In the Midst of the Big Bang: Collapse Has Already Occurred

by | Feb 11, 2011 | Headline News | 63 comments

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    Big Bang Collapse

    In the 1930’s Georges Lemaitre presented the theory that our universe started with a Big Bang. For the better part of the 20th century, it was assumed that the Big Bang event took place in a matter of a few seconds and sent the necessary elements for everything from magnetism to stars to life flying throughout the universe.

    In the 1990’s, two Bell Labs researchers, Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, were experimenting with a radio wave antenna to improve telecommunications when they happened across a faint, but constant ‘noise’ surrounding the planet. They weren’t sure exactly what it was. At first, they thought their antenna wasn’t working properly. A short time later, after scientists from Princeton University searching for remnants of the Big Bang learned of Penzias’ and Wilson’s discovery, they realized that the noise was actually cosmic microwave radiation believed to be ‘left over’ from the Big Bang.

    What they found was evidence, not only of the theoretical bang, but evidence that suggested we are still within the explosion itself. The universe is expanding, say scientists, and by default, that suggests the original explosion has not yet dissipated.

    The most intriguing part, at least to this author, is that during all this time, we had no idea that we are actually living within the explosion as it continues to further expand the universe. There are, of course, alternate theories to the Big Bang, as well as the reasons for why our universe continues to expand at an ever increasing rate of speed, but hopefully this analogy will help some to grasp the following concepts as they relate to our economy and global events.

    We often discuss “collapse” in terms of an event that has yet to occur – a scenario that will unfold at some point in the future. The reality, however, is that we are already within the collapse. Most people have simply not realized it yet because they haven’t been told by those in control of our information infrastructure.

    Charlie McGrath explains:

    I’m not coming out here telling you “get ready there’s a pending crash coming” or “get ready collapse is coming.” I’m telling you straight to your face – collapse has occurred in this country. Crisis is upon us, right here, right now. Not a year from now. Not ten years from now. We are in the midst of it as I speak to you.

    This crisis, this collapse, occurred in 2008. Make no mistakes about it. Look at the world between today’s date and backtracking to 2008. Is it a peaceful place where citizens are getting along because their governments and central bankers have figured out a way to save the economy?

    If I look between 2008 and right now, if I look at the history in this short period of time, I see anarchy around the world. I see citizens pushing back. I see protests in every region of the world. Almost every week a new hot spot is popping up. I’m not making that up. This isn’t crisis in the future. This is crisis now – here and now.

    Open your mind. Open your eyes. Pull yourself out of the mainstream for a minute. Pull yourself out of the propaganda machine just for a minute and do an inventory of what’s happened on this planet in the last two years since the collapse of 2008.

    Facts are facts, and these data clearly demonstrate the ongoing disaster and that the watershed event has already occurred. The reality is, no one in any position of influence has done anything to reverse the trend – globally.

    Just as our universe is believed to be expanding at an ever increasing rate with no end in sight, even though the Big Bang happened some 14 billion years ago, so too are the effects of the economic collapse gaining momentum :

    • There will be more unemployed – not statistically the way our government likes to count – but realistically on the ground. Millions who are without work are not being counted.
    • There are over 4 million homes in the shadow inventory right now, just waiting to be foreclosed on in 2011, plus the millions of others that just started defaulting on payments.
    • The US Government and Europe are taking on trillions in debt. Just in the US, the stimulus and bailouts have been estimated at over $23 trillion. And, this doesn’t include the future liabilities amounting to some $200 trillion in debt. $23 trillion and nothing to show for it except for worse economic news than in 2008.
    • Our economy, contrary to the government’s estimates, is not growing. It is contracting. While the mainstream tells us growth is near 3%, the Shadowstats alternative data from economist John Williams suggest it is -2%.
    • The cost of everything, except debt based goods like homes, is rising at an alarming rate. Two years ago we (alternative media) warned of coming inflation, and even hyperinflation. The media would have none of it. But the writing is on the wall, with many essential commodities up nearly 100% from two years ago. Even today, right now, Ben Bernanke continues to argue that inflation is under control at 2%. Soon, it will be clear that this is and was a lie. When retail food costs are double what they were in 2008, the rest of America may start waking up to what the Egyptians and Tunisians have been rioting about.
    • As people lose jobs, credit, and everything that they value, they will have no choice but to take to the streets. They’ll either do this in the form of protests, riots or violent crime. What choice will they have when they can’t feed their families. Sound impossible? Then you haven’t seen this chart of food stamp participation increases over the last 2 years. It’s on the verge of doubling from 26 million in 2007 to over 50 million sometime in the next 18 months.

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is what a collapse looks like.

    If history and science are any guide, there are a lot more elements from the Big Bang of 2008 that have yet to be discovered. Like cosmic microwave radiation, just because we haven’t seen it yet, doesn’t mean it isn’t all around us ready to change the world as we know it today.


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      1. Very intriguing article with a unique analysis…

        Crash JP Morgan… buy silver!!

      2. Comments….You see the train has already left the tracks…we are merely flying through the air! Some of us are screaming,… some of us are bracing for impact…,however most of us have no idea of whats going on!

      3. I agree that 2008,  will be the year,  historians,  look back and point to the collapse.

        StinkySteve  is right,  about most of us have no idea of whats going on.

        We are like the folks on the Titanic,  that bought into the ideal  of  an “unsinkable ship”.     The boats going down and there is only a few life preservers.

        Golden ones and Silver ones.    It is past the time,  to start looking for them…..just sayin

      4. Good post! I have stopped trying to warn people about what is coming because they just comprehend what is coming our way. If they are not affected now by the problems in the economy is just distant noise. There are people that I really care about but I don’t want them to think I am a doom and gloomer and not want to be associated with me.I don’t know how this will all shake out but I can not help but being pessimistic. So, I go on trying to prepare and hoping I will not need my preps. I just look at it as an insurance policy that I hope that I won’t have to file a claim a claim against. God Bless

      5. I found this forum from another forum.  This has got to be the biggest doom and gloom site I have ever seen.  Get over it everyone.  All economic indicators are up and the recovery is surging full steam ahead.  There is no collapse. 

      6. This play book on Egypt is not over yet.  More than likely the worst is yet to come “world wide” (and damn soon).  Everything #1 is saying is going to come back and haunt him.  They are going to have to update the rule book for the future…..

      7. As Pop Eye the Sailor would say – “…I yam what I yam, what I yam and that’s all I yam cause…” – I’m a doom and gloom prepper, don’t cha wanta be one too?   

        I like this article and the critical thinking behind it.   stinky steve, very descriptive, reminds me when I was in a raft with several other rafters and we ended up going over a water fall. 

        Some were screaming and I remember having a death grip on the line that goes around the raft and thinking if this is it, let me at least go out with some dignity and the only screaming was in my head as I braced for impact.  

      8. My Vietnamese Dong has been devalued again for the 3rd time in one year.  This is what will happen here after they take control of pensions & investments.

