It Will Implode: “We Will See The Demise of the Dollar”

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Dollar Tsunami

Few economic analysts truly understand the underlying fundamentals of the global economy and their impact on the workings of the world. Fewer still are willing to share that knowledge with the general public and advise others on how to shield themselves against a destabilization of the system as we have come to know it.

Bud Conrad of Casey Research is one of those who does, and in the interview below with Future Money Trends he discusses the end result of the manipulations currently being executed by our government, central banks, and financial institutions.

Despite what we’ve be told is the case, they have fixed absolutely nothing. Our national debt has grown, millions have already been impoverished and millions more will be soon. The next crisis is imminent.

The complex of potential future problems will be based on the same problems that caused the 2008 downturn… too much government debt, too much private debt and a collapse of that debt when it can’t be paid, creating a new economic crisis. 

Look at the big long-term future of our economic situation… I have predicted, that in my lifetime, the US government issue of currency can’t be trusted.

It will implode and will issue a new currency to replace the dollar. That will destroy an awful lot of debts.

It will give the government a new leg, and if they can base it on something like gold it will, both, be very bullish for gold and create new confidence. If they create a new paper system like the old paper system it’ll die just like a Banana republic [like] Argentina about every ten years later.

With that… I am saying in my lifetime we’ll see the demise of the dollar and certainly before that we’ll see gold at $10,000 an ounce. 

This critical information for those who want to understand what’s happening behind the scenes and how those schemes will affect the future of our economic and monetary systems:

(Watch at Youtube)

What’s important to understand is that the manipulation is rampant, as Bud explains in the interview above, and it will soon be revealed in the form of widespread collapse of our economic and financial systems.

Consider the monetary calamity that must occur in order for gold to rise to $10,000 an ounce, and understand that whatever causes such a price spike will be an unprecedented event in human history. It won’t just be gold that’s rising, but any tangible asset essential to survival or the flow of commerce.

Acquire those assets now at a fair price – while you still can.

Inflation is Running at 40-Year Highs!

Negative interest rates are taxing savers, creating food shortages, and making life miserable in the United States!

There's little time left before the REAL DISASTER occurs!

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    1. Genius

      I’ll buy that for a dollar!

      • Be informed

        You already have to a lesser degree, it is called the 17 trillion $ debt. Those idiots are paying the interest on more borrowed money. The stocks collapse with even the mention of no more free money. The next stage of the collapse when those OPEC and other oil producer find out that they can sell their oil using basket currencies or some new OPEC currency. If I had an oil field over there I sure rather be paid in hard currency than the toilet paper that is the US dollar.

        Of course the final death throes might be prevented by some US attack over in the Middle East. Of course it is not just Iran anymore, countries are selling their oil in other than US dollar because it makes financial security sense. Can’t blame them. Probably something will happen before we see the complete implosion. It just seems so right that the bankers will cause some awful event to unfold. God it would be so terrible if it is some virus released. They can genetical code those f’en agents of death so easily now. If not this then something else that will bring global misery. That is how evil works.

        • Silver Surfer

          If Bud is so sure gold will go to $10,000 in his lifetime- why is he selling it?
          Don’t get me wrong; I agree the dollar is doomed, but I’m not selling, I’m STACKING!
          It’s not likely to be useful during the rest (except for silver-ALWAYS useful!), but in the rebuild it should be handy to have.
          At least my kids will have something to inherit from me…

          • Silver Surfer


              • Hunter


                -AMEN, brother-

                • John Q. Public

                  Meanwhile the world has a new chess champion. Magnus Carlsen unseated Vishy Anand:


                • OPSEC

                  JQPublic: Hmmmm. Let me see a Tribunal in Malayasia. The same one founded by Mahathir Mohamad a Radical muslim. The same organization which ” convicted” GW Bush of war crimes and accused the United States of crimes against humanity. That one ? Well we all know that Muslims love the US and Isrqael and anybody who isn’t a woman hating, child abusing Muslim correct !
                  Next week in Katanga the US goes on trial for being mean to people. What a fucking joke ” The Tribunal “

                • John Q. Public

                  @ OPSEC

                  Don’t look at the bodies of dead women and children. Don’t look at the bulldozed villages. Don’t wonder what happened to the missing Palestinians. Just claim “antisemitism”… and keep on killing the goyim.


                • OPSEC

                  JohnQP Your irrational hate speech is disgusting. Look at all the dead Iraquis and the destroyed villages. the hundreds of thousands killed. Look at all the dead Afghanies. The dead Pakastanis killed by drones. The “collateral damage” aka women and children.These people were killed by America not Israel. I did 2 tours in Iraq and one in Afghanastan. Respectfully don’t presume to lecture anyone about the horrors of war. By being an anti semite you are supporting the Muslim filth that would destroy this great country. Don’t like Jews ? Move to Iran or Syria they would enjoy hearing your views. hate speech isn’t welcome here.

                • John Q. Public

                  Interesting, OPSEC. I have spoken out against genocide. I have spoken out against Master Race creeds. Yes, I hate all genocide. Yes, I hate all Master Race supremacism.

                  So, I find it very revealing that you consider opposing genocide and Master Race creeds to be “anti-semitic.”

                  Is that what you think it is to be “semitic”? To be genocidal and an adherent to a Master Race creed? Do you love genocide and Master Race supremacism?

                  Just checking your logic.

                • OPSEC

                  JQ Public. Respectfully your hate speech is inappropriate. Your anti semitism is obvious to even the most ignorant amongst us. You are filled with a sick hatred of all that is Jewish and Israeli. That which you sow so shall you too reap. Supporting the position of America’s sworn enemies(Muslims) is treason sport. Rethink who you support. This will be my last comment on the subject as my father told me not to argue with those unwilling or incapable of listening.

                • Purple Dragon

                  Don’t know either of you two. John Q public. You are a racist. OPSEC quit wasting your time and now mine.

              • John Q. Public

                Tribunal Issues Landmark Verdict against Israel for Genocide

                The link is in moderation limbo, so you’ll have to search for the article title.

              • John Q. Public

                P.S. I also hate usury and economic crimes against humanity.

                • John Q. Public

                  Nice try to divert from the facts. No cigar. The rabbis teach genocide. Israelis do what the rabbis teach.

                  Interesting that quoting the rabbis is “hate speech,” but what the rabbis say themselves is not. Attack the person, not the facts.

                  The rabbis need some new moves.

                  “…although our Sages declared, ‘Kill even the best of the gentiles,’ and that, as mentioned above, the Rambam [Maimonides] states in Hilchot Melachim 8:10 that any gentile who does not accept the seven universal laws commanded to Noah and his descendants should be slain. These directives, however. can be interpreted to apply only in a time of war or in a time when the Jews have control over the gentiles.”

                  Deal with it. It is real. Paid Israeli internet “talk backers” are also real.

          • Trent

            And if BUD is so sure of the dollar collapse, why does he and the fools at Casey Rejerks send me 100 emails a day wantiong to sell me their fucking newsletters.

            • Wilson

              “gold will go to $10,000 an ounce”
              What really matters is what will an ounce be in Yuan?

          • 1940--me

            I don’t think he is selling physical gold that he can touch or stack, he’s probably selling paper, I read a story about a guy who wanted his gold that he thought he had owned for yrs and they told him there was no gold, it was just paper that he owned, he was supposed to sell or trade the paper.

          • USCORP

            It’s always humorous to hear someone value a precious metals in terms of a heavily inflated and doomed currency. Think about it folks.

          • TD

            So you think that there will be anything left after the dollar crashes????
            When the dollar crashes and the world follows…. there will be open warfare across the globe and gold and silver will be worthless….
            If you do not have food and the resources to keep your family, food and house safe….then you will perish just as the dollar will perish….

        • BigB

          There is no doubt that the dollar will fail. There are two reasons it lives right now. 1. Too many people and countries are heavily invested in it. 2. Everyone else is in as bad as shape.

          However, the statement ” I am saying in my lifetime we’ll see the demise of the dollar and certainly before that we’ll see gold at $10,000 an ounce.” is ludicrous. If the dollar is worthless how can gold be worth anything?

          Land and tangible assets such as livestock, grain and long term foodstuff’s are the safest bets for any type of wealth post dollar collapse.


          • Anonymous

            The Dollar hasn’t been backed by Gold in decades, in fact it isn’t backed by anything but “faith and trust”.(manipulation)

            • Bobbipin

              The dollar is backed by a bunch of nuclear weapons and the leveraged dirt everyone is being blackmailed or threatened with.

              • tayronachan

                @Bobbipin, Never thought of it that way. That’s a good, but scary point.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              QUESTION?? Can anybody answer this Collapse/Debt question???: What happens to consumer debt in a collase? Is this debt also wiped out? If you have $5,000 in credit card debt and the bank collapses, like who is going to try and collect it. I had a WAMU creditcard, and when they collapsed back in 2008, CHASE bought WAMU’s assets including my CC debt, and I now owed CHASE the debt balance. What happens to Home Mortgage debt as well, when the dollar collapses?? What I think should happen is all debt be zeroed out, but don’t count on that either, as most likely the Government will own your house, as they back Fanny Mae and creates a new debt balance adjusted for a new currency values. What do you think? What happens to Consumer Debt in a collapse?

            • Anonymous

              And the US military

          • Be informed

            The one item I can think of that will probably never go the way of the US dollar is ammunition, especially common ammo. This is real money, even better than any precious metal. Bricks of .22 rounds seem like one of the best to keep as these have so many uses from pest control to small game hunting to even protection. .22 rifles go cheap and most people after this happens that have any firearms have at least one .22 hand gun and/or rifle. Money in bank, and something that as long as they don’t get wet or damaged you can use as money years and decades later. Having .22 rounds also is not a bad idea in pre-SHTF times. They are still difficult to buy right now.

            Still the old classics, alcohol and cigarettes are excellent barter, and super means of bribes. Never can go wrong with salt and sugar. People like animals will desperately be looking for salt as their bodies need this to live. Sugar is valuable beyond words and very much craved. Of course excess toilet paper will have more value that the toilet paper the US dollar is becoming right now. Real tangible items as money is the future.

            • James Donovan

              Once the dollar goes, it will create a power vacuum within the global community, and that is the most dangerous outcome. Just think about it, the US has nothing to offer BUT dollars, however they have the strongest military tech, do you think the US Government will let the power slip from their hands that easily? After all that they have already done? At the same time, do you think China and Russia are going to let this happen?

              By the way, if you need to form a prepper group but dont want to put yourself out there, those Conflicted survival scenario cards are on sale until the end of the day. SouthernPrepper1 (Practical Preppers) uses it with his own bugout group, to filter in potential members and to weed out the bad ones. Its Christmas season, this is the perfect stocking stuffer, cant go wrong.


              Get a group, silver, and training of all kinds folks, every day the collapse doesnt happen is a blessing.

              • Trent

                Hey James- Every fucking day you are pushing that stupid ass card game and say you have nothing to gain from it.
                My ass you dont. Go build a fucking website instead of looking for free advertising for your BULLSHIT.

                • James Donovan

                  Lol Trent…all you do is come here and BS other people’s posts, every single time thats all you do. Do something important for the community, be constructive, add some value or keep your mouth shut.

                  And if you really think that “game” is BS, all it is is a bunch of survival scenarios for you to discuss with your friends, how is that BS? Unless of course you are new to this whole prepper thing….

                  And no I dont have any personal gains with the game, I am just a very satisfied customer, as is SouthernPrepper1, the folks at, PrepperChicks,, and lots of other ppl.

                • MXLord327

                  Or buy some ad space from Mac on this site!!!

                • Tony

                  I own a copy of Conflicted and it is a good way to introduce people to prepping.

                  Where is your sense of community? You don’t need to be so vulgar expressing your opinion.

            • Swinging on a star


              April 5th, 1933, FDR confiscated every gold coin, bar, or certificate and people had to turn in their gold to the Federal Government or else they would face a fine of $10,000 or 10 years in jail. That is about $179,000 in today’s money. You were able to keep a small amount or some rare coins and those that did give up their gold received about $20/oz.

              I don’t for one minute think that the regime is going to let you keep that gold in the near future. Hell, they will steal anything that they want, including your land, your home, your food, your guns and ammo.

              Right now they are stealing your children’s innocence and indoctrinating them into the regime mindset via the corrupt teachers union. Nothing is sacred or safe from the human destroyers anymore.

              • mark

                Knowing what we know now, not to mention the lesson learned from 1933, we aint gonna give up gold, silver, lead, or brass! Well maybe lead and brass but it will be in a way they won’t really approve of.

              • lastmanstanding

                There is plenty of documentation on the web that only about 10% of people turned their gold in.

                As for your final paragraph, I agree.

                • JD

                  That was before the internet and an electronic banking system, they are keeping tabs on what everyone owns including gold and silver. Buy junk silver instead, it’s silver but it’s considered currency.

              • tayronachan

                @Swinging on a star, About gold confiscation, I don’t think people trust the government today like they did back then. It seems to me people are a little more ticked off at the gov. today, than they were then. imho. Will it end well for those that resist? No, but we already know that.

                • 1940--me

                  actually, the government doesn’t have to confiscate gold silver or anything else they want, why get people all Poed taking their things when the can get people to spend it,

                  just look at all the money spent by each side( the gun grabbers and the NRA) trying to get rid of the guns. after what has happened in the past two yrs, they have figured out that they don’t have to take the guns, all they have to do is stop the manufacture and sale of bullets. Now the last lead factory in America will close next month, so the ammo shortage will start all over again. can you pay 3 dollars for a 22 shell?
                  the same thing could happen with gold and silver when it takes 20 bucks to buy a loaf of bread, people will be using gold and silver just like the Germans did during the Weimar Republic, they couldn’t buy a loaf of bread for 1000 marks, but could eat for a week if the had a silver ring or anything silver or gold. The real power hungry greedy people are patient, look at how long it took them to get us this far.

                • Tactical

                  JQP…Indeed God bless Iceland. Due to the nature of my work, I deal with many engineers in various European countries and I do hear from all of them the people in Europe are becoming more aware of the cancerous cells in there countries AKA the bankers and the promised day is getting closer to do what Icelanders did.

                  I just hope the awareness and the awakening also happens in home and Americans do the right thing before is too late. Thanks for your informative post as always and God Bless.

                • Pissed Off Granny

                  Thanks for the link John Q. Public.

                • gone under

                  Its going to be difficult for the PTB to dream up a reason to invade Iceland.

                • John Q. Public

                  And God bless you all, my friends!

                • Hunter

                  Yer back!!!

                  Thanks granny..was beginning to worry you’d signed off!

                  ..missed ya in the meantime!

                  —(much hugs to ya)—

              • Ann

                Swining on a star,
                I just want to give you a little light in the darkness: there are some of us teachers in public education that are trying our best to teach our students truth. We know we are greatly needed and far outnumbered. But that doesn’t stop us.

                • Swinging on a star


                  You are a teacher for the right reason, I am certain that you will plant many seeds of honesty and integrity in the minds of the innocent that are fortunate to have you as their teacher. Thank you.

                • Tactical

                  Amen Ann and God’s blessing to you. Swinging on a star summed it up very good.

                • mallardhen

                  I am a retired Public School Teacher and found that truth always wins out; with the coming of the computer don’t try to change history,if the kids really want to know they will find it. I also find that you do not promise a child something just to tell them you will do it never, never promise them anything unless, short of death, your going to do it. Doesn’t take much for a child to realize who you really are.

