice, the people are great and it’s still mostly empty. We live about 2 hours downriver from Yellowstone, maybe 90 minutes from the Grand Tetons. From our bedroom we can look one way over the Snake river at nothing but wilderness and the other way looks at the mountains. Other side of the mountains is nothing but Teton National Forrest and Yellowstone national park.

              The main problem moving here is a job. Most need one and can’t work from home. I went into the medical field (back when we still lived in the south) specifically because I knew that I could move pretty much anywhere and get a job. We live about 15 minutes outside of a town of about 12000 where I work.

              Drive through Yellowstone, leave the NW gate into Montana and head SW to Idaho Falls. From there take SR20 west to Sun Valley and head north to Stanley. Then Head SW towards Boise but when you’re just north of it head straight north up to the panhandle through Moscow, Cour d’ Alene, and Sandpoint. If you make that drive over 2 weeks, camping in Yellowstone, Shoshone National Forrest, and the Sawtooth Recreational park north of Sun valley, like my wife and I did you will probably never leave Idaho.

              We had to return and get the kids though, then we moved here 🙂

            • So have I. Like I mentioned before, I live in southern CA. CA used to be a beautiful state, but its gone to hell.
              I would miss Mexican food though, can’t get enough. I’m American of Mexican descent but I love this country and everything about it, and I bleed Red, White and Blue.
              The Stars and Stripes always wave outside my home.

          • Rebel, your neck of the woods is beautiful, however I sing the praises of the panhandle portion of Idaho, one of the most concentrated areas of traditional Catholicism.

            • And the home of every nutcase white supremacist organization too, gee, what a coincidence!

            • We seriously considered up there too, but this farm we found on the river is just perfect for us. We kept looking at other places and compared every single one to this one after seeing it.

              Rainfall is certainly better up there. If we had seen this place or one close too it for sale (that we could afford) for the almost year we were looking I’m sure we might be neighbors.

      26. Here are some more great articles about the irs fraud against the American people. These are really good. Read them and learn. The more people who learn the faster we can kick these fraudsters out. Think how fast Americans would recover if we no longer gave away about 385 billion to the Porto Rico Trust aka the irs.




      27. All the talk about the constitutionality of the IRS is interesting, but irrelevant. The IRS derives it’s power from the threat of force. That makes it real.

        The IRS is my largest single expense. I pay them faithfully so they don’t destroy me. My wife and I joke that we are supporting a single mother and her five kids. It would be nice if she sent us a thank you card.

        Seriously, those of us who carry the tax burden deserve some respect. Instead we are racist-heartless-greedy bastards for complaining about ever higher taxes.

        • Obtuseangler, you make some good points with the one exception about the constitutionality of the IRS. A return to the original Constitution would leave no provision for the IRS. I dont think any of the Founders wanted a Fed. Govt. as overbearing as our current mess.

          • Crane, the feds have overstepped the limits of the Constitution on many fronts. No doubt about that. Legitimate or not, power backed by force or the threat of force is very real.

            On an unrelated topic, that’s why statists want the peasants disarmed. The possibility of revolt is all that prevents them them from moving too far or too fast to box us in. Have you noticed that taking AR’s from lawful gun owners is a hot topic with them, but aggressively disarming urban street gangs is a non-issue? One group is a political threat, and one group is not

            There is a nexus of political power and physical power. The Muzzies clearly understand that.

      28. 104 comments, too many to read through tonight. We all should now that the Federal Reserve System, IRC, et al is all a fraud a sham illegal. We have no legal obligation to comply so why do we? Fear, plan and simple. I worked with guys at a shipyard back in the early 80s who condidered themselves, rightly so, to be tax patriots and decided on principle not to pay their taxes. They were right and they all went to prison for tax evasion. 20 guys make the correct decision and they get lockied up. If 20 million or 200 million of us do so, then what? Resist, by all means necessary, no matter what.

      29. Anyone who really wants to know what’s up with the IRS needs to visit losthorizons.com and buy the book(s).

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