      9. If by Big Bang the theorists are describing the SPLAT sounds coming from the carcasses of idiot Darwinist, socialists hitting the wall when TSHTF then there may be some legitimacy to that train of thought. Big Bang and Global Warming are based on the same “science”. How old IS Al Gore anyway? 

      10. SHTFPLAN said, “The reality is, no one in any position of influence has done anything to reverse the trend – globally.”

        So very right, and why would they? How would it benefit them?

        I came across this and thought of a certain “Mr. Know-it-all” and other so-called realist, see if you can spot why:

        “QE has little to do with traditional bank reserves.” –

        From the video: “When asked about Quantitative Easing, many financial professionals and investment advisers have adapted a boiler plate response which typically sounds something like this: “The money will just sit at the banks and thus have little impact on the financial markets”…

        We believe the common references to, “Cash will just sit at the banks.” may give investors a poor read on what Quantitative Easing is and the possible ramifications for your portfolio and the economy.”

        Copied and pasted for your viewing pleasure, to increase your knowledge, and to improve the odds the free-market will thrive:

        The rest of the video series was worthwhile too, especially part 5, wow, it dovetails with the Big Bang: Collapse theme imho, “…just because we haven’t seen it yet, doesn’t mean it isn’t all around us ready to change the world as we know it today.”

      11. The realist,

        Economic indicators are up indeed.
        But, economic indicators don’t show the real problem.
        When you watch the evening news, the tv guy says for example that 6 million unemployed people will lose their unemployment benefits.
        But this is just a number. How can we calculate the human pain behind the statistics? What is the meaning for a family of 4, to lose the unemployment money?
        How can we ease the pain of people living under bridges or in underground tunnels?
        How can we understand the pain behind the closed curtains? We pass by houses everyday, lost in our own thoughts. But inside each house, some sad story goes on. And i’m not talking about Manhattan appartments. I’m talking about families next to yours.
        Economic indicators are up, but human life is down; it’s worthless.
        And to be honest, i really cannot understand what are the happy news in industry and commerce.
        Oh i forgot; big companies fired 1/3 of their working force. The operating expenses in the business language. And as we all know when you decrease operating cost, profits are up.
        Of course profitability is not necessarily connected to high net sales.
        And there are no high net sales because people have no money.

      12. The only Big Bang I’d like to see is one in washington.  Erase all the idiots.

      13. @SanityJones I was waiting for the fundies to pile on the analogy.  why ya have to be so hateful?  It’s going to be a ton of fun if it crashes trying to get along with the likes of you.  Maybe you can use that same “science” to raise some domesticated crops and animals that have evolved to meet our needs over millennia.

      14. Unfunded liabilities, (Social Security,Medicare, etc,), the national debt, combined with the current derivatives bubble, have created debt obligations in the Hundreds of Trillions of Dollars. Those who believe this is no cause for alarm are naive.

        If the U.S. government defaults on its debt obligations the U.S. Dollar will eventually become worthless paper.

        If the U.S. government attempts to inflate its way out of its debt obligations the U.S. Dollar will eventually become worthless paper.

        42% of the money that the U.S. government spends is borrowed.If the U.S. government continues to borrow money to fund its debt obligations the U.S. Dollar will eventually become worthless paper.

        The Powers That Be will continue this charade because they know it can’t be fixed. Unfortunately when the outright financial collapse does occur the aftermath may be too chaotic to control, because that will be the day when the average citizen will wake up to the reality of it all.

        I recently purchased some $ 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Reserve Notes to help me explain hyperinflation to the grandkids.
        ( $5.99 a piece at )
        Search  ,,,Zimbabwe – gold for bread on youtube,,,  and  ,,,hyperinflation nation on youtube,,,  to see how inflation can rob you of your ability to eat.
        Those of us who frequent this website appreciate the valuable information it provides. Thanks Mac 

      15. “In the 1990’s, two Bell Labs researchers, Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, were experimenting with a radio wave antenna to improve telecommunications when they happened across a faint, but constant ‘noise’ surrounding the planet.”

        An analogy works if the basic intro is correct. This isn’t.  Obviously the author hasn’t any knowledge of radio astronomy.

        Right laboratory (Bell Telephone) but 1931 by Karl Jansky and published 1933.
        Follow-ups by Grote Reber (private research)and John Kraus of Ohio State.

        The later work, cited above, just firmly tied the noise of residual microwave radiation to the Big Bang.
        Don’t start a column with false info. The analogy is false and calls into question the rest of the article.
        “… the carcasses of idiot Darwinist, …”
        “Big Bang and Global Warming are based on the same “science”. ”

        Religion has produced nothing but ignorance. I stand as a bulwark against fools attempting to make ignorance a cantagion. It is obvious that science is so lacking when the US 15 yo students scored 24th out of 34 developed countries. Betcha the parents aren’t no brighter.

        I will agree with the questionable science behind “Global Warming.” Could it be GW? Probably, based upon the LIO ending and Earth  starting to warm up since the mib-1800’s. AGW is a cash cow. Follow the money.

        Big Bang is virtually unquestionable. I can find physical evidence in less than 5 minutes just by turning my satellite dish.
        Collapse of the world’s socio-economic systems just is. Every gov’t will fight it. They will fail. Who’s fault is it? Everybody who participated in the economy. STFU We did it to ourselves.

        That the majority of people don’t understand is pretty strong evidence for contagious ignorance. Tis why I’m so willing to rebutt BS postings. There is a vast difference between belief and knowledge. Knowledge is proven through application. Belief is supported by violence.

        Might I suggest reading a bit of history? BOTH SIDES or you’re full of BS.

      16. It’s a good thing I own a Rolex blue dial oyster perpetual Submariner Date watch model number 16613.  It’s self winding and has been tested beyond 1000 feet.  You can even tell time in the dark.  It’s getting deep.

      17. ACHTUNG.  don’t be victimized by skillfull propaganda……..

        you’re a blatant blabbering idiot if you believe astronauts ever landed on the moon. all these landing were skillfully staged propaganda productions done on sound stages in secret highly guarded locations deep in the nevada desert surrounded by barbed wire and vicious highly trained starving  dobermann guard dogs.

        likewise all you preppers are being fooled in the same way. you are all obviously paranoid probably because of chilhood problems with your parants.  therefore you are all easily manipulated and fooled into thinking there is some kind of serious economic crisis in your immediate future. this economic disaster nonsense is all gibberish specifically designed to panic large segments of society into panic-buying various high-profit prepper items such as remington nitromag shotguns, korean ammunition. freeze dried brown rice, gold coins  and chinese solar panals that might generate current for 18 months if you’re lucky.

        so my fellow americans  -  relax, smarten up and don’t buy into this gloomy sucker-baiting doomsday propaganda. get psychiatric treatments and spend your extra money wisely enjoying trips to sea world and disneyland. in the meantime the highly-skilled obama administration will guide all of us in the middle class  through the current minor economic ripples caused by chinese currency speculators and their mexican narcotic dealer business buddies.