              • Scott Wolf

                Big B,

                What gold are you referring to? Less than 1% of all financial assets are even in gold,and the ordinary American has none,zero,nada.There is nothing to confiscate.

                FDR confiscated the nation’s gold to recapitalize the bankrupt banks at the time,deabse the dollar,AND to create an American culture devoid of gold ownership as protection against insane monetary policy.He accomplished both objectives.The Gold Reserve Act of 1934
                changed forever the American public’s desire to hold gold.

              • joe villinger

                Their gold was turned over to Federal Reserve Banks, not the Federal Government………………

              • Gregory8

                Swinging on a Star: They country was a polite compliant place where everyone trusted the government in 1933. The government bluffed the folks and they obeyed. That’s not going to happen today because we know the govt. doesn’t have the resources to go door-to-door and take much of anything by force. It took a thousand federal, state, and local cops 24 hours to go to every house in little Watertown, Mass. looking for one injured teenager, whom they never did find until someone else turned him in. They couldn’t even do that right. There is no way their going to be able to do a detailed search of the entire nation for gold and guns which will be carefully hidden. TPTB are impotent and the Marathon bombing proved that, they have always operated on bluff because they know they can’t actually do much of anything. The govt. is the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz-full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

              • Paul T

                Swinging on a star…, what good would gold or silver confiscation do now? Gold is no longer part of the monetary system like was in 1933 when they nationalized gold, not confiscated it. If they called for people’s gold and silver coins and bars now, every foreign central bank holding stockpiles of US Dollars would say “shit, something’s wrong with the dollar” and they would dump them and buy gold. A precious metals confiscation would be an admission by the government that they are valuable see…and they don’t want people thinking that. They want u thinking that the dollar is value and precious metals are crap. Plus, only 1% of the population in the US holds precious metals anyway. It would be way too costly to go after a few little guys who may or may not have a few coin stashed up somewhere. If theyre gonna steal, theyre gonna go after the easy low hanging fruit…401k’s and pension plans. So u know what that means? They’re trapped in their own lie…and the only reason why they would ever confiscate our metals again would be a last ditch effort to stop a hyperinflation. But by then, it wouldn’t matter if u had to give up your gold because gold would have already revalued itself and made u rich anyway. So all would have to do is just sell it back to the them and take their paper notes and purchase real estate, stocks or whatever u want to invest in before the currency goes to zero. Gold and silver is a win win.

                • Swinging on a star

                  Paul T,

                  I do see your valid point, however putting a hefty tax on precious metals is always an option, for the good of the entitlement crowd. I just don’t see this government allowing the American Citizen to own or have anything more than they want them to have, spread the wealth so to speak. If they want what you have then they will find a way to get it. I do hope that you are correct but who knows anything for certain anymore.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                NDAA Says so… They will control and confiscate everything, including your mind if you let them.

            • TheGuy

              Relieve my misunderstanding on this point… but why would you want a .22 when you can get air pellet rifles that transfer the same amount of energy?

              • Ronald

                Faster follow up shots, Heavier bullet weights, and size of your launcher platform.

              • JayJay

                Because some of us can pull the trigger to a .22 but not cock an air rifle??

                • tayronachan

                  @JayJay, lmao!

              • hello

                One word: semiautomatic

              • 1940--me

                If I saw a deer 200 yrs away, I could take it down with a 22, try that with a pellet gun.

                • 1940--me

                  should be yards not yrs.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                There is more to break on an air rifle, since that is the energy producer, then you are screwed, bullets may go bad too, but not all of them, and rarely a firing pin will go bad. Have both, a .22 and an air rifle. Check out .117 Gammo Whisper Silent Cat at Natchez. 1200 fps $109 on sale and comes with a scope. I upgraded the scope. Accurate as hell.. lol

          • Paul T

            Big B, you’re looking at gold as if it is not money and as if gold is among those commodities such as land, cattle, grain, etc. you have to stop thinking that gold is a commodity and the dollar is money. That’s the backward thinking that got us in this mess in the first place. The reason gold will not be worthless and will actually be very valuable after the dollar collapse is because of the properties it has. It has all the attributes of money that over history, people have saught for in money. Gold is money, not an investment or a commodity. You will use ounces of gold to buy commodites such as the cattle, land and grain as we use dollars today to buy them. Just thing of the word “ounce” as the new dollar sign. Yes, people will barter but bartering has complications with it that money solves. And when I say money, I mean the only true money: Gold and silver. Everything else is currency, not money.

            • BigB

              @Paul T,

              Good point, But remember that they said the same thing about salt back in the olden days and of what value is that now? 🙂 Just saying.


              • Paul T

                Who said the same thing about salt? Salt was used as a currency, yes, but it can’t be money. It’s value isn’t stable. For example, if you lived inland, salt would be a good currency to use perhaps, but if you’re like me, live by an ocean, it’s practically worthless. Gold and silver doesn’t have that problem. Salt is too abundant of a substance so it’s only valuable where it’s rare. I suggest you check out Mkie Maloney’s hidden secrets of money video series for detailed info on the difference between currency and money.

          • Prepared Pastor

            What happens when I want to sell my land and move hundred of miles away? I’m one of the few people whose timber is worth as much as the land it’s on so technically I could harvest it and drag it to the seller, but that would be inefficient and the seller may not need acres of hardwood. The same with livestock, food, etc. They are good for barter, but too inefficient to be a medium of exchange. Ammo would be good and I’ve stored enough to trade some, but it will be consumed.

            As society rebuilds it will become necessary to have a medium of exchange that requires effort to produce, is easy to transport and divide, but does not waste away or have a maintenance cost. The whole of human history says that will be gold or silver, but it could be something else.

            • TnAndy

              Yep Pastor.

              The Barter Folks ( land, animals, .22 shells ) always seem to ignore the history of barter and how the invention of money developed because barter is so clunky to use.

              Of course, as money developed, bankers learned to separate us from it, and issue paper receipts they could print at will in place of it. THAT is the real problem with the economy now. There is virtually no real money around.

              For anybody that thinks they can live well on barter alone, I suggest you take whatever money you have in whatever form you have it, buy every real think you can think of, and never use money again. See how that works out for you.

              IF you have the choice of one: Real good OR money… all means, choose real goods. But a whole lot better choice would be a mix of the two.

              • Paul T

                TnAndy, Everything you said is correct. Barter is better than a taxable fiat currency but barter sucks in the long term due to its complications. Eventually people will need a good or service that’s not readily available simply with a trade. And money solves that problem. Money stores that value from one good to the next without having to worry about leaking value, or if you can make change or add to it. People always seem to think that after a dollar collapse, the world will be Mad Max for hundreds of years afterwards. It’s not. It may be that way for several months or maybe even years(which I doubt) in certain specific areas, but after the dust settles and we go to rebuild, we’re not gonna rebuild society out of stockpiles of .22 rounds, cans of spam and a huge stockpile of toilet paper. We’re gonna need real money, gold and silver. And not just because I think so. It’s because history proves so. Period the end.

              • sharonsj

                And you forgot the Black Market. People will just find a way around a “cashless” society.

            • j Stuart

              This idea of rebuilding is nice but is it realistic. It took a long time to recover from the collapse of Rome so what makes us better.

              • Prepared Pastor

                While gold declined in importance during the Early and High Medieval ages, at least as a form of currency, it was swiftly replaced by robust silver coinage. In the end, it was the ready availability of capital that allowed the oppressive feudal system to eventually be replaced by the concept of nation-states.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  Looking for an after collapse Business? Take up welding and blacksmithing. Start stocking up on Blacksmithing tools and Anvils, they are going up in value fast now. And the most feared weapon by Wile E Coyote. lol

              • Paul T

                What makes us better is the technology we have to do the rebuilding with. Great civilizations are built on free markets and sound money (gold and silver). I have no doubt that if after the collapse of the dollar, as long as we go back to that, we can rebuild very quickly. : )

          • Gregory8

            BigB: You’re correct on the first issue but mistaken on the second. FIRST: The U.S. and it’s stock and commodity exchanges are the largest in the world and nearly everyone is invested in them in one way or another so the dollar will continue to reign for a bit longer. But everyone is scared silly because all the markets and major currencies are joined at the hip, if the dollar goes so does everyone else. SECOND: What has been going on for sometime is the quiet selling of dollars (bonds and notes) as well as some stocks in exchange for gold which has been a medium of exchange recognized by the entire world for the last 5,000 years. Countries are hedging their bets that the dollar will collapse by accumulating metals. They can’t afford to cash in all their holdings for gold and other metals because that would hasten the collapse and drive up the cost of gold and other metals. Governments need precious metals in an uncertain world where paper currency is questionable. Ordinary people could use a little too for barter because who wants to trade food or ammo for goods and services after a collapse.

          • YH


            >>” If the dollar is worthless how can gold be worth anything?”<>”Land and tangible assets such as livestock, grain and long term foodstuff’s are the safest bets for any type of wealth post dollar collapse.”<<

            True statement, as long as you have the resources to defend and protect them from looters…and the government.

          • YH


            >>” If the dollar is worthless how can gold be worth anything?<<

            The dollar is not worthless, but it has lost 97% of its purchasing power against gold since the mid 1930's. Gold has intrinsic value, the dollar does not. You can take an ounce of gold anywhere in the world, have it locally appraised, and purchase goods and services…anywhere. We cannot say that about the dollar or any other fiat paper currency.

            In every example of paper currency collapse that has occurred in the past 5,000 years, gold has reclaimed its rightful roll as a reserve currency and the trading medium of choice, even if temporarily, until a new paper currency pyramid scheme is forced upon the masses. The irony of having a giant pyramid on the back of the one dollar bill is not lost on me.

        • Anonymous

          You should discuss with your doctor whether it may be appropriate for you to go on some type of medication that will help you subdue and control those feelings of fear.

          Once you have that under control, look into adult education classes that could help you with your grammar and writing skills.

        • nevermind

          In my local paper today, there is an article by the Associated Press reporter Connie Cass. She writes “In God we trust, maybe, but not each other today.” Deceit and lying have become such a part of business and politics, we don’t trust what is said or written. I used to think 80% of the people were honest; now, I think about 30% are honest.

          People’s concept of honesty varies dramatically so it is difficult to know who is telling the truth, who is marketing BS, or who is a pathological liar.

        • Hey You

          What do you mean, B.I., when you refer to those people as “idiots”? Note that they have high paying jobs with perks while you and I are struggling to put a few buck aside for savings.

          They are not the idiots; we are for supporting them.

      • Rodster

        Let’s not forget that while The Fed was printing 4T in cheap money the Chinese were printing 15Trillion in cheap money. So ALL the players are doing the same thing. As Gerald Celente has said on many occasions, “the whole game is rigged”. When we come crashing down so will the rest of the world. NO ONE or CURREMCY including the Yuan will be spared.

        At that point I believe the BIS along with IMF and UN might purpose a Global currency to cheap Nations from cheating the system just like the Brits and we have done to a reserve currency.

        Will it work? Probably not. As Jim Rodgers said in a recent interview: “Even if you have a currency backed by Gold, the politicians will find a way to cheat the system”. 😉

        • Rodster

          At that point I believe the BIS along with IMF and UN might purpose a Global currency to CHEAP Nations from cheating the system just like the Brits and we have done to a reserve currency.

          I meant to say KEEP not cheap. 😮

          • hammerhead

            ROD – when the currencies collapse the NWO will issue
            Bitcoin and it will be as corrupt as anything we have ever seen . Total manipulation , a world of slaves working to pay their bill at the “company store”.
            Lets hope the dollar lives along time .

            • Barn Cat

              The dollar is dying. China has made agreements with 22 different countries and regions to trade outside the dollar.

              • hammerhead

                BARN, I am aware of the situation.
                But can you imagine what an electronic world currency would be like ? Talk about totalitarian !

                • hammerhead

                  More to my point , I i work all day and am paid in paper dollars , I can hold those dollars and it “FEELS” better and more secure.
                  If i work all day and digits are added to a card what really have i got ?
                  I realize they are both the same , but ……..

              • Anonymous

                That doesn’t mean much when the whole Global Ponzi Scheme gets exposed for what it is, a Scam!

                If the shoe were on the other foot i.e. BRICS currency they’ll do the same thing the Brits and the US did to their Reserve currency and that is debase it. The fact that China has been pumping more money 4x the amount into their system should be a wakeup call to the World that you can’t TRUST any Nation with the control of money. 😉

              • Rodster

                That doesn’t mean much when the whole Global Ponzi Scheme gets exposed for what it is, a Scam!

                If the shoe were on the other foot i.e. BRICS currency they’ll do the same thing the Brits and the US did to their Reserve currency and that is debase it.

                The fact that China has been pumping more money 4x the amount into their system should be a wakeup call to the World that you can’t TRUST any Nation with the control of money. 😉

                • OutWest

                  By then, gold at $10,000 an ounce

                  will still only buy you a good suit.

                • Rodster

                  If Gold hits 10K/oz, you’d be looking at either World War III or a complete collapse of the financial system where it’s possible commerce around the world could come to a grinding halt.

              • durango kidd

                Barn Cat: How many countries accept the Pound Sterling for payment? How many accept the Euro for payment? How many countries accept the USD for payment? The Aussie? The Swiss Franc?

                China is a great nation that is taking it’s place in the Global economy. Its currency must reflect that reality. It must be fungible, ubiquitous, and allowed to rise to market value.

                The CCP are FULL partners with the NWO.

                The dollar is not “dying”. It will (eventually) lose considerable value in the currency market, by design. If it doesn’t, all the 3D printers in the world will not bring manufacturing back to the US.

                Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead. They won’t be making any more of it after the Changes.

                Kill the FED. Death to the New World Order. 🙂

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  the durango kidd says:

                  “How many countries accept the Pound Sterling for payment? How many accept the Euro for payment? How many countries accept the USD for payment? The Aussie? The Swiss Franc?”

                  At this point in history (and it’s changing) the world does indeed settle payments almost exclusively in dollars, and the reason for that is; If a country tries to settle payments in a form other than the almighty dollar, then the USG demonizes them, calls them terrorists, bombs, and kills them (see Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Iran). It has NOTHING to do with the virtues/strength of the dollar, and everything to do with the size of the GUN behind the dollar.

                  “The dollar is not “dying”… “Kill the FED”.

                  That’s pretty funny DK, considering the “dollar” and the “Fed” are essentially the same thing.

                  If the dollar is “not dying,” how can you “Kill the FED?”

                  “… speculate with silver…”

                  What happened to your admonishment that silver was “not precious?”

                  Maybe we should review the definition of Schizophrenia… again.

                • durango kidd

                  Yo Mama: WRONG AGAIN!!! You said:

                  “At this point in history (and it’s changing) the world does indeed settle payments almost exclusively in dollars,…”

                  Not true. Historically the dollar has been used to settle commercial agreements in a RANGE of 55% to 65% of all global commerce each year.

                  It is still well within that range. While the rise of the Euro and the Yuan will reduce that percentage eventually, in a growing world GDP, the aggregate dollar amount will also rise, albeit that number will reflect a lower percentage of the total.

                  WRONG AGAIN!!! LMAO!!! Son, don’t you ever get tied of having you ass spanked ??? the dollar is NOT dead. If the dollar dies, WE will all be dead. Not gonna happen.

