In Historic Breach With Neutrality, Switzerland Joins EU In Sanctions On Russia

by | Feb 28, 2022 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    Switzerland’s historic neutrality is no longer: moments ago Reuters reported that the Swiss government had joined the EU in adopting sanctions on Russia, freezing assets of targeted companies and people effective immediately:


    Swiss President Ignazio Cassis said that adopting the EU sanctions against Russia was a unique, difficult step that required careful consideration. Previously, on Sunday, he said that Switzerland’s neutrality must be preserved and it stood ready to offer its good offices for diplomacy if talks between Ukrainian and Russian officials on the Belarusian border do not succeed, for example by reaching an armistice.

    “That does not prevent us from calling a spade a spade,” he said.

    Switzerland had walked a tortuous line between showing solidarity with the West and maintaining its traditional neutrality that the government says could make it a potential mediator. But it faces growing pressure to side clearly with the West against Moscow and adopt punitive European Union sanctions. The government had so far said only that it will not let Switzerland be used as a platform to circumvent EU sanctions.

    In the biggest peace march in decades, around 20,000 people demonstrated in the capital Bern on Saturday to support Ukraine, some booing the government over its cautious policy.

    Cassis said on Sunday that Ukrainians fleeing the conflict would be welcome “for a transitional period, which we hope will be as short as possible.”

    Justice Minister Karin Keller-Sutter said separately that Switzerland was ready to take in those who need protection and also to support the neighboring countries affected. “We will not leave people in the lurch,” she said.

    The Swiss government last week amended its watchlist to include 363 individuals and four companies that the EU had put on its sanctions list to punish Moscow.

    Russians held nearly 10.4 billion Swiss francs ($11.24 billion) in Switzerland in 2020, Swiss National Bank data show.


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      1. Article X allows a state to leave the treaty if “extraordinary events, related to the subject matter of this Treaty, have jeopardized the supreme interests of its country”, giving three months’ (ninety days’) notice. The state is required to give reasons for leaving the NPT in this notice.

        NATO states argue that when there is a state of “general war” the treaty no longer applies, effectively allowing the states involved to leave the treaty with no notice. This is a necessary argument to support the NATO nuclear weapons sharing policy. NATO’s argument is based on the phrase “the consequent need to make every effort to avert the danger of such a war” in the treaty preamble, inserted at the behest of U.S. diplomats, arguing that the treaty would at that point have failed to fulfill its function of prohibiting a general war and thus no longer be binding.[36] See United States–NATO nuclear weapons sharing above.

        and so on and so forth the story goes

      2. I heard that Belarius is sending troops in to help Russia. China buys a lot of russian energy, maybe “enter the dragon”. The play goes on. I think there is a good chance we get nuked. Then the final act of the play.. Order out of Chaos. Deagle is close to what I think will happen.

      3. No doubt the Swiss capitulated because of pressure from the globalists. Globalists (neo-cons are globalist henchmen) hate Russia and want Russia brought down, and there are a variety of reasons why. Globalists, as like neo-cons, above all else, hate European heritage and Christian culture. You can see every nation in the world that is of European heritage and Christian culture being overran by massive 3rd world immigration, this is not an accident. The exception is a few Eastern European countries, and Slavic nations, mainly Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. Another reason is that Russia is fantastically endowed with almost incomprehensible natural resources and the global “elites” want those resources and wealth. Furthermore, Russia cannot and will not be bullied to acquiesce to the globalists, it is too big, too powerful, and too smart, and knows the globalists wants to destroy them. Finally, globalists are supporters and financiers of Bolshevism and lament the collapse of Bolshevik communism as a great loss. These “elitists” WANT a war, a real war against Russia and have been using NATO (which is nothing more than a globalist / neo-con political tool) to goad and provoke Russia into a war of European killing European and Christian killing Christian (and they want to use your children and grandchildren as cannon fodder for their goals). They couldn’t care less about Ukraine, Ukraine is merely a means to try to undermine Russia. Conveniently, a war also serves to distract from rising inflation, rising energy prices, shortages, and the coming economic and financial shocks. Every failure of the prezzJB admin. is a victory for the globalists.

        • You nailed it. But there is hope. The Ukrainians are starting to turn against the non-Europeans in their country. If they can develop greater awareness of what is going on, they will join with Russia and put those Western weapons systems to good use the next time there is a ‘migrant crisis’.

        • you just couldnt bring youself to state the obvious – that its The Jews – coukd you?

      4. Seems like Switzerland knows q large scale real conflict is coming and knows it won’t be able to avoid being caught up in it, it has to take sides.

        So it places its faith in Biden and NATO to protect it from Russia and whomever allies Russia acquires (will that include China?).

        A coalition against Russia is building, will it win or lose and how much further will it go before it does?


      5. Wrong Article title ! This is not the first time Switzerland sides with the Globalists to hurt Russian interests.
        Switzerland has lost its neutrality a long time ago to become Wall Street’s lapdog. It has sided with Europe and the West and has started adopting their decadent values. Do you know where Davos is located ?
        The Swiss people are deprived of truthful information, it’s a Fake News paradise. Alternative medias are not reaching them

      6. you just couldnt bring youself to state the obvious – that its The Jews – could you?

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