           The saliant point was that, other than debt-based house values, the whole rest of the economy is in an inflationary uptrend.

           Last year at this time I could get a 50lb bag of white rice from Sam’s Club for $13.  Now it cost me $19.  And on and on.

           There is a silver lining, however (no pun intended): The silver I paid $14/oz on August ’09 is now worth more than double.

           The moral: Don’t limit yourself to a pre-determined amount of silver (i.e., “I only want 500 oz”).  Take all you can get for as long as you can; buy it at every price, since you really lose nothing (if you pay an arm and a leg for it, it just means your dollars are that much closer to lining your toilet).

      19. @ overtheedge


      20. I agree GCS.  Well said.  The people dancing in the street in Egypt will be starving in six months and ripe for a take over.  Other countries will think they can do the same thing without thinking.

      21. I am so sick of my childhood parent problems making me buy 18 month solar penals and Korean ammo.  I have been fooled. 

      22. Hmm.  Big Bang.  I wonder where that came from? 

      23. The embedded video link didn’t take?

        Here’s a link to the video, and a flow chart.

        Quantitative Easing : The Basic Process, notice that Central Banks aren’t in the loop.

      24. Inflation is not hyper inflation. Crisis is not collapse. Opportunities still abound for those that think outside the box. Conditions in America represent a tremendous opportunity for those inclined to seize it: politically, economically, and financially, at every level. Especially yours.

        Change is good.

        Transformation is always most difficult for those whose minds are set in stone and in denial: whether that denial is the extent of the difficulty we face, or the doom and gloom of those who cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel; or if they see a light, believe it to be a train.

        The answer is now, and has always been, to go within, find your inspiration, then roll up your sleeves and apply yourself to the challenges. Don’t wait for George to do it. WE let George do it and now we are living with the result.

        Then WE elected Obummer and discovered that he was clueless. The answer now is not to piss and moan, cry and complain, curse your bad luck, or bewail your present fate.

        Fortune follows those who lead. It favors those who take the initiative. Just because you are in a hopeless state of mind, you are a not helpless. Get busy.

        Mountains rise and fall over time. Disasters strike.  Even stars pass away. Monsters are often phantoms. This is the pulse of Life that manifests in many forms, sometimes requiring our courage and resolve. Embrace it. Adapt, change, and evolve. Or you will be swept away with the rest of the hubris. Buckle up.

        A new burst of Freedom is coming to America, and with it, more personal responsibility.

      25. “It’s a good thing I own a Rolex blue dial oyster perpetual Submariner Date watch model number 16613.  It’s self winding and has been tested beyond 1000 feet.  You can even tell time in the dark.  It’s getting deep.”

        I got the 1655 if you know that model, i.e. Explorer 2. Specifically for spelunking. Bought it years ago, before they stopped production, for $950 and then somehow Steve McQueen got his name attached to it and now it’s a collectors piece and it’s financial value is off the charts. Strange how people place value on certain objects strictly on someone’s illusory endorsement. I just like it cause it’s dependable and I can tell time when I’m a mile below the earth’s surface.

        Did I say a mile? Only in my worst nightmare! God forbid such a time might ever occur when one has to live without the sun. Might be the safest route to take for a few months but without fresh air and vitamin D, I’d shrivel up and fall between the cracks.

        Speaking of the Sun, did you know that it has been determined that there are 1,200,000,000,000,000,000,000 kgs of Gold up, over, down there? Next time you look at that gold in your possession, you’ll now know why it’s called liquid Sun.

      26. Clark: Are you old enough to remember Howard Ruff? No? Probably just a gleam in your mother ‘s eye at that time. 

        Howard has been preaching that the end of the world was just around the corner …… since the ’80’s. Recently he updated his book Ruff Times. If we listen to Howard and wait long enough, teotwawki will come.

        But for now, the world is still here and so are we.


      28. Just a comment on TEOTWAWKI. It’s a misconception. It should be TEOTHAWKT.

        The world as we know it will not be ending for a long, long time. It’s a great “human” drama to think that the world might end. But the world has been here long before we humans and will remain long after we have killed the last one of ourselves.

        It’s the “Humans” of this blue green orb spinning so perfectly around that Golden Sun that have outlived their welcome here. And to think this was originally set up as a vacation destination. Wow, did we ever screw things up.

      29. It’s amazing how many different ways one can wrap the “collapse” package up and sell it. How many different angles one can take in addressing the how and when and why it’s all coming down. Such entertainment. Such…DRAMA!

        Doesn’t just want to make you run outside and hug one of the “bad” guys? But then again, maybe one wouldn’t have to run outside to perform that act? The question is, “Are you a good guy or a bad guy?”

        Is this who you are?

      30. Comments….. Reading this article brought to mind the time when I worked for one of the big banks and the attitude of the employees.  No one, and I mean no one realized the financial collapse was even happening.  Totally ignorant as most remain today.   Yes, the PTB fixed the problem temporarily, but they have managed to place themselves in a catch 22.   It is only a matter of time until things really get interesting.   Thanks to all the “dugreed” professionals out there running out country.  Education has been and is a total and absolute failure.

      31. Those over in Egypt that are celebrating haven’t thought two steps about their future or where they are going to urinate but they are proud today.  They look pretty well fed to me on boob tube.  How many here know how many countries where citizens can legally purchase/own and carry a loaded gun?  Take a guess before you look it up.  That is the big bang collapse.

      32. How on Earth are we going to adequately feed the hungry and starving, and simultaneously not keep ‘feeding the problem’ of human overpopulation?
        How is it possible for so many top rank experts of great stature to be adamantly advocating for more “food production to feed a growing population” and yet be failing to mention the profound implications of skyrocketing absolute global population numbers on Earth? For such a thing to be occurring in 2011 appears preposterous. It is morally outrageous and dangerous both to future human well being and environmental health, I believe, for well established experts to be reporting ubiquitously in high-level discussions such things as are directly contradicted by unchallenged scientific research of human population dynamics and human overpopulation. Is it possible that so-called, self-proclaimed experts are not aware of peer-reviewed, published research in their area of expertise that indicates the food supply is the independent (not dependent) variable and human population numbers is the dependent (not independent) variable with regard to the relationship between human population numbers and food supply? It appears that many too many experts are collectively reporting specious theory and data regarding the human population that cannot be supported by the best available scientific evidence, I believe.
        The food supply is the independent variable not the dependent variable. Human population numbers is the dependent variable not the independent variable. The believers in demographic transition theory and in the idea that “we must increase food production to feed a growing population” are simply mistaken. The false promise of Demographic Transition Theory, that population stabilization will somehow occur benignly and automatically a mere four decades from now, as well as the upside down thinking that human population numbers is the independent variable and food supply is the dependent variable, are at least two of the crucial and deliberate misunderstandings that are being deployed to direct the human community down a patently unsustainable “primrose path” no human being with feet of clay would ever choose to go.
        The uncontested scientific finding of the relationship between food supply and human population numbers is being obscured and denied by the very experts upon whom the human community relies for guidance and direction. Conscious obsfucation and willful denial by ‘the brightest and best’ of the scientific finding regarding the relationship between food supply and human population numbers has been occurring pervasively for way too long a time. This incredible failure of nerve by ‘the smartest guys in the room’ in my not-so-great generation has got to be acknowledged, addressed and overcome.
        The children’s future is being stolen by thieves of the highest order. And what is the communal response? A code of silence! Are people going to choose yet again to be bystanders at a moment when bold action, intellectual honesty and moral courage are required? Willful blindness, hysterical deafness, elective mutism and utter passivity cannot continue. The children will soon enough express their anger and disbelief at what the elders in my not-so-great generation have either failed to do or else done poorly “on our watch”, while wealthy and powerful crooks in high places robbed those among us who are still young of a good enough future.
        How on Earth are we going to adequately feed the hungry and starving, and simultaneously not keep ‘feeding the problem’ of human overpopulation?  This is the question no one is asking, the one that needs to be asked.