                  Engage your employees or be enslaved and impoverished by them one euphemism at a time! 🙂

            • Jack

              I believe Bitcoin will be blamed for the dollar collapse, the evil bankers will never admit to causing a crash. I find it funny that they are allowing bit coin,litecoin to just go rampant,meanwhile if you make a single coin outa silver and call it currency you are in prison! So there is a new conspiracy theory for today.

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                Bitcoin is NOT money. It’s created out of “thin air,” just like the US Dollar.

                It’s backed by nothing, save confidence, just like the US Dollar.

                Bitcoin is a “Pump and Dump” scheme.

                A Ponzi.

            • Christian Man

              The Famous Bitcoin?

              The one that collapsed a few months ago? What good would that do for the NWO, it is like the Chinese Yuan and is worthless and has no value.

              • durango kidd

                Bitcoin “collapsed” again last week, falling below a thousand. There is no relation either directly or indirectly between the dollar and bit coin.

                The USD is supported by a nuclear deterrent second to none, and the largest, most productive economy in the world. And bit coin? Can you say “Tulip Festival”?

                LMAO! Still if you got in early I hope you made a bunch and converted it to a real currency. like the dollar. 🙂

        • Robert

          If the Chinese were printing four times as much paper money as the U.S., then how did the yuan appreciate in value the past 5 years from 8 to the dollar to 6 today? There is an ancient saying, “Out of debt, out of danger,” and it isn’t an American saying.

      • Smokey

        The dollar has already crashed. Since 1970, we’ve had over 500% inflation. A $200 apartment now rents for $1000. A $300 wood stove now costs $1500. A $200 paycheck is now $1000, and it buys a lot less.

        Since the year 2000, we’ve lost 30% of our dollar value.

        The only thing saving us is the low cost of food and fuel for heat, relative to inflation. Everything else is costing more, unless you think electronics and Chinese shoes are necessities of life.

      • durango kidd

        Few people would profit more than I would if gold were to reach $10,000 an ounce, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon, and I called the closing bottom for gold at $1200 last year at this time when gold was $1600-1700 an ounce.

        Be careful of that for which you wish.

        If the dollar were replaced with a “new currency” it would either be the Amero; in which case the NWO has burned the US Constitution and your rights with it, while merging the USA and Mexico into the North American Union under UN auspices ….

        Or, it would be a gold backed dollar, perhaps a gold backed digital dollar, the balance of your account encoded into your FREE O’Bummer Care Chip along with your digital photo and all of your personal information (how efficient! how convenient!).

        Neither is going to happen anytime soon, but one of those scenarios could emerge after the next major war coming to a middle east theater near you soon: if Americans do not rise up and become politically active at the grass roots level.

        Engage! 🙂

        Control your Congressman and control Congress.

        • Thinker

          Has anyone seen the news on the massive protests in Kiev in the Ukraine there is supposed to be be over 300.000 protesters that turned violent against the President and government screaming “Revolution” Seems like an awful lot to me but considering who is reporting it MSM , maybe less . But wouldn’t it be great to get that many here to storm the capitol and the government before its too late !!!


        • yourmotherwaswrong

          the durango kidd says:

          “Few people would profit more than I would if gold were to reach $10,000 an ounce…”

          “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” ~ Proverbs 16:18

          And yet you’re on record trashing precious metals while defending Central Banking, the Fed, and money “printed out of thin air.”


          • durango kidd

            Yo Mama: I wasn’t bragging, just stating a fact. I am not on record of “trashing precious metals”. I have stated many times that everyone should own gold and silver based upon their needs and their ability to buy.

            Some sort of “central banking” is required for the economy to operate. The Federal Reserve is not necessary. It should be dissolved and the Gangster Banksters hung: after they have purchased the lion’s share of American debt.

            If fiat money didn’t exist, it would have to be invented. Under FREE TRADE, the FREE TRADE you love so much that is destroying the American middle class; all American gold with a gold backed dollar, which is real wealth, would follow OUR dollars offshore.

            If you can describe a better world system that is practical and would preserve American purchasing power, I am all ears. You can’t

            Engage your employees My Peeps, or be enslaved and impoverished by them one euphemism at a time. 🙂

    2. Mal Reynolds

      pb+au+ag+(cu+zn)= safety (if my chemistry serves…)


      • Canadian Vet

        And don’t forget KNO3+C+S.

        I know that’s not the composition of modern smokeless powders but you get the idea.

        • Hunter


          Potassium Nitrate(stump remover) + Charcoal + Sulfur

          CV, you’re my kinda chef! Salute!

        • Mal Reynolds

          Ha! Good one!!


    3. Chip

      Well if you are right, things are very cheap right now, gold, tools, seeds, generators, any type of survival gear you need are very cheap. I personally believe you are right. It does confuse me why things are so cheap, but now is the time to take advantage of it…..

    4. Mountain Trekker

      I don’t have any so it don’t matter. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus

      • Old Gringo

        Many know this, but the US Nickel is the only remaining coin with inherent value as it is comprised of 75% copper and 25% nickel. Trade as many FRNs as you can for them as it’s a even exchange. If (when?) the dollar does collapse you’ll have money of intrinsic value to trade for goods and services.
        BTW, I believe the US Treasury is to change the Nickel’s metalic content in 2014 so get them now if you can.

        • RICH99

          $300 of nickels fit nicely into one ammo can that few can run with. Two will keep one balanced.

          • RICH99

            STOP USING MY NAME ASSHOLE !!!!!!

        • Paul T

          Old Gringo: why trade FRN’s for nickels when you can do the same thing with silver dimes? Silver is money, copper and nickel are not money. They are base metals and history shows that in a financial collapse situation, base metals always come up short. Something to think about.

          • Smokey

            True, base metals are for manufacturing other things out of it. In a collapse, manufacturing is going to be gone, and with it, the demand for metals.

            • Facebook Page

              Nickel and copper pennies are for the small things and change.

              • lastmanstanding

                I’m with you FB…I save all nickel and pennies, even post 82. In fact, I bought some beautiful, real $1 and 5 dollar silver certificates the other day. I felt the power in the statement “will pay (silver) to the bearer on demand”

                Someday, there will be a return to real value of money. Not this inflated bunch of bs that we have had for the last 50 years.

                a nickel will once again buy a loaf of bread or 2.

                “That is how the planet works”

                …and if one was/is a taker and not a producer, I sure wouldn’t want to be you!

                Those that put their faith in everything govt/corp-wise should be sweating your fucking asses off right now.

                Not me, I am smiling…”I am so fucking gone from this paradigm that I can’t even see it in the rearview mirror”

                Have faith in God…”don’t go down without one helluva fight” lms

                • Paul T

                  Lastmanstanding, I’m with you. I quit living in the old paradigm about 3 years ago. I’m growing so much freaking food in my backyard, I can’t eat it fast enough. It’s like printing money. I take my greens to the local farmers market and trade for stuff I can’t grow. But that’s just type of mentality I have now. Of course I still use FRN’s for day to day transactions but every time I hand over a $20 bill I laugh inside my head and say, “here, have my worthless paper for you goods”. They have no clue I’m unplugged from the Matrix…

          • Old Gringo

            Paul T: To answer your question, I believe everyone should own gold and/or silver. The upside to nickels is, well,….there’s NO downside. Because they’re legal tender with a given face amount (5 cents), they can never be less than what you paid for them. They can only stay even or rise in price.

            • Paul T

              Old Gringo, yes you are correct in saying that they will never be worth less than 5 cents but even so, if no one wants them, they wont buy u much. After a dollar collapse, it won’t matter what the face value of a nickel says. Everything will revert back to intrinsic valuations and it’s rarity will then determine its value, not its face value. And copper and nickel are very abundant metals. I’m not saying that they are completely worthless, I’m just saying that it may take a whole lot of nickels (more than youre willing to carry)to buy say, a loaf of bread once ur basing a nickel value off of its rarity, where as the same value may be stored in one lightweight silver dime. But hey, who knows, I don’t know shit for certain, cuz I can’t tell the future, I’m not a wizard. All I know is what history tells us and I can’t find a single example in history where people used copper and nickel coins very efficiently to purchase goods or services after any financial calamity. All I see is them selecting gold and silver coins to do so.

          • lastmanstanding

            nickel and copper have value.

            Something to think about.

          • Christian Man

            90% Silver Dimes are worth investing in. just make sure of the date (pre-1964 for those who don’t know).

            Easy to find and available at most coin and stamp stores.

            Stay away from Silver bars, they found a lot of phony Silver bars. (Made with lead and plated) They were made so well the that fooled most of the coin experts, and could only be proven as Fakes by professional metal Laboratories.

            The phoney bars were sold in Lots on Ebay and Craigslist.

            So beware.

        • Hey You


          I bought some “war” nickels a couple of decades ago. If you can get any of those, you’ll have about a $5.00 coin.

      • Iowa

        Me neither. Those little shampoos at hotels are a great barter item, plus they are free.

        • wrong

          Free if you spend 100 bucks at the motel to stay a nite.

          • Iowa

            A family member gives them to me.

            • Facebook Page

              You mean a family member STEALS them for you.

              • David in AZ

                No, he means that after a trip the family member who did not use the hotel’s version of shampoo, soap, conditioner, hand lotion saved them and brought them home. I do it all the time and so does one of my daughters who is forced to travel for her work. I have been able to accumulate a very nice wide variety of items this way. Don’t assume the worst in people. Look for the good and praise it and you’ll be amazed at how things can change in your life. dj

              • Paranoid

                Not theft, 40 years ago someone on TV asked Conrad Hilton about taking the soap. He said: “Take the soap, leave the towels.” The man owned more hotels at the time than anyone else in the world; I figure he knew.

          • Iowa


            I thumbed you up anyway.

            • wrong

              Thanks… Didn’t mean it to be snottish. It’s a “thing” in our family. My daughter always makes (made) a big deal out of the free shampoos at the places we stayed. It’s turned into a family thing. Free when ever possible. When I take cans back to the store for the ten cent deposit it’s “free” money. If/When we get a tax return we always laugh and say “Hey Look! Free Money!!!” My Uncle Bill, 40 yrs ago, had a framed picture that said “Nothing is Free. Nobody Gives Ya Nothing” Guess that always stuck with me.

            • Hunter


              Hey bro’, you’re an old-timer here. You’re one of us(respect!)..have kept you/yours in prayers since the job-loss thingy, awhile back.

     goes it, pal?

              Things looking up? -(I honestly hope so)-

              GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!

    5. SterlingSilver

      At this point, the sooner it starts, the better. Let the existing system collapse! Let it crash! We’ll wear seatbelts, and we’ll be around to help construct a sound principled way of life based on free markets, industry, fair and proper taxes, and the foundational premise of the founding fathers.

      • NC joe

        So, you are an advocate of slavery? That is one of the premises of the founding fathers you sheeple so mightily adore.

        • Hunter


          In hind sight and judging from the overall societal destruction wrought by the ‘obsolete farm equipment types’ here in post-modern Amerika. I don’t support slavery.

          That said:

          I’ll take those founding documents/principals/rights authored by those great men any day, as opposed to the wretched Marxist screed you adhere too.

          ..and as a side note:

          I cannot help but notice that, nowhere in the gospel of Jesus Christ(see NT), was the institution of slavery outright condemned by him, nor did he call for its abandonment/dissolution!

          He merely commanded slave owners to treat their slaves humanely!

          ..I think the Founding Fathers picked up on that cue also.



          -(you communist dipshit)-

          • Eyesopenanddisgusted

            Even the founding fathers were Freemasons

            • SterlingSilver

              …and this is a bad thing? Freemasonry goes back as far as Solomon’s temple. It was later corrupted and its mirror image was used for control.

          • SterlingSilver


            You do realize that under the fractional reserve central banking, total EPA control, executive orders, and residency as a corporate asset of USA Inc, that WE ARE SLAVES!!! What makes it worse than colonial slavery is that the vast majority of US Citizens don’t even know they are slaves.

            So can you see the irony in your statement?

        • Smokey

          Joe, for you there will be indentured servitude in lieu of outright slavery.

          You can reflect on the nuances between the two while you are grubbing the potato fields for your dinner, when it comes down to that.

          • Facebook Page

            indentured servitude

            Will return. Until a balance is restored to the workers to producers to user balance out.

            • Paul T

              Indentured servitude is already here and has been for a while, it’s just self inflicted. Americans seem to enjoy it. They enjoy being in debt to their masters so long as they have their cell phones, flashy cars, boats, 4 wheelers and big screen TV’s. Indentured servitude seems to be the norm for us Americans. At least I know it. Most can’t even see it.

        • braveheart

          ncjoe, nobody here advocates slavery. And I’ll take the writings of our founding fathers over The Communist Manifesto or Mein Kampf any day. Maybe you need to go find another country you like and relocate to it,so go f#$% yourself!

        • Slick One

          NCjoe Well that would be one way for the career welfare moochers to work off their debit! 😉

        • PO'd Patriot

          If I had a Jackass to pull plow I would name him NC joe.

      • Cede

        I like your optimism. But seriously, you’ll need more than a seat belt to survive the coming crash. You won’t be rebuilding anything like a “sound, principled way of life” afterwards either. Not for generations!! The US might attempt to re-issue another currency to replace the now worthless Greenback, but I think you’ll find the contempt for the US that’s grown around the world these last few years, garuntee’s that the US will be generations away from ever coming back to a top 5 Nation. We’ve become the most hated country in the world with our war’s, drone killings, theft of international resources, greed, financial theft and trashing the worlds economy to please our Bankers. We are loathed …… World wide

        • Facebook Page

          The tech is here. rebuilding will not take as long as many think. No matter who wins the upcoming war and battles.

          • Hunter


            True, the technology is here now(I agree), but in the end, per surviving a worst case scenario..said great rebuilding, must/will draw heavily upon “PAPER/HARD COPY BOOKS” and those possessing knowledgeable/real world skill-sets.

            -(said skilled folk must be protected at near any cost, imo)-


            Thus, small town and local college libraries will be the future nodal points of civilization’s rebirth, if we’re given the chance!

            Otherwise, there is NO OTHER WAY!

            -(cue “dark ages”..scene two..’snap’)-


            In the meantime:

            Save/protect/pickle any data/media, starting with the Bible..then secure everything pertaining to:

            Chemistry- ..(organic & inorganic)-
            Medical/dental/valid homeopathic-
            ..etc-etc..(fill in the blank).

            Plus anything/everything related to a technological synchronization of knowledge,coupled unto the WISDOM to differentiate between..a good vs. evil application. Call it the morality of GOD!

   thus, if you can!


            Remember, its not about us.

            Its about our offspring and the future they’re destined to inherit!!!!!!


            ..can’t remember who posted it(kudos to them), but the CSN & Young lyric/stanza/phrase of…”teach your children well”…should be cemented, in the mind of every believer/survivor.

            ..then used as a foundation, to build upon.


            Hope springs eternal..does it not?

   the meantime(per SGT)..aim small, miss small!

        • SterlingSilver


          Great comment. However, I believe that this collapse will be so epic even the central bankers can’t keep up with it. They will try to control the overall direction of the chaos, but the details will get away from them. In those details will be the upcropping of local and regional reconstructions. It is here that the future will be born if it can be built on timeless and universal principles based on man’s inalienable rights and free markets.

      • Barn Cat

        No, we’ll become part of a one world police state or we’ll be killed. That’s what’s coming. That’s what the coming economic collapse is about.

        • hammerhead

          BARN gets it , dont hope for collapse.
          We will come out the other side slaves of dead.