        Steven Earl Salmony
        AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population,
        established 2001

      33. Durango Kidd…very well put and I totally agree with you.

        At this point in time, one has to learn to adapt to the current situation and accept that things have changed and will continue to change. Your going to have to be more self sufficient and learn to live with less than before. Cut down or stop buying things you don’t need as well as eating out, etc.

        There are evil forces out there pulling the strings and manipulating things but you alone can’t do anything to stop them. It may seem as if evil is winning now and it may be true. However, you also can’t wait for the cavalry to save you.

        Best thing to do is just prep at your budget, keep up with alternative media news. Live your life and don’t worry too much about all the doom and gloom and conspiracies. If you keep dwelling on the doom, gloom, conspiracies, everything will seem like conspiracy.

      34. For some people , The S. Has already hit the fan..

        for others with their head in the sand wont realize it until its way too late..

        for those prepping , than to find the wolf at the door one day will only be able to mtigate the problem for so long before the wolf bites down hard..My CPA tax guy gave me an insight..he kept stressing …get rid of as much debt as you can, and start paying down the principal on your home..Now!
        Thank fully my debt is not much, and im not upside down on my mortgage..he said ..dont it anyway..

        the ball was rolling in late 08 if you were to ask me..its just taking a while to steam roll those that didnt heed the warnings, and headed all of our way at one point in time or another..

        Up here in My just continues to get worse and worse as the days, weeks , and months go can see it if you pay attention..were already getting the “there is going to be some painful times ahead” speach from our local senator..

        and still people dont listen..theres only so much you can warn people, some have society blinders on, some believe the BS that the economy is turning..some believe the unemployment #’s given by mainstream media or the Gov..they are manipulating those numbers on the dark is where they want as many sheeple as they can get..

        hang on..its going to be a bumpy ride we were told

      35. The other day, I listened to an interview with Les Stroud (Survivorman). To be honest, I’m not even sure I’ve even watched him, given that I ditched TV almost two years ago. But I heard of him. Anyway… he was asked what he would have done personally, if he were in the situation based on the book ‘Alive’ where the Brazilian soccer team crashed in the Alps, and resorted to cannibalism. (I think I have that right.)

        His answer was interesting, and it can be applied to the populace now, currently in the midst of a looming (or ongoing) disaster, that may truly be the difference between life and death. He said:

        “The very first thing I would have been thinking, is survival. Their problems became a worst case scenario because they thought rescue was imminent, and they spent all of their time and energy expecting such. By the time that possibility faded, it was too late for many of them, and they started looking at each other as food. The survival mindset needs to be your first mindset. If it never gets to that, and you get rescued, you’re no worse off.”

        Apply this to some of the (shockingly) ignorant statements like one of the earlier posts above, by the newcomer. Always expecting someone to be there to help IF it gets that bad, but really never entertain the possibility that it WILL get that bad. And stating their case based on openly manipulated gov numbers as a sign of our growth and recovery? That’s a person that is so far out in terms of what to do next, that basic preps haven’t begun beyond their next week’s needs. There’s no time for spending such energy on those types. They will learn the hardest of ways, just as so many did in the 30’s. They are what they are, and no one can save them, as they don’t feel they need saving from anything.

        Just how many more of ‘those types’ still surround us in our neighborhoods, that will become so desperate, once they’ve lost it all, and realize just how real this all is. Scary.

      36. Comments…..How can one start to accumulate silver (or food for that matter) when after paying rent, huge utility bill (triple from last month) and everything else, there is nothing left over.  I work and know the economic situation is dire and want to help myself and family prepare, but how?  When take home pay is all gone, can’t buy anything extra.    Blessings.

      37. Out of nothing nothing comes.  Science is based on man’s interpretation of his surroundings which has been proven to be inaccurate many times throughout history. The fool says in his heart there is no God.
        overtheedge says that religion has produced nothing but ignorance……I agree, however religion and Christianity have very little (if anything) in common. When science can explain where the teaspoon of everything came from so that it may explode and create the universe then maybe I’ll give that theory a bit more legitimacy…………until then it is simply another version of  the Earth is flat.

      38. Cindy,
        Start small. Do what you can.  Buy a few extra cans of “stuff you eat”  when you go shopping.
        Keep your gas tank full, so you can move quickly.Contact like minded family and pool your funds and bulk buy…Remember anything is better than nothing, and the right mindset, and being able to adabt to the current situation, is pobably more important then tens of thousands of dollars worth of prep gear…Don’t get me wrong, the more prepared with long term preps the better, but you do with what you got.
        Good Luck.

      39. Comments…..    it’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop.  We have been falling for a while, but while in freefall, we can still watch Idol, and dancing With The Stars, and whatever, so most don’t know they’re falling.  When we hit the bottom, and reset, people will say, “how did this happen??  Millions will be looking for answers at the same time.  Entitlements will stop at the same time.  Lots happening at the same time.  I hope to be home guarding the homestead, checking supplies and so forth.
               The obvious facts of total collapse are really getting easy to see.  How much longer can the Emperor pretend he has clothes on?  I think he knows he’s naked, but his job is to pretend things are ok.  he doesn’ have to do it much longer.
             Good luck, and keep working your plan, because this time, you really, reallly , really, don’t have much time left.


        Steven Earl Salmony-

           You must have gone to college or something to be dumb enough to worry about “over-population.”

           You can fit the entire population of the world in square footage approximately equal to Rhode island.

           If you gave each of those 7 billion people 1/4 acre, it would only take the land mass equal to California and Oregon.

           Over-population is the propaganda of abortionist and contraceptive college professors.

           Less credible than the global warming hoax.


        Sanityjones gets the “Stupidist Post” award for his comment that “religion has produced nothing but ignorance.”

        I find those kind of comments humorously ironic, since they are usually made by people with little to no critical thinking abilities, and who have simply appropriated comments they have been impressed by that other imbeciles have made.