          • Shooter

            They also want to lower the worlds population by several billion

            • Barn Cat

              It’s laid out in the Georgia Guidestones. One of their goals is depopulating to a sustainable level of 500 million. That means they want to kill 13 out of every 14 people.

          • mark

            BC and HH, get your balls out of your wifes purse and dump the defeatist attitude! Thank God the founders didn’t have that attitude. Governments are corrupt and incompetent, that and the fact that they founders were fighting for their families and their country, not the government, helped them to be successful.

            • Facebook Page

              Agree they all ready have loss the war. They will be lost in the first battle.

              If you are so sure they will win. And you want to live then you better get to working on being someone they want to survie Like a producer

        • The Old Coach

          No, it’s not even that. It’s that the current crop of central bankers, (Fed, EU Central Bank, and Bank of England) were all taught the same load of Keynsian Bravo Sierra when they were classmates at MIT (Sloane School). So now that they’re implementing it, even though it’s obviously going to self-destruct, they cannot be wrong, because they were MIT, you know? Best and brightest. Geniuses in their own minds. I lived there in the ’60s and ’70s. The type is achingly familiar. One reason I will never go back to Massachusetts. Not even to drive through.

          • The Old Coach

            The tyranny of unintended consequences. This lot STILL think they’re saving the world.

            I don’t disagree that we common folk probably will come out slaves, because the powerful can protect themselves while we can’t.

            • Slick One

              Old Coach Id have to disagree “I don’t disagree that we common folk probably will come out slaves, because the powerful can protect themselves while we can’t.”
              Recall the types and various discussions about weapons and ammo on this board. Lots of us can and will protect ourselves, and will never submit willingly to servititude!

              • The Old Coach

                I wish you were right, but they are already making economic slaves of us. The old frog/water/fire parable. Barring a “Lucifer’s Hammer” event, we’ll just be slowly squeezed, and squeezed some more, until most of us are unable to eat without kneeling before the Man. Only if there’s a true Armageddon will we escape by use of our arms.

                • SterlingSilver

                  Armageddon is what will free us. However, the freedom must come as a spiritual awakening as well as casting off the physical bounds of tyranny. We’re waging a war that was started and has persisted since this world was created and Eloheim created Man in His image.

                  Eph 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

          • The Old Coach

            Code Red. John Mauldin and Jonathan Tepper. Get it on Amazon.

            • lastmanstanding

              A friend just referred Code Red to me yesterday.

              Count me in.

          • Barn Cat

            The people who spout it don’t believe it. They’re deliberating destroying all of the world’s major currencies at the same time. They want to bring about a big enough disaster that will lead to a one-world government.

            • The Old Coach

              I still disagree they their objective is destruction of currencies. Their object is to shore up the exports of the national economies, and this is how you do it according to Keynes. What they can’t learn is that this always becomes a race to the bottom. The 1931-33 experience ought to inform them, but every one of them thinks that his shit don’t stink, and that he is so effing brilliant the he can come out a winner. It never ceases to amaze me how intelligence and wisdom diverge in these situations.

              BTW One world government won’t come out of this, because they won’t ever agree on which one of these geniuses will be the Big Boss.

              • Facebook Page

                The one with the biggest military and the will to use it will be the one in the end of the one world government.

                So if there is to be one I would prefer it to be based on at least to as much as possible on a USA feeling. So if it coming let it be us in charge. or at least second to the real leaders of the world. Don’t want my children at the bottom.

              • 10% Off

                Coach – you hit the nail on the head! None will relinquish power for a OWG. They all want to be the Big Boss!

                I still believe they THINK they have everything under control, but in reality, an unknown spark will ignite the little sapling and it will turn in to the big forest fire we all know it’s going to be. Good luck controlling that….

                • The Old Coach

                  Heinlein developed this theme pretty will in one of his last books, “Friday”. A ripping good yarn it is, too.

              • Barn Cat

                You can’t devalue your currency to help your exports if you import oil. It’s financial suicide. They know that.

                • The Old Coach

                  Good thought, and true if your oil import is so great that the rise in import price cancels out the increased exports. But even for Japan that isn’t so, even though they are importing much more oil now that Fukushima has screwed up their nuclear power generation capacity.

              • Tactical

                geniuses must do the rope dance from the east to the west and north to the south. This includes their families. That’s the only way to do the needed cleansing.

        • jimb

          If those are the 2 choices, then why bother to prep?

          • Barn Cat

            I don’t plan on starving to death or having my preps stolen from me. I want my family and me to survive as long as we can.

          • Facebook Page

            JIMB Make a third choice then. Think of one and then start it. You seem to be depending on others to do it for you.

            And BC the way you talk I do wonder why you bother because you don’t seem to have a plan either.

      • Ancient Echoes

        Been there, done that; lets try something better this time. Humanity was served well by the old system but we are different now, smarter as a whole. Lets come up with something for the new humanity that works equally for us all.

        • Barn Cat

          No, we’re not different now. We’re certainly not smarter now. Any new system will be designed for the benefit of those who already have wealth and power. It’s the way the world works.

          • Ancient Echoes

            Perhaps you are correct; however l00 years ago everyone did not have running water, electricity, dishwashers, computers and the ability to do what we are doing right now, cars, l2 years of education, and time to think about physics and what makes everything tick. It has worked this way because everyone did not get together and say “no we are now going to do it another way.” Or maybe a group did and they made a “New World” in America. Do not be afraid “new” and do not be afraid of change.

          • Facebook Page

            BC it is the humanutity and human nature works.

            The strong will survie and prosper. Its time to cut the weak and understand we can weed the weak from the genr pool if we would just accept it as a needed process to survie.

          • Tactical

            Let’s change the way then. I don’t need masters with deep pockets nor I am a servant and never be one.

      • Yuri

        It would start if everyone started borrowing as much as possible. Taking out small business loans and things like that.

        “the US government issue of currency can’t be trusted.
        It will implode and will issue a new currency to replace the dollar. That will destroy an awful lot of debts.”

        Take out loan, … spend on preps, … defend.

        How can you pay back a loan to a bank that isn’t around anymore with money that no longer exists?

        If enough people took out enough 5 to 10 year loans, it would start the cascade to hyper-inflation and collapse. Those who borrowed would never have to repay and would have whatever physical assets they spent the loan money on.

        • Jay

          Most loans are backed with your collateral – home, land, valuables. Trust me, if you don’t pay it back “in some form”, they will take it.

          • The Old Coach

            Right. Besides, the taking out of way too many loans has already happened, (the housing bubble) and is still happening today (the college loan bubble). That’s exactly what is creating the mess in the first place. In 2008 the markets realized that a large percentage of those mortgages and especially HELOCs ain’t ever going to be paid back, so they’re not lending to the public much anymore. (They make more money lending to the Treasury anyway.)

            BTW the home-loan/HELOC bubble was directly driven by demands from the Clinton administration, and the college loan bubble is being driven by the Halfrican Dictator’s adminstration, so it ain’t all the fault of the banks. This is what happens when the power of regulation falls under the sway of political ambition. Give a politician the opportunity to use government power to keep himself in office, and of course he’ll use it.

            • Yuri

              “That’s exactly what is creating the mess in the first place.”

              Sorry, Old Coach, time only flows in one direction. Those things are what causED (past tense) the mess.

              What are you worried about … the collapse AFTER this one?

              They don’t call it a “reset” for nothing.

              Do people here even believe what they say about the inevitability of collapse and what it will do?

              • The Old Coach

                Right in a way. I should have put it in past tense at that point in the post. But there are still bubbles blowing. College loans. Stock buying “on margin”. Or stock bought with money borrowed at almost zero interest rate. (That’s exactly what hedge funds do, borrow money in one place at a cheap rate, and “invest” it somewhere else at a higher rate. Pocket the difference.)

          • Yuri

            There won’t be any “they” to take it back, remember.

            Either the dollar and the economy will collapse, or it won’t.

            If they don’t, this would be a hugely BAD idea.

            If they do collapse, how will the banks be coming for anything? No one will be working for the bank anymore. The bank won’t even exist anymore.
            The Sherriff ain’t doin’ it, because the municipalities are all bankrupt, his pension has vanished, and he hasn’t been paid in 6 months.

            Besides, the bank would need to get a lien first — which they wouldn’t do for months after your payments stop — and no one is working at the courthouse, anyway … cuz, man … it’s gone.

            It depends on how certain folks are that the collapse is coming, in what time-frame, and how they’ll deal with things if & when it happens.

            Hey, you could always put some money in a 5-year CD with 0.7% interest and hope for the best.

      • KY Mom

        I believe those controlling (manipulating) the system plan to let it collapse when they are ready. I am amazed the economy hasn’t crashed already. A black swan event could alter their plan.

        I tried to talk to some family members at Thanksgiving about how ‘fragile’ the economy, just in time grocery stores, the grid, etc. really are. They may watch shows like American Blackout, but seem to prefer to think of it as just good entertainment and do nothing to prepare. Very sad.

        • Peterson

          I don’t believe that you are in much of a better position then your liberal family members are in.

          • 10% Off

            Peterson says –

            “I don’t believe that you are in much of a better position then your liberal family members are in.”

            That should be….”than” your liberal family members are in….Pretty lame to bash KY Mom to begin with, but to use the wrong word just shows what a Fucktard you really are!

            If you hadn’t called my NONunion teacher mom a bitch, I would have let this go, but since you went personal, I couldn’t let it pass….

            She is sure as hell smarter THAN you and taught me proper grammar! Go bully somewhere else!

            • Peterson

              Calm down, I wasn’t even being mean to KFC! lol
              All I was doing was pointing out the same truth that’s always came out of my mouth, right?

              • 10% Off

                That your just consistently a butthead? I would have to agree with you there! Just be nice!! It’s really not that hard to do…..

                • Peterson

                  Ya I am quite an ignorant prick most of the time. lol
                  KFC does need a wake up call though, maybe she sees that now. Watching things roll by while reporting stolen news stories ain’t doing shit for anyone that’s on this sinking ship. The pure fact that she is just now getting around to talking to her family about Amerika is proof in its self how much and how active she is when it comes to survival preparedness. What’s a guy gonna do right?

        • Peterson

          Thanks for being honest there KFC! Glad to see you made a post that wasn’t all about some news story that your ripped off from some corny website….

          • braveheart

            Peterson, you just don’t have anything better to do than attack KY Mom, do you? I don’t believe neither she nor any of her family are commie. You crossed a line with that one, so back your ass the hell off from her!

            • Peterson

              I never said she was a Communist there Braveheart. All I’ve ever said was that she isn’t as Conservative and she thinks she is, nothing more there Pal.

            • KY Mom

              braveheart, 10% Off and Hunter,

              Thank you for your support! Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving!

              It gets annoying having the cyber bully stalk my posts. At least Peterson admits he is an “ignorant prick.”

              Take care!
              KY Mom

              The troll knows nothing of my plans – which we have been working on for years. I have encouraged others to be more prepared for a long time and personally helped some family members get food storage and other supplies.

          • Hunter


            Go thump your miniscule/stalking ‘wood’ fantasies elsewhere, KY Mom is accepted/respected here.


            • Peterson

              You sound like one of KFC’s liberal family members right there…. Maybe even Obama and Pelosi. Guess deep down you aren’t all that Conservative either are ya?

        • The Old Coach

          No, they don’t plan to let it collapse, in the sense that they have a timetable, or even an escape plan. What will happen is that they’ll make one small slip, or more likely a Black Swan will appear, and they’ll lose control, like a driver going too close to the traction limit on ice. It’ll all be under control, until it isn’t. Once it isn’t….well, that’s why we prep.

          I wonder how they’re figuring to cope if China goes any farther with those Japanese islands. They need the oil. They desperately need the oil. The expansion of the Chinese empire in that way mimic the expansion of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, (i.e. 1938 Japan.) An industrializing nation needing raw materials that they don’t have at home. Especially oil. Japan went for Balikpapan in 1941 when we stopped selling to them over their brutality in China. China is has learned that lesson well, and is playing for the Middle East, but anything they can reach is fair game. So, either Japan or China snaps and a shooting war starts in the South China Sea. Japanese trade goes to hell, and their already precarious currency collapses. Can you spell domino effect?

          • 10% Off

            Coach – you and I think very much alike. I replied to one of your posts higher up and hadn’t read this one yet. I gave the exact same scenario. It will start out small and get completely out of control. The unknown is….when.

          • lastmanstanding

            Your first paragraph is spot on.

        • IL mom

          Missed you this week Kentucky!! Hope you had a great thanksgiving!!

          • KY Mom

            IL mom,

            I had a good Thanksgiving! Hope you did too!

      • Hey You

        No; my estimation of crash timing is mid-2016. That gives us some time to get better prepared (and get away from metro areas).

    6. y99

      From a tactical point of view from the progressive side of things the manufactured crisis could happen within the next 12 months.

      America’s economy is being held together by 550 cord and hundred mile an hour tape, I believe it will fall apart when it most advantageous to those that seek power and control, the crisis will happen when power can be stolen most easily out from under a populace that has decided to become sheep.

      Sadly far too many lack the dignity to even know what human dignity is.

      • The Old Coach

        I keep telling you, the crisis will not be manufactured. The top financial institutions will suffer almost complete destruction when it happens, and their bosses will have to live out their lives in their bunkers. They are the last people to want a collapse. If they lose all their power, they lose their internal identities. Indeed, look for numerous suicides amongst them in the first few months of a collapse. Like Hitler.

        • y99

          I’m not sure if you can be more delusional than you are, but keep up the good work.

          The rich will always be the rich, yes some will die off in a collapse but most have money to ride out the fall out, and those that don’t aren’t really wealthy.

          The upper middle class will feel most of the loss, the truly rich will hide. Now eventually they’ll die by their own ineptitude, but if you think they’re not ready you assume the rich have learned nothing from history.

          When the SHTF I’ll be a billionaire blue collar killing machine because I’m prepped.

          • Facebook Page

            So you are prepped to kill

            • y99

              What a stupid question that is. I’ve killed in defense of my country already, so killing in defense of my family is an easy thought.

              Not sure why you would ask such a question beyond the fact that you think I’ll kill any and all who cross my path, that only means you’ve never read my past comments, so I’ll let it go.

              • Outlaw

                Don’t mind FBP much. He makes intelligent comments some times. Most of the time though he is just drunk of his ass, instigating a fight, like some drunks do.
                If you read his posts, you can learn a lot. According to himself, he was the best slumlord in Washington at one point in time. He also believes that the unprepared will be his children’s slaves upon all of his slum “land”. He has delusions of being some kind of king or something in the future, thinking people will beg him to be a serf and work his “land”, instead of just taking it from him.

                • Facebook Page

                  King does sound good.

                  Yes king of my land.

                  And I wish I could be drunk again. Will be awhile before the gut allows it. Forgot pain meds. I’m saved.

                  And how do you steal dirt. Serious ???.

                • Any Mouse


                  How do you steal dirt? Its quite easy.

                  Do you think the piece of paper stating ownership will mean anything?

                  Unless you have enough manpower to defend multiple sites simultaneously over a long term period of time your screwed.

                  We will become a nation of squatters.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                So when did you kill in the Defense of our country? in The Revolutionary war??? Because most US wars thereafter were bogus. When did Afghanistan attack us? How about Iraq? how about Grenad?, orBosnia? or Korea, or Viet Nam? or was that because of Pear Harbor, which was really another false flag event, to get into another war. Are you blinded by patriotism too?

                • y99

                  You should change your moniker to “what a complete ass” your assumption that all wars are FF is irrelevant, on the battlefield we fight for the men around us, it becomes a very personal event that I’m sure you don’t understand.

                  God, family, Country has always been my motto, what say you alex?

        • Government Guy

          I used to be the accountant for a multilevel marketing company called Club Atlanta Travel. You can look them up with the SEC who called me to testify when they were nailing them for securities fraud by running a Ponzi scheme. Believe me the last thing the people at the top of the pyramid want is collapse. No one who is winning the game wants to stop playing which is why casinos will comp the room of a big fish to them in the building.

          That being said there may be political reasons like the Cloward-Piven strategy why people who want to collapse the system, but they are not the ones creating money out of thin air.

          • lastmanstanding

            IMO, the cloward-piven strategy was necessary to get enough people divided in the last 40 years to swing the votes to the “here is all your free shit side”. Now a vote doesn’t seem to matter and that snowball has reached majority levels. The takers.

            It is common-sense that it would be easier to demonize the side who works and earns as the villain.

            I am for equal opportunity, not equal outcome.

          • The Old Coach

            Cloward-Piven was formulated by (and for) people who had little or no power. Their idea was to break everything down on the belief (Hope?) that they would come out on the other side with the power. But the Obama crowd has screwed up. Without collapsing the system. they are already in power, and if it collapses now, they’ll be the losers. So they’re trying to pivot, but they ain’t smart enough to know how to deprogram all the Obots whom they fed Cloward-Piven to over the last 20 years.

            Pass the popcorn !

    7. y99

      From a tactical point of view from the progressive side of things the manufactured crisis could happen within the next 12 months.

      America’s economy is being held together by 550 cord and hundred mile an hour tape, I believe it will fall apart when it most advantageous to those that seek power and control, the crisis will happen when power can be stolen most easily out from under a populace that has decided to become sheep.

      Sadly far too many lack the dignity to even know what human dignity is.

      • Warchild

        You believe it is held together with paracord,damn yuri you are a optimist!I was thinking more along the lines of bubble gum and tinfoil!

        • MXLord327

          I was thinking more along the lines of det-cord!!!

    8. Tomahawk

      Liberalism cannot exist without the largesse of modern industrial society. Let it crash and burn. The parasite will not live long without a host.

      Once the smoke clears, we can rebuild a free society.

      • Facebook Page

        Survive Its Death

        Is there any other ideas out there.

    9. Jennifer Sensiba

      Reason #12,579 to be prepared. I don’t prepare for an economic collapse, a solar or nuclear EMP or civil wars. I don’t prepare for natural disasters or technological disasters.

      I prepare for all of the above and as much of the unexpected as I can.

      • Paranoid

        I prep because Charman is SOOOO much softer than corn cobs

    10. Norse Prepper

      I agree with some who have written on this site previous that the collapse, if it can be controlled, may not come until after a full court press to confiscate guns. It may not work for all, but many will turn them in.

      That being said, maybe it will come sooner and they let the masses kill each other off.

      I personally would like it to hold off for a bit. Let them kick the can down the road as far as possible so we have more time to get prepped.

      Regardless, the collapse is in our future. Do what you can to prepare for as many eventualities as possible.

      God Bless,

    11. sixpack

      I’m going to be re-stacking and inventorying my food stores this week. On one hand, I’m not looking forward to the work involved in moving everything I have, but on the other hand, I feel blessed that I have enough to be a pain in the ass to move around…does that make sense?

      • Prepared Pastor

        I did mine last week. Every three months I shake up and turn over my evaporated milk cans (yes I have instant too) so it doesn’t turn yellow and shake my carbon filters so the powder doesn’t clump. Then there is the rotating. We’re eating expired peanut butter, tuna, and chicken that was brought up from the cold store now.

      • jaxx

        People who dis preppers consult what passes for their brain and visualize us a fondling guns/ammo and hoping for a reason to use them. Your situation is more like mine…there’s nothing so comforting as moving stacks of food/whatever/whatever around (while cussing at how heavy they are) and counting out how many weeks/months (hopefully soon years) worth of sustenance I’ve managed to accumulate. Rotating supplies is one of the simple joys of life for me.

        Of course, clinking gold/silver and cleaning weapons are some of the other simple pleasures, along with splitting wood. And grinding grain. And gardening. Hell, done right, a lot of life is just one long string of simple pleasures.

        • sixpack

          I do love the counting an cleaning too. The more I have to count and clean, the better I like it…

    12. Eisenkreuz

      Dont get caught up in the gold rush. Its fine to buy this stuff to protect your wealth if youre a rich man. But the first priority is the essential items.

      • Facebook Page

        A wise man speaks.

      • Kulafarmer

        When money is as tight as it is for some of us, if i have 1300$ in my hand it sure as hell isnt going toward buying a shiny little trinket that weighs 1oz!
        It can go a lot farther on necessities,

        • Prepared Pastor

          I completely agree. Precious metals are no substitute for free and clear land, a self-sufficient home, food storage, or an armory. They are a substitute for the cash that is left over after establishing an emergency fund. I have reached middle age so by saving about $100 a month and making wise buying choices I can afford them all.

          • gone under

            A very important consideration is Location, and location. A bad or poor location and every prep you made wont matter.

            • Kulafarmer

              Thats one reason why im glad i live where i do, year round growing season and just a different kind of people here, yes we have the mindless and un prepared but we are also sort of remote and dont have the huge urban centers and what comes with that. Many more who want to get along with and work with their neighbors than who would stab them in the back,

          • Charlotte D.

            I agree with this idea completely. Replacing all of your dollars with gold is ridiculous unless you have your essentials to keep your family going. The smartest thing you can buy with your dollar today is a steel shelter, whether its above ground or below. A great place to get one of these things can be found here:
            After you get your safe place, and all of your supplies then may be gold would be useful for bartering after your dollar is useless.

    13. mike prince

      If you read our history from the Athenians to date this has occurred many times in the past. The Athenian owl , much like our pre ’64 coins were valued across the land. Then they started getting stupid. History shows that many of the almost pure coins were base metal plated silver. Athens fell. The Romans had a small dime size coin that was supposed to be worth 6 chickens. Then the started getting stupid. The early colonials valued the Spanish milled dollar as the base of currency. It could be broken into 8 equal “bits” and was widely accepted. Then they started getting stupid. The colonial was paper money that soon went into default. The phrase “not worth a colonial” came to be. In the civil war the south relied on paper instead of hard goods. Not learning in time, yes they started, out of desperation , getting stupid. The U.S. ,once known for values , work ethic and brains was the envy of most of the world. Then they…..

      • Eisenkreuz


    14. mike prince

      Sorry that was “not worth as continental”

    15. Sgt. Dale

      I’m going out on Wed. to buy some more silver (the poor mans gold), another deep cycle battery, and fill my last 30lbs fuel tank. The wife is going to buy some more canned, and dried food for the stock pile.

      They keep printing dollars. The dollar will be worth nothing more than T.P.
      Just thing Q.E. that will kill the country is now in play. This will do it. We will see the dollar die.

      When it all goes to hell we will see those that we tried to help by telling them to prep will be stopping by to see if you will help them.
      I hate to say one meal and you are gone. Don’t come back because you won’t get anymore than hot lead. My family comes first.

      You see the stock market is going higher, its because the dollar is not worth anything, and it cost more dollars to buy the stocks. I think when the market hits 17,000 it will go boom. Then watch for the Zombies. More than likely I’m wrong but I think 17,000 is when its going to happen. Does anyone have an idea on this?


      • Facebook Page

        Don’t let them in at all they won’t leave. Deal with it in the street so you don’t have to clean up the mess.

        • Daytona Matt

          I know it’s harsh. My family has been thoroughly warned not to come to us. They think I’m a fool, fine. Their idea of preps is “saving for Vegas” or this new toy. I haven’t spoken to any of them for a few years now. Shucks. When I started telling them the best I’ll do for them is a bullet each, they saw how there might be something this fools right about. They still make daily grocery runs. My rule is only help preppers like us or those that might live under your roof. While it’s only my wife and I, I know when it hits the fan we’ll have those like us around. If you give into one person, that one person will have to have their “one person” or “just their children” and it explodes at your expense. Please, I know how it sounds, but please never give in! It will most likely cost you & your family their lives. Let’s just hope this never comes to pass.
          Standing ready in Daytona

          • Sgt. Dale

            Dayton :
            Don’t give up you might save one or two of them in the long run.
            Keep praying for them as we will.

            • braveheart

              Sarge, FBP, and Daytona Matt, I have to agree with all 3 of you, but Sarge, I’m not even giving up one meal to someone. If I do that, there’s nothing to stop them from telling someone else where they can get food, then I’ll be surrounded by zombies. No one here knows how much I agonized over this scenario before making my decision. I know what the Bible says about helping the poor, then I look at these videos of people on Black Friday fighting each other over worthless items. If they’re that bad when the shelves are full, imagine what they’ll be like once the balloon goes up and the supermarket shelves are emptied within just a few hours. That’s when they’ll really lose it. After they’ve looted stores, they’ll start going into neighborhoods to see what they can get. That is when I expect trouble will begin for me. I don’t want it to happen, but I know it will. I don’t want to take a human life in defense of myself and mine, but I know I’ll have to. I’m not looking forward to any of it. But I’m not giving up anything I have either. braveheart

              • Miss DeeDee

                — You not only have the right to protect what is yours for your family
                You have that responsibility – Like it or Not
                — Miss Dee Dee

                • braveheart

                  Miss DeeDee, thank you for those words of wisdom and support. braveheart

              • Facebook Page

                At that point they are not the poor as your religion calls them.

                At that point they are the unprepared and I believe religion has many statements of what to do when they show up also.

                At that point they are a looting Zombies and deaseaed flesh

              • gone under

                @ bravheart.. Ive read a few hundred of your posts. I think when the SHTF, if you meet the right person(s) you will help them and feed them and in return, they will provide something in return in the form of knowlege, skill or defence of your preps. If you wasnt so far away, Id toss you a few hundred 12g and .22.

                • gone under

                  To be clear…Thats loaded ammo for you to use…not just the projectile.

              • Sgt. Dale

                I defend your right as how you will handle things. I just hope if I have to relocate you will remember me. Just kidding. I know you will. This is a problem that the group addressed and this is what we worked out. We will let them stay if they have something to offer. If they don’t one meal and water, and some food & water for the road. They will be told if they return they will be considered Zombies and will be dealt with, and if won’t be nice.
                Aim Small Miss Small

      • Ronald

        Youv’e hit the nail on the head there SGT. but I think you may have to re-calibrate a little bit, instead of 1 then done maybe it’ll have be what can you do for me? I think I’d have to swell the ranks somewhat medical personel, electrical(real good!),farmers,most of these have a background in mechanical maybe even a professional barterer( I know I’m not any good at it) so much for g/s I think preps would be more useful. Your probably spot-on otherwise GOOD LUCK!

        • Sgt. Dale

          You are right. If they something to offer to the group we will consider letting them.
          What I was getting at is the Zombies that have nothing to offer and those of the GIVE ME MIND SET.
          You do make some very good points. THANKS.

          • Warchild

            I plan to help as many as I can,that said,will also deal with theives/rapists ect.. in a quick way.I see no point in surviving if I am just to hunker down looking thru a scope ect.Sure there will be times for that but will also be time to try and help others,otherwise this whole survival thing ain’t worth it to me.I may die trying to do the right thing but that to,though not hoping for is OK

            • Sgt. Dale

              You are a man after my own heart.
              stay COOL my friend.

              • Warchild

                Thanks Sarge,though do not have a death wish also do not have the patience/training/thought process that says leave it alone,you can do more/better later,am glad there are those who do,folks like that will be needed.On a side note,realize the weekend and not trying to drag you into work but on a budget what would you recommend for a 3X9,not looking for a combat scope but just one for deer ect.,would be on a 15 platform in .308,thus recoil low but need it also brush gun friendly.I am talking with many including if I get in touch a guy who competes and wins at Perry but want a lot of input so your thoughts appreciated in this regard.I do not want to go cheap but want to be reasonable in choices,a 1000+ scope would be wasted on me,leave that for those that can justify owning it.

                • Sgt. Dale

                  A 3x9x40 is a good scope, Go with a nikon or bushnell. If that is what you are asking. You said you are going to put it on a AR platform in a 308.
                  I just bought a Recon made by Aim Sport for my M1A 308. The reason is because I have one on my AR 6.8MM. I took a pig at 250 yard by putting the Chevron on top of his head and he hit the ground. The Recon comes in a chevorn with ranges marks out to 400 yards. It also has three differnebt colored lighted reticals. (RED BLUE GREEN) when the light isn’t on you have the black chevron. I paid $135.00 on my first one and found one on AMAZON for $90.00. and it’s on it’s way. I spoke to a man that has his on an M1A and has shot many rounds with no problems. You might want to research this Recon chevron scope by Aim Sport. I hope this answered your ?
                  Aim Small Miss Small

                • MXLord327

                  Bushnell 3x9x40 Trophy! Excellent scope for the price, which is usually right around $100. Wider field of view than most of the much more expensive scopes, and it is very bright, even in low light. I have been using one for about 15 years, no problems at all!!!

            • nevermind

              I will help my family and my neighbors. They will help me protect the farm. Rather the folks I know than the enemy I don’t know.

            • Facebook Page

              Warchild Hunker down and help in the rebuild. FIrst it will allow nature to clean up after itself. And only strong will survive

              If they are not smart enough to prep do they deserve any help. Maybe letting them die is the best thing to let happen.

              If you are religious they are going to a better place. SO why should you slow that down and speed up yours by depleting needed supplies.

        • sixpack

          Ronald, I’m not very good at bartering, because I’m always mindful of other people’s needs and I try to be as fair as I can, so that everyone walks away happy…But that’s only during normal times.

          When SHTF, my outlook will change. I CAN BE one hard-assed bitch if I need to be, or if I feel threatened, but until I feel that I need to go into full-blown survival mode, I’m going to continue to try to build trust, friendships and cooperation.

          All bets will be off long before it gets critical. By the time it gets critical, it’ll be too late to adjust.

          • lastmanstanding

            atta girl…

          • braveheart

            Sixpack, when TSHTF, ALL of us will change. Nobody’s life will ever be the same again.

          • Sgt. Dale

            I think your are my sister. I would welcome you into our group in a heart beat.
            Aim Small Miss Small

            • sixpack

              Sgt Dale, I’ve got plenty of military and LE in my family history—I’d feel right at home. Thanks.

        • Kulafarmer

          Agree 100%, the only thing i worry about is if they turn on us,,,
          Sometimes desparation makes people do evil things. Read Selco and Rawles, really makes you think.
          Living on an Island where if there is no more, there really is no more, preps and useful items will be way more valueable than shiny coins,,,
          Very few people grow anything here that resembles the native plants, the native stuff will grow and regenerate and provide food from all parts, me thinks people will be blindsided when the doors at Costco dont open one day,,

      • Barn Cat

        I’m not even giving out one meal. I’m sure there will be people coming by but I don’t plan on answering the door.

      • Prepared Pastor

        I really think access is something that should be controlled at a neighborhood level. It eliminates a lot of the emotion and hopefully people you know will be turned away by people they don’t long before you have to deal with it.