        PS: If you knew anything about the history of religion, you would know that after the fall of the Roman Empire, it was almost exclusively the Catholic monasteries that educated the entire continent of Europe and N. Africa; they ran the only schools (a condition that persisted until nearly the 1750s); they gave the world the arts: Baroque, Gothic, and Romanesque architecture and music.  They made Europe literate, to the degree it was literate, while all the pagans were busy doing?  They built local economies around the monasteries, and gave the villagers livlihood and trades to keep them from idelness and starvation; they founded the first tradesman guilds for charitable foundations and workmanship quality control standards.

        Really: When you hear someone spit out the old “religion has kept the world in ignorance,” it is a very good sign you are listening to someone who ain’t got much book learning.

      42. @ Cindy

        Liquidate, Consolidate, Speculate, Create

        These are four thing all of us will be doing over the next few years. At least anyone who plans to get through this transition with minimal discomfort.

        What ever you don’t “need”, sell now, while you still can. If it has sentimental value what makes you think it will help you navigate through the transition? Dump it now. Just get whatever you can for it now. Jewelry, paintings, anything burdensome that would be in the way if you had to move on a moments notice. Use Craigslist to make the sales and a garage sale.

        If you have to, team up with others to rent a house together. Friends, family. If you then have “two” of something, like a lawn mower, then sell one.

        Way too many people out there are living alone and going broke. That’s one of the massive problems in America. Spread out too thin. That’s why, when this is all over, when the storm has passed, those who have made it will find the only way to live sustainably will be in agricultural communities where everyone has a critical role in supporting the whole. Like the “old” days, when tribes flourished. It will be good, no, it will be GREAT. Wholeness will return to our lives. The simple, nourishing life that everyone yearns for. Obesity will be a thing of the past because junk and GMO foods will no longer be mainstream. Live off the land. Psychotropic drugs where 1 of 6 Americans is consuming will no longer be available. Texting and iphones will be over and done with. People will have to deal with each other, face to face. Dis-orders and Dis-ease will give way to healthy life-styles. America will change dramatically, but in the long run, for the best.

        Anyway, Cindy, start on the first two steps and then check back.

      43. The Greatest Gift For All:

        “All Americans have a huge stake in Christianity. Whether or not we are individually believers in Christ, we are beneficiaries of the moral doctrine that has curbed power and protected the weak. Power is the horse ridden by evil. In the 20th century the horse was ridden hard. One hundred million people were exterminated by National Socialists in Germany and by Soviet and Chinese communists simply because they were members of a race or class that had been demonized by intellectuals and political authority.

        Power that is secularized and cut free of civilizing traditions is not limited by moral and religious scruples. V.I. Lenin made this clear when he defined the meaning of his dictatorship as “unlimited power, resting directly on force, not limited by anything.”

        Christianity’s emphasis on the worth of the individual makes such power as Lenin claimed unthinkable. Be we religious or be we not, our celebration of Christ’s birthday celebrates a religion that made us masters of our souls and of our political life on Earth. Such a religion as this is worth holding on to even by atheists.”

        Americans Live in a Fantasy World:

        It is the determination to save that marks the successful person. I am not persuaded that the successful person is made successful by a savings program. He is successful because he has determination to spend less than he earns, every month, no matter what. It is this unbreakable dedication to sacrificing a portion of the present for the sake of the future that marks the successful person. It is a mind-set. It is this self-determined, self-disciplined program — a systematic savings program — that marks the person who has the ability to become a success. This personality trait affects everything he does. He is future-oriented…

        To change your mind-set, you must change your behavior…”

        Retirement Living in Elkhart, Indiana:

        “Americans have not yet recognized what has been done to them by the Federal Reserve System and the highly leveraged banks and hedge funds that thought the good ship Effortless Wealth had come into port. The hot-shots did not understand Ludwig von Mises’ theory of the business cycle as the product of central bank monetary inflation. They never saw it coming.

        Now the investors who believe the same dream, but without multimillion dollar severance deals, have seen their dreams called into question.

        They have not yet dumped their stocks. They have just stopped buying as many. The fall of 55% by the Dow and the S&P 500 was not accompanied by a huge sell-off. The decline has been one of dribbling away. The dreams of would-be retirees have not yet been smashed. They have merely dribbled away. The crash has not yet come. It will.”

        The Source of All Blessings (and Curses):

        “Earn all you can. Give all you can. Save all you can…

        Thrift is the key element in the reduction of poverty…”

      44. Dennis, great quotes in your post.
        I have had a life of amazing adventures. With many, plans went awry and quick decisions were mandatory. Survival demands that everytime a situation arises that poses a credible threat, rapid and informed decisions must be made and implemented. Train yourself until it is instinctual.

        More battles have been lost by failing to make a timely decision than by making a wrong decision. – Old Army saying
        DK, on your opportunity posting.
        Exactly. Everytime there is a change in the socio-economic environment, new opportunities arise and others fall by the wayside. An individual may not recognize it, but given some time someone else will and capitalize on it. Demand generates production. Method of payment is agreed to by the parties involved in the transaction.
        Steven, agreed but awful wordy.
        Compound your viewpoint with the variability in efficiency of the food distribution network and the complexity increases dramatically. Then there is the poilital environment aspect. Never forget the profit motivations such as diverting feedstocks to fuel.
        Nobody talks about the increased survival rates in areas subsidized by NGOs providing medical aid and food. Decreased infant mortality = increased demand for limitted resources.
        Reality 101
        Increases in population only occur when food resources increase for an extended period of time. Increased non-food production only occurs when surplus food resources for extended periods of time. Service industries are the last. This includes vast bureaucracies.
        Each step increases the complexity of the food distribution system.
        And nobody has noticed inaccuracies and contradictions in the Bible, Koran, Bagavat Ghita or Lao Tzu? Perhaps this might account for all the different denominations within each group?

        Since ordination in ’02, I have been forced to face a quandrary. Dogma or best scientific evidence? Do I defend dogma if all evidence is against it?

        In the beginning, … . If we  assume god exists, then science askes how? If we assume there is no god, again science askes how?
        The difference is a case of belief bias.
        “New ideas win out not by force of argument, but rather by outliving its detractors.” – Hated old saying in the science community
        Yes, scientists have belief biases. In science there is, was and will always be the absolute demand for replicability. Joe claims, but until I can do it, it is just a claim.

        There was not replicability in the AGW circle of claimants. And then evidence of data tampering.
        AGW – no replicability
        Big Bang – vast documented individual research and ease of testing much of it yourself for under a $1000 used.

        No! it ain’t the same “science.”

        None of the above “God” sources explain how. If we assume “in our likeness”, includes curiosity, is it right to pursue dumb-as-a-stump attitudes about what could be considered study and analysis of God’s handi-work?

        If we assume the proverbial end-of-days scenario, why prep? We are all doomed to face physical death. Might we assume there might be a question of degree of faith and compliance?
        My only fear is the sadness my loved ones will face and how can I prep them for the inevitable. Each has their own beliefs and I will use theirs to help. Mine is mine. I have no right to impose mine on another citizen or a child.

        The ministry is about the psychological health of the congregation and each individual in it from a religious perspective. Some push the religious agenda, others the psychological health of the individual.

        Please drop the religion aspects. We accomplish nothing and present ourselves as hypocrites.
        God will take care of his/her/their, it’s own.
        Let’s help one another from the psychological preparations to ideas for getting/securing the physical stockpiles needed for an extended disruption of services and the distribution network.

        After all, up until now God appears to just be a spectator. If he always does what he always did, do you really expect a sudden change in your piddley life-time against the “science” explained age of the universe exceeding 14 billion years?

        This forum provides the mechanism for helping one another with ideas that increase survivability potential.

      45. Comments…..What to do with savings in bank?  Pay off what can of mortgage?  I can’t help worrying that silver and gold is a bubble and I will end up buying on the high.  Have other preps though.

      46. Comments…..   One of the positive things I see coming away from all the misery to come, is the fact that once again, people will realize that they really need very little from their government. 
              Just as early settlers who crossed the nation realized, when they left the cities, they were on their own.  If they couldn’t provide for themselves, they died–simple equation.  Even after settling in an area, until a town was established with some kind of law enforcement, and social structure, they were on their own.
             America has forgotten how to survive on their own wits.  They will soon get the chance. Either adapt, learn and act, or die.  It really is going to get down to the basics for all of us.
            I equate my future to a possible very long camping trip.  If you take enough of the right camping supplies along, you have a chance to complete the trip.  A simplistic but somewhat realistic view in my opinion.
               Millions of sheeple will wake up one day and realize that there is no one around to tell them what to do.  No cell phone, no texting, no tv, no nothing.  Just the stone cold reality of where the next meal comes from.  By previous example, and by using common sense, how long do you think the government can keep up feeding millions of useless eaters, as I have heard some describe the populace???  I have no faith in these people we call our government.  As soon as it gets bad enough, the bigshots will dissapear underground, and leave the common soldiers of whatever nation to collect us into camps, and await death.   I’ll take a pass on that.  I  would rather die from my own incompetance  than be starved to death at the hands of some stranger.
              I feel like we’re only going to get one shot at what’s coming.  Whatever you put together now, is what you’re going to have for the next long period of time.  because when the real misery starts, it’s going to be around for a long time.  This is the way I see it.  Whatever misery that mother nature throws our way, will be backed up by the misery our so called elected officials will throw at us.
            At least mother nature is honest about it.  Everyone on these boards knows that the changes coming are coming soon.  Your gut tells you this.  And your gut is right. You truly don’t have much time left, so make the best of it.
              Also, some of these discussions about religious beliefs are best kept a private matter.  I have my beliefs, but I don’t really care if a person wants to worship a rock.  That’s his or her opinion, and i won’t put someone down for that. 
                 There have been some great ideas put out over these discussion boards.  But let’s try to remember that when it comes to religious beliefs, you’re probably not going to change someones deep seated beliefs by quoting Bible scripture to them.  It just doesn’t usually work that way, and I don’t want to read that here.  That’s just my opinion.  And I value each person for the content of what they bring to my chance to get through the coming problems.  Not what they believe.
           Have a great day everyone.


      48. Whoops. Sorry about that. Hit return by accident before gettin’ my thoughts out.

        @ Overtheedge, thanks. His points will likely stick with me. Just reinforces the way I feel, and the way I’d at least like to get my own family to start thinking. I’ve only pursuaded one member in my family. The rest…will be like the rest. And I simply do not have the time or resources to get them to to where they should be at this point. Even at the most basic levels. It would be one thing to live near them geographically, but our distance really settles the issue. It’s everyone for themselves now.

        You can go back to that Survivorman quote again, and apply it to those that’ll be anxiously awaiting the almighty FEMA assistance, whereas, they should have had something to begin with in terms of supplies, or at least, should be looking for ways to move forward in a crisis, rather than praying for the cavalry. Which I believe, won’t be coming this time. At least, not to our benefit.

        @ Greaseman: Those are some decent points you make. The line about preferring death by my own incompetence, rather than at the controlling hand of another, resonates with me. I agree wholeheartedly. And I don’t particularly mind those that cite scripture here. But my beliefs, as you say, will not be swayed on a message board. As long as the prostheletyzing (sp?) is checked at the door, I’m good with hearing all views.

        But here’s an issue that must be examined. Given that certain ‘insiders’ spoke only several weeks ago on Steve Quayle’s site, stating the imminent release of a new currency to replace the USD between April and July of this year (said to be the SDR)… well… Drudge for one, has just posted a headline that the IMF is ready to roll out a new currency, replacing the dollar as the reserve currency. With the SDR(!) as the ‘interim’ currency.

        By themselves, such info is almost anectdotal. One, following on the heels of the other, is just too coincidental. The dollar seems destined, and controlled, into a final decline.

        How is everyone preparing for that moment that seems almost assured now? Yes, I’m a metals guy, and won’t harp on it. We all have our feelings on that issue. But what will those clinging to the dollar do? Continue to deny this oncoming train? Do any of think that we will get a 1:1 exchange value for the SDR? Doubtful. And where does that leave our skeptical friends on here who think prepping is for sissies, and some such?

        We are all about to find out very soon just what each of us is made of, and hopefully, our personal resolve (and plans) exceed what’s required.

      49. Congrats on the silver bear.

      50. @Cindy
        I’ve walked a mile in your shoes. There was a time, as a single mother with two special needs kids, I wanted to start a small business (substitute prepping) so the banks were promoting a seminar -the White House Conference for Women and Small Businesses. Seems I was the only one, living from hand to mouth. When asked what assets I had, it was a used car, no property, some jewelry valued at $1000 and the rest was stuff needed for daily living.  I did on the other hand, have a written proposal and business plan with charts. The other participants had trust funds, divorce settlements and Daddy’s deep pockets. The advice provided at the conference, obviously was not relative to my situation. But I did get a mentor, someone who walked me through step by step, until I was walking on my own. Their advice, my efforts and hard work. When a fee or license was needed, they helped with that hurdle. Their reward, that I pay it forward.
        So, from me to you, if it is as you say, it’s a pay it forward moment. How experienced are you with a fire arm?  Do you need a basic fire arm class?  This may be something I can get help to pay for a class. You have to commit to attend and learn.  Are you cleaning and filling those milk jugs or liter bottles with water? Are you willing to use the food banks for your prep supplies? I have a few seniors now using their food budget or stamps for daily needs and food banks for food preps. And they frequent more then one. (Using prepping rotating principals) You mentioned a utility bill, have you signed up for LEAP?
        The maximum gross monthly income is based on 185% of the federal poverty level – the application period is from Nov 1 to Apr 30

        Household size

        Maximum gross monthly income









        In your circumstances, you pay for what you have to and go for the freebees – it’s about acquiring tangible assets.  Given that figure above, do you qualify for other government services?  Food Stamps? Your children give you access to all type of services and financial assistance and not just government.  Use them.