        • Agent Provocateur

          You are correct. ANYONE who thinks he or she is going to be able to stand alone will not be alive long .They’d be well advise to gain allies and alliance with their resources…you know, to resist other groups and gangs ect.

        • gone under

          Depending on where you live, population, climate, conservative, remote and demographics, prepping and survival procedures are going to be quite different. example. mountain terrain with mostly gravel/mud roads, weather: cold, nearest town: +15 miles, nearest city:(pop30000)100 miles, nearest cop:@the tavern. water: plenty, Agriculture: short growing season. etc. I will need more ag farm tools and fire wood than someone from Seattle or Florida. I will have far less encounters with the zombies, and I will need a Ice auger to fish in the lakes.

      • senormechanico

        I don’t think the dollar will even make very good TP.

        • sixpack

          It won’t make good tp—it’s small, rough and those little magnetic strips might be a bit too treacherous for my taste. I’d rather use newspaper, bills and mail advertisements or leaves…I’d rather rewash rags.

          • gone under

            Memories of changing the cloth diapers on the “mustard butts” decades ago. You just had to remind me of rinsing them out in the toilet. (the diapers, not the kids)

            • Hunter


              Spare me the memories “Gone Under!”

              ..ever notice that each diaper change was a redux/replay of a gut wrenching surprise???!!!

              ..and (sadly) always analogous to voting/electoral choice, nowadays!!!


              +1 to you sir!

              • sixpack

                LOL. The very first time my husband changed his daughter, she was 2 days old. She of course, promptly pooped in his hand and washed it down with a little pee…The look on his face is one of my fondest memories. Thanks for that.

                • sixpack

                  Sorry, typo—she was 12 days old.

                • REB

                  Ahhh…the memories 🙂

            • sixpack

              “(the diapers, not the kids)”

              Priceless, thanks. LOL

      • possee


        Ben is providing life support to the banks via QE…

        that equates to just over a trillion per year so far.

        Supposedly.. there is only (approximately) 850 billion of actual “physical” currency(frns)in circulation worldwide…but who’s counting?

        The rest is all digital fiat nonsense..

        Some pundits claim the fed is in desperation mode.

        Some say it is all calculated and with precision.

        I say the net result is worldwide decimation of the middle and lower class and is working quite well…

        Trading on the world stock exchanges is mostly digital in nano seconds…complex algorithms designed by these asshats..

        My only inclination is this..keep an eye on the will likely climb higher and higher and, when the ball eventually drops..that’s when it is time to circle the wagons my friend..

        Til then..enjoy each day..


    16. InfantryAlways

      My family has been worried about this for years…since 2005 or so. We have gone on a buying spree for the essentials in depth but even more important we are learning SKILLS necessary to thrive in that sort of environment.

      I am the food grower and my wife is the preserver (canning, drying, root cellaring etc) and we get better every year. Others are: mechanic, security, medical, communications, and alt energy with several other smaller skills thrown in.

      We are to the point of cross training and blessed to be close knit enough to stick together through it all.

      It is coming folks. It may not be for 10…20…or even 30 years but it is coming. Since you are reading this you have been warned.

      • Warchild

        Always,the skills you have learned even if the world works out perfect great to know,I can grow well,hunt ok(much better with firearm but until necc. only bow),the canning /food preservation beyond dehydrating a bit of a lost cause for me(so far).I am working small scale alternative heating beyond firewood but it is very satisfying to eat home grown food and have home heated by your own efforts,that,and it saves one a few bucks,win all around!

      • Agent Provocateur

        You are correct. ANYONE who thinks he or she is going to be able to stand alone will not be alive long .They’d be well advise to gain allies and alliance with their resources…you know, to resist other groups and gangs ect.

        • sixpack

          AP, some of us HAVE NO CHOICE but to stand alone. It won’t be the first time the universe seemed to be aligned against me, and I’m not prepared to give up and die just yet. If it happens, it happens, but not until after I’ve done absolutely everything I possibly can to survive, by whatever means.

          If God wants me home, then so be it…but until then, I’m going to fight to the last breath.

          • lastmanstanding

            6, you have just summed it up for everyone here…now once again my usual retort…

            “don’t go down without ONE HELLUVA FIGHT”

            • sixpack

              I’m pretty sure there’s a helluva lot of fight left in the people here…even in the ones who want us to think otherwise. I see the posters on this site as a lot like something floating on the lake.

              You think you know what it is, by what of it you can see above the waterline—but the majority of it’s bulk is hidden below.

              Anyone who has ever run into something floating in the water knows, if you dismiss what you can see as harmless, you might find out that there was a lot more to it than met the eye.

              • Hunter

                Per the below water, line-of-sight/analogy..vs. lame stream propaganda,
                you’ve nailed it!!!!

                GOD BLESS you 6-pak!

          • Warchild

            I to will fight with my last breath,a rabid weasel to the last!

    17. JRS

      “…gold to rise to 10,000 an ounce…”

      And if you have a hoard of gold when it gets to $10,000, you better find a buyer quick and sell it.

      Buy a “black gold” stripper well, that you can run by yourself, with the proceeds.

      Oil will be the most precious commodity (not paper oil) in the coming collapse.

      The Central Banks of the world possess most of the gold and if they use it to redenominate a new currency, THEY will declare the value. Don’t count on them allowing it to be used as currency. They banned it’s use before. People will want a currency that they can easily use without threat of prosecution.

      It may be a good idea to save some fuel in a drum for things like a chainsaw, rototiller and maybe for that “born to be mild” moped.

      • 1940--me

        what would you sell the gold for?, there will be nothing on the planet worth more than it, wouldn’t it be better to have a lot of silver and a little gold to trade, barter with? Smart preppers have been stock piling some petro and kero for yrs and also setting themselves up with tools that doesn’t need any gas or diesel.

      • arco

        Oil or any type of fuel will be a premium. Maybe that is what will trigger the crash, the price of energy going so high, nobody can afford it.

        They could outlaw gold as currency, but that is why I stack silver. It too could be outlawed as currency, but the numerous industrial uses would make it a commodity that could be traded.

        • 1940--me

          if things really go to hell, there will be an underground economy for us underprivileged and small pieces of silver will still be used to buy, sell, trade.Silver will always be good, liquids will useless after a couple yrs storage except maybe Kero.

          • sixpack

            IMO, If you’re still sitting on a large store of fuel AFTER 2 years of SHTF, you’re not using your resources properly. Me, I would have bartered/sold all but what I thought I’d need, for other things I need, while they could still be had.

            Gas won’t do you much good without seeds to plant or a working engine to run. It won’t do you any good if you run out of ammo to protect yourself with. You can’t drink it and yes, it will go bad after so long.

            A good prepper wouldn’t let a resource get away from them if they could help it.

            • Mountain Trekker

              I’m stocking up on Wash Tubs and Wash Boards, everyone will get to stinking pretty quick, and I should be able to trade them for some silver and gold. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

    18. NC joe

      that must occur in order for gold to rise to $10,000 an ounce

      Alas, the real reason for this article. To manipulate more sheeple into buying gold so you can get your commission.

      • gone under

        @ NCJOE..Ive been reading your jackass comments for months. Today I gave you a thumbs up.

      • braveheart

        ncjoe, go play in a busy street.

    19. Old Vet

      In the collapse that’s coming. If you have (must have) a renewable/continuous supply of GOOD CLEAN WATER, because without that nothing else MATTERS. Invest in a well, etc. and a way to use it without any kind of power but you. Now there is your investment in the future. Clean water is everything. These are my thoughts on what will be worth the most.

      • OPSEC

        Best advice yet. Good call !

    20. Barn Cat

      It’s ridiculous to say the dollar will collapse in our lifetimes. We’re seeing danger signals on a regular basis now. Such as:

      China has announced they’ll no longer work to strengthen the dollar and keep the yuan weak. They’ve also announced that they’re no longer interested in expanding their foreign currency reserves.

      Saudi Arabia is livid about Obama’s deal with Iran. Expect Saudi Arabia to announce that they’ll accept other currencies for oil besides the dollar.

      The way things are going now, I don’t know how the dollar survives to 2015.

      • The Old Coach

        I think you meant “won’t” collapse.

      • The Old Coach

        I have not thought it all the way through yet, but I’m minding it that the USA may become a net exporter of oil. We are already shipping some crude away because our refinery capacity is maxed out. If we sell oil, will we not demand dollars?

        • guero

          We were a net exporter of oil this past month.

    21. Satori

      Incredible Minutes from a 1974 Henry Kissinger Staff Meeting on Gold

      “The following excerpts are from a transcript of a 1974 meeting held by the then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and his staff. This particular meeting was held on April 25, and focused on an European Commission Proposal to revalue their gold assets. What follows is an incredible insight into the minds of powerful American leaders scheming to maintain power and show other nations their place. What is most significant is how clearly they understood that demonetizing gold was a critical strategy to maintaining a dominant power position in the world.”

      • sixpack

        I wonder what they’ll do with all that lead that could be coming their way…

    22. CrabbeNebulae

      I get a small stack of dollars every month but I have this bad habit of trading them in for goods and services… like I bought four new tires for my truck and paid to have them mounted, then I picked up a couple more cases of quart canning jars, and as I passed the ammo store, stopped in and bought a couple more cases of bullets and then went over and picked up another sack of rice and almost ran out of gas before getting home so had to fill up my truck with gas and then topped off my diesel tanks for the tractor. I have more food than I could possibly ever eat, more bullets than I will ever shoot, more toilet paper than I’ll ever use… on and on and on, and I’m still not through. It seems to be a continuing saga in my life… I’m always finding something more useful to trade my dollars for, but… I do keep a small stack in the safe just in case. Just saying.

      • Cat

        You are my hero!

    23. PO'd in TN

      I’m a 66 y/o fart who remembers when in high school gold was at the (seemingly) incredibly high price of $32 an oz. $10,000 an oz is not unrealistic.

      • Warchild

        I am a bit younger but remember back in high school a oz of gold was $40 and it was like having a Volkswagen Rabbit in your jacket pocket.

      • Smokey

        I recall gold sovereigns for $20 in 1972, and bought a uncirculated common-date $20 gold piece for $150.

      • 1940--me

        the yr I got married 1964, gold was 35. per ounce. and I didn’t get married till I was 24.

    24. Vet1

      We have one friend we wanted to approach about working with us WTSHTF. We need his skills and no husband and wife team can provide 24hr security.
      Problem is he has nieces, father and a girl friend.
      If the s**t ever does get deep for real fending off those who want your preps for their hungry children and family will be brutal, but… you have to stand back and look where that road will take you?

      • Smokey

        Approach him about it anyway. If he gets on board, he’ll provide for his extended family. If not, you know to look elsewhere.

      • The Old Coach

        If you can, plan to use all those extra mouths for stoop labor. There was a reason that the old-time farmers had so many children, and it wasn’t the lack of birth control.

    25. Dirtygreek

      As long as there is the convenience of easy access to food,water,sewage waste systems,security of being able to walk down the street without getting bombed or shot,access to health care,media to keep us dumbed down and sheep like..NOTHING IS EVER GONNA CHANGE!!!!
      I believe this can kicking will last a long time. Why?
      Fractional reserve banking has been around before even Jesus was pissed off and threw the ‘money changers’ out of the temple.
      My question to the author is: If this bullshits been going on for thousands of years,why is it different this time? I dont think it is different at all,as other posters on here look at history and see the same thing happening,the only difference i see is that globally,we as a civilization are all printing money simultaneously. China is doing it,so is the Euro,Japan for decades now,India,they are all printing.
      What i say is enjoy the ride,there is nothing we can do to stop this,NOTHING! when i try to explain to most folks what the banksters are doing,most of them dont care,most of them focus on a comfortable life that the banksters have given them. Cheap gas to drive around in,football to watch,cheap booze to get your mind off reality,thats the focus of the common man,and not money printing.

      • Miss DeeDee

        — Your statement, philosophy and assumptions are all valid to some extent if looked at with a short term perspective. From what I see and hope is in fact is that this is a site related to preparing for so many different situations. Heck , I’m still trying to figure out how to prepare for how to get my fat ass off the median strip of the highway if one of those huge fire balls on the power lines is chasing me. You know the ones featured on this site a few weeks back. I’m somewhat new here and often get frustrated with the name calling , Holy than thou , racist, anti-other religion , divisive posts. — Somewhat like a Red Sox / Yankee Baseball Game. You get used to it. Life goes on and nobody is entirely right. — When I was a young teenager a friend of mine loved to have his toys. He had money, motorcycles, boats and a car always loaded with liquor. He is long gone from living a dangerous and hard lifestyle. The one thing I retained from him was his statement ” It is better to have and not need than to need and not have.” — That is why I have begun to prep with what I am learning are basic necessities not Mink Coats, a sporty car or speculative stock market products. If per chance I am one of the lucky ones that is left when the dust settles I believe it is because I am destined to pass my love and knowledge down the line. That is why I am prepping. You might not like the term but it truly is FOR THE CHILDREN.
        — Miss Dee Dee

        • REB

          Youll make it Miss Dee Dee… 🙂

    26. watching and waiting

      In regard to the dollar collapsing, I believe it could happen in my lifetime.

      I am under the belief we are observing a crash into chaos…….
      1) Economic decay
      2) Social/culture decay
      3) Religious decay–
      4) Earth Changes–in progress

      It is all unraveling together…….

      I think we under estimating the fall into chaos and not only the physical effects, but the mental effects also.
      Expect many reports of murder/suicide of entire families, domestic violence, extreme public violence.
      Being mentally prepared is as important as being physically/materially prepared. You can post what you think you will do when it unfolds, but when it happens, all of us are going to experience some form of panic attacks, anxiety, uncertainity….
      It is the death of one system and the revealing of another that has already been born. It will take divine intervention to stop what is going on and what will happen. if not, we will destroy our selves…..

      My 1/2 cents worth

      • sixpack

        I know that every time I hear about people or animals getting brutalized, either in public or their own homes, it raises my hackles and steels my resolve to survive. It makes me more hardened and more vigilant and a lot less flexible in my dealings away from my home.

        TPTB are not scaring me into submission, they’re really pissing me off and accelerating my fight mode.

        • Eyesopenanddisgusted

          Six pack you are wise and funny, you’re probably not trying to be humorous but your piss & vinegar is a welcomed combination in today’s dumbed down society. I’m much like you, female on my own. I too will fight the good fight.

          Long live the Republic!

      • Kulafarmer

        4th turning

    27. Dirtygreek

      Oh,and trust me,you dont want to see $10000 AU. If gold hits 10K,what will come with it is total chaos. A global financial break down,i believe,would knock out access to those basic needs ^^^^^^ i mentioned above.There will be an ‘adjustment’ of the worlds population if that scenario would ever play out. So you guys either sit all nice and comfy behind your computer screens,bashing your governmints and your Obomba,and your Walmart sheeple welfare types OR watch this bitch grind to a halt. No more food,clean water,toilets,TP,medicine,security,etc.etc. What you will see is death,and disease,and suffering,and animal like behavior from the common man.
      Have i prepared? Yes,but my preps can only take me so far. I can only store so much of XXXXXX and so much YYYY. Live off the land you say? HA! In a couple weeks to a couple months,i guarantee every animal that can be eaten will be eaten,just like what happened during the great depression. Farming you say? Hard to farm when you have to watch your back every minute,or risk getting shot by a hungry human with a gun.
      My point is everyone here needs to understand that the show must go on,or risk losing everything you have today.