        Be careful about bringing someone into your home.  Better to move in with family and if not feasible then double up in a smaller unit.  Tell the kids it’s for a year. By then you should have accumulated enough supplies to have some comfort level of survival and feel whether more space is warranted given events.  Yard sales are good.

        Look at your expenses – Direct TV or cable- poor credit -ditch them – good credit negotiate a hardship case then ditch them. Use Hulu or NetFlex – both now have ways to view on TV’s for under $10 month and get a cheap internet provider – mine is $29 a month.  Check out the non contract cell phone providers 400 minutes for $15 bucks. (online Net10)

        What part of the country are in – not specific and some general info to help tailor a response.   Let me know what you think

      51. Sienna: Silver and gold are not bubbles, and the increase in price reflects increased global demand and anticipated inflation.

        Inflation will come by a thousand cuts and the dollar will continue to erode in value, in spite of any “flight capital” that runs to the dollar for safety. This is necessary to mitigate the US balance of trade defict and make America more “competitive” with world labor rates, as reflected by the exchange rate.

        It the metals drop after you purchase and you have more cash, back up the truck. They will be going higher after any correction.

        If you can pay your mortgage off, great. If you can only pay your mortgage down, forget it. Buy the metals and pay your mortgage off when gold skyrockets during the next Mid East War.

      52. Clark: Nice link. I have watched the first video. Don’t have time to watch the rest now. Some things you should take away from this first video.

        1. It is a marketing tool for the company that wants to sell its services to clients who need an advisor: and they believe that they are best positioned to handle client funds and negotiate the nuances, and are trying to sell that idea to clients; making them believe it is all too complicated for the abverage investor.

        2. Of course Central Banks are not in the loop. Why would you think Central Banks are in the loop? Central Banks are not member banks of the Federal Reserve System.

        3. Primary dealers are essentially Member Banks of the Federal Reserve System, and those major foreign banks who are Primary Dealers are de facto Member Banks as most of them if not all of them received American taxpayer funds during the bailout.

        Gotta run now. I will take the rest of it up for your edification tomorrow.

      53. overtheedge said, “Demand generates production.”

        That is incorrect, the crowd can demand all they want, and “get nothing and like it!”

        Savings allows investment, which creates production, to fulfill demand.
        Read that twice.

        Without savings, there is nothing but demand, a.k.a. empty promises, perhaps built on a sandhill of unsustainable credit, a.k.a. sh..stuff of the current housing bubble, a.k.a. Keynsisim.

        overtheedge said, “Nobody talks about the increased survival rates in areas subsidized by NGOs…”

        Are you certain it is due to NGOs? Or is it more about the inside skinny on overcoming barriers goberment places on the free-market? And, forced redistribution of funds from one group to subsidize the life expectancy of another at the cost of those who the funds are taken from? A.k.a. an unnatural balance.

        overtheedge said, “Reality 101
        Increases in population only occur when food resources increase for an extended period of time.”

        That’s not true at all! Total B.S.

        Populations increase without increases in the food supply all the time! There are many examples.

        When market forces are allowed to supply the needs of people, people are fed. When goberment disrupts the food supply, people tend to starve.

        Also, I haven’t noticed Any inaccuracies and contradictions in the Bible, WTF are you talking about? Perhaps you should study the matter more fully?

        What accounts for all the different denominations within each group is that people just simply do not agree, plus, people just do not want to study the matter more fully.

        overtheedge said, “There was not replicability in the AGW circle of claimants. And then evidence of data tampering.”

        At least that made sense.

        overtheedge said, “If we assume the proverbial end-of-days scenario, why prep?”

        Is that another way of saying, “Why try”?
        The answer is, “Because.”
        Of course in the long run, we’re all dead, but that is not a reason to not try in the short run, that’s life.
        If you would choose to be part of Christianity and defeat the NWO, perhaps you might try? It is your choice.

        overtheedge said, “I have no right to impose mine on another citizen or a child.”

        And that is the point many people should realize in many areas of life.

        overtheedge said, “Please drop the religion aspects. We accomplish nothing and present ourselves as hypocrites.”

        Maybe for you, but I see no position of hypocrisy.

        Did you not understand the meaning of Paul Craig Roberts when he said, “Christianity’s emphasis on the worth of the individual makes such power as Lenin claimed unthinkable. Be we religious or be we not, our celebration of Christ’s birthday celebrates a religion that made us masters of our souls and of our political life on Earth. Such a religion as this is worth holding on to even by atheists.” ?

        Think man, think! Read the link.
        It’s your choice for certain, but have you really looked into it?

        overtheedge said, “After all, up until now God appears to just be a spectator.”

        Says You!

        Many others would strongly disagree.
        In fact, studies have shown those who undergo medical care recover faster (or against all odds) when people pray for them, among numerous other examples, I think you are incorrect. Are you only a brilliant 16 or something?

        I doubt I changed your mind, I hoped I caused you to think, perhaps others will read this and go, “hmmm”

        Hey, sienna, go to and at the bottom type in, “is gold in a bubble” read some of that and tell us what you think, ok?

        greaserman, except for the last part about religion, which was like telling people they shouldn’t check their oil level in their cars or try to convince their neighbors and children to do likewise,… the rest of what you said was like a breath of fresh air. Why’d you have to spoil it in the end?
        Your best part was, as Dennis wrote, “The line about preferring death by my own incompetence, rather than at the controlling hand of another, resonates with me.” made me laugh.

        Dennis was concerned? about the SDR, HA!
        Drudge can be clueless too ya know.
        The Daily Bell seems to have a line on things when they say, “Of course, there already is a world currency. It is called gold.”

        Dennis asks, “what will those clinging to the dollar do?”


        Er’ I mean, continue to deny this oncoming train, of course. Look at currency revaluations in the past for your answer. Ever heard of the expression, “Not worth a Contential”?  Or ask an Argentinian if their old dollar is worth their new dollar. 

        Dennis asks, “And where does that leave our skeptical friends on here who think prepping is for sissies”

        Again, G.F.

        And I don’t mean Girl Friend.

        Try to learn as much about the big picture as much as you can, some people look at half a slice and think that’s enough and they know everything, but, you know, sometimes the other half is rotten and isn’t what you expected, or it’s something entirely different from what you expected and it changes everything.

      54. Enjoyed your read Clark.

      55. The other day my 17 year old son was home sick and feeling a little down.  I asked him to do a few things around the house while he was home and he got very upset.  My wife and I found him the front room crying… we asked him what was wrong.  He said “how could they take our home away from us!  It was our home – we built it and they took it away – how could they do that!?”  So yes… this is real and although we will endure… the effects of this will also endure for my son for his whole life. We are indeed in the Big Bang right now.

      56. Chris,

        Sorry for your loss.  Losing a home you put so much of yourself into is something to mourn.  The upside, your son was able to talk about it.  In times like these I quote:  that which does not kill us makes us stronger. Friedrich Nietzche

      57. @Cindy

        It’s not only about things, skills are important.  I haven’t paid over $50 for any classes (except a deadly force and motorcycle class).  Canning, crock pot cooking, knitting, dehydrating, indoor and outdoor gardening, gun basics, medical to name a few. In addition, I scour the internet for info – print and put in 3 ring binders. Not just for me, but those coming behind me.