      • Any Mouse

        A well rounded approach to preparation is wisest. Spouting on about how there will be no toilets or wild foods to be had is a tad short sighted. Humans have been around much longer than the common water closet and can survive just fine without it. Ecoculture is much more efficient than agricultural practices in use today, Adaptability is the key to survival and a willingness to relearn and embrace the old ways. Prepping has to be balanced, hoarding food and learning to run and shoot efficiently should be just a fraction of the total.

        I happened onto something called an earth ship the other day. It is damn near a self sustaining personal ecosystem, couple that with aquaponics, a rocket mass heater, composting toilet and outdoor gardening techniques borrowed from the “permies” and you have one hell of a leg up.

        • Dirtygreek

          Hey Anymouse,you forgot just one part of the equation,THERE ARE 7+ BILLION people on this planet! 100 years ago,before toilets toilets existed,there was A LOT less people.
          Yes,of course humans will keep surviving but as things stand right now, if were were to have a global collapse,things will get ugly fast. TPTB know this,so the can kicking will go on for many years to come.

          • Any Mouse

            Yes I know there are 7.4 billion people (roughly) worldwide. In a large scale shtf scenario, that number is significantly reduced within the first 30 days.

            I agree that the ptb will kick that can as far down the road as long as possible. But how long can they keep kicking when they refuse to maintain any type of a status quo?

            • REB

              AM…if you arnt aware already theres a site called lots you can learn there 🙂

        • REB

          Youre on to a right track there AM,dont let anyone discourage you…rocket stoves are great…earthship tech is old but works too…got some experience with all or most of the old ways of doing things because most worked well and did not fall into disuse for any other reason than something new came along…they still work and have value…especially in times like these 🙂

    28. buttcrackofdoom

      serious question here….if we created new gold-based money and gold went to thousands of dollars per ounce, wouldn’t that instantly create a bunch of VERY rich countries like china, india, russia, that have been buying gold by the TON for several YEARS now? has anyone posed this question yet? if we don’t HAVE any gold left in ft knox, what’s that going to do to US? we certainly wouldn’t be the richest nation on the planet anymore…..comments, please?

      • Archivist

        If you have tons of gold, you’re already rich. A hundred years ago, one ounce of gold would buy a really nice suit. Today, you can still buy a really nice suit with an ounce of gold. Gold has not changed in value. The dollars are irrelevant.

        Our other natural resources are valuable, so even if we didn’t have a single ounce of gold, the U.S. wouldn’t be flat broke.

        • The Old Coach

          Possession of gold does not make a country rich. Productivity is what makes a country rich. The ability and will to grow food, mine ores, weave cloth and make clothing, make steel, build machinery, build and operate transportation networks, etc., is what makes a country rich. A country that cannot produce will quickly trade off its’ gold for sustenance, and when the gold is gone it will die. (And the producers will have it all!)

      • Smokey

        No, there is not enough gold in the world to make a country rich, they will just be less poor than the others.

      • Barn Cat

        Yes, countries with big gold stockpiles will be absolutely rich. America will become a third world country with virtually no industry.

      • Scout

        I agree, that is why I question the gold bugs.

        If it goes to a gold system w/o sufficient public reserves
        we will have to earn gold if thats what we want to do.

        It would be on our backs, our wealth would be us.

        I would suggest using the real bills doctrine for vital industries, and transition to this.

        Simple LVT model.

        Liked the earthship comment, very very good.

      • Paranoid

        True, but remember this, the US has the Best supply of fresh water in the world. China has less than we do, and 4 times the population. I love gold and silver, but water, land, and coal are all Aces, and we have them. Also in the last 10+ years the US has built 60 BIllion watts of wind power, solar is starting grow also. As Holmes would say: “The game is afoot.” There is more than one plot going on in this world.

    29. Jug head

      Gold will go up….nominally…to 10K and maybe higher….and it will come down minimally, cause the dollar will be toast and a new currency will evolve….maybe the SDR or some manufactured new currency based on a composite of sovereign currencies with a precious metal component….the bubble in paper…stocks, bonds, and yes, some real estate and assets related to the bubbled economy…will also be sharply diminished in value…, silver, tangible things that preppers have wisely saved….will be the winners….wars…the biological, chemical or traditional nasty kind….will be the kicker that we may or may not be able to avoid….insurrection will come …IMHO…but hopefully not be widespread….but urban life will be the toughest….timing??….give it your best guess….mine is a full fledged start within 2 years….natural disasters aside, of course….Jughead

    30. Jughead

      Actually the above is a composite of….jim willie, Adam Hamilton, Harry dent, Marc Faber, Eric sprott, rick rule,jim Rickards, Jim Sinclair, Eric Janzen, Richard Russell, David Morgan, Stephen leeb, ted butler, Ann barnhardt…and probably another few dozen sources I routinely go to….survivalblog, sgt report, king world news, ….and of course,….SHTF blogspot….your humble poster with little original thought….Jughead

      • Barn Cat

        So what’s your point? Does that mean nobody should post here since everybody got their knowledge from someone else online???

    31. buttcrackofdoom

      TPTB can pay us anything they want to call “money”, as long as we take that “money” and turn it into “STUFF” right away….just don’t try using “money” as your savings plan! i got a feelin’ it won’t work out.BTW, i just opened a #10 can of fruit cocktail(from 2008) to make my fruit salad for turkeyday and it was still ok,….well, not ok….delish! but i DID find one can swelled like a balloon, so pay attention when using that old stuff….i used it to show the wife and all the kids what to look for on spoilage….remember when you LOSE, it’s important to not lose the lesson!

      • Archivist

        Here’s a handy prepper tip. If you find a can of pork and beans that has swelled until it’s spherical instead of cylindrical, you need to carefully take it outside for disposal. Perhaps target practice way, way, way away from the house.

        • The Old Coach

          An analogy for the current QE/ZIRP economy?

        • buttcrackofdoom

          great idea, just went the trash and dug it out. should be interesting….hope it makes it to the range without blowing up!…shoulda done that with the punkin i threw off my 25 foot high garage a month ago too……nawww, that one never would have made it….besides, the kids had soooo much fun filming it and watching the SPLAATTTTT!

    32. tayronachan

      Well if gold hits $10,000 an oz., silver will most likely go up a lot too. Maybe some of us will be able to pay off morgages with the proceeds from the higher gold and silver prices? That is, if we are still alive. I imagine at that point there will be civil unrest, because the FSA (Free Shit Army) will be going apeshit crazy when they stop getting their free shit. Peace

    33. RICH99

      First off , it won’t implode they will take it down when they are ready to roll out the new global currency . Too many people think it will be an uncontrolled demise and as far as it being in our lifetimes …..I have my doubts !!!!

    34. Dejan

      So, preparing for any collapse is inefficient and there are several problems with that:
      – if you will have any food, arms, gold it will be taken from you
      – if somebody else will be creating system after collapse it will be same shit again

      So, what needs to be done today:
      – know that freedom from things is the only way to go (do you need all those gadgets with which you polute Earth?…)
      – you should be self sufficient and everybody else also
      – you need to teach 10 people how to be self sufficient (start with your neighbours)
      – Permaculture could be something to guide us
      – we all need to define World Constitution which can guide us all which would limit big companies unless they are also self sufficient and not poluting…

      Without starting from yourself, no preping can help you, because somebody else will always be able to take your freedom.
      Check this one:

      • Any Mouse

        I just learned about permaculture just recently and its absolute genius. Talk about a sustainable and long term solution.

        • sixpack

          Anyone who has ever read “Mother Earth News” has known about permaculture for a long time.

      • Any Mouse

        If you like permaculture, check out earthship houses. I believe construction from found items is how the concept came about.

        • Dejan

          Two-three years ago, I started my journey to freedom/self sufficiency with film Garbage Warrior 🙂 Later found out that there are some problems with Earthship design in Europe/Croatia ( From Food part of Earthship, learned about Aquaponics (and build one two years ago). Also I am thinking of building Passive Solar Greenhouse (which Earthsip is also using). This year I learned about Permaculture/ Raised beds/ Square Foot gardening/ hugelkultur and building my “hugelculture raised beds in square foot gardening”. Next will be redesigning my power/heating needs, creating workshop about all this…

          • The Old Coach

            I ran a “square foot” system this year. It was great for fresh vegetables during the summer, but it could not even begin to generate a food store big enough to carry me through a winter, even in the relatively temperate climate of my Ohio River valley BOL.

    35. Tactical

      Each day we hear bad news. I have done my prepping as much as humanly possible to deal with man made false flags or real SHTF scenarios but I’ll rely on God’s plan for me and my family. When GOD is watching me / all of us no fear.

      So I start my day with below special salute to the bastards who are causing false uncertainties to achieve their goals and controls.

      ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……….”…\………. _.·´

      • Hall Monitor

        Hey Tack,

        Do you think God is pleased with your finger salute?

        • Tactical

          Hall Monitor…..Huh?

      • What? in MN

        Barry, Joe, Harry, and Nancy; y’all are #1 in my book as well. Speaker John, you and yours [like the job you’ve been doin’] are #2, as in pooin’. Schmucks.

      • Hunter


        One day, I hope I live long enough to salute you, in person!


        -’nuff said indeed, sir!-

        • Tactical

          Indeed brother. It would be my honor.

    36. jim in Va.

      save them dollar bills,will compete with toilet paper.

    37. Old Vet

      Pakistan’s new army chief: Nuclear ties with Saudis, US exit from Afghanistan, Riyadh’s anti-Iran drive

      Changing of Pakistani chiefs of staff
      DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis Dec 1, 2013, 7:22 PM (IDT)
      If Pakistan’s new army chief, Gen. Raheel Sharif, goes through with the transfer of nuclear arms and missiles to Saudi Arabia, he ranges Islamabad on the side of Sunni versus Shiite by lending a Sunni power a nuclear capability versus a nuclear-armed Shiite Iran, whose “nuclear rights” have just been recognized by six world powers. Gen. Sharif must also adapt Pakistan’s armed forces to the US military exit from Afghanistan next year and decide whether to allow Saudi covert operations against Iran to continue from Pakistani soil.

    38. maudy fricket

      If gold goes to whatever we want to imagine, then other commodities will also go up to outrageous numbers. I was watching a program on TV once when the moderator said gold wouldn’t be any good when things go south. An elderly panel member with a heavy eastern European accent replied,”even border guards understand gold”. The old guy had escaped during the Second World War by bribing border guards. Unforseen benefits of having the stuff you need, when you need it.

      • Kevin2

        In the movie Shindlers List Oskar Shindler bribed a NAZI with diamonds telling him, “In times like these their may be a need for portable wealth”.

        Diamonds, Gold and Silver are portable wealth.

        • Jack Delgado

          In Papillion, Steve McQueen was beaten severely and placed in isolation w/o light for extended time.
          He ate roaches to stay alive.
          All this from Dega’s bribery …
          (albeit an altruistic use of the bribe in this case)

          Use bribery with extreme caution …
          Remember, folks voted this turd in twice !

        • BlueH20

          At least the diamonds have a chance of going undetected.

          I wonder how many escapees in the past gave over their bribes and were killed anyway? How many with PMs just lost them to detection? Today they administer multiple colonoscopies without consent for the suspicion of contraband.

          Given the current global PC, I wonder if any refugees from the USA will be granted asylum anywhere? How many expats risk being rounded up or deported for the very fact that they came from the USA?

          • Kevin2

            If given the choice of having gold, diamonds and silver and not having it the decision is obvious. It might work; it might not but my bet is that the tools of the system are corrupt and very susceptible to bribes. Bribery in one form or another has been effectively working in the US (and everywhere else) to “grease the gears” from day one.

            • Kevin2

              Its been my observation if the bribe did not work its generally not due to the recipient being endowed with morality but rather the bribe was of an insufficient amount.

    39. Swordsmyth

      Watch the series, “The Walking Dead” and replace the zombies with the sheeple of today.

      That will give you an idea of the world we will be living in “real soon now!”

      We keep doing the best we can every day to prepare for the coming “crunch.”

      It warms my heart to see so many like-minded people on this website.

      We will be the ones who rebuild when the times comes because we had the foresight to look ahead and prepare accordingly.

      A friend asked lately if I had been buying gold and silver. I said no I had been buying lead and brass. It took him a few buy he got it 🙂

      By God’s will may I not have to shed the blood of my fellow man but I have spent years learning how to do so. If we fail to plan we plan to fail.

      Peace and blessings to you all….

      • sixpack

        Unfortunately, sheeple can move a whole lot faster than those zombies…and they can climb fences.

        • gone under

          But not very long without clean water and food.

          • Facebook Page

            Heart shots work too.

    40. buttcrackofdoom

      and remember that the ones in control have been waiting patiently for this shtf moment too…betcher ass THEY are getting just as anxious as we prepared people are too….just hoping to buy a little more time for THEIR plan, just like we preppers are! never forget that…..they been planning this catsastrophe longer than a LOT of us have been ALIVE.

      • sixpack

        Amen, BCOD.

      • Tactical

        You nailed it BCOD. AMEN.

    41. Rude dog

      Sh#T!!! Let it implode! Its nothing but damn illusion anyway! Everything about “The American Way of Life” is false! It’s idol worshipping. Its the Matrix and everyone is plugged in. And most do not want to be unplugged! Fck!!! I say the sooner it implodes the sooner we can restart this once great country! And I would like the the NWO and globalists fall on thier faces
      !!! I swear I’m gonna have an anuerysm soon!!! I have so much anger within me especially when I see nothing but zombies strolling the malls stuffing thier faces and never feeling full. No content. No real happiness. No family time. No dignity. No wisdom. No knowledge of whats really going in this world. Just mindless zombies!!! I’m angry, frustrated, and sometime I feel alone. Except when I read this Site with all you good folks. I wish we could all gather and make a stand together. I would rather be in the trenches and die in a pile of brass with like minded people than live with a million zombie shitheads!!! Whew, I feel better now. I’m at work right now ranting on my lunch break. God bless you all on this site.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        i just said to my 10 and 12 year/olds today…get me a christmas list made up today and there better not be any cheapass CRAP from china on it! i’m so sick of spending 20 30 or 40 dollars on a pile of absolute CRAP made in china. time to start prepping for kids too. last year they each got a gun, but got the china crap to….i liked every damn word you wrote dawg, and felt like i was reading my own post written by me…..good one!

      • Swordsmyth

        I’m with ya Rude Dog!

        It just amazes me every time I go out to procure more supplies how the zombies have no clue.

        They are well caged and fed animals in my book.

        So fully indoctrinated into the herd they can’t see the invisible chains that bind them.

        I think today would be a good day for some target practice to help let off a little steam 🙂

        Peace and blessings….

    42. Hunter

      Off topic to MAC & moderators-

      —much apologies y’all!—

      Chalk it up to “PASSION” and a thorough dislike for small-minded trolls.

      ..thanks for having my back!

      I should’ve been more ambiguous.

    43. maudy fricket

      A gun is like a parachute. If you need one and you don’t have one, you will probably never need one again.

      • Smokey

        And if either one fails to work properly, you can just take it back to the factory…

      • Tactical

        maudy cricket….Even with parachute, you need a backup one just in case the main one doesn’t function. With guns 1 is none, 2 is one and thats just the way it is.

    44. Brain Dead

      To my current knowledge, this is where I’m going off-grid. For those who choose to stay in the cities. The longer you wait, the stronger they get. Get out if you can. Not sure if I will be able to post in new local.