        Do you know why you soak beans?  Which ones if not cooked right can make you sick.  End Time Reports has some simple tips you can do right now – bleach and vinegar makes acidic bleach that sanitizes anything including anthrax and the E’s.  No more expensive cleaners – k-ching!  Make your own laundry soap using borax, washing soda (yep) and bar soap. (Wally sales Mule Team at $3 bucks and I use the ZOTE  (its’ a Mexican product) 14 oz bar at 98 cents each. Using a 1/2 cup each of the drys and a third of the bar soap, mix into a gel and it costs 10 cents a load. A big k-ching.  I dilute it for dish soap using half commercial and half homemade. Just like the expensive brand. There are so many ways to cut expenses so there is more disposable income.   

        Check the meetup network – they are a dot com and national – I belong to two -Urban Homesteader and Urban Preparedness.  There are no fees.  I interned a few days on a members farm who had goats and chickens.  Now I have my own goats (dwarfs), vet and feed contacts, an advisor and knowledge on how to care for them. We’ve done solar and bee keeping including building box frames costing just the materials and of course several types of gardening.  I’ve even responded to a SOS work detail to help predator proof a member’s chicken coop- fencing the yard. She even says, she owes me one and it’s nice to know that’s available.   

        The preparation group has a couple members that are fire arm certified instructors and access to ranges to practice and others in the medial field as EMT’s. They had class on How to Stop the Bleeding and cool supplies that are available now. Speaking of – American Red Cross offers First Responder courses -advance first aid.  If I remember right, it was 8 sessions – twice a week with a test and certification.

        Goodwill, Salvation Army and yard sales. Even if I have no money, I’ll walk through for pricing ideas and intentionally pause and look at an item towards identifying if it has any other use then it’s original purpose. You’d be surprise that you do. If I’ve found a must have, I’ve been known to ask strangers to purchase it and I’ll pay it forward – and do!  I’ve collected several dehydrators and hand grinders and when someone is serious about doing – I’ll pay it forward. I’ve shipped as far as Virginia.

        Isn’t there something about if a student is ready, a teacher will appear? There are a whole lot of teachers on this forum.  I for one hope you are serious and willing to do the work and I’ve a feeling resources would come available.

      58. Chris: Sorry your family lost its house. Even this can be a blessing of which you are presently unaware because it has forced a change that eventually can be better for all of you, and position you and your family for something better. 

        The Lord moves in mysterious ways and this may be one of those ways. I have found in my own life that, that which belongs to me will come to me: and it will be bigger, better, and more abundant than ever before;

        Even if the interim is a bummer. Good luck!

      59. Man, Clark, you are a firey sort! Ha! I’ll only address what pertains to my own posts within that response. For starters, I don’t elevate Drudge to any financial soothsayer by any stretch. I trust a handful of names out there, and only a handful. No in the media falls on that list. But Drudge only links to the articles of others. So he’s a non-issue. My point would be that an alternative currency is reaching the mainstream now, and it seems to confirm what was only previously discussed amongst ‘insiders’.

        And I am fully aware of the ramifications of a changing currency. I’m simply ‘throwing it out there’ regarding other such ‘paper bugs’ that may be thinking they’re about to get a 1:1 exchange if this happens. I do not. It can’t happen that way. Otherwise, the money supply would be in the very same, dreadful, suicidal situation its in today. It must be revalued. It’s only scary if you’re NOT preparing for that event.

        Argentina’s a great example. North Korea did theirs just last year, and took what little it’s citizenry had left amidst the darkness of night, revaluing their currency by the next morning. Within 12 hours, people were worth about a fraction of what they were the night before. Serfdom for all. No exceptions. I have no illusions that that cannot or will not happen here as well, if people don’t back up their currency with something more tangible. It is coming here. Really, that’s not a train you want to stare at until it runs you over. It’s my top priority right now.

        And Chris, best of luck to you. Though I’ve never lost a home, I have been through some very rough times in my own past. It all seems senseless at the time. But as time goes by, it NEVER fails to illuminate the rhyme and reason for it, and how such horrific events place you on a new, more positive path down the road. These events make us who we are, and bring us to where we need to be to fulfill our soul’s purpose.  It’s always impossible to see the good it’ll bring one day, while you’re still in the middle of it. But watching the universe work the way it does has left me in awe for decades now. There is meaning in this. Just never give up. Brighter days ahead, my man!

      60. Sanityjones gets the “Stupidist Post” award for his comment that “religion has produced nothing but ignorance.”

        LOL, coming from “anonymous” I’ll take that with a grain of salt. I am disheartened to know that you cannot read a simple sentence……..another sign of the times I suppose? The fullness of my quote is as follows: “overtheedge says that religion has produced nothing but ignorance……I agree, however religion and Christianity have very little (if anything) in common.” The Sadducees  were religious. The Pharisees were religious. Satan is religious. Christianity and religion are WORLDS apart. Kudos on your  Catholic Church history, it’s just too bad is has come at the expense of  reading comprehension, critical thinking and philosophy. This is not the format for religious debates……….if it were you would have been schooled my friend.

      61. Comments…..Slavo, your understanding of cosmology is lacking. The Universe is 13.7 billion years old not 20 billion. The expansion is increasing due to the action of dark matter and dark energy, something that you would not understand. I have no problem with your posts about your doom and gloom bullshit scenarios but please don’t stray into cosmology where your “facts”  have no relationship to your doom and gloom bullshit.

      62. My bad on the 20 billion – missed that in the proof-read.. I can agree that based on Big Bang theory we’re talking roughly 14 billion years or so. (That’s been corrected in the original article, so thanks 🙂 )

        I also lean towards dark energy and dark matter being responsible for the acceleration that has been observed in the expanding universe. I’ll note that I linked to this page from within the article to help explain that expansion: . While I may not have the scientific prowess of  a cosmologist, I am aware of these theories.

        For the purpose of this particular article, I focused more on the actually bang, and our existence within it, to help explain the collapse which we are now in.

        Interesting, though, that you do mention the mysterious and unseen force of dark energy/dark matter as being responsible for accelerating the expansion…. I could have used this analogy within this article to described a similar mysterious force that is responsible for the continued collapse and acceleration of our current crisis.

        A personal thought on “facts”…. If history has proven anything, at least in my observation, it’s that what we believe to be “facts” most of the time are only facts until a new “theory” comes forward… So, while Big Bang, dark energy, dark matter and relativity all sound great and may be considered as fact by 95% of cosmologists, astronomers, and physicists out there, we have yet to prove without a shadow of a doubt that they are correct…

        Thanks for your comments.


      63. Big Bang theory is ridiculous upon deeper investigation. The entire idea of inflation (which is NOT expansion – look it up) violates the laws of physics. They know this, of course, but say that the ‘laws’ were different in the very early universe. Study it for yourself.

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