      Folks, this is gonna happen whether you want it to or not.

      Fighting and death is all we have to look forward too.

      A Fema Camp is also an option, just not for me.

      Stop worrying about minor things, focus on staying vertical.


    45. Dirtygreek

      You guys really think TPTB are gonna just let go of the stranglehold they have on the entire world???? Them boys have been running things for 1000’s of years,our enslavement must go on. Only way anything will change is through divine intervention,if anything goes down,itll be of a biblical sort,disease or tidal waves or pole shift. Things that our masters cant control. They killed Jesus,they killed JFK,theres no stopping TPTB,only if they decide for a collapse,it will be done. Dont really see an upside for them though,unless im missing something.

      • Kulafarmer

        The principals of chaos,
        TPTB dont have control over free will,
        Illusions are just that, an illusion,

      • gone under

        Did you factor in Agenda 21? most who post here about gold, zombie hoards, holding up in group compounds etc dont seem to factor in the 21 agenda to kill off 90% of us. Will it be selectively, nuclear, unspoken catasrophic event or a epidemic?

    46. Ralphieboy

      I do not believe the banksters actually want a collapse. Why end a game that defrauds all of us while enriching them in money and power? I think the idea is to eliminate the middle class entirely and create mostly a dependent class that poses little if any threat to them. So far, they have done a good job – degrading our educational system – sending manufacturing overseas – and taking over one-sixth of our economy with Obamacare. Yet these “smartest people in the world” who would take control of all of us will be victims of their own hubris. Such massive money creation by the Fed has but one ultimate outcome – degradation of dollar value – hyperinflation and economic collapse. Who then is left to tax and feed the coffers of the PTB?

      It could also be argued that economic collapse would have beneficiaries – entities that would buy up resources at bargain basement prices. Who knows?

      In my own reasons for prepping – I consider all possible things – from pandemic to EMP attack – but of all, I consider economic collapse by far the most certain event with the highest probability of occurrence. The present ”
      recession” is but a mild taste of things to come. So what to do?

      – Bug out location – check
      – non hybrid seeds, ag tools, ag skills – check
      – reliable fresh water source – check
      – self-defense supplies (ammo & firearms) – check
      – self defense skills – check
      – alternative energy sources – check
      – medica

    47. Ralphieboy

      To continue…(accidentally hit the “submit comment button”

      -medical supplies – check

      Another key thing for me is to be around like-minded folks pretty much all doing the sa

      • gone under

        How about a Bomb/CME shelter?


      WARNING: This collapse will happen overnight.
      Think about it. There are almost 8 billion souls…all inter-related and dependent on the dollar. What they all depend on is about to crash by design.

      Cops are getting and equipped like soldiers.
      Govt. stocking hollow point ammo…PLENTY OF IT.
      Govt. stocking up on survival food.
      Zero factories
      NWO boys in high gear.
      Trillions in debt
      Banks needed a huge liquidity infusion.


    49. Socrates

      There is no doubt that certain people, companies and powers are in control or fighting for control of everything on this planet. The one thing they cannot control, the planet. They may *think* they can control the outcome of a planetary disaster…but simply cannot. That is the one chink in the armor of their plans…the things they *cannot* control. And they know it.

      If a giant asteroid (or comet) is going to slam into the planet…it will happen. If a massive X-Class CME/ Solar flare erupts from our sun…it will happen. If a giant super-volcano decides to suddenly wake up and envelope the earth in ash…it too, will happen. The TPTB think they are in control…but are at the mercy of this planet that we are all stuck on, like it or not.

      So, while it looks like the bad guys are holding ALL of the winning cards- remember the one holding the trump card: Our own planet. A global ‘reset’ could occur in a way that everybody knew about…but reasoned could never happen.

      • gone under

        Really depends on the severity of the disaster. Alot of us have stated that they know something and are prepared for it with the DUMBS.

    50. VRF

      It IS the reason for every deception we are being told

    51. Dirtygreek

      Yup,and im always reminded by the people who know me personally,the futility of prepping. Theres no escaping some things,i admit,but at least i can try. Thats better than not trying,which is what most people do. Not try.

      • gone under

        CME and Fallout shelters are the least prepped item of all. They are hard to build, expensive, require space and some concealment, and are a lot of hard physical work. That said, depending on your location, probably a very wise investment (1-2000$ your labor) as they are multi purpose. A shelter is a root cellar, storage room, Fallout room, CME to some degree room, Volcanic ash room, Hideout, and last of all, a coffin if things go bad.

    52. Satori

      Why It’s Going To Be A Whole Lot Worse Than In The 1930s

      “As Mike Maloney forecast in the mid-2000s, the roller-coaster ride continues in world markets and economies. His – so far – spot on projection that “first the threat of deflation (1), followed by a helicopter drop (2), followed by big reflation (3), followed by a real deflation (4), and then followed by hyperinflation (5),” appears to be rotating from stage 3 to stage 4 (as we noted here). However, as Maloney explains in this brief clip, while we have seen great deflations before, in the ’30s one-third of the monetary base was backed by gold, now we virtually nothing as “people do not understand the scale of the emergency that’s going on right now.”

      ” “people do not understand the scale of the emergency that’s going on right now”

    53. Be informed

      More precursor earthquakes. There was ALMOST a major earthquake in the locations in danger until Dec. 11 mentioned in comments like 2854768. Eastern Indonesia had a 6.4, some seismic sites give it a 6.5, but most say 6.4. Eastern Indonesia is one of the few remaining locations that have been narrowed down considerably. The remaining areas to be very watchful of until Dec.16 because of the new earthquakes on the parameters of the plates and the closeness of the 6.4 being within a .1 of a major qauke are:

      Still far west Indonesia
      Mynamar (Burma)
      India/China area
      Central Japan and southern Japan, especially Toyko
      Bering Sea to southern Alaska, especially Aleutian Islands, watch Fox and Andreanof Islands
      Cascadia Fault
      All of California, especially southern portion
      Southern Mexico to Panama
      Far east Caribbean plate
      East Columbia to North Chile, including Bolivia and Argentina
      New Guinea to Loyalty Islands
      Fiji to Samoa
      Kermadec Islands and New Zealand to about 43 degrees south

      These areas remain hot. Today’s precursor quake south of Africa lead to a 7.6 in the Volcano Islands, Japan in late March of 2000, and a 7.3 in Columbia 5 days after the exact same spot south of Africa was hit on Sept.25 of last year. 100% of the time after this area is hit, within 15 days there is a major earthquake. The above areas are the most likely to get it this time. As more precursor quakes occur, the list could really narrow. Right now the highest probability is the Nazca and Cocos plates and the northeast corner of the Australian plates of having a large earthquake. The I would say Alaska over to far east Russia.

    54. RICH99


      Drone my new 50 cal with ammo to me.

      • newbee

        That might not be to far from the future. I just saw on the news that amazon will be using drones to deliver your order a half hour after you order it. They said it should be up and running by 2015.

    55. Be informed

      @ gone under. You say a bomb/CME shelter, I say make it also a fallout and safe room against pathogens if money is not an issue. It is almost certain that disease will be rampant after any mega SHTF events. One just has to look at New Orleans after Katrina as a very limited example. Germ warfare is very likely. If not man made, it is only a matter of time before a super bug gets loose from nature. This is true with all life forms on this planet, even bacteria are infected with viruses. Being able to remain as clean and germ free as possible, especially what you eat or put into our mouths with our hands is something that each prepper/survivalist in my opinion needs to put as an essential priority.

      • gone under

        @ BI..Totally agree. the door and air filtration is the only mods needed if you already have a “root cellar”. HEPA filters can be purchased from your vacuum cleaner store. A hand air pump to pull air through the filter can be purchased through a blacksmith website and the door(s) weather sealed tight. 2 doors with a air gap are prefered (for root cellar constant temp) but not really needed. See post above yours as a multi purpose cellar.

    56. Chir

      I am well aware that the ponzi scheme called the “Banking Industry” will implode but I find myself praying that it doesn’t happen in my parents lifetime. It would crush their souls to see everything their parents and they worked so hard for turn to ash. They always instilled in me the concept of living within my means. This alone saved me from becoming a debt slave.
      I would hate to see them suffer thinking that they caused the problems their children will face. That’s one problem I will never forgive state run media for. They have Americans convinced that this crisis is their fault. Never was.

    57. Calgacus

      Moral of the story is it pays to spend. The dollar isn’t worth much anymore so use it up. Buy yourself food and other resources that will help you and your family get by. Buy more food than you planned on and put it away because you wont ever regret doing it if you store it right.

      Dont forget some books and games to get some evening fun with. We got checkers, cards, and chess. There wont be no TV except government run shit, worse than now.

      • Charlotte D.

        Even better will be to spend it on something that can really ensure your families safety. Bunkers and safe rooms are going to be key to doing just that. Having a bunker or safe room in correlation to prepping will put you far ahead of others. IMHO my favorite company out there that deals with this is Rising S Bunkers which can be found here:
        In that page you can get an idea about floor plans and the amazing features of the bunkers.

    58. Old Vet

      Civil war is coming. The only two questions at this point is what side you are going to be on and how long will it take to kick the progressives from both parties to the curb.

    59. Old Vet

      No one can see what is coming down the road. Therefore, you need to be ready for anything, including the possibility that whatever happens may come fast, and unexpectedly. You need to get ready NOW!

      Freedom, it is an individual thing. If you fight, you’ll win because thousands and millions of others will also be fighting. If you don’t fight we’ll probably lose, because it is likely that those thousands and millions of others just like you will make the same decision you made, and also choose to sleep.



      • king krazy

        I’m with you 100%. We need to take the U.S. back and it looks like the ballot box is a waste of time anymore.

    60. VRF

      Compliance with an illegitimate Regime is accomplished through violence. Actual violence or the threat of violence. A monopoly of violence (force if you like) is required by the state. That is why you pay taxes, and stop at stop signs. Increasingly, the veneer of civility is coming off, with more and more people getting shot for no real reason, other than that they “failed to obey orders”. This is why the Founders insisted on an armed citizenry, in order to be able to fend off tyranny. This is why the statist tyrannists will do anything to disarm the citizenry. It’s not “for the children”; it’s for power. The SWAT raids and the shootings at traffic stops, etc., are simply the flashes of violence to encourage the rest of the masses to comply.

    61. VRF

      Paul Walker’s Death, was an Illuminati hit

    62. Old Vet

      ~) By Kenny L. Freeman
      A ten-year-old girl and her mother were walking on the
      beach, when suddenly the ocean pulled back exposing a wide
      expanse of sand. It’s a tsunami, the child told her mother.
      We studied this in school. First the water pulls back and
      then the big wave comes and kills everybody. Her mother
      believed her and running along the shore they screamed at
      people to get off the beach, that a big wave was coming.
      Some people understood and fled to higher ground. Most. ..
      did not. Then the giant waves swept the unbelievers away.
      There were four waves, each one worse than the last.
      The mother said later that her dreams were haunted by the
      image of a lovely young mother who had been playing with
      her little daughter in a tidal pool. When they warned her,
      “Run, there is a big wave coming,” she smiled sweetly at
      them and said, “Oh thanks, we’ll keep an eye out for it.” She
      and her daughter were never seen again.
      There is another tsunami coming. It has been gaining mo-
      mentum for many years now. It has sucked the energy from
      our land, pulled back and gathered height. Soon it will come
      crashing down upon us. But our people are so comfortable
      and so secure in their own small world that they do not heed
      the warnings. They think it can’t happen here in America.
      This monstrous wave of destruction has already engulfed
      Western Europe and captured its people. It has murdered
      their unborn children and caused them to abandon their eld-
      erly. It has done these things in the name of good, in the
      name of humanity and in the name of saving the planet for
      future generations. It is a huge vile lie curling back upon
      itself. This fourth wave is now ready to scourge the earth
      and sweep everything we cherish from its path. Today, its
      true name is spoken only in whispers but our fathers knew it
      well as Socialism and Communism.

      The first wave is already washing over our land. It is decep-
      tively cloaked in benign titles like sustainability, smart
      growth, environmentalism or global governance. It quietly
      surrounds us. Its favorite color is United Nations Blue. Its
      Storm Troopers will be called Peace Keepers. Behind what-
      ever name it lurks, it seeks the death of freedom and the death
      of Christian values. Its motto is, “There shall be no God but
      government.” We cannot outrun these waves, for there is no-
      where left to run. America is the last island of freedom in a
      world awash in totalitarianism and tyranny. But there is still
      hope. If we will only stand and fight this rising tide of decep-
      tive words, of socialistic ideology, this centralized power can
      be defeated. We must take heart in the knowledge that the US
      Constitution guarantees our liberties, guarantees our God
      given unalienable rights and that these rights descend directly
      to, and reside in, the individual citizen and not the govern-
      ment. Therefore government cannot take them away. They
      can only be lost by ignorance and neglect. This knowledge
      must be the high ground on which we make our stand, cour-
      age must be our shield and an informed electorate our army.
      America, you are prosperous and free. You bathe in the
      sunlight of your forefathers’ sacrifices. For years now you
      have slumbered in ignorance while a few of us fought on. But
      freedom is not free. Can’t you sense this danger in your soul?
      Don’t you feel the earth trembling beneath your feet; or is it
      that you are just too afraid to awaken and look up? When you
      finally do, will it be too late? When you hear that the end of
      liberty is rapidly approaching will you stand and fight for your
      freedom or will you smile sheepishly and say, “Oh thanks for
      the information, we’ll keep an eye out for it.”

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Kenny….
        So do we RUN?…your points are USELESS, with out an action plan.

    63. SmokinOkie


      Never mind the imploding economy, the Iranian nukes , or any of that other stuff. Folks, we’ve got REAL problems. America’s fast food workers are going on STRIKE!! Yes, it’s true. Burger pushers in more than 100 US cities are planning a massive work stoppage.
      This could be serious! Where, I ask you, in the name of heaven, will we get our daily fix of those over-salted, skinny little fries? You know, the ones made from ‘potato-like’ material and deep fried to a wonderful Iowa State Fair shade of brown?
      It may be absolute chaos at the drive thru when our orders of ‘hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don’t upset us’ don’t instantly appear when we pull to the second window.
      And the mental anguish… Think of the enormous emotional trauma suffered by millions of (only slightly obese) American youngsters who can’t get a Happy Meal. What are they gonna do? Stay at home and have a ‘Melancholy Meal’ of last night’s left-over meatloaf? Perish the thought. If this strike happens, I predict a HUGE one-day spike in Ritalin sales.
      Not to mention the massive environmental damage from all those cars idling for hours as they aimlessly circle the parking lots, looking for a stray ketchup packet, a cold sesame seed… anything to alleviate the hunger pangs.

      I hereby plead with fast food workers everywhere: If you care about Mother Earth, If you have any sympathy at all for the plight of our little children…. For goodness sake, PLEASE call off this strike!!

      The latest word is that Washington is standing by with hundreds of tanker truck loads of trans-fats, ready for emergency shipment. Let’s pray we don’t need them….

      • The Old Coach

        On target as usual Okie. Fire for effect!

        Melancholy Meal will be week-old french fries dug out from the couch cushions. . . . .

    64. Seen2013

      Yeah, the new currency will be cashless, and it’ll be initially legal tendered through being redeemable in gold/silver boosting the currency’s confidence